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    The peculiarities of the coffered ceilings

    Coffered ceilings become more and more popular. The modern architecture uses coffer not as load-carrying construction, but as the element of interior design. You can often notice such elements in historical films, for example: carved wooden beams, some decorations of the castles.
    Coffered ceiling consists of cavities, beams and cells. In other words, “coffer” is a polygonal cavity. Such ceilings fall into the category of decorative ceilings. Coffers can have either square or circular shape. They are especially notable for their cross and longitudinal beams with ornament.

    There are some more popular ornaments in architecture: stucco sockets, cornice elements, borders, profile wall passages, ceiling painting.
    Coffered ceilings can visually increase the area of living-room, bedroom, study, billiard room and library. Such kind of a ceiling decoration is used in offices, if their owners want to emphasize reliable status of the company. Coffered ceiling fit the country-houses and the cottages. Due to the design of the coffered ceiling one can reduce a total weight of construction and improve acoustics.

    Coffers are often installed in the accommodations with the high ceilings. They give the impression of a space of considerable dimensions. Coffered ceiling can be found in more than 2 m high rooms. It will not produce its due effects in small accommodations.
    The architecture style must be taken into account as well. If you prefer something unusual and modern, choose the coffers of different size and style.

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    The complete equipment of Acura CL

    The sports coupe became the first models of Acura, designed and manufactured in the USA. The basic CL took over the general stylistics of the concept car CL-X, presented in 1995, which looks really unusual: you won’t find any lock on the luggage roof, as it opens by means of lever, located at the driver’s seat.

    Initially, Acura CL had two varieties of engine: 2.2 CL and 3.0 CL, similar to the corresponding cars Honda Accord Coupe (from which the company has adopted the independent suspension with all its peculiarities). The all-aluminum engine has an electric drive fuel injection system.

    Acura CL first appeared in 1996 as the model of 1997 lineup, took the position between the sedans Integra and TL. In 1998 the basic CL acquired the larger and more powerful 2.3-liter engine. As a result, the model 2.2CL changed its designation for 2.3CL.

    The double airbags and ABS system provide the safety of driving. The 2.3-L model has four-cylinder engine, with the 2.3-liter working volume and the capacity of 150 horsepower. It is designed according to the VTEC technology. The 3.0CL model has the 3-liter VTEC V6 engine with the capacity of 200 horsepower. The standard complete equipment of both versions include: automatic climate control, electric window regulators and mirrors, central locks, the steering-wheel, adjustable for height, the cruise control, leather and wooden coating and automatized hatch.

    Compared to the previous generation, the model of 2003 model year acquired the modified radiator grill, new head lights, tail lights, exhaust system and the hexactinal light-alloy discs. The new model car is equipped with the aluminum six-cylinder power unit with the capacity of 3.2-liter. The standard complete equipment of the car includes 16-inch wheels, climate control, leather passenger compartment and six-disc audio system. The sports modification of Acura CL – Type S is traditionally equipped with 260 horsepower engine, 17-inch wheels with high-speed tires and leather seats.

    The standard complete equipment of CL also implies the automatic climate control system, electric drive window regulators and door locks, keyless door opening system with the in-built anti-theft alarm, adjustable driver’s seat with 6 electric drives of shift and inclination, the electric drive glass hatch and audio system with 6 dynamic loudspeakers and CD player.

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    Indian Style Small House Designs

    The East is traditionally associated with wealth, splendor, luxury, elegance, magic of Arab fairy tales. Indian Style Small House Designs style is initially characterized by the warmth and charm of home, decorativeness.

    • The style is determined by a lot of details, emphasizing all the exquisite beauty of the interior.
    • The walls are usually plastered or draped. The ceilings are decorated with wooden panels or plastered.
    • The floor is usually covered with ceramic tiles with patterns of plant themes or traditional ornament.
    • The bathroom is fully laid out with stylized tiles or finished with decorative plaster. Here you can afford the most daring experiments, using dark colors or extravagant solutions with a lot of ornament.
    • The kitchen also has a place for oriental motives. You may decorate the whole wall with them, not only a modest kitchen apron.

    It is worth considering that bright colors are suitable for spacious interiors, with a lot of natural color. If you want to achieve harmony in modern houses, then it is better to use more familiar shades for walls, and the background should be painted with bright colorful combinations due to furniture or textiles.

    very small house designs indian style In e Story
    very small house designs indian style

    The eastern interior is hard to imagine without textiles made of natural fabrics – cotton, wool and silk. The refinement of the pattern is complemented by a variety of textures.

    A distinctive feature of the oriental style is the abundance and variety of components. This applies to accessories – they are particularly decorative and often combine different materials: metal, stones, colored glass.

    The interior in the oriental style is famous for the fabulous beauty with an ancient rich tradition. However. it is important to know how to combine oriental notes with the modern style.

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    Kerala Style House Plans Below 10 Lakhs

    It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to make your house cozy. Try to make some efforts, use your imagination, apply a creative approach, and create paradise with your own hands without financial costs.

    If you want to decorate Kerala Style House Plans Below 10 Lakhs, you can use the services of a specialist or follow the tips that will help you to achieve the maximum effect in updating your home. A tastefully designed house will please the owners, and make guests admire its warmth and comfort.

    Clean walls without much decor

    Try to clean the walls from wallpaper almost to concrete or brick. Rough and uneven surfaces of masonry joints can become a distinctive feature of the room, creating a special style. Such an original way of finishing can often be modified by repainting the surface of the walls in any color with the help of water-emulsion paint.

    Cleaning space from cables

    Today, every house is stuffed with modern technology, which is installed after the completion of all repairs.
    The cables running through all the rooms create a feeling of disorder. It is not difficult to deal with them. You can hide them:

    • with the help of plants. Cable from wall to TV can be closed with branches of high dracaena, trudging along the walls etc. Cables can be also decorated with artificial plants;
    • with the help of furniture. Make the arrangement of the cabinet, sofa, table or chest of drawers so that the furniture will cover the cable laid around the house;
    • with the help of laying the cables at the doors and architraves.

    Use books as decoration elements

    A very interesting solution for the arrangement of the house with cheap and original ideas will be the use of books in its decoration. You can make a stand for a coffee table or a shelf on the wall. If you have got a lot of magazines, they will successfully serve as a soft chair.

    Open bookshelves can be decorated with books, if you make binding of the same color with your own hands for each of them.

    You may also decorate the fragments of the walls with books. It will look originally.K

    Embody design ideas in decorating the house with taste, cheaply and interestingly. Borrow something from others and make your home comfortable and convenient with minimal cost.

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    Metal garden art

    The household plot is not only a traditional place of rest from the city bustle, but also a kind of business card, on which you can judge the prosperity and welfare of its owner. The common courtesy, for example, has always been to use wrought iron items in the design of the house or garden. Why are people so full for a metal rod, twisted monogram, soaring peaks – it is easy to understand. Just look around you: everywhere we are surrounded by soulless, erected in the cult of practicality items. Hence nostalgia for the old things with their graceful forms and a strong personality is quite understandable. Metal art is giving to the garden landscape, as well as home interior, special chic, it always looks beautiful and dignified. Elegant and original product unwittingly draws the eye and never ceases to please the eye for years.

    From under the smiths hammer light lace ligature could go: metal fences and garden gates, gates, windows and balconies of lattice, visors or watercourses. In addition, the technique of artistic forging is used at producing the garden furniture, a romantic gazebo, delicate arches, unique lamps, stylish bookcases and more. For flower vases, cornices and balconies hanging brackets that serve as plant pots are available, where you can put the flowers in pots, tubs or boxes. And if the decoration of metal poles for climbing plants will be somehow hidden under the greenery, the beautiful delicate pyramid or any other figure from wrought iron, set in the center of the flower bed, at the turn on the garden path, or at the transition to the next area of the garden will be its decent decoration. And best of all, that all of this will be an ornament of the garden even in the dullest, cold season, when the garden steeps in slumber under the snow.

    As a rule, all items from the wrought iron are performed under individual sketches. If necessary, representatives of the manufacturer go to the cottage or summerhouse for free, where, together with the customer define the dimensions and exemplary design “plot” of future products. They may offer a choice of typical models produced some or other manufacturers. If you need a personal project, a few sketches will be offered to you free of charge to choose from, which will take into account all your wishes.

    Typical products are manufactured and installed very quickly, within one working week. Individual orders are carried out in longer periods – from three to six weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the number of small parts.

    Metal as a material offers a wide field for the most daring experiments: it can be stamped, drag, bend, crook, forged, minted. It happens that the clear intention does not come at once, so professional designers, who work at every artistic forging enterprise will help to clothe it in a formal way, which you would like to bring in a particular product. Intricate openwork is very durable. After all, the main raw material is a powerful metal rod of square section with a side of 10-40 mm, which takes bizarre forms under the influence of fire and hitting the hammer.

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    Lalaloopsy dolls

    Lalaloopsy is an American gaming dolls line of the company MGA Entertainment. Funny colorful characters are made of plastic, including hair, but mimic rag dolls. In 2010, they were originally released as Bitty Buttons, but the name was changed to Lalaloopsy shortly after the release. In the same year, they have become very popular. Today the brand includes a variety of large and small Lalaloopsy dolls, as well as related products. Lalaloopsy dolls are targeted for girls from 4 to 15 years.

    A bit of history.

    So, July 19, 2010 MGA Entertainment launched the doll line Bitty Buttons showing eight 33cm. original rag dolls. Bitty Buttons slogan line sounded like “Sew magical – Sew cute». They’re cute, colorful and unique – each doll has her birthday and individual character. The doll and her pet were sewn of the same fabric.

    The first dolls were:

    • Pillow Featherbed (pet – lamb)
    • Spot Splatter Splash (Pet – zebra)
    • Jewel Sparkles(pet – persian cat)
    • Crumbs Sugar Cookie (pet – mouse);
    • Dot Starlight (pet – bird)
    • Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff (pet – a white bear)
    • Bea Spells-A-Lot (pet – owlet)
    • Peanut Big Top (pet – elephant).

    Brand Bitty Buttons was renamed to Lalaloopsy shortly after the release. In November 2010, a line of Lalaloopsy toys received the award «Large Doll».

    February 13, 2011, to the existing line of 8 dolls 3 more characters were added: Patch Treasurechest, Blossom Flowerpot, and Tippy Tumblelina . In the same year the company expanded its line of toys, including the new mini version of the dolls. Micro-lalaloopsy dolls each one is about 3 centimeters, with a head that can be removed and placed on the other bodies.

    MGA continues to add additional characters to the Lalaloopsy line. In February 2012 it was already more than 50 characters.
    In the spring of 2012, the company made a mini-series for DVD, as well as exclusive holiday dolls that could only be found in some retail stores.

    Home toy line includes: doll (33 cm), a lot of mini-kits, luxury holiday dolls, mini-series, and Lalaloopsy Littles (younger sisters).

    Lalaloopsy are charming dolls designed to teach children that all people are unique and each has its own special way. The idea of the brand is that old things can be new again, and can be used repeatedly and never anything should go to waste. Just like at the creation of Lalaloopsy buttons and old pieces of cloth were used. And according to the legend, dolls got the traits of character, depending on who or what scraps of fabric from which they were sewn belong to.

    According to MGA Entertainment company, the dolls “are aimed at developing children’s imagination and creativity to help them learn important life lessons – those are individuality, diversity, and that all deserve a second life.”

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    Outdoor garden art

    Creating a garden design is pretty fun and interesting work, because the design of the garden reflects the architectural language of the house and preferences of its owners. At present, it is also an art because here, as in fashion, any mix of classic elements and modern accessories is allowed. Many new materials have an enormous popularity through the leading landscape designers that contribute to the gardens of fresh paint and contrasts, creating sometimes quite unexpected garden paintings. As before, the pool’s in fashion, as well as new and long-forgotten perennials, shrubs and attractive cropped compositions of plants. And the latest discovery: the light in the garden. It is a kind of personal enrichment of garden areas around the house.

    What type of garden is suitable to the house? Can you set up art nouveau garden with classical elements around the old house? This garden is surprising and conquering instead of curved tracks and wide beds are traced clarity throughout. Emphasis is placed on straight lines, high-edged beds and surprisingly small set of different plants. Here a few inexpensive materials are dominated. Is it a new type of savings or the desire for simplicity, ease? After the stress of everyday life and excessive variety of proposals in any form such a contrast is accepted with gratitude. Affordable and beautiful shape is a tool that produces great aesthetic effect in the garden.

    When it comes to making this new moderation visual, plot size does not matter. In a small garden, this idea can be implemented by applying a few bright, conspicuous elements. However, a large portion of this unexpected effect can be achieved, for example, using a visual axis from home or long silent line of trees, or a group of flowering shrubs. And what about the solitaire, long pond with a geometrically regular shape or thematic garden dedicated to only one historical roses or flowering in blue perennials? Limitation of the plants in most cases is quite a good solution.

    Landscape style is often used by landscape architects when they are planning modern country estates. However, the desire to put in a small area as a lot of trendy decorative elements (Chinese houses and lanterns combined with alpine slides and sculptures in the style of pseudo-baroque), native birch trees and exotic plants leads to the fact that they repeated mistakes of the early XVIII century, when the inexperienced architects sought to use all the new garden art.

    Creating a park in landscape style requires a delicate taste, a sense of proportion, a good knowledge of mother nature and the desire for self-improvement.

  • Hunting, fishing

    Best hunting knife design

    Quality hunting knives, cutting tools for tourism and fishing, professional knives of rescuers, adventurers, divers’ knives and so on have a lot in common. All these products must be reliable, durable and functional as possible.
    Best hunting knife is a model that is suitable for use in the overwhelming number of cases: in different hunts to perform different jobs, it is comfortable to wear (weight and dimensions). Buying a good hunting knife, with an eye to the role of a universal cutting tool is a whole science, the secrets of which we are willing to share.

    First of all, you should determine the type of knife: whether it will be fixed or folding hunting knife. In addition, the knives for hunting, hiking and fishing can be divided into universal and special products on the budget and premium levels. More knives are distinguished by country of origin and brands, based on the blade and the handle, the presence of additional functions etc.

    A knife with a fixed blade is a priori more reliable than a foldable hunting knife. But ‘folders’ also have their ‘trumps’. They include smaller size, high security, ease of transportation. For a number of huntings it is not absolutely necessary to have a large hunting knife with a large blade. Fowling does not require cutting knife, hunting knife or a skinner. A folding model with 8-11 cm blade, long, comfortable handle and security lock will be quite enough. After buying a folding hunting knife, you can disembowel a duck or goose, cut products for the table, to plane camp pegs or cut branches for temporary shelter.

    The main hunter knife yet is a versatile hunting knife with a fixed blade length from 12.0 to 17.0 -18.0 cm and a big handle (comfortable in any size hand-grip). These parameters correspond to the best hunting knives. Products with fewer blades cannot perform a large variety of functions; they are ineffective in self-defense against a wounded big game and finishing the impressive hunting trophies. ‘Combat’ hunting knives with too large blades require a lot of skill to handle them. In particular, in order to inflict accurate, sure hit such a large knife a very strong, well-trained hand is needed. Otherwise, the blade will simply slip off. Many studies and tests have proved that the best hunting knives have a blade length of 14.0 – 17.0 cm.

    Inexpensive hunting knives from trusted manufacturers mean a high quality for a fair price. Those who want more individuality, who are willing to invest a decent amount of money to the ‘image’ of hunting knife, should choose the model, decorated with chasing, carving, silver or gold accents. Pay attention to hunting handmade knives, knives of small and limited series, with blades of expensive steels (laminate, Damascus, advanced powder steels) and handles made of natural horn, bone and valuable timber.

  • Decor

    Kitchen towels

    Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. For each family kitchen it is a special place, so a comfort there should be special.
    During the preparation of different dishes the chef has to wipe his hands permanently, wipe the dishes, take hot pots and more. Therefore, there is no kitchen without towels. Yes, besides, towel in the kitchen also can play a decorative role, complementing the interior of the room, giving it a significant tone. It is most convenient for the hostess, when there is not one towel at her garderobe, but the full set, each element of which will be designed for specific purposes.

    The shape, size and sets of kitchen towels

    Towel kitchen should not be very large, and napkins should be even smaller.

    Large products are difficult to wash and dry them for a long time, and towels that are used in the cooking process, quickly get dirty and need a constant change. There are various forms of kitchen towels: square, rectangular and round. Rectangular and square 30×50, 35×70 and 40×60 in size crockery items are very handy for wiping.

    The small size allow these towels to wipe the plate with a spoon and easy to wipe the glass, and they will dry better than larger items. Round towels are often used as a decorative element and crafts, especially if their design and colors are in harmony with the overall style of the kitchen. Moreover, they can be used as textile wipes for guests. Besides products of size 50х50 or 70 cm in diameter round towels can serve as sticking to hot dishes.

    Hand towel changes less often than dish towel, so you can choose bigger size: 45×70, 50×90 or 50×70.

    The kitchen also cannot be without napkins. Small napkins 20×20 or 30×30 in size are perfect for the table.

    Selection of kitchen towels material

    Choosing kitchen towels you need to initially pay attention to their fabric, which should be only natural. Thus towels must have high hygroscopicity and be painted with safe, resistant dye. After all, in the course of their use it is necessary not only to wipe the hands and dishes, but also fruits and vegetables to the table.

    Selection of kitchen towels in color and design

    Selecting a kitchen towel of suitable material and size is easy. Much more difficult is to identify correctly the color of product. Bright towels and napkins of white, gray, yellow, beige and brown colors will look great in the kitchen with woodgrain interior. For a white kitchen light gray or blue kitchen towels are more suitable. But as a bright accent, you can use the multi-colored towels of luscious shades.

  • Kids

    Newborn dolls

    Reborn or newborn doll is a vinyl collection doll, which has the maximum similarity with a newborn baby. Their forerunners were Japanese dolls gosё ningyo and “buy-low”, created by G. Putnam. Unlike amusing doll, “Baby Born”, it is not intended for children to play but for collecting. The process of creating these dolls has acquired its own name “reborning”, and the artists that make these dolls are called “reborners”. Special reborning technique was developed in the last ten years, associated with the advent of hot dyes and oils. In the simplest case reborner takes the stock doll, than washes its paint and put a new one.

    Some artists create their own models. First, to give the calf a realistic tone, purple paint is applied inside the hollow portion of each doll. Then, the outer surface is signing: an effect of translucent skin, tiny blood capillaries, pimples … hair and eyebrows are made of the finest mohair or real human hair that one by one are “implanted” in baby’s head, like of a wax doll of the last century. This procedure takes at least thirty hours.

    The magnets can be inserted inside the head and magnetic objects could be attached to the doll, those as ribbon, nipples and other accessories. The earliest reborn dolls were made by Jose Berenguer in 1944, but only in 1993, Jose and Salvador Berenguer founded Dollsby Berenguer, a company for the production of dolls. Teams of artists, stylists, fashion designers are working on the creation of each toy, for the kid to be as realistic as possible.

    Collectible newborn dolls are already widely known in Europe, are gradually winning the hearts of people in other parts of the world, and many women have turned to making newborn dolls their hobby, devoting a lot of time to this case. The uniqueness of these dolls that are difficult in one piece, but are incredibly realistic, even weigh about as much as the child should weigh at their age.

    It is because of indistinguishability of these dolls from real babies their sales each year are gaining momentum. After all amazing toy comes into being that even can’t be called a toy at all, so this peanut looks like a child. Thus, it emphasizes the name of the dolls. Reborn dolls can be washed, combed, disguise – there are special design studios, developing outfits especially for these “kids”.

    Reborn dolls for sale are accompanied by a “birth history” – each “offspring” have a birthday, name. Especially highly prized are the dolls from the royal family, for example, La Infanta Leonor – very similar, we can say a realistic copy of the newborn daughter of Prince Philip of Asturias, Infanta Leonor. Buying reborn doll, strikingly reminiscent of the little princess, was a luck for a few – number of copies was very small. However, collectible reborn dolls are chosen therefore it is not so easy to get them.

  • Outdoor

    Garden wall art

    Garden fence is an integral part of suburban private property, whether it is a private mansion, a house in the village or an ordinary summerhouse. Moreover, typically for some people the merit of fence quality is its solidity and the imposing height. But the trouble is that this armor has a very dull and expressionless look on large areas, but on small areas it cuts the already limited space. In addition, quite often there is a case – a fence-wall was built much later in time than the main building, and therefore, it is not combined with it in style and design.

    The interesting techniques of fence decor will help to fix this problem, which will be discussed here. The main techniques best suited to this task may have different applications (as if it may sound strange in relation to the fence), painting, all kinds of covers, screens, as well as simulation and pastiche of selected forms.

    So for example, metal garden fences, often seeming “through” and cold – they can be made more comfortable and “warm” with wooden linings, enhancing their already existing frame on both sides. After the construction of the house, in particular, after finishing of its roof and the plinth is a lot of material that can be used for the manufacture of decorative elements in the form of applications on the boards, thereby linking the house, farm buildings, the gate to the garden fence and garden in the style of a single ensemble.

    You can use part of the garden fence as a backdrop for some of the stylized corner, for example, Oriental Garden with Japanese motives. As a Japanese-style fences serve as independent landscape elements, and therefore, are not only aesthetic, but also meaning, for their decoration only fully suitable style details are used. Panels made of bamboo and some trunks, entwined with parthenocissus or actinides, reed mats and other carefully chosen accessories.

    After the establishing of a solid fence close to the bench and pointing at it bend the path, you can obtain additional place for recreation, trimming the hedge with trims, simulating the back of the bench.

    Another fairly common problem is too extended distance between the support pillars. To revive dull appearance is possible through a variety of overlays that give the effect of additional space. Smart and at the same time, functional look of the lattice made of wood, twined with perennial vines or climbing annuals (you can use sweet peas, morning glory, cobaea etc..), on the background of a brick fence openwork metal elements look very aesthetically pleasing, and even elegant. In some cases, stained glass and mirror surfaces are used for decorative inserts.

  • Restaurant

    Knife sharpener

    It is hard to imagine a kitchen without a knife. With a knife, we clean, slice, cut, flip, scrape, carve, etc. If the knife is sharp, then the work goes faster. With a sharp knife you can slice bread, without crumpling and crushing it, with a sharp knife you can cut soft tomatoes without crushing them, with a sharp knife everything will be sliced neater and faster.

    Electric Knife Sharpener

    Electric sharpener is a device for sharpening knives, which runs from the power supply. In a professional environment that requires a frequent sharpening of a large number of knives, sharpeners have a great popularity. For home use, such sharpeners are purchased less often.
    By cons of electric sharpeners a constant demand for electricity can be mentioned. You cannot sharpen a knife with the help of it in nature or at the summer cottage, which is not supplied with electricity. The advantages include low weight and small volume.

    Electric sharpeners are divided into professional ones and ones for household use, the latter variant is preferable for home use. These sharpeners are powered by voltage of 220V. They are equipped with a switch mode, so you can sharpen a dull knife or simply erode (polish) a sharp one. Polishing is carried out for knifes with sharp blades to keep them in working conditions. If you make regular polishing, you can avoid the extra sharpening of the knives.

    Manual Sharpener

    Hand-held sharpeners are very popular among housewives because you can sharpen your knife by this device quickly, and most importantly – on your own. Such a tool is very simple to use and requires no additional configuration. It can be used at any time and any condition, it is lightweight, does not require a lot of storage space, and its price will please you.

    If you use several knives and you are not a professional chef, we advise you to choose the manual sharpener. If your work is directly related to cooking, you use a large number of knives and sharpening takes a lot of time, it is better to buy an electric sharpener.

    Diamond is the hardest material used as an abrasive for knives sharpening. If the machine is coated with diamond grit, the speed of sharpening a knife is increased by a factor of several times, but it does not provide a flatness and smoothness of sharpened material. Besides grinding with a diamond coating are expensive.

    Ceramics also has enough toughness to be material for the abrasive. Ceramic abrasive sharpeners are cheaper than the diamond ones, and at work, they provide a smooth surface. Unfortunately, the speed of the sharpening is much lower, so the stones with ceramic abrasive more often are used for finishing the metal to perfection.

    Natural stones as an abrasive agent were used even by primitive people.

    The best known are microcrystalline quartz and silicon crystals, which are interconnected with clay.

    One of the disadvantage of such abrasives is uneven sharpening.