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    How to decorate your house on your own

    House decorating is a very interesting activity. You can make it on your own, but you’ll have to try your best. If you have enough free time and can concentrate on the creation of original design, you can easily make the decoration of any room. We will tell you about the main nuances which you must take into account creating a perfect interior.

    Decorating ideas

    With the help of decorating you can improve the appearance of accommodation. The specialists usually match necessary colors (blending perfectly with each other), together with the patterned materials, which can be both natural and artificial. Of course, you should take into account the characteristics of the room you’re going to decorate. In our time it is very easy to find a specialist in this field, as the room decoration became much more popular.

    Gold is in

    At present, people use a lot of material for the room decoration. One of them is mosaic gold (the overlays of gold 100 nanometer thick). The main purpose of this material is the room decoration. There is also potal (a thin leaf of any metal resembling gold). For instance, aluminum or copper, treated with an invisible layer of yellow lacquer. The surface of metal sheets is often treated with the paint with tin sulphide to create an illusion of gold plating. Mostly, this paint is used for the covering of monuments or domes, as the gold coating is very expensive. So, it is possible to save on materials.

    Patina-forming treatment

    The artificial ageing (or patina-forming treatment) is often used for the decoration. The objects of interior acquire special energetics and wisdom like the museum pieces. This effect is achieved with the help of long-lasting and quick-drying paints. Then the surface is treated with sandpaper so that the first paint coat acquires roughness.

    Stained glass

    If you want that all the windows of your room are painted different colors, you should think about the stained glass. It will help you to create the unusual lighting in the room. The stained glass consists of colored glass. It usually used to decorate the windows, paint them in several colors or intend the patterns.

    Whatever beautiful the interior is, don’t forget about the practicality of accommodation. You must see to beforehand.

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    House Design Shed Roof

    Roof is an indispensable part of every function. Functionally, it serves as a protection against bad weather, and aesthetically, it is involved in the creation of design and makes the building look completed. We can highlight 2 types of the roof: pitched and flat. At that, the latter provide an opportunity to diversify the exterior.

    Recently, the flat roofs have been used in individual housing. The main advantage of House Design Shed Roof solution is economic benefit, as the area of the flat roof is less than that of the pitched one, which reduces the consumption of materials. The technical advantages and ease of maintenance are no less important. Moreover, it is much easier to place the air-conditioners, solar panels and other heavy equipment on the flat roof. At that, the house facade won’t be overburdened with the industrial details.

    Flat roofs match different styles of interior. They look best in combination with the modern design directions, such as high-tech, modern and minimalism. Creating the exterior, you must focus on the clear lines and simple forms. But there is no need to take this advice, as the original ideas will allow you to create the unique design.

    As the flat-roof buildings are mainly simple, the design of the plot must be fully compatible. It is undesirable to place the fussy fountains and lamps in the historical styles (such as baroque or rococo) on the surrounding area.
    Unskillful combination of antiquity and modernity can lead to the inconsistency and ruin the whole picture.

    If you still don’t intend to refuse from the object you like, choose the color range, characteristic for minimalism. The shades of beige, sandy, as well as the neutral black and white tones will be optimal. Chrome-plated elements, such as stair railing, lighting appliances and garden furniture will be also suitable. Hidden lamps, often used for external lighting of minimalistic houses, are optimal for the flat-roof buildings.

    The use of details from natural or artificial stone or plastic would be the nice touch. Stone staircases will turn every house into a work of art. They are resistant to the temperature changes and have an indefinite period of exploitation. Arranging the terrace, you can use the natural wood board.

    To make your exterior look integral and create a uniform picture, you should keep the design of all buildings in one House Design Shed Roof style (whether a garage, a bathhouse or technical rooms). The swimming-pool with the same form as the roof will fit perfectly into the design concept.

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    Interesting ideas for the bedroom decoration

    Bedroom is the intimate room where we try to have a rest and hide from the bustle of the modern world. Here you must feel as much protected as possible and wake up in a good temper.

    Bedroom decorating ideas

    This room should be filled with air and the quietest in the house. The most important object of this room is large and comfortable bed. It must be chosen according to the general style of the room. The big soft carpet always adds comfort. The bedside table, where the house owners can put their accessories, won’t be out of place. The night-light must be placed so that it can be switched off without getting out of the bed. If the bedroom is designed in aristocratic style, you can decorate the bed with the fashionable canopies, able to adding luxury and fairy-tale elements. Dressing table, poufs and lamp are the minimal set for the finished interior.

    Bedroom walls decorating

    Mostly, the walls of this room are painted pastel. The soft plastering texture or the beige, olive, peach, tender blue or light green wallpaper are the most suitable elements for the decoration of your bedroom. The big bright wall compositions usually begin to irritate after a while. The elements of bedroom decoration can be of deeper colors as well. The decorative bedspreads, mirrors, cushions, vases and candlestick can add coziness to the accommodation. But they should match the style of the room, so that they go well together.

    Bedroom window decoration

    With the help of elegant curtains, you can not only hide the ugly view of the yard, but also emphasize the style of your bedroom, making it even more comfortable. For the sunlight protection, choose the thick heavy curtains out of velvet or brocade. But make sure that they blend with the rest of décor and match its style. For the classic style, choose the folded curtains and the drapery in the form of garlands. But if the owner prefers minimalism, it is better to buy a roll curtain. The curtains with beautiful lambrequins are also very popular. Not less practical options are the bamboo, Roman, Japanese curtains, etc. The light colors, such as: white-pink, milky, light blue or sand will increase the space of the small bedroom. If you want to add the room peaceful atmosphere, choose green. Blue can give the bedroom some coolness. The main thing is that the decoration of your bedroom put you in a good humor and delights your eyes for long.

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    Interesting ideas for the bedroom walls decoration

    Bedroom is an essential part of every house. It’s the room where we sleep after the hard working days, read books before going to bed, or just relax.

    It’s very important that the outward appearance of this room meets the main destination of the bedroom, i.e., personifies the atmosphere of peace and comfort.

    In the following, we’ll offer you some modern and fashionable ways of bedroom walls decoration. After all, the walls are the key part of any interior design.

    Many house owners prefer to design their bedroom in the classic style. Usually it includes dark or light shades, allowing relaxing your eyes, and dim night-lamps, filling the room with charming evening lighting.

    You can use different shades of grey, which will slightly obscure the bedroom. At that, you can decorate your room as in single color score and so in various colors. For example, you can paint one wall light grey, and the other dark. You can also use black paint, but in this case you may need to put the additional night-lamps or other light sources so that the room doesn’t look too dark.

    White and other light shades fit for those who want to design their bedroom in the classic style. But you should avoid striking snow-white shades. After all, bedroom is intended for the rest, and too bright whiteness is obviously out of place here. You can mix the light shades with dark ones. For example, paint two walls dark, and the other two- light.

    Speaking of the wall decoration, don’t forget about the accessories. They are especially necessary if the walls are painted whole-colored. Without some stylistic complement, such design can look boring and dull. In this case, you can use the pictures.

    Pictures are the classic way of wall decoration. But keep in mind that not every painting can match this or that design. Though, there are some exceptions. For example, the pictures of nature represent one of the most universal options of decoration, matching any stylistic solution.

    You should study the latest design developments very carefully to understand which style fits you most.

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    Different styles of home decor

    To feel comfortable and cozy in your house, it is not enough just to build or buy it. The home décor and design have their own special aura. If you place the right emphasis and choose the proper colors, you’ll get the beautiful and charming family nest. The home interior represents the character and life positions of the house owner, creates a special mood and a sense of calm. The owner himself/herself should determine the decoration and interior of the house.

    The styles applied for the interior design

    The whole inside of the house must have one semantic idea and reflect the inner life of its owners.

    That’s why you should use one or two similar styles for the creation of beautiful and original home décor. The combination of several styles can be brighter and more colorful, but the room design in different styles will make a mess, creating bungled and comfortless atmosphere. The most popular and actual styles in the modern world are:

    • grunge
    • country
    • modern
    • minimalism
    • hi-tech
    • eco-style

    Sticking to some simple rules, proper to these styles, you can create unique and original interior at a very low cost. Every style carries its own idea and mood and reflects the inner life and hobbies of the house owners. Every home can be designed with the use of these styles.
    Grunge, country, modern and eco-style are considered calm and balanced styles, allowing to create the old-fashioned cozy and quite simple house, attracting with its comfort, smooth lines and natural colors.

    Hi-tech is the style of creative people, unaccustomed to vanish in the crowd. This style is characterized by the use of cool colors, combined with the bright impulsive elements of décor. The broken lines and the inconceivable modify structure attract with their simplicity and depth. The house, decorated in this style, resembles the spaceship or the house of future.

    Minimalism has captured the hearts of the designers with its simplicity. The name of this style speaks for itself: there can be no tasteless attributes and vintage furniture in the home décor. Everything is quite simple- leave the most necessary things, and get rid of the rest.

    You must find out the characteristics and peculiarities of every style to choose the most suitable one for your own house.

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    House Plan With Basement Parking.

    Every motorist would like to buy the house with underground parking. Even though there is a parking for the temporary car storage in front of every house, its use has a lot of nuances. Possible vandalism, precipitation, mud and quick wear and tear of the car are the obvious shortcomings of storing the car in the unsecured public parking lot.

    Buying the house with the car parking spaces, the family refuses to use the public transport and guarantees the safety of their irons horse. The pros of underground parking stem from saving the surrounding space, therefore not every house can have a covered parking near the house. The House Plan With Basement Parking doesn’t take the surrounding areas that you can use for refining (to plant the flower beds, to establish the lawns and playgrounds).

    What are the other benefits of the house with underground parking? The great advantage of underground parking is sufficient space, completed with the predictability of movement (availability of wide passages, sufficient for two cars). It is not uncommon for the common parking lots that the driving schools graduates damages the cars because of the space limitation. Finally, the car left in the cold or rain, won’t rot: the parking maintains optimum temperature, which is safe for the car. Pouring the hot water on the frozen locks, cold cabin and long heating— all these inconvenience are in the past.

    Today the houses with underground parking are quite widespread. Such solution is relevant if you have a plot that has a limited free space. Before you start working, you should decide whether the parking will be fully or partially deepened. The second option is more economical and easy to realize. Too deep garages have some flaws, such as excessive dampness and ground pressure. It is important to prepare the floor slab that must be strengthened and quite thick. You must start the work with calculating the amount of material. It is important to provide hydro isolation. The next stage is the preparation of construction pit. It is important to consider the slope of entry way. The plates are placed at the bottom of the pitch. At that, you should use the lifting equipment. House Plan With Basement Parking can be built according to the technology, which involves pouring the bottom of the pitch with the concrete at the stage of building the garage. The wall foundation is formed with the use of reinforced concrete slabs. They will be supporting, which means they will bear the heavy load. The floor that you must put the side plates will act as a ground floor. House with the underground parking must have the hydro isolation in the upper part of the wall to exclude the possibility of penetration of moisture.

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    Tips for the home interior

    It is well known that the harmonious combination of thing around us affect our thoughts, world outlook and state of mind. And the creation of comfort starts with the design of the house. The questions arise: how to make it right?

    The main rule we want to mention- irrespective of the measurements of a house, its interior must combine aesthetics and functionality.

    In other words, the house must be outwardly attractive and practical at a time. Besides, the interior should be effective and original.

    If you decided to make the interior design unaided, you must observe some simple and practical principles. The home décor should be single and harmonious. We offer you a few tips:

    • If you decided to make over the interior, take into account the layout of your house. The home interior is as the human appearance. With the help of properly chosen details you can conceal the disadvantage and emphasize the advantages.
    • For the low-ceilinged rooms, it is impossible to use large chandeliers and dark color for the wall painting.
    • First of all, the interior design should correspond to the house owner’s lifestyle, family status and other factors.
    • The design must be performed taking into account the wishes of all the family members.
    • Making interior design, pay attention to the room functions. According to them, choose the finishing materials. For example, when it comes to the kitchen wallpaper, choose the waterproof materials.

    The advice of professional designers

    • If you approach a question of new interior design unskilled, the improvement of home or office interior can led to unfortunate results. Instead of original interior, you can get tastelessly decorated room, where the objects don’t match at all.
    • The decoration of small and large rooms must be performed in accordance with some simple rules. It also concerns the interior design. Sticking to these rules, you can get the elegant and fashionable apartment, which will be attractive and functional at a time.
    • The decoration of compact little flats must not include small details and many trims.
    • As for the small apartments, you should avoid placing furniture in the center of the room, as it will take a lot of space.
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    2 Storey House Design With Roof Deck

    Modern houses with a flat roof, or “flat houses”, are particularly popular with the wealthy people who try to keep up with the times, are not afraid of experiments and innovative ideas at the country house. Not everyone likes the original designs of the flat-roof houses. A lot of people think that “flat houses” and cottages are neither functional nor beautiful, and living there is not comfortable. But it’s wrong. Some people don´t like the flat roof, as they don´t know how to care of it and shovel the snow in winter. The flat roof in house designs is made of PVC membrane that serves long and doesn’t require special care, while the snow on its surface can be melted with the special heating elements.

    Pros and cons of the flat-roof houses.

    Cleaning. Snow and water can retain on the flat roof. If it is made wrong and poorly, it will gradually seep into the house and can even make ceiling of the top floor wet. Therefore, the design phase, in which one calculates the slope, is very important. Yes, you heard right, the slope. Even the flattest roof must have at least a small slope that is not visible but enough for the water runoff. It is more difficult in winter when the snow falls onto the roof. After all, it may retain even on the steepest roof, not to mention the flat one. It will melt during the thaw, and then freeze again, with the result that the solid ice crust will form on the roof. There is a high risk of leaks, especially in spring. Therefore, you must regularly remove the snow from your roof. But those who don’t want to work with a shovel can install the system “Anti-ice” that will melt the snow and ice right on the roof.

    Thermal insulation. Due to the attic, the classic roofs create air layer that can heat your house well. As the 2 Storey House Design With Roof Deck doesn’t form the attic nor has such layer, it must be heated properly. It also needs a good thermal insulation. The designs of the flat-roof houses must initially provide full information about the roofing materials and their amount.

    Simple mounting. On the one hand, flat roof it is easier to make than the hipped, half-hipped, and tent- or pitch-roof. Here you don’t need the roof mounting so that there are no leaks or seeps. In that regard, such roof is much more complicated.

    The great thing about the design of the flat-roof house is that you can find a good use for it. However, you must do it during the design phase. You can create a lovely terrace on the flat roof. All you need is to make the safety boards. You can also make a small tent and place the loungers- they won’t hurt. You can even create a tennis court on such roof (it the size allows it, of course). Modern materials and developments allow you to make a grass lawn and plant flowers on the 2 Storey House Design With Roof Deck. Such application is especially good in urban settings, where every bush is weight in gold.

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    How to make home décor with your own hands

    The repair is over, and now it’s time to go on to the last but not the least important stage of home interior decoration- the choice of decorative elements. Of course, you can buy them in the shop- but you must admit that it is much better to make them with your own hands. DIY home décor is especially suitable in the interior which initially intends the presence of hand-made articles. Besides, it will help you to emphasize the originality of home interior design and create the atmosphere of comfort and coziness in your house.

    The techniques of DIY interior decoration

    DIY home décor can be made of almost any material at hand: glass beads, fabric cut, clay, paper or thread. So, you can embroider a beautiful picture, knit an original openwork table-cloth napkin, sew an unusual oven glove, etc.
    The original method of DIY home décor making is patchwork. It’s a creation of original plaids, rugs and pillow-cases out of fabric scraps. You can also try to create some article out of bands. For example, you can collect them in a composition and decorate a cushion or curtains with the unusual patchworks.

    We offer you a pair of interesting master-classes in the creation of DIY home décor. They’ll help you to refresh your furnishing and make your home interior more comfortable and unique.

    DIY home décor: butterflies on the walls

    Of course, the light fluttering butterflies feel the best in the wild. But what if you try to transfer their image to the walls of your own house? It’s an excellent idea! The fluttering butterflies will get not only a beautiful DIY home décor, but also create a romantic atmosphere in your house.

    How to make a panel of fluttering butterflies on the wall? There are two ways: you can buy the ready vinyl stickers in the shop or make them with your own hands out of 1 m of vinyl tape.

    DIY home décor: let’s refresh the chair

    There are chairs in every house. They can be made of plastic, metal, wood or even glass. They can be also new and old. In any case, you can always turn it into an original decorative element, which will be a pearl of your home interior. DIY home decoration will breathe new life into this piece of furniture and brighten your mood.

    You can decorate your home with the help of decoupage technics, then paint them, make an original seat or renovate upholstery.

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    The best options of home decor

    pinterest home decor ideas
    pinterest home decor ideas

    The décor of living accommodations is chosen depending on the kind, measurements and function of the room. Of course, the personal wishes of the house owners are also taken into account. Some prefer natural materials; others bother about the beauty of living space interior. The rest adore wood, and can’t imagine any other material for the decoration of their house. As for the décor of bathrooms and kitchen, it should meet certain requirements, as these are the rooms with high humidity. So, it is necessary to choose the waterproof materials.

    The most serious task is the décor of the floor. It is very important to choose quality materials and to hire the professionals for their laying. The thing is that the floors are the most loaded parts of the room, so the manufacturing materials must be resistant to the frequent mechanical damage. Of late, the most popular material for the floor decoration is the laminate. Such popularity is caused by its long service life, high quality and cheapness. If you choose the decoration for the room with high humidity, give preference to the tile (both for the floor and for the walls). However, you can also use such a facing material as natural or artificial stone for the decoration of the walls of the bathroom.

    The brightest representative of the floor decoration is the parquet (especially made of noble wood species). Parquet shows prosperity of the house owners. Such decoration will serve you for decades. Linoleum is considered the cheapest and the most available floor covering material. The decoration of the walls starts with the plastering, as this kind of décor allows to achieve the smooth surface and to protect the walls from moisture and ignition. In addition, with the help of plastering you can perform various decorative elements. After the walls have been covered with plastering, you can start to choose the desired kind of decoration (the most popular materials are facing, painting, paperhanging, etc.)

    Stone is mostly used for the decoration of country-houses. It looks beautiful in the living-rooms with fireplace. The décor of these rooms looks natural, extravagant and luxury. Feel free to combine stone and wood. After all, the best combination is an integral part of bright design.

    The ceiling can have any form, including multilevel, hip and arched. And with the help of the art painting or printing you can decorate it with any picture or pattern.