• Kerala Style House Plans Small

    Kerala Style House Plans Small

    A small area of the house doesn’t mean that it will be uncomfortable to live, and that the cramped conditions will depress all its inhabitants. Because if you use the available space rationally and reasonably, you may find a lot of benefits. Indeed, small house is more cost-effective. It’s not just about the original cost. The amount of taxes is less, the utility bills reduce, and it is easier to introduce the energy-efficient technologies. And for the owners and designers, that is a very good reason to use their imagination and creative potential, trying to plan every inch of a tiny house as rationally as possible.

    You dream house don’t have to look like a castle in order for you to feel comfortable. Kerala Style House Plans Small show that it’s possible to live with great comfort in 30 m2. Believe it or not, it has all you need for a happy life. Inside this magical building, you may feel like in a fairy tale.

    Built on the triangular piece of land, this house has all elements of the modern, comfortable and stylish dwelling. Japanese achieved the impossible – looking miniature on the outside, inside the house seems to expand, turning into a common (by Japanese standards) dwelling.
    According to its inhabitants, people who have visited this house couldn’t believe it was possible to fit so many rooms into such a limited space. The secret lies in planning.

    There is a bathroom and a bedroom on the first floor. The second floor accommodates a living room and a kitchen, and the nursery is located on the third level (attic space).

  • Acura MDX

    The main advantages of Acura MDX

    Acura MDX is an American brand from the Japanese manufacturer Honda. The car is produced in Canada and is very popular in North America. The comfortable crossover is intended for the wealthy audience, appreciating the dynamics of design style and riding characteristics.

    The exterior

    Outwardly, Acura MDX looks solid and elegant. The car represents the combination of Jeep vertical lines and minivan horizontals. Sport and laconic body is made of light metal (aluminum and magnesium). The use of the light metal, combined with the forms of new design style allowed to improve the technical data by 17 %, compared to the previous versions of MDX.

    A lot of elements are made of metal. Particularly, there are adjustments on the fog lights, reversing lights and reflectors. They set off the chrome railings on the roof. The original massive radiator grill with multisectional LED head-lights looks solid.

    The color score includes crystal black, pearl white, blue obsidian, dark cherry, forest haze and glossy graphite (the shades of grey). The car can be provided with some additional accessories: side moldings, side sills, splashing plates on the wheels, side bottom protection, rear bumper guard, spoilers and chrome back door plate.

    The interior

    The spacious high-ceilinged seven-seater compartment is equipped with the electric hatch. The compartment is made of real leather, cloth, and plastic with the elements of metal and natural wood. The options of interior design are white, black and dark grey. All the components of the compartment are thought-out and refined.

    The instrument board is equipped with a protecting hood, which prevents the flecks of sunlight. The central console is equipped with two large screens. The lower touch screen is intended for the input of parameters, while the upper screen is meant for the output information about the current condition. The central console isn’t overloaded with a great number of elements, a part of which is removed to the driver’s door and steering wheel. It makes driving quite easy.

    The car is provided with the cruise control, climate control and onboard computer. The elbow-rests with practical containers for the storage of things, head-rests, seat and wheel heating are intended for the comfort of passengers. The multimedia includes CD-changer, DVD player, screen and seven dynamic loudspeakers, uniformly distributed all over the compartment. There are also separate audio and video slots for the comfort of the rear passengers.

  • drop ceiling light fixtures

    Useful qualities of drop ceilings

    It is safe to say, that the ceiling is the culmination of the interior decoration of any accommodation. Not so long ago the problem of adjusting the ceiling surface irregularities was insoluble. But now it is very easy to amend such situation.

    Drop ceilings are ceiling constructions, whose strength members are fastened directly to the basic ceiling. This is the main difference between a drop and suspended ceiling (whose strength members are fastened to the basic construction). This peculiarity of the drop ceiling allows diminishing floor-to-ceiling height only by the thickness of its frame. According to the materials, used in the construction of the drop ceilings system, they are divided into two groups:

    1. gypsum panel ceilings
    2. finishing decorative panel ceilings (wood particleboard, fiberboard, medium density fiberboard, etc.)
    drop ceiling calculator_13
    drop ceiling

    The most popular materials for making drop ceilings are:

    1. Expanded polystyrene plates. This material is heat- and sound- insulating and moisture-proof. It creates a comfortable microclimate in any accommodation.
    2. Decorative plates from wood particleboard and fiberboard, covered with natural wood veneer.
    3. Plastic panels. Such panels have no disadvantages: they are light, firm, waterproof and stylish designed.
    4. Gypsum cardboard panels. Gypsum cardboard is the most common material for making drop ceilings. It is extremely heat- and sound- insulating.
  • Indian Style House Plans 1200 Sq Ft

    Indian Style House Plans 1200 Sq Ft

    What is most often associated with the East? Perhaps, fairy tales, luxury, and exquisite delights. And if you want to have a large house, where the rest will be pleasant and comfortable, oriental style is the best choice. Let me get this straight: there are many countries in the East. But most often, speaking of the Oriental interior, people mean Arabic style, rather than Japanese or Chinese one. We owe it to the Arab culture that the objects and materials pleasing the eye and allowing the body to relax were introduced.

    Interior in Indian Style House Plans 1200 Sq Ft and oriental atmosphere in the house include carpets and the table filled with sweets and fruit, curtains and pillows, gilding, ornaments, carving, etc.

    Even if you’re not ready to change the interior dramatically, the purchase of original curtains, traditional embroidery and beautiful little things in Arabic style can breathe the spirit of eastern fairy tales into your house. So where to begin the transformation?

    Divide your house into several zones. If the premise is large enough, you can separate the relaxation area from the eating area. If space is limited, you can combine them. It is quite easy to organize a relaxation area. Its central element is a sofa, filled up with pillows, and a table for a hookah. In the eating area, you should place the low table, surrounded by ottomans.

    The main requirement for sofas and armchairs in the oriental interior is a comfort. It is desirable that soft furniture is upholstered in silk or satin. However, if this is not possible, don’t be upset. Just use the bright bedspreads or make the covers. The pillows from brocade and velvet of various shapes and sizes will create exceptional comfort, as it is so nice to lean back on them.

  • Suspended ceilings images

    Wide range of suspended ceilings

    Nowadays the choice of the materials for making suspended ceilings is so vast, that the customers are often confused and don’t know, what to prefer. Before buying it, it is better to find out, what kinds of suspended ceilings are available, and what materials they’re made of.

    Gypsum cardboard ceiling

    Gypsum cardboard ceiling
    Gypsum cardboard ceiling

    The sheets of gypsum cardboard are fastened to the unique metal sections or stud. Gypsum cardboard is a perfect choice, if you want to decorate your ceiling with highlights- recessed lighting fittings- spots or LED strip light. You can put gypsum cardboard into any shape- broken, staircase, curvilinear. Besides, it is one of the cheapest materials for suspended ceilings for today.

    Pendant ceilings

    Pendant ceilings
    Pendant ceilings

    The advantages of this kind of ceilings are:

    1. easy installation;
    2. performance attributes:
    • durability
    • water-resistance
    • aesthetic properties
    • wide range of colors and textures.

    Tiled suspended ceilings

    Tiled suspended ceilings
    Tiled suspended ceilings

    Tiled suspended ceilings are made of gypsum, expanded polystyrene, and glass fiber, plastic or mineral fiber. Their usual size is 60х60 см. There are also curved plates for gradient junctions of the multilevel ceilings. They allow creating 3D compositions, often used by the interior designers.

    Cassette or raster ceilings

    Cassette or raster ceilings
    Cassette or raster ceilings

    Cassette or raster ceilings are metal louvered constructions. They represent ready modules in the form of grates with transparent cavities.

    Rack ceilings

    Rack ceilings
    Rack ceilings

    Rack ceilings represent close located aluminum rods, covered with lacquer or enamel. The rods resemble deal board. They are fastened to the metal skeleton, fixed on the ceiling.

  • The general features of Acura RDX

    The general features of Acura RDX

    The updated version of the crossover Acura RDX of the 2016 model year was represented on the 12 of February 2015 at the time of Chicago Auto Show. The car manufacturer didn’t choose the place of acquaintance with the restyling version of the compact premium class crossover Acura RDX 2015-2016 randomly. It is natural, as the luxury division of Acura was created especially for the car market of USA and Canada Honda Motor companies in 1986.

    The manufacture of the updated crossover Acura RDX 2015-2016 is performed at the car factories of Japanese companies in Ohio and Alabama. The sale of updated Acura RDX 2016 in America will start at the beginning of spring 2015.

    The restyling crossover Acura RDX 2016 has become a lot of renovations. The appearance of the SUV was fundamentally transformed. The compartment was completed with the new equipment, the petrol engine became more powerful and stronger, and the automatic gearbox got more speeds. The adjustments of suspenders and steering control became more comfortable. The work of electronics, responsible for the all-wheel drive, was significantly improved. The overall results of restyling are quite exciting and worth careful acquaintance.

    It’s effortless to differ the updated crossover Acura RDX from the pre-restyling brother. It shows off its new LED “Jewel Eye” headlights, the tail lights with LED elements and 3 D- effect, modified false radiator grill, new massive bumpers with inserts in the imitation of air pipes and stylish fog lights. The new exterior of the body design is performed according to the corporate style of the Japanese company’s latest innovations- the new generation of large crossover Acura RDX and sports sedans Acura TLX and Acura ILX.

    There are not so many new elements in the compartment of restyling version Acura RDX 2016. Of course, the most noticeable new interior item is the new Multi-Information Display (color 4.2-inch touch screen of the multimedia system), mounted under the main 8-inch screen. The two color screens divide the functions among themselves: the upper 8-inch screen provides the navigation with the pictures of rear-view cameras, while the new 4.2-inch touch screen is responsible for the adjustment of the audio system and phone. It also informs about the fuel consumption and capacity, inflation pressure and other data.

    In short, the updated Acura RDX 2015-2016 became more beautiful, acquired two color screens and modernized technical part. Although there are not so many innovations, the car looks more modern and reliable.

  • Auto

    The advantages of the most modern Acura models

    Acura NSX 2015-2016

    Acura NSX 2015-2016
    Acura NSX 2015-2016

    The new sports car Acura NSX 2015-2016 is one of the most anticipated novelties, presented at the time of Detroit auto show 2015. The production version of Japanese mid-engine sports car Acura NSX of the second generation debuts 25 years after the presentation of the first generation model NSX from Honda.
    The new car can boast of hybrid power plant with petrol 3.5-L V6-engine, equipped with a pair of turbo compressors. It also has three electric motors, all-wheel drive, nine-speed robotized gearbox, beautiful appearance and interior, ultra-modern body and frame manufacturing materials. The new car will come into the markets of Europe under the name of Honda NSX. According to the preliminary data, the cost of the car will be no less than 130 000 euro.

    Acura MDX 2015

    Acura MDX 2015
    Acura MDX 2015

    Meet the new and updated Acura MDX 2015!
    The main improvements
    It’s interesting that the car consists of both heavy and light metals (aluminum and steel). Due to this fitting, the car weighs 125 kg less than its predecessor. Naturally, these factors can influence the cost of separate model varieties (for instance, the front-wheel-drive model). As a result of the facts mentioned above, the air resistance reduced by 17 %. Besides, the car is equipped with the modern systems for a crash danger warning, the recognition of threat encounter FCW, and the warning in the case of convergence of the traffic lanes. The car is also equipped with the cruise control and the function Low-Speed Follow. This function allows going slowly behind the riding auto, keeping apart.

    Acura TLX 2015

    Acura TLX 2015
    Acura TLX 2015

    The sale of luxurious sedan Acura TLX will start very soon! The engineers and designers, working at its creation, managed to surprise the experts and motoring fans with the high technological level of car equipment and the extensive list of equipment, offered in the basic version of the sedan. One of the main advantages of the new car is the fact the stock car acquired as sportive and dynamic exterior as its’ predecessor Acura TLX Concept, presented at the time of last year’s Detroit auto show. The novelty looks very fashionable and reckless. Besides, the concept car, ready for the mass production, acquired the modern components and hardware, including the high-power engines, high-tech gearboxes, and suspenders.

  • ceiling lighting ideas for family room_21

    Great variety of ceiling fixtures

    For the creation of the comfortable feeling in the room at any time, you’ll have to see about the proper illumination. It is represented in a great variety. Installing an appropriate ceiling illuminator is essential. It is quite enough to look at the numerous pictures of the ceiling illuminator, described on the Internet and in specialized magazines to understand, how various these devices are.

    There are many kinds of the illuminator, and each of them has its features.

    The first aspect, which must be taken into account while choosing a ceiling fixture, is its kind. Not every ceiling can bear the weight of the usual massive chandelier. For example, the best option for the tension ceilings is small point illuminators, located according to a particular scheme.

    The main factors of choice are:

    1. kind of illuminator;
    2. manner of its installation;
    3. number of lamps;
    4. the material of light diffuser;
    5. the durability of ceiling construction.

    The aspect and the design are also important factors, but you should use them the last thing.

    The modern ceiling fixtures don’t have anything in common with the outdated featureless chandeliers- boring and single-type. In our time they are represented in a wide range of design, kinds, and types.

    Such an enormous variety allows choosing the proper illuminators for any accommodation. At that, you can mount a unique color scheme in every room, which will bring warmth and comfort to any accommodation.

  • Indian Style House Front Elevation Designs

    Indian Style House Front Elevation Designs

    Upon returning home, Europeans brought the artifacts with them– intricate decorations, household and items, work of arts, differed by the rich patterns, complex designs and color diversity.

    Luxurious furnishings, carpets, interior decorations took their places in the houses of colonizers. It is perhaps then that the fashion for oriental style in the interior design emerged.

    Nowadays, this bright, individual and complex style remains relevant. Designers like it because it leaves much room for imagination, and house owners– for the feeling of warmth, comfort, sweet bliss and real oriental fairy tale.

    Indian Style House Front Elevation Designs have very bright features, which makes it impossible to confuse with any other direction.
    Furniture gives special color to the oriental interior: squat tables, wide sofas with lots of pillows, bed with a lush canopy, ottomans, benches for feet, screens and, chests. The design of Arab countries is characterized by heavy carved furniture, often with inlaid semiprecious stones and pearls.

    Particular importance is attached to the color scheme. Traditionally, in oriental interiors, natural muted colors (terracotta, ochre and beige) are combined with bright and clear ones (cobalt blue, purple, red, orange, emerald-green and turquoise). Gold is a mandatory color accent. As a rule, golden color is present in the decoration of fabrics.

    Windows and doors in oriental interior are the independent art-objects. The windows are decorated with carved wooden shutters or forged grates. Door leafs are often adorned with intricate carving and massive handles.

    And, of course, characterizing this design direction, we cannot fail to mention various accessories, without which the oriental interior is impossible. Jugs, copper tableware, hookahs and incense lamps, luminaries, pillows, vases, curtain hooks and mirrors in fancy frames – all this makes the interior apartment even more colorful.

  • Harry Styles house pictures

    Harry Styles house pictures

    Harry Styles unsuccessfully tries to sell his house in the “La La land” style.

    Fans are ready to fight at auction for things of their favorite celebrities and they sometimes reach the point of absurd in this matter (5 thousand dollars for the used handkerchief Scarlett Johansson-why not?). Former soloist of One Direction Harry Styles would be happy to find such a desperate fan, but he can’t – the musician has been trying to sell his house in Los Angeles for a year.

    After moving to permanent residence in New York, Harry put up for sale his mansion in the City of Angels. Harry Styles House Pictures have stayed unnoticed at the website of the real estate agency and the celebrity has made a decision to reduce the cost from 9 to 8 million dollars.
    The area of the house is 1250 square meters, it has three bedrooms, five bathrooms, a kitchen, a swimming pool, a gym and many other areas for entertainment and recreation. The mansion was built 70 years ago, in 1946. The main feature of the house is panoramic windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean and downtown of Los Angeles. A possible new owner will be able to see multicolored sunsets and sunrises in the “La La land” style.

    One Direction member Harry Styles has suddenly decided to sell his bachelor’s shelter in Beverly Hills: the singer asks $3.175 million for his house! The mansion has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a huge lawn, an open transition-bridge between the two buildings and a salt water pool. In addition, the neighboring house belongs to Channing Tatum and his wife, so that a happy buyer can easily invite a star couple for lunch.

  • acura integra type r 2018

    From the history of Acura Integra

    In the early 1990s Acura Integra has determined the luxurious class of sports coupe. With its updated four-cylinder engine and well-appointed passenger compartment, Integra was the car, reflecting its owner’s social status.

    Acura Integra is the same Honda Integra, but sold in the USA. The basic complete equipment of the LS model of the 1998 year of manufacture included: the adjustable steering tube, the electric drive of window regulators and the installation of side rear view mirrors, air-conditioner, and audio system with CD player, etc. The other characteristics: engine volume- 1.8 L, automatic gearbox, front-wheel drive, air-conditioner, steering booster, central lock, cruise control and two airbags.

    acura integra type r
    acura integra type r

    In 2000 Integra offered two models of the new sports cars: Sports Sedan (with sedan body) and Sports Coupe (with coupe body). Both models were intended for the active drivers and knowledgeable customers of the speed cars. The sports cars GS and GS-R have special driver’s and passenger’s seat, leather upholstery and other equipment.

    acura integra type r for sale
    acura integra type r

    The high-speed coupe Integra Type-R, presented at the end of 1997, is equipped with the forced version of the same engine (197 horsepower). Despite such high output parameters, it is indicated that the engines of Integra “don’t require any adjustments within the first 160 000 km of running”. The new model is equipped with more powerful brakes and stiffer suspender, although Integra as it is has the pronounced sportive character due to the independent wheel suspension with the antiroll bars. The standard complete equipment includes automatic air-conditioner, adjustable steering column, stereo system, the electric drive of window regulators, “cruise control”, etc.
    The new sports coupe 2002 RSX replaced Integra in the model lineup Acura, as it excels its predecessor in all respects.

    acura integra type r specs
    acura integra type r specs

    The two-door hatchback RSX is equipped with 2-liter four-cylinder engine, double upper cam-shafts and the variable system of valve timing (for the achievement of 160 horsepower).

    RSX has three varieties of the gearboxes: manual five-speed gearbox, automatic five-speed gearbox with the mechanism SportShift, and the manual six-speed gearbox.

    The standard complete equipment of RSX includes: air-conditioner, window regulators, central locks, rear view mirrors with heating, keyless system and stereo system with CD player.

  • ceiling design ideas photos

    Game of light as the interesting ceiling idea

    Classic white ceiling can harmonize with the most interior styles. But if you need some changes, simplicity and laconicism must give place to the designer ideas. There is a lot of original ways to decorate your ceiling.

    There are several main techniques of ceiling decoration. Designers give special preference to the game of light.

    tray ceiling ideas photos
    tray ceiling ideas photos

    Light is probably one of the most interesting sources of “originality”. With the help of the LED strip modern designers create unusually beautiful ceiling highlights. The highlight can be located along the perimeter of accommodation and hidden either behind the ceiling cornice, or in gypsum cardboard box of the two-level ceiling. In a similar way, using LED strips, you can emphasize the beautiful curtains in your room, and make until now ordinary obscure corners bright and luminous. The light aura of the floating ceiling also makes a great impression. You’ll not do without highlight, if you want to arrange the ceiling with the fragments of photo printing and stained glass. And, eventually, if you fasten the LED strip in zigzag under the semitransparent cloth, then install a special controller, regulating lighting intervals, its shade and intensity; you’ll achieve the effect of the water flowing along the ceiling.

    There are much more interesting ceiling ideas, which can be fulfilled by means of safe, efficient, colorful and non-heating LED strip.