• mazda 6 review

    Mazda 6 review: types, variants and characteristics

    mazda 6 review
    In 2003, Mazda 6 succeeded Mazda 626. Changing the index symbolizes image renewal. From now it’s not a commonplace family vehicle, but a sport-tuned roomy car. Mazda has managed to change the perception of the brand – in this car there is nothing from the previous models. New design, new interior, new platform, enhanced performance, driving dynamics, all that distinguishes the new car from its predecessor Mazda 626.

    Mazda 6 design is a harmonious blend of the classic elements, that includes corporate identity and new pioneering ideas that are surprising and clearly distinguish the car from the crowd. Powerful and muscular look of the car is brought by the athletic contours of the body and swollen wheel arches.

    The flowing lines of the body, flared wheel arches and stunning optics are only parts of what determines the uncompromising appearance of Mazda 6. Mazda 6 optics is unusual in that dipped and high beams, fog lights, parking lights and turn signals were put together in one block.
    There are three body styles: sedan, hatchback, and sport wagon Mazda 6. Each of the three variants is dynamic, elegant and functional.
    If we talk about the sedan, this is a car of the middle class, which has the highest level of performance. Modern, stylish and sporty design of the car is combined with a spacious, functional interior, as well as a completely new series of engines.

    Mazda 6 hatchback is a versatile in all ways. The car combines functionality and comfort, and also has a handy dashboard and a large choice of powerful engines.

    Wagon completes Mazda 6 line. The car with this type of bodywork offers everything you need. The car has a functional, versatile and spacious interior. The latest diesel engine and the availability of all-wheel drive (4WD) makes the Mazda 6 wagon a real pleasure to drive. In addition to all the above, it is an excellent quality and high-quality finish of refined design.

    The interior of the vehicle meets the highest modern requirements. The ultra-modern materials throughout the interior, high-quality plastic and light alloys, leather steering wheel and shift knob PPC define standard, regardless of body type.

    The interior is not only stylish, but also comfortable. Concise classic design, all parts must be legible and perfectly aligned with each other, and most of the panels are made of soft plastic with a pleasant texture. Leather on the seats, door panels and steering wheel rim gently underlines the solidity and sports motifs of the interior. Convenient handles of adjustments, as well as controls for cruise control and radio on the steering wheel, allow the driver even for a moment not to get distracted from the road in order to make driving even safer.

  • audi q8

    Audi Q8 as a new Audi SUV flagship model

    audi q8
    Audi Q8

    At the auto show in Los Angeles, Ulrich Hackenberg, Technical Director Audi, confirmed that the company plans to release a new SUV – Audi Q8. Q7 will serve as a basis for that model. It is expected that the new aggressive crossover will be a serious competitor for the Range Rover Sport, BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz MLC.

    Model Q7 will be one of the last cars of concern, which was designed before the company Hackenberg. Technical Director Audi said that he and the new head designer, Marc Lichte, appeared at the production of too late. At that moment there was no sense to change Q7 appearance. Therefore, all the structural solutions that engineers were planning to implement in the previous version of the SUV a new Q8 would get.

    It is expected that crossover will come on the market in the next three years.
    CEO of the concern Rupert Stadler already at the Beijing Motor Show has told reporters that the company was planned to upgrade the lineup. Audi focuses primarily in the development of a new SUVs line. Of the 11 models that will be put into production until 2020, 5 cars will belong to the class of crossovers and receive codes Q1, Q2, Q4, Q6 and Q8.

    Analysts predict a rise in the proportion of annual SUVs sales up to 40% of the total number of cars. It is about 800 000 cars.

    Q8, as already mentioned, is created in order to oust Audi main competitors from the pedestal of top sellers in the upper price segment. Company determines the markets of US, the Middle East and China as its priority.

    Audi Q8 on the characteristics and performance is similar to the Audi A8. The same high-tech “filling”, increased inner comfort, etc. Among the advantages of the new crossover are increased ground clearance and adjustable air suspension.

    The length of Q8 is expected to be about 5 m. The grade will include a turbocharged gasoline engine of 3 liter and 4-liter V8 RS Q8. The price of the machine with the first unit will start from 50 000 pounds, the second – from 90 000 pounds. Perhaps, as an option the manufacturer will offer motorists also diesel, hybrid and electric versions of the SUV. It is, in any case, would allow the company to compete with the Tesla Model X SUV.

    Q8 will have its own unique design. The five-door coupe is now being developed under the guidance of Marc Lichte, new chief designer of the concern. Among the characteristic elements which the future SUV will receive, as it is expected a more aggressive grille, smaller side mirrors, rear window with a larger angle can be mentioned.

    The main feature of the new crossover from Audi is a lightweight body made of high strength steel fiber, reinforced plastic and carbon fiber. Thanks to new technologies developed by engineers, they were managed to drop a curb weight of the car below 2 000 kg. This is a very good characteristic sign that helps the concern to prove the model in a favorable light, even in a competitive environment.

  • audi wagon

    Audi A6 Avant and Audi A4 Avant as the most popular Audi wagons

    audi wagon
    Audi wagon

    Audi A6 Avant (Audi A6 Avant) is «E» Class wagon with front- or all-wheel drive. Restyling version of the fourth-generation model debuted at the Paris Motor Show in October 2014.

    Planned restyling of A6 Avant affected a shape of the grille, bumpers and optics. Inside the vehicle multimedia system has undergone modernization. In addition, designers have expanded the range of finishes, both in materials quality and decisions on color. And by and large that is all. Running gear and equipment remained intact.

    If you believe Audi engineers, A6 Avant body on 20% consists of aluminum, thereby it weighs less. On average, unladen car weight has decreased by 70 kg. In the basic configuration now it amounts to 1640 kg.

    An upgraded line-up of powertrains can be called the main changes of restyled Audi A6 Avant. From this point there are three petrol and five diesel engines, including several harmless variants with ultra prefix in the name. All motors slightly increased in power. Petrol 1.8 liter one produces 190. s., 2-liter – 252 “horse”, and 3-liter – 333 hp. Diesel aggregates show the following results: 2-liter, depending on the force, the outputs 150 and 190 “powers”, and 3-liter – 218, 272, 320 and 326 hp.

    Audi A4 Avant (Audi A4 Avant) is a «D» class wagon with front or all-wheel drive. The premiere of a restyled version of the fourth-generation model was held in autumn 2011.

    Renewing Audi A4 German engineers paid attention not only to external changes (the bumper, radiator grille and taillights etc.), but also to the decoration of the car interior. In particular, the wagon got a new steering wheel, further combinations of finishing materials, as well as modified multimedia system MMI navigation plus. In addition the number of button of on-board systems has reduced.

    Refinement has touched also the A4 Avant running gear. Levers of rear mount found new attachment points, shock absorbers changed the stiffness, and electromechanical amplifier replaced the hydraulic one. While driving on the straight sections it is turned off, saving fuel (up to 0.3 liters per 100 km). Audi experts paid lots of attention to powertrains lineup. So, after restyling 2.0 TDI turbodiesel engine with a centrifugal pendulum-type vibration damper acquired two additional boost options – 136 and 163 hp., while the most powerful its versions are getting 177 “horses” and 380 Nm of torque. 120 and 143-strong modification remained the same, as well as the 3-liter TDI, issuing 204 and 245 horse powers. The most economical unit (136 hp.) “eats” 4.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

    Among the petrol engines Audi A4 Avant 1.8 TFSI with a capacity of 170hp (380 Nm) is notable. Through innovative solutions Germans managed to reduce fuel consumption to 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers (combined), and at the same time decreased and the level of pollutants emissions – up to 134 g / km. That was achieved by the reason, that all versions of Avant, regardless of engine type and boost options, are equipped with “start-stop” and regenerative braking systems.

  • audi coupe

    Audi Coupe: history of the model

    Audi coupe

    Audi Coupe is a model with “coupe” body, created on the platform of Audi 80.
    In 1980, consumers did not always associate the elegant silhouette of a sports coupe with the “Audi 80”. However, in 1980, the automaker from Ingolstadt dared to bring to market two-door coupe version of Audi 80. The dynamic appearance of new Audi Coupé GT, who had a top speed of just over 200 km / h and power output of 100 kW (136 hp), proved to be very successful. And four-wheel drive “Audi Coupe”, manufactured since 1985 has gained special respect among consumers. It was the first series of the Audi of Quattro series for the city streets.

    Before the end of the model production in 1996, there has been sold more than 10,000 copies of “Audi Coupe” Series B2 and B3.
    Audi Coupe debuted in 1988. Cars had 4-cylinder turbo engine 115 hp. For Quattro modification 5-cylinder turbo engine capacity of 230 hp was offered.

    It is noteworthy that the first edition of Audi Coupe GT (1980-1981 years) on the trunk lid had the following model designation (information for the European market): “Audi C” – on the left, “GT 5S” – right.

    True sports versions of the Audi 80 appeared on the streets in January 1993 – it was the Audi S2 Coupe with the stiff sport suspension, 230-horsepower 2.2-liter inline 5-cylinder engine instead 6step-(instead of 5)-transmission and all-wheel drive, KKK-turbocharger with forced air-cooling, DOHC-20V and Evo-Tech-control system. Forced engine perfectly realizes its cyclopean 380 Nm of torque over a wide range (2100-4000 1 / min).

    External distinctions of this version boiled down to bumper with large air openings, such as Porsche brakes (with bright red supports) and “S2” information code plates. Interior has changed: cosmopolitan cloth trim with carbon paper cut outs in the interiors, a different instrument panel, sports steering-wheel, etc. From this period, all models (series V4) are manned with hatches in the roof (as a standard setting).
    There was made a provision by “more modern” lighting. Classic Azev-A alloy wheels JE-DESIGN 8,5 and 10J x 17 “dimension” shod “in 215 / 45-17 and 235 / 40-17 Bridgestone-Potenza-Pneus tires. Carrying the front wheels forward has increased by one and a half centimeters. Thanks to H & R -complete suspension with adjustable spring Coupe lies 60/40 millimeters below.

    DE- lights and white direction indicators were introduced only at the 94th model year. In painting halls the lower bumper and side plates were polished, machined and painted in the color of car body.

    Audi Coupe ceased to show up at the light in 1995, as management considered it as unprofitable one.

  • Audi rims

    Audi rims as a popular item for car decoration

    Audi rims
    Audi rims


    In recent years Audi rims have increasingly occupied a forefront of demand. This natural tendency of growth is not surprising, as according to the latest market research, annual sales of Audi cars have also increased, actually, like ones of the main competitors of the car brands – BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

    As for the lineup of car rims of the Audi brand, the choice is simply amazing in its diversity. More than 25 models of disks are presented in a variety of colors.

    We know perfectly well how quickly lineup of Audi vehicles is updated and we are trying to comply with the latest innovations
    From the latest innovations that can please the customers, it is worth noting these models: W569 Aiace, W567 Giasone, W565 Medea, W555 Alabama.

    In addition to updating the model range, the dimension offers have been renewed too. Some already existing models of drives have appeared, but in the new size. For example, W550 Allroad CANYON, W557 S8 COSMA TWO, W560 Pompei, W561 A4 Kassel, W562 Amalfi and W563 Seattle, now these models can be picked up in more sizes.

    The most popular rims in the lineup got such AUDI representatives as: A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q5, S6 and TT.
    Note that those rims have gained the greatest demand and recognition from clients: W535, W560, W561, W562, W563, W567. These rims can be matched to the range of 16 to 20.

    The original design of AUDI rims is sure to impress connoisseurs as the exclusive and original conservative style. Various colors and differences in the rim coverings also extend the possible variations in the choice of rim models.
    Some may tell you that the only matters diameter of the disc, but it is wrong.
    For fans of sports car class “F” Audi A8 there is a very nice set of stylish alloy wheels, presented by the models: W560, W562, W536, W563, W564, W567.
    For owners of the Audi S6 its own set of ‘auto decoration’ by means of models: W560, W563, and W564.
    It is important not only to buy light and durable rims for Audi, but also to set them on the car properly. It is worth doing in specialized car workshops. With self-assembly you can damage the paint on the wheels.

    As for the Audi rims, they are perfectly interchangeable in the group (VAG), in particular: Volkswagen rims or Skoda ones the by their characteristics will fit to the majority of Audi cars perfectly, and vice versa. After 2010, many models of Audi began to get to the new hub (DIA) 66,6 instead of 57,1, so including the interchangeable joined rims for Mercedes.

  • Auto

    The Advantages Of Car Canopies

    We all love to come back often to the country, or to get away from the bustle of the capital in a country cottage. And, as a rule, the only convenient and comfortable means of transportation in these situations is our car. Keeping the iron horse under a blazing sun is not the best option. And the only solution is the construction of a canopy.

    Canopies for cars have long lost the status of luxury attribute acquiring an extremely practical sense. A ubiquitous constructivism add to this architectural object extra functions. So, many will agree that being out of town you do not want to hide the natural beauty under the roof of a country house at all. With the same success you could sit and watch television in your apartment. But to build a gazebo for yourself and along with it for your car is a great alternative.

    Car canopies usually have simple and practical design. The metal frame consists of the supporting pillars and metal profiles, on which the coating is fixed. Polycarbonate, profiled sheeting or EZ are used as a protective bed. Selection of the coating depends on the customer, because these materials have sufficient strength to withstand the layer of snow, rain blows, frost and heat. But most of clients choose polycarbonate, because profiled sheeting and EZ are more sonorous on impact. That is, they emit a loud and sonorous sound when raindrops are falling. Polycarbonate is convenient because the light material is not exposed to ultraviolet light and moisture. The metal coating is offered, if it fits better to the style of the adjacent buildings. The canopies at the market can be of economy variant or the elite class. The latter is often used as a cover in front of the entrance to the garage. In the case of manufacturing a solid and presentable canopy, it can be decorated with elements of forging. It can act as a finish pillars. Also, elements of forging further protect the coating from damage on impact.

    If you leave your car in the open air, there will be the need for frequent cleaning it from the effects of natural sediment, leaves, dirt, dust and waste products of some fauna representatives. The materials from which tents have been made until recently have some disadvantages too, such as the impossibility of resistance to ultraviolet rays, which is no good effect on the “health” of the car. Polycarbonate also has excellent flexibility, strength and a very reasonable price.

    And most importantly, polycarbonate car canopies perform an excellent alternative to full-fledged garages. And by the construction time they will even surpass garages.

  • Auto

    Why using a portable canopy is useful and needful

    The familiar problem to almost every motorist is how to protect an iron friend from adverse environmental factors. The action of precipitation, wind, aggressive dust, waste products of living creatures may adversely affect the car, so car owners have to seek a shelter for the vehicle. Construction of the stout garage is not always possible due to the lack of space, lack of funds; also it may require a lot of time and effort. Prefabricated car canopies can solve this important task of protecting the vehicle, and at the place where it is required.

    From the capital garages any such canopies are stand out for its compactness – tent conveniently fits into a small box, and their low price makes them affordable to a wide circle of motorists, because both expensive SUV from a manufacturer with a worldwide reputation and inexpensive small car of domestic production need to be protected. In addition, the company – manufacturers guarantee product operation for a long time – at least 25 years, so a car owner, who once takes care of his iron friend, will get rid of the problems permanently.

    Leading manufacturer of portable garage canopies for cars, boats and other equipment has noted an unexpected increase in sales against a worsening situation in the global economy and the continuing effects of global warming.

    All this makes the buyers to invest in low-cost products that can protect their property from the weather and mechanical influences.
    Protection of cars, boats and various equipment from temperature changes, rain, sun and wind becomes problematic against slowdown of building property.

    The sharp increase in prices for building materials, labor, and property taxes made traditional building economically inefficient.
    Car owners, tourists, owners of agricultural machinery, food products prefer portable canopies due to their quality, reliability, which can save them money and property.

    Made of durable polyurethane material and a patented resistant to tearing tent canopies fire-proof, can be used in any climate, easy going, and strong enough to withstand strong winds, rain and snow, depending on the model chosen.

    These high-quality automobile garages are mounted on galvanized steel pipes that are flexible and robust framework. Portable garages approach not only to cover different equipment, but also for storage of technical salt, sand and even can serve as a temporary shelter for pets, livestock and food storage.

  • Auto

    Caravan canopies: types and variants of realization

    Motorhome is a lifesaver during the holidays. But, whatever dimensions it has the interior space is never enough. The easiest way out would be to use a canopy over the area adjacent to the machine.

    Solid canopy-tent

    Canopy-tent can double the usable area of residence in a house on wheels, allowing you to enjoy your holiday whatever the weather. It is a spacious building, made of different material. And they may vary in quality and size. Some tents have additional cabins for sleeping, in others – removable panels that can be removed if there is a desire to get a warm. Some exclusive models even boast the presence of curtains that, however, are completely not visible from the outside.

    How to pick a continuous canopy?

    If you decide to purchase a solid canopy-tent, when choosing you should take into account two fundamental quantities.

    The first digit – is the depth of the shed/

    And the second – the value of “A”, which is an important characteristic of your motorhomes. The depth of the tent is the distance from the outer wall to the machine itself. Typically, this figure varies between 2.1 – 3.5 meters. In fact, it turns out the bigger is the depth, the greater is the internal floor area, but also the larger amount of material you would have to transport and then install in the parking lot.


    Canopies-verandas are smaller than solid canopies-tents. Accordingly, they are easier and faster to install, which is useful for short parking. Such verandas are indispensable in wet and windy weather. First of all, they protect the door from the wind and rain. Also, there can be left dirty or wet clothes, so as not to put dirt inside the motorhome. In addition, a veranda is perfect for dry storage of bicycles and various beach accessories.

    In good weather you can raise the front side and stay two together at the table enjoying the view of nature. Usually in such canopies there is enough place for that.

    How to choose a canopy-veranda?

    When purchasing a canopy-veranda you need to keep in mind two things.

    Firstly, it is necessary to know the height of the house on wheels. It is measured from the top of the mounting crossbar to the ground.

    Second, if at your motorhome there is a window near the front door, it can be a serious problem. When installing this type of canopies many windows are closed by the edge of the veranda. Therefore, before buying you need to decide how much these inconveniences will disturb you. For example, a stove can be right next to the window. In this case, when cooking you definitely need ventilation, and this window should be opened.


    Marquise may be attached to one part of the house on wheels as the stationary or temporarily part. The first works on the principle of blinds and typically has a pair of built-in racks, which are fold-out and form a stable base.
    In addition, you can add a soft fabric walls to marquise. That way you will get an additional enclosed space.

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