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    How you can invest in Bitcoin

    Today  Bitcoin with seven-league steps approached and took a place in a number of different habitual monetary assets. Moreover, recently many sharks of the financial market have recognized crypto currency as a full-fledged monetary asset. In this regard, many investors have a feeling of anxiety about the economic and psychological impact of this financial miracle. And many consider the crypto currency as a kind of “bubble” that has no prospects in its development.

    For example, analyst Michael Dudas, who is a great authority in the direction of the gold trade, also refers to those skeptics who do not believe in the economic validity of investments in crypto currency. He believes that investing in Bitcoins can be classified as “risky”, at least that’s the word he used when giving interviews for CNBC.

    It is worth to note that for many other experts such a statement from the mouth of Dudas was not a surprise. At the same time, it should be recognized that not many investors can boast of having a clear idea of ​​the laws the crypto currency market develops today, and also how they affect the global economy as a whole. By and large, some leading experts are skeptical of this new market, who do not know how to behave with Bitcoins.

    It is worth noting that Michael Dudas has not only great knowledge in the field of precious metals, he is also a partner in the holding Vertical Research. In choosing investment options, he always relies on his basic experience with “tangible” assets, in particular, it is about gold. It is this precious metal that is usually considered as some kind of insurance, if something goes wrong with the market. Yes, we can safely say that gold is widely used in the real world, in addition, this type of assets has already been tested not for one century, but maybe even for thousands of years. But if we look at the situation from the other side, then Bitcoin is hard to compare with the usual for many financial institutions. And this is despite the fact that Bitcoin has long been called digital gold.

    Appearing fears of the expert are due to the fact that recently at Bitcoin was a serious correction, as a result of which he fell in price. According to Dudas’ predictions for 2018, gold should grow by 8% within 12 months. But if we talk about Bitcoin, he demonstrated in one year’s growth from a price of $ 1,000 to 20,000 US dollars.

    Dudas does not even want to consider launching CBOE and CME futures trading on this currency. As before, the expert is confident that all attempts to invest in Bitcoin fall under the definition of “speculation”.

    “Once the crypto currencies appeared on the trading floors, the confidence market among the investors and the sense of legitimacy were added to the Bitcoin market, but this must be understood – these are just the first steps, this is only the beginning. We must always consider the situation that the market can move either upwards or downwards. As a result, most players either start raising or lowering”, Dudas said.

    In general, we can say that in relation to Bitcoin, most investors have moved to the race position, since no one can authoritatively predict where the cost of the crypto currency will go. Moreover, there are certain questions to the regulatory front.

    “Personally, I see the big problem is that there is a big problem with volatility, so in one sense or another, the public has a risk of suffering.” I have the conviction that the time will come when investors will suddenly become cooled to this market and this should be expected “- said Dudas.

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    Where it is better to store Bitcoins – options of various hardware crypto currency wallets

    For storing various options of crypto currency, it is best to use hardware purses, which are by far the safest and most secure ones. You should take into account the fact that the crypto currency market is beginning to develop rapidly, because of the growing interest for different categories of people in this segment, you can more fully consider various models of hardware crypto currency wallets. After analyzing the information, it will be easier to make a choice which one is better used for their own purposes.


    Where to buy and what is the cost?

    Today Ledger and Trezor are the most well-known companies that work with crypto currencies on an industrial level. Some sources say that today the most  investors use the products of these companies, as the latter use a whole line of products to store Bitcoins.

    If we talk about the company Trezor, then its hardware wallets are the most protected from hacker attacks and attacks from them themselves. The cost of purchasing one wallet will cost about $ 200, depending on the option. And if we compare the price of Bitcoin and compare it with the price of the wallet, then it turns out to be a quite acceptable proportion. At the same time, care must be taken and the product is purchased exclusively on the official resource of the company. Also a good option is to purchase from approved resellers, which are available in almost any major city in different countries.

    Of course, many owners expected on a purse of lower cost and this kind of alternative exists. The fact is that you can create a hardware wallet yourself from a regular flash drive. The truth in this case is better to use two or more flash cards, so you can ensure maximum security.

    Also, to store the crypto currency, an old phone with software or a paper purse is suitable, in this case it will be possible to ensure cold storage of Bitcoins. In this case, the owner of the crypto currency has the responsibility of writing data for recovery.

    Which one of the hardware wallets should you choose?


    It is worth to notice that the company Trezor has long been a manufacturer of hardware wallets, which have a high level of security. As already mentioned above, the lion’s share of investors use the products of this company. You can buy this product from official distributors at a price of $ 109. Wallets themselves are available in white and black colors, and they are also durable and waterproof. Also, it should be noted that there is a small display, which facilitates obtaining information and performing various operations.

    Ledger Nano S

    Such a purse can support a number of crypto currencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin  and others. They are also used by many investors. The peculiarity of this wallet is that it has a side button, with which you can confirm all kinds of transactions. Also, the device has a small display. This manufacturer also produces corporate purses, their value is $ 330 and they are called Blue.

    Keep Key

    This company is less known, in spite of this its product of rather high quality, which allows storing a very wide range of crypto  currencies. With their help, it is possible to make exchange of crypto currencies on exchanges, for which the technology Shapeshift is applied. These hardware wallets are not sold  in free sale, but are manufactured exclusively on pre-order. Their price is lower than the above competitors and is $ 129 USD.


    This hardware purse has its own peculiarity, which is that it connects to a computer not via USB, but exclusively via Bluetooth. Visually, the product has a lot in common with a thin smart card, its price is at $ 100 USD.

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    Hacking and hidden mining crypto-wallets are the most popular cybercrimes

    The Internet is a virtual currency, one of the most universal and new means of calculating the World Wide Web today. It is quite logical that there were people who have a great desire to illegally appropriate these funds, and the number of intruders increases every month. However, not all owners of Bitcoins know that they can be robbed in the network. And today it will be about exactly how to rob the owners of various crypto currencies.

    But first you need to come back some time ago to remember the story. Directly Bitcoin himself was born in 2009, and it originated directly in the World Wide Web. Today  Bitcoins are a good way to pay for the transaction, for the delivered goods or services provided. In fact, this currency has become a full-fledged monetary unit, which has free circulation between market participants.

    The peculiarity of this currency is that during the calculations, the intermediary, which the bank usually serves, is excluded. Due to the existence of a decentralized management system, this kind of electronic money freely moves around the Internet, and no one company in the world controls this currency.


    And the calculation with the help of Bitcoins is very simple. And sellers often receive electronic money, but there is no commission for conducting transactions. At the same time, cybercriminals consider electronic wallets and exchanges as a cherished goal and a piece from a tasty pie. If you study the material, then the network is full of different stories about how thieves kidnap the Bitcoins. One can confidently say that there are risks, despite this a large number of people using Bitcoin for making money.

    Recently, the great popularity of theft of various crypto currencies is their theft through fictitious bank cards by way of their cashing. Only this year, the banks have carried out several major attacks, in which this kind of cards were used.

    More attackers often use this tactic as a violation of the work of other people’s computer systems of organizations or servers. In this case, hackers are hoping for a ransom or reward. If we talk about the attacks carried out precisely under this scheme, the most “loud” of them is:

    hacking of the high-speed transport systems;

    hacker attack on the American bureau of credit histories Equifax;

    hacker attack on the Uber service taxi service;

    the emergence of the network virus “Bad Rabbit”.

    And more recently, security experts have discovered a new version of the computer virus-encryptor NS7. Its main task is to devour entire computer systems. Therefore, one should always be vigilant about suspicious emails in electronic boxes, as well as visiting unfamiliar sites.

    Another way that attackers often use to penetrate into wallets and further steal a crypto currency is its mining. And recently in the network was published a story as one of the employees of the Russian state corporation directly at their workplace equipped a workplace. Or you can take as an example a man whose laptop was used as a source of hidden mining bitcoins as soon as the gadget connected to Starbucks to a wireless Wi-Fi system.

    Of course, criminals do not stop there, they regularly come up with various options for circumvention of protection, for example, hacking accounts and accounts of users of stock exchanges of crypto currencies and its holders. In some cases, intruders use weaknesses and kindness of a person, for example, by falsifying various announcements about various options for helping people with severe illnesses.

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    It is planned to convert the heat received from mining in Canada

    Businessman who  resided in Canada decided to use heat from the mining of Bitcoins for his activities, and he grows fish and plants. Thus, the necessary temperature for the hydroponic system will be maintained.

    It’s about the businessman from Manitoba, Bruce Hardy, who developed a system for processing heat, which is released during the work of mining equipment. Thanks to the development of the Canadian, it is directed to the cultivation of fish and plants. There are thirty mining installations have Hardy in possessions that located in his house, the total area of ​​which is 1858 square meters. The businessman lives in the province of Manitoba, in the rural municipality of St. Francois Xavier. All the heat that is released during the work of the mining facilities is transferred to the greenhouse, where different plants grow, and there is also fish.

    Speaking about fish, it lives in a large aquarium, where there are about 800 specimens of arctic  char. A large number of fish enriches the water with nitrates, which Hardy then directs to the plants, because of what they grow well. An enterprising Canadian grows basil, salad, grows barley on his plot, the latter goes to feed fish, thereby producing a closed production cycle. And a special place in this cycle is the heat received from mining.

    An important point is that Hardy except business is the president of the Myera Group. This company has the main task to create sustainable, as well as innovative systems for food production. As reported the businessman, he has been engaged in mining of Bitcoins for almost two years. In the process of this activity, he noted the issue of obtaining a large amount of heat, which at first was simply thrown into the environment, and now it benefits.


    Duane Clar supports this project, he holds the post of head of the municipality. In particular, he noted that such technological processes can and should be used for the benefit and for the actual production of physical products, including food.

    Speaking directly about Hardy himself, he says that his project has a socially useful side.

    “Thanks to the revenues received from Bitcoins, I have the opportunity not only to create such a demonstration, but also I pay salaries to the staff, well, do not forget about the system of agriculture that works,” the businessman said.

    The Canadian businessman noted that today his project is only making steps, that this project is only has an embryonic state. Hardy has all the mining equipment on the second floor of the house, where it occupies only a quarter of the area. The Canadian said that Australian researchers and Canadian investors were interested in his development. In the businessman’s plans to expand the amount of equipment, as well as places for growing plants, so that it completely filled the second floor.

    In general, it is worth noting that the province of Manitoba in Canada has long been interested in companies engaged in mining, as there are many hydroelectric power stations that produce cheap electricity. This is one of the strategic assets that can offer potential investors, producers for the province. It can be used to implement a variety of projects in the territory of Manitoba.

    But cheap electricity is not the only “counter” in Manitoba – this is one of the places in Canada, where the lowest temperatures among cities located on the territory of North America. This cannot but interest the mining companies, which are now beginning to gradually withdraw from the Chinese market, where to this day there is a certain ambiguity with the crypto currency.

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    South Korean authorities oppress the crypto industry

    In fact, not everyone knows what caused the action of the Korean Ministry of Justice, which instructed to close all existing crypto currency trading platforms on the territory of the country.

    In fact, the society took such steps quite ambiguously, there was a big resonance among the population. Reactions from the Koreans did not have to wait long, for a short period of time the site of the President of the country received more than four thousand applications and they all specify the subject of regulation of the market by the state. In one of the statements, a concrete proposal was made to send the South Korean Justice Minister to resign. It is noteworthy that such initiative was welcomed by other citizens of the country and 30 thousand of them signed under this petition. And under one of the statements, one hundred thousand signatures were collected. The excitement was so great that due to traffic congestion the site stopped working.

    The authorities of the country were quite agitated by the actions of their citizens, as a result, the cardinal decisions regarding the crypto currency market were canceled and everything returned to normal. Moreover, the South Korean authorities stated that the decision on the crypto currency was spontaneous, this was not preceded by a large and serious analysis, and therefore, the cancellation of the proposal by the Ministry of Justice was quite logical.

    The opposition authorities of South Korea also reacted to this problem, which have manifested themselves. In particular, great material was published in the daily newspaper The Hankyoreh, which posted an article from opposition forces on its pages. It says that the leaders of several political parties of the country in opposition at the same time called the government’s decision “a curb unilaterally, without conducting any debates or discussions.” The matter is that the oppositionists accuse the authorities of the fact that the latter completely ignore the opinion of the citizens of the country when making important decisions.

    “Before making a decision, it is necessary to conduct both detailed reviews and coordinate actions. If a problem arises, we need to first warn people and then give them a plan of action in advance,” said one Korean politician.

    And it all began with the trend of power in relation to the crypto industry in South Korea, which resulted in the introduction of more and more barriers and restrictions of this market. Such a policy was motivated by the fact that the country decided to combat speculation in the market of crypto currency.


    In a short period of time, the government introduced new rules that regulate the activities of exchanges and automated teller machines (ATMs) that work with a particular type of crypto currency. Also, within the framework of the authorities’ actions, the six largest organizations of the financial and credit market were thoroughly checked to see if they comply with the rules established by the state. According to the Korea Times, such actions of the state machine have entailed serious consequences, for example, a number of banks, including Shinhan Bank, issued a statement that they stop cooperating with crypto-exchanges.

    During the audit of financial and credit institutions, large Korean exchanges, including Coinone and Bithumb, which also operate in the crypto currency market, have gone through checks. They made a check of the South Korean tax authorities, who suspect these institutions of tax evasion. And Coinone is also accused of creating activities related to the organization of gambling.

    Some media published statements that the South Korean authorities are working on drafting bills that would completely ban the activities of some of the exchanges. Perhaps also will be set veto on anonymous trade in the country.

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    WWF will use blockade to combat poaching

    The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has taken a step towards using blockade to stop the illegal catch of such rare fish as tuna. In accordance with the statement made by the organization, due to the transparency of the blockage, it is possible to allow any consumer to avoid buying fish, which was extracted illegally in the Pacific. In addition, the organization will prevent human rights violations.
    This kind of decision can be considered as another proof that blocking technologies can be used in other areas, not limiting them exclusively to the financial sector.

    The Australian branch of the Foundation acted as the initiator of such work, to which the New Zealand and Fiji branches later joined. Together they began to cooperate with the company that provides software, which is based on the ConsenSys blockbuster. The conglomerate also joined the communication company TraSeable and was joined by Sea Quest Fiji Ltd. The latter is directly related to capture, and further processing of tuna.

    Thanks to new technologies, Sea Quest Fiji will monitor how their tuna moves, tracking from the catching point to the processing site, and then to the retail network. Thus, the buyers have the opportunity to receive promptly information about the fish they are buying. In this way they can get data about the place of its catch, which ship it did, where it was later processed and when they brought it to the store. You only need to scan on the package with tuna QR code to do this; this is possible using a special application for mobile devices.

    “Thanks to the blockbuster, we can create transparency of Bait-to-plate, in which case unrecorded, unregulated and illegal catch of rare fish can either be eradicated or drastically reduced, but we should not forget that it is not just fish catch, because illegal hunters use slave labor, creating terrible conditions for their work for their workers. If we succeed in this kind of practice to rid the fish industry, then we have every chance to conserve natural resources and stop human rights violations. Today this project can be called a pilot, it was initiated by WWF, which using the technology of blockade makes our planet better, especially in the environmental field, “- said the head of the Australian branch of WWF, Mr. Dermot O’Gorman.

    It should be noted that before that, the organization has already taken steps in order to make fishing more observable. For this, we used web or paper technologies that could not show high efficiency. As reported by WWF, the buyer will assess the use of blockage to make activities related to fishing and processing of fish more transparent. If this project shows its effectiveness, then the whole industry can take it into service. As a result, after this we can talk about the complete destruction of such facts as the use of slave labor, illegal fishing of tuna and poaching.

    “To ensure the durability of the fish business, it is necessary to use stable fishing for certain standards, which means in accordance with the norms of the law. Through this blocking project, the industry will have the opportunity to move forward without causing any significant damage to natural resources,” said Brett Heywood, who occupies a leading position in Sea Quest Fiji.

    Today Sea Quest and WWF are looking for a partner who will help them to implement this project in the trade network.

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    Trading of cryptocurrency: altcoin or fiat exchanges

    Many newcomers, especially professional traders, take the choice of trading platform very seriously. Therefore, if you’re looking for a suitable exchange and want to stay there for a long time, you’ll find this article quite helpful. However, this material will have little value for the users who just want to change fiat for any type of cryptocurrency to save it in future.

    We should start by saying that all the existing exchanges can be divided into the following categories:

    • altcoin exchanges;
    • fiat exchanges;
    • fiat-crypto exchanges;
    • crypto – crypto exchanges.

    The name depends on the currency supported by the certain exchange.

    And now we will talk about the disadvantages and benefits of fiat-crypto exchanges.

    To start with, we should find out the true purpose of exchange. First of all, trading on such platforms is comfortable, as the users don’t have to use online-exchangers to withdraw the means in cryptocurrency. Such scheme allows you to exclude additional fees (for example, for transfers). It all comes from the fact that the exchange assumes the role of online-exchangers.

    However, not all the users and experts consider this factors as an advantage.

    Another aspect is the supported tokens and their amount. After the user buys one-two kinds of cryptocurrencies, (for example, Ethereum or bitcoin), he/she may want to come to the market and start playing. One can also consider the option of investing in various projects (for example, in start-ups). In this case, the client won’t be able to get what he/she needs from the exchange, because it supports a small amount of coins.

    We should also mention the banks and a number of other organizations. The thing is that the exchange will need to receive confirmation from the banks or a number of other financial organizations for the prior approval of every token. The exchange works with them before they will be added to the platform. Fiat exchanges have a limited range of activities, as they have a restricted amount of supported tokens.

    But if you look at this situation from the other side, it can be a good option. The thing is that every cryptocurrency is thoroughly checked at an early stage. Therefore, any user of fiat-crypto exchanges can safely say that they’re all safe.

    Another important point we should focus on is the speed of exchange operation. This factor is very important, as the speed of reaction is essential for any trader. Speaking of fiat exchanges, they have a great disadvantage – lack of capacity. Evidence of this is a situation that could be observed in 2018 between January and February. That is when the market had been subjected to serious correction. At that moment, the fiat exchanges that didn’t stop to register the new users were especially distressed. As a result, such actions have caused the procrastination of verification and transactions.

    The reason for this situation is that the fiat exchanges spend much time on working with the banks. A lot of different processes take time. As a result, the resources spent by platform get the minimum payback. Therefore, the one-time use of such platforms doesn’t permit to accumulate capital in a short time.

    Speaking of the crypto- crypto exchanges, they also have their shortcomings and advantages. For example, before using the exchange services, the user has to exchange his/her money (dollars, pounds, yuan, etc.) for cryptocurrency. To that end, people usually use different exchangers (which means additional commission and lost time).

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    When will the world have many cryptocurrency ATMs?

    According to the service “Coin ATM Radar”, currently there are about 2708 АТМs allowing exchanging cryptocurrencies worldwide. In total, they are serviced by 393 operators, while the terminals can be found in 66 countries. Of course, there are countries that don’t have any ATM, allowing the user to exchange any cryptocurrency. At that, we mean not the backward countries but some European states. However, it is indisputable that ATMs are a very comfortable instrument, allowing users to withdraw cash, exchange money and execute a number of other financial operations.

    At that, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that not every owner of cryptocurrency knows how to use crypto exchanges and execute different transactions using this type of currency. Therefore, well-known ATM and credit card is a model familiar to everybody, as it’s difficult to find a modern civilized person who doesn’t know how to use ATM.

    Speaking of a number of European countries (especially those of the former Soviet Union and the Soviet camp), this kind of business have rather cloudy prospects there. And yet, domestic users actively change, mine and buy the cryptocurrency. There are many local investors who want to invest in the digital assets. The only limitation is a lack of legislation, which would allow everybody to act within a legal framework.

    Recently, it is often spoken about the emergence of the draft laws, which would permit to open the automated sale points of tokens and cryptocurrency on the territory of the above-mentioned countries (with a possibility of full de-anonymization of the client). However, this can cause conflicts with the other financial institutions of these countries.

    It is therefore reasonable to conclude that many countries, which don’t have any cryptocurrency ATMs at the moment, will get no more than one – two such exchangers. At that, they will be considered as behind-the-scenes toys for the people who ignore the current financial legislation. It must also be borne in mind that there are no projections on how long these machines will exist.

    Considering the current situations and all the above-mentioned perspectives, in many counties the owners of cryptocurrencies have to work in uncomfortable conditions. To date, they don’t have an opportunity to freely operate these means, as an infrastructure for their quick exchange, cashing and executing other operations has yet to be established.

    The only consolation in this situation is that cryptocurrency isn’t popular enough (even in the developed countries) to be easily cashed in any ATM. You must admit that 2708 АТМs are not enough to speak about comfort. However, the development of this segment of financial market and exchange rate fluctuations attract a lot of attention to cryptocurrency, which is why it starts to “overgrow” with different services.

    While just a few years ago only certain groups of people have heard about cryptocurrency, now the information support of this segment is more than sufficient. Any modern person, who uses Internet, watches TV and listens to the radio, knows at least something about cryptocurrency.

    Therefore, in this matter we have to be patient and monitor developments. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be long before the first cryptocurrency ATMs will appear in our country.

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    How to earn on cryptocurrency market?

    We can safely say that 2017 demonstrated the greatest “bull running” on the cryptocurrency market. That is amazing, but in just one year the capitalization rate of this market increased from 17 to 800 billion dollars. The peak was reached in 2018. On January 17, that figure rose to 814 billion dollars. During this period, only the laziest didn’t talk about cryptocurrency, but no one dared to make precise projections concerning its fate.

    Due to the wild growth, both experienced and new investors noticed the cryptocurrency market. However, the rapid growth was followed by the period of “correction” that hit the nerves of all market participants. As soon as the price reached its peak, the price fell. The result of this leap was the decrease in the level of market capitalization (which, as at the 30th of March 2018, was 254 billion dollars).

    Many investors have drawn important conclusions from this leap: it is not so easy to make money on cryptocurrency (compared to that amazing “bull running”). To date, many investors only hold the memories about the glorious cryptocurrency portfolio, while another ask a very important question – “What did I do wrong?”

    We should note that in recent years the number of traders on the cryptocurrency market has quickly increased. Despite the rapid growth, about 90% of them failed and left the market “in the hole”. Most of them started to work in copy-trading mode, allowing them to automatically copy, open and manage the positions (which should be made by experienced investor).

    Recently, such an investment gains popularity in the world of cryptocurrency. We can safely say that cryptocurrency is a global phenomenon, whose growth pattern is unpredictable (all because it has a low barrier to entry).

    That’s why many investors resorted to copy-trading, which allows them to pursue the path of the most experienced and the best traders. In addition, this is all made online on the platforms of the most famous exchanges.

    What is the algorithm of  actions?

    Experienced traders are registered on the desired platform, after which they get the possibility to show the results of their activities with any other investors who sees them. The user opts for the investor he/she wants to follow. When choosing, he/she takes into account the working history of this investor, the style and the results of his/her work.

    After you start following the chosen trader, the trading platform connects the follower to the trader’s steps using API. This way, the investor can either repeat or just follow the actions of expert.

    There are also a number of copy-trading platforms, offering the clients to put their money in the purses of the platform itself. We should note that in this case, you lose control over your means, while the risk of losing it increases.


    Actually, copy-trading allows the money owner to get passive income by putting minimum efforts. However, you shouldn’t forget that this approach to the investments involves risks (especially since the market of cryptocurrency is young and quite volatile).

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    How do the blockchain technologies affect the modern payment systems?

    On the basis of the data received from Google Trends, since the last months of 2017, bitcoin (and then also blockchain architecture), have taken the leading position among the requests of Internet users. People from all over the world want to know what “blockchain” and “bitcoin” is, while most of them are interested in how to make money on it.

    We can safely say that today cryptocurrency enjoys the maximum popularity. According to Google Trends, in 2017 this topic got the highest score. Bitcoin and blockchain are also popular in a Russian-language segment, as a Russian search engine Yandex reports that (in one moth) 2.7 million users search for “bitcoin”, while the term “bitcoin” accounts for 200.000 requests.

    At that, people are not just interested in cryptocurrency and related technologies. They also start to enter into our everyday life. The banking system is particularly affected by the market changes. Standard banking networks are replaced by fully online-banks, while the traditional banks with a long history start to master Internet. This area is focused on the improvement and simplification of payment processing. From year to year, they become easier and faster, as a high speed of transaction increases the amount of money trail (which means that the banks have a larger profit).

    Different payment systems develop as well, which do everything possible to make the clients spend more and faster (sometimes even shouldering a consumer society). To date, it is obvious that blockchain technologies already affect and will keep affecting the existing payment systems and instruments. While at a time when Internet just started to develop, it all took at least a decade, in the modern age of blockchains, the pace is accelerating, and several years are enough.
    No one doubts that the payment systems we’re using now will be either fundamentally changed or destroyed by the blockchains. In the next 5-10 years, everything we now consider right and imprescriptibly can be changed dramatically. It must be understood that the most popular modern payment systems (such as SEPA or SWIFT) have their cornerstones –mediators acting as regulators. All this slows down the direct financial movements, which must be moved both from continent to continent and within countries.

    We are now witnessing the emergence of a whole new format of transactions. At that, the first swallow of these changes appeared at the turn of 2017 and 2018: we mean xVia, as well as the other technologies, such as XRapid and RippleNet – xCurrent. Such a scenario was predicted 5-6 years ago. With the emergence of different kinds of cryptocurrencies and the platforms they can be exchanged on, people got the opportunity to make the financial transactions quickly and easily with low transaction costs.

    It took three years to create the instant payment system SCT Inst. During that time, some revolutionary events took place in the world of cryptocurrency, for example: the penetration of blockchain in Internet of Things, increase of capitalization on cryptocurrency market, emergence of distributed applications and the launch of smart-contracts. Therefore, it is quite natural that in future the cross-border payment systems will be based on the blockchain technologies. It can be Stellar, Ripple or other, a whole new token.