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Chest of drawers as the way of living-room storage

The living-room chest of drawers is the compact system for storage of many necessary things. They are equipped with the drawers of different size, height and capaciousness. The main destination of this kind of furniture is to provide efficient and comfortable storage of things.

Forms and construction of the chest of drawers

The key feature of chest of drawers, distinguishing it from the other storage systems, is the presence of drawers. The classic models represent stocky low constructions with several rows of drawers of the same height. More functional living-room chests of drawers can have additional niches, hidden behind the swing doors, open shelves or mirrors.

According to the type of location, the living-room chests of drawers are divided into: wall, attached, mounted and island.

The island living-room chests of drawers are the largest. They have the same decoration of the front part and the back wall. They can be situated in the center of the living-room, dividing the spacious accommodation into separate elements. Some models have the possibility of two-sided access to the contents. The side compartment or the back walls of such chest of drawers are equipped with the separate doors or the system of shelves and drawers.

The mounted living-room chests of drawers are the original decision for modern interior. Fastened to the wall, they leave the free space between the lower part of furniture and the floor. That’s why the accommodation looks more spacious, and the interior- nonconventional.
The attached living-room chests of drawers are more compact, and their height rarely exceeds the coffee table. Their basic function is to complete larger or more massive furniture and unite the separate elements into the whole composition. The attached living-room chests of drawers can be stationary or mobile.

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The wall living-room chest of drawers is the most common group. Due to the location peculiarities, such furniture has the beautiful front and side parts, while the back wall is usually made of cheaper and simpler materials. The wall chests of drawers can have classic forms, the forms of pen cases, have additional shelves and glassing, or serve as a cabinet or support.

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