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    Master in Finance and Investment Online With LSBF

    One of the unique advantages of training on educational programs of London School of Business and Finance is an opportunity to learn at master`s, MBA and professional qualifications programs online.

    The Master’s program in Finance and Investment Online takes place in remote mode, and is considered one of the best master’s programs, conducted in Online mode, not only in Europe but throughout the world.

    Education on the program is held with the help of online educational platforms InterActive specially developed by experts of business school LSBF to carry programs Online.

    The benefits of distance learning are invaluable for each working professional.

    Benefits of Online Programs

    • Ability to learn on the job;
    • The ability to replay video lectures with the aim of a repetition of the learned, or, if necessary to understand the more complex moments of the respective theme of the lesson;
    • The opportunity to study in any convenient place and at any convenient time for students. The program of MSc Finance and Investment Online itself has a number of essential advantages.

    Advantages of Master Finance and Investment Online With LSBF

    • Diploma which will receive graduates is exactly identical with diploma of full-time education, and has an official European accreditation;
    • The Master’s program in Finance and Investment Online With LSBF takes part in international rankings and listings in which it occupies the highest places among the world-famous courses and educational institutions;
    • The program is recognized by employers and corporations not only in UK, Europe but around the world.
    • Format of Global Live Classroom allows students of the program and teachers support communication in real time, being in the virtual classroom at the same time;
    • The quality of the recording video lectures is studio, similar to programs of airtime;
    • Students communicate with the teachers of the course online, and have the opportunity to ask all the questions, to clarify difficult points;
    • Teachers of Online video course are the same as teachers of full-time students, students take an educational course without loss of quality or content of the lectures.
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    Online associate degrees that pay well

    Online associate degrees are provided specifically for students who, because of family, work and other circumstances cannot study full-time. Online associate degrees enable students, who are in a difficult life situation, get an education and find skilled work.

    Online associate degrees allow to make flexible learning schedule that student can adjust individually for himself. Students who choose this form of learning, have many possibilities of choice of optimal schedule and the number of subjects for semester. Students can choose such curriculum on office work, sociology, anthropology, international relations, psychology and many others.

    A bachelor’s degree is an academic degree of the first stage and is awarded after the successful assimilation of the curriculum and receipt of a certain amount of educational loans. Usually, education at bachelor programs takes four years, but the duration of training can be changed both, depending on the country of study and the chosen academic discipline. Academic disciplines may apply to the natural sciences, life sciences, social sciences, business, arts, law and rights, technical sciences, and many other scientific fields and more narrow specializations. With receipt of bachelor graduates` chances of building a successful career are rapidly increasing; In addition, you can decide to continue youe education and go to graduate school.

    There are many great universities all over the world that offer top-notch training in undergraduate programs. Many universities also offer various forms of training, such as full-time, part-time, evening and online program that gives you the flexibility of choice. If you decide to get a bachelor’s degree abroad as a foreign student, it will complement your academic experience with valuable skills of communication and life in another culture.

    Online associate degrees offer the highest quality education, students have the opportunity to closely interact with the teachers and professors that can further improve the quality of education. If you want to get a bachelor’s degree, but you can not devote time to full-time study, online associate degrees will help you achieve your goals in life. Look at the opportunities offered by universities around the world; Decide your future today!

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    Dissertation methodology- subject and structure of methodology.

    The methodological basis of writing a dissertation research is a set of scientific approaches used by the applicant to achieve the goal of the dissertation research.

    The task of the applicant is to ultimately describe in detail and justify each method to confirm the fact that they have knowledge on the subject, as well as the ability to the correct choice of writing a methodology for a dissertation.

    All this determines how accurate and reliable the results will be obtained and how they can be applied in practice.

    What should one write in a methodological basis?

    In “methodological framework” of the thesis, you should list only the most basic techniques used by the applicant or use dissertation help.

    Special techniques that can only be used in a particular methodology for dissertation:

    – legal modeling,
    – mathematical modeling,
    – semantic modeling, etc.

    Professional dissertation writers give examples of special methods in the fields of science
    Jurisprudence — the formal legal and comparative legal tools, types of legal modeling, approach of legal norms interpretation, etc.;
    Economical — economic-mathematical modeling, margin (limit) analysis, functional analysis, statistical ways of research in economic conditions, etc.;
    Psychological — talking tool, questionnaire mode, psychological analysis of the process and products of the biographical method, etc.

    Scientifical dissertation methods – have no reference to particular science and are used globally:

    – synthesis,
    – analysis
    – deduction,
    – induction,
    – foresight
    – experiment, etc.

    They, in turn, are divided into:

    Theoretical approaches – the main components are (under methods): from abstract to concrete, idealization , formalization, etc.

    During the reasoning (ascent) from abstract to specific, the qualitative dissertation original object is divided in the imagination into a certain number of concepts (entities), characteristics. They determine the weight of each item, the percentage impact on the whole, how it changes its properties, down to quite the opposite. After that the object itself is mentally restored.

    The approach of idealization to bring complex systems under conventional common base is characterized by simplification process.

    In dissertation services this is done for the assistance to eliminate the influence of objects that interfere with understanding the essence of the studied process. Such fictional models in reality do not exist.

    The mode of formalization structures the object of study by means of signs, symbols, numbers, formulae, etc.

    Experimental way; the aim is identification of characteristics and patterns occurring in natural, valid-unnatural and extreme conditions.

    In order to consolidate the validity of the results, any experiment can be repeated. It is divided into such methods as observation, comparison, creation of certain conditions (scientific modeling).

    Specialists of our company will write a thesis on most specialties qualitatively and in time.

    All research is conducted by highly experienced professionals who have extensive experience in this area, as well as special skills that allow them approach the task competently and professionally.

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    Research proposal- the main forms of presentation of the results of scientific research.

    Starting point of any research is a problem. In general terms, writing a good research proposal is a discrepancy, contradiction between the desired and actual.

    The problem in theoretical studies has dominant epistemological (cognitive) component: this discrepancy between the achieved and desired level of knowledge about political processes and phenomena, their functioning regularities and the relationships between them.

    Reflection process and formulation of the research paper proposal is inseparable from the definition of object and subject of the study: the problem becomes subject to the decision only if it is recognized in a particular political phenomenon, or process.

    Objects and subjects of research proposal.

    The object of study is something that attracts the cognitive process. There may be political institutions, social groups, political elites, etc. The qualitative research proposal refers to those characteristics and object properties which the researcher is interested in the highest degree, which they study directly.

    According the problem definition, object and subject of research we should determine logically its goal and objectives. Research proposal writers determine the goal as planned, expected result, which you achieve by cognitive activity means within the undertaken study framework. In the case of theoretical study the definition of goal contains level of knowledge, degree of coping with uncertainty, which must be attained by results of work. In the case of applied work the aim is to identify solutions to specific political problems.

    Objectives are those interim results of the project that you must obtain to achieve a common research goal. They are always more specific than a goal and are subordinated to it. In complex projects goal and objectives form a multi-level hierarchical design. When there is plurality of tasks you may require specific methods of ordering the relations between them, including formalized ones. While planning there is a special technique of construction “objectives tree”, which allows describing separate tasks and levels of tasks in language of mathematics and formal logic.

    In most cases, such complex approaches are required to write research proposal, especially because it is extremely difficult (and as a rule, not necessary) at the software stage to formulate absolutely all the study objectives.

    It is important to clearly define the goal as “strategic backbone” of research process and use research proposal help to understand the main tasks, indicating the main areas of work. You can do this often only after the selection of theoretical angle of view on the raised issue. Our service offers help in preparing scientific works and studies, we use modern scientific approaches and perform highly professional work.

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    Article writing- 6 steps of successful writing.

    Quality article consists of step-by-step action plan. You must first identify target audience, then come up with a title, choose the manner of writing, explore themes, create a plan, write the article itself, edit it and make sure it meets original purpose.

    Each item has its own nuances, so we consider them in details.

    1. Title. The title plays a bigger role than content itself. It allows the reader to pay attention to it and start reading. If you write an article, optimized for search queries, use article writing companies help, including query in the title so that the reader quickly finds it.

    2. Purpose of this publication. Accurately think over for whom exactly you are going to prepare a matter. Determine gender, approximate age, your readers lifestyle. Think about what specifically interests them. This way you can choose the most relevant material. Analyze: look how other authors make feature material on related topics. If there are large gaps in information provided, you can fill them in your work.

    3. Study subjects. If you are not familiar with the topic you want to cover, you should first fold a general idea about it. But remember that the information may be inaccurate. Learn to look for reliable sources – reputable and government websites, books, respected newspapers, academic articles. You can hire article writers, take expert interview, watch video or documentary. Then cross-check the information obtained from different sources.

    4. Plan. Think how much text you need to write for covering the topic adequately. If there are limits, try to squeeze the most important and specific information. Then make a plan in sequential paragraphs. Write article online will help you in determining next steps.

    5. Writing. Choose the most appropriate style. You’ve probably noticed that newspaper articles are written in accessible, but not too conversational language, and the information is filed in chronological order. Maintaining a blog or websites for writing articles involves more informal manner, in order to attract readers. The style depends on the article purpose. It should be noted that the purpose must disclose at the very beginning so that the reader can understand whether they should spend time learning the material.

    6. Edition. Do not submit to publish your work immediately. Re-read and edit it. If possible, wait a day and search for the help of experts in cheap article writing. Take a look through the article and make sure that people can follow your instructions.

    The article prepared by our company will be laconic and literate as possible. If you order paper from a specialist, you can get a competent and clear presentation of subject and object of research, scientific novelty and practical significance. It means to get a textual solution of a specific problem in a particular field of science. An obligatory condition for proper performance of such a task will be application of scientific novelty elements in the work, and specific problem solution not solved by other researchers.

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    Speech writing- the specifics of the preparation and organization.

    Today speech writing is firmly established in our lives. Success of the businessman speech, the public figure or politician or any other person is largely dependent on the quality of training speech.

    It is not an easy task creating a bright memorable speech. So, a minute successful performances can hide behind the days of hard training. And due to today’s life pace, when the timing is constantly off, and you don’t have enough time on planning and preparing presentation, professional speechwriter is especially important.

    So, speechwriter helps to quickly and accurately prepare for performance. As a result you’ll solve a very important task – the speaker’s speech will be interesting and not tiring for the audience, it will leave positive impression, and some bright phrases, will be still discussed long after the performance.

    Experts in writing a speech about yourself can prepare a speech at the right time; they will cover all necessary issues, present the required thesis, make a correct speech plan and outline variety of artistic techniques and stylistic figures.

    Superior speechwriting is professionally writing speech for oral public presentations. Basically, they need officials. The main purpose of effective speech writing is gaining and holding the audience’s attention. The process of writing text for important performances, welcome speech requires professional approach. Making a speech best speech writers take into account all speech characteristics of the speaker, add momentum, which facilitate comprehension.

    “Speechwriting” is writing of successful, spectacular speeches! It is the choice of self-motivated person, focused on successful performance in front of the audience. Many important issues depend on these speeches, and it’s not important whether it is a congratulation speech or detailed report about the done work. Therefore, writing a speech is to instruct a professional speech writer who will take all the nuances into account .

    Preparation for public speaking is laborious and time-consuming process, but impressive report or speech delivered to large audience, can bring you great dividends. A qualified technician will consider all the components of success.

    What are requirements and issues important to quality of speech making?

    1. Orientation to the listener
    What are the characteristics of audience according to education, age, sex? What do people want to hear, what is their motivation?

    2. Goal setting
    The central idea of the speech, its main idea and the pragmatic aspect — that is, what the speaker wants to achieve through his speech;

    3. Logical structure of the speech text
    It is based on key words and conclusions, which are repeated in the speech.

    4. Ease of perception
    Even the driest subject can be converted with examples and appeals to the audience. You will be also helped by visual materials — charts, tables, illustrations. In fact 90% of information is perceived visually.

    5. The emphasis on the beginning and end of the speech
    Interesting beginning and the dramatic end of the text containing the main idea of the speech will help to achieve the goal of public speaking.

    6. Reasonable amount
    You should not abuse the public’s attention — remember that it is steadily waning with every minute. Besides, there is a threshold of adequate perception of information.

    Our service offers individual approach, rich experience and best techniques used for writing speeches.

    We approach writing of each material responsibly, carefully study the speaker and audience which the speechification will be addressed to. Our speechwriting is built on high quality of the services provided.

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    Research paper- scientific approach and peculiarities.

    Important steps one should make when working on research paper.

    During the studying in higher educational establishment students perform diverse scientific kinds of work. Attracting students to research activities usually starts with writing essay, and then there are other kinds of research papers writing.

    Studying at university you are required to perform considerable amount of work that requires a lot of time and effort, but there is another option – writing to order. These services are provided by many companies.

    The list of projects that are executed by specialized companies is very large. Students can enjoy not only diplomas in different specialties. Not less popular services include writing workshops, research writing, and presentations on different subjects. In addition, you can order compilation of a report on practice. During learning process at the university you have to make a considerable number of essays and coursework on various topics.

    During execution of the orders, you can practice using established schemes, including a few steps. A customer places an order, indicating what is needed. Next, you pay in advance. During a specified time the specialists perform writing research and other works. When everything is ready, you will take the job and pay remaining amount. A significant advantage is support online up to the delivery and protection.

    Why should you use research paper help?

    Research paper help is a real opportunity to save much time. The company offers a full range of services, including not only the direct writing, but also support, various fixes.

    Quality research papers is guaranteed by experienced authors work order, well knowing the business. The process involved professionals engaged in direct practice, as well as doctors of sciences and candidates. They not only have deep professional knowledge on the subject, but also know what requirements must be met.

    When writing such a project special attention is paid to such an important issue as uniqueness. They directly apply modern system, aimed at testing the borrowed texts.

    Before the defense of the work, you must carefully prepare for this. Get experts’ advice that will help preparing for responsible action.

    Our service offers you professional assistance in educational and scientific research implementation of any complexity. Absence of numerous intermediaries, expenses minimization, established work process allows us offer you minimum prices for writing diplomas, coursework among competitors. To write a thesis project or an abstract, only the most reliable and up-to-date information from scientific and popular sources is used. Each project is carried out individually for all your requirements and wishes.

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    Report writing- the points one should pay attention to

    Report, presentation, review, abstract are integral parts of obtaining admission before defense of the thesis. Starting preparing the thesis work, you should know that after you write it you will need a report and presentation for defense, as well as a review for the paper, opinion of the supervisor, and an abstract (a brief summary of thesis).

    Report is a kind of research work in which the author reveals the problem essence, leads to different points of view and his own views on it. This kind of paper work is written in scientific or academic style.

    In most cases, report writing has a following structure:

    1. Definition of the topic of the work (it must be interesting and original).
    2. Relevance of the study (why this topic is interesting, what issues have not been addressed, etc.).
    3. Purpose of the work (description in general terms).
    4. Task (specific objective).
    5. Hypothesis (written as if the work is experimental).
    6. Methodology (description of the action needed to get results).
    7. Results (summary of information received by academic researcher during the experiment or observation).
    8. Conclusions (a brief description of the results and identified trends).

    Writing reports is quite a difficult job; in addition, there are high demands. Ordering writing of the presentation, you will get competent work of high quality. And you have still time to prepare for the performance. Specialists write papers for students of any complexity and on any topic.

    Order for report writing or any other activity can be done by calling or sending an e-mail which are listed on the company website that you have found for this type of service.

    When ordering good report writing you need to specify:

    • deadlines;
    • design version (if needed): manuscript employment according to the guidelines in Microsoft Office Word, any software, etc.;
    • important specific aspects;
    • your contact information.

    Prices for services vary depending on complexity and volume of work, timing, and form of registration.

    Our approach and principles.

    We strive to be a reliable and successful company in the field of information and educational services, carrying out orders qualitatively, just in time and at affordable price.

    Our principles:
    – Cohesion, unity of purpose and guaranteed result are the main values of our team.
    – Client orientation. We strive to become the benchmark of trust for our customers. We study all needs and expectations of the customers. We take measures to increase the degree of customer satisfaction with our services quality.
    – Constant improvement of our work quality. We use topical modern information resources and software. We involve only qualified specialists with a high level knowledge and extensive work experience.

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    Help with homework- an easy way to succeed in studying.

    Main advantages of using help with homework services.

    If your family has school-age children, then you are familiar with grading homework, tutors, and other issues faced by most parents.

    Many parents remember what doing home task is. When there was no Internet, we had to spend much time on this task.

    Now, there are online resources that offer help with homework service.

    Hometasks ceases being a headache for parents. We confidently say that many parents can not afford solving some math issues, as often schools give very difficult tasks. It is sufficient to use online homework help and find ready-made answers and problem solutions. You can hire a tutor that will help your child in home exercises, but it’s more expensive to your family budget than using Internet.

    Hometasks performs various functions.
    One of the most important is leveling the student’s knowledge and skills, if the student has been ill for a long time and has missed a lot or hasn’t understood a rather complicated topic.

    The second task of work is to stimulate cognitive interest of students, desire to know much on subject or topic. A differentiated home task plays a positive role.

    The third feature of home exercises is developing the student’s independence, his assiduity and responsibility for the performed study assignment.

    In order to make everything quickly and efficiently, one must accurately describe the task to online counsellor. It can be math task or exercise on any other subject. Real specialists help students with home projects, as there are professionals with higher education. Entrust everything to a specialized website, and then rewrite ready exercises on a clean copy.

    The advantages of using homework help service.

    Online homework services allow students and parents dealing with a difficult subject or task in any school subject without leaving home.

    We assist in writing control, modular, laboratory and home works online! You adjust the price for the task yourself, choose the executor and specify the terms of fulfillment. The service provides guarantee of the quality of the work performed in time.

    Online services are treated with a variety of issues. For example, an important topic on a particular subject was missed, there is a problem of high complexity; the student doubts how to reveal a topic of the work. Specialists work on an ongoing basis (similar to tutoring), and are always ready to assist in solving a specific problem.

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    How to write the proper senior thesis.

    Senior thesis is a result of all the years, spent at the university.

    If you don’t what your final work to turn into the sleepless nights, stress and failure to meet the deadline, you should plan your time from the very beginning.

    Where and how to start writing the senior thesis?

    You should start writing your work with clarifying on which faculty your will write and defend your thesis.

    To successfully write your senior thesis, you should choose the competent academic advisor.

    After finding out the faculty, you should think about the academic advisor.

    In different higher educational institutions, the distributions of academic advisors can be different.

    Sometimes, the academic advisor is assigned by the head of department, but the other option is possible.

    You may be offered the list of professor indicating their scientific orientation.

    And you, in turn, will have to make a choice.

    You should take the choice of academic advisor very seriously, as the level of his/her involvement in writing the senior thesis defines its nature: relevant and interesting or boring and routine.

    It also defines whether the professor will help you to gather the information and aim you in the right direction or be listed as your academic advisor just for the record; whether you will discuss the material or he/she will demand the ready sections of thesis, etc. All this directly affects the quality of the result.

    Of course, most of the work depends only on you: your knowledge and understanding of material, proper formulation and presentation of thoughts in your work. The only way to do that is to carry out each phase of work slowly and responsibly.

    The senior thesis contains:

    • cover sheet
    • contents
    • introduction
    • main (theoretical) part
    • practical part
    • conclusion
    • list of reference
    • annexes

    The choice of topic of thesis is very important.

    There may be two options: the academic advisor will give you the list of topics to choose from, or you can suggest an interesting theme, and, together with your academic advisor, refine the name.

    During the first consultation with your academic advisor, you must choose the topic of your senior thesis and discuss the area of research and a rough work plan.

    Your academic advisor must list several scientific manuals and monographs, which contain the main information on your topic.

    After that, you must set out the deadlines for the parts of senior thesis and the date of the next consultation.

    And that’s when you can make the biggest mistake – delay your work, as “there’s plenty of time”.

    You can’t do that, as only the gradual preparation of materials, compliance with the academic advisor’s recommendations and handing in the fragments of work on time will ensure the quality and relevant thesis and its successful defense in future.

    If you don’t have any free time and realize that you may delay the preparation of senior thesis, the best way is to order the thesis from the professional authors. In this case, you can be sure that your work will be ready in time and at the highest level.

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    How to prepare the senior thesis

    Thesis is the most important work for the student. Considering the senior thesis, the faculty assesses not only your work, but also that of its professors. During the defense of senior thesis, the professors often engage in the continuing academic debate, sometimes asking the tough questions. The defense of senior thesis helps to find out the scientific value of your work and the faculty’s opinion of you.

    Theoretically, the thesis is written in the last year, which is maximally unloaded. At that, the last semester is completely free from classes.

    In the academic hierarchy, senior thesis is one step below the dissertation and has a lower amount, but its real scientific value is much higher. The thing is, the graduate student has much greater responsibility, as his/her work will be read from cover to cover. The opponent and reviewer will take part in the defense. As a rule, one of them (or even both of them) — young and proud graduate student, interested in this topic (which is why he/she was assigned) and eager to “crush” the opposite view during the defense.

    Long experience shows that the average scientific level of senior theses is higher than that of the dissertations.

    Defense is the main challenge for the senior thesis. The defense of term papers in the previous years was a good practice. The opponent (professor or graduate student, who has the candidate’s minimum in his/her specialty) and reviewer (graduate student) are assigned for the defense of thesis. You will know their names in advance. If you weren’t informed, try to find it out, as it would be useful. The opponents must get the text of thesis for review at least one week before the defense

    During the defense, they will ask you different questions (usually if they don’t understand the text). You must keep calm and give a clear answer to all possible claims. The sharp responses are not welcome in your own defense. However, active defense is necessary.

    It is highly desirable that your academic advisor acts not as your opponent, but as an ally. It is determined by the nature of the previous communication with the academic advisor.

    It is known that the professors aren’t always glad to guide the graduate students, as they can be too independent or not very smart. The professor helps the student to the last moment, but he/she can refuse from the patronage during the defense, and not help him get out of the difficult situation.

    Therefore, real communication with the academic advisor must be optimal, so that he can’t impose you his/her own concept and destroy your relations.

    Writing senior thesis, the students must understand that the knowledge of mandatory educational material is not enough. Therefore, you should be familiarized with the wide range of general and specialized literature on your topic, be able to link the theory issues to the practice, to draw the appropriate conclusions and give recommendations.

    The process of researching the problem reveals the student’s abilities to conduct search and scientific activity, analyze and summarize theoretical and practical materials, draw the well-argued conclusions and make his/her own recommendations on the developed topic. Working on the senior thesis, you must use the modern research methods.

    Senior thesis is always presented in hard copy. Its volume ranges from 50 to 100 typewriting pages.

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    How to write dissertation quickly

    As is known, the goal of dissertation is the Doctor of Science degree.

    Choosing the topic of dissertation, you should take into account some key points that define the success of the entire project. No matter what you write- master’s, candidate’s or doctoral dissertation, the right choice of topic of your work defines not only the successful defense of dissertation in the scientific council, but also your future professional career. Therefore, you should take it very responsibly and carefully.

    Another essential condition for the quick start and advance of work is the selection of necessary material and the formulation of plan.

    You must show this plan must to your academic advisor so that he/she can approve it or correct it. Most writers of dissertation fail to draw up a good plan (that can be used for writing great scientific text without rewriting it many times) on the first try. Thus, after drawing up a good plan and agreeing it with your academic advisor, you can save time, nerves and maybe even money. Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect this advice. Sometimes, the academic advisor refuses to agree the plan with and says something like “you should research the issue more profoundly, and then we’ll see”. In this case, this problem must be solved as soon as possible. Perhaps, you should try to interest your academic advisor so that he/she helps you with the correction and agreement of the plan as soon as possible, or make him look at your dissertation plan and makes clear what he/she disagrees. After that, you should bring the amended plan for coordination.

    After the plan is plan is approved, you can think about the content of every subparagraph and go to the library to get the necessary material for each point of your plan. How much material should you gather? You must find a reasonable compromise, as you’ll never manage to get all the material.

    Time for finding materials passes, and you still don’t have the text of dissertation. Gathering enough material for writing dissertation takes one week of hard work in the library. Some students spend months on this stage, but (as they think) still can’t get enough material and start writing the text of dissertation. It’s a big mistake (and often just laziness) to delay the start of work. Besides, the absence of any visible work results (written pages) can significantly depress such author.

    After gathering the material for every paragraph of dissertation, you can start writing the text of dissertation. With the prepared material (depending on your capacities and quickness), the graduate student can write 1-2, and sometimes even 3 paragraphs of dissertation in one week.

    After writing one chapter of dissertation, you can take a short break, and then quickly begin the next one. You should also write it in one breath, while you still keep in mind the content of written in the chapter. It allows you to write faster, avoid repetitions and save time.

    By doing so, you can quickly write the candidate’s dissertation and defend it on time. Otherwise, you can order writing the dissertation.