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    Bamboo towels

    An innovative product that has unique properties –that’s all about towels made of bamboo. By quality characteristics and consumer properties these products surpass their counterparts. Today, bamboo towel is still impossible to see in every home, but their popularity is growing. They are gradually replacing the familiar to us the classic cotton, velor and terry towels. This is not surprising, because bamboo towels are notable for number of advantages, including a silky shine, amazing softness, increased durability, high absorbency, antimicrobial activity, color fastness and ease of care, as well as the ability to restore the energy balance of the facial skin and contribute to its rejuvenation.

    How is it possible to use bamboo in the textile production, in particular towels?

    The secret is simple. At the heart of bamboo towels lies bamboo fiber derived from the pulp of the bamboo core, which has a high degree of softness and silkiness. Fiber is produced from bamboo pulp, from which a yarn spins, which is used in the production of these gentle towels. Bamboo towels can be compared for softness and silkiness with cashmere and silk.

    In the production of the fabric chemical components does not apply. This confirms by the 100% environmentally friendly bamboo textiles.

    However, bamboo products are popular not only because of environmental friendliness. The secret of success is in the unique features and benefits, including:

    • silkiness and softness. Towels made of bamboo provide a unique softness, silkiness, shine characteristic distinguishing them from products made of cotton and many other materials. While touching bamboo towels you can only recall cashmere or silk.
    • antibacterial protection. As part of the bamboo fabric there are natural antibacterial ingredients that prevent the growth and development of bacteria. Due to the absence of chemical treatment all antibacterial properties are stored in the bamboo fiber. This unique feature is retained after the washing. After the use of products made from 100% bamboo yarn people with skin problems claim a marked improvement, parents of babies assure that diaper rash and redness disappear.
    • hypoallergenicity. Practice has shown: daily use of bamboo towels does not cause skin irritations, plus reduces the effects of these stimuli also eliminates allergic reactions.
    • Leather and benefit forit. Bamboo fabric contains green pectin, vitamin E, amino acids and bamboo honey, anti-aging of the skin, contributing to its smoothing and moisturizing, and restores the energy balance of the skin.
    • hygroscopinity. Bamboo towels have an increased ability to absorb moisture. They absorb almost three times more than conventional cotton towels.

    The rate of moisture absorption. Bamboo towels absorb moisture more than 4 times faster than cotton towels.

    • UV protection. Another quality of bamboo fabric is a high level of protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays
    •  breathability. Bamboo towels have great breathability, 3.5 times more than the same figure for cotton products.


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    Egyptian cotton towels

    It is believed that originally cotton came from ancient Egypt, and the BC Egyptians knew how to make the highest quality fabrics, that were not inferior to the present. If you appreciate the bedding or towels of the highest quality, no doubt you are aware that high-quality textile is made of ELS cotton (Extra-Long Staple Cotton). Long cotton fiber make ELS yarn strong and soft, and, in turn, fabric obtained from it is much more durable and softer.

    Due to the temperate climate of Egypt, long staple cotton is grown in the Nile Delta and considered the best in the world. Extra-long fibers give the fabric a rich luster and exceptional softness, as long staple cotton does not need a strong finishing power in natural purity, elasticity and smoothness. Egyptian ELS cotton is more expensive than ordinary accostable cotton, because it is synonymous with a word ‘quality’.
    Egyptian cotton is used to make cotton clothes and towels for many years. What a pleasure to feel warm and comfort, when you are wrapped in a soft fluffy towel after a warm bath. Egyptian cotton towels are made of natural cotton fibers, which can fully absorb the moisture, and you will feel yourself dry, in the warmness and tenderness of soft towel.

    Egyptian cotton is a popular choice for the manufacture of towels, as its fibers are bigger and thicker than conventional cotton’s. The strength and durability of the fibers in combination with a low risk of shrinkage makes it ideal. Fabric is durable and perfectly carries the laundry in the washing machine at home. Egyptian cotton is super absorbent, warm and breathable. Thanks to well absorb moisture, such towels are ideal not only for adults but also for children. Available in various colors, including the popular white, the towels are soft and thick, and with proper care they will serve you for a long time. No matter what size is your bathroom and what style it is framed, colorful set of towels will be a bright accent pleasing soul and cheering up.

    Nowadays towels made of organic fabrics are very popular, they are suitable for all skin types thanks to its soft and absorbent qualities. Do not refuse the pleasure and soothing warmth of soft towels, which form the daily necessity for any home. Egyptian cotton towels are expensive. These ultra soft towels are used in the resorts and high class hotels, expensive private clinics and gyms. Towels with fibers of low density fit well for use in the gym, while the thick towels are suitable for use after bathing.
    Egyptian cotton towels over the years may become rough. Put them in a container of vinegar for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. This will relax the fibers and make the towel softer. Excessive use of detergent and fabric softeners can also damage the texture of luxurious towels. Proper care will provide a long service of such a pleasant and luxurious thing, like Egyptian cotton towel.

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    Luxury towels

    The last thing you want when you step out of a luxurious bath or relaxing shower is to feel the scratchy material of a cheap towel even if it matches your bath decor. What you do want is to be able to wrap yourself in a plush, thick towel to continue the feeling of having a spa treatment at home. So, how do you find bath towels with the quality you enjoy at five-star hotels? Here are a few tips to ensure that you purchase the right kind of towels for your home.

    Most towels are made of cotton, but there are wide variations in quality. Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton are usually the best choices for a towel that provides you the luxury you want. These materials are also the most durable, which means they can last a long time or at least until you are ready to change your bath décor and renew the towels.

    The difference in cottons is in the length of the fiber. Egyptian has the longest fiber, which contributes to the soft, plush feel that you enjoy wrapping around you. Supima cotton is shorter but still provides softness combined with durability.

    Also you may look at the edges of a towel to determine its quality. The double-sewed edge is not just an attractive feature, but one that provides extra durability. These edges will be less likely to fray than one with a woven edge.

    Density refers to the number of fibers that are in a square foot and is also called the pile. A high quality towel will have a high density.

    If you want to check the density on your towel, you can pinch a section of material between your fingers so you can see the loops of fibers. If there is a space between the loops, you have a poor quality towel. However, if the loops are touching, you have made a good choice. The density determines how well the linen (towel) dries you off.

    A high quality linen towel will absorb the water while still providing the comfort you want. Low quality towels are often wet before you have even finished using them while the better quality choices may barely even feel wet. The best towels combine absorbency with lighter weight to dry quickly for the next use.

    The new microfiber and cotton combination towels are absorbent with a light feel that still dries fast. They are fluffy and plush with a texture similar to soft suede. A velour finish on a terry-looped towel can reduce the absorbency and is often seen in woven towels. However, it is still a popular choice because of the soft texture and the elegant design.

    Higher quality towels often have a higher price to go with them. However, these towels also tend to last longer, which can make them cheaper in the long run.

    Of course, the name brand has a lot of influence in the price along with the material and density. That is why it is essential that you know what makes up a quality towel so that you know what to look for instead of just looking at the cost.

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    Kitchen knife set

    Today, there are a lot of sets of kitchen knives at the shops and stores. So what are we looking at when choosing such an important set for the kitchen?

    There are a number of features that are worth paying attention to. For example, all compounds of the knife must be perfectly adjusted with the handle. There should be no nicks, cracks. No honest manufacturer, aimed at a permanent job, will tolerate this. Stamp on the knife not only has to be, it should be clear, with no “bald spots”, it has to be written correctly.

    Generally the blades are made of:

    • Carbon steel: such knives keep rake well, but require a very careful treatment due to the fact that they are very susceptible to corrosion. They cannot be left wet and dirty for a long time; you cannot cut the products with aggressive medium (e.g. lemons).
    • Stainless steel: keep rake not very well, but are not subject to corrosion. Almost always, kitchen knives are made from a mixture of carbon and stainless steel.
    • Ceramics: keep rake well, do not corrode, but … they can be broken. In the truest sense of the word.


    And here comes the fun part. You can buy a set of 5 or 8 knives. Of course you’d prefer 8-knives, because it has more items. And nobody thinks that in most cases, half of these 8 knives will stand for whole their lives in the stand. It is therefore you should first determine for what purpose you need them.

    Chef Knife

    Massive, heavy knife with a wide blade and centered point. It is useful when you want to perform a “voluminous work”: to cut a large piece of meat, to butch poultry, to chop cabbage or lots of greenery.

    Bread knife

    This knife has a long blade with a wavy cutting edge. The blade of the saw will not break a hard crust and crumple a crumb.

    Utility knife

    Its name speaks for itself. It can be almost any length, and with a knife by a narrow blade and a raised edge. From chef knife it differs that it is not such massive and thus more suitable for daily use.

    Knife for meat

    This knife is a long, rigid blade with a sharp centered point. It is making it easy to separate not only the meat from the bones and veins, but also to cut chicken or fish.

    Fillet knife

    Many manufacturers of utensils for the kitchen call it carving. The blade of the knife is long, narrow. The small width of the blade allows to cut products without fear of trapping and crushing. It is used where precise and clean cut are needed.

    Vegetable knife

    Small rigid blade is very convenient for cleaning and cutting, creating decorations from fruits and vegetables.


    This kind of knife is a broad, heavy, thick blade tip, which looks down. This knife can cut frozen meat, cut the tendon and bone.
    Cooking at the kitchen is much easier with a set of knives. The main thing that it would be of high quality.

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    Faucet repair companies

    To perform some types of works, one can’t do without the assistance of professionals. However, most devices can be repaired on your own. The construction of a faucet  is very simple. Therefore, it can be attributed to such products.

    First of all, let’s find out what a bath faucet is. Bath faucet  is a plumbing device, necessary to perform accurate and clear regulations of consumption and temperature of water running from the tap. This is its main task. As a rule, due to the low quality of tap water, a faucet  is vulnerable to certain damages and need bathroom faucet repair. The most frequent damage is a failure of bath faucet  body. It is often related to the fact that a lot of poor-quality products are available on the market, as our entrepreneurs prefer cheap Chinese bath faucets. In this models of bath faucet , the body is usually made of poor-quality materials, which significantly decreases the service life of bath faucet .

    Besides, the quality of rubber sanitary products, used in the production of bath faucet , leaves much to be desired. If we add to this the high rigidity of tap water, as a result you can get a very unpleasant effect in the form of sudden leakages in the most unpredictable joints and folds and further bathroom faucet repair. Therefore, we recommend you to pay attention to the quality of these details of bath faucet  and use only the high-quality products. Another important factor affecting the lifespan of bath faucet  is its competent installation.

    The most popular bath faucet repair of single lever bath faucet  is a failure of bath faucet  cartridge. Bath faucet  cartridge is made of two ceramic plates are fitted so tightly together that they can withstand the pressure of water and turn it off. Therefore, the cartridge of single-level bath faucet  is very sensitive to sand particles, rust or scale, which are often present in tap water. That’s why the presence of high-quality systems of tap water cleaning in your house is a key to health and longevity of your sanitary ware without bathroom faucets repair. It is easy to replace the cartridge. It is very important to correctly handle the purchase of new cartridge, as diameters and shape of this element can be different. You need to buy a new cartridge considering these characteristics.

    The second most popular reason of repairing bath faucet is a low water pressure. This is a signal that aerator is clogged. It must be removed and cleaned, and in case of severe clogging- replaced. Actually, for the high-quality and long-lasting work of your bath faucet , you should clean the aerator regularly (once in 1-2 months). This type of bath faucet repair is easy, and almost everyone can do it. It is very easy to turn the aerator and rinse it under running water or blow it. Due to these actions, you will not need repairing bathroom faucet for many years.

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    Bath towels

    Towels are an indispensable attribute of every bathroom. Quantity of towels for a family member, the material and methods of storage can be different, but hygiene requirements are the most important.

    In each house certainly there is a shelf or even a wardrobe which purpose is towels storing. That is not a secret that their number should not be limited by one or two.

    Every person needs several towels:

    • for the hands and face;
    • bath towel;
    • for legs;
    • for private parts.

    Also, it is important to remember the most common sizes of towels. Almost at the every store you will find a standard 100×150 cm bath towel, average one of 70×125 cm hand towel of 50×90 cm, and the smallest for the face of 30×30 cm. On the market there are other sizes of towels, which will be useful for people with large growth and bodily constitution.

    For a typical family of 4 people 16 towels are required, but it is also necessary to have extra towels. To visit the gym or pool it is useful to have little microfiber towels. Also usually at every house there are special guest towels. Usually they the same quality but different colors to make it easier to distinguish.

    Many families are concerned about the small towels for each individual, in some homes, hand towels and face is shared by all family members. Bath towel can also be for all members individual for everyone. Sometimes, they are break down on the principle: one for adults, the other one is for children.

    Hygiene rules are kept very easy – they are washed often. After the shower towel goes to the washing machine, face and hands are wiped for one day, then the towel is washed.

    Which fabric should be the material for bath towels?

    Bath Towels

    Regardless of the number of towels, they should be of high quality, soft, natural, washable fabrics – cotton, bamboo or flax.

    Terry cotton or bamboo towels are permanent leaders among bathroom textile. But we should not buy cheap products with sloppy edges, they are usually substandard and do not absorb moisture.

    Bamboo towels are soft, practical, have a wide range of colors and textures, but their main advantage is hypoallergenicity, these towels can be used even in the care of infants.

    Terry towels

    Another novelty is microfiber products – lightweight, with excellent wear resistance, thin but with good absorbency. They will be invaluable at travels, at the beach or a hike.

    Where should the towels be stored?

    Each bathroom has a heated towel rail, which is convenient to hang a wet towel on. You can use special hooks or holders.

    So, white towels will suit any design, they will bring freshness and purity. They need to be washed more often than colored products, but they are made without the addition of dyes. In order not to focus on towels, choose them to match your tiles. If your bathroom seems too pale, choose towels with an extraordinary figure, only perform a little experiment before. Take a corner of the towel and rub the product between your fingers. If the skin has the color trail – there is a possibility of using dyes with chemical additives.

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    Water cooler for home

    Water cooler (water dispenser) – a household appliance designed for water supply and having a specific set of functions: cooling, heating, filtration, carbonation.

    Floor water coolers

    This is a classic version of the water cooler (water dispenser).
    All models work in automatic mode. The color of the indicator on the front panel continuously informs about the operation mode of the cooler. If necessary, it is possible to disable the function of heating or cooling water. Disconnecting from the network is only recommended in case of prolonged break in usage.
    Models are usually equipped with built-in cameras of ozonation (used for disinfection of dishes) or cold storage.
    Floor models are generally more expensive than their desktop “little brothers.”

    Desktop water coolers

    A desktop water cooler (water dispenser) – is compact has the same qualitative characteristics of during heating and cooling of bottled drinking water, as the outdoor dispenser. By purchasing a desktop water cooler, think in advance about the table that will serve as a support for the device. Because, as a rule, table cooler is mounted on a table or other similar surface.
    Convenient for homes and small buildings.

    Structure of water cooler with heating and cooling function

    Water is cooled to a particular temperature and is maintained within a certain range (5 – 13 degrees Celsius).
    In water cooler is used one of the two types of cooling – compressor or electronic.
    In some models of coolers the user can adjust temperature cooling water.

    Water heating

    Water is heated with TAN to a particular temperature and through the thermodes is supported within a certain range (86 – 96 degrees Celsius). The water is not boiling, thus preserving the many useful properties of water
    Hot water tap may have a scald safe device .

    Water aerating

    Chilled water is carbonated with a special unit, which has a replaceable cartridge, or tank. In some models of the water cooler the user can adjust degree of carbonation.

    Water Filtration

    Before the receipt into the tanks water passes through several stages of purification (mechanical cleaning, impurities, etc.). Replacement filters are mounted inside the housing of the cooler. The quality of water at the outlet may not be inferior to the quality of bottled water.
    Additional options for the water cooler: built-in cupboards or fridge, holder plastic cups, etc.

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    Designers’ advice for the choice of dining room rugs

    Tastefully chosen dining table rugs are a very important part of dining room or dining area decoration, which sets the style of interior.

    Blend the dining table rugs with the space of dining room

    When you choose the dining room rug, you should take into account the size of your room. If it is small, one little rug is quite enough. And if you have a large dining room, it is better to buy a few rugs in the same style and place them symmetrically.
    The form of the rug should be chosen according to the room. Apart from the traditional combinations “rectangular room- rectangular rug”, you can choose more interesting form of rug, for example, following the contour of the table.
    Besides, the dining table rug takes part in the color decoration of the dining room. You can choose the rug to match the present home decorative elements (for example, cushions, pictures and lamps). The rug pattern must also match the overall style of the dining room.
    The material is also very important. It must blend with the floor covering.

    Choose the rug to match the dining room style

    Classic style

    Many people associate the dining room with “antique” massive furniture, large dining tables and elegant chairs. In this case, the rugs in classic style are quite suitable.
    It is better to choose the rug colors to match the furniture, wall covering and floor coloring. The rugs in chocolate-brown, red, blue and rich green shades will look beautiful. The white rugs will match the classic interior with the black furniture.
    The rug pattern must be classic- roses, bouquets, fruits, flower garlands, etc.

    Contemporary style

    The “hi-tech” dining room belongs to this style. Contemporary style is characterized by the bright and original furniture. That’s why the dining table rug must be well matched with it. The general tone of dining room decoration can be neutral. And the original design rug will be a bright color spot.

    Exotic styles

    These styles have recently become more and more popular. The rug with fanciful oriental patterns fits for the interior in Arabian and Indian styles. The beige one-colored rug whose texture resembles a traditional tatami for the Japanese interior.
    The arrangement of dining room is a very laborious but pleasant task. Beautiful and cozy dining room with comfortable furniture, completed with the elegant rug, will be the oasis of comfort in your apartment.

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    The choice of perfect kitchen tables sets

    It’s not a secret that kitchen is the most multifunctional and used room of the house. It’s the place where we cook, eat and gather with family and friends. That’s why it’s so important that this room is cozy, comfortable and functional.

    To make your kitchen like this, you need not only think over the interior design and buy the necessary accessories, but also choose the proper kitchen table set. Our today’s article is devoted to this topic.

    The materials

    When you choose the kitchen set, you must pay attention to the materials it is made of. First of all, keep in mind that the wooden kitchen furniture can’t withstand a high humidity of the room. It is also desirable to choose the furniture set of washable material.

    The most popular manufacturing materials for the kitchen table sets

    1. Wood particle board.

      The most kitchen sets are made of this material. They are very cheap. Such furniture is made of chipboard, covered with laminate or other firm material. When you choose the kitchen make sure that all the product details are protected from the ingress of moisture with the special list.

    2. Medium density fiberboard.

      It’s an eco-friendly, hygienic and safe material. It’s also resistant to the fungi and the vapor effect. In appearance, it’s hardly distinguishable from the wood. At that, it is a bit cheaper. The kitchen sets of medium density fiberboard have a great variety of colors and textures.

    3. Solid wood.

      It’s the most expensive material of kitchen manufacture. The most commonly used wood species are: oak, ash, pine, nut, alder, etc.

    Comfort and functionality

    Kitchen is the most commonly used workspace in the house, so it must be as comfortable and functional as possible.
    To make it like this, you need to take into account some nuances, choosing the kitchen set:

    • Give preference to the kitchen table set, whose lower cabinets are equipped with the legs. They provide a perfect adjustment and protect the kitchen furniture from ingress of water;
    • It’s also important to choose a proper table top, as it’s the most conjugated surface of the kitchen.

    The following materials are usually used for the manufacture of table tops: laminated MDF; letter board; stainless steel; temper glass; ceramic dust, pressed with rubber.

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    The main advantages of dining furniture sets

    You can buy the dining furniture either separately or in sets. If you don’t want to waste your time on the choice of each particular piece of dining furniture, you can buy a dining furniture set.

    The dining furniture sets, including tables and chairs, represent the complex solution of furniture interior of your kitchen, dining room or living room. The dining furniture set usually includes table and chair. But if you have a big family you can buy the most different options of complete set, such as: a table and 2,4,6,8 or even 12 chairs. The dining furniture set is very comfortable to use. It can complete the finished room design or emphasize the style and functional purpose of the new decoration.

    The set of dining tables and chairs is one of the best blanket proposals from the manufacturers of living room, dining room and kitchen furniture. The dining tables and chairs takes us back to the time of our childhood, when we used to gather round the table, ate the grandmother’s dishes and discussed the events of day gone. One of the best options for the large kitchen is the design of part of the room as a spacious dining room. After that you can equip this room with the dining furniture sets. Assign enough space to seat all your guests.

    The modern technologies allow manufacturing a set of dining tables and chairs not only of traditional wood. More and more dining furniture is made of glass, composite materials, rattan, and even hard stone (for table tops). The dining table with set of chair is a right decision, as it can beautifully emphasize the stylistic decoration of the room.

    The broad assortment of dining tables and chairs will help you to choose the optimal option, blending with the room interior.

    The advantages of dining furniture set purchase:

    1. All the pieces of furniture in sets go well together. That’s why you don’t have to puzzle over the perfect combination of table and chairs.
    2. You can imagine the result of your purchase in advance. The photos in different catalogues will help you to choose the most suitable dining set or your kitchen.
    3. A considerable saving of efforts and time. It’s possible to buy a table and chairs in one store. No exhausting search of matching pieces of furniture, etc. Your purchase will be fast and comfortable.
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    Basic rules for the choice of small dining table

    The dining table can be beautiful, functional and compact, taking little space in the smallest kitchen. When you choose a perfect table for the small-sized kitchen, put yourself a simple question: what do you need it for? Do you want the table for the solid family dinners or for spots of lunch? How many people will sit at this table every day? Do you like to receive guests or often eat outdoors? The answer will determine a form and size of your kitchen table.

    How to choose a small kitchen table- the advice of designers

    The experts of kitchen furniture advise to stick to some simple rules, choosing the certain model of dining table for small kitchen. The round-shaped table will fit perfectly for a small kitchen. It looks less clumpy and visually relieves the space. It doesn’t have sharp angles, so it is much more comfortable for sitting in a warm company. It makes your kitchen really cozy and homely. A small round table will blend perfectly with any interior. If you choose between a round and square table, the designers advise to give preference to the square model, as it looks more compact.

    An excellent solution for small kitchen is a table-transformer. Mostly, such tables are extended in the middle, and the table area increases with the help of additional panel, put into the resulted space. In such a way, the round table turns into the oval one, and the square table top becomes rectangular. There is another option: the edges of table top are folded on the sides and collapsed if necessary. Such tables are perfect for a small kitchen.

    If you have a small-sized kitchen, you can choose the dining table with elegant legs (for example, of chrome-plated metal). The number of the legs depends on the model. It’s not necessarily that the table has four legs. For example, the round wooden table with a carved leg in the middle or a forged base is suitable for the kitchen in classic style.

    If your kitchen is so tiny, that it’s impossible to find room even for the smallest dining table, try to replace it with the bar counter or folding top-table.

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    The best variants of small kitchen tables

    If your apartment is small, the kitchen also can’t boast of its large size. Nevertheless, you may so want to put a kitchen table, where the whole family can come together. Naturally, not all the ideas for kitchen can be realized in a close quarters. Nevertheless, you can try some of them! So, let’s choose a small table for little kitchen.

    Let’s define the purposes we should take into account improving the kitchen interior. The main thing is that the kitchen is: 1) functional; 2) there must be a room for all family members and guests at the table.

    1. Collapsible kitchen table.

    You can buy such table in any furniture store of your city or order it in some e-shop. It can be a model, mounted on the wall and folded as not wanted. Of course, this option doesn’t fit for a big family. And for the guest reception you’ll have to set the table in the living room.

    2. Folding kitchen table.

    Such model can cost of several parts. For example, it can represent a table-book. As needed, it can be increased by means of rising one or two segments. Such table can be completed with the folding-chairs, or the chairs which you can pile up.

    3. Table-sill.

    Surely, this option won’t fit for every family. But it is quite comfortable to breakfast at such mini-table. If you live alone, table-sill will be a good solution for your compact little flat. It can be even interesting to eat at such table, if your window faces a beautiful landscape.

    4. Small table at the wall.

    It’s not even a table, but rather a shelf, mounted at a comfortable height. It can be even called a bar counter, fastened in an unusual way. You can even use this table for cooking. A bit higher you can place the additional shelves for kitchen implements. Choose the chairs or stools which can be located under the table.

    5. The complement to the kitchen cabinet.

    Such table can be either an extension of kitchen cabinet or its complement. Sometimes it is an extension of the table top or a sliding part of kitchen set.

    6. Small kitchen bar counter.

    This option is the most popular with the youth. A small bar counter can be mounted both in the kitchen and in the living room. The main thing is to choose the chairs of the right height.

    As you see, even a very small kitchen can be designed beautiful!