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    What the bed to put in the bedroom?

    The basic rule of choosing a bed all know: choosing such that it was convenient. But so that the sleep was pleasant, you not only need a comfortable bed, and a comfortable bedroom. Therefore, the bed should be chosen on the basis of more than one rule: to find such to be beautiful. Thanks to the development of the modern world of design, we can find a bed to match any bedroom, whatever it was. Perhaps your minimalist bedroom lacks laconic beauty metal bed? Or do you want to find a black-black bed on half of your bedroom? It will look spectacular with bright linens. In general, it is a very laborious deal, because the bed – is the most important element of the interior of the bedroom.

    As you know, the most problematic room – a small room. At least in view of the fact that there does not fit all that we would like to deliver. Therefore, the idea to buy a round bed falls right to refuse: these beds occupy a half times more space than rectangular. I believe that the best solution for this room is a wardrobe bed. It does not take up much space, and in some cases even within the cabinet are shelves for the alarm clock, books and so on. In our time, all of these beds are equipped with a special mechanism that allows to lower the bed silently. When folded, it is not noticeable, and the spread is interesting decor of your bed. And if you do not want in your room there was only a silly case, you can buy a wardrobe bed with mirrored doors. But in any case it is necessary to take into account the fact that the minimum depth of the cabinets – 45 centimeters.

    Another way out of the situation – to buy a bunk bed. However, this option is most suitable for children’s rooms. If a family has only one child, then in such cases there are beds in which the bed on the second floor and on the ground – a desk, a closet, or something else (suddenly designers lacked imagination for more). A bunk bed with three beds: regular bunk bed with two beds and a place that extends from the bottom of the bed. But in any case it is necessary to remember that it is unlikely that in a room with low ceilings rise bunk bed.
    And if you have a large spacious bedroom? In this room, and the bed is necessary to be large, because small things in a big room simply lost. And if it is possible, why not arrange a royal bed ?!

    In the large bedroom you can put the bed-podium. Variants of this bed is incredibly much: maybe on it will be fixed a nightlight or table for a cup, book or alarm clock, or a lot of useful shelves or all together. As always you only need your desire and imagination.

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    How to choose curtains for the bedroom: tips and ideas

    Curtains for the bedroom – an important detail of the interior, functional and aesthetic. Assortment of curtains is huge, so before you choose curtains for the bedroom, you must decide what purpose they will serve.

    Curtains for the bedroom in the classic sense – is dense, often bilateral, curtains, whose purpose – to conceal the bedroom from the prying eyes and not transmit light. However, their aesthetic role is important too, because they are part of the interior room and designed to create harmony and comfort, both open and closed.

    Before you choose curtains for the bedroom, measure the height and width of your window, decide whether the cornice will be located only above the window opening, or you use the entire width of the wall with a window. You also need to think in advance the type of cornice. Cornice can be ceiling, string, sucker rod, with mechanism of lifting or lowering, opening and closing of curtains.

    If you do not want to burden the interior of your bedroom with blackout curtains, you can use a roll, Roman shade or blinds. Then in the afternoon, roll curtain for the bedroom is discreetly hidden in the eaves, and at night will be a reliable protector from the light of lanterns and prying eyes.

    Owners of apartments in old houses are concerned about how to choose curtains for the bedroom with a small window. In fact, there is no problem, because the decoration of small windows can also be done with imagination.

    If you select roll, or Roman shades for the bedroom – avoid boring faded colors, on the contrary, let the curtain will be a bright spot in the bedroom. Also relevant is the use of horizontal color separation and a large figure.

    The narrow window can be visually expand using asymmetrical curtains and selecting short curtains for the bedroom. Well in this case will look curtains with horizontal division. Moreover, the lower part of these curtains should match in color to the color of the walls, and the top – to be a contrast or a darker color.

    Classic method in the design is a combination of design of curtains for the bedroom and the rest of textiles in the room: bedspreads, decorative pillows, upholstery. It’s sure version for creating a harmonious interior.

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    Window treatments in a Mediterranean style.

    Window Treatments for the interior of Mediterranean style should contribute into the room light and movement. Such simple draperies are common in homes on the northern shores of the Mediterranean, especially in Tuscany in northern Italy. In room should penetrate as much natural light, but still rely and privacy respected.

    Cotton or linen curtains

    Uncomplicated square curtains of cotton or linen immediately create a simple rustic atmosphere in the interior of the Mediterranean home.
    Usually curtains hung at 10 cm above the window opening, they end in a centimeter from the floor and go by 5 cm at the wall on both sides of the window. But to give the interior a simple and negligent Mediterranean-style curtains are often hung just inside the window opening.
    It is appropriate to look a combination of different colors and fabrics. Rich shades of brown and red will give the room warmth. Bright shades of blue and green will bring in an interior color and drama.

    Cotton – a great choice of fabric of curtains for rooms where there is a lot of people, as well as for the kitchen, where curtains are often contaminated, so they have to be washed regularly. Organza and silk are more suitable as a fabric for curtains in the bedroom or any other clean and sparsely populated areas.

    Lace curtains

    Lace curtains or cotton curtains trimmed with lace around the edges – a simple way to give Mediterranean interior flirty and frivolous look.
    In any fabric store, you will find a huge selection of different lace curtains. You can also combine different fabric colors and styles to create unique window draperies. Alternatively, make double-layered curtains made of cotton and lace with them room will look more visually interesting.

    Curtains with slotted embroidery

    This traditional Tuscan embroidery matches the Mediterranean style, like no other fabric. Curtains decorated with slotted embroidery (slotted stitch, embroidery «Richelieu”) can be found in the store, sells draperies at the windows. This style combines the simplicity of modern lines and an old-fashioned embroidery.

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    Curtains for the kitchen – a combination of beauty and practicality

    In the kitchen room everything should be practical to use. However, when design of the kitchen you should not forget that this is a place where the whole family gathers at the table, so the premises have to be comfortable and beautiful. The choice of kitchen curtains is a rather laborious business, because they need to be good to combine with the interior and to choose the right, given that during cooking are allocated different pairs and odors deposited on the fabric. Perfect pick curtains is not always possible, so you can choose the fabric and perform custom curtains pre-measuring window openings and other places that need to be closed with screen.

    If from the kitchen window is opening a scenic view, it is desirable to choose curtains with a quick roll up and then do not take much space. In this case, will perfectly suit roman shades or roller made of fabric. If you want to reduce the cost of sewing curtains, you can choose the usual curtains, but they will not differ with elevated practicality as very rarely impregnated with anti-dust compositions. In addition, the kitchen curtains must maximally protect the room from bright sunlight, as this room has quite a lot of home appliances, which can deteriorate under the influence of the burning rays. Currently blinds are made from a variety of fabrics, which allows them to be used in rooms with a variety of interiors. During the manufacture of such curtains are often used panel with scalloped edges and decorated with ribbons.

    If you choose custom curtains, we can not only protect the equipment from the sun, but also to improve the interior with beautiful fabrics with interesting texture and pattern. It is worth remembering that beautiful curtains, intended for residential, are not always suitable for placement in the kitchen, as there is almost always elevated humidity and temperature, resulting in elegant fabrics, falling down to the floor, quickly come into disrepair. It does not matter how much it cost the price of sewing curtains, as in a kitchen, even the most expensive fabrics may be damaged. Specific compounds that are impregnated fabric for sewing of kitchen curtains, worn much longer than usual as the repel dust and do not absorb odor and excess moisture.

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    Blackout blinds – a chance to relax and sleep

    To fully relax and sleep, a person needs at least seven to eight hours. Only after such length of sleep the body recovers and returns to normal operation. But there’s one important condition of rest – to sleep better in the dark, this the best way affects the quality of rest. Since the duration of daylight varies throughout the year, and the body sharply reacts to them, it is possible to secure the peace by means of modern sunscreen designs and buy blackout roller blinds .

    Structures, which are called blackout, help to protect against daylight. A feature of such blinds is that they are made from fabrics capable of retaining 98% of sunlight. It is appropriate to use opaque blinds in a child’s room. From bright sunlight in the summer, in the early morning hours does not help an ordinary curtain, and children wake up. In the evening, while it is still light outside, the child refuses to go to sleep, too, breaking his sleep regime and wakefulness. To solve this problem, you can buy blackout roller blinds. Adults can also take advantage of the sun-protection systems and at any time of the day darken the room, allowing himself to rest a bit and relax.

    Besides, that dense blinds are able to give a full and comfortable sleep, they can still bring and other benefits. Have you noticed that flooring that has been hidden for a long time under the carpet, is not the same color with the floor area where the mat was not? The effect of burning is typical not only for floors, but also for the carpets on the walls, upholstery for sofas, pictures and paintings on the walls. The ability of the blinds from fabric blackout to hold ultra-flows will keep expensive things unchanged for you. This aesthetical and beneficial in terms of financial investment in home furnishing constant updates, so buy roller blinds should to protect the interior.

    Mention should also be that roller curtains of type blackout blinds can block not only sunlight but also the heat flow. Consequently, for such dense tissue is possible hide in the summer from the blazing sun. This reduces the cost of cooling the room, which has to do with the air conditioner. Creating a favorable and comfortable climate in the house – a pledge of good health and high spirits of all family members.

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    Custom Wooden Blinds

    Wooden blinds are a spectacular element of the decor, which emphasizes the excellent taste of the owner and ensure environmental safety of the product due to its manufacturing of natural wood. Companies that manufacture and supply blinds offer a huge selection of ready-made wooden blinds, but for those for whom the options presented do not seem quite impressionable, it is always possible to organize the production of custom wooden blinds. This will allow an individual approach to the client’s request and ensure precise fulfillment of his wishes.

    Most manufacturers of blinds operating in Russia, are generally producing them of wood. Among the products of foreign companies are common and wooden blinds of vertical type fastening. The colors of both our and imported from abroad, wooden blinds, delight with their diversity and allow the client to not be limited in their choice. The only thing the customer has to rely in selecting the required type and color of blinds, should be a successful combination of its acquisition with existing furnishings and general style rooms, for which are designed for the blinds.

    Lamellas of wood blinds have a width of 50 or 25 millimeters. Wide 50mm lamellas most advantageous look in the finished wooden blinds for windows of similar wooden material.

    To pick up the desired option for themselves of wooden blinds, to see a photographic image of the finished product, as well as to get all the information customer can from the reference books and directories that happily will give him a manufacturing company.

    Currently, blinds made of wood became readily available for its value for almost any customer, regardless of its level of income. The imported analogues, of course, cost more. In recent years, custom wooden blinds, as well as ready-made wood products became immensely popular. It was the fact that the wooden blinds are extremely easy to manufacture, maintenance and repair. Also blinds from this natural material are extremely versatile and have a low price and a wide range of colors provided by the customer will pick up the necessary shade for the interior, decorated in any color. I would particularly like to note wenge wood blinds, which took over the sympathy of many customers and enjoys an extraordinary demand in recent years.

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    Curtains, drapes, hangings: what is the difference?

    Creating comfort in the home, it is unrealistic to confine the absence of such a heavy component as dressing room curtains, which are considered not so much a window decoration, but also set a specific style, the atmosphere, the mood in the room, but also can help to hide some construction errors or stress in an interesting light distinctive style features.

    Let’s try to deal with the seemingly familiar to us the concepts of “blinds, curtains, drapes,” what is the difference and what are their distinguishing features. Since the combination of different fabrics, of which are made curtains, allow to create different style of interiors – from the traditional to postmodern.


    Curtains – is a composite, and sometimes a single conceptof window fabric curtains used to close windows. Curtain (fr. Store) – window curtain, which is expanded to the sides or rises. Curtains have every chance to be named the curtains for the windows, consisting entirely of tulle (delicate transparent or translucent light fabric), organza, voile. Also, curtains have all chances to consist exclusively of the drapes, and if the composition looks complete, it also has the right to be called curtains.

    Proceeding from method of attachment to the cornice and decorative characteristic distinguishing features, the curtains are divided into types: slidding, Roman, Austrian, Japanese, French, curtains on the eyelets, hinges on kulisk, screens or roller blinds.


    Another kind of draperies for the windows – drapes. Вкфзу (it. Gardine) – gentle window curtain of thin transparent or translucent tissue that covers the entire aperture. Specificity of drapes is that for interior design they are used in tandem with curtains and independent as a separate component of decorating the windows.


    In what is still a difference of portieres from curtains and drapes? Since originaly curtains and drapes have been invented just for window decorations, hanging – originally came into life as a heavy dense curtain for decorating doorways and protect from light.

    Hangings (French. Portiere – door). Often the curtain consists of a 1 or 2 vertical blades and 1 horizontal – pelmet, which is located at the top of the hangings. Their main feature, which remains unchanged – it is a hard dense tissue that is used to sew them.

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    Roman blinds – the original classic

    Who said that classics can not be original? Roman blinds are – a vivid example of how the classic style combines original and unusual decorative solutions. Today, Roman blinds are experiencing a real boom! There is nothing surprising in this, because Roman blinds are so elegant and at the same time simple, have a number of advantages:

    • laconic forms;
    • space saving;
    • combination with any interior;
    • ease of management;
    • unpretentiousness in care;
    • beautiful original appearance.

    These and many other advantages make Roman shades very popular. Their peculiarity is that they are perfectly able to fit into any environment, even in places where other curtains can not be used. Ordinary curtains are rather boring, Roman shades allow you to plunge into a pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere. For true connoisseurs of elegant Roman shades – this is a stylish and up-to choice.

    Roman blinds are – a spectacular decor

    Roman blinds are – it is a very effective way to decorate the room at the moment. Roman blinds are – it’s a smooth fabric, form exactly horizontal folds when lifted.

    Functionality of Roman blinds

    Roman blinds – it’s not only beautiful design of window. It is due to their functionality they have been widely used not only in apartments and houses, but also in restaurants, cafes, offices, etc. A particular success of Roman blinds are in the kitchen. With them, you can adjust the lighting in the room to the desired level. In the management of Roman blinds is extremely simple: just pick them up with a special mechanism. For them it is very easy to care for, removing tissue from the eaves and wash it. If desired, the fabric can be replaced altogether. Thus, Roman blinds, in addition to the decorative features, are very practical and easy to use.

    The construction of Roman blinds

    Roman blinds have a very functional construction that allows you to expand the scope of their application. They can be installed not only in a window opening, but the ceiling and wall. Especially important to use them where the use of ordinary curtains difficult, such as the kitchen window or glass loggia.

    Roman blinds also successfully cope with other challenges:

    • you want to save space;
    • need to visually enlarge the room;
    • It is necessary to make the room lighter.
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    Best 21 window blinds ideas

    Blinds are one type of window covering, which are adjustable straps of fabric, wood, plastic or metal bonded so that the straps can be rotated by changing the position from the open to closed.

    In horizontal blinds is used the so-called system of “ladder” that allows you to open or close the blinds with special rotating drum, with the lifting cord is needed to fix the blinds in position, and the cane – to rotate the slats.

    Type of control “stick-string” is typical for products of standard collection. In more modern systems management is carried out by a single chain, responsible for the turn-slat slats and their movement and self-locking.

    For the production of vertical blinds are generally used wider lamellas. Vertical, have also an additional feature, which is that by pulling the cord, you can either add up all the straps together – a “closed state”, or vice versa, stretch them out along the entire window.

    To rotate straps is possible by means of a special mechanism which is in the eaves, to which are attached directly all the straps at a time, slightly overlapping . That is, with the possible turning slats blinds in one or the other side of 180 degrees on its axis.

    The first vertical blinds were invented by Edward and Frederick Bopp Kansas City, which had an original patent. Company for the production of blinds was called Sun Vertical. In the 1960s, the patent and the company were sold.

    Rolettes in Britain also classified as blinders. They are able to completely restrict access of light or minimize review of interior rooms. The main types of roller shutters – protective and fabric, are able to decorate the original opening and provide an intimate atmosphere.

    Blinds on the windows reduce the impact of high temperature on the premises. Even the ancient Egyptian pharaohs had blinds made of reeds. Most of the blinds from the beginning of the 10th century were made of wood, reeds or strips of fabric.

    Window blinds can be driven in two ways: manually using cord, or automatically through motorization (electric motor). To control motorized blinds possible from a wall switch or keypad, remote control or a PC. That is, the motorized systems relieve of cords and allow to make remote monitoring. This is especially good if access to the window for some reason is limited or difficult.

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    Roman shades for windows

    Roman shades gained a leading position among all the possible types of curtains because of their simplicity, elegance and functionality. They gently diffuse daylight coming into the room: passing through the fabric it gets a shade of a color. With these curtains can be decorated any room – bedroom, children’s room, the kitchen and other rooms with windows in the house, and also they are relatively simple to do with your own hands.

    History of origination and main characteristics

    Roman shades emerged several thousand years ago. Curtains, as they are called – roller, appeared in Roman times and this is the way how rhey got their name. Surprisingly, despite the amount of time that has elapsed, construction of curtains virtually didn`t change. This is due to a simple mechanism used and the cut – curtains allocated clarity of lines, elegance, rigor and conciseness. The changes were mainly in textiles and additional decor.

    Roman shades in the interior represent the cornice, on which is mounted on a smooth fabric permeated horizontaly with special control rods, with which and form creases. At the bottom of the curtains is sewn a weighting, which fixes the form of curtains. Curtain can be adjusted by chain or pull mechanism by which the curtain rises from bottom to top, forming a smooth neat folds. When opening or closing, Roman shades can be stopped at any desired level of the window.

    These curtains are mounted on the sash and for the whole window opening, they look good, not only individually, but in combination with another window decoration.

    Types of Roman shades

    Typically, distinguish two kinds of Roman shades: Classic Roman Shades and Cascade (Looped Roman Shades).
    Classic Roman shades represent even and smooth canvas of fabric that when lifting form horizontal folds, overlapping. Such curtains look, though very simple, but at the same time, they fit almost any style of interior.
    Cascade Roman shades have folds even with full disclosure of curtains that descend as a cascade down the curtain, creating a beautiful drape. This type of curtains is often used in the interiors, made in the traditional style, art deco or country.

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    Tips for the choice of dining table set

    The kitchen furniture must be practical, comfortable and match the existent interior. This article will help you to choose an efficient and stylish complement to the kitchen design.

    The kinds of dining tables

    Modern designers offer many options of the kitchen furniture. However the main classification of all dining tables remains the difference in the manufacturing material:

    1. The glass models are efficient but unpractical. It is rather a home décor than a functional zone. After all, the glass surface can’t withstand a heavy load. Besides, it’s unresisting to the temperature drops, blows and falls;
    2. Wood is a classic option of kitchen furniture decoration. It’s the best choice for the lovers of naturalness and aesthetics. There is wooden furniture of different styles forms on sale. This material allows you to choose the preferred coloring and construction;
    3. Modern plastic furniture is strong and easy to use. It doesn’t become deformed from the hot tableware. Besides, plastic is easy to wash with chemical detergent and fire-resistant;
    4. The stone models are solid and expensive. They are distinguished by durability and practicality. Such table requires a spacious room, which reduces the field of their application to the private houses and huge apartments.

    What must you take into account, choosing the perfect dining table set?

    To buy the most suitable variant of kitchen furniture, take into account the following factors:

    1. Durability. Pay special attention to the construction of the table, as the most of models include the component parts (drop-down side panels, expanding base). Make sure of the furniture safety, as it determines the durability of product;
    2. The quality of finishing material. The families with small children should choose the set with washable surface so that it is easier to put the tables and chairs in order. The optimal choice is the kitchen set with leather seats;
    3. Comfort. The cheap furniture doesn’t usually provide this quality. There are no special requirements to the table, but the chairs must be firm, adjustable for the height of the table. At best, they should replicate the inflexions of the body, i.e., to be slightly curved.
    4. Size. If your kitchen is small, it is better to buy a compact table and small chair, which can be located under the table for the extension of space

    Thanks to the broad assortment of the kitchen furniture, you’ll certainly find a dining table set of the right size and design at a reasonable price.

  • Hand made hammock
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    Home interior decorations with your own hands

    The hand-made interior ideas are actual not only at the final stage of repair. Sometimes you and your design need shake-up and a current of fresh air. At least once a season we want to reverse our home interior. But sometimes it doesn’t go further than counting the costs and time expenses, as the resulted numbers are frightening.

    Perhaps, you face with more difficult problem- the decoration of rented apartment. In this case you can’t afford to make the desired repair. You have to content with very little. However, it is necessary to turn the temporary home into the house of your dreams, at least in small things. The decoration made with your own hands will allow you not to feel remorse for the wasted money. Besides, you can adapt such décor to the design of the concrete house.
    Do-it-yourself decorating will certainly awake your creative abilities.
    “Rest with taste”

    Hand made hammock
    Hand made hammock

    Hand-made hammock
    Hammock is one of the most hedonistic accessories. It’s the thing, associated with the vacation, travel and country rest. It promises the leisure and relaxing pastime that you can afford on workdays. It can seem crazy to settle the hammock in your home. But if your apartment is designed in the Mediterranean, oriental or Boho-style, it will be just perfect.

    The soft pouffes
    The soft pouffes

    “The soft pouffes”
    Another cozy accessory is the soft pouffe. It is quickly to sew and easy to combine with the whole interior. Besides, it is very easy to use. The pouffes can be used for different purposes: for storing things, as a chair or bed for the cat or dog. For a start, try to sew the simplest pouffe. Perhaps, in future you’ll complete your collection.

    Map wallpaper
    Map wallpaper

    Decorating your wall with the map is an interesting but not very original decision. But what if the map will occupy the whole wall? Find the proper photo wallpaper and start to work! The tip for the fans of interior extreme: if the wallpaper looks too bright and contemporary, and you want to achieve the effect of antiquity or retro style, cover the wallpaper with the layer of white or yellowish paint. Perhaps, you’ll need the craquelure varnish, which will cover your wall with the “alligatoring”. The repair won’t be cheap, but your hand-made interior decoration will be really unique!