Functional lighting for your infield

The lighting of garden area (backyards) has been and remains the most priority in contemporary landscape design. From the led outdoor lighting depend of not only general view of the surrounding perimeter, but your security in particular.
That is why all designers strongly recommend to install floodlights, which are able to clearly highlight the house in the twilight. And if earlier for such purposes widely were used powerful floodlights with incandescent lamps, so now more popular are spotlights, which are working with very powerful and cost-efficient halogen lamps.

For led outdoor lighting of the surrounding perimeter, the ideal solution would be the use of lamps, floor lamps with high legs, which are made of steel or cast iron. Their design is strong and beautiful and consists of polymethylmethacrylate, steel and tempered glass. Inside you can find the halogen lamps, which are working on mercury or iodine vapor, what has initially with high capacity and low energy consumption.

For led outdoor lighting of garden paths the ideal choice will be lights on a small floor lamp’s leg or led lights. They attract with very nice look and exceptional durability, which is allowing them to serve you for a long time.

In recent times popular become using of glowing bars or bollards, what can bring the vitality and diversity into design of your landscape. Even in the daytime, when they are switched off, they are great-looking, because for their manufacture is used a thick corrugated glass.

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