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    Kitchen towels

    Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. For each family kitchen it is a special place, so a comfort there should be special.
    During the preparation of different dishes the chef has to wipe his hands permanently, wipe the dishes, take hot pots and more. Therefore, there is no kitchen without towels. Yes, besides, towel in the kitchen also can play a decorative role, complementing the interior of the room, giving it a significant tone. It is most convenient for the hostess, when there is not one towel at her garderobe, but the full set, each element of which will be designed for specific purposes.

    The shape, size and sets of kitchen towels

    Towel kitchen should not be very large, and napkins should be even smaller.

    Large products are difficult to wash and dry them for a long time, and towels that are used in the cooking process, quickly get dirty and need a constant change. There are various forms of kitchen towels: square, rectangular and round. Rectangular and square 30×50, 35×70 and 40×60 in size crockery items are very handy for wiping.

    The small size allow these towels to wipe the plate with a spoon and easy to wipe the glass, and they will dry better than larger items. Round towels are often used as a decorative element and crafts, especially if their design and colors are in harmony with the overall style of the kitchen. Moreover, they can be used as textile wipes for guests. Besides products of size 50х50 or 70 cm in diameter round towels can serve as sticking to hot dishes.

    Hand towel changes less often than dish towel, so you can choose bigger size: 45×70, 50×90 or 50×70.

    The kitchen also cannot be without napkins. Small napkins 20×20 or 30×30 in size are perfect for the table.

    Selection of kitchen towels material

    Choosing kitchen towels you need to initially pay attention to their fabric, which should be only natural. Thus towels must have high hygroscopicity and be painted with safe, resistant dye. After all, in the course of their use it is necessary not only to wipe the hands and dishes, but also fruits and vegetables to the table.

    Selection of kitchen towels in color and design

    Selecting a kitchen towel of suitable material and size is easy. Much more difficult is to identify correctly the color of product. Bright towels and napkins of white, gray, yellow, beige and brown colors will look great in the kitchen with woodgrain interior. For a white kitchen light gray or blue kitchen towels are more suitable. But as a bright accent, you can use the multi-colored towels of luscious shades.

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    Cheap remodeling for small bathrooms in San Diego

    Sometimes, small bathroom can be a bit larger that the place where two persons sleep. However, everyone has an understandable desire to decorate this room and make it individual, cozy and comfortable. What are the ideas for a small bathrooms remodel and what design you can choose and which materials to use?

    There are many well-known receptions, allowing expanding the limited space and choice of materials, equipment, accessories and lighting, which will help you with that.

    Perception of interior depends on the following factors:

    • Type of materials used;
    • Lighting;
    • Color component;
    • Furniture and equipment;
    • Additional elements and cost of small bathroom remodel.

    To understand what we’re talking about, you should pay close attention to all these elements remodeling small bathroom. Small and seemingly insignificant details can fundamentally change certain nuances of interior and perception of small bathroom design in general.

    Planning of interior and remodeling a small bathroom depends on the opportunities of space, size and arrangement of the room. One of the main factors you should take into account when planning are your real needs.

    How much does it cost to remodel a small bathroom

    How much room do you need for storage? Will you install the washing machine? Besides, you should note that the bathrooms (especially those located in small houses) must match the interior and direction of design of the rest of apartment. Therefore, colors and style will not be out of place.

    Small bathrooms remodel involves the use optical techniques, aimed at the visual increase of space. In a small bathroom, you must not neglect all types of depressions and elevations, which will allow you to rationalize the location of cabinets and shelves. Meanwhile, in this situation, they will hide the wall irregularities.

    Beautiful and functional sink, shower cabin and toilet are the most important objects in your bathroom. The choice of right type and style will provide a positive feeling in the room and make the objects more comfortable for all people using them.

    How to choose a sink with cupboard?

    Traditional models of washbasins are usually made of white porcelain. They are usually very accessible and can have different forms and sizes. The most popular forms are round, oval or square, placed on the worktop or pedestal. If you want to have a monochrome white painting on the sinks and worktop for the bathroom, you can also see cheap remodeling ideas for small bathrooms and buy the models with hard glossy surface, which are pre-formed in standard sizes and are easy to install. There are also customized structures that cost more and must be installed by the professionals. Beautiful small bathrooms remodel can provide a good mood for the entire day and relax in the evening.

    Your small bathroom can look wider and more graceful with a glass washbasin. There are glass sinks, popular among the modern themes. They are very functional and fashionable, as they are applicable in almost all sets of colors, textures and patterns. We will select a few projects that will match your style with iron bases and chrome stands. These types of furniture don’t clutter the area, which creates the illusion of a larger space.

    No matter if you have small bathrooms remodeled with your own hands or hire the specialists, information submitted will help you to prepare thoroughly for these works and find out small bathroom remodel cost.

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    5×8 bathroom remodel cost in San Diego

    Perhaps, the first and most important thing you should do before you start the renovation of the bathroom is not the choice of collection of ceramic tile, bathroom, toilet or color of a stretch ceiling. This is neither tiling nor the installation of plumbing.

    The real question is how comfortable, practical and ergonomic your future bathroom will be for you and your family. The first thing you should do is to answer this question.

    The thing is that 5 x 8 bathroom remodel is the most significant item of expenditure in the overall budget of the estimates. Usually, bathroom repairs are intended not for 1-5 but for 10-15 years. That’s why it is so important to pay particular attention to the planning of space in the bathroom, so that in future it pleases you for many years and you get aesthetic pleasure from the use of bathroom (instead of feeling uncomfortable).

    So, you should decide where and how the all functional nodes of the room, such as bathroom (or shower cabin), washbasin, toilet, washing machine, socket, rack, etc. will be situated. That is, first you have to consider the whole 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas and think about how to preserve maximum space to make a bathroom comfortable and practical, to prevent the difficulty of access or use of certain objects during the facilities management.

    Complex 5 x 8 bathroom remodel consists of the following steps:

    • The choice of building materials, tile, sanitary ware and fittings
    • Layout and transfer of engineering communications (water meters, filters, sewerage, fan tubes, etc.)
    • Preparation of the basis for fitting the tiles (leveling of walls and floors and giving them perfect geometric shapes). You can read it more about it in the article called “Why to plaster the walls before laying the tile?”
    • Laying the ceramic tile/porcelain stoneware
    • Installation of ceilings
    • Installation of sanitary ware and fittings

    We should say that bathroom is a premise that doesn’t have the most favorable domestic conditions. High humidity, sudden temperature changes and splashes of water — all this imposes certain requirements on the materials used for the remodel and finishing of apartments. After all, such transformations must give not only beautiful but also long-term result.

    As a rule, such premises are finished with ceramic tile resistant to moisture, chemical influence and temperature changes. It is also easy to keep clean and durable, while the selection of colors and forms of this finishing material can meet any demands. The disadvantages of this finishing option include relatively high cost and long laying process, which includes careful preparation of the walls.

    What should you take into account when hiring a brigade and making a remodeling?

    For 5×8 bathroom remodel, you always need a brigade that can perform the work with high quality and in time. Before signing the cooperation agreement, you should pay attention to the following points:

    • realized (finished) projects of this company;
    • existence of contract and types of the services offered;
    • terms and conditions of work.

    Please study 5×8 bathroom remodel cost carefully. After that, it will be clear whether you can afford services of this company, considering the cost of materials. How to determine the adequacy of prices? Very simple.

    Compare the prices of several companies. In this way, you can define the price level on the maintenance market. The quality must correspond to the price.

    Before starting the remodel work, you should devote time to the organizational matters. The end result depends on it. You should participate in the following processes: cost estimation, audit, timing, etc.

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    Bathroom remodeling Сalculator in San Diego

    Let’s assume that you decided to fulfill your long-awaited dream and remodel your bathroom. Before getting to work, you must plan all possible calculations and study the existing options of finishing the walls, floor and ceiling and choose optimal sanitary ware.
    So, you decided to use bathroom remodel calculator of the cost of repair. Where to start? Decide whether you will do the work on your own or entrust it to the workers.

    Note! If you decided to rely on the workers, you should remember that hiring the free builders is cheaper than professional crew. However, the latter option ensures the availability of warranty on the work performed, and in case of certain unforeseen situations, you will be able to make a repair for free.

    Next important part of the expenses is a purchase of building and finishing materials. Today, you can calculate the repair by the amount of material using a simple online calculator of bathroom renovation.

    Tip! By using bathroom remodel cost calculator, you can save time and avoid miscalculations.

    Example of bathroom remodel calculator

    You will need:

    • measure all the linear sizes of the room (length, width and height) with centimeter-level accuracy;
    • make a drawing of floor, walls and ceiling in scale;
    • choose materials for the floor, walls and ceiling;
    • clarify the sale option of the chosen material (apiece or in packages, volume of packages);
    • bathroom remodel cost estimate calculator will help to find out the amount of material by comparing the size of materials and surface area;
    • after consulting the professional builder, calculate the required amount of binders and fasteners;
    • use bathroom remodel calculator to determine the amount of cash, required for the purchase of all materials; in this case, the price in hardware stores or markets will serve as a point of reference.

    Bathroom remodel calculator of funds

    Everyone knows that remodeling is expensive. Often, having determined with the collection of ceramic tile, plastic, sanitary equipment and count the cost for bathroom remodel calculator of the necessary budget, the user understands that he/she can’t afford the chosen option of bathroom renovation at the moment. What can be advised in such situation? There are several options:

    • refuse from the chosen expensive option and use its cheaper analog; for example, instead of tile, you can face the walls with plastic panels, cover the floor with linoleum and paint the ceiling;
    • don’t abandon the your favorite collection and realize a phased renovation of the bathroom;
    • in the first year, you can buy all materials from the same batch (except tile adhesive, prime and other materials that have a short shelf life), and for next year — buy and install the sanitary ware;
    • a number of construction companies, working with the banking partners, offer to pay the repair in installments (you get the turn-key bathroom and pay for the service provided during the year).

    Thus, this article demonstrates that the main document, without which it is impossible to calculate the repair of bathroom, is an estimate. Only it can give an idea of how much does a bathroom remodel cost and prevent the unreasonable expenses and define the required amount of material.

    Well-planned construction estimate is a guarantee of optimal expenditure. If you decided to realize your idea of bathroom renovation with the help of bathroom remodel budget calculator and professional builders, your main task is to carefully study the estimate, provided by the executing agent, or preferably develop it on your own or collectively.

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    Decor of the bedrooms- stylish decorations of rest room

    Decor of bedroom is easy to do with your hands, if you give freedom to imagination and imagine how should look the room of your dreams. It is not necessary to give a tribute to fashion, which is changeable as the weather at sea, and try to repeat the idea of the master design, which surprised the world with exclusive decor of bedroom.

    After all, only you can know what are the most suitable cushions to the interior of the bedroom, and with what decorative elements can be adorn stylish relaxation room. Perhaps chic decor items, which will be discussed in this article, will fall to your taste and your bedroom will turn into a real paradise.

    Decor of bedroom: the role of the canopy in the interior of the rest room

    Bed – the main piece of furniture in the bedroom, which, like any representative of the fairer sex does not like competition. You want to feel like a queen, and transform a room in luxury holiday apartments? Do not rush to buy expensive antiques and gilded candelabra for candles. Indeed, any bed can be a great bed of the goddess of beauty, if you decorate it with a silk canopy.

    Color of the fabric can be any, but more importantly, that it is not dominant in comparison with other items of decor of the bedroom. By taking a canopy of red, you can make red sails, floating above your bed of love, where you and your loved ones will enjoy nfinite the spent of time together.

    Opting for a blue cloth designed for tailoring of the canopy, you will be able to admire the skies around you while relaxing in bed. Regardless of the choice of color fabric canopy is ideal for decoration of bedrooms of romantic natures and those who love in a special way to decorate the interior of their home.

    Decor of the bedroom: the choice of textiles

    Linens, blankets, carpets, napkins – a modest list of textile decoration items that can make the bedroom one of the most comfortable rooms in the house. When choosing clothes for a bed or a blanket for the cold floor, keep in mind the unity of style interior bedroom.

    Use the valuable recommendations of the professional interior designers:

    • choose textiles for rest rooms, sewed of the same type of fabric – natural or artificial;
    • pick up in tune with the color textile interior decor items;
    • create homespun blankets, covers for chairs, capes for chairs with your own hands.
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    Interior decorations

    Man always strives for change: to a better job, a higher salary, to good conditions of life, and hence to the comfort in the house, the new repair.

    After a hard day so eager to come home, where there is order, comfort and beauty. To change the interior in the house, not necessarily to make repairs, which require considerable financial investments of time and effort. Decorative and interior items create an important atmosphere in the house. All these little things that heralded the house, in the end will create coziness and general picture.
    Have you ever thought about making transform the housing, is not needed a grand renovation?

    Repairs should be present, but it can be very minimal, with neatly painted walls and classic ceiling.

    Decor items are:

    • vases;
    • paintings;
    • figurines;
    • flowers.

    Also, interior items can be different textile products, such as pillows or curtains.
    For many items for home decor act various wooden products:

    • floor clocks;
    • wooden figures and figurines;
    • musical instruments (piano);
    • furniture with wood trim.

    While home- in your apartment, cottage, house – in a place that you consider your home, you need to attain the positive emotions and calm. To achieve these results you need so that there was the appropriate setting.

    The interior should correspond to the character of man, his environment, outlook – in short, the inner world. To correct the current situation, we offer interior decor items.

    Decor – is exterior design of the interior. But the bare walls, even in the wallpaper, it is not enough. Anyway, the room looks empty. Needed pleasant things that have highlighted your personality and at the same time to fill the space in the room. By the way, not only to be decorating living rooms. You can also vary the bathroom, dressing room, kitchen, hallway and closet.

    Assortment of home decorating is extremely wide. Here there are things, the existence of which you never knew existed. For example, a pillow with built-in speakers. Bamboo mats, creating an atmosphere of the East for you. In the bath you can put the nozzle on the faucet, the water is illuminated depending on the temperature, and of course, flower arrangements.Despite the growth of cities, the problem of reducing the living space becomes relevant. This means that you need to make better use of available space. Therefore, in addition to the usual visual effect, many things began to bring practical benefits.

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    The most effective ways to decorate a living room

    The living room is the room where all the family gets together and receives guests. That’s why the house owners try to place the most beautiful furniture, souvenirs and pictures in this room. It’s also accepted to decorate the windows and doors with the original curtains. Such details form the final stage of interior decoration.

    Effective and simple ways of living room decoration

    Developing the design of any room, you shouldn’t forget about the elements of animate and inanimate nature. You can buy a few stone vases, intersticed with pieces of glass and metal. The decorative glass and sea stones blend well with the interior and remind of summer holiday.

    The rare specimen of plants can play their own role in the living room decoration. The high indoor plant can decorate the interior and change the perception of the floor-to-ceiling height. The plants, hanging from the upper part of the wall, visually diminish the room height, so don’t use them in the low living room.
    You can use the unpretentious window plants, pictures and fancy articles to create the cozy atmosphere.

    It’s possible to vary the restrained interior design, using the exotic plant with unusual leaves. You should choose one suitable place for it and don’t remove it unnecessarily. Such plants aren’t usually taken outdoors when moving from place to place.

    The simplest and the most efficient way to decorate any room are the decorative pillows.

    You can either buy them in the shop or sew them with your own hands. But in any case, the color of pillows must match the color of the walls, curtains, pictures and other elements. The colors can either contrast or reflect the prevailing colors of interior. Too quiet atmosphere can be refreshed and varied with the help of bright decorative pillows.

    The mirrors fit perfectly for the decoration of living room. You can put the old mirrors in the new contrast frames and hang them on the walls. Such element can add a bit of chaotic character to the general design image. That’s why the decoration of mirrors and their style can be slightly different.
    To distract from the bustle of big city, you can buy a false fireplace and decorate it according to your taste with the pieces of gypsum cardboard, remained after the repair. The fireplace will add a certain zest to the general living room interior and create the feeling of warmth and comfort to the night gatherings with friends.

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    Creative ideas of sitting room decorating

    You must admit that the sitting room is the center of every house or apartment. People usually judge the taste preferences and financial opportunities of the house owners by the appearance of this room. So, before starting to decorate this room, you should think over a few important matters.
    First of all, determine the functions of the sitting room in your apartment.

    The ideas of furniture placement in the sitting room

    If you place the plasma TV or home cinema in your sitting room, it will become the favorite place of amusement of your family and friends. It’s worth mentioning, that such idea is popular among the most of families, living in the apartment houses.

    If you’re a fortunate possessor of a big house or apartment, you can assign certain room for the screening of films, and use the living room for other purposes. For instance, this room is perfect for the rest or small buffet dinner. Here you can also read your favorite book or arrange a tea-drinking with your family. The gatherings at the fireplace or candlelight romantic dinner are also excellent. All the ideas for sitting room are good in their own way.

    The furniture of living room must be cozy and comfortable. It is wonderful, if you choose the sofa with arm-rests and reclining chair for the living room. In this case, you and your guests will get an opportunity to rest in any comfortable position. The properly chosen decorative pillows will also beautify the interior.
    We recommend you to pay your attention to the following sitting room ideas, if you’re a fan of elegant and festive decoration of your interior and aren’t afraid of frequent cleaning.

    The bright ideas for sitting room

    The rooms decorated in bright color, with abundance of contrast color combinations, radiate energy, positive and cheerfulness! Creating the interior, you must be guided not only by the designers’ advice, but also by your own mood. In this case, the success is assured. There are many ideas for the creation of vivid sitting room. The main thing you should take into account is your own comfort.

    The ideas of sitting room in the exquisite style

    If you’re a lover of antiquity, crazy about the old-fashioned things, the idea of sitting room design in classic style is just the thing for you. Creating such an interior, you must pay great attention to the right choice of quiet pastel shades. The subdued lighting and the furniture with carved legs will complete the exquisite atmosphere of your sitting room.

    Following our advice, you’ll be able to act as a designer and create a wonderful interior of the most important room in the house.

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    How to choose the best dining room chandelier

    Beautiful and unusual large chandelier is the best design solution for any dining room. It can become a zest, a corner stone on which you’ll base the design of the dining room in your house or apartment.

    The chandelier can make your room really unique and unusual. In this article we’ll try to help you understand the details of choosing a proper and suitable chandelier for any dining room.

    Chandelier is a special kind of lamp, most often consisting of several bulbs, forming a single ensemble. It’s the key difference of chandelier from the other lighting instruments. When you choose the chandelier, you should firstly determine its function in your dining room. It can be the main light source, or play purely decorative role.

    The dining room chandeliers: everything depends on style

    As a rule, choosing the lighting instrument for the dining room, you should be guided by overall room style. So, first of all, the chandelier must blend with the dining room furniture.

    Remember: if your dining room is designed in classic style, give preference to the chandelier with different pendants of colored or transparent glass, or even crystal. The only disadvantage of this chandelier is that it’s not comfortable to wash.

    If your dining room is designed in Provence style, it is best to choose the unusual forged model with bulbs in the form of decorative candles. The chandelier with artificially aged surface in the imitation of silver or bronze will also look appropriate.

    And if your dining room is the example of contemporary styles, such as hi-tech or modern, you can choose a totally unusual chandelier of fanciful form, made of modern and rare materials.

    Nevertheless, the designers advise us not to listen to the fashionable trends, but try to use our own imagination. At that, it’s unnecessary that the chandelier corresponds strictly to the design of your dining room. So, a crystal chandelier can look properly even if your dining room is strictly minimalistic.
    The safe bet is a game of contrasts. So, the lamp with classic forms made of the most modern material will look unusual and fashionable. It’s very functional and can easily help you to achieve the desired effect.

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    Useful tips for the design of lounge rooms

    Interior design is not a fashion phenomenon, as it is considered to be, but a quite natural striving of every human to surround himself/herself with beautiful things and improve their living conditions.

    We all want that our house or apartment completely satisfy our tastes and preferences, fit our mood and provide maximal comfort. That’s why we have to consult the professionals to create the design of our own dwelling. But can we cope with this task on our own? Certainly!

    The variants of lounge room design

    Today we’ll talk about the design of lounge, as it is the room where we spend the most of our time. We often receive guests and relatives in this room. It’s also the place where we hold all of kinds of celebrations. In general, this room is always in sight. So everything must look perfect!

    First of all, we should think over the future design of the lounge. There are many different styles and directions in the interior. But you should try to do everything in such a way that your own development don’t conflict with the whole apartment.

    After choosing the suitable design, be in no haste to realize it. It is necessary to discuss it with the members of you family, as you all will have to live under the same roof. So you must take into account their wishes.

    Useful tricks and nuances

    As the design of lounge room in the house or apartment is a responsible and serious task, it has its own nuances, known unto few. You should familiarize yourself with the mentioned below list of small tricks, which will promote your desire to make your house unique and fashionable, but at the same time comfortable.

    Is there too little space in your room? Pay attention to the balcony, encumbered with rubbish and out of use. It’s quite possible to join this area to the lounge room. You should only show a bit of fantasy! The modest costs will be repaid with the additional square meters.

    The ready design of lounge rooms, found in the Internet can come in handy! Don’t disregard the other’s developments. You can explore them carefully and pick up some useful ideas.

    Try to buy only qualitative materials for the lounge repair. The thing is that they will serve much longer than their budget opponents, while their prices are not too different. Be sure that if you think carefully over the hand-made design of your apartment, you won’t wish to change it for decades.
    Exert some efforts to make your house really original!

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    A wide choice of styles and colors for bedroom wall designs

    It often happens that, returning home after a hard working day, you dream to get into your favorite comfortable bed, take a book and just have a rest. So that nothing can spoil the moments of your rest and relaxation, you should think carefully over the interior of your bedroom. Today we’ll talk about the design of walls in the bedroom, as it often determines the appearance of the whole apartment.


    It is advisable to choose natural materials for the decoration of bedroom walls, as we spend a lot of time in this room. The use of synthetic finishing materials can have a bad effect on your state of health. Don’t forget that the choice of coloring is very important. A person must feel comfortable in the bedroom, so you should avoid too bright and screaming colors in the wall design.

    The wallpaper in the bedroom design

    As the bedroom is the room intended for the rest, a lot of people erroneously think that they must choose the neutral color of the bedroom walls. The designers often use bright deep colors for the bedroom design. There is only one condition: the colors must not be artificial, as the nature color score provokes positive emotions and promotes complete rest.

    If you find the common paper hangings boring, the manufacturers can offer you a lot of other options. The textile wallpaper is especially popular. The use of textile in the bedroom design is the actual way of wall decorating. This kind of wallpaper is made of natural heat- and sound- insulating materials. It will provide the atmosphere of comfort in your bedroom.

    Wood in the bedroom design

    The wood is mostly used for the decoration of the wall, acting as the main color accent of the room. The species and the texture of wood set the pace to the whole apartment. For example, the clapboarding will create an impression of country-house, while the noble aged or bleach wood will be a great option for colonial style.

    Gypsum cardboard in the bedroom design

    Gypsum cardboard fits perfectly for the decoration of apartments. It represents an ideal option for the bedroom, as it is eco-friendly, heat- and sound- insulating material. Besides, this building material can turn the plainest room into the original and unique accommodation, due to its possibility to create the niches of different form.

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    The interior design of modern drawing room

    If you prefer to design your drawing room in the modern style, it means that you want to equip it with comfort, coziness and modern innovations. The modern style of drawing room adds the atmosphere of comfort, rest, relaxation and spaciousness. Such drawing room must be “vivid”.

    The peculiarities of modern drawing room

    • The sofa is the center of the room. It sets the mood of the whole interior;
    • The other furniture is often portable;
    • The wide use of new technologies, equipment and hardware;
    • The play or colors and shades. Mostly, people use quiet colors, combined with bright accents, to complete the overall picture of modernity;
    • The concept of easy minimalism. Usually, the modern style is characterized by the minimum quantity of functional furniture. It leaves a lot of free space for the rest;
    • The décor is free. You can choose any accessories you like. The main thing is that they blend with the overall design of your drawing room.

    The main idea of the modern style is practicality and simplicity. Such design interior allows you to make your drawing room fashionable and cheerful. It’s especially interesting that choosing the modern style, you can blend the most incongruous materials and elements. You can give full scope to your imagination.

    To create the most comfortable space, you should think what you need it for. After all, it’s not just a “nice room”, but a place where your family and guests must feel comfortable and cozy. So, of late the functionality became the main feature of the modern style. Don’t encumber the room with unnecessary items and a large number of décor, as it will draw away the attention. Everything must be as thought-out and functional as possible.

    The modern interior often intends the use of large items of plain forms. It is not necessarily to form the furniture set. You can choose one sofa from one collection, and the arm-chair and the other sofa- from the other.

    People often place coffee table in the modern living room, as the glass adds the effect of airiness and lightness to the interior.
    As for the storage of some things and objects, you should pay attention to the small-sized shelves. You can choose the small cupboards with doors or open shelves, built into a wall.

    The modern style of living room interior expresses freedom and naturalness, along with grace.