• audi rs8

    Audi RS8: brilliant, but not good enough

    audi rs8
    Audi RS8

    Until recently, nobody even thought that Audi supercar dares to create a powerful supercar of 580 horsepower, especially after not very successful model Audi R8. However, the company has proved that it can make a car that will catch the famous Porsche 911 Turbo.
    This model is equipped with a 5.2-liter ten-cylinder engine with two turbines. This engine is borrowed from the previous model – RS6, only slightly took some modifications. The power of this unit makes 572 horsepower.

    After the test piece of Audi RS8 has burned during a trial race at the Nurburgring, it was reported that Audi company couldn’t install on the V10 engine so powerful cooling system/ that could prevent firing. However, Audi has coped with the task, and a year later stated that cooling problem is solved. On the Audi RS8 scheme is used, which was developed for conceptual R8 diesel V12 – compared to the base model, it delivers 20 percent better cooling of the engine compartment. This supercar is the most powerful modification of supercar Audi R8.

    It was expected that the car would accelerate to hundreds in less than 4 seconds and to 160 km / h – for as much as 8.5 seconds. This is undoubtedly a great result. The maximum speed of the model is 320 km / h.

    Externally, the RS8 is different from the production model R8. The rear wheel arches were changed – they have become more prominent, and the side gills-air intakes characterize the capacity of the motor. However, the wheels and tires of the prototype do not differ from the standard R8.

    Inside the vehicle, it should be noted the abundant use of aluminum and leather. Also, that is a racing steering wheel equipped with several keys for easy management of critical systems. In general, everything is perfect: ergonomic, comfortable, stylish, and luxurious.

    And finally – it was assumed that the price of this modification would be in Europe, EUR 150 000. And it is not too expensive, especially compared, for example, with Lamborghini Gallardo.

    Audi abandoned the idea to release a super-powerful executive class sedan and opened the secret meaning of the seemingly unpopular decision.

    Ingolstadt RS8 is excellent, but the S 63 AMG is incredible! At Audi, there is a 4,0-liter V-shaped 8-cylinder engine with two turbines, while the AMG double boost pumps air into the furnace V8 engine capacity of 5.5 liters. The superiority in power and thrust is on the side of Mercedes-Benz: 585 hp 900 Nm and 520 hp and 650 Nm. With all-wheel drive S 63 AMG, the start to 100 km / h in 4.0 seconds, S8 is almost neck and neck, trailing by 0.2 seconds. But soon there will be even crazier S 65 AMG. But playing with a supercar capacity is not for Audi.

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    The main characteristics of Acura NSX

    The sports car Acura NSX has received a lot of good send-offs from the experts and customers. It is called the best car in the world in its controllability. Acura NSX amazingly combines the high technical data and the stylistic exquisitness.

    The model NSX was produced in 1990. The firm intended to produce the car entirely of light metal. As a result of these efforts, the bare weight of the car didn’t exceed 1370 kg. The car doesn’t seem so light. But, when it is considered that NSX is stuffed with a lot of technical novelties, its’ weight is quite small.

    The creation of the model Acura NSX has become a way of self-expression of the company Honda, as the new lineup flagman realized the most modern solutions- both in concept and in technology. The car is equipped with the high-power V-engines, 4 cylinder valves and aluminum body, which is a peculiarity of exclusively “pure-bred” models. The company produces only 25 models of “Acura” a day. The passenger compartment of “Acura” has so-called “Double Suround” complete equipment, providing enough space both for the driver and for the passenger. The familiarity of Honda designers with the visibility and ergonomics of the flight compartment of the American jet fighter F-16 Fighting Falcon had a great influence on the creation of car interior. The unusual abundance of bent glasses in the sports car Acura NSX provides great driver’s visibility. One can only admire the design of Acura NSX, created 11 years ago: aerodynamically pure forms of the body smoothly and gracefully flow from the front bumper to the rear spoiler. The RTU system serves for the keeping of sustainability at great speed. And the high-friction self-locking differential serves the same purpose at the time of head wind and variable road conditions.
    The NSX-T model differs with its removable roof parts, allowing the owner of this coupe to feel like in the open cabriolet. The rear power units turn on the highly accelerated 3.0 V-engine “sixes” with the capacity of 293 horsepower.

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    In contrast to the other models of the same class, Acura NSX/ NSX-T don’t make its owner double up to squeeze to the seat and the wheel. The models look really civilized. The level of comfort, the ergonomic characteristics and the ride quality testify that Acura NSX belongs to the luxe-class cars.

  • Acura MDX

    The main advantages of Acura MDX

    Acura MDX is an American brand from the Japanese manufacturer Honda. The car is produced in Canada and is very popular in North America. The comfortable crossover is intended for the wealthy audience, appreciating the dynamics of design style and riding characteristics.

    The exterior

    Outwardly, Acura MDX looks solid and elegant. The car represents the combination of Jeep vertical lines and minivan horizontals. Sport and laconic body is made of light metal (aluminum and magnesium). The use of the light metal, combined with the forms of new design style allowed to improve the technical data by 17 %, compared to the previous versions of MDX.

    A lot of elements are made of metal. Particularly, there are adjustments on the fog lights, reversing lights and reflectors. They set off the chrome railings on the roof. The original massive radiator grill with multisectional LED head-lights looks solid.

    The color score includes crystal black, pearl white, blue obsidian, dark cherry, forest haze and glossy graphite (the shades of grey). The car can be provided with some additional accessories: side moldings, side sills, splashing plates on the wheels, side bottom protection, rear bumper guard, spoilers and chrome back door plate.

    The interior

    The spacious high-ceilinged seven-seater compartment is equipped with the electric hatch. The compartment is made of real leather, cloth, and plastic with the elements of metal and natural wood. The options of interior design are white, black and dark grey. All the components of the compartment are thought-out and refined.

    The instrument board is equipped with a protecting hood, which prevents the flecks of sunlight. The central console is equipped with two large screens. The lower touch screen is intended for the input of parameters, while the upper screen is meant for the output information about the current condition. The central console isn’t overloaded with a great number of elements, a part of which is removed to the driver’s door and steering wheel. It makes driving quite easy.

    The car is provided with the cruise control, climate control and onboard computer. The elbow-rests with practical containers for the storage of things, head-rests, seat and wheel heating are intended for the comfort of passengers. The multimedia includes CD-changer, DVD player, screen and seven dynamic loudspeakers, uniformly distributed all over the compartment. There are also separate audio and video slots for the comfort of the rear passengers.

  • The general features of Acura RDX

    The general features of Acura RDX

    The updated version of the crossover Acura RDX of the 2016 model year was represented on the 12 of February 2015 at the time of Chicago Auto Show. The car manufacturer didn’t choose the place of acquaintance with the restyling version of the compact premium class crossover Acura RDX 2015-2016 randomly. It is natural, as the luxury division of Acura was created especially for the car market of USA and Canada Honda Motor companies in 1986.

    The manufacture of the updated crossover Acura RDX 2015-2016 is performed at the car factories of Japanese companies in Ohio and Alabama. The sale of updated Acura RDX 2016 in America will start at the beginning of spring 2015.

    The restyling crossover Acura RDX 2016 has become a lot of renovations. The appearance of the SUV was fundamentally transformed. The compartment was completed with the new equipment, the petrol engine became more powerful and stronger, and the automatic gearbox got more speeds. The adjustments of suspenders and steering control became more comfortable. The work of electronics, responsible for the all-wheel drive, was significantly improved. The overall results of restyling are quite exciting and worth careful acquaintance.

    It’s effortless to differ the updated crossover Acura RDX from the pre-restyling brother. It shows off its new LED “Jewel Eye” headlights, the tail lights with LED elements and 3 D- effect, modified false radiator grill, new massive bumpers with inserts in the imitation of air pipes and stylish fog lights. The new exterior of the body design is performed according to the corporate style of the Japanese company’s latest innovations- the new generation of large crossover Acura RDX and sports sedans Acura TLX and Acura ILX.

    There are not so many new elements in the compartment of restyling version Acura RDX 2016. Of course, the most noticeable new interior item is the new Multi-Information Display (color 4.2-inch touch screen of the multimedia system), mounted under the main 8-inch screen. The two color screens divide the functions among themselves: the upper 8-inch screen provides the navigation with the pictures of rear-view cameras, while the new 4.2-inch touch screen is responsible for the adjustment of the audio system and phone. It also informs about the fuel consumption and capacity, inflation pressure and other data.

    In short, the updated Acura RDX 2015-2016 became more beautiful, acquired two color screens and modernized technical part. Although there are not so many innovations, the car looks more modern and reliable.

  • Auto

    The advantages of the most modern Acura models

    Acura NSX 2015-2016

    Acura NSX 2015-2016
    Acura NSX 2015-2016

    The new sports car Acura NSX 2015-2016 is one of the most anticipated novelties, presented at the time of Detroit auto show 2015. The production version of Japanese mid-engine sports car Acura NSX of the second generation debuts 25 years after the presentation of the first generation model NSX from Honda.
    The new car can boast of hybrid power plant with petrol 3.5-L V6-engine, equipped with a pair of turbo compressors. It also has three electric motors, all-wheel drive, nine-speed robotized gearbox, beautiful appearance and interior, ultra-modern body and frame manufacturing materials. The new car will come into the markets of Europe under the name of Honda NSX. According to the preliminary data, the cost of the car will be no less than 130 000 euro.

    Acura MDX 2015

    Acura MDX 2015
    Acura MDX 2015

    Meet the new and updated Acura MDX 2015!
    The main improvements
    It’s interesting that the car consists of both heavy and light metals (aluminum and steel). Due to this fitting, the car weighs 125 kg less than its predecessor. Naturally, these factors can influence the cost of separate model varieties (for instance, the front-wheel-drive model). As a result of the facts mentioned above, the air resistance reduced by 17 %. Besides, the car is equipped with the modern systems for a crash danger warning, the recognition of threat encounter FCW, and the warning in the case of convergence of the traffic lanes. The car is also equipped with the cruise control and the function Low-Speed Follow. This function allows going slowly behind the riding auto, keeping apart.

    Acura TLX 2015

    Acura TLX 2015
    Acura TLX 2015

    The sale of luxurious sedan Acura TLX will start very soon! The engineers and designers, working at its creation, managed to surprise the experts and motoring fans with the high technological level of car equipment and the extensive list of equipment, offered in the basic version of the sedan. One of the main advantages of the new car is the fact the stock car acquired as sportive and dynamic exterior as its’ predecessor Acura TLX Concept, presented at the time of last year’s Detroit auto show. The novelty looks very fashionable and reckless. Besides, the concept car, ready for the mass production, acquired the modern components and hardware, including the high-power engines, high-tech gearboxes, and suspenders.

  • acura integra type r 2018

    From the history of Acura Integra

    In the early 1990s Acura Integra has determined the luxurious class of sports coupe. With its updated four-cylinder engine and well-appointed passenger compartment, Integra was the car, reflecting its owner’s social status.

    Acura Integra is the same Honda Integra, but sold in the USA. The basic complete equipment of the LS model of the 1998 year of manufacture included: the adjustable steering tube, the electric drive of window regulators and the installation of side rear view mirrors, air-conditioner, and audio system with CD player, etc. The other characteristics: engine volume- 1.8 L, automatic gearbox, front-wheel drive, air-conditioner, steering booster, central lock, cruise control and two airbags.

    acura integra type r
    acura integra type r

    In 2000 Integra offered two models of the new sports cars: Sports Sedan (with sedan body) and Sports Coupe (with coupe body). Both models were intended for the active drivers and knowledgeable customers of the speed cars. The sports cars GS and GS-R have special driver’s and passenger’s seat, leather upholstery and other equipment.

    acura integra type r for sale
    acura integra type r

    The high-speed coupe Integra Type-R, presented at the end of 1997, is equipped with the forced version of the same engine (197 horsepower). Despite such high output parameters, it is indicated that the engines of Integra “don’t require any adjustments within the first 160 000 km of running”. The new model is equipped with more powerful brakes and stiffer suspender, although Integra as it is has the pronounced sportive character due to the independent wheel suspension with the antiroll bars. The standard complete equipment includes automatic air-conditioner, adjustable steering column, stereo system, the electric drive of window regulators, “cruise control”, etc.
    The new sports coupe 2002 RSX replaced Integra in the model lineup Acura, as it excels its predecessor in all respects.

    acura integra type r specs
    acura integra type r specs

    The two-door hatchback RSX is equipped with 2-liter four-cylinder engine, double upper cam-shafts and the variable system of valve timing (for the achievement of 160 horsepower).

    RSX has three varieties of the gearboxes: manual five-speed gearbox, automatic five-speed gearbox with the mechanism SportShift, and the manual six-speed gearbox.

    The standard complete equipment of RSX includes: air-conditioner, window regulators, central locks, rear view mirrors with heating, keyless system and stereo system with CD player.

  • paragon acura reviews

    The innovations of Paragon Acura

    A deserved leader among the lux-class off-road vehicles Paragon Acura remains the reference point in respect of style, operating characteristics and safety. In our time, the second generation of Acura, allows the great number of available technological options, aimed at making the driving safer, more pleasant and productive.

    This model deserves to be called attractive due to such elements of design as the inscription “Acura” on the front grill, the daring modeling of the front grill, the back panel with integrated polished finishers of the exhaust pipe (made of stainless steel), smooth tail lights with the bright light-emitting diodes, and the bold 18-inch 5-spoke aluminum disks. The available improved option package increases the degree of controllability, keeping the driving comfortable, quiet and qualitative, which is peculiar only to the luxurious vehicles.

    Paragon Acura is equipped with the ventilated leather seats, and the massive wheel in the sport style. Besides, the car disposes of such technological devices as the satellite communication system AcuraLink, the navigation system with voice recognition, the system watching the state of road conditions in real time, with the function of plotting an alternative traffic route, and the system informing about the weather conditions in real time, with the map of radar images. The other available options include the 8-inch navigation screen VGA, the rear view camera with the possibility of choice of three unique viewpoints, the entertaining system for the rear passengers with the double flowered VGA screen and audio system with the 15 GB hard disk (HDD) and the ability of USB connection.

    The transmission

    In 2011 the car was equipped with the 3.7-liter engine VTEC V-6, providing the power of V-8 level, keeping the size and efficiency of the fuel use of six-cylinder engine. The engine develops 300 horsepower, 270 nanometer of engine torque to provide an immediate reply of the throttle, producing the low and medium range of torque and the excellent power with the high rotating speed.
    The engine V-6 is connected with the sequential six-speed gearbox SportShift. The system SportShift allows two modes of automatic change, and the possibility of manual control with the help of steering-wheel switch. The famous system Acura SH-AWD promotes the maximum use of available power.

  • acura rdx 2015 review

    The benefits of Acura RDX 2015

    The premium crossover from Japan Acura RDX of the second generation is equipped with be officially sold from the second quarter of 2015. Outwardly, Acura RDX 2015 resembles its elder brother Acura MDX in head optics, chrome false radiator grill with the logo, the massive bumper, completed with the new fog lights. The large rear-view mirrors together with the legged turn repeater, give the crossover more sportiness and solidity.

    In profile, the look of the new car demonstrates the long hood, the large wheel arches with stamps, the door openings comfortable for the boarding, the flat roof and the massive stern.

    From all the directions, the crossover Acura RDX looks sportive, solid and attractive. The body of the new car has the following overall dimensions: the length- 4460, the width- 1872, the height- 1678, the wheelbase- 2685 mm, the road clearance- 205 mm.

    The front wheel gauge counts 1604 mm, the rear wheel gauge- 1610 mm, with the standard rubber 235/60 R18 with light-alloy discs (size 18). Optionally, you can order the disks in a radius 19 with the coverings 245/45 R19.

    The color score of premium crossover includes: white- White Diamond Pearl, dark silver- Silver Moon, light silver- Forged Silver Metallic, grey- Graphite Luster Metallic, dark red- Basque Red Pearl, dark brown- Kona Coffee Metallic and black- Crystal Black Pearl.

    The passenger compartment of the new crossover matches the premium class level. It concerns not only the interior finishing materials in the form of pergament color real leather or ebony, soft textured plastic, elements of wood or aluminum, but also the ergonomic location of operating controls, secondary systems and rich equipment.

    The crossover is equipped with the leather passenger compartment, keyless access, “engine firing” button and the sensors of light and rain, 8 airbags, electric drive of luggage section door, electric mirrors with heating and the option of folding, the heating of driver’s seat, the regulation with the help of electric motors, heating, hatch, multimedia complex (completed with the navigation), the rear view cameras, the audio systems, climate control and adaptive cruise controle.

    The car weighing 1750 kg, pick up the speed of 100 km/h in only 7 seconds, while its top speed amounts 210 km/h.

  • Radley Acura reviews

    The variety of Acura models

    Acura became the first Japanese premium brand, able to compete with the European manufacturers at the USA car market. The main advantages of the new cars were the innovative engineer developments, the high level of quality and technical equipment and the maximal satisfaction of customers’ requirements.

    The logo of the new brand represents the modified letter “A” in the form of caliper (it’s an instrument for accurate measurements of the details used by engineers). The purpose of this logo is to emphasize the technical and design perfection of Acura cars.
    The history of Acura starts in February 1984, when Honda confirmed its intention to come to the new market segment and create a new brand.

    On the 27 of March 1984 60 dealership of Acura started to work; the first models they offered were three- and five-door sport car Integra and a luxurious sedan Legend.

    The model “Legend coupe” was represented in spring 1987. At once, it received a reward of authoritative edition “Motor Trend” as “The best foreign car of the year”. In June 1987, the quantity of sold cars has exceeded 100 000.

    In 1989, Chicago auto show presented the first Japanese super car- the mid-engine Acura NS-X (New Sportscar-eXperimental), which went on sale in August 1990. It was the first-ever stock car with the aluminum chassis and body, the gas distribution system and the titanium con-rods.

    In November 1991, NSX received two prized from the magazine Automobile: “The best car of the year” and “The best design of the year”.
    In 1995 the first Acura crossover SLX was presented in the USA.

    In January 200, Acura presented its first mid-sized crossover MDX. It was designed and built in USA. The standard complete equipment of the car concluded the third row of seats, the separated climate control and all-wheel drive.

    In January 2015, Acura presented the concept of compact crossover RDX, which combined the efficiency of compact sedan and the functionality and practicality of crossover.

    In 2012, the North American international auto show presented the pre-image of new generation Acura NSX. The compact sports car was equipped with the petrol engine V6 and three electric motors, the gearbox with two clutches and the trade all-wheel drive system SH-AWD.
    In 2014 Acura presented the new business sedan TLX, which replaced two models at a time- TL and TSX. In the same year, the company started to sale the first Acura hybrid stock car in the USA- RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD.

  • The complete equipment of Acura CL

    The complete equipment of Acura CL

    The sports coupe became the first models of Acura, designed and manufactured in the USA. The basic CL took over the general stylistics of the concept car CL-X, presented in 1995, which looks really unusual: you won’t find any lock on the luggage roof, as it opens by means of lever, located at the driver’s seat.

    Initially, Acura CL had two varieties of engine: 2.2 CL and 3.0 CL, similar to the corresponding cars Honda Accord Coupe (from which the company has adopted the independent suspension with all its peculiarities). The all-aluminum engine has an electric drive fuel injection system.

    Acura CL first appeared in 1996 as the model of 1997 lineup, took the position between the sedans Integra and TL. In 1998 the basic CL acquired the larger and more powerful 2.3-liter engine. As a result, the model 2.2CL changed its designation for 2.3CL.

    The double airbags and ABS system provide the safety of driving. The 2.3-L model has four-cylinder engine, with the 2.3-liter working volume and the capacity of 150 horsepower. It is designed according to the VTEC technology. The 3.0CL model has the 3-liter VTEC V6 engine with the capacity of 200 horsepower. The standard complete equipment of both versions include: automatic climate control, electric window regulators and mirrors, central locks, the steering-wheel, adjustable for height, the cruise control, leather and wooden coating and automatized hatch.

    Compared to the previous generation, the model of 2003 model year acquired the modified radiator grill, new head lights, tail lights, exhaust system and the hexactinal light-alloy discs. The new model car is equipped with the aluminum six-cylinder power unit with the capacity of 3.2-liter. The standard complete equipment of the car includes 16-inch wheels, climate control, leather passenger compartment and six-disc audio system. The sports modification of Acura CL – Type S is traditionally equipped with 260 horsepower engine, 17-inch wheels with high-speed tires and leather seats.

    The standard complete equipment of CL also implies the automatic climate control system, electric drive window regulators and door locks, keyless door opening system with the in-built anti-theft alarm, adjustable driver’s seat with 6 electric drives of shift and inclination, the electric drive glass hatch and audio system with 6 dynamic loudspeakers and CD player.

  • chiptuning diesel

    Chip tuning of diesel engines: the advantages

    Almost every driver eventually starts to notice that his car started as if slowly dispersed, become not so quickly, as once when it has been purchased. If you are for the time of operation on a regular basis in accordance with the rules have changed the oil and filter, have cleaned the nozzles, etc., and the engine still “does not drive”, many of us begin to think about “tuning of the engine.”

    All diesel and turbodiesel engines of modern cars are equipped with a control unit (ECU), which (with the help of actuators) controls all the processes in the engine according to a given program, based on sensor readings. Because of this engine performance (efficiency, dynamic acceleration, power, torque, etc.) depends on the software, h.e. “tuning”.

    The fact that the automaker adjusts the car at the factory on the “golden mean” between power, efficiency, environmental friendliness, engine resource, etc. As always power margin is retained in the case of using this engine model to another car, which will require other characteristics. Therefore, the possibilities of the engine are “cut by electronics” and a car is coming off the assembly line with mediocre performance capacity, with increased fuel consumption, etc.

    CHIP TUNING is the most optimal, and one of the unique ways to optimize the engine operation, to increase torque considerably and shift it into a low rpm zone without sacrificing engine life and efficiency. When editing bits the settings of angle and injection timing are changed, as well as pressure, airflow, fuel pressure, factors limiting the torque of the motor, etc. The greatest effect is achieved after a chip tuning for turbo engines.

    As a result of high-quality diesel and turbo diesel engines chip tuning, you can:

    • increase the power and torque of 15% -25% (at turbo engines up to 35%) without compromising the life of the engine;
    • reduce fuel consumption;
    • improve the traction performance of engine and dynamics of dispersal;
    • improve the logic of the automatic transmission.

    Also, if necessary:

    • software shutdown (EGR)
    • EGR valve (its undesired operation greatly affects the power and efficiency of the engine);
    • software disconnection of DPF (diesel particulate filter);

    Instant and accurate response to the gas pedal, smooth and elastic dynamic acceleration will help to reach the desired speed quickly, and if you want maximum power with minimum fuel consumption – this is a general description of the car after chip tuning. Car Power is increasing to 20, and sometimes up to 50%. At any time you may return to the factory settings. Although sometimes it is a bad question, whether the car will be removed from its guarantee, after changing the factory settings. But if changes are provided correctly, there will be no problems.

    chiptuning diesel
    chiptuning diesel

  • fiesta tuning

    Technical aspects of Ford Fiesta tuning

    fiesta tuning
    Ford Fiesta tuning

    Tuning will help Ford Fiesta to style and renew the look, letting it stand out of their kind. Technical tuning of Ford Fiesta sports suspension will allow to radically change the behavior of your car on the road, ensure its security and control in all situations and at the same time to feel comfortable while driving allows. Alternative Ford Fiesta optics will emphasize the character of your vehicle. With a wide range of tuning you can easily stylize your car, by setting the cilia on the headlights and a spoiler on the trunk, or completely change the face of the machine, setting a tuning bumpers and sills, replacing native optics by an alternative, to set the sports suspension.

    Sport Tuning of Ford Fiesta has begun immediately, as soon as the first ‘Fiesta’ went out of the factory gates. At that time (mid-70s), it was a revolutionary machine for American automakers, and they wanted to make achievements in sport tuning of engines and suspensions to the new platform in order to demonstrate the American tuning school advantages of the European one. However, having no experience of tuning engines of small volumes, Ford turned to the experience of the English tuningers – for that even pocket” “Formula Ford” was established.

    The main characteristic of the car engine is generally considered its power. In fact, not the maximum power, but torque has the impact on the character of the car. After all, the greatest power can be realized only when the speed is steady, close to the maximum, but we almost do not drive in this mode. The driver usually needs torque engine, which at starting and acceleration, without straining, “goes” for the gas pedal. This is achieved by torque, if it is sufficiently high and relatively constant at low and medium engine speeds.

    Prior to 3000 rev / min motor does not have enough pick-up and as a result – stumbling when pulling away, failures by sharp pressing on the gas pedal, the fragility of the clutch, the inefficient use of the fifth gear. The gas distribution characteristics have the greatest influence on the torque curve – phase and “time-cross section” of opening the valves that are specified by camshaft lobe profile. To improve throttle response, it is necessary to quickly push into the cylinder the appropriate charge of the working mixture, that is to narrow the opening phase of the inlet valve. Wide stretched phases at low frequencies lead to reverse expulsion of the fuel-air mixture into the intake manifold, and only with an increase in the speed flow inertia is “overpowering” and the cylinder filling increases.

    If XR2 is too expensive platform for you – you can look at the cheaper modification Fiesta S – it also has a stabilizer bar and stiff half-sport suspensions, like XR2, but it is completed with simpler engines and does not weight out by any ordinary XR plastic.