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    Make your home design online

    Using the programs of interior design online, you can plan the design of your apartment, room or any other accommodation with your own hands. At that, you won’t have to pay for the work of designer.

    In addition, such program give a possibility to arrange the 3D furniture of your from your favorite shop in the virtual room, to paint the walls, to lay the carpet, and even to hang the portrait on the wall. And in the end you’ll be able to calculate the total cost of materials. If you wish, you can order it to your home.

    General recommendations on the work with 3D interior design

    To have a possibility to keep your design projects, enter the free 3D program for the interior design, choose the file format and press the button “Save”.

    Every program of 3D design is arranged very simple. Some programs have small cameras for the additional comfort, moving along the perimeter of the room. So, you see everything that the camera sees. That’s why to examine the room at necessary 3D-angle, you only need to locate the camera at a certain point, at a suitable height and turning angle.

    5 simple standard steps to create the design of your apartment with your own hands.

    1. To create your room from the ground up, create the new project in the open window of the chosen program.
    2. Choose the planning and set the measurements of your room with your own hands. In many programs you can change the measurements in running order, moving and stretching the walls of the room with a mouse.
    3. Place the doors and windows on the walls, also carrying them from the catalogue to the top view.
    4. Place all the necessary furniture on the plan.
    5. Make the décor- paint the walls, choose the wallpaper and floor covering.

    The use of online programs will help you to model your house, paint, place the furniture and choose the suitable accessories. You’re safe from the boring experiments, connected with the experiments on the furniture moving dresser and refrigerator when you have to transfer the soft corner, dresser and refrigerator. All you need is to set the right size of accommodation, the location of doors and windows, to choose the furniture and start the boldest experiments.

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    The main components of building and design resources

    If you have some questions about the building and design of interior, or if you want to talk on design, if you yourself are the interior designer or decorator wishing to progress in your profession, then the articles, magazines and forums about the building and design are the best places where to find the necessary information.

    Let’s see what profit you can make on it.

    The resources about building and design can help you to avoid mistakes, if you’re designing the new look of your apartment or house on your own.

    The cost of mistake in the preparation of repair is very high. Of course, it depends on your repair budget. For some people it’s tens of thousands, and for the others- millions (when it comes to the big apartment or country house). The mistake in 10 cm by the relocation of the wall or the order of the kitchen- and the repair can drag on a few more months, and the additional charges amount the above-mentioned sums. And the mistakes in the color score or ergonomics will also have bad consequences- it will be rather uncomfortable to live in your carefully designed apartment.

    You can avoid many of these mistakes by comparing your plans with the professionals.

    What is the main problem by the search of interior designer? When you look for the designers, you deal with a lot of strangers and an unfamiliar sphere. How to understand that this particular designer is a professional? How can you be sure that his portfolio is real? How can you know that he’ll understand all of your desires and realize the design you want? Here you’ll be able to find answers to all these questions.

    In the online resources you’ll find a lot of pictures with the design of almost every objects- apartments and houses, dwelling und uninhabited houses in any possible styles. Look and get inspired.

    The main parts of the online building and design magazines are: interior design and décor, detailed master-classes on building and repair, interesting ideas and tips for the choice of materials, instruments, etc.

    Such websites are devoted to everything that can be made with your own hands and to all people who can do it or want to learn it. Building, repair, interior design, handmade- the authors share their master-classes with you. The also give you advises how to make your life more comfortable, cozy and beautiful. Share your ideas, ask the professionals for advice and tell what you can do with your own hands.

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    The main information about online magazine “Interior design”

    The main task of online interior magazines is to give the readers as many ideas of interior design as possible. In the magazine pages you can find the photos of interior from different parts of the world.

    The target audience of “Interior design” is the elite of our country, open to everything new and original, whose tastes are already formed under the influence of everything best created in different spheres of our life. This magazine is also interesting for the professionals in the world of design, looking for the new sources of inspiration and realization of their boldest projects.

    When you think over the design of your new apartment, consider that it’s not an interior decoration that determines its’ style, but most of all the furniture, color solutions and décor items. Everything matters: not only their stylistics, but also their quantity and location. For example, minimalism is characterized by the minimal set of furniture (mainly of strict geometric forms), while classic style is notable for a great number of details and objects.

    At first sight, people consider the interior as an aggregate. Only then they pass on to the details. So, the overall picture is responsible for the first and the most important impression of accommodation. That’s why the role of furniture and different final touches in the perception and functionality of space is very important. It means that their location and filling must be carefully thought from the very beginning. Ideally, you should use the plans in real scale, so that it is easier to imagine the relation of free and occupied space.
    It is also very important to understand the price range for the furniture of certain style, as its can cost a great deal of money and not fit in the planned repair budget.

    Interior Design will advise you how to combine different styles in one room, to make it look harmonious and aesthetically beautiful. You’ll meet the best novelties in the field of design, news and events, as well as the best interiors.
    Every month the editorial staff of the international interior magazine selects dozens of first-class interior projects and hundreds of fashionable novelties. The magazine contains the full version of interior projects, a lot of interesting complements including the latest news, the calendar of interior, furniture and art exhibitions, etc.