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    Traditional wooden garage doors

    Wooden gates, though inferior to their modern analogues, but is still widely used in the dacha suburban areas. If your wooden gates have served their and came into disrepair, then you will be able to choose their adequate substitute, and, it is both possible the purchase of finished models and components to build the gate with your own hands. Thus, we consider that what is needed for installation of standard wooden doors.

    A perfect solution to this situation are wooden gates formed on the metal frame of the pipes. This option, in comparison with solid wood doors, has several important advantages: the structure is lighter and stronger, and most importantly – it will last you much longer. This is due to the fact that the metal is not exposed to the destructive influence of the vagaries of the weather. Furthermore, metal frame helps to ensure that the entire door construction visually appears much easier. Of course, one might ask: “Why then do we need wooden gates?” The answer is very simple – to create the color of antiquity, villages and a warm, homely atmosphere. A metal frame is almost invisible and will serve as a support for your design.

    Determine what you need to build a wooden gate on a solid frame. To create it you will need metal pipe: 12 meters of pipe diameter of 50 mm on the frame itself and two pipes 2,5 meters in length and 150 millimeters in diameter. You will also need a pair of metal rods, 10 millimeters in diameter to lock themselves inside the structure gates. The locking mechanism on our wooden gates will require: metal plate 30 mm in width, 30 cm in length and 5 mm in thickness – this is a catch; and a metal rod 25 cm long and 15 cm – to create the handle of the valve (T-shaped). You will also need a place for the creation of bindings and most importantly – plank board edging of lumber and four bars in length a half meters and section 50x50mm for gate valves. And from the tools will be useful jigsaw, welder and small materials such as nails, bolts and screws.

    Whatever the wooden gates you choose – purchased or created manually, they are always able to give to your country house or dacha national colors and a cozy atmosphere. And if they even decorate with wood carving, they will present the creation of traditional architecture.

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    How to adjust the torsion springs on garage door


    1. Put the door in the down position.
    2. Turn off and unplug the garage door opening mechanism (if any).
    3. Place C-clamp on the track of garage doors just above the bottom roller to keep door.
    4. Find adjustment of collar or cone on the central shaft. The collar has a set screw that locks the spring tension on a central shaft
    5. Insert a metal rod into one of the holes of collar adjustment. This keeps the collar in place, so that you can loosen the set screw.
    6. Check the set screw, insert it into the flat position in the mine before adjusting. Flat position holds the screw more reliably.
    7. Hold the adjusting stock in position, loosen the set screw.
    8. Turn the collar with a barbell with a pitch 1/4 turn to the right or to the left or tighten or loosen the spring. Write down how many it turns accomplishments so that do the same thing with the other spring.
    9. Pull out the spring so that it does not delay the work. This is done by clicking on the rod that holds the spring tension in the direction from the center to the door. Be careful to avoid slipping of the rod from the hole.
    10. Hold the collar in the new position and tighten the set screw to fix. Be sure to note whether the set screw in the rod.
    11. Repeat the procedure on the second spring. Both springs must be adjusted equally.
    12. Repeat these steps until placing of adjustment collar on the central shaft.
    13. Find holes and screws that hold the torsion spring on the spot; that mechanism should have 2 set screws.
    14. Put one tension rod in the first hole to keep tight collar
    15. Loosen the set screws slowly when there is tension.
    16. Place the second tension rod to a different hole in the collar.
    17. Slide the collar to the right or to the left to tighten or loosen the spring.
    18. Remove one of the rods after proper adjustment.
    19. Tighten the set screws and at the same time firmly hold the remaining tension rods.
    20. Remove the remains of the rod.
    21. Lubricate the spring with a light engine oil or white lithium grease. If oil is used, it should be enough to penetrate between the coils and do not drip onto the floor or the door. Do not use any oil such as WD-40, as they usually dried metal, thus causing unwanted friction. The same rule applies to the rollers with metal balls, it is applied directly on the bearings. Lubrication must be done every six months.
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    Replacement of garage doors

    Replacing the old gates to the new brings previously unknown pleasure. And if it’s sectional door, the pleasure at least triple. Well, what good can be expected from traditional gates? They take up too much space. If left alone, it is imperceptible. But try to open this “piece of iron”- and each half describes a semi-circle with a diameter of three meters, sweeping away everything in its path. Now imagine that this is a room where there is a continuous production process. This is utter torment! Here, for example, a car wash. Gates constantly have to be opened, then closed. In our climate, in addition, there are adverse circumstances. Swing gates are usually “bungled” so that in the winter they freeze through, taking heat from the room, and then there is a danger that fails washing apparatus, within which water circulates. To avoid such trouble, “plowing” inside are insulated with mineral wool or other insulating material, which is usually from the top camouflaged with “lining.” Such gates are considerably heavier. They are often distorted. They saturate with water and harbor. Sectional and garage doors are deprived of all these evils .

    Firstly, they are not afraid of wind, rain, moisture inside the washing, as the door leaf is made of galvanized sheet steel with additional artificial turf, all the details of the gate specifically for sinks are made of stainless materials, guides and springs additionally painted with special anti-corrosion coating and electrical devices has additional protection from moisture.

    Secondly, to this gate you can reach close and not necessarily clean the snow in the winter in front of them because they open vertically upwards.

    Thirdly, they have a perfect appearance and may have windows through which one can observe the process of washing. And then, they themselves are easily washed what for car washes, where the car is sprayed with mud in all directions, is very important. And that’s not all advantages of sectional doors. It is no accident in the West is almost impossible to meet double-leaf gates. And not only on car washes. Economical capitalists who know how to calculate the loss of energy costs for heating, long appreciated the speed and convenience of opening sectional doors and many other benefits and advantages:

    • easy gate control both manually and automatically
    • security: all links of the gate have a trap protection
    • presence of anti-burglary protection with various schemes of locking gates
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    Roller doors: newest practical discovery

    Absolutely new product that provides the market of interior door overlaps, namely the roller doors. Consideration will be given to ways to use them in everyday life and advantageous qualities.

    Roller doors: benefits of usage

    Often when deciding to start a renovation in the room or if you wish to upgrade little old wardrobes, many come to a common and quite the right choice – purchase roller wooden beams, both for the cabinet and for decision to block interior openings. Brand new product offered in the construction markets of interior floors, has proved to be the best side in an original interior design complement the style of premises – roller doors.

    This product contains a number of preferred advantages:

    • ideal variant of styled room decoration. Without looking at the simplicity of design, in the interior space roller construction, used as interior floors, looks quite original and beautiful that gives design a special flair;
    • Interroom roller doors as advantageous indicator are versatile because they can be made in the form of “bunching”, and by the type of sliding overlaps that essentially saves space in small rooms;
    • Roller doors when installing do not require large expenditures;
    • Structurally, wooden roller interoom doors allow air to circulate freely in the space. So in the dressing room, roller door is the ideal solution also for balcony areas where the products perfectly protect the room from direct sunlight;
    • A wide variety of colors and decor. Prices for doors with lamellas directly dependent on the material used for manufacturing the product and on the dimensions of the final product. However, despite the newness of the decorative product and originality of performance, cost of roller door is slightly below price of normal door units intended for interior overlaps.

    Diversity in the destination

    Ways to use roller doors in the interior of the room:

    • Roller wood products can be used as interior doors overlap doorways;
    • Wooden roller doors are made in the form of “bunching”, can operate on the premises of territorial division, as a screen. Overlapping bunching perfectly fulfills its direct functional purpose.
    • Wooden doors as rollerw are often used in furniture manufacturing. Due to the natural flow of air through the fins, things will never be subjected to defeats and moths will not “suffocate”.
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    From what overhead doors are made?

    In this article, we will tell you about the construction of the most common overhead doors. Talking about the components of an automatic gate, we often imagine targets, which are connected to a lifting mechanism. That is, thinking more simply, we have two structural elements of gates, automatic and “the gates themselves.”

    However, the automatic overhead doors have quite a complex structure: they consist of the already mentioned attempts, frame with runners, electric drive and other smaller parts. Gates are one piece and sectional. Sectional doors are made up of individual elements connected together so that when opening section are rolled.

    The most popular canvas for sections and whole doors – a sandwich-panel, based on the principle of puff pie. Both outer layers – is steel thickness between half a centimeter to 9 mm between the steel plates is a layer of polyurethane foam filler. Door with insulated joints overlap rests on the frame of the opening, which provides good heat and sound insulation.

    Let us consider principle according to which the whole door opens: first, the signal from the remote actuator pulls the upper edge of the door. It moves on plastic rollers along the vertical guides on both sides parallel to the movement. The system of lifting arms then captures and holds it horizontally so that the door is located under the ceiling. The reverse movement begins with the release of the door, which gradually descends on the springs to its original position.

    Whole gates are very demanding to space. To open these gates, you have to free up some space in front of them that will not allow you to park your car right up to the gate. Another aspect – compliance with torsion springs weight of your door. In the case of excessive load gates weight can “feel” only automatics, and damage may occur through your automatic mechanism.

    Sectional gates are composed of horizontal slat-panels. While the actuator pulls the upper edge, the panels are bent almost at right angle. Narrow panels also consist of sandwich-panels, while maintaining all the properties of temperarure insulation and sealing whole doors. Usually gates are sold in the barely perceptible to eye protective pellicle. It is not recommended to take off this pellicle until ita serious damage and loss of appearance. In addition, the best models of sectional doors are equipped with a system of protection from injury, ie, deaf an overlap joints. It is almost impossible to pinch your fingers between the panels of such gates.

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    Outside canopy: brief guide and handful tips

    Canopy is a useful architectural element with a large functional load. Protection from rain and scorching sun is its top priority. For this design to be ergonomic and useful, it is necessary to consider all the details and select the appropriate option.

    There are a certain number of varieties. Canopies can act as:

    • a visor
    • a porch roof;
    • a gazebo;
    • terraces.

    By way of construction canopies can be:

    • Attached;
    • detached.

    Attached sheds are mounted close to the main building. It turns out that one side is required to have closed. With this design, you can design a veranda or patio.

    Attached sheds can be straight. This is the simplest kind, which can be used to protect the vehicle. Inclined canopy allows rain and snow to slide down and not to accumulate in harmful amounts. This architectural element can be abatvent and double slope, depending on the designer’s intent.

    There are also more complex shapes. For example, the arched structure is very common as a canopy.
    In order to build exactly the canopy that will not spoil the facade of the house and will blend in the overall picture, it is necessary to select materials properly. This will determine the color, texture and performance characteristics of the resulting element.

    The most popular in recent years are: polycarbonate, slate, corrugated board, plexiglas, tiles of various manufacturing, dense types of textile.
    To make a better foundation it is better to use stone; wood, brick, metal, concrete.

    Popular material is polycarbonate. This is the easiest and cheapest way to attach a good canopy to the house. With the help of this modern material canopy can get any shape. It safely protects against rain and excessive sunlight. Various colors and nice texture do not spoil facade of the house, but only decorate it, adding also a useful design element. Frame for polycarbonate roof can be wood or metal profiles.

    One disadvantage is polycarbonate is its high light transmission, which does not allow it to protect a place under a canopy from the sun completely. In the case where the canopy is on the sunny side, it is better to use a corrugated board from denser materials. It will give more shade, protect the car or furniture from fading, while retaining all the advantages of polycarbonate.

    Fabric canopies provide designers more scope for action. A variety of colors and textures allows to fashion a house and a plot in the desired style. This canopy is lightweight and relatively easy to install. In specialty stores you can often find a ready fabric canopy on a metal frame, which needs only be installed on the selected wall.

    Cloth canopy can be easily removed. Simple manipulation of such a design is fastened down and remains there until the next use. Unlike other options, the design of the fabric can be used as needed without cluttering space when the canopy is not needed.

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    Modern house design ideas

    The time in which we live is characterized by a special style in architecture and art, which is commonly called modern style in design. Its distinctive features are simplicity and conciseness. However, it does not mean that the simplicity of modern design makes it boring; most likely, it follows the path of simple lines and discards all strange details that may be present in other styles.
    The design of houses in a modern style astonishes with its novelty, boldness and extravagance. In the projects of private residences there are all innovative proposals and functional novelties – mansard floors, canopies, pergolas, even a roof is used for the location of the newest equipment. Often it is flat and it is equipped with solar panels, heaters, air conditioners, viewing platforms or rest areas.

    Houses are often distinguished by their unusual architectural forms, different-level structures. They have large panoramic windows, a lot of tinted glass.

    At the same time, modern Vajira house design Ideas are now fashionable. They combine high-quality, durable materials with the benefits of civilization, create an atmosphere of coziness and harmony. Surfaces of buildings are covered with protective compounds that preserve the shades of a living tree.
    The interior design of a country house in a modern style should not contain anything superfluous. Rooms are freed from piling up furniture and excess accessories. Each element must perform its function. The furniture has strict laconic, curved shapes, it’s fashionable to use glossy, glass, mirror surfaces.

    The main colors are white, gray, beige colors. A bright hue can be present as an accent.
    Primarily, an open layout is used, a combination of rooms with subsequent division into zones. A feature of the style is the abundance of light and plenty of additional lighting in the interior.
    Modern style in the design of the house is distinguished by original architectural forms and minimalism in the design of the room. Planning of space for the purpose of functionality makes the room as comfortable and cozy as possible and modern materials give the house its uniqueness and beauty.

    Six basic elements play an important role in modern design: color, metal, texture, wood, lighting and carpets. Lighting plays a very significant role, since its main task is to emphasize certain objects in the overall picture of the house. The color should not be too bright, but rather neutral. When a metal is used, it should be nickel, chrome or stainless steel. The texture creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort inside the house. As for the tree, modern designers often use pine instead of oak. The final element of this design style is the carpet, which is able to combine all elements of the interior together.

    All these elements help to create an interior where it will be convenient and pleasant to live and welcome guests.

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    Two storey house design

    You can make a layout of a private two-storied house by yourself or with the help of professional architects. Combination of these two methods often guarantees the most effective result. It is advisable to begin layout with the creation of an approximate plan for a future residential building. The main internal layout of a two-storied house requires both an individual approach and mandatory involvement of a specialist.

    The plan for building a basement requires no less responsibility than the layout of the main rooms. The presence of a basement helps to reduce the building area and free up additional square meters in the area around the house.

    The basement can have many purposes. It can be used as a cellar, a pantry, a workshop, a boiler room or a place to manage the engineering services that had equipped the house.

    The recommended area of the hallway in a two-storied private house varies from 4 to 6 square meters. Ideally, the room should be separated from other rooms with the help of a corridor. In the hallway, it is necessary to take into account the needs of the owners and guests, allocating the space for hangers and shelves for shoes.

    For the most convenient movement around the Two Storey House Design With Floor Plan Philippines, the corridor from the hallway should lead to the living room. The area of the living room can be from 15 to 30 square meters. Since the living room is a day room, it is desirable to place it completely or at least partially on the sunny side. In order to take care of guests not too far from the living room you should place a bathroom nearby.

    When choosing the design of the bathroom, a separate option is preferred. If the overall layout of the house does not allow this luxury, then you can use a dividing wall between the toilet and the tub. The most suitable place for a bathroom is the shady side of the house.

    Accommodation of the second bathroom on the top floor will perfectly complement the general picture of the two-storied house. To shorten the length of operated pipes, you need to have an additional bathroom directly above the main one.

    The first rule of designing a bedroom plan is the choice of its layout (on the sunny side of the second floor). An excellent choice is to place the room not under direct sunlight – so that the sun does not shine in the eyes too early in the morning. As a rule, the bedroom of a two-storied house occupies 12-20 square meters. At least 2 bedrooms are welcome.

    Kitchen and dining room can be combined and separated. When you combine them we are talking about a total area of 12-16 square meters. If these rooms are subjected to separation, then the spacious kitchen should have about 10 square meters. And about 8 meters for dining room.

    A natural light source is rarely taken into account here. The main factor influencing the development of the layout of kitchen and dining room is the sufficient distance from the bedroom.
    It is better to place the children’s room on the second floor, preferably near the parents’ bedroom, so that the child was under observation. It should take into account its location relatively to the sunny side – sunlight positively affects the mood and health of the child.

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    Features of projects of compact and small houses

    It is not necessary that the modern house should be very large. Experts argue that the space of 28 m2 will be enough for one person for a comfortable life. Typically, projects of small houses are one-storied houses. Although, at the request of the client, you can complete a full second floor or implement an inexpensive project with an attic.

    Projects of small houses are made extremely rationally, because on rather small area it is necessary to place all rooms which will provide comfortable residence of all family. Therefore, the living area is increased to maximum by minimizing the size of technical and subsidiary premises.

    In projects of small-sized houses, space is organized in the same way as in any other project. But there are nuances that are caused by the need to save a useful area.

    Designing the small modern houses, architects minimize the use of internal partitions. Thus, different in their functionality rooms are combined into a single space. For example, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen are grouped into a day area and are separated only visually – with the help of design techniques. The design of a small house allows you to rationally use every square meter of useful area. Thus additional rooms remain isolated.

    Bedrooms of family members, bathrooms, dressing rooms form a night zone and are arranged in such a way to protect maximally the personal space of the house residents from strangers. If the house is two-storied, then the night zone is taken there.

    People try to design household zone, consisting of bathrooms, boiler room and other utility rooms in minimum dimensions.

    To use productively non-residential space, they try to limit the number of corridors and transitions.
    If the house is two-storied, it should contain two bathrooms. In order to reduce costs when installing utilities, they are placed one above the other. In a one-storied house the bathroom is placed so that it has a common riser with a kitchen.

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    Two Storey House Design With Floor Plan

    The houses are different – high-rise and one-storied, large and small in area, urban, rural and country houses. But regardless of their size, they should look good both from the outside and inside.
    Recently, houses from ecologically clean materials are getting more popular:

    • Stone;
    • A wooden beam;
    • Forest logging.

    Such materials are unpretentious in maintenance and the most important thing is that they keep heat well and do not require large expenses for heating.

    Developers increasingly use the layouts of two-storied houses for the arrangement of suburban land areas. Buildings of this type can be considered as a golden mean in terms of dimensions, useful areas, type of placement the rooms in the building. Buildings with two floors are considered as classic ones. They assume the traditional type of accommodation facilities with the organization of kitchens and common rooms on the first floor, bedrooms and bathrooms – on the second floor.

    The construction of a cottage with two floors has the following advantages:

    •  Economy of the area of the territory – this issue is especially relevant among owners of small land areas. Thanks to space saving, it becomes possible to install additional facilities for household purposes (a shed for storing firewood, a carport for cars) or for recreation (pavilion, canopy, sauna, summer kitchen, to organize a place with benches and flower beds);
    • Wide opportunities for design solutions affecting the exterior. Using the services of professional designers or architects, you can build an interesting Two Storey House Design With Floor Plan In The Philippines, complete the design of the entire house and garden in the same style or use the same materials;
    • Possibility to diversify the facade and architecture of the cottage with beautiful balconies (as a material for handrails you can use natural stone, wood decorated with carvings, durable glass, metal, supplemented with artistic forging, or apply combinations of these materials);
    • There are more possibilities as for interior design, their decorative improvement.

    Designers recommend using special techniques for visual division of space:

    • Installation of a bar rack;
    • A certain placement of the furniture in the kitchen, as a result of which the kitchen hood with the protruding structure will play the role of a separator;
    • Installation of a floor covering of different type. For example, a tile made of stone or Dutch tile will be appropriate for kitchen, and it is better to cover a floor with laminate in the living room;
    • The use of unusual color solutions when decorating the walls. In addition to this, colors can also be duplicated on the floor.

    In this case, the delimiting element is the cupboard, partially separating the space of the dining room and the kitchen from the living room. It is better if the pieces of furniture have the same or similar color. This will allow you to avoid mistakes in interior design in the living room, kitchen and dining room. You can use accessories to focus on certain areas of the room or individual objects.

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    The minimalist design of the modern house

    The minimalist design is the symbol of the modern house. This style was created in the middle of the last century, but it remains actual and exclusive.

    The minimalist style is characterized by small amount of furniture (besides, it’s rather low). It has the form of regular geometric figures, such as cube, sphere, and rectangle.

    The design is characterized by pure lines. There’s nothing unnecessary in the interior. It brings peace after a daily stress. According to the experienced designers, minimalism is the favorite style of creative personalities and philosophers.


    The minimalist design can be realized in any modern apartment. In this article we’ll discuss an interesting layout in the modern minimalistic style.

    The common feature of all rooms is the absence of large cabinets. They were replaced by the elegant wall shelves. They have a light design and create the feeling of airiness. Developed with several elements, they have not only practical, but also decorative function. The cabinets are mounted asymmetrically in width and height of space. The furniture of living-room in minimalistic design is modern and functional.


    The bedroom in minimalist design is performed in pastel colors in combination with grey and brown. The bright and original accent of the room is the wall at the bed-side and the curtains with the same pattern. The window plays an important role in the house with minimalist design. Usually, this style is characterized by the huge floor to ceiling window. The view from the window gets into the room and represents the part of interior. Light is an important element of minimalist design. The lamps in geometric forms complete the design of the room.


    The study is characterized by the presence of wall shelves. Some of them have door, the others remain open. Of late, the bright accents are used in minimalist design. They are restricted and usually express the pleasant memories and emotions of the house owners. Many of them represent the matching accessories of regular geometric shape.

    As well as the bedroom, this room has a huge window, which makes it good lighted. The study is completed with white sofa and modern glass coffee table, which is almost invisible. Another characteristic of this room is the presence of modern technology. In general, this room culminates the style expression of this apartment.

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    Various themes of baby boy room design

    All the best- to the children! The happy parents use this motto creating the design of the boy’s room. Every parent tries to provide the comfortable living conditions for their child. That’s why we arrange his own room, his secluded world, full of serenity and joy.

    The traditional approach to the design of boy’s room in blue won’t give the child the field for imagination and creative thinking. Fortunately, today we design the child’s room to his own taste.

    We offer you to look at the selection of the most original and modern theme solutions for the boy’s room.

    Car theme

    If your son imagines himself a first-class racer, and his toy collection numbers tens of cars, put of your doubts! Design the child’s room in style of speedway or garage for sports cars. For this purpose, you’ll require the wallpaper with theme picture, black-and-white flags, and, of course, the bed in the form of a car.

    Sports theme

    If the child doesn’t show interest to some particular sport, he will like the room design with various sports equipment. The children of preschool and primary school age need a constant movement. Hang a basketball hoop or place a small football goal and you’ll be surprised at how enthusiastically your son will throw the ball.

    And if your boy is interested in some certain sport, there is no better than the theme room with the posters of his idols and sports attributes.

    Room decoration in style “the world around us”

    From an early age, the boys show active interest in different natural phenomena, flora and fauna. If your little son is very curious about insects, birds and animals, cover the walls with photo wallpaper, place the lamp in the form of beetle or bird on the table, and cover the floor with a carpet in the imitation of grass. In this way, you can tell your child about the world around and bring up a child to respect every living thing.

    Exotic theme

    The child’s room in style of jungle or safari is the simplest way to decorate the boy’s room. All you need is a colorful wallpaper with the picture of exotic plants and animals, soft toys, striped bedding (or with the pictures of animals) and theme accessories (for example, binoculars).