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    What should be the house designs plans in Sri Lanka?

    Here are the main qualities of design of the most elite house:

    The use of high-quality and environment-friendly finishing materials. Of course, most of them are expensive, but if you choose them, you don’t have to worry about the health of your house mates and the renovation in the next few years.

    Convenience, comfort and practicality. Successful people are usually very busy. Therefore, they especially appreciate these qualities, as when they come home, they want to relax, feel the warmth of the hearth and spend a good time with their loved ones. It is possible to achieve maximum comfort with the optimal planning, maximally functional furniture and other elements of interior decoration.

    Individuality. It must be everywhere. First of all, you must choose the style for the interior of the whole House Designs. In the pictures you can see the elite house that often have the same style. However, it doesn’t mean all rooms will be the same. Yes, they’re similar, but their decoration can differ in shades, prevailing textures and furniture.

    Originality. Many believe that it’s the same as individuality, and there is some truth in it. However, originality also allows you to surprise and admire the interior. The design must be interesting, creative and bright. Therefore, you can and should use the boldest ideas, experiment and fantasize.

    Functionality and compatibility of all elements of interior decoration. In the elite house, each thing has its own purpose. Even though it looks luxury and seems to be purely decorative, it’s not. Besides, all elements fit together, which is sometimes very difficult to achieve.

    The planning must provide all the house residents with maximum comfort. The prestigious mansion will probably have more than one floor. In this case, it is better to place the bedrooms so that the residents can relax and sleep well at any time. You should place the bathroom on every floor to provide comfort. The common areas can be located at the first level: break rooms, living rooms and kitchen. On the ground floor you can place the gym, technical and utility rooms:

    • garage
    • storage room
    • laundry room
    • boiler room.

    Pay attention to the zoning. You shouldn’t make it apparent, as it allows you to make the space of the House Designs Plans In Sri Lanka light and airy. Where possible, refuse from the doors and make the arched passages. You can also use colors and lighting for zoning.

    To choose the style, many owners of the elite houses seek the professional help. The designer can really help you to choose the direction, taking into account all your wishes. However, you can do it yourself, if you know some important points.

    Most often, the expensive houses are decorated in the discreet classic or luxury, and even a bit fussy style, as their owners are quite wealthy.

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    The perfect equipment of modern bedroom

    Nowadays, all of us can afford the room, intended only for sleep. That’s why we want this room to be fashionable and modern! How to design the bedroom interior properly? There are some rules and niceties.

    What are the latest developments?

    The main distinctive feature of the modern bedroom is its special layout. As well as the other rooms, the bedroom is even more often designed in style of practical minimalism. It assumes the revision of storage systems. Formerly, the bedrooms were equipped with standard furniture set (the bed, bedside tables, cupboard, dressing table with the mirror and padded stool). But now, the only required object is bed. The bedside tables are mostly replaced with the small dressers. Besides, the modern bedrooms can be settled with the new, unknown before “inhabitants”.

    All inclusive!

    Surely, if your bedroom is small, the interior design will come to the one main idea: how to place all the attributes, necessary for sleep and storing clothing. But if the measurements of your room allow it, it would be good to turn into the universal recreation place.

    The new bedroom infrastructure

    Dressing room

    It can be either a room communicating with bedroom, or real partitioned off “corner” with the front door, or a simple nook behind the sliding partition, where you store seasonal clothes.

    Cozy nook for reading

    If you like to retire with a book, you should organize the cozy nook in your bedroom for this purpose. It is not necessarily to stuff your bedroom with your whole home library. Zone a small shelf for the books; put a few arm-chairs and a floor lamp- and your cozy nook is ready!

    TV set

    It must not be used too often, as the radiation from the screen is unhealthy. And you have to sleep here all night long!

    Sports equipment

    You can use the trainers at any convenient time without disturbing your family and attracting attention.

    The ecology of your sleep

    As the bedroom is the room where we spend most of our time, you must pay special attention to its decoration and materials we use for it.

    The most preferable materials:

    • natural parquet
    • paper hangings
    • water-dispersion paints
    • sisal and rattan
    • natural carpets
    • wooden furniture with the upholstery out of natural fabric and genuine leather.
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    The main rules of modern interior design

    The concept of contemporaneity is very relative, as modern design styles alternate each other so fast, that some of them definitely becomes classic. So, is it still possible to call it contemporary? Not to get confused with the definitions, one should unite all the trends in one fresh vision, which helps to distinguish the modern interior at first glance.

    The modern town-dweller wants to be surrounded by comfortable and calm atmosphere, without anything unnecessary. Everything in the modern apartment must have its clear destination.

    The interior design of modern apartments

    The color score of modern apartments deserves special attention. There are some certain styles, such as glamour and pop-art, which accept screaming acid shades and the abundance of glitter and gloss. But speaking in general, you’ll hardly find anything bright or screaming in the contemporary style. It is characterized by somewhat boring but comfortable for perception colors: grey, brown, white, green and black. You can dilute one of the basic quiet shades with a few bright accents, but there must not be too many of them.

    It is also necessary to observe moderation in the wall finishing. If you want to have a bright coupon, textured wall, a huge picture out of photo wallpaper, choose one of these elements. Don’t overload the wall with unnecessary details. After all, they bear a heavy load, as people often use wall shelves, consoles, racks and mounts to clear the things up from the floor. The wall shelves allow keeping the floor maximally free. Such elements as curtains also suffer considerable changes. Earlier you could see the modern classic- brown curtains with eyelets almost in any room. But the modern kitchen, bedroom and living room interior design is characterized by the use of laconic roller blinds. It is caused by their comfort, the ease of use and care.

    Both city apartments and modern house design, developed in the modern style, must include eco-features. It can be the use of eco-materials in the finishing, the elements of nature, such as the installations with green plants and the paving of bathroom floor with shingle. In fact, observing these nuances, we make our life a bit healthier and brighter.

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    Advice on the small flat design

    What can you do to make your small apartment look large, cozy and comfortable? First of all, read our tips!

    It’s such a pleasure to be a mistress of spacious and tastefully decorated apartment, where all the interior items are kept up in one style, and the space is properly organized and zoned. But, unfortunately, our apartments often have a small area. That’s why small house design is a very pressing question! What do you have to do so that your apartment doesn’t seem too small and “stuffed” with things?

    Let’s increase the space of the small flat

    Use the uniform floor covering and choose a single color of the walls in communicating rooms. In this way, you’ll be able to unite the space with texture, color and style.

    Feel free to use the bright daring shades, and even black color, which is considered to narrow space. After all, it has its own advantages: it adds depth and richness. As a result, your room will only benefit.

    The ceiling height also influences the measurements of small apartment, as the low room can’t seem spacious… To make your ceiling visually higher, the designers recommend to choose the ceiling paint or wallpaper, lighter than those of the walls (at least by one shade). Accordingly, making your ceiling darker, you’ll visually reduce your room. However, it’s also quite good, as your room will acquire the additional level, where your eyes can rest.

    If you have a low ceiling, don’t choose big and heavy lamp. Give preference to the lamp with plafond, hiding the bulbs. The point lighting visually increases the space. You can mount a suspended ceiling and build several lamps into it. Even in the warm winter evening you’ll feel like you’re on the beach, as the lamps shine very brightly.

    Avoid excess décor and make your home more practical. Heavy carpets, velvet drapery and bronze candlesticks with candelabrums are unnecessary.

    Don’t lay up the accessories- get rid of different figures, placed everywhere, and the souvenirs, brought from the foreign travels.

    The interior design of small apartment

    The best style of design for small apartment is minimalism. For example, you can choose the style of traditional Japanese interior, characterized by its minimalism. Throw out the old things regularly. Create it a ritual of house cleaning from everything unnecessary. Besides: paradoxically, but even the small space can be visually enlarged.

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    Modern house designs and floor plans

    Modern interior design is, first of all, a proper design and optimal structure of the inner “filling” of the room. It is very important not to overlook even the small details: lighting, color of the walls and wallpaper and furniture design. The professional approach to the solution to these questions and the use of modern building materials in the repair or decoration will help you to achieve the modern interior design. Experiment with different styles of interior design to make your house, apartment or study cozy and comfortable.

    Technically, the use of several styles of interior design means forms the modern House Designs And Floor Plans Ghana; orthodoxy is out of fashion now. When you enter any apartment or office, the first thing that catches your eye, is harmony and attractiveness of interior decoration and comfort. Modern interior design is intended to solve all these tasks.

    Let us remind you that there are different styles of interior design. Now, the most popular of them are:

    • Japanese interior design
    • wooden interior design
    • luxury interior design (the latter option is especially popular among the designers, which is quite understandable: the orders for luxury interior design are the most expensive).

    Japanese interior design has been carrying the palm among the exotic styles for a long time. Perhaps, thanks to its simplicity and rationality. Japanese interior design is peace and harmony. Usually, it uses the light colors. But don’t think that Japanese interior design is something archaic. It meets all the requirements to the modern interior design of the house or apartment.

    Any style can form the basis for the wooden interior design. Wooden furniture, floors and other interior elements are the distinctive feature of the wooden interior design. Natural wood is an excellent material for your home or office. Comfort and practicality of wooden interior objects explains the great popularity of wooden interior design.

    Perhaps, every designer dreams about the large amount of orders for the luxury interior. Its development it’s the most expensive, but it must meet a lot of demands. Such design must not just consist of the qualitative elements (furniture decoration, etc). Luxury interior design is a real work of architectural art, and it must be impeccable.

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    A fairyland of child bedroom

    Child bedroom is a fairyland of its’ little owner, where it must feel comfortable and interesting. You must decorate your child’s room with love and attention to its hobbies. Remember that the design of bedroom, especially the color solution, plays a great role in the development of child’s personality and character.

    Ask the child

    Don’t make the most common mistake- the design of child’s bedroom without its participation. Find out, what the kid wants to see in its room. Maybe, it dreams of the pirate ship, treasure island or princess castle? Try to realize all of your kid’s phantasies. The atmosphere of the kid’s bedroom must evoke only positive emotions.

    The show of colors

    Creating the design of the child bedroom, keep in mind that all the chosen colors have to be cheerful and vivid, as they mold the child’s character. Using color, you can stimulate some certain behavior or skill in the kid. For example, the shades of red are recommendable for slow and slack children, as this color invigorates and improves the efficiency. If your child is hyperactive, give preference to the green color which has a soothing effect and reduces irritability. Choose yellow or orange shade if your child is quiet and shy. These colors increase the thirst for knowledge, stimulate mental activity and raise the spirits.

    The child bedroom furniture

    All the drawers, dressers and tables in the child bedroom must be made of strong and eco-friendly materials. Don’t forget about the safety: avoid the protruding sharp angles. The child’s bed is of particular importance. It’s better to choose such a bed that will “grow” together with your child. The bed can be made in the form of the race car, or else, a soft cloud.

    The child bedroom decoration

    Thinking over the child bedroom design, don’t forget that it shouldn’t be boring. So, decorate it together with your child. Hang the child’s pictures on the wall and put its’ hand-made articles on the shelves. Remember about the lighting: the windows of the child bedroom must be large, so that a lot of sunlight gets into the room. It’s desirable that the night-lamp hangs near the bed. It can be made in the form of the favorite fairy-tale character. The lamp must be safe, so don’t choose glass and breakable models.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment: give free scope to your imagination and turn your child’s bedroom into a real fairy-tale.

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    Various kinds of home decorating

    We spend a considerable part of life at home: in the apartment, private or country house. That’s why our mood, creative activity and even state of health depend on comfort, achievable only in the elegant and harmonious designed accommodations. The most interesting thing is that anybody can make an original home design- all you need is a desire!

    The home design allows performing the interior in a single harmonious style. With the help of professional expert you can create a perfect design of your house. In our time there are many design solutions in different styles.

    You can choose one of the following styles for the decorating of your home: country, classic, etc.

    The home decorating has a wide variety of styles and directions. The professional designer will help you to create stylish and prestigious interior of your country house and realize your most unusual wishes!

    Which styles can you choose developing the design of your house?

    One of the most popular styles for the decoration of home interior and exterior is modern. Natural materials and smooth lines create the aesthetically beautiful appearance of your house. The doors, balconies and staircases are decorated very beautiful. Hi-tech style assumes the use of such finishing materials as: plastic, metal and glass.

    The lovers of exquisite beauty will give preference to the classic style with its luxurious balustrades, columns and stucco molding.
    You can order the home design, realizing your brightest ideas. And the original design can make your home interior beautiful, cozy and comfortable. The home design starts with the home decorating and ends with the choice of object and accessories of the inside fittings.
    The interior of your home can include the variety of unusual ideas. Functionality and comfort must be the main components of the room interior. The home design is always connected with creative activity.

    Nowadays, home design is a very popular service. Many people want their house to be furnished stylish and tastefully. After all, it is very important that the house decorating is elegant and unusually. All the preferences of the house owners must be taken into account. It is such a pleasure to live in the house combining universality, aesthetics and harmony! So see to it that your home decorating is beautiful!

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    Features of house design plan Tamilnadu

    Planning of the private or country house is an important and serious thing that you should leave to the professionals. Of course, the primary task is an architectural plan. If you’re planning your dream house from scratch, you can provide the convenient planning and the availability of the necessary rooms. After all, this is the difference of the private house from the city apartment!

    Planning the interior, it is very important to take into account the lifestyle of all family members, their household preferences, hobbies and-and interests. So, apart from the usual set of living spaces (such as bedroom, wardrobe, kitchen, dining and living room), your house may be completed with the children’s play and sports area, gym, swimming-pool, sauna, workshop, fireplace room, study or library, wine or cheese cellar, etc.

    Of course, at the stage of architecture planning, you have to think about the interior design of the private House Design Plan Tamilnadu in order to stick to the stylistic uniformity in the architectural elements, interior decoration and facade

    1000 Sq Ft House Plans In Tamilnadu Style Arts 1200 Tamil Nadu regarding New House Plans In Tamilnadu – pauloricca.com

    By the way, the design of private house facade is another important planning stage. Now, the variety of finishing materials and constructive means allows creating the unique house facade in any style that will have both aesthetic and protective function.

    Russian noble manors, alpine chalet, Italian house, American cottage and many other styles can now be translated into the facade decoration and the interior of the modern private house.

    The main principles of developing architecture and interior of the modern private house are:

    Individuality, based on the preferences of the future residents
    Experimenting with the use of advanced finishing materials
    Total rejection of the style canons
    It has become the basis of such architectural style as functionalism, where the set of functional zones and rooms define the look of the building, and the materials—its construction.

    Nowadays, such modern directions as bio-tech, eco-tech and organic architecture prove themselves brighter and more insistent. Their main principles are the unity of people and their living space with nature, smart use of natural resources, and the wish to accommodate the landscape features instead of clearing the building space.

    Undoubtedly, it would be useful to complete the architectural style with the interior House Design Plan Tamilnadu in the same style. The main principles and features are similar to the architecture. The design of interior of the modern private house means the simplicity of forms, the cleanliness of space, the use of natural materials in furnishing and decoration and light monochrome coloristic decisions.

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    The main rules of baby boy room decoration

    From the earliest age the children need their own corner, meeting their hobbies and interests, and reflecting their inner world. While a teen boy takes the interior decoration of his room in his own hands, a preschool child needs the adults’ help. After all, every age puts some peculiar properties on the interior decoration.

    The key factors of the baby boy room decoration

    As a baby boy gets to know the world around by all means (without excepting mouth), the interior of his room, first of all, must be safe. Moreover, the boys mostly differ from the girls in their motility, activity and sometimes inventiveness. Of course, as time goes by, the child’s interests change and develop, as well as the interior of his room. In future, the child will suggest you, how you need to change the interior of his room. In other words, the kids’ room will grow together with your baby boy. For now, at a child’s early age, you must remember that the room must contain as less “dust collectors” as possible. It is better if there are no such things in baby boy’s room at all. It especially concerns the floor covering- fluffy surfaces must be totally excluded.

    The room cleaning must be frequent and comfortable: the floor must be easily cleaned, and the curtains, bedspreads, cloaks, etc. – simply taken off and timely washed.

    Another important point is the choice of furniture. The small children’s room furniture has its peculiarities.

    It must have no sharp angles. It is desirable that there are as less drawers as possible, since they are dangerous for the kids’ hands.

    The choice of interior coloring

    As everybody knows, the color influences the mood. And the children are especially subjected to the mood changing. In this connection, it is undesirable to overdo with black and white- these colors provoke slackness and depression, in other words, emotional hunger. It is regarded that the “boyish” interior colors are blue, dark blue, green and beige. However, it doesn’t limit your choice at all. The color must be chosen according to the child’s preferences and the theme of interior.

    The baby boy’s room is the entire world. It’s the place for realization of the most incredible child’s fantasies.

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    The best ideas for bachelor pad design

    It’s not so difficult to recognize the bachelor’s apartment.

    The men equip their house as functionally and reservedly as possible: minimum accessories and décor items, strict colors and practical solutions.

    However, such interiors look simple only at first sight. It’s a difficult task to arrange the bachelor pad and keep the comfort, proper to any house. So, how can you combine the minimalistic décor with the fireside comfort?

    Speaking of the interior design of bachelor apartment, we mean the self-dependent and confident man, keen on his work, spending time with friends and not thinking about serious relationship (at least at present). The priorities of this man include not family but career growth, self-expression and making money.

    The ideas of bachelor pad planning

    The bachelors mostly choose small house. The studio apartments and apartments with free planning are perfect for the bachelors. Two-room flats with separated bedroom are also very common.

    The space should be open. The excess walls can not only rob the lightness, but also reduce the functionality.

    Even the studio apartment needs the allocation of the bedroom. It is best to make it not with the help of color score, lighting or curtains, but by means of screens or gypsum cardboard walls. In this way, you’ll increase the sound insulation of separate room.
    You can easily join the bathroom with the toilet. The space and practicality of the whole room will increase, but there will be no problems, as only one person will be constantly in the apartment.

    The colors for bachelor pad

    No screaming and bright colors! Muted dark colors are perfect for such interiors: black, rick-red, brown, grey and coffee-colored. You can combine different colors or use different shades of the same color. To place emphasis, you can use wine, primrose and grass green color. Such color score will suggest that this house belongs to the bachelor.

    The decoration of bachelor pad

    The designers don’t advise to resort to the complicated decisions, including the multilevel ceilings or curved walls. The best option is to use the interesting finishing materials. It’s necessary to pay attention to the quality, wear resistance and care necessity of materials.

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    Modern 10 Marla House Design Pictures

    Modern is one of the most popular today. And not just because we’re used to see the features of the recent trends in the interiors, but also because the modern directions are more diverse and multifunctional than the old ones.

    In such rooms, you can experiment with the shades, textures and materials without worrying that the contradictions will be misinterpreted.

    Having studied the features of every modern style, you will certainly find something to your taste, and the real pictures of modern house interior designs will help you with that.

    Before starting with the design of the house in a modern style, you should define the arrangement of furniture and main emphasis in the space. Such design requires free space, not occupied with the large elements. Therefore, the furniture is usually placed against the walls along the perimeter, and the central part of the room is cleared for the creation of the main, accent area you can approach from all sides.

    But if your room is very small, you won’t be able to realize this idea. In this case, you should use some other approaches to the creation of the modern interior. Put the small and compact furniture, use light colors and fabrics and stick to the simple forms.

    Of course, each room of the modern 10 Marla House Design Pictures In Pakistan have its own features and characteristics. However, you can see some signs of the modern style on all the pictures of interior, regardless of their function.

    For example, there are some popular ideas in the modern house interior:

    • geometric combinations. You must not choose the laconic design with its strict lines and right angles: such decoration can be combined with the smooth, curved lines- both in the furniture and in the design;
    • as for the touch of modernity, calm tones became the most common in such rooms. Usually, the modern living rooms have the light colors, and the stylish accents are created through the brighter colors;
    • another trend is the natural materials and similar coatings. Why not decorate the living room with the wooden furniture, decorative stones or wallpaper that imitates leather? By the way, leather will be also suitable in the furnishings: armchairs, chairs, kitchen corners and sofas made of this material are becoming more popular;
    • unusual effect in the modern interior comes from the use of glossy, glass and steel materials: pieces of furniture, small accessories, ceilings or even screens between separate zones;
    • lighting is considered especially important in such interiors. You can make your room more comfortable due to the effective lamps. And if you combine several light sources in one room, you will get the multi-level illumination, relevant in the most modern directions.
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    Unusual ideas of baby decorations for the rooms

    The decoration of baby’s room can simple or complicated. The main rule is an opportunity to change everything fast and at a very low cost. After all, the children grow so quickly!

    The key rule of the baby’s room decoration is the qualitative, eco-friendly and long-lasting finishing material.

    So, it is reasonable to invest in a good noise insulation of the walls, floor and (if necessary) ceiling. The qualitative natural floor and ceiling covering is also very important.

    Decorate the walls in the kids’ room

    The walls must be qualitative. The wall finishing must endure the pressing of the soft-tip pen and the prints of the schoolbag. The perfect option of the wall finishing is the painting. To level the walls, paste a special paper base for painting. And if you want to get the textured walls, use the textured wallpaper for painting.

    Choose the neutral paint color so that you can easily match the colors of accessories, textile and furniture. You must keep the information about this particular paint: the manufacturer, trademark and number of color. Most probably, in a couple of years, you’ll have to tint the walls in some places. It means that you’ll have to buy paint. But you don’t want to repaint the whole room, do you?
    After creating a perfect background for baby’s room, you can start to decorate it.

    There are some ideas of kids’ room decorating:

    1. Hang the posters with the child’s favorite cartoon characters. It’s the cheapest and the most mobile option of baby’s room decoration.

    2. Paste the stickers. It’s the simplest and the most efficient way to transform the kids’ room. There are firms, specialized in such stickers. They have various themes, but the most of stickers are intended for the children. The qualitative stickers are removed without leaving traces and breaks on the wall surface.

    3. Photo wallpaper is another way to change the kids’ room. The main rule you should observe choosing the photo wallpaper- don’t overdo its color and total area. It is better if it occupies no more than 25% -30% of the total area of the walls.
    The wall painting in the baby’s room is the classic. But this variant of decoration requires a bit more efforts and financial investments.

    4. The decorating with the objects, associated with the main child’s hobby. You can devote the kid’s room to one theme, depending on the child’s interests. There is just one snag to it. The hobbies must be not short-term, but really favorite.

    5. Another fashionable way of kids’ room decoration is the use of volume letters. You can make the words out of these letters, for example the child’s name. Or else, you can hang a funny volume alphabet on the wall.