• Roman blinds as the interior decoration

    Roman blinds as the interior decoration

    Roman blinds are one of the kinds of horizontal blinds. They represent a quite simple construction, made of fabric cloth, matching with the size of the window. The special rigid rods, sewn to the inner side along the length of the blind, help to roll the blinds into the soft folds. Such blinds can be either raised with the help of cord, or have electromechanical control. Roman blinds are mainly used for the window decoration of children’s room, kitchen, balcony or loggia.

    There is a wide range of clothes of different textures and colors for the roman blinds. The roman blinds, made of soft cloth, looks attractive and elegant.Before buying roman blinds for the windows, you should determine the purpose of their appliance. If you want to protect the room from the bright sun, you should by the blinds, made of semitransparent cloth, providing soft diffused illumination. But in case you want to darken the room completely, it is better to choose non-transparent dense cloth.

    Roman blinds are easy to use and compact. Nowadays there are even more often used not only in the houses and apartments, but also in the offices, clubs and cafes, where they serve as a beautiful decoration of interior.

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  • Fields of application of the window blinds

    Fields of application of the window blinds

    Window blinds are one of the kinds of windows curtains, representing the adjustable slats made of cloth, wood, plastic or metal, fastened in such a way that they can rotate, changing the position from open to close.

    Vertical window blinds, moving to the left, right or from the center, open the window completely. The choice of the shift way doesn’t depend only on your preferences. It is better to choose the window blinds with such shift, that doesn’t hinder normal opening of the window shutters. Sometimes it is better to buy the window blinds, assembling from the edge of the window to its center.

    The width of lamella (vertical cloth or plastic strip) of the vertical window blinds comes to 89 and 127 mm. The bigger your window is the wider lamellas you must buy. As lamellas are located vertically, you can turn them and in this way regulate the illumination of this or that part of the room.

    Horizontal window blinds are mostly used in the offices, as they blend perfectly with the austere interior of the office spaces and protect effectively from the sun. Depending on the customer’s wish, horizontal window blinds can be placed into the window opening or between the frames. The control of the horizontal window blinds requires considerable efforts, as they are folded not sideways (as the vertical window blinds), but upwards.


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    Roman shades in the room interior

    Roman shades have won a leading place among all kinds of curtains due to their simplicity, elegance and functionality. They softly scatter the daylight, coming into the room: permeating through the cloth, it tinctures with one or another shade. Any room can be decorated with roman shades – from the bedroom and the children’s room to the kitchen and the other rooms with windows.

    Roman shades have appeared a few thousand years ago. The curtains (they’re also called “rolls”) sprang up at the time of the Roman Empire, from which derives their name. It is astonishing, that, despite many years have passed, the curtains’ design has hardly has hardly changed. It is explained by simplicity of the used mechanism and cut- the curtains are distinguished by their lines’ sharpness, elegancy, strictness and laconicism. The changes concerned mainly the materials and the additional decoration.

    Roman shade represents a cornice, to which a flat cloth is fastened. This cloth is horizontally pierced with the special control rods, by means of which the folds are formed. The weighting material, fixing the form of curtain, is sewn to its bottom. The curtain is regulated with the chain or string mechanism, raising the curtain from top to down, forming even accurate folds. Opening or closing the curtains, you can leave the roman shade at any window level. The roman shades are fastened both to the shutter and to the window opening. They look well both as an independent decoration, and in combination with the other kitchen design.

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