• Roman blinds as the interior decoration

    Roman blinds as the interior decoration

    Roman blinds are one of the kinds of horizontal blinds. They represent a quite simple construction, made of fabric cloth, matching with the size of the window. The special rigid rods, sewn to the inner side along the length of the blind, help to roll the blinds into the soft folds. Such blinds can be either raised with the help of cord, or have electromechanical control. Roman blinds are mainly used for the window decoration of children’s room, kitchen, balcony or loggia.

    There is a wide range of clothes of different textures and colors for the roman blinds. The roman blinds, made of soft cloth, looks attractive and elegant.Before buying roman blinds for the windows, you should determine the purpose of their appliance. If you want to protect the room from the bright sun, you should by the blinds, made of semitransparent cloth, providing soft diffused illumination. But in case you want to darken the room completely, it is better to choose non-transparent dense cloth.

    Roman blinds are easy to use and compact. Nowadays there are even more often used not only in the houses and apartments, but also in the offices, clubs and cafes, where they serve as a beautiful decoration of interior.

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  • metal lean-to shed for sale_18

    The installation of lean-to shed

    The lean-to shed gives its fortunate possessor many additional opportunities:

    1. there is no need for constant opening of garage doors, if you just want to protect your car from precipitation and sunlight;
    2. there is a parking place for your guests;
    3. the space under the lean-to can be used as the area for car repairs or household unit;
    4. it is the place where you can bring the table and rest with friends. In such a way, the lean-to changes to the summer-house.

    Building the garage roof of the shed construction, take into account that the lean-to shed must look harmonious and be solid. The framing is made of metal, and the cover- of cellular and monolithic polycarbonate. The multilayer transparent plastic provides heat- and fire-resistance, high firmness, permeability to light, lightness, noise- and acoustic insulation.

    The modern lean-to shed of polycarbonate is popular among the drivers. It has the following advantages:

    1. its making is inexpensive;
    2. the leak-tightness and reliability of the building are assured;
    3. its installation doesn’t require special equipment;
    4. if necessary, it can be easily transferred to the other place.

    Polycarbonate sheet support a snow load up to 240 kg/m2.

    They’re also highly resistant to the temperature drop. Another important advantage with relation to the design is that there are sheets of different colors.

    There are several kinds of leans-to. The polycarbonate shed can have single-ended, double-ended or arched lean-to. It is usually designed in the form of arch. The walls are mounted optionally.

  • kitchen islands for small kitchens

    Paradise of a kitchen island

    Kitchen island is the kind of kitchen space layout, which implies the placing of working area in the center of the kitchen. But in practice this kitchen model proves to be not only an additional place for cooking, but also: a function space for storage of kitchenware and dishes; dinner table; bar counter. At request, the kitchen island (whose dimensions give a lot of opportunities) can be equipped with some additional communications:

    • kitchen sink, stove, cooking hood
    • sockets for household appliances
    • functional mounted shelves
    • railing.

    It’s worth mentioning, that the kitchen island is intended for changing approach to the traditional way of cooking. With conventional layout, the furniture is located along the walls. So, the housewife is standing with her back to her family while cooking. Kitchen island is some sort of “stage”, where you will be the “soloist”, facing your family or guests while cooking. Besides, such layout allows you to cook a few different dishes at the same time (at that, it is very comfortable).

    Unfortunately, this kind of layout doesn’t fit a small accommodation area. In order to walk and work with comfort, the kitchen island and the other pieces of furniture must be placed at least 1m (ideally- 2m) apart. The advisable total area for kitchen island layout should reach at least 15 m2.

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  • An important role of a toddler bedding

    An important role of a toddler bedding

    A bed is a place, where a child spends a considerable part of life. Depending on the age, the babies sleep from a third to a half of a day. The right choice of bed assures baby’s comfort and coziness. A comfortable child’s bed with a proper sleeping area makes the baby feel safe and calm.

    Psychologist and podiatrist advise to choose size of a sleeping area according to the child’s height. The length of sleeping accommodation for an adult makes “height+ 30 cm”. The length of baby bed is calculated with a large margin (baby’s height+ 20-25 cm on each side- from baby’s head to the bed-head and from baby’s legs to the bottom edge of the bed).

    Toddler beds for the children under 3 years have such characteristics: the sleeping accommodation makes 120×60 cm, while the maxheight of side walls shall not exceed 95 cm. The lower position of the bed is limited to 30 cm, while the upper position doesn’t exceed 50 cm. The dimensions of furniture, made by foreign producers, are often increased by 5-10 cm widthway and lengthways.

    The first bed of the new-born has protective sides. As the baby grows up and learns some skills, the sticks of the sides are being removed, giving babies an opportunity to get out of his bed on their own. Later on, by the age of two, the front side of the bed is taken away, and the bed begins to look like a child sofa.

    The right choice of the children’s furniture determines their comfortable rest, normal growth and development.

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  • Fields of application of the window blinds

    Fields of application of the window blinds

    Window blinds are one of the kinds of windows curtains, representing the adjustable slats made of cloth, wood, plastic or metal, fastened in such a way that they can rotate, changing the position from open to close.

    Vertical window blinds, moving to the left, right or from the center, open the window completely. The choice of the shift way doesn’t depend only on your preferences. It is better to choose the window blinds with such shift, that doesn’t hinder normal opening of the window shutters. Sometimes it is better to buy the window blinds, assembling from the edge of the window to its center.

    The width of lamella (vertical cloth or plastic strip) of the vertical window blinds comes to 89 and 127 mm. The bigger your window is the wider lamellas you must buy. As lamellas are located vertically, you can turn them and in this way regulate the illumination of this or that part of the room.

    Horizontal window blinds are mostly used in the offices, as they blend perfectly with the austere interior of the office spaces and protect effectively from the sun. Depending on the customer’s wish, horizontal window blinds can be placed into the window opening or between the frames. The control of the horizontal window blinds requires considerable efforts, as they are folded not sideways (as the vertical window blinds), but upwards.


  • How to store your bike in the shed

    How to store your bike in the shed

    The ways of bike storage in the shed

    1. Fastening-lift. 2 holders with blocks with a thrown rope are fastened to the ceiling. Another 2 blocks, equipped with the hooks for wheel and saddle, hang loose on the rope. Just pull on the free end of the rope, and the bike will rocket to the ceiling. It is comfortable, fast and suitable for any kind of bike. However, you’ll have to take a lot of trouble, fastening the holders to the ceiling.
    2. Wall racks. They represent the holders, fastened to the wall with several hook sets at different heights. The rubber-coated hooks are usually intended for the installation of the capping rail of bicycle frame. But it can be difficult to fasten women’s and folding bike models, as they lack capping rail, and the trick bike with its beveled frame. The usual fastening also doesn’t fit for two- suspender bikes. But in general, this option allows storing the bikes of the whole cyclists’ family.
    3. Hook under the wheel is the name of the whole class of devices, intended for holding the bike not by the frame, but by the wheels. On the one hand, it allows minimizing the occupy space: the bike hangs vertically. So, a half-dozen of bikes can be located in the small corner. On the other side, this option isn’t suitable for all bike models (especially or the ones, equipped with hydraulic brakes). And the local wheel load doesn’t improve its symmetry.

    There were only a few examples, illustrating the principle. There is no real reason why you can’t invent the new ways of bike storage in the shed. Perhaps, your idea will be the next hit in this field.


  • Unique abilities of the modern kitchen sink

    Unique abilities of the modern kitchen sink

    Which object is the most important in the kitchen? It turns out to be a kitchen sink. After all, we spend 60 % of working time with it. It means that the choice of kitchen sink must be well-thought-out. All wishes, details and nuances must be taken into consideration.
    Apart from its technological opportunities, it must blend perfectly with the interior and be its sequential, or, on the contrary, place emphasis on its background.

    There is a wide range of kitchen sinks on sale. So how must we make it out, and choose the most acceptable option, that combines reasonable price, high quality and functionality? If you’ll achieve this result, your kitchen sink will serve you well for a long time.

    The functions of kitchen sink go behind the banal dishwashing, especially as the modern housewives have the dishwashers in their kitchens.

    Well-chosen kitchen sink can wash fruits vegetables, rinse working accessories, unfreeze meat and fish, leak excess liquid from the prepared dishes, wash and dry non-standard dishes, and fulfill a lot of other task about the kitchen easily.

    Apart from standard forms, the modern kitchen sinks can have fancy curves and geometrical patterns, which can satisfy the most daring technical solutions. They are fit out with one, two or three bowls, one or two wings, automatic valve, water overflowing hole and garbage grinder. There is also a possibility to equip modern kitchen sinks with an additional tap of filtered water, fruit baskets, chopping boards, and even burners.


  • Single girl bedroom design ideas

    Single girl bedroom design ideas

    All parents want to give their daughters only the best and the most beautiful things. And the interior decoration doesn’t make an exception.
    Of course, girl’s bedroom must differ from the boy’s one. The girls like complete interiors, bright colors, interesting compositions, fancy articles and accessories. Therefore, there girl’s bedroom should be decorated with some traditional ornaments- bows, hearts, soft toys, ruches, stars, moon, sun, flowers tec.

    You must pay great attention to the color score of the girl’s bedroom. One of the most suitable colors is certainly pink. This nice, tender, romantic and innocent color fits excellently for the little princesses. But it doesn’t mean that the bedroom just has to be pink. For example, some girls’ character doesn’t harmonize with this color. Therefore, pink can irritate and tire them. In this case you can replace it with similar shade- peach, lilac, red-white, apricot-beige.

    Another prominent aspect of the girl’s bedroom is a zonation of space. The girl’s bedroom must have sleep-, play-, storage- and working area. Sleep area must be provided with a comfortable bed, by choosing of which you should take into account the girl’s age. If you daughter is a little baby, buy her a safe bed with sides. When the girl grows up a little, you can buy her a beautiful bed with an orthopedic mattress.
    A bedroom plays important role in the life of a little princess. It affects a sleep quality, a mood and a state of health Therefore, girl’s bedroom must be planned very carefully.






  • custom roman shades_17

    Roman shades in the room interior

    Roman shades have won a leading place among all kinds of curtains due to their simplicity, elegance and functionality. They softly scatter the daylight, coming into the room: permeating through the cloth, it tinctures with one or another shade. Any room can be decorated with roman shades – from the bedroom and the children’s room to the kitchen and the other rooms with windows.

    Roman shades have appeared a few thousand years ago. The curtains (they’re also called “rolls”) sprang up at the time of the Roman Empire, from which derives their name. It is astonishing, that, despite many years have passed, the curtains’ design has hardly has hardly changed. It is explained by simplicity of the used mechanism and cut- the curtains are distinguished by their lines’ sharpness, elegancy, strictness and laconicism. The changes concerned mainly the materials and the additional decoration.

    Roman shade represents a cornice, to which a flat cloth is fastened. This cloth is horizontally pierced with the special control rods, by means of which the folds are formed. The weighting material, fixing the form of curtain, is sewn to its bottom. The curtain is regulated with the chain or string mechanism, raising the curtain from top to down, forming even accurate folds. Opening or closing the curtains, you can leave the roman shade at any window level. The roman shades are fastened both to the shutter and to the window opening. They look well both as an independent decoration, and in combination with the other kitchen design.

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  • lowe's bathroom vanity

    Comfortable bathroom vanity

    All the family members, both children and adults, go to the bathroom every day. Every one of them has his/her own wishes and requirements. Children often start real water battles in the sink, when they just come to wash up in the morning or before a meal. That’s why the bathroom furniture must meet the highest standards of durability, functionality, safety and comfort. For this purpose, you should buy the special bathroom vanity.

    It is very well, when everything necessary is in its position and at hand. It became possible due to the appearance of bathroom vanity.

    Generally it consists of 3 elements: the tub under sink; the mirror; the base under sink (separate or combined with the mirror).
    For greater convenience and comfort, the tub under sink can be located at your option. It can be fastened to the wall, stand on the legs or fit closely to the floor.

    The base of the bathroom vanity

    The main advantage of the bathroom vanity is its reasonable price. For example, the budget version is made of cheap materials, such as: wood particle board, enameled medium density fibreboard and plastic (one of the most popular materials as of today).

    If you prefer more expensive bathroom vanity, choose the one made of natural wood. The most common wood species, used for its making, is walnut and oak. And to make a bathroom vanity look more aesthetic, they varnish wood, add glass, stone, metal and other materials according to the style of performance.

    The bathroom vanity with the marble table top is very fashionable and popular among the manufacturers and customers. Such surface will delight your eye and add grandeur to the interior.

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  • living room storage ottoman_28

    Chest of drawers as the way of living-room storage

    The living-room chest of drawers is the compact system for storage of many necessary things. They are equipped with the drawers of different size, height and capaciousness. The main destination of this kind of furniture is to provide efficient and comfortable storage of things.

    Forms and construction of the chest of drawers

    The key feature of chest of drawers, distinguishing it from the other storage systems, is the presence of drawers. The classic models represent stocky low constructions with several rows of drawers of the same height. More functional living-room chests of drawers can have additional niches, hidden behind the swing doors, open shelves or mirrors.

    According to the type of location, the living-room chests of drawers are divided into: wall, attached, mounted and island.

    The island living-room chests of drawers are the largest. They have the same decoration of the front part and the back wall. They can be situated in the center of the living-room, dividing the spacious accommodation into separate elements. Some models have the possibility of two-sided access to the contents. The side compartment or the back walls of such chest of drawers are equipped with the separate doors or the system of shelves and drawers.

    The mounted living-room chests of drawers are the original decision for modern interior. Fastened to the wall, they leave the free space between the lower part of furniture and the floor. That’s why the accommodation looks more spacious, and the interior- nonconventional.
    The attached living-room chests of drawers are more compact, and their height rarely exceeds the coffee table. Their basic function is to complete larger or more massive furniture and unite the separate elements into the whole composition. The attached living-room chests of drawers can be stationary or mobile.

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    The wall living-room chest of drawers is the most common group. Due to the location peculiarities, such furniture has the beautiful front and side parts, while the back wall is usually made of cheaper and simpler materials. The wall chests of drawers can have classic forms, the forms of pen cases, have additional shelves and glassing, or serve as a cabinet or support.

  • paint colors for living room green_18

    Practical advice on the paint colors for living-room

    At the time of repair, many people find it difficult to choose the suitable color for the walls painting. This is not surprising, as everyone knows that the color of walls painting determines the general impression of home interior. It is very important that the paint color satisfies the tastes of the house owner. But you should also take into account the functional purpose of every room.

    The color has a great influence on the mood and atmosphere of the house. So that the chosen color score creates harmony in your apartment, stick to a single rule: it is necessary to choose one neutral color, blending with the whole interior. At that, this color needn’t be the basic one.

    For example, the basic color of interior is blue. So, you should choose the light shade from neutral palette, matching to the basic color and the rest of environment.

    • Choose orange, and your living-room will turn into the warm, informal place, expressing your adventurous spirit. The walls will radiate optimism and enthusiasm, confidence and creativity.
    • Red color will fill your home with boldness and sensuality. Complete it with the suitable furniture and your red living-room will turn into the triumph of passion.
    • Green living-room represents the perfect solution for private space and for the rare moments, when you can finally relax and have nothing in your head.
    • Blue is the color of truth. The blue living-room is very elegant and conservative. Though, the change of shade can make it surprisingly dynamical.
    • Violet color is quite unusual. Mostly, it is preferred by the fans of everything mysterious, people with developed intuition and creative potential.
    • If you’re a practical, friendly and reliable person, choose brown.

    As we can see, there are a lot of ideas for the paint color of your living-room. Everything matters, when you choose the walls color, so approach this question competently, aiming at the perfect result.

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