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    The scariest Halloween costumes for all

    Halloween is one of the wonderful holidays, when the adults can feel like children again. According to one version, the name of this holiday is the abridged version of English phrase аll-hallows-even (“The evening of All Saints”). A few thousand years ago Halloween represented the usual New Year party. The Celts (people who lived in today’s Great Britain, Ireland and Scotland) celebrated it in the last night of October.

    The celebration of Halloween is impossible without costume ball. Besides, the Halloween fancy dress became widespread only in the end of nineteenth century, when the children in masks and costumes of different monsters, started to go from house to house, to get the portion of sweets: candies, fruits and pastries. They also often got money as a reward for the interesting costumes, whose theme was always related to the next world and mystic characters.

    From year to year, the most popular Halloween images remain: vampires, living corpses, death and devil. But every nation adds its own mystic, folklore and novel characters to the list of evil spirits.

    In this night, the world of fairy-tales, legends and traditions comes to life. The film industry, artists treating the fantastic and the authors of comics periodically complete this list with the “scary heroes”.

    The most popular Halloween costumes

    A lot of men prefer to dress as vampires in this night. Vampire is a devilishly beautiful immortal creature, drinking blood of innocent girls. It is always scary and sexual. The costume of Dracula, prince of devils, remains traditionally popular among the stronger sex.

    Other popular costumes for All Saints’ Day are: zombie, hangman, werewolf, scarecrow, alien, devil, mummy, ghost, skeleton, Van Helsing, Frankenstein and Hatter.
    A lot of people wish to try on the mask of maniac from the popular scary movie “Scream”.

    Such superheroes as: Spiderman, Superman, Dark Knight and other characters of the comics and American blockbusters recently became widespread.

    The most popular girl’s Halloween costumes are: witch, mermaid, vampire, she-robber, she-devil, fallen angel and nurse. The most daring girls try on the mask of the Death itself. The queen of spades, kikimora, Baba-Yaga, Alice from Wonderland, wicked fairies and queens, bats, Cat woman, Japanese kitsune (fox) and other characters of anime- you can meet anybody at the celebration of Halloween!

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    The most beautiful plus size Halloween costumes

    It was always difficult for the women in flesh to find the good shop, proper size. And it is even more difficult to find something to their taste, which will help them to look well. Now, it’s time for these women to look stylish and fashionable!

    There is a special term Plus Size, used for these women. It came from the West not so long ago. Plus Size relates to the women with 48 or bigger size. It’s not just a separate clothing line in the shop, but a direction of fashion and modeling. And the main thing is that it’s a certain class of customers! These are the women with beautiful and magnificent figure, symbolizing femininity. If you’re a possessor of Plus Size, you should be proud of it, like the women of 17th century.
    The most important thing these women must remember- it is not necessary to hide your beauty in the loose overalls, like the half of the people. You must be special: unusually beautiful and elegant.

    Some of the women’s Halloween costumes catch the imagination. For the modern beauties, this holday is a great occasion to show the power of women’s magic and charm.

    Vamp woman

    To create the costume of vampire, you need short black décolleté dress. The costume can be completed with black tights or netting stockings and, of course, high-heeled shoes. You can make the high neck out of cardboard or substitute it with the beautiful lacy jabot. The costume can also be completed with the gloves. The manicure assumes long black or blood-red nails. The image of modern vampire became the personification of Gothic glamour with deadly pale skin, diffused make-up of the eyes and blood-red lips.

    Cat woman

    The black cat has long been considered the symbol of this holiday. Traditionally, the color of this costume is black, but the personal preferences are allowed. To make this costume, you’ll need the black polo-neck or top, short skirt or tight black trousers. The indispensable attributes of this image are ears and tail, which you can make with your own hand, using fur cuttings. The ears are fastened with the help of ordinary headband. The costume of cat can be varied with original black tights or stockings, the mask out of cardboard or lace. The suitable catlike make-up including pale skin and blood-red lips will complete the image.

    There are many different images for Halloween, but you must remember that it’s not enough to put on the chosen costume. You must turn it to your advantage.

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    The original hand-made Halloween costumes for toddlers

    Funny, but at the same time scary festival of Halloween became popular more recently, but it gives a perfect occasion to create a smart costume and organize a great party!

    Thinking over the carnival costumes for Halloween, don’t forget about the children, who also want to take part in this holiday. To take part in this party, people try on the images of different monsters and villains. Scary and frightening costumes don’t spoil the party. On the contrary, they make it brighter and more emotional.

    You can sew the unusual Halloween costume for toddler with your own hands. For this purpose, you won’t have to buy any expensive materials. And the process of tailoring will help you to distract from daily routine.

    Ghost is a cool Halloween costume

    The main material, used for making costume in this style, is the sheet. There are several variants of its use. In the first case, you must cut the holes for eyes and draw a mouth. You can pain the cloth any way you like: the shape of the mouth can be triangle or arched. You can also stain it with paint or the impression of palms.

    Another variant of making interesting Halloween costume in the form of ghost is an old sheet with the cut hole for the head. But in this case it is very important to pay attention to the details: red stains, unusual necklace, and lantern. And don’t forget about make-up: to tone your face white, use the powder, light tone cream or aqua face-paint. Use grey, violet or blue eye-shadow to draw the shadows under the eyes.

    The costume of doll for Halloween

    Another idea of Halloween costume for toddlers is the costume of doll. It is very easy to realize. To begin with, choose the puffy dress of dark shade with lace, petticoat or folds, trousers and ordinary classic shoes. Bleach the face, neck and hands with the face-paint, put the bright lipstick on your lips (draw a small bow). Paint your eyelashes with mascara, put some eye-shadow of natural shades or outline the eyes with black eyeliner. Put some blush on the cheeks. If you want to make the image more “frightening”, you can draw a few scars or cuts on the face and neck with eyeliner.

    You can let the hair down, tie it in a tail or make two plaits with bows. As an alternative, you can use the bright wig, made of threads.

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    Realistic Joker costume for Halloween

    The history of this character counts almost 70 years. Joker appeared in the numerous comic books, cartoons, television series, movies and computer games. More than once, Joker took the first place in the lists of the greatest villains of all times. So it’s no wonder than his image is often used for the fancy-dress parties.
    The image of Joker represents the sinister clown, machinating against Batman. It is considered, that initially Joker was the unlucky comedian. Then he tried on the costume of Red Cap (Batman’s enemy), and at the time of card factory robbery, he fell into the tank with acid.

    After this case, Joker has acquired his sinister image. He went mad, and the ominous smile settled on his face. His hair became green, his skin turned white, and the black shadows appeared beneath his eyes. Joker started to kill innocent people, leaving the ominous Chelsea smile on their faces (the scars from the corners of the mouth to the ears).

    It is quite simple to make the Joker’s costume, as the villain wore different clothes in various films, comic books and cartoons. But the traditional feature of his image remained the violet jacket. To complete the jacket you can buy the shirt of grey, yellow, green or orange color, green, yellow or orange waistcoat, yellow, red or green tie and the gloves of violet or black color. It’s difficult to find lilac trousers, so you can substitute them with the black ones.
    A distinctive feature of Joker is his green hair. You can choose the green wig or experiment with the green gouache, slightly diluted with the water. Such paint won’t damage your hair.

    At this point, the creation of Joker’s costume finishes, and we begin to create Joker’s specific make-up. To create Joker’s make-up, you’ll need the aqua face-paint of white color. Bleach your face with it, using sponge or brush. Then use the black eye shadows to highlight the area around the eyes. If you want to try on the earlier Joker’s image, just highlight your eyebrows with dark eye shadows, and leave the area around the eyes white. With the help of red lipstick, mark out your lips with the casual line. Then draw the large scars from the corner of the mouth.

    If you want to make Joker’s make-up more frightening, you’ll have to spend more time. Use the napkins, special glue and red paint, to create the realistic scars at the mouth. Mark out the deep wrinkles on the forehead, at the nose and around the eyes, using concealer and thin brush.

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    Simple and funny Halloween costumes with your own hands

    Your child needs the costume for Halloween, but you have neither time to sew it nor a possibility to buy it in the shop? In this article you’ll find the easiest solutions, which will help you to make costumes with your own hands in a very short time.

    The costume of mummy

    On the way home, go to the pharmacy and buy a few rolls of bandage. When the holiday will come, wrap your baby like a real mummy, and your original costume is done!

    The costume of witch

    Find your baby the black T-shirt or golf and run up a puffy skirt. The tutu is made of black sateen (you can find a lot of master classes in Internet showing how to do it). You can complete the image with the striped tights and (if you have time) make the cap out of cardboard.

    The costume of ghost

    You’ll need a white sheet and scissors. Cut the holes for eyes. You can also make a hole for mouth in some distorted shape.

    The costume of omelet

    To make this costume, you’ll need a white sheet, yellow paint, brushes and scissors.
    Cut the holes for hands and head in the sheet. In the center of the cloth (in the area of belly) draw the yellow circle (yolk of egg). You can also paint in a piece of bacon.

    The costume of hippie

    To make this costume, you’ll need a grandmother’s chest. The girls will need bright long skirts, waistcoats, blouses, colorful headbands, old-style sun glasses, all kinds of bracelets and baubles. All the hippies had long hair. If your hair is a bit short, you can wear a wig.

    The costume of old man

    You’ll the old clothes of dark color, flannel hat and walking stick. You can paint your hair with tonic and flour it. The costume is ready!

    The costume of puppy

    You’ll need brown, black or white paints. If you decided to make a dalmatian, cut the black spots out of paper. Make the ears out of cardboard and attach them with the hairpins. The style of clothes will depend on the chosen breed of dog. Add some make-up. Make the costume of cat in the same way. Everything depends on your imagination!

    The costume of Frankenstein for Halloween

    The costume is made very easily. The main thing is to make up your face. Smear it with pale green paint or gouache. Tie the wine cork, divided in half to the neck, to the neck. The thread, smeared with paint, will create the effect of the sewn neck. You’ll create a frightening impression in the darkness. Of course, you’ll need the dark clothes: the jacket and the black shirt.

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    Create an original baby costume for Halloween

    In the modern world, some holidays, the holidays of different folks have intertwined and intermingled. The striking example of this holiday is Halloween- the eve of All Saints’ Day. It is one of the most ancient holidays of the world, which combines the Celtic tradition (celebration of evil spirits) and the Christian tradition (worship of all Saints). Halloween is celebrated in the night from the 31st of October to the 1st of November. There is no doubt that one of the main elements of holiday is the festive costume. In the night of Halloween celebration, it is accepted to disguise oneself as the evil spirits and organize masquerades. If your child is too small or just shy, and don’t behave confidently in the circle of other children, you should choose “heroic” or smart festive attire. If your child is a leader, which is always in the center of attention and at ease in society, never feels shy or afraid, you can choose the “funny”, somewhat eccentric costume. Properly chosen costume is a pledge of a good holiday, as it gives your child a possibility to feel part of the common holiday: unusual and liberated. The fancy dresses for the children under 5 years usually don’t have the form of evil spirits. Mostly, these are the costumes of animals, insects, gnomes, and, of course, the main Halloween attribute- pumpkin.

    Children of 5 years and upwards can dress as: pirates, knight, and comics superheroes. The carnival dresses for the girls of 5 years and upwards can be charming and beautiful (princesses, magic fairies) or funny (Pippi Longstocking, witch, mermaid).

    There are some popular traditional Halloween costumes, irrespective of sex and age: the costumes of dark angel, skeleton, vampire, imp, etc. The carnival costume, suitable hair-do and make-up for Halloween is one of the ways of your child’s self-affirmation: the girl dressed as queen will feel majestic, and the little “fairy”- light and airy. A little witch can be mischievous and slightly naughty, and the boy in the costume of comics’ superhero will feel manly and self-confident.

    Choose the Halloween costume for your baby in advance, decorate your house, prepare small presents sweets, and your holiday will be bright and unforgettable!

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    The best couple Halloween costumes

    All Saints’ Day is impossible without the descendants of famous count Dracula! Vampires are indispensable characters of this holiday. If you decided to go to the party together, the couple Halloween costumes is just the thing.

    It is quite easy to create the sinister image with your own hands. You just need to show your imagination and creativity. Vampire is one of the most common characters of Halloween. How to make the costumes of vampires with your own hands?

    The costume for him

    For the creation of men’s image you’ll need: white shirt, classical black trousers and waistcoat. You can also take an ordinary three-piece suit. The waistcoat can be red to match the coat lining. The whole image must be of 3 colors- black, white and red. If you want, you can do without white, but blood-red is necessary.
    If there is no such suit in your wardrobe, you can sew it (if you have free time and sewing skills). Every bloodsucker needs a long black coat. It is easy to sew it with your own hands. You need two cloth rectangles of the same size (black and bright red). If you can, choose the red cloth with satin gloss.
    Sew two pieces of cloth together. On the top of the coat, retreat 10 cm from the top, sew on the link and put the cord in it. Complete the vampire costume for Halloween with the walking stick and cylinder hat. But if you can’t get them, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes they can be out of place.

    The costume of her

    Creating the Halloween costume for the vampire girl, you can show your imagination. The main colors of clothes are the same- black and white. You can choose the austere Gothic style, putting on the long clothes, or create the image of sexual vampire girl. Your dress must be beautiful and elegant, irrespective of its length.

    The tight corsets can make an excellent impression. The vampire girl doesn’t need to have a coat, but it will add showiness. You can make the women’s hooded coat. Or you can put on the same coat as your partner. Complete your image with matching accessories.

    If you have the short dress, put on the fishnet black stockings and patent-leather high-heeled shoes. Stress your waist with the wide patent-leather belt. Get on long black or openwork gloves. If you decided not to wear a hooded coat, a small cap with veil and flower will do.

    The costumes are ready! Your images will frighten everybody!

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    The scariest Halloween costumes 2018

    Halloween is celebrated on the 31 of October. Moreover, Halloween 2018 is on Wednesday. In the past decade this holiday has come into fashion. This article is devoted to the ideas of the scariest Halloween costumes 2018.

    This modern holiday, celebrated on the 31 of October (when Catholics and Protestant celebrate the eve of All Saints’ Day). This holiday springs from ancient Celt, once having lived in the today’s Great Britain. In the last centuries, this holiday is traditionally celebrated in all English-speaking countries.

    Although it is not an official holiday, in the early 90s the vogue of Halloween, and particularly its attributes, spread over the whole Europe and CIS countries.
    And now we’ll offer our reader the ideas of the scariest Halloween costumes 2018.

    Halloween costumes: vampires

    Traditionally, this costume is the most popular for Halloween. There is no Halloween party without any participant dressed up as vampire. This costume gives free rein to your imagination: you can dress up as Dracula- old bald-headed monster from the black-and-white scary movies, or as cool “Blade”. The ladies can choose the image of mysterious vampire princess.

    Halloween costumes: zombies

    This classic costume requires applying the abundant make-up. You’ll have to repaint the color of your skin and out on dirt- and blood-stained shabby clothes. You can also paint different scars or cuts (you can buy different “widgets” for make-up in any trick store). The main feature (as in films) is the jet of blood, flowing out of the mouth, from the chin to the neck.

    Halloween costumes: witches

    This is one of the most popular women’s Halloween costumes. It also gives the flight of fancy: you can dress up as scary old woman with a crooked nose and wart on the cheek, or choose the costumes in sexy style- the young witch in short skirt, holding the broom.

    Halloween costumes: devil (she-devil, deuce)

    It’s a representative of hell with malicious eyes, fangs and horns. It can even have tail and wings. This image will suit both men and women. The ladies have wider choice: they can experiment, beginning at scary she-devil, and ending with sexual imp in imp and short skirt.

    Halloween costumes: fantastic heroes

    This category includes films’ characters. For example, “Alien”- some aliens with tentacles, suckers and all kinds of things, Godzilla, scary spider or cockroach- don’t limit your fantasy.

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    Make the Halloween masquerade mask with your own hands

    Halloween is coming! So, it’s time to give some thought to what image you want to choose for the celebration of this holiday. You can complete your costume with the mask, which can not only hide your face, but also save you from the trouble of doing the specific make-up.

    Who can you dress up as?

    There are many characters of famous film and fairy-tale characters, suitable for the night Sabbath. Especially popular Halloween costumes are: witches, vampires, mummies and other evil spirits. Other common options are the characters of the popular movies, such as “Transformers” or “Harry Potter”. It’s up to you to decide, but according to the traditions of this holiday, it is better to try on the image of some usual monster.

    The shops offer a broad assortment of the masks for this night, so that you can easily choose the monster you like. But it is much more interesting to make the Halloween masquerade mask with your own hands. The simplest way is to cut the mas out of pressboard. Make the holes for the eyes, fasten elastic and draw some scary face. The mask made of paper and glue will look more attractive. To make it, take the inflated balloon and paste its half with the pieces of paper. After the papers have dried completely, blow off the balloon and make the holes for the eyes in the ready mask. You can draw any “face” you like, using gouache or acrylic paint. As for the decoration, you can use sparkles, pastes and some additional elements, for example, whiskers or ears.

    Give free rein to your imagination and experiment with the improvised material. Then the question how to make Halloween mask will never come up. The sharper your image will be the better, so don’t be afraid to go too far with the color. Besides, you can draw a mask straight on your face, using the special kits of aqua make-up. These paints are intended specially for the picture on the face skin, so they’re completely harmless. The disadvantage of this picture is its fragility. If it’s too hot in the room, the picture will get smeared very fast because of the sweat on the face. Moreover, you’ll have to wash off all this “beauty” after the party.

    The night Sabbath in the eve of this holiday is a great reason to have fun with friends, show in the new role and create your own mystic creature. The costumes, made with your own hands, always stand out among the ones you can buy in the shop. So, you’ll certainly become the star of the night.

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    The most original Halloween costumes

    Halloween is justly considered one of the most ancient holidays of the world, as it springs from the Celtic festival Samhain, counting millenniums, and the Christian holiday called “All Saints’ Day”. It is interesting that this day combines the celebration of evil spirits and the worship of all Saints.

    This holiday is characterized by many unusual traditions and rites, taking place on this day, such as children’s and adults’ disguise in the costumes of different, mostly scary characters.

    It is related to another legend, which says that on Halloween the barrier between our world and the beyond falls down. The gates open and let in the evil spirits, such as witches, vampires, sorcerers and other “powers of darkness”.

    However, these are just the interesting legends, which have developed into entertaining traditions. The parties and celebrations, devoted to this holiday, usually include the competitions for the best Halloween costume. Or, perhaps, you just decided to have a theme party at home and please your children. In any case, you’ll need the costume.

    Of course, you can go to the specialized costumier, where you can hire or even buy the costume.

    But as everybody knows, it’s very expensive. Besides, you’ll wear this costume only once a year and maybe next year you’ll want to have something new. So, how can you make an interesting and amazing Halloween costume?

    To begin with, think thoroughly, what image you want to try on the next All Saints’ Day. There are different variants of costumes, for example, as the Halloween parties are usually devoted to some particular theme, for example, movie, cartoon or scary film characters, etc.
    The adults’ participants of the party can put on the costume of the deceased King of Pop, as his image is very bright and interesting. The ladies can be interested in the image of Lady Gaga, as her concert costumes are suitable for such party. Another option is the costume of witch (that can be sweet and even sexual), mummy, vampire or Dracula’s bride.

    The costumes of different superheroes, such as Batman and Cat woman also suit well, as they have their own fans. The children’s costumes often reflect their passions. For example, the images of famous wizards’ trio from “Harry Potter” movie are very popular. It’s up to you to choose.