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    Monogrammed towels

    There are many different ways to monogram towels. The most common style uses three initials: however, the order of the initials can vary. The letters can be used in order, from first name, middle name to last name. Married couples typically use their first name initials placed on either side of their shared last name initial. Some prefer a simpler and elegant monogram by using just the last name initial by itself. There are also two letter monograms, that consist of the first and last name initials.

    There are no rules when it comes to monogramming. It is simply a matter of personal choice. There are dozens of different fonts and embroidery designs available for monogramming. Some favored monogram colors are tone on tone, meaning the thread used in creating the monogram is the same color as the towel you selected. You can also choose a different color to make the monogram standout. It you know how to sew, you may wish to add the monogram yourself.

    Monogramming does not end with just adding initials. You can further personalize bath towels by adding your business logo, creative designs or personal messages.

    The basic guidelines for monogramming towels is to place the monogram two inches above the hem on hand towels and four inches above the hem on bath towels. To make sure you sew the monogram on the correct towel side, use the label as a reference point.

    People love to get gifts that are personal and unique. Giving a set of bath towels that have been personalized with a monogram shows the person that you have put thought and effort into a meaningful gift.

    It isn’t hard to find companies that can monogram bath towels for you. The trick is not to just go with the first company you find online that sells monogrammed bath linens. Take some time to browse different websites to find out what styles of monogramming they offer. There are a lot of options, so take the time to find the font and style of monogramming that appeals to you the most.

    If you are looking for simple, single initial monogrammed bath towels, you can find bath towels with letters on them from A-Z that can be ordered and shipped in just a few days. If you are personalizing your monogrammed towels with custom lettering or designs, then you need to allow more time for the towels to be customized and shipped. Keep in mind that most custom linen orders cannot be returned. Some companies are also willing to send you fabric and thread swatches to show you examples of their embroidery work. This is a good idea, especially if you are a very particular about colors shades, as computer monitors can vary when it comes to color appearance.

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    The history of the bedding

    Bedding, a very important design element in the bedroom. Bedding is not just the fabric that covered our bed where we rest, but it is intended to improve our well-being, as well as sleep.

    Today, anyone can buy bedding for their funds, and taste, but that was not always so. To our days have survived the historical information that bed linen in ancient Rome used the privileged layer of society. At that time for bed were used woolen fabrics and cloth, decorated with floral and fruit arrangements. In the Middle Ages on the bed throws animal skins.

    Bedding in Europe came much later, after that in the houses of rich people began to allocate some space for recreation – a bedroom. At that time bedding was an impermissible wealth, seamstresses sewed only from white fabric, decorated with finest lace exclusively manually and it probably served as an accessory, which decorated the bed and not the subject of life. In Russia, the valuable linen was weaved by hand to the wealthy at monasteries and in the villages before the start of the twentieth century, they could not think of beddibg sets and pillows.
    At Madame de Pompadour fashion for bedding spread in the eighteenth century.

    Since then, the history of bedding evolved in two ways:

    • Fashionable exclusive bedding made of silk and natural linen fabric hand-made, with intricate embroidery stitch, monograms with original, hand-painted, trim lace cutwork
    • Everyday bedding from the cheapest of fabrics, for a broad range of the population, which has become more accessible with the advent of the loom

    In the middle of the twentieth century due to the development of weaving production bedding from cotton, linen, satin, calico has become a necessity in every home. Bedding began to be produced in different sizes, different colors, different qualities. In connection with the coming into our lives of synthetic fabrics, in bedding various additives are added, due to which increases the service life, giving ease of beddibg, hardly in need of ironing.

    Specialists say, no matter how expensive may be bed linen, best suited for sleeping sets from natural cotton fabrics with pastel light colors. Such bedding provides hygiene and comfort during sleep.

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    All about elegant comforter sets

    At the present time, we have become accustomed to the fact that bedding is gradually becoming part of the interior. Not the least role in creating a cozy and warm atmosphere in the bedroom playing blanket. Especially worth mentioning comforte sets, as a unique item of linen.
    Comforter sets differ from conventional thin products because they are made up of three separate layers – often, two external and one internal. Sometimes the product is called “blanket-pie.” The material, which is located between the two outer layers of fabric, usually made of hollofayber or syntepon. One of the main advantages of comforter sets can be called the ability to hide all the irregularities of the bed, making your bed, like the entire bedroom as a whole will look very neat and tidy.

    The presence of insulation allows to use comforter as a blanket when the need arises. It is important to note that the range of comforter sets is very extensive, so each potential customer can find a product to his liking. Some manufacturers, relying on the originality and uniqueness, engage in production of double-sided comforter sets. This is a real godsend for creative natures that require constant change. With that, on both sides comforter can not only differ in color of tissue, but also the texture.

    Comforter sets – are the embodiment of elegance and sophisticated design solutions. Comforter may differ depending on the pattern formed with stitches. Here you can meet and circles and diamonds, and squares that fit perfectly in a minimalist interior of the bedroom. In that case, if you choose a comforter for a country house, remember that patchwork sewing best emphasize lightness and ease of country style.
    More complex, intricate designs look very simple and elegant. If you are the owner of a spacious bedroom with elegant furnishings, boldly choose comforter with golden or silver threads. Such a product – it is a work of art that is able to give the room an unsurpassed chic with a touch of luxury.

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    Credit report – why do you need it?

    Credit history – is a dossier containing information on the solvency liability of the borrower, the amount of his appeals to the banks, as well as approved and paid loans. To be interested in such dossiers must not only financial institutions but also the client. Every year on the Civil Code and the laws dedicated to banking, any natural person has the right once a year on a free of charge basis to receive a credit report or an extract from the CH. Moreover, a request for such a report is advisory but not binding. Yet all analysts advise not to ignore the recommendations and contact the Bureau of credit histories every year. And here’s why.

    Preparing for a large loan. Why should you ask for a credit report before placing your car loan or a mortgage?
    The primary objective of the credit report is considered to be a summary of the history of all requests, issuance and repayments of loans of the person. In the submission will be displayed dates and sums, including the number of days of arrears, penalties and the presence of active loans. There are situations when small banks forget to transmit information about the closed loan. Borrower is listed as debtor. And only for this reason, that is at the study of solvency, he can be denied in mortgage or car loan. If you notice deviations and “oversight” of financial institution you should in advance call back there and ask to fix your credit history. Active loans will be closed, and the chance to conclude a new credit agreement will increase.

    And it also happens that the lender sends the wrong information in the credit bureau. Data on namesakes are confused and the wrong citizen becomes debtor. To request a credit report in this case – means to detect errors and to regain the reputation of a responsible, loyal borrower in time. For this you will have to visit the bank that filed incorrect information about their customers and to write a statement on the revision of history and correct inaccuracies there.

    Thus, the answer to the question “Why do I need a credit report” is the protection of credit reputation and your own financial well-being. Therefore each borrower is recommended to contact the CRB annually.

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    To the problem of housing for homeless veterans in the United States are engaged charities

    US forces are engaged in military campaigns all over the world and they are constantly in need of recruits. Commercials promise young people career growth and financial stability at the end of life. However, after returning home, many of them can not rebuild their lives and are often homeless. President has repeatedly promised to solve the problem of housing for veterans. The last promises of the administration – to provide housing for every veteran to the end of 2017. However, while the former military men have no choice but to rely on the assistance of charitable organizations.

    American soldiers protect the civilian population of the United States, stand on the guard of national interests, fighting in distant lands, so that then to return home and, as often happens, to be without a roof over their head.

    A former marine turned out on the street many years ago, when he could not pay more for a house – his pension is not enough. Shortly thereafter, his wife and children left him.

    The former officer is fighting today – only today for survival on the streets.

    “I survived because I well know the neighborhood and I can take care of myself. Here around garbage cans and restaurants “- says a veteran of the US Armed Forces Berry.

    Last year in the United States, there were 50 thousand homeless veterans.

    President assured that he would keep his promise: “We will make efforts until every veteran who fought for the country, will have his place in America that he can call home.”

    However, veterans are still on the streets. Many of those who fought in Afghanistan, Iraq and even Vietnam upon return can not rebuild their lives.

    “Many previously served have health and mental problems, as well as alcohol and drug addiction. We should treat our veterans with special respect, that they may see that their birthplace is grateful for their service, “- says the chairman of the organization Homeless Trust Ron Buck.

    Homeless Trust – is the largest organization in Florida that assists homeless. Across the country run a lot of similar institutions – public and private. The problem they all have is the same, but they have different methods.

    In different cities of the United States homeless veterans are invited to a special meeting so that charities took these people under their protection – begin to look for jobs and temporary housing until they get on their feet. But in order to meet the number of homeless ex-soldiers, it is not necessarily to come to special events. They can be seen in the center of almost any American city.

    For example, in the city of Miami luxury hotels, expensive real estate and vibrant business centers are all around. At lunch in the luxurious restaurants powers are discussing big deals. And it is here, in a turbulent maelstrom of city life, social workers who are trying to help the homeless, have most of all worries.

    Every day the streets of Miami are patrolled by more than 20 groups of so-called green T-shirts. Solving of the problem of homeless veterans is for many years on the list of national priorities of America. Administration has promised to provide each veteran with housing by the end of this year, but there is still a lot of work.

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    What do you need to know about the bedding?

    Good bedding is not easy to choose. However, do not rush to buy the first liked set of bed, first try to find out a little more about bedding.


    It all depends on the country. Set of bed for everyday use – is, as a rule, a sheet, a duvet cover and two pillowcases. But depending on the country of origin set structure, and the size of objects may vary. For example, there are European, American and domestic standards. All information about the size and composition of the set is usually indicated on the package.


    Modern design. Duvet covers with a hole in the middle is almost impossible to find today. Most often they are made as a pocket with a slot along the length or width. The slot can be opened with zipper or buttons, be fastened of textiles ribbons. The sheet can be traditional or tension, single cut or with a seam. Pillowcases are square and rectangular, buckle can be in the form of buttons, zippers, or valve-odor.

    Quality of products

    Examine stitches. If possible, open the box and look closely at the seams. Bedding should be stitched sewing seam. Threads should be ideally suited in tone to be uniformly twisted and strong. On the fabric should not be open sections: they will disperse after a couple of washes. Even processing of sections with overlock not make bedding more durable. It is desirable that the objects in the set had no joints and stitches in the middle – this bedding is more durable and comfortable to sleep on it.

    Selection of fabric

    Bedding sets can be made from both natural and blended fabrics. The main requirement to the material: it should be pleasant to the touch and hygroscopic. There is a classification of fabrics for bed linen according to the type of raw materials (cotton, linen, silk, viscose) and by the method of weaving (batiste, calico, calico, satin). Many people think that the words “calico” always means “cotton”. In reality, calico weaving may have, any, both natural and synthetic fabrics.

    Note the density of the weave (number indicated on the package). Low density is considered to be 20-30 threads per 1 square. cm, very high – 130-280 strands. The denser the fabric, the longer is the underwear.

    The best bedding is made from natural long-staple cotton (ideally – Egyptian). Other quickly lose juiciness of their colors, they formed “pellets” after washings in a mode of high temperatures.

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    Paper flower: new collection by Tiffany & Co.

    Graphic jewelry Paper Flowers – a story about careless chic and the first creation of Reed Krakoff

    According to Reed Krakoff, appointed as the creative Director of Tiffany & Co. in January 2017, for whom the Paper Flowers collection was the first full-fledged debut in a new role, the main focus of new products is in the combination of organicity and femininity with graphics. The result clearly shows the beauty of decomposition and asymmetry without loss for the traditional beauty of diamond jewelry and the DNA of the Historic American Jewelry House. A third of the jewelry is unique haute joaillerie items.

    Platinum flowers, which form the basis of jewelry, are obtained by combining abstract petals – neither realism nor jewelry botany! The palette is monochrome — platinum and diamond glitter. There are only a couple of highlights — diamond yellow and tanzanite blue. The latter is responsible for the color of the iris, an important floral motif in the history of Tiffany & Co. – a curtsy to the dawn of the brand’s glory, which fell on the modern era. Yellow diamonds in fireflies, the wings of which still beat the petal theme, are a tribute to the historical Tiffany Yellow stone, a “cushion” of canary shade with a weight of 128.54 carats.

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    Modern courses of interior design

    In the world of professions one of the most enigmatic is interior designer. Every man wants to make the house worthy continuation of own style of life, a pleasant backdrop for everyday communication and great holidays. And, of course, following the principle “If you want to get best – you need to do it yourself”, many people begin to buy beautiful magazines and try (or at least the dream)to create the same thing, but their own scope and with adjust of their interests. However in reality, it turns out that to profession has mass pitfalls and fast streams, and even to explain foreman your desire, need to know more, than captions under pictures in glossy magazines. Thus the interior design is becoming a kind of mystery, which, however, is very interesting to solve.

    Whom and why needs interior design courses? The main goal and objective of such courses is to study the general principles of the device of interiors, to understand the specifics of creating a certain styles and moods, and to acquire the ability of functional and original decoration all kinds of space.

    Interior design courses are complicated tasks, what are requiring certain creative skills and versatile thinking in the sphere of design excellence. But along with it, the courses of interior design are very fascinating, thanks to the study of which you will be able to use the received knowledge in personal purposes, such as landscaping of your home or villa, and in the professional life – for getting a prestigious and highly paid job.

    Courses will introduce you with the theory and history of design, with its modern and classic lines that will allow you to successfully apply the knowledge in practical activities, especially in the process of design the interior of buildings and premises

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    The interior design of apartments and offices.

    Today work with interiors is one of the most popular branches of design. Among the customers are not only clients with high incomes, as it was recently, but also representatives of middle class – people who want to equip home as comfortable as possible.
    Also more and more companies are ready to invest in the decoration of the offices, in the convenience of manufacture of facilities. That is why the profession of interior designer is a very popular and in demand.

    According to experts, if you watch the interior from the different sides with humor, you would reveal the following disposition of the duties in this business:

    Customer – finances the process, trying to achieve harmony of the final result with their inner world and his wallet.

    The architect is trying to lead the planning of the object in accordance with painted facade and his understanding of the word “good”.

    The Builder – commits act of materialization of the thoughts of the architect. As full and accurate implementation is impossible anyway, materialization is very approximate.

    Designer is man, who corrects the drawings of the architect and Builder builds. He’s trying to achieve the same harmony of the inner world of the customer with construction, taking no attention to the size of the wallet, because there is no money already, and on their creative ambitions, because for ambitions he doesn’t get money.

    From all follows the fact, that modern interior designer works not for art, but for particular customer. Therefore, his tasks are defined ultimately by the interests and requests of the customers, but not his own impulses as creative nature.

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    Schools of interior design: what is important to consider?

    In his work the designer-decorator of interiors is faced with many nuances, that he takes into account in the design of each specific premise. Professional trainings and interior decorating schools from professionals allow avoiding many unpleasant moments, what could occur in work of self-learners.

    Let’s consider some of the reflections of the professional activity of the person on the interior of the room.

    For people with active life position (or profession) will not be burden bright and bold decisions in the choice of colors and lighting of the interior. A bookkeeper or a humble teacher will choose rather the interior with restrained and quiet colors.

    People with technical mind and the same profession may wish to use the metal in the interior of the house. It is inherent in the high-tech style – modern, modular furniture, plenty of newfangled technologies.

    If the person works at the home, the interior must be primarily functional, nothing more. This quality is inherent in the style of minimalism, where nothing prevents to work and to clean such room easily.

    Sometimes profession requires not only special stylistic solutions, but also using of particular finished decor. We speak only about few nuances, what the interior designer needs to consider in the design and selection of furniture, accessories.

    Professional courses of interior design and furniture will help you to take confidently and to fill orders for the design of different rooms and for every customer.

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    How to cook with Cobb grill

    Cobb grill is a multifunctional portable device, combining the functions of grill, barbecue, stove and smoker.

    It is developed with the use of modern technologies of the 21st century, original, covered by patents and made of qualitative stainless steel. Cobb grill is compact and light. However, it allows preparing 6 portions of dishes at a time!

    Technical characteristics

    • Weight: 4.5 kg
    • Height: 32 cm
    • Diameter: 33 cm

    What is its originality?

    Thanks to the effect of convention and air circulation, caused by the construction, the temperature inside Cobb comes to 300 Celsius degrees.

    For three hours, the air maintains glow of embers (it is enough to put 6-8 lumps of pressed fuel) and provides the high temperature under the lid. This unique property ensures a wonderful cooking of almost any dishes for 6 persons!

    Custom qualities

    1. Economical: 6-8 bricks of coking coal are enough for 2-3 hours of cooking!
    2. Special amortization legs make it steady on almost any surface, even on a yacht at the time of moving!
    3. High quality stainless steel makes it firm and durable.
    4. Due to the special construction, it will always be cool to the touch. It is easy to take and transport it right at the time of cooking.
    5. It is possible to use it in any weather conditions: at the time of wind, rain, heat and even frost.
    6. There is neither smoke nor fire at the time of cooking (there is smoke only at the time of coal firing. It lasts 10-15 minutes).
    7. The construction of grill prevents you from the contact with burning embers.
    8. You can use the “dry” way of cooking, without pouring any liquid (beer, wine, water) in the container. The food will turn out drier and more browned.
    9. A good alternative is steaming food, when you pour beer, wine or water in the container. At that, the prepared dishes will get the additional fine aroma and juiciness.

    Cook on the Cobb grill with pleasure!

    The standard complete equipment of Cobb grill includes: frying-pan with teflon coating for grilling, frying and smoking, barbecue, holes for draining fat to the special storage, coal basket, removable holder of fireproof plastic, the storage for draining fat at the time of cooking. The external case is made of heatproof bright-finished stainless steel.