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    Lalaloopsy dolls

    Lalaloopsy is an American gaming dolls line of the company MGA Entertainment. Funny colorful characters are made of plastic, including hair, but mimic rag dolls. In 2010, they were originally released as Bitty Buttons, but the name was changed to Lalaloopsy shortly after the release. In the same year, they have become very popular. Today the brand includes a variety of large and small Lalaloopsy dolls, as well as related products. Lalaloopsy dolls are targeted for girls from 4 to 15 years.

    A bit of history.

    So, July 19, 2010 MGA Entertainment launched the doll line Bitty Buttons showing eight 33cm. original rag dolls. Bitty Buttons slogan line sounded like “Sew magical – Sew cute». They’re cute, colorful and unique – each doll has her birthday and individual character. The doll and her pet were sewn of the same fabric.

    The first dolls were:

    • Pillow Featherbed (pet – lamb)
    • Spot Splatter Splash (Pet – zebra)
    • Jewel Sparkles(pet – persian cat)
    • Crumbs Sugar Cookie (pet – mouse);
    • Dot Starlight (pet – bird)
    • Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff (pet – a white bear)
    • Bea Spells-A-Lot (pet – owlet)
    • Peanut Big Top (pet – elephant).

    Brand Bitty Buttons was renamed to Lalaloopsy shortly after the release. In November 2010, a line of Lalaloopsy toys received the award «Large Doll».

    February 13, 2011, to the existing line of 8 dolls 3 more characters were added: Patch Treasurechest, Blossom Flowerpot, and Tippy Tumblelina . In the same year the company expanded its line of toys, including the new mini version of the dolls. Micro-lalaloopsy dolls each one is about 3 centimeters, with a head that can be removed and placed on the other bodies.

    MGA continues to add additional characters to the Lalaloopsy line. In February 2012 it was already more than 50 characters.
    In the spring of 2012, the company made a mini-series for DVD, as well as exclusive holiday dolls that could only be found in some retail stores.

    Home toy line includes: doll (33 cm), a lot of mini-kits, luxury holiday dolls, mini-series, and Lalaloopsy Littles (younger sisters).

    Lalaloopsy are charming dolls designed to teach children that all people are unique and each has its own special way. The idea of the brand is that old things can be new again, and can be used repeatedly and never anything should go to waste. Just like at the creation of Lalaloopsy buttons and old pieces of cloth were used. And according to the legend, dolls got the traits of character, depending on who or what scraps of fabric from which they were sewn belong to.

    According to MGA Entertainment company, the dolls “are aimed at developing children’s imagination and creativity to help them learn important life lessons – those are individuality, diversity, and that all deserve a second life.”

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    Newborn dolls

    Reborn or newborn doll is a vinyl collection doll, which has the maximum similarity with a newborn baby. Their forerunners were Japanese dolls gosё ningyo and “buy-low”, created by G. Putnam. Unlike amusing doll, “Baby Born”, it is not intended for children to play but for collecting. The process of creating these dolls has acquired its own name “reborning”, and the artists that make these dolls are called “reborners”. Special reborning technique was developed in the last ten years, associated with the advent of hot dyes and oils. In the simplest case reborner takes the stock doll, than washes its paint and put a new one.

    Some artists create their own models. First, to give the calf a realistic tone, purple paint is applied inside the hollow portion of each doll. Then, the outer surface is signing: an effect of translucent skin, tiny blood capillaries, pimples … hair and eyebrows are made of the finest mohair or real human hair that one by one are “implanted” in baby’s head, like of a wax doll of the last century. This procedure takes at least thirty hours.

    The magnets can be inserted inside the head and magnetic objects could be attached to the doll, those as ribbon, nipples and other accessories. The earliest reborn dolls were made by Jose Berenguer in 1944, but only in 1993, Jose and Salvador Berenguer founded Dollsby Berenguer, a company for the production of dolls. Teams of artists, stylists, fashion designers are working on the creation of each toy, for the kid to be as realistic as possible.

    Collectible newborn dolls are already widely known in Europe, are gradually winning the hearts of people in other parts of the world, and many women have turned to making newborn dolls their hobby, devoting a lot of time to this case. The uniqueness of these dolls that are difficult in one piece, but are incredibly realistic, even weigh about as much as the child should weigh at their age.

    It is because of indistinguishability of these dolls from real babies their sales each year are gaining momentum. After all amazing toy comes into being that even can’t be called a toy at all, so this peanut looks like a child. Thus, it emphasizes the name of the dolls. Reborn dolls can be washed, combed, disguise – there are special design studios, developing outfits especially for these “kids”.

    Reborn dolls for sale are accompanied by a “birth history” – each “offspring” have a birthday, name. Especially highly prized are the dolls from the royal family, for example, La Infanta Leonor – very similar, we can say a realistic copy of the newborn daughter of Prince Philip of Asturias, Infanta Leonor. Buying reborn doll, strikingly reminiscent of the little princess, was a luck for a few – number of copies was very small. However, collectible reborn dolls are chosen therefore it is not so easy to get them.

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    Dolls for boys

    What toys does a boy need? This question is often no doubt for many parents because they know what their kid needs, and especially that in any case he does not need. Future men to grow up smart, strong, active – in general, a “real” man, need: cars and all equipment, pistols, swords and other weapons, and, of course, erector sets. For the little ones sometimes bears and bunnies are allowed. But – dolls?! It is not for the men! Is it really so?

    The boy is also a person!

    At the behavior, activities, interests, and even thinking -at all these things you can see a traditional stereotypical division into male and female. However, any stereotypes lead to a rigid and inflexible behavior. A lack of flexibility in the world, which is required a variety of responses to at least a variety of situations is a big disadvantage, and simply disturbing. Man-Defender is certainly necessary and useful, but not the only male role. Besides going on a kind of identification of strength and courage only with the appearance: the muscles and arms.

    But a man can have, along with purely masculine qualities also traditionally, ascribed solely to women (emotional, subtle feelings of other people, etc.) and thus clearly considered himself a man, and judged by others as a man. In addition, in many professions – doctor, teacher, actor – these so-called feminine qualities are absolutely necessary.

    Different toys are important

    The appearance of the doll in the hands of the boy often cause negative reaction and even frightens parents. The children from an early age will adapt their behavior in accordance with the requirements and expectations of adults. So the boys are no longer interested in dolls, and focus exclusively on the machines and erector sets. However, the doll cannot turn the boy into a girl or make him too soft and feminine. If a child has certain problems with the gender evolvement, a ban on playing with the dolls would not solve them.

    Since the infant age boys, just like girls, need a variety of dolls. At first it may be nest dolls and weeble wobbles. Closer to the second year of his life you can offer the traditional plastic or soft stuffing pups, which should be taken care of: feeding, cradling, bathing, etc. Of course, the baby doll needs at least a minimum set of clothes, better with hook-and-loops, and other most necessary accessories.

    At the age of 2-3 years old offer a small child from 5 to 18-20 cm dolls for playing a variety of subjects. First, let it be simpler to just the intended persons as a boy and a girl, or the whole family. Such pretty open characters are needed in a game with a wide range of roles. It would be great, if these figures are moving arms and legs. From the age of 4-5 years dolls with defined roles: soldiers, doctors, firemen, etc. can be added to this set.

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    Reborn dolls

    Reborn dolls are stock vinyl dolls created to resemble a human baby with so much realism and the similarity which is possible. The process of creating reborn dolls is called reborning, artistic dolls are called reborners. Reborn dolls are also known as “living dolls” or “lifeless doll”.

    Reborn dolls were originally a hobby, started all by enthusiasts in 1990. They wanted to create more realistic dolls. Since then, the industry of reborn dolls has appeared. A place where you can buy a reborn doll is Internet in the first place. But there is also this kind of dolls at various fairs. In conventional stores reborn dolls are not on sale. The price of the reborn doll depends on the level of making, it can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

    Dolls are mysterious creatures. They are different: rag, porcelain, wood. Collectors’ ones, that cost a lot of money and those ones, that can be bought for a penny. Cute, scary, eliciting a smile, but they always generate ambiguous feelings. They cannot be treated any way. Another great emotions cause reborn dolls. It seems that it is a living child, so realistic it was made. Weight and height of the child, carefully traced skin, real hair, unusual eyes – very few people are indifferent to it.

    Women, who have become mothers, remember this pleasant severity of the baby in her arms, soft velvety skin, caramel smell divine of a baby, its tiny fingers. Yes, there are “annoying” side effects from the appearance of crumbs house: shouts, sleepless nights, many hours of swing, experiences and fears for him. Motherhood does not come easy for almost anyone. And besides, the baby is growing day by day, and as we remember him newborn, this image will be gone. A craving to hold a crumb on his hands is not going anywhere. But how many babies mainly can modern women give birth to? One-two-three times? And the baby grows too quickly from newborn period.

    For training of artists and craftsmen to create reborn dolls a special international group of artists for Reborn dolls (IRDA) was organized. Any artist can join the group, but the members of the community must meet certain ethical principles.

    Creating a reborn doll is an art, long stages, one of which is the addition of multiple layers of paint on a vinyl doll and displaying different physical characteristics of reborn dolls. Artists can select different images to create a reborn doll in his or her own style.

    There are also reborn dolls with accessories for care on sale, if it is for a real newborn. Such kits for reborn dolls are called newborn, this allows to omit some details of doll making, and on the other hand it is not so easy to recreate the newborn.

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    Doll houses

    How nice to have a big happy family, to live in your own cozy apartment, where every detail is imbued with love and care. There are good reasons why the woman is the keeper of the hearth. She is thinking through every little thing, buying all sorts of trinkets to decorate the house and making your stay in it more comfortable.

    Our favorite kids may not pay much attention to it, but somewhere in the subconscious the fact is lying over that the house must always be the order of things laid in their places. A little grown up, kids get their own opinion and sense of taste. , They won’t like how mom or dad made it through, they see the world in their own way and try to make it in their colors. But not all of us have a possibility to do repairs or rearrangement on demand of our beloved child.

    Therefore, the perfect solution would be to allocate your child his or her own space where they can create and realize their dreams and desires. The ideal personal space can become the dollhouse that will allow the child to become more independent and acquire a lot of useful knowledge and skills thanks to the plot-role-playing games.

    First, the child can build a dollhouse as he or she personally wants, to change around as many times as he or she wants, thus revealing his or her creativity, fantasy and imagination.

    Secondly, having collected all the dolls in the same house, the kid can play a variety of situations that will be useful to him or her in adult life that will help to cope with the difficulties and challenges.

    Third, for the manufacture of doll houses eco-friendly and non-toxic materials are used that are safe for the health of your child.
    Fourth, depending on the price and packaging, doll houses are equipped with light and sound effects that make the game more realistic and will give the kid a lot of positive emotions and vivid impressions.

    Dollhouse is the right purchase, because the kid will learn to take responsibility for his or her behavior, to become more attentive, hospitable and neat. Playing with small accessories develops fine motor skills, coordination, creative thinking.

    Your kid will be the happiest kid in the world, because he or she will have his or her own house, where he or she can be a real master or mistress, develop little room and take care of its occupants as it does his or her beloved mother.

    The big collection of houses for dolls is capable to satisfy need of each little lady. Musical doll houses for creative children, doll locks for young princesses, big 5-room apartments for practical hostesses, also cozy lodges for a pony or dwarves for fans of animals and fantastic beings. The majority of sets are equipped with furniture and household equipment for kitchen and bathing room, some provide dolls in a set. An important factor is the production price. At the course of production of all doll houses qualitative materials are used, as well as modern technologies of a strong and reliable fastening of details.

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    Bratz dolls

    Merry Bratz dolls company first appeared in June 2001. “Bratz” is translated from the slang as a cheesy, stubborn, uncontrollable child. These dolls were designed and created in the image of modern teenage girls that are growing rapidly and trying to look into the world of adults. Bratz dolls are for girls at the age from 7 to 13 years. The dolls are produced by the MGA Entertainment company.

    Bratz dolls are entirely made of vinyl: the head – from solid one, the body – from softer. Bratz dolls have big eyes, full lips, very tiny nose or even the almost complete lack thereof, bright provocative makeup. Dolls hair is below the waist, the body is short, but legs and arms are disproportionately long. It is unlikely that such a description may be considered attractive, but in general these dolls look pretty cute. They are fun, original and unusual. In addition, the whole long history of toys shows that for a long time dolls aimed to look like humans, but they have never been an exact copy.

    The first went on sale four dolls: Sasha, Chloe, Jade and Yasmin. It is known that Jasmine was named after the daughter of president and CEO of MGA Entertainment Isaac Larian. Gradually, these girls began to get some friends: Megan, Dan, Fiona, Nevra, Tiana, Kumi, Felicia, Katya, Kiana. The girls make up a bunch of friends with boys, including Zach, Alec, Cameron and Kobe.

    Over time, there were Bratz dolls of different nationalities. It was made because of the notorious political correctness or a basic desire to earn more money – the question remains open. Experts point out that in America dolls of different nationalities are in good demand. Despite the fact that the Bratz dolls family is rapidly growing, for the girls all over the world still the most favorite ones are the first four dolls – Sasha, Chloe, Jade and Yasmin.

    The advertising slogan of Bratz dolls says: “The girls are crazy about fashion.” It is not just a buzzword. Bratz dolls are paying a lot of attention to fashionable clothes, because the life of these girls is a series of parties, get-togethers, excursions and entertainment. Every time they need to look stylish and fashionable. Therefore, as one set with a doll generally there can be purchased clothes for them. Fashion kits can be combined, endlessly experimenting. As conceived by the producers girls-owners of Bratz dolls can collect doll outfits and change them with each other.

    Educators and psychologists have been criticized Bratz dolls for the provocative appearance, skimpy dresses and bright makeup. Adults critics believe that the Bratz impose to girls a questionable pattern of behavior. But parents succumbed to the entreaties of their favorite daughters are forced to buy the Bratz dolls. Moms and dads put out a tidy sum, not only for the dolls, but also for the collection of clothes for them and for many accessories (trinkets, jewelry, cosmetics). Given that the collection renews several times a year, spending become regular and increasingly severe.

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    Rag dolls

    Back in the mid XX century, almost at every family – in the village and in the city – the children played with a rag doll. And only in the 1960s, when the industry began to produce millions of toys made of plastic, the tradition of making rag dolls almost extinct. However, it has not disappeared completely, stuck in people’s minds.

    Doll is a sign of a person, his or her image-symbol. In this role, it focuses time, cultural history, the history of the country, the people, reflecting their movement and development.

    It was rag doll which carries the memory of culture and makes it much brighter, wider and deeper than any other toy (clay or wood). Relative humanoid figure once served as a magical role, as a talisman. It participated in the rituals and festivals, ritual events of the circle of mortal life, marking the birth, marriage, coming to the ancestors.

    Rag doll is a toy with valuable educational qualities, that are recognized and cultivated in ethnopedagogics, in the practical work with children. This is an excellent model for studies on needlework, art work and creativity, arts and crafts, and textile design.

    This versatile toy has a spiritual content – here lies the appeal of the patchwork doll. Puppet folk keep the skill and art of their creators, the work of folklorists, collectors and scientists. The doll is displayed the chronicle of the culture life, unfading memory of the folk. And everyone who makes rag dolls, get his own “patchwork story.”

    Amazing similarity, likeness of dolls in different nations. They are united not only by the origin (game dolls everywhere were emerged from ritual, came out of the ritual), but also the universal ideas and values: the continuity of kinship, nepotism and parental care, at the worship of ancestors.

    Handmade toy served for our ancestors as a kind of generic ethnic code, which was indicated landmarks of life. Considering the old dolls, we notice how they appear in the chain of hidden characters typical for the mythological consciousness of the peasant, for the folk culture.

    Therefore, in the manufacture of traditional rag dolls it was not an accident – there was some certain sense. As a rule, rag dolls were simple images of a female figure: a piece of cloth, folded in a rolling pin, carefully covered with white linen rag face, chest of smooth rag balls, spit and homely or festive peasant dress from the flap.

    The most common puppet costumes were sewn from scraps of fabric purchase – red calico and sateen, chintz and calico. They, in contrast to the homespun, until the beginning of the XX century were expensive for the village and were intended for the festive clothing. The remaining crop was stored in bags, kept for toys. But at the time of the dollmastering, scraps were chosen carefully. Red rags were especially valued; they were for the most beautiful dolls. Red color has long served as a talisman, a symbol of life and the productive forces of nature.

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    Kids beds with storage: tips and recommendations

    When it comes to standard apartments, unfortunately, in most cases they cannot boast huge spaces, so when choosing furniture emphasis is made on compactness and versatility. But even at the apartments of improved construction and private homes, the owners tend to rational use of space. You would agree that no one wants to clutter up the room a lot of furniture – space today is considered as one of the advantages of a modern interior. In these boxes, you can keep children’s clothes, bedding and kid stuff. When choosing a bed, pay attention to the fact that the storage would be higher off the floor, and there is an opportunity to clean under the bed.

    The first thing we want to draw your attention to is the design features of a bed with drawers. Going to the store to buy a bed, you should be aware that storage can be fixed to rails and without them. And here the choice will depend on what you plan to store in a drawer under the bed. If you have to define exactly what you see, respectively, the size of these items and will choose how many and what sizes should be those boxes. The next important point is the aesthetic design of the bed with storage space. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the model, where the boxes will be hidden visually and the stranger would not even guess about them. Basically for it a flip panel is used, behind which drawers are hidden. It is made from the same material as the rest of the bed body; therefore when it is lowered it looks completely harmonious.

    A children’s bed with drawers is a separate matter. There drawers themselves can become part of the decor. In addition, it is recommended to purchase such furniture in the nursery complex, i.e., bed with drawers, wardrobe, desk, shelves, etc. They must be made in the same style. This will help to achieve harmony.

    Children’s furniture gives a lot more freedom for the implementation of the most unexpected design ideas, and its functionality can significantly expand. In particular, the bed can become a staging area for children to play. Everyone knows kids love to sleep on the top tier of bunk beds. But even if your family has one child, this does not mean that you cannot give him such pleasure. You may well choose a high bed model with drawers where lifting is provided by the bed ladder and the lower part of the structure is a kind of symbiosis of a chest with multiple drawers and furniture wall-hill with shelves for useful things and toys. If the child is still quite small, the bed is equipped with such a rim, which can later be removed.

    When choosing a baby crib, special attention should be paid to the materials, from which it is made. Worldwide, wood is considered as the best natural material. Natural wood is harmless to the child. Wood is easy to clean, and you can without much difficulty to keep the crib clean. Note that some models may contain items from high-impact polystyrene or plastic, but there shouldn’t be too many of them.

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    Barbie dolls

    The history of the brand begins with the creation of Barbie toy of the same name. Today almost everyone knows leggy blonde doll. This is not surprising. After all, it is the most successful doll in the history of toys. Barbie belongs to Mattel company – almost the largest toy manufacturer in the world. Products of this company are imported at least to 150 countries, in addition to the Barbie and there are also quite popular toys such as Batman, Superman and Harry Potter, which are produced under a contract with Warner Brothers.

    The very same Barbie doll, despite its eternal youth, has already reached 46 years of age. It was created by Ruth Handler (USA), who along with her husband Elliot in 1945 opened the Mattel company, the original purpose of which was the production of moldings for pictures.

    The idea of creating this doll came up with Ruth, after she noticed that her daughter Barbara is reluctantly playing with paper dolls, imitating adults in particular. A little thought, Ruth decided to release a toy with which the girls could fully “play in adults.” At the basis of the famous doll there was Lily, a character of the German comic. a femme fatale with a wasp waist and long blond hair. She fell in love with a very young buyers and quickly gained popularity. Named after Handler’s daughter Barbara, Barbie doll as soon spawned a great mania that the company hardly had enough time to produce new items to meet the most incredible demand.

    Barbie is always responsive to changes and trends of the era, skillfully adapting to them. Changed hairstyles and hair color, the proportions of the dolls bodies altered. Mattel company released Barbie series of different nationalities in the ethnic costumes of the concerned countries.

    Doll also acted as the most famous females of the century, just as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. When the struggle for gender equality has started, Barbie could not but make a career in various fields, and therefore turned into a teacher, a doctor, a flight attendant, and even firefighter.

    After the changing a lot of clothes, houses, cars and pets, Barbie doll has got in the end in Guinness Book of Records, and became the exhibits of the Madame Tussauds museum. Despite the ongoing attacks and accusations in a negative impact on the child’s psyche (the girls go on a diet to somehow match the fictional image), Barbie, and to this day remains one of the most popular dolls in the world. There are several reasons for it. Firstly, this blonde beauty represents something what it wants to be a girl when she grows up. Secondly, the Mattel company took a very correct marketing strategy, gradually expanding the Barbie world, adding there more characters and a variety of subjects and thus consistently fueling the buyers’ enthusiasm.

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    How to design teenage bedroom

    With proper selection of color schemes and decorative details, you can create a beautiful hip room. When it comes to the design of the room for a teenager, you need to pay attention to some things. First of all, you need to consider who owns the room – boy or girl, what is the age of the owner, whether or not to live in it one person or it will be divided. If your child will participate in the selection of color schemes, furniture and decorative items, he or she will appreciate the end result much higher.

    First, we would like to determine the basic requirements for a teenager’s bedroom:

    1. Great place to sleep
      This may be a sofa or bed with orthopedic mattress of medium hardness. Buy a longer bed, as the baby grows rapidly at this age.
    2. A place equipped for studying
      There must be a sufficient number of shelves for books and boxes for different things belonged to the owner of the room. Do not forget about the ergonomics of the child workplace – the height of the table should be relevant to the chair so that the child elbows would not hang down out of the table during the classes, but he or she does not have to reach out to the table – it spoils the posture. The table must be wide and long enough, there should be enough space for the computer, and for doing homework. The corners of the table should be smooth. You should buy chairs with adjustable height, then it will last for a long time, the back should be high and comfortable for long sitting.
    3. Sufficient lighting
      The chandelier on the ceiling and a few table lamps are necessary: one on the desktop, the second near the bed, the teenager probably wants to read a book before going to bed.
    4. Place of storage
      The room should have enough space to store clothes; everything should be on hand, thoughtfully and comfortably organized, because there live a boy-fidget, which is always in a hurry in business.
    5. Colours
      Since the boy will live the room, then choose ab appropriate scale – blue, gray, blue, brown, burgundy, green, purple. Contrasting combinations of colors look especially good: black and white, brown and orange, emerald green and gray, etc. Make the room as much as possible light: let the walls in the bedroom to be a light background for everything else, as in a bright room it is more pleasant to stay, it is especially important for the young, only setting up psyche. Hang the curtains and blinds in the room, and then the boy will be able to rest during the day easily, after school or trainings.

    Rooms for girls are not always a bed and frilly decorations in pink. Now bedrooms are the same variety as the personality of each girl, with style, color, and an infinite number of different variations. For girls, and adolescents, it is important that even in a small room it would be spacious. There is no need to clutter the area. It is even preferably to choose a fold-out sofa. It should also be noted that it must be of the highest quality, as the spine of teen girl is still being formed, and there will be a need to disassemble-assemble a sofa every day.

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    Baby nursery: main aspects and design ideas

    Delivery of the child in the family is always a holiday! This is truly a momentous event. There is one more important issue that should be approached wisely. This arrangement of a child’s room: what colors and shades will be more favorable for the child? What is needed in the first place, but what can you put aside?

    If possible, the children’s room is better to be located close to the parents’. So you can always hear by night your “cheerful” baby.
    Make sure that close to the child there would be no extraneous noise from the TV, the loud music, noise from the window, unruly neighbors, etc. It is no secret that kids has a light sleep.

    Particular attention should be given to the access to the window, because a year later the baby will explore the world on his or her own and try to take, open, close, touch and taste everything.

    The room should have at least outlets and furniture should be with a minimum of sharp angles. Outlets can be placed higher up on the floor, so the baby could not reach them.

    The most important thing in the room of a newborn baby is a cot. Kids sleep two-thirds of the time. The bed should be of high quality. This means: no curtains and shutters (there should be an access to fresh air), no upholstery fabric on the walls of the crib (it’s blocking the kid’s overlook; he or she would not see anything except the ceiling). The bed should be placed in a quiet place with a minimum amount of light, but not in the dark.

    There should not be too much furniture, only what is necessary for healthy growth and evolution of children: playpen, lockers for toys, etc.

    As for the changing table, it is better to place near the lockers, which store all the accessories for child care. And in general, there must be a furniture for parents too (particularly for mothers), as a caring parent spends a lot of time with the babies in his or her room.

    Furniture as well as everything else in the room must be made of natural materials that do not provoke allergies.

    The walls in the nursery

    The optimum colors for the walls in the nursery are bright little figures and blotches on a neutral light background. Later the children will draw, paint on everything that comes to hand. Washable wallpaper or other easily maintained coating can be very helpful.

    The flooring and the ceiling in the nursery

    The child, especially the nursling, which is not yet able to walk, spend a lot of time on the floor. Therefore, you should consider the choice of the coating with the utmost seriousness.

    Many experts recommend cork. It is beneficial to the child’s feet when walking, soft to the touch; it does not cause allergies, and retains heat well.

    The ceiling in the children’s room is the perfect place to put the developing scenery. Quite popular are glowing in the dark stars and hanging ornaments. They can be placed over the crib, the child would not look at the bare ceiling.

    Children’s room should be possible to absorb the natural light from the street.

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    Baby dolls

    Baby Doll is a full functional analog of the famous Baby Born doll by Zapf Creation. This is a perfect baby doll for baby. The main difference from Baby Born (Born Baby) is that Baby Doll eyes are not closed, and no cilia, the rest is absolutely identical to the pear. It is as if the elder brother of Baby Born.

    All CPMP Dolls Baby Doll have the following functions:

    • It drinks from a bottle.
    • It pees in diapers;
    • It eats porridge;
    • It goes potty;
    • It is crying;
    • It moves arms and legs
    • It can take a bath.

    Every set completes with:

    • Baby Doll
    • Plate for cereals
    • Scoop
    • Vial
    • Pacifier
    • Magnetic Nipple
    • Ingredients for cooking porridge
    • Additional cover for bottles
    • Diaper
    • Pot

    “Little Mommy” will be able to feed it, to seat or put it in a doll’s pram, take a walk, bathe, change clothes, play with it, put it on a pot, put to sleep in the bed – that is,to repeat all the steps of her real Mom!

    Such role-playing games are set in the little girl maternal inclinations, from early childhood to help thinking correct and logical, teach kindness, care and patience.

    The doll comes with a pot and accessories:

    a bottle, a bowl, a spoon, a “magic dummy”, diapers, pap

    Baby Doll is made of rubber and plastic. It is not afraid of accidental drops, rain and dust.

    For the operation of the doll does not need batteries!

    1. It is possible to bathe. It’s all clear. BUT !!! Pay attention – the doll is recommended to bathe in the bath in a sitting position in order to avoid water ingress. Keeping it under the water is not desirable! There is no drain valve, as in the Baby Annabelle or Baby Born.
    2. The doll is able to close the eyes by the magic nipples.
    3. The doll can drink. To do this, use only clean water, insert the spout bottle deeper into the doll’s mouth (to open a special drinking valve). Then squeeze the bottle, the doll begins to drink. IMPORTANT! doll should be treated in an upright position, otherwise the water will be immediately in a diaper.
    4. The doll can be fed. To do this, complete with a doll sold packets of pap, which is diluted with cold water. The doll should be fed with a spoon and always lying! It must be remembered that after feeding porridge a doll should be washed with soapy water (it should drink a few bottles and put on a pot) every night, otherwise a doll would be broken!
    5. The doll can “go potty”. It is necessary to put the doll on the pot and flatten the top, so that the doll legs would be pinched by a pot. It’s quite difficult for the kid, so he or she may need help from an adult.
    6. The doll can cry. To do this, click on her right hand. Tears will flow, if the doll was sufficiently watered!
    7. The doll can laugh. Rather squeak. To do this, click on the left hand.
    8. Move the arms and legs. Doll does not move his arms and legs by itself! Only with the help of a person.