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    Metal garden art

    The household plot is not only a traditional place of rest from the city bustle, but also a kind of business card, on which you can judge the prosperity and welfare of its owner. The common courtesy, for example, has always been to use wrought iron items in the design of the house or garden. Why are people so full for a metal rod, twisted monogram, soaring peaks – it is easy to understand. Just look around you: everywhere we are surrounded by soulless, erected in the cult of practicality items. Hence nostalgia for the old things with their graceful forms and a strong personality is quite understandable. Metal art is giving to the garden landscape, as well as home interior, special chic, it always looks beautiful and dignified. Elegant and original product unwittingly draws the eye and never ceases to please the eye for years.

    From under the smiths hammer light lace ligature could go: metal fences and garden gates, gates, windows and balconies of lattice, visors or watercourses. In addition, the technique of artistic forging is used at producing the garden furniture, a romantic gazebo, delicate arches, unique lamps, stylish bookcases and more. For flower vases, cornices and balconies hanging brackets that serve as plant pots are available, where you can put the flowers in pots, tubs or boxes. And if the decoration of metal poles for climbing plants will be somehow hidden under the greenery, the beautiful delicate pyramid or any other figure from wrought iron, set in the center of the flower bed, at the turn on the garden path, or at the transition to the next area of the garden will be its decent decoration. And best of all, that all of this will be an ornament of the garden even in the dullest, cold season, when the garden steeps in slumber under the snow.

    As a rule, all items from the wrought iron are performed under individual sketches. If necessary, representatives of the manufacturer go to the cottage or summerhouse for free, where, together with the customer define the dimensions and exemplary design “plot” of future products. They may offer a choice of typical models produced some or other manufacturers. If you need a personal project, a few sketches will be offered to you free of charge to choose from, which will take into account all your wishes.

    Typical products are manufactured and installed very quickly, within one working week. Individual orders are carried out in longer periods – from three to six weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the number of small parts.

    Metal as a material offers a wide field for the most daring experiments: it can be stamped, drag, bend, crook, forged, minted. It happens that the clear intention does not come at once, so professional designers, who work at every artistic forging enterprise will help to clothe it in a formal way, which you would like to bring in a particular product. Intricate openwork is very durable. After all, the main raw material is a powerful metal rod of square section with a side of 10-40 mm, which takes bizarre forms under the influence of fire and hitting the hammer.

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    Outdoor garden art

    Creating a garden design is pretty fun and interesting work, because the design of the garden reflects the architectural language of the house and preferences of its owners. At present, it is also an art because here, as in fashion, any mix of classic elements and modern accessories is allowed. Many new materials have an enormous popularity through the leading landscape designers that contribute to the gardens of fresh paint and contrasts, creating sometimes quite unexpected garden paintings. As before, the pool’s in fashion, as well as new and long-forgotten perennials, shrubs and attractive cropped compositions of plants. And the latest discovery: the light in the garden. It is a kind of personal enrichment of garden areas around the house.

    What type of garden is suitable to the house? Can you set up art nouveau garden with classical elements around the old house? This garden is surprising and conquering instead of curved tracks and wide beds are traced clarity throughout. Emphasis is placed on straight lines, high-edged beds and surprisingly small set of different plants. Here a few inexpensive materials are dominated. Is it a new type of savings or the desire for simplicity, ease? After the stress of everyday life and excessive variety of proposals in any form such a contrast is accepted with gratitude. Affordable and beautiful shape is a tool that produces great aesthetic effect in the garden.

    When it comes to making this new moderation visual, plot size does not matter. In a small garden, this idea can be implemented by applying a few bright, conspicuous elements. However, a large portion of this unexpected effect can be achieved, for example, using a visual axis from home or long silent line of trees, or a group of flowering shrubs. And what about the solitaire, long pond with a geometrically regular shape or thematic garden dedicated to only one historical roses or flowering in blue perennials? Limitation of the plants in most cases is quite a good solution.

    Landscape style is often used by landscape architects when they are planning modern country estates. However, the desire to put in a small area as a lot of trendy decorative elements (Chinese houses and lanterns combined with alpine slides and sculptures in the style of pseudo-baroque), native birch trees and exotic plants leads to the fact that they repeated mistakes of the early XVIII century, when the inexperienced architects sought to use all the new garden art.

    Creating a park in landscape style requires a delicate taste, a sense of proportion, a good knowledge of mother nature and the desire for self-improvement.

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    Garden wall art

    Garden fence is an integral part of suburban private property, whether it is a private mansion, a house in the village or an ordinary summerhouse. Moreover, typically for some people the merit of fence quality is its solidity and the imposing height. But the trouble is that this armor has a very dull and expressionless look on large areas, but on small areas it cuts the already limited space. In addition, quite often there is a case – a fence-wall was built much later in time than the main building, and therefore, it is not combined with it in style and design.

    The interesting techniques of fence decor will help to fix this problem, which will be discussed here. The main techniques best suited to this task may have different applications (as if it may sound strange in relation to the fence), painting, all kinds of covers, screens, as well as simulation and pastiche of selected forms.

    So for example, metal garden fences, often seeming “through” and cold – they can be made more comfortable and “warm” with wooden linings, enhancing their already existing frame on both sides. After the construction of the house, in particular, after finishing of its roof and the plinth is a lot of material that can be used for the manufacture of decorative elements in the form of applications on the boards, thereby linking the house, farm buildings, the gate to the garden fence and garden in the style of a single ensemble.

    You can use part of the garden fence as a backdrop for some of the stylized corner, for example, Oriental Garden with Japanese motives. As a Japanese-style fences serve as independent landscape elements, and therefore, are not only aesthetic, but also meaning, for their decoration only fully suitable style details are used. Panels made of bamboo and some trunks, entwined with parthenocissus or actinides, reed mats and other carefully chosen accessories.

    After the establishing of a solid fence close to the bench and pointing at it bend the path, you can obtain additional place for recreation, trimming the hedge with trims, simulating the back of the bench.

    Another fairly common problem is too extended distance between the support pillars. To revive dull appearance is possible through a variety of overlays that give the effect of additional space. Smart and at the same time, functional look of the lattice made of wood, twined with perennial vines or climbing annuals (you can use sweet peas, morning glory, cobaea etc..), on the background of a brick fence openwork metal elements look very aesthetically pleasing, and even elegant. In some cases, stained glass and mirror surfaces are used for decorative inserts.

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    Yard art ideas

    Almost every citizen dreams about a comfortable getaway weekend in the countryside. And if the facade and the interior are all right, it is necessary to think about the transformation of the courtyard space. Currently, there are many ways of infield arrangement, the landscaping ideas are endless. But there are certain limitations, above all, by the nature, amount of available land for design and financial capability of the homeowner.

    In this paper, we propose you to have a loo at the project of landscape design of private household. Perhaps this refined, attentive to details and elegant approach to the organization of the infield will be the inspiration for your achievements in the field of landscape design.
    Getting to the development of the concept, which will be based on the design of the yard of a country house it is necessary, first of all, to take into account the style of the building. Also take note of finishing materials that have been used for surface treatment of the facade of the mansion. And, of course, take into account the peculiarities of the topography, soil composition, presence or absence of groundwater, slopes, depressions on the plot land.

    Presented landscaping is simply saturated with the traditions of Eastern resettlement of street space techniques, but it does not lose its own identity. The clarity of lines, rationality and practicality are in harmony with the beauty of nature.

    Straight paths of concrete and stone slabs do not only allow access to different parts of the yard, passing the perfect lawn, but also allow to zone a space. The proximity of stone with water is the basic ideological concept of this method of close to the house land arrangement.
    Small reservoirs or water containers, styled on mini-fountains are present in several areas of the yard. The presence of smooth pebbles near the water is no accident, because such ideas come from nature itself.

    Near the small reservoirs it is necessarily to provide place for recreation. Small wooden benches in the warm shades of tan look great on the background of many shades of gray.

    The presence of large rough stones allows the general mood of the site to merge with nature more.

    The greens of various kinds is present everywhere. Depending on the location in relation to the sun, the plants can be planted even in the shaded and damp places. It is only important to determine the correct varieties.

    A large body of water in the area is the very embodiment of Zen. Imitation of waterfalls, water lilies in the water and as quasi hovering in the air bridge across the mini-pond create a sense of fairy tranquility.

    At night, all paths and stairs are lit to safety and giving the appearance of a magical courtyard.

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    Statue in bronze or marble

    Noble statues made of marble give a luxurious look to the landscaping. This traditional material is often used for sculptures in the classical style, figures of angels, the proud-hearted animal, majestic columns and exquisite amphora. In our climatic conditions, different varieties of marble do not change the appearance in 25 to 100 years. In winter experts advise to shelter that kind of ornaments. Granite is more durable, and well suited for garden products in a classic style. This sculpture made of stone allows to create and perpetuate even the most complex images.

    Choosing the statue in bronze or marble, you should pay attention to the features of these materials. Marble likely “absorb” the rays of light, products from it look very smooth, they seem to glow from within. The bronze sculpture is characterized by pretty sharp features, reflecting the light with flesks. Therefore, marble products are designed to be studied at close range, and bronze statues, on the contrary, are preferable to open areas. Choosing a garden sculpture, it is worth considering this aspect.

    Forged products are popular too, most of which are fantasy plants, amazing animals, or animals. Sometimes, there are also works of philosophical orientation.

    The ancient Greeks and Romans – the first who began to decorate their gardens with sculptures in marble depicting gods or heroes. Over time, the fashion for garden sculptures has gradually changing, but the antique statues of men and now adorn the landscape garden, designed in the classical style. Statues of Greek heroes emphasize their vigor: tense hands before the battle with the enemies, warlike look, tense muscles with prominent veins.

    Classic works of ancient times are very proportional, especially to enhance the beauty of the male body. Just beautiful young men, gods, heroes and mythical humanoid male characters will decorate your garden.

    Classical sculptors often depicted goddesses with perfect forms, emitting a hill and renunciation of mind.

    The sculpture, depicting a beautiful woman or a young girl, would look great in the garden. Female figure, half-hidden by greenery, located in a secluded corner looks especially romantic. Sculptures of women decorate any space; the main point is to choose the size and material products properly.

    Sculptures depicting children, you can set in the garden or on the farm site. Especially prevalent are the figurines of angels, which are traditionally placed at the entrance to the house. Any garden or park ensemble will decorate a charming Cupid with unchanged bow and arrows, such monuments and sculptures in bronze will be the subject of your friends’ admiration.

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    Outdoor wall art

    There are four types of hedge construction at the small holdings, the choice must be assumed, respectively, of the conditions of your garden and your design ideas. It is necessary to consider the size and brightness of the garden, the practical necessity of some partition types, the style of your site and those “special effects” that you want to achieve. So, if a garden is small and shady, it is not necessary to arrange solid walls, but if in some place it is uncomfortable because of the constant winds, so there should be just a solid partition. If the style of the garden presupposes openwork partitions, these are the ones you must arrange first.

    And if you want to create the effect of “Studio garden”, your choice is conditioned partitions.

    Solid green fence

    As the name implies, solid hedges are a continuous array, with no gaps. This may be a fragment (or section) of the fence, specially made out of some hard material unconnected wall of brick, stone, concrete, wood, bamboo.

    Their height can be any, but usually not less than 1 m. But this is not the only option for solid walls.

    Thick hedge is a solid partition, portable screen of solid construction is the same thing. Most often solid walls have a greater length.

    Openwork garden walls

    Openwork garden walls are not solid, they “shine through”, and the degree of transparency you can adjust at your discretion: by the construction or vertical landscaping.

    This type of partition is the most beautiful and “the most decorated”. The greatest number of decor ideas – precisely for such garden borders. The advantage of these baffles is that they are perceived, but the perception of space is not limited.

    Typically, openwork garden walls is a design for vertical gardening: a variety of mesh and shaped trellis, pergolas, arches, garden screens, freestanding structure for vertical landscaping, combined together. Apart from special designs there may be fragments (sections) of wrought iron fence or portable screen, the design of which delicate. Hedge can be openwork wall, just in case it does not have to be thick. Openwork partitions can be screens made of glass and polycarbonate. All designs used for openwork partitions look graceful, light, v variegated, and they are beautiful even in winter, with the lack of plants on them.

    Hedge “conditional green fence”

    The main difference between the hedge “conditional green fence” and other garden borders that it is quite reminiscent of the walls, which we are used to see. But they perform their functions better than conventional walls. Conditional borders are the most unusual and interesting ones.

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    Outdoor statues

    Varied and original garden sculptures and figurines will transform your home and garden beyond recognition, they will create coziness and comfort and make magic. Your garden will look especially advantageous and luxurious in the presence of lighting fixtures on solar batteries, which can be placed in open areas around the flower beds and flowering shrubs to emphasize the image of landscape composition.

    The advantage of garden sculptures as the main element of decor for the garden is the ease of installation, the creation of different ensembles, which will hide the shortcomings of the landscape and will add something new to the garden – something original and unexpected. They will always be pleasing to the eye, create a good mood for you and your guests.

    Decorative figurines will also be able to transform the interior of the store and restaurant. Not that long ago garden sculptures were expensive. But today, garden figures became available, and their popularity is growing every day. When buying outdoor figures you must take into account the rules of landscape design, only then they will be a natural and appropriate decoration of the garden.

    The main ones are: 1. to observe the proportion that is to choose the size of garden figures, given the size of the garden, and the estimated location of these sculptures. We should not forget that the figure seemed large in the large room, can easily get lost in the garden; 2.to place garden figures and sculptures of animals, birds and insects, taken into account their natural habitat. For example, garden figurines urchins should be on the footpath, sculptures of hares and foxes – on the lawn, garden figurines of snails and lizards – on the alpine hill. Decorative figures of swans, ducks and frogs should be placed near the waterfront.

    LANDSCAPING figures of wild animals in the back of the garden create a sense of the forest. Decorative sculptures of flamingo, elephant, or penguin in your garden will add an exotic touch. The most popular outdoor sculptures are gnomes, patrons of good miracles. Garden gnomes can be placed on the paths in the bushes and on the porch, where they would be the guardians of your homes. In ancient times in the East near the entrance to the house symbolic fine figure stood guarding the house from evil spirits.

    Their functions have not changed to this day, but the usual for us appearance gnomes got in Germany. There have been very popular legend of the dwarf in a red cap – a symbol of family well-being, and it was believed that the figure of a garden gnome necessarily bring good luck and prosperity to the house. In an industrial scale gnome figures for the garden began producing in the late XIX century in Thuringia.

    Garden sculptures originate from ancient Greece. In ancient times, sculptures decorated temples, amphitheaters, town squares; statues of gods and mythical heroes stood in the gardens of the nobility. These sculptures attributed magical powers and gave them a symbolic value. According to historians, there were more statues and garden sculpture in ancient Athens than the living people.

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    Metal garden sculptures

    History of art forging has several thousand years, and today these exquisite creations do not lose relevancy, with each year their popularity increases. Today, forged products are decorated the houses, plots of land, apartments and even offices. Metal art has become a new fashion of wealthy people who seek in any way to emphasize their individuality. Unique forged products, especially garden sculptures, become the standard of impeccable style, good taste and respectability of its owner. Apart from the obvious solidity, forged sculptures effectively recreate the atmosphere of refinement, give exclusivity and aesthetic perfection overall style of the room or the adjacent area.

    Practical use of forged sculpture has no boundaries – they are widely used for decoration of stylish interior and exterior. At the interior they look harmonious and expensive. As decoration of garden or infield forged sculptures bring diversity and special touch of originality, even in the most boring landscape.

    Forged products are made of durable material – high quality metal. Under the influence of high temperature metal becomes malleable, soft, so the master can create a figure of any complexity, and each time it will be a unique masterpiece. The process of making the forged sculptures require from the blacksmith extensive knowledge and proven skills of metal processing.

    Forged sculptures in the garden, backyard or in the park cannot only decorate the landscape, but also bear some philosophical meaning. The sculptures can be united by a common idea, to build with their help original landscape composition in the garden or in the park. A well-chosen lighting can arrange the necessary emphasis, to create a mysterious atmosphere.

    On request, the artist on metal could give his creation a variety of effects: the product can be artificially aged or painted it in any color. Particularly advantageous for the look of forged sculpture are materials that mimic the color of precious metals – bronze, silver and gold.
    Compared to other possible decorations of available space metal products do not require special care, they are heat-resistant, and even in wet conditions do not corrode. As envisaged that forged sculpture will continuously be outdoors, they are treated with special anti-corrosion coating and the polymeric layer, wherewith maximum durability, strength and usability of products are achieved. They can be called virtually eternal things, because forged metal pieces over the years do not lose their attractiveness.

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    Beach towels

    One of the important issues in a set of beach stuff is a towel. After the swimming, it will remove the moisture from the body, eliminate hypothermia and discomfort. Any accessory is important in a woman’s arsenal, so you need to take into account the aesthetic appeal of this product.

    Now, apparently, to find the right towel for the beach is not difficult – the choice is simply huge. But becoming the owner of poor-quality goods you at least throw money away, and besides, you can thoroughly spoil your mood during the holidays, when your colorful towel, for example, will shed unexpectedly. That is why you need to choose a beach towel no less carefully than any other textile.
    In order to make the right choices, we must take into account the main characteristics of the beach towel. The best option for a beach holiday is a terry cloth towel. The best results in hygroscopicity show different cotton, bamboo products. You can buy a towel of mixed fibers. It will maintain its functional and aesthetic qualities quite a while. Washing of beach towel should be made pretty often, so good wearing qualities would not be out of place.

    Beach towels are stained in bright and vibrant colors, which emphasize the state of rest. On the bright copies traces of sand or seaweed and wet spots are less visible. When painting conscientious manufacturers use only natural dyes. Yet you should not be in contact for a long time even with certified dyes. Quality beach towels have one clear non-painted side, and the other colored. On the clean side it will be more comfortable to relax and sunbathe without fear to be colored and get an unpleasant skin irritation.

    Terry fabric may consist of fluff or loops. The fibers provide the softness, give comfort. But these products wear out faster, lose their qualities. Towel with tabs will preserve its qualities for a long time, they will cope with the removal of moisture perfectly. It is important to pay attention to the length of these elements. Too long tabs make the product gentle, soft, absorb more moisture. But such a long dry towel will take up more space in the beach bag and weigh more when it is wet. Short tabs do not allow quality wipe, they will not provide a comfort. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to the towel tab of medium length.

    When selecting the size, you need to take into account the purpose of the product. If you plan to just wipe with a towel after swimming, you can buy a medium-sized model. The product, which at the same time will serve as a beach mat should be large.

    In general, beach towels should be color-stable to external influences of UV and moisture, have a fairly large size that it would be convenient to wipe.

    With regard to this design, the choice of towels with a variety of designs, patterns, original stampings is decently wide. This is a theme of the sea, but other motifs are popular too (animals, people, plants). Looped towels are washed in warm water up to 60 ° C and velour ones – up to 40 ° C. For better state looped towels can be hold it in a bit salted water. It is not necessary to iron the towels because they are a special symbol of the summer

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    Stone garden ornaments

    At all times stone garden ornaments were considered as a symbol of wealth and luxury. Stone Balls will look nice on the garden path or an open lawn.

    Stone can be a material for a huge amount of garden sculptures. One has only to find a suitable size, to be smart, to day-dream – and ornaments for the site decoration are ready.

    In recent years, it is becoming a popular painting on rocks. In most cases there are highly realistic images of animals. But you can decorate stones on your own, drawing ladybirds there.

    You have to recognize something individual in the natural material – to paint it in a suitable color – and the image is ready. It can be both ladybugs and owls, rabbits, seals, mushrooms – all that you can think of.

    • Stone, like a tree, perfectly fits into any plant composition.
    • From smooth pebbles using cement-sand mortar you can lay out animal figures and fairy-tale characters.
    • Castle created from small rocks will look beautiful with LED backlight, becoming a truly central focus of the entire garden.

    Pots made of stone are popular too; they can be an excellent alternative to the flowerbeds.
    In order to make a stone garden ornament, you will need a concrete. However, keep in mind that such a figure will be short-lived.
    Sooner or later the concrete loses its perfect shape because of the moisture and temperature extremes. Figures from natural stone are more durable, but making them at home can be difficult. For the manufacture of stone sculptures you can try to use more moisture-and heat-resistant materials than concrete.

    Air monolith sculpture is one of a series of sculptures in which the stainless steel is used to create the effect of a mirage. For this work, a pagan form and airy structure are distinctive features.

    Unfigurate natural stone at the footage and orderly mirror polished stainless steel create an unexpected harmony. Reflecting the outward things, the metal creates a fascinating optical illusion.

    Castle of rocks is giving to the garden solemnity and importance. For its creation you need to find pipes (you should get so much material as much towers you want), stones, broken tiles, cement and 1.5 liter beer bottles.

    First of all, the pipes are concreted, they are the foundation and the supporting structure. The next step is to revet them using a stone and grout, it should be done slowly, and when the wall would reach the alleged windows, is required to prepare a bottle. Windows are made by cutting the latter along in two halves. They are also cemented.

    When it is ready, you can take the beaten tile and start to face the roof. After the main part you can make a fence, and even an arch.

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    Some facts and ideas for garden design

    ideas for gardens

    It is better to start with the fact that is clear and known since childhood. Any cottage garden has beds with peonies, roses, asters, where families not only to grow crops, but also get some rest. What would happen if, instead of the usual small flower beds you will design real flower garden? The fact that it does not need any expensive purchases or exotic plants. A bit of the old dishes, furniture, utensils – and a familiar sight will come to life. It is enough to put some soil to any unnecessary container, it immediately becomes a place for the flower bed. The old trough, wooden cart, a broken wheelbarrow, large saucepan full of holes, worn shoes: before disposing of old things you need to think whether they will be useful for the wonderful flower beds?

    You cannot move away from the traditional design of flower beds, and decorate it by the fences from any natural material: picket, chocks, stones, artificial stone. A lot of construction debris is left after the construction of the house, pool or bath – it will be useful for edging flower beds too.

    Designing unusual flower beds, do not forget about the unity of style, for example, stone edging flowerbeds are smoothly combined with the stone façade.

    Traditional method of garden ponds decoration is the use of water – fountains and waterfalls. Nothing can be more natural than the foaming, bubbling intersecting jets and rainbow created by tiny droplets. The owners of sites through which the creek flows are lucky: using artificial thresholds they can arrange a cascade of waterfalls. By the way. This stream is easy to organize, if the house has a system of water supply.

    Using different fountain nozzles you can create a small composition of hitting from under the water jets.
    Using figures or other items to decorate the pond you need to remember: the more natural garden decoration looks – the better it is for design.

    ideas for gardens
    ideas for gardens

    Wood is an affordable and easy to process material. Using modern primers, paints, varnishes, anti-mildew, as well as having sufficient skill and patience, you can create real masterpieces.

    Rockery, dry creek, a stone path across the pond – any garden decoration by stones looks appropriate and harmonious. And most importantly, that the design of these compositions you only need imagination and the availability of natural resources. At the mountainous areas it is not a problem to find a scattering of stone, but flat land, unfortunately, would not provide you with available material. In this case, you can buy the stone, as many firms are involved in its sales.

    Plastic is a supple and flexible material, so it can be used to create a variety of garden decorations.

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    Lawn statues

    Lawn statues are an interesting attribute of landscape design, which history of origin takes its roots in antiquity. Even in ancient Greece tradition of decorating gardens with statues depicting characters mostly mythology, enjoyed great popularity.

    And the peoples of the East, that were placing symbolic representations of animals near their houses (so-called wards), believed that they protect themselves from evil forces.

    Passing through the century, the present trend in garden design is still important, though it has almost lost its largely symbolic connotations. Today, garden sculptures are in high demand, like for the owners of small household plots, both for the hosts of impressive suburban estates and sites. Landscaping design using the garden of sculptures is considered, in spite of a long history, is fashionable and original solution of garden design.

    Sculpture (from the latin «Sculpo», which means “to cut, carve”) is a type of fine art, whose works have three-dimensional shape and are made of solid or plastic materials.

    Sculpture garden is a third-dimensional, generally a human or any animal.
    Its size is mainly close to the actual size of the imaged object, or even exceeds it.

    Garden sculpture might look, in addition to the statue, also like:

    • a monument of the plate, triumphal arches, columns, busts, etc.;
    • an obelisk – a tetrahedral pillar like a pyramid with the aspirations of small end upwards;
    • stelae – stone slabs, arranged perpendicular to the ground.

    Garden sculpture in the improvement of small private plots is used in the form of small ceramic figurines, which are mass produced by different companies for a wide range of buyers – a variety of snails, ducks, cats, frogs, storks, gnomes, elves, bald fat men resembling a smiling Buddha and many, many others. Similar products are easy to buy and install in any corner of the garden, among the greenery, along the tracks or near the flowerbeds, it will not be difficult to move them from place to place, and in winter to move them to the room.

    Garden ceramic figurines are appropriate in small areas, but if it goes on much of the territory of the area, then you can easily design and use a more “serious” material for your statue. For example, marble was considered the classic material for sculpture from ancient times. It has been marble that for the most part was used in antiquity and the Renaissance. But eventually marble has the ability to break down, which remains pertinent in our time, complicated by the environmental problems. Today, therefore, landscape designers prefer granite. According to experts, it is pretty well handled, so it is easier to create original works of art, and has a high resistance to weathering.