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    Gym towels

    We all know how important it is to use a towel while exercising in the gym. Gym is a place where a lot of people are involved. Unfortunately, it’s also a place where germs and bacteria spread rapidly. In this connection it is necessary to be cautious and take care of yourself so as not to spread germs on your own and not to be in contact with other people’s germs.

    The first question that comes to mind when we are going to buy a towel to the gym, it is a question of the size of a towel.
    This question has no single answer. Everyone chooses for himself a towel of convenient size. Most often it is a towel in size 50×100. It is not too large, it is comfortable to wear in the room. This towel is ideal if you do not have a large body or use a towel to wipe the sweat from his face and body.

    It is worth paying attention to two nuances. First, it is not necessary to wipe your hands with a towel, which you wipe the sweat in the gym from the face and body. The hands are constantly in contact with the machines. If you wipe the face and hands with the same towel, you risk to pass the infection to your face and as a result pimples may appear on the face.

    Second, use a towel with tags on one side. That way you’ll always know which side is in contact with fitness machines and which one – with your body.

    The ideal option is to use a separate, small towel for hands.

    If you work most of the time at the exerciser or you are have a large body, pay attention to the large towels. For example 70×140 or 80×150. These towels are convenient to use because they cover most of the fitness equipment and your body is not in contact with the surface.
    The quality of the towels in the gym is usually the second question we ask ourselves. You have to understand what characteristics should have a towel at the gym.

    The towel should be one of high quality. After all, the towel will be washed after each visit to the gym. High quality towels withstand a lot of washings; thus they do not lose original color and form. Towels are usually made of high quality 100% Egyptian cotton.
    Pay attention to the temperature at which you can wash a towel. The temperature should be no lower than 60 degrees. At this temperature microbes and bacteria are killed.

    Towel has to absorb moisture well, to be soft and pleasant to the touch. With these demands towels made from 100% cotton cope at best. Furthermore towels from natural materials do not irritate the skin and do not cause allergy.

    The towel to the gym should cheer up, encourage energy and give cheerfulness. We recommend choosing a sports towel of bright colors and designs. That is yellow, green, red, bright green, deep blue color. The towel is now part of fitness to practice in the gym. Stylish towel can be a bright addition to your clothes for the gym. Agree, when you are happy with your appearance, your good mood and good mood is a guarantee of effective workout.

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    Generation Iron 3 Trailer provides a unique perspective of international bodybuilding

    This weekend, lots of power sport fans arrived at the Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the final contest held last Saturday, Shawn Rhoden was creating history by defeating the sevenfold champion Phil Heath.

    Alongside with the contest, Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network was engaged in creating the trailer for Generation Iron 3, the third part of their grandiose documentary films about bodybuilding. They explain that this movie will be released at the end of the year, but haven’t specified an exact date.

    In the past year, Generation Iron 2 was produced in May, and although it turned out a bit scattered, it did an excellent work in demonstrating how much bodybuilding has altered since its establishment and the countless ways sportsmen earn a living off-stage. Follow the link to read our complete review.

    That leads us to the next trailer of Generation Iron 3. In place of a documentary film on the developing digital landscape of bodybuilding, Generation Iron 3 seems to be concentrated on the growing world landscape, with much time devoted to the sport developing base in India, the Near East and other places.

    The first part of video covers the development of bodybuilding around the world and how the contest is becoming increasingly strict and competitive, while its second part includes quotations and sportsmen we look forward to see.

    So who we will see in Generation Iron 3? YouTube description to the video contains the following information,

    “With the participation of such sportsmen as Regan Grimes, Hadi Choopan and Kai Greene, and performances of such legends as Jay Cutler and Rich Gaspari – Generation Iron 3 broadens its concept with a truly holistic approach to demonstrating the perfect shape.”

    After a second film that that couldn’t reflect the essence of bodybuilding’s development, the third film definitely seems more intensive and outright than its precursor.

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    Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin 2 demonstrated the need for diversity in boxing

    After reading the heading of the article, you may not understand what it means. All admirers of boxing know that the “Sweet Science” is a type of sport that addresses the disparities between people of all races, beliefs and origins. “Variety is definitely a large part of boxing.” The type of diversity under discussion is based not on ethnic origin, but on the spirit of the both fighters involved as well as their ability to prove themselves in a difficult situation.

    Starting a fisticuff for an average person is generally something emotional. It’s a situation when someone was deceived and is searching for a vengeance. However, for a professional boxer, battle is quite another matter. While a lot of emotions can pervade a fight, like that the sports world was offered in September, the battle is also imbued with a sense of acute danger for both athletes.

    Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez had already sparred before, and therefore both of them know how dangerous the other boxer is. Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin prepared for that fight for several months, and each of them realized that a victory meant more than just getting a title of an unquestionable middleweight champ. To win this match-revenge means to make a mark in history.

    That said, both boxers and their teams knew that if they wanted to ensure the victory then they had to do everything possible and impossible.

    For Alvarez, this implied demonstrating a tougher side, expressing a willingness to do everything to ensure victory. It meant fixing all mistakes he made in the first battle and proving everyone that he could defeat a larger man with a rough style of fighting.

    At the same time, Golovkin had to show that he could be not just the bull in the ring. The aggressive attitude is just not enough to beat such a smart fighter as Alvarez. Golovkin had to demonstrate that he could really win the battle without resorting continuously to pressure forwards. He had to show that he could use other approach in his way to victory.

    It is indeed tragic that in any kind of competitive sport, one athlete will choose the wrong approach and suffer a regrettable defeat despite all having tried so hard.

    However, even though Alvarez was the one who raised his hand in his fight against Golovkin, none of them actually suffered defeat. Alvarez answered a lot of the questions, whether he could battle with a real Mexican style and stay on his feet. He demonstrated that he was able to stand in the center of the ring and control the speed of the battle. Alvarez proved that although he was the smaller man he still had enough power and courage to defeat Golovkin in the ring. At the same time, Golovkin demonstrated that he was as cunning as his opponent, and that he could use not   only his strength, but also his mind.

    Both boxers showed themselves from different sides. They both had their ace in the hole. Both men changes since their first meeting. After all, boxing is not only about showing your skills and knowledge, but also about demonstrating your intelligence. Competitive spirit isn’t just a type of uncertain ideology, but the sparkle inside each athlete’s soul. The last fight showed that both athletes were flexible persons ready to admit their mistakes and find new ways to show they were worthy of being called the best.

    Regardless of the outcome, there were two winners last Saturday. Both Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin won the fight, each in his own way. And as corny as that sounds, boxing enthusiasts got a final victory, watching both men show themselves in the best possible way. It was a horrible, and at the same time wonderful battle.

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    What you should know about the huge changes to the CrossFit Games

    Forget the things you knew about the CrossFit Games, as the world’s most intensive and exhausting sporting event is going to change every aspect of their activity — from the dates of competition to the conditions of participation. The goal is obviously to adjust to the increasing popularity and engagement in CrossFit. We’re witnessing the massive changes in the competition.

    This news was reported by our colleagues at the Morning Chalk, broadly covering the upcoming developments.

    “We intend to reorganize the corporation and the Games themselves and turn the competition into something more stable and assure the globalization of the Games,” Glassman explained to the press. “That’s the road to 150.000 branches and we’re really happy about it.”

    Following are some of the main points:

    • 2019 will be very strange, to put it mildly: As usual, the Open and the Games will occur in February and August, accordingly, but they will be followed immediately by the new Open in October, which will start in October.
    • There are more than 160 nations with a licensed CrossFit branch, and each of them will choose the top sportsman and sportswoman, as well as a team to participate in the CrossFit Games. Besides, a lot of external competitions will get more teams and athletes for the Games, which suggests that about 350 sportsmen will participate in the competition.
    • Fans of FloElite will like the fact that 16 “external competitions” will turn into the official CrossFit-authorized events. Granite Games — broadcasted by FloElite in about one month— and Wodapalooza — broadcasted by FloElite next January — are two of the activities specifically mentioned in the Morning Chalk article as opportunities, together with the Dubai Fitness Championship.

    These modifications are complete and fundamental, and it’s certainly going to take some time to not just process this news but see how that goes over the next year. No matter what happens, witnessing the development of this enterprise is great, and I’m not going to lie: We are just thrilled to see how it will turn out.

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    Conor McGregor has softened

    McGregor is going to participate in the greatest battle in UFC history. The boxer defy the invincible lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in the major competition of UFC 229. The huge title fight will take place in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada this October.

    Conor McGregor has become a bit softer

    In contrast to McGregor’s past battles, there is very little in terms of media presentations. There will be no worldwide tour, but solely a media event (September, 20). In his last statement on BJ Penn Radio, Colby Covington expressed his views on the situation:

    “I totally understand his position. He’s currently in Ireland, and it’s a bit difficult to come do promotion in the US. It breaks the person’s workout schedule. You wish to work out a lot, and prepare for the competition. I understand him. It is a quite difficult to travel across the world you try to lose weight and want to get your best shape back. But I have to admit that he’s become a bit softer in recent years. He’s dealing with cocaine, and spends a lot of time with his whores. He’s just a small dwarf who’s becoming a bit softer, so I totally get it why he doesn’t want to take part in the promotion.”

    Apart from some posts on Instagram and workout videos, McGregor hasn’t made any comments on the UFC 229 bout. We’ll eager to see what will come out during the NYC press-conference.

    What’s your opinion on Conor McGregor’s attitude to the media before UFC 229?

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    Japanese star Kid Yamamoto died

    Yamamoto had just reported at the end of last month that he was suffering from cancer. Strong spirit of Yamamoto made him use all his energy to battle the disease. Moreover, he wished to come back to MMA if he could win the greatest battle of his life. Unfortunately, the star lost that fight.

    Kid Yamamoto was born in 1977 in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. Few would have imagined that Norifumi Yamamoto would turn into a legend of MMA. But this is precisely what occurred and the Japanese mixed martial arts scene has become even due his success. The man who would soon be known under the pseudonym Kid Yamamoto his career in the mixed martial arts at the beginning of 2000s, after defeating Masato Shiozawa.

    Yamamoto had to enter lightweight section of K-1 and its parent enterprise Hero’s. At 5’4, Yamamoto was obviously short for the section. However, he made it to be the 2005 Hero’s Middleweight (75 kg) Grand Prix winner. It is impossible to forget the amazing 4-second knockout that Yamamoto brought to Kazuyuki Miyata in spring 2006.

    Following is a condolence on the death of Yamamoto from the official Twitter account of KRAZY BEE:

    “Yamamoto Kid (41) to all those who supported Yamamoto Kid, he died today on September 18th. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all the fans.
    Moreover, I ask you to abstain from interviewing the Yamamoto family and friends for a while.

    We all offer our condolences to the relatives and friends of Kid Yamamoto.

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    Wrestler in a leather mask – Big Van Vader deceased

    WWE’s first-magnitude star Big Van Vader (real name Leon Allen White), which made a name in the ring, and then in films and TV shows such as Boy Meets World, died at the age of 63 in USA, his son tweeted about it.

    Big Van Vader wrestler was born in 1955 and started his career in sports with American football. But because of the injury he was forced to leave and switched to wrestling in the mid-eighties. At the same time, his famous red leather mask – “in Japanese style” appeared.

    During his career which, like Big Van’s personal life, was not always smooth and even, Vader WWE gained many titles and awards, having got considerable fame outside the ring.

    In particular, he starred in the series “Baywatch” and “Boy Meets World”, the action movie “Fist of the North Star” (1995), where he played Goliath, in the documentary biopic “Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows, 1998” and a huge number of specialized videos.

    In May 2018, he successfully underwent heart operation, and the doctors thought that the condition was finally normalized. However it turned out differently – Bin Van Vader caught pneumonia and again he was laid up in the clinic, which he could not leave any more, like another wrestler Bam Bam Bigelow. The wrestler became famous in the early 90’s. In 1996, Bin Van Vader was in the Hall of Fame Wrestling Observer Newsletter, becoming the first heavyweight champion of non-Japanese origin.

    As a football player, Vadar has achieved really great success. At CU’s 1975, he was considered one of the best players in college football history. He also had a verbal contract with the All-American and All-Big Eight from 1976-77, and even played pre-season in All-American before the knee injury. This trauma forced our hero to do away with football … Also, Leon White was awarded a bachelor’s degree in the Business Administration, where he also studied.

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    How much gold is in the FIFA World Cup Trophy?

    The winners of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which takes place in Russia, will be able to rise up the gold FIFA World Cup Trophy again. However, how much gold is actually in it? What is its value? This was told by Dominic Lochmann of ESG Edelmetalle.

    Thursday, June 14, 2018 saw the beginning of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. The German team won the FIFA World Cup Trophy during the FIFA World Cup in Brazil four years ago. Many people would like to know what its actual value is.

    Dominic Lochmann, the managing director of ESG Edelmetalle-Service GmbH & Co. KG, spoke about the value of the World Cup Trophy: “According to the historical and public point of view, the FIFA World Cup Trophy is simply priceless. The material which it is made of has a great value. The Trophy has a height of 36.8 cm and a weight of 6.1 kg. It is made of pure gold of 18 carats. If we calculate the cost of the precious metal, we will get an impressive amount of money.”The modern form of the FIFA World Cup Trophy was first awarded in 1974. It was made by the Italian company Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni. It represents two people holding the Earth with their hands.

    The expert said the following: “The basis of FIFA World Cup Trophy is two malachite rings with weight of 1.2 kg. The remaining 4.9 kg are metals: 75% – gold (3,675 kg) and 25% – other metals to make the Trophy durable, because pure gold is very soft. The current gold price is 36 Euro per 1 gram. It turns out that the World Cup Trophy is worth at least 132.300 Euro.”

    For comparison, the cost of the material for the statue of Oscar, which is covered with a thin layer of gold, is only 250-300 Euro. “There is no wonder that it is owned by FIFA. As a rule, the Trophy is stored in the museum in Zurich. It is taken to the respective country of the competition during the World Cup. The winning team takes with them a copy of the Trophy made of bronze, covered with a thin layer of gold”