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    “Incredibles 2” broke the rental record among the animated films

    “Incredibles” saw the light in 2004 and proved the superiority of “Pixar” once again. When the superheroes have not yet conquered the cinemas, Parr family managed to give the audience an exciting adventure, flavored with the best humor and excellent animation.

    Now, the studio started to work on the sequels, and, of course, it couldn’t get past one of its main hits. The action of sequels starts right after the end of the first film. The world isn’t ready for the return of superheroes, but the mysterious magnate (their big fan) offers to help his favorites to step out of the shadow and make a noble thing of saving humanity.

    Judging by the first reaction, the director Brad Bird has a good chance to repeat the critical and rental success of the original.

    Perri Nemiroff from the website “Collider” is genuinely excited about the sequel and highlights Jack-Jack, who, according to the author, became the real star of “Incredibles”. Moreover, Nemiroff doesn’t forget to praise Incredibles 2 cast and the musical score by Michael Giacchino.
    “Incredibles 2” is a quite normal sequel, — calmly tells Peter Sciretta, editor of “Slashfilm”. — A fun adventure, but it doesn’t rise to the level of original. Jack-Jack and Edna are the real stars (please tell me that they’ll make a short film about them). Excellent design and music of Giacchino”.

    Eric Eisenberg from “CinemaBlend” honestly admits that before watching, he doubted the reasonability of sequel, but he remained satisfied. “The sequel greatly develops the world and the characters, — writes Eisenberg. — On top of that, it is very funny and energetic. It will be remembered as one of the best films of this summer”.

    Kevin Polowy, writing for “Yahoo Entertainment”, repeats the idea that Jack-Jack became the main stair of the sequel.
    “I am happy to report that Brad Bird made a great continuation of ”Incredibles”, — writes Steven Winetraub. — I thoroughly enjoyed „Incredibles 2“. The music of Giacchino was brilliant as always. I can’t wait to see the film for the second time”.

    Chris Heiner was pleased to note that sequel have largely exceeded the original. According to the author, the history is somewhat predictable, but he really enjoyed the film.

    Jacky Xin, working with IGN, also crumbles in praise without forgetting to put a few exclamation marks at the ends of every sentence.

    “Incredibles 2” is a real bunch of fun, — writes Simon Thompson. — Action scenes are made skillfully and interestingly (but not overly so). The story has everything necessary for children and adults. It is a worthy continuation of a great original”.
    “I think no one will be surprised, but „Incredibles 2” is a real masterpiece, — tells Drew Taylor. — Touching, energetic and perfectly elaborated. Every second was worth of 14-year waiting”.

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    DC film universe will take another change

    In early June, the comic-division of the Studio Warner Bros. lost two leaders — Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns. After that, the management of the DC film universe was in the hands of Walter Hamada, producer of successful horrors “It” and “The Conjuring”. According to sources, Hamada intends to rectify the situation with the film adaptations of DC comics.

    After the January appointment, Hamada has spent several months figuring out numerous DC projects, promoting ones and removing the others from the schedule. “He has got a real mess and now he is trying to correct the situation,” — says the source.

    20 Dec saw the release of “Aquaman” by James Was, and 2019 will see “Shazam” and “Wonder woman 2”. Moreover, there have been several DC projects in production that should be released in the near future.

    On June 6, it became known that Warner Bros. started working on a solo film about Joker, where the role of the mad clown will is played by Jared Leto. In parallel, there is a picture of Todd Phillips about the origin of the character, the main role in which is still played Joaquin Phoenix.

    The shooting of the Phillips’s film should start in autumn. The budget is estimated at $ 55 million, which is much less than a typical superhero project. The picture can be released under the heading of a new record label called DC or DC Dark Black.

    Many fans of the movie universe are also worried about the fate of “Batman”, the director’s chair of which is taken by Matt Reeves, the director of “Planet of the apes.” According to one of the sources, Reeves’s scenario is that Batman will be much younger. It is unlikely that Ben Affleck will try on a bat costume again.

    An interesting situation is around “Flash”. The film has managed to lose a few directors, and now it is directed by Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daly, scriptwriters of such a blockbuster as “Spider-Man: Return home.” Ezra Miller is still listed as the main role actress, but the film about the fastest man on earth will be different from the usual pictures of DC.

    Goldstein and Daly are going to use “Back to the future” as a basis for a solo film about Flash, though they have not specified how they are going to do that.

    Sources also note that Hamada plans to completely abandon the idea of scenario rooms, which have recently gained popularity in many studios. In addition, the producer and his boss Toby Emmerich intend to stop the practice of prematurely announcing premiere dates for future releases.

    “Walter has very precise plans for the universe, – said one of the sources, – he has a plan.”

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    What should fans of the Marvel film universe expect in the future?

    Many fans of superhero films from Marvel Studios watched “Avengers: Infinity War” and wondered what they should expect after the unexpected events of the picture, because the story was not over, and there would be another part of Avengers. The head of the Disney Studio Bob Iger said that there were discussions about the fourth series of blockbuster, as well as the future of that film universe.

    So, the audience is likely to expect the emergence of a new franchise, which will go beyond “Avengers”, but this does not mean that we will no longer see the current saviors of the world. Perhaps the final series should sum up the history and tell us about the fate of our favorite characters, after which a new team, such as “New Avengers” will appear on the stage.

    Although, this summer will bring us “Ant-Man and Wasp ” as well as the later continuation of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Spider-Man”, the studio plans to release 14 films before the middle of 2022. In addition, the next spring will see a picture dedicated to Captain Marvel, which means that the audience will be presented with a new heroine, which has not appeared in the film universe yet. It can become the first participant of the following “New Avengers”.

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    DC comics films will be of low-budget

    This is due to the new strategy of Warner Bros., the implementation of which the company began after a series of resignations of managers responsible for production. First of all, the changes will affect solo projects about Joker, Batman and Flash.

    It is already known that the new film about Joker directed by Todd Phillips, the shooting of which will start in the autumn of 2018, will be low-budget. The budget of the picture will not exceed 55 million dollars. Perhaps the film will be the first in a new series called DC Dark or DC Black.

    The future film about Flash will be made in the style of a fantastic film “Back to the future” and will lose the gloomy atmosphere of the comic book. It is expected that the shooting of this picture will begin in the first half of 2019.

    Batman will be younger in the solo film directed by Matt Reeves than in Zach Snyder’s films. If the script is approved, Ben Affleck will leave the project.


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    The scriptwriters of Avengers 3 have found “a lot of stuff” in the DC film universe.

    The scriptwriters of the Marvel studio film ‘ “Avengers 3: Infinity War” Christopher Markus and Stephen explained the failure of the competing DC films universe and shared professional advice on how to improve the situation. The Wrap has published an interview with them.

    According to Marcus, the leadership of Warner Bros. is too much focused on trying to create a whole world instead of some good films. “I would put aside such characters as Batman, Superman and the already shown superheroes, among which only Wonder woman did well. Instead, I would dive into their rich library of characters, pick a couple of three others, and say to myself, “Let’s just make one good film, not a film universe, and see what happens. They mixed too much stuff in one pot,” he said.

    As an example, they cited the creative path of Marvel Studio, which was deprived of the opportunity to exploit their most popular characters, like spider-Man and X-Men, and turned to secondary ones, like Iron man, making a beautiful solo film, which gave the start to the entire film universe.

    Let’s recall that the film “Avengers 3: Infinity War” has grossed more than two billion dollars. Another DC film “Justice League” has failed at the box office.

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    Now it’s official: why did Dr. Doom actually become a superhero?

    June 13, saw a release the Marvel series yearbook called Two-in-One. There we were finally explained what was the reason for the change in the character of Victor von doom.

    During the events of Secret Wars, Victor von Doom was literally a God, the ruler of the Battleworld planet, woven from fragments of once-existing worlds. Reed Richards managed to get everything back to its place, creating a new main Marvel universe. Victor von Doom was still in the changed world, but he was no longer a villain (and he has got his face back). Victor rethought his life, deciding to become a hero. Impressed by what Tony stark had done, Doom even called himself the new Iron man when Tony went into a coma. We have talked about this in detail in a separate material.

    Fans did not immediately take a new image of Victor von Doom (like the entire marvel universe) — no one could understand why he decided to change. Victor himself explained this by the fact that, becoming a God, he realized his mistakes and decided to use his opportunities to help people. This explanation did not suit everyone, but the audience accepted it, and Doom-superhero has even helped Avengers over the past year.

    You could probably notice mutilated Victor on the pages of the recent anniversary edition of the Invincible Iron Man series. The fans decided that this was the beginning of his imminent return to the image of the villain, but it is still unknown what will happen to Victor in the future.

    The writer of the Two-in-One Chip Marvel series Zdarsky tried to explain what prompted Doom to change the character. Oddly enough, the reason was Reed Richards.

    Marvel’s Two-in-one Annual reveals the final part of Secret Wars. When Richards took the Doom’s force, he thought what he should do with Victor because he would inevitably try to get revenge. Reid knew that their confrontation would be eternal as long as one of them was alive. So he changed the memories of Doom, impressing upon him the fact that he had died.

    Realizing this, Viktor changed. He realized that his enemy did not exist anymore. Therefore his ability and knowledge could be directed to other areas, including helping people. That is, Victor was originally a hero if it was not for Reed Richards. The mere presence of Mr. Fantastic was the cause of those ways that Doom chose.

    Doom sees another reed Richards from the Council of Reeds-a multiversity organization that consists of Richards of different worlds. They are looking for ways to develop the future of the entire Multiverse.

    In the final part of the Yearbook, Victor did not tell Ben Grim that his Reed Richards was actually alive. However, he finds it out in a new comic book series about the Fantastic four, which will be released in August 2018. So, what will happen to Victor now when he knows that Reed Richards is alive? Will he become Doctor Doom again?