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    The functionality of drum lamp shades

    Every room of apartment needs its own unique lighting. For example, the kitchen requires functionality, while the bedroom needs subdued lighting, plunging into the thoughts of rest and relaxation.

    The art of placing lighting devices includes not only visual aesthetics, but also combination of human requirements with the most beautiful items in this or that room. It is important to get rid of dark corners and emphasize the most interesting elements of the apartment. The suspended lamps are indispensable in this respect. Such lightings combine elegance and ergonomics. The suspended lamps with drum lamp shades go even further, offering their owners visual attractiveness and flexibility.

    The suspended drum lamp shades can be used in different ways, creating either subdued or directional lighting, depending on the necessity and the place of their location.

    Clear and functional

    One of the main advantages of such lighting is that they give clear space perception. These lightings fit perfectly for the small apartments. Though, the floor lamps can give the same amount of light, they take a lot of space, in contrast to the suspended models.

    Clear and bright lighting

    The suspended lightings fit perfectly if you need to light some element of interior. This quality is especially important in the kitchen or dining-room.

    Color and contrast

    The designers always used lightings for giving new color to the apartment, style and pattern. Though the lamp is usually chosen according to the existent color score and style, sometimes it is necessary to do quite the contrary. Such method will add zest to the interior.
    The drum lamp shades acquired this name due to their form. These lamps are considered the most universal lighting devices and can blend with any interior.

    The suspended lightings in the form of drum are used as the main light source of apartment.

    Creative lamp shade allows expressing your individual style and zest to the home interior. The lamp shades will add it creativity and attractiveness.

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    The main information about glass lamp shade

    The lamp shade is the panel made of glass, paper, cloth or china. It is intended for the protection of the eyes from the dazzle lighting. The lamp shade is the integral part of lighting fittings. It serves as the lamp decoration and plays an important role in architectural appearance of the apartment. The assortment of lamp shades is very huge. They differ in their purpose, construction, form, size and manufacturing material. The lamp shades also vary in their impact on the light flux: they can reflect light in determinate direction; transmit it completely or partially, or give it this or that coloring.

    The glass lamp shades or caps are produced in broad and various assortments of forms and sizes, ways of glass processing and finishing. The most common lamp shades are made of transparent, opal, colored one- or two-layer and frosted glass. They can be plain, with the diamond face of different pictures, treated with pickling or painted with transparent paints. The forms of glass lamp shades for table and suspended lamps can be different. The most widespread forms are: open shades, plafonds and closed (globe, cone, cylinder, cube and truncated cone). The most common sizes of glass lamp shades (in mm) are: height- 75-270, the diameter at the top- 40-350, the diameter at the bottom- 80-350.

    Glass lamp shade is the original device, used for the decoration of table lamps, sconces and other stained-glass lightings. The glass lamp shade can turn the plainest household item into the elegant decoration.

    In addition, the glass lamp shades are very easy to clean. If you want to remove dust from the shade, wipe it with the dry napkin, wetted with antistatic. If the glass lamp shade is very dirty, take it off and wash it with warm water using any detergent. Then rinse it with warm water and let it dry or wipe it dry with waffle towel. The agent for window cleaning with the addition of spirit of ammonia will clear your lamp glass shade from stains and add it luster.

    The cost of lamp glass shades for floor lamps. The final cost of lamp glass shades is determined by the totality of many factors, such as: the size of decorative element; the used stained glass technique; the complexity of work; the detailing of picture; the combination of stained glass technics; the delivery.

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    The peculiarities of table lamp shades

    The table lamp shades are intended for the installation on any piece of furniture and any kind of surface. Depending on the kind of the lamp shade, it gives scattered or pinhole light. Lamp shade is the part of lighting construction and the decoration of lighting, playing an important role in the home design. There is a broad assortment of these devices: they differ in form, material, construction and purpose. The table lamp shades also have different directions of the light flux; they can transmit light completely or partially, adding certain coloration to the “soft plafond”.

    For more powerful electric lamps, it is advisable to buy the table lamp with deep or closed shades. The coating for the table lamp with white or gloss coating absorbs light much less than its analogues with the darker coating. The table lamp shades are made of paper, glass, cloth, metal and china to protect your eyes from bright light.

    The table lamp shades can be open or closed. Different kinds of lamp shade caps are intended for each singular room. Their variety is huge. However, they are mostly made of paper and fabric and represent the wire frame of different form: conic, hemispherical, cylindrical, domelike and globe-shaped.

    The kinds of table lamp shades

    The cloth table lamp shades are made of natural or artificial silk and cotton. The glass-shades are notable for the variety of shapes and ways of glass processing. The most fashionable models are made of opal, transparent or colored glass. They can be decorated with different patterns, plain or painted with colored paints. Depending on the shape, the glass caps can be open or closed.

    China, metal and plastic lamp shades are used for the table lamps of special purpose. They must be symmetrical and have standard dimension. The table lamp shades can be decorative and have conic form. They are meant for reading and domestic chores. The light from the lap is directed upwards, creating soft and scattered light. Such table lamp shades add special comfort to the apartment.

    A lot of table lamp shades have decorative function, allowing creating the comfortable atmosphere.

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    Chandelier lamp shades as the best way of decoration

    Nothing can decorate and refine your house or apartment as suspended chandelier with the lamp shade. Perhaps, the lamp shade is the most unusual detail of lighting design. The lamp shades are made of different materials, such as:
    1. Textile.
    2. Plastic.
    3. Metal.

    Nowadays the textile suspended chandelier with lamp shade is considered the most elegant. The light filters very softy through the cloth of the lamp shade, creating comfortable and even romantic atmosphere. Different materials are used for making cloth lamp shade. The most common are different kinds of synthetic fabric: silk, chintz, sateen, etc. Today the sconces with synthetic lamp shades are the most commonly used lighting devices. It’s not surprising, as they’re quite practical to use and have a reasonable price.

    The chandelier with the lamp shade is the choice of people appreciating calmness, comfort and peace. Such chandelier looks very effective in the bedroom, where it spreads soft dull light. The lamp shade has the ability to absorb the part of light, creating the intimate atmosphere. In our time there are incredibly smart chandeliers with the lamp shades of different materials on sale. Some models are decorated with crystal or glass. Using such chandelier, you can create an original image of your room.

    The chandeliers with lamp shade create the atmosphere of comfort and special mystery in the apartment. They have mysterious forms and unusual design, which can be performed both in style of rustic simplicity and in modern style. The chandelier lamp shade with its dull scattered light can be the perfect decoration of romantic evening or promote rest and relaxation in a cozy arm-chair with favorite book. That’s why the chandelier lamp shades are so popular with the lovers of home comfort. Even in unused time this chandelier represents an excellent decoration for any room.

    The disadvantages of chandeliers with lamp shade as compared to the plafonds are the complexity of care and the short life. The thing is, it is proper to the fabric to gather dust and fade in the sun. However, the modern manufacturers always treat the material with special proofing, protecting from moisture, ultraviolet and repelling dust. So, feel free to buy the chandeliers with lamp shade. Have no doubt that they’ll serve you for many years! And remember that they blend with any interior style.

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    The benefits of blue lamp shades

    The word “lamp shade” is always associated with the floor lamp. But the popular belief that the lamp shade is used only for the floor lamp is wrong. The lamp shade also go well with chandeliers, wall and table lamps. They’re intended to change bright dazzle light into the scattered, soft and dull. If you cover the table lamp with the lamp shade, it can turn from the working instrument to the wonderful night-light for bedroom. The lamp shade on the chandelier can change the room completely. For example, it can turn a simple kitchen into the place of romantic supper. This item can also help you to rest and relax.

    To choose the proper lamp shade, you should take into account three characteristics of this device: form, color and size. The choice of color is determined by the color of wall painting and the prevailing color of the room interior. There are some basic rules, helping you to choose the most suitable lamp shade.

    For the kitchen or living-room, choose green or yellow lamp shade. These colors cheer up and create the festival atmosphere. The tangerine (yellow) is the main symbol of New Year. For the bedroom you should buy the blue lamp shade. This color creates the atmosphere of peace and promotes healthy sleep. This color also fits for the quiet reading and rest. Red color is used very rarely, as it irritates the eyes. Different shades can be used for the creation of lamp shade. As for the material, it can be paper or cloth. That’s why it should be kept at the safe distance from the lamp. You must understand that the dark lamp shade spreads the light up and down at the same time, and the light device scatters it evenly.

    The size of the lamp shade depends on the measurements of apartment, where it will be located. For the small room, it is better to choose small lighting. Here the large items will look bad. It will only emphasize the size of the room. As for the large hall, it’s better to choose massive option. The most common form of lamp shade is a cap, but there are also other forms, such as: prism, oval, cylinder, etc. The lamp shades are widely used for floor lamps. The wall lamps can be also decorated with the lamp shade.

    This detail of interior will create comfort anywhere. If you need to read, you can light the particular place. You can also use it just to make the room atmosphere more intimate. In addition, there are some devices, regulating the intensity of lighting.

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    The role of ceiling lights in the interior design

    The suspended and ceiling lights play an important role not only in the proper lighting of living accommodation, but also in the aesthetic of its interior.

    Usually people take into account only the latter factor, choosing the lights by their appearance. As a result, they get the ceiling lights, which not only light the room poorly, but also spoil its interior.

    Buying the ceiling lights, you should take into account, that they affect the visual perception of ceiling height: the suspended lights draw it nearer, while the ceiling lights move it away. The size of a ceiling is also important for the room interior.

    Large and massive suspended lights can disturb the eyes, if their size doesn’t match the measurements of a room.

    After all, the first thing attracting attention, when you enter the room is a suspended light.

    In many cases, it is the main decoration of the room. The idea of beautiful suspended light is almost always associated with one of their main subtypes- the chandelier. Chandelier is a multivalve or multi plafond suspended light with the decorative fittings.
    The massive ceiling lights with a lot of refracting and reflecting transparent surfaces require a lot of air, high decorated walls, the ceilings with stucco molding, non-standard and unpolished furniture in retro style. They must hang above the windows and “support” the ceiling.

    For the small rooms with the ceiling height up to 2.5 m, it is better to choose suspended and ceiling lights with the light flux directed upwards, smooth semi-transparent plafonds and short suspensions. They scatter light evenly, while the dispersion effect is intensified with the reflectivity of ceiling. The highlighted ceiling seems higher.

    The ceiling tires can be used for the lighting of non-residential premises of the house- kitchen, hall and household room. The object of selective lighting in the kitchen can be: dining table, stove, work table, washer and wall-unit.

    Of course, you should also take into account the measurements of a room and the size of the tire. For the rooms, it is better to buy the two-valve lamp, and for the big ones- the tire with more lamps, up to the combinations of fluorescent lightings. In some tires, the ceiling lights can be switched on separately or in groups. When all the lightings work together, it is possible to achieve good general lighting of the room accentuating separate elements of interior.

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    Make the lamp shade with your own hands

    The elegant lamp shades can be a perfect room decoration. It is very easy to sew them with your own hands. You won’t need much cloth. The cuttings of upholstery material, small rags of your favorite extravagant fabric or just a piece of chintz can be profitably used for this purpose.

    The gathered fabric lampshade is put on the metal frame, softens the light and adds romantic touch to the woman’s room. The printed calico with golden pattern on the lampshade casts the soft light, while the big folds darken the front beams, directing it downwards for the comfort of reading.

    The lacy toothed festoon decoration along the edge will put the final touch to the lamp shade.

    The classic white flax matches the wooden stem perfectly. However, it also blends well with the metal base in elegant room, designed in white and grey shades.

    You can sew the golden ribbon of different width on the lower and upper edge of the lamp shade. The upper ribbon fastens the folds. Then it is turned to the wrong side to hide the fabric cuts.

    The wire edges of lower ribbon allow forming the lower edge in soft waves.

    The lamp shade of linen cloth, decorated with the row of silken ribbon roses, suits for the placing on coffee table, or for the reviving of some corner in austerely designed room. To make one big rose, you’ll require: 1 m of ribbon with wire edges and 50 cm of ribbon for the buds. Bind the ribbon in one hand and sew every layer, so that the stem is tight. The wire edge allows putting the flower petals into any shape.


    Measure the depth and circuit of the lower lamp shade. Add 3-6 cm to the length of lamp shade, and give the over-measure for the folds. The over-measure must 1.5 times as long as the circumference of the lamp shade. Add 8-12 cm more for the ruche on the head or double the height of ready ruche, and add 2 cm for folding.

    Remember that the thicker are the lamp shade folds, the less light will get through it. Measure the length of the lamp shade from the bend at the bottom to the over-measure for the head ruche. Wrap the rest of the cloth down. Trim the both pieces of cloth accurately and smooth the cuts down. Sew close to the smooth fold, leaving 2 cm unspiked. At the distance of 1.5 cm, make another seam. Put the ribbon through the hole and bind it up, tightening the top of the lamp shade around the lower lamp shade.

    Beautifully decorated lamp shade will make your lamp more attractive and comfortable!

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    The advantages of floor lamps

    Surely, the floor lamps are the most “home” and comfortable of all the variety of lighting devices. The soft light, flowing gently from under the shade, relaxes, calms, brings harmonization and peace of mind.

    Nowadays the floor lamps experience their second birth. They settle gladly in every house, giving peace to their owners. Let’s find out, what kinds of floor lamps are there, how to choose and where to place these devices.

    The advantages of floor lamps

    It’s a common knowledge that the floor lamp is the lamp standing on the floor and supporting the shade with the high rod. But not everyone knows that the floor lamps perform several functions in the interior. Their first function is zoning. Using the floor lamp, you can divide the room into zones. Naturally, the part of room, where the floor lamp is, is given to the recreation area. There you can either read, or watch TV, rest under a warm plaid, sinking back against the pillows with your eyes closed.

    The second function of floor lamps is the help in decoration. The modern floor lamp is not the lamp which our grannies placed next to their arm-chairs. Entering the lighting devices store, you can easily get lost in the variety of floor lamp shades, offered by the manufacturers. Here you can find a suitable lamp for any interior and any purposes. But even if you didn’t manage to find the desired option in the shop assortment, you can choose the exclusive model, which will be made and brought to order.

    Comparing the floor lamps with their “brothers” (wall or table lamps), you can notice some advantages of the first ones:

    1. In contrast to the sconces (wall lamps), to install the floor lamps you don’t have to make holes in the wall. The main thing is that there is a wall outlet near at hand.
    2. In contrast to the table lamps, the floor lamps require neither continental headboard nor coffee table. It is placed right on the floor.
    3. Only the floor lamp has the mobility, inaccessible to the other lamps. It can be easily transported and installed in any place of the room. It is unimportant if there is a table or bedside-table there.

    Choosing the floor lamp, you must take into account the style of the room interior decoration.

    The manufacturers of lighting devices try their best to produce the lamps of different materials, colors and forms, to satisfy the requirements of every customer as much as possible.

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    The advantages of ceiling fans

    In our time ceiling fans look much more modern and attractive than formerly. Despite its simple function, such fan cools really well and plays an important role in the ventilation of accommodation. However, its action is aimed not at the room ventilation, but at the cooling of people in the hot season.

    The advantages of ceiling fans

    Nowadays there are many different room cooling systems. Let’s begin by understanding which benefits the ceiling fans have as compared to the other cooling devices:
    1. The energy consumption of ceiling fans is almost 40% less than in the other air conditioning systems.
    2. You can easily have several ceiling fans at home.
    3. The ease of installation.
    4. The cost of this fan is much less than that of the air-conditioner, but the quality of cooling is just as good.
    5. The chandeliers with fans for kitchen are very popular, as very few people install the air-conditioner in this apartment.

    Ceiling chandeliers with fans

    You can install not only a single fan as a cooling system of your house but also buy a chandelier with fan. So, the ceiling fan won’t take much space on your ceiling.
    The fans of these chandeliers can be switched on with the help of switch, chain under the fan, or control panel. The ceiling chandeliers with control panel are an excellent device, allowing controlling the rate of fan and lamp working without leaving the couch.



    What must you take into account when buying a ceiling fan with lamp?

    1. Give preference to the multifunctional fans, as they can be used both in summer and winter. In winter the air ventilation will go not down, but in the direction of ceiling.
    2. If you want to buy a fan for outdoors or veranda, pay attention to its firmness. There are special outdoor models on sale.
    3. The manufacturing material of blades must be heat-resistant, as the lamp can heat the fan at the time of working.
    4. For kitchen and bathroom, choose only the chandeliers with fan made of moisture-proof materials.
    5. If the room, where you want to install the fan, has the big space, choose the ones with big blades.