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    Kerala style house plans below 1500 sq feet

    How much freedom does Kerala Style House Plans Below 1500 Sq Feet give? Is it enough for comfortable living?

    Spacious two- or three-room apartment is of such a size. However, well thought out and properly implemented design of the house gives more free space. For example, in contrast to the apartment, you can finish the second floor, build an attic and use a loft as an additional room.

    Moreover, the project of the house implies the construction of separate building. This means that there will be no “noisy people next door”, i.e. you won’t have to pay special attention to soundproofing.

    Other interesting features of the house projects below 1500 Sq Feet:

    • This is a comfortable size for the compact plots; it is possible to free the area of 150 m2, even if you have little building space. At that, as we have said, there can be 2 times more usable space due to the second floor.
    • This is an economy version, and the costs of material for the project of the small house are relatively small – arrangement of divisions and overlaps requires less money, and the finishing is cheaper. At that, you can make at least two cozy bedrooms, living room, comfortable kitchen and normal corridor.
    • The foundation of such building may not be heavy. It’s true about both one-story and two-story houses. Plus, you can also minimize the area of the roof, which will decrease the pressure on the support structures.
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    Kerala Style House Plans In 5 Cents

    Villa is a lifestyle, not just a place where people relax. The time flows differently and the mood is always elated when you are there.
    A small villa has its advantages – every thing is in its place, the order is easy to direct, and the interior design can be supplemented with unusual details.

    Design challenges

    The arrangement of a small villa and the creation of a stylish interior design are accompanied by a lot of worries that are unfamiliar to those who work on projects of large apartments. The work of a designer has its own charm, as it is necessary to be responsible for every inch of the area. The most important thing in the development of design is not to forget about the interests of the owners, somewhere saving or occupying more space than it is necessary according to the statistics. The most important thing for any happy owner is a state of harmony with themselves. So, do not violate it in the interior.

    The first step in creating Kerala Style House Plans In 5 Cents design is its division into functional areas. It is important to note that the choice of their placement is based not only on the wishes of the owner, but also on technical standards. For example, it is necessary to pay attention to:

    • sufficient ventilation;
    • required illumination;
    • sound insulation of the recreation area.

    Developing the design of the villa, it is primarily necessary to consider the features of furniture and household appliances to ensure maximum ergonomics of each element.

    The next step is to choose the color scheme. It has been repeatedly proved by scientists that the palette of walls has an impact on the psychological state of a person. The interior of small rooms is designed in such a way that all the space is not painted in one color. For example, the excess of an invigorating yellow color can cause aggression. Dark and light shades should be well balanced, because the design should make the villa comfortable for having rest and living there.

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    Ideas for the decoration of the kitchen ceiling

    The repair of the ceiling cover in your apartment begins with the choice of the kitchen ceiling. The interior and the comfort of your apartment depend on this choice. Every member of the family will feel comfortable at meal-times, if the kitchen ceiling promotes it. Moreover, when we cook, the kitchen always fills with steam, fume and ashes. Fumes go up and settle on the ceiling surface. You must constantly clear it up from accumulated dirt.

    kitchen ceiling tiles
    kitchen ceiling tiles

    There are 5 principal variants of the kitchen ceiling decoration:

    • plastered ceiling;
    • painting;
    • paperhanging;
    • the installation of suspended construction;
    • the mounting of the tension system.

    The main features of the perfect kitchen ceiling:

    1. cheapness;
    2. easy installation (it’s especially important, if you’re planning to do it yourself);
    3. moisture- and heating-resistance;
    4. long-term service;
    5. its’ material doesn’t have any negative influence on the human health;
    6. practicalness- it cleans and scours easily.

    Eventually, having taken into account all the requirements and options, you can choose the proper kitchen ceiling. But there is one more important nuance: ceiling surface often has some defects at first, which you’ll have to conceal for making your ceiling look beautiful.

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    The peculiarities of the coffered ceilings

    Coffered ceilings become more and more popular. The modern architecture uses coffer not as load-carrying construction, but as the element of interior design. You can often notice such elements in historical films, for example: carved wooden beams, some decorations of the castles.
    Coffered ceiling consists of cavities, beams and cells. In other words, “coffer” is a polygonal cavity. Such ceilings fall into the category of decorative ceilings. Coffers can have either square or circular shape. They are especially notable for their cross and longitudinal beams with ornament.

    There are some more popular ornaments in architecture: stucco sockets, cornice elements, borders, profile wall passages, ceiling painting.
    Coffered ceilings can visually increase the area of living-room, bedroom, study, billiard room and library. Such kind of a ceiling decoration is used in offices, if their owners want to emphasize reliable status of the company. Coffered ceiling fit the country-houses and the cottages. Due to the design of the coffered ceiling one can reduce a total weight of construction and improve acoustics.

    Coffers are often installed in the accommodations with the high ceilings. They give the impression of a space of considerable dimensions. Coffered ceiling can be found in more than 2 m high rooms. It will not produce its due effects in small accommodations.
    The architecture style must be taken into account as well. If you prefer something unusual and modern, choose the coffers of different size and style.

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    Indian Style Small House Designs

    The East is traditionally associated with wealth, splendor, luxury, elegance, magic of Arab fairy tales. Indian Style Small House Designs style is initially characterized by the warmth and charm of home, decorativeness.

    • The style is determined by a lot of details, emphasizing all the exquisite beauty of the interior.
    • The walls are usually plastered or draped. The ceilings are decorated with wooden panels or plastered.
    • The floor is usually covered with ceramic tiles with patterns of plant themes or traditional ornament.
    • The bathroom is fully laid out with stylized tiles or finished with decorative plaster. Here you can afford the most daring experiments, using dark colors or extravagant solutions with a lot of ornament.
    • The kitchen also has a place for oriental motives. You may decorate the whole wall with them, not only a modest kitchen apron.

    It is worth considering that bright colors are suitable for spacious interiors, with a lot of natural color. If you want to achieve harmony in modern houses, then it is better to use more familiar shades for walls, and the background should be painted with bright colorful combinations due to furniture or textiles.

    very small house designs indian style In e Story
    very small house designs indian style

    The eastern interior is hard to imagine without textiles made of natural fabrics – cotton, wool and silk. The refinement of the pattern is complemented by a variety of textures.

    A distinctive feature of the oriental style is the abundance and variety of components. This applies to accessories – they are particularly decorative and often combine different materials: metal, stones, colored glass.

    The interior in the oriental style is famous for the fabulous beauty with an ancient rich tradition. However. it is important to know how to combine oriental notes with the modern style.

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    Kerala Style House Plans Below 10 Lakhs

    It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to make your house cozy. Try to make some efforts, use your imagination, apply a creative approach, and create paradise with your own hands without financial costs.

    If you want to decorate Kerala Style House Plans Below 10 Lakhs, you can use the services of a specialist or follow the tips that will help you to achieve the maximum effect in updating your home. A tastefully designed house will please the owners, and make guests admire its warmth and comfort.

    Clean walls without much decor

    Try to clean the walls from wallpaper almost to concrete or brick. Rough and uneven surfaces of masonry joints can become a distinctive feature of the room, creating a special style. Such an original way of finishing can often be modified by repainting the surface of the walls in any color with the help of water-emulsion paint.

    Cleaning space from cables

    Today, every house is stuffed with modern technology, which is installed after the completion of all repairs.
    The cables running through all the rooms create a feeling of disorder. It is not difficult to deal with them. You can hide them:

    • with the help of plants. Cable from wall to TV can be closed with branches of high dracaena, trudging along the walls etc. Cables can be also decorated with artificial plants;
    • with the help of furniture. Make the arrangement of the cabinet, sofa, table or chest of drawers so that the furniture will cover the cable laid around the house;
    • with the help of laying the cables at the doors and architraves.

    Use books as decoration elements

    A very interesting solution for the arrangement of the house with cheap and original ideas will be the use of books in its decoration. You can make a stand for a coffee table or a shelf on the wall. If you have got a lot of magazines, they will successfully serve as a soft chair.

    Open bookshelves can be decorated with books, if you make binding of the same color with your own hands for each of them.

    You may also decorate the fragments of the walls with books. It will look originally.K

    Embody design ideas in decorating the house with taste, cheaply and interestingly. Borrow something from others and make your home comfortable and convenient with minimal cost.

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    Turkish towels

    Towel is an indispensable thing in every home, part of luxury, comfort and even style. Without the towel it is difficult to do on the road, on the beach, in the bath or sauna. In addition, the towels are a universal gift, be it a wedding or any other celebration. And if it is a good quality towel, the surprise will be doubly pleased. Of course, the towels that are used in the house must fully comply with all requirements of the household. Those ones include nice design, excellent quality, softness, appropriate size and the ability to quickly absorb moisture.

    Not everyone knows that the birthplace of the first bath towels is Turkey, where its item, without which we cannot imagine our daily life, has been used several centuries ago. Provenance of terry towels is associated with the culture of visiting the baths. Bath has always been a very important attribute Turkish life. Terry towels have acquired habitual to us form and become a mass produced since the 18th century. It is known that the first workshops for the production of terry towels were opened in Bursa (Turkey). Over time, the technology has spread to other countries, including Europe. But even today the Turkish towels are the highest quality, but their modern designs will bring you true aesthetic pleasure.

    Today, the textile sector in Turkey has a leading role in the economy, the government actively supports and promotes the industry, thereby increasing every year equipment factories, production is becoming more high-tech.

    Turkish towels can be divided according to their purpose in the bath, kitchen, beach, massage, wedding, towels for hands and feet, children, towels for babies and others. By the weaving method towels are divided into terry, waffle, jacquard, velur, bamboo fibers, and special weave towels – peshtemal.

    Today, Turkish towels are recognized worldwide for its high quality. While in Turkey, you can buy a cotton hand towel now for about 20-40 TL per share, in the European countries, the price will double, and in the United States – four times more.

    1. Never buy a towel in the markets and small markets – processing quality of raw materials plays an important role in this case. Get the towel in specialized stores, shopping centers or retail stores, textile mills.
    2. Towel cloth should be evenly dyed, have no outside odors of chemicals and do not leave a waxy or greasy taints on hands. Towels should not leave fibres.
    3. Pay attention to the composition of the product. Most towels are marked – 100% cotton (pamuk) or 100% bamboo (bamboo). But be careful! There may be other special notes, for example, 100% cotton (M) –it is the addition of synthetic fibers; (PK) – means that polycotton is added. In order to determine whether there is a part of synthetics in the Turkish towel, some water should be poured onto the smooth surface. Wipe it with a towel – if stains remain strong, it means that there are synthetics in it.
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    Overhead garage doors: whole, panel

    Classic swing gates, which for a long time were the only available option is gradually receding into the past. This is due to the fact that their design though is simple and easy to install, but still has some significant shortcomings, which include the fact that they need free space and are usually made of metal, that needs additional care. The hinges of the gate should be lubricated often, and in winter they as the lock, often ice. That’s why is growing a number of people who prefer to install overhead garage doors, that are more convenient to use and do not require such careful care.

    Overhead garage doors are solid or consist of sections of panels made from a metal coated with a special coating or from plastic. These gates are usually made insulated. If we consider the overhead gates in terms of saving space, they significantly outperform swing counterparts – in fact at the opening their panel locate under the ceiling, without taking up too much space. Also note that the overhead garage door also significantly increase safety. After all, they are very difficult to open and noisy, so that the safety of the car in the garage, equipped with lift gates increases.

    Overhead gates for garages classify in several types. And almost all of the overhead garage doors can be assembled and installed by yourself without any additional work and preparations. So, the most popular model is the sectional garage doors. They consist of individual plastic or metal panels, about forty to sixty centimeters tall, which are held together by movable joints. Roller gates are similar to overhead sectional garage doors, but they have more movable panels, because of which the insulation at the gate is somewhat lower.

    Garage doors of overhead type are presented with models of different designs and price categories, among which everyone can easily find the best option. And the fact that they are all automated, making them indispensable in any garage.

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    Sectional garage doors – safety and comfort

    To surprise with garage, which is not only functional, but aesthetic, and meets the highest safety standards – is still possible! Install sectional garage doors with automation – comfortable and safe item for your home.

    In our time, the garage is no longer a luxury. As of today, the garage has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. It is a personal parking, which not only protects your car against criminals, but also from time to time of the severe weather. Today it is hardly possible to surprise someone with garage. But to surprise with garage, which is not only functional, but also gives your home an added value in terms of aesthetics, but also meets the highest safety standards – is still possible! And only sectional garage doors can do it . There are many ways to increase the security of your garage, and with it the house. But most of them put it mildly are not visually aesthetic and comfortable. That is why the sectional doors are the best solution to all these problems.

    Let us consider several reasons for installation of garage doors:

    1. Safety. Answering all the highest European safety standards the sectional garage doors act as a visual deterrent physical barrier, increasing the level of protection for your home and property. At the same time you get the opportunity to control access to your property.
    2. Appearance. While safety is undoubtedly is the main argument why homeowners choose sectional garage doors, appearance is the second. Some garages look like industrial heritage of the past years and frankly spoil the look of the house. You’d be surprised how your garage transforms after installation of sectional doors. Today, the choice of colors, materials, textures and types of panels is one of the main advantages of this type of gate. They can be matched to any exterior and tastes from modern to classical. And they certainly bring aesthetic appearance to your home.
    3. Convenience. Installation of automatic sectional doors relieve you of necessity extra actions at the entrance / exit of the parking garage. All you need to do – is to click the button on the remote! By doing so you will not waste your time on the opening and closing of gates and avoid getting wet in the rain.
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    Ease of use of sectional doors

    The main purpose of sectional doors – to close garage entrance or boxing. Previously used for these purposes swing, and in very rare cases, sliding doors. However, technologies are being developed, and to replace the traditional garage door came sectional doors. What are they so favorably differ from other garage doors?

    First of all – it’s easy and space saving. Construction of sectional doors is that the door leaf, consisting of sandwich panels along the guide goes to the ceiling. Thus, you are not limited in the width of partition (as in the case of sliding gates), and in the space in front of the entrance (which is important for swing gates). Furthermore, in case of heavy snowfall you will have to work hard with a shovel to just open the swinging doors. In the case of sectional doors there is no such problem.

    Another nuance is associated with security. If swing gates in your garage is not equipped with an automatic, any strong gust of wind can slam the shutter, damaging the car, if it suddenly appears in the doorway, or injure a person in the path of the sash. In sectional doors does not arise such a threat because the wind load virtually has no effect on the opening and closing of the gate. Furthermore, the door leaf is firmly fixed in any position by means of torsion springs or tension mechanism.

    And finally we can say about the energy-saving features of sectional doors. The traditional garage doors are usually made from a conventional sheet metal, which is frankly poorly protected from external climate exposure. Sectional doors, through the use of sandwich panels and density adjustment to the opening panel, ensure the preservation of its microclimate in the garage, regardless of the weather outside.

    Thus, it becomes obvious that sectional doors have a number of advantages over other types of garage doors. Sectional doors – it’s convenience, safety and economy.

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    How to make electric swinging doors

    There was an idea, to make the swinging doors myself as usual because of laziness. No wonder they say “laziness – the engine of progress.” I decided to provide with automatics my swinging doors. The main question has arisen with the drive.

    When I learned how much it costs that put, I was shocked. And I’ll tell you why. If for two drives to pay 300 euros, well, excuse me, for what? As I am myself engaged in satellite TV, I decided to think a little outside the box and cross “camel with a rhinoceros.”

    As you know, in the old rotary systems of satellite antennas was used, the motor with worm gear on a sliding stock that leads the antenna. The principle of operation is the same as in standard drive for swing gates. Moreover, it seems to me, even it has its own advantages. For drive you need 220W, and this is fed through a transformer constant voltage of 36V, there is better from plan of security.

    How to make so the swinging doors were opened a little faster? The voltage can be increased, for example up to 38V. The motor runs quietly and briefly stand.

    Now, in order.

    We have two such drives. We take the largest. Drives that have maximally elongated stem. On company that sells satellite dishes there are those drives available. The cost of one drive 35-50 dollars, depending on the company’s greed.

    Transformer at 36-40 volts.

    And most importantly, remote of automation. Remote with two charms, a range of 50 meters, buy in firm, which is engaged in the protection of the alarm. The price such thing is of 30-50 dollars, also depends on the company’s greed. I have bought in much greedy firm and paid for it as much as $ 31. In fact it is all I bought. The rest I found a home. By the way, the remote performs two orders: first I used to close-open gates, and the second so it did not disappear, for on-off light in the garage.

    For all-all the work it took half a day, taking into account that the swing gates has long been hanging in the garage.

    Among the shortcomings is the fact that this system would have to be further develop current relay.

    In order to when a stone hit the gate leaf or even an obstacle, the relay operates and returns automatic gates ago. Otherwise, the motor may burn out or even roll, bend the gates.

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    Automatic roller doors for garage

    Manual method of opening and closing garage doors slowly losing ground and it is replaced by practical automation. So the driver het in his garage he does not have to leave the car: it is enough to press the corresponding button on the remote control and the gate will open.
    Automatic roller doors for garage are found the fastest self-propelled devices for this purpose. Only 2.7 seconds is necessary to fully open or close the door with the opening of 2 × 4 meters. The drive acts as the driving force of automatic rolls. Thanks to a special device inside the box is blocked canvas, leaving doors locked with a key.

    The advantages of automatic roller doors

    Roller doors is a reliable defender. Hack them is hard enough, so thieves are reluctant to hack this type of fencing. In addition to the roller doors is simple to connect the alarm, which further increases the safety of their use.

    This type of garage doors is able to fit into any garage. To install the roller doors you do not need to allocate a lot of space, so you do not need to radically transform the doorway. Completeness of construction allows them to be used in any garage, ceiling height of which does not exceed 4 meters.

    Roller doors are easy to use and does not require any special care. Breakdowns of their machinery occur very rarely, most often because of improper use of the hosts. This type of garage doors is represented in a wide range of colors, it will allow you to create a perfect image of the garage, so roller gates are often used in the private economy. If desired, they harmoniously fit into any style of architecture.

    Disadvantages of automatic roller doors

    In winter the sash of roller doors may ice, because of which can be broken correctness of open. Correct this deficiency is easy – simply tap on the canvas and then lift the door. Another winter problem may be freezing of the lock. Jamming of crossbars not allow to open the door. To resolve this problem, use a protective spray that will help prevent similar troubles.

    Roller doors are not suitable for use in a heated garage. Even their insulated version with polyurethane filler will not be able to maintain a proper degree of heat because of the abundance in the web slots. But they can be used inside a heated space or unheated garage.
    We should note the high cost of the roller door, due to which motorists are in no hurry to buy them.

    Automatic roller doors for garage will become a reliable and convenient protector of your vehicle. With their help, you will not only be able to feel the security for your four-wheeled friend, but also comfortable to use them.