• Farmhouse Style Decorating

    Farmhouse style decorating

    Popular these days and frequently used by the designers of the private houses, rustic style emerged in England in the late nineteenth century. At that, some specialists consider USA as the homeland of this style. It is fair to say that this design direction, deprived of pretentiousness and refinement, reflects the everyday life, customs and habits of the rural residents from different countries.

    Therefore, today, farmhouse style decorating is divided into American, Scandinavian, French, Polish, German and Dutch. In all regions with the original folk style, one can find some common features that bring together various directions of farm style. In such houses, all furniture items are made of natural materials: wood, stone and metal. Natural textile (chintz, wool, canvas and flax) is widely used in the country interior. The rooms are adorned with decoration items and accessories, made in a craft way.

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    For example, American style is characterized by the large wooden furniture (wardrobes, rocking chairs and chest), painted with ornaments.

    The wide beds must be covered with blue checkered quilts. In the American South, cottages have other design. There are a lot decorations and household items of the Indian culture: chairs and sofas, upholstered in leather, round fireplaces, colorful carpets with magic drawings and silver statuettes on the massive dressers.

  • living room interior

    Different variations of living room interior

    The living-room is the center of any house or apartment. Therefore, it is usually the largest and the most spacious room of the house. As a rule, this room is intended not only for the guests’ reception, but also for the family rest. So, the living-room must be functional, and its interior design must combine stylishness, comfort, luxury and practicality. The comfortable environment should match your tastes, and your guests should feel themselves comfortable and relaxed.

    There are many options for realization of the living-room interior. But you can also think out your own variant of decoration. Living-room is the place where you can realize any of your ideas without limiting yourself to the functional requirements, applied to the other rooms. If you wish, you can perform the living-room interior in a single style. But you can also divide it into zones, each of which has its own functional purpose. It’ll make each separate member of your family feel more comfortable.

    The living-room unites and links together all the rooms of the house. It’s a room where the house owners spend the major part of their life.

    Decorating the living-room, you can realize the most daring ideas, as the living-room represents the great field for experiments. In this room you can combine various architectural and design forms. The main thing is that everything goes well together, matches a single style and doesn’t break the harmony of interior.

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    Developing the living-room interior, you must aim to create the place filled with comfort and coziness. It must be not only functional and comfortable, but also give the aesthetic pleasure. The living-room is just the place to relax and communicate with friends and family.

    Creating the living-room equipment, take into account the taste, style and comfort. The furniture can be of any kind. The main thing is that it creates the atmosphere of rest and relaxation. The color score depends only on the house owner’s taste. Performing the decoration of your living-room, don’t encumber the space with decorative elements or stucco molding, as they reduce the space.

  • Assam type house front style

    Assam type house front style

    Which associations does the mention of India cause you? Of course, hot climate, spices, condiments and incense, luxurious gold jewelry, scattering of precious stones and exotic nature. All this is reflected in the modern interior in Indian style (see photo). It is easy to create a “real” India in your own apartment or private house. You can transmit a piece of this beautiful country into the design of your furniture, decor and accessories, or fully re-create the unique Indian style in the interior.

    The interior in Assam Type House Front Style is very elegant, and the abundance of decoration is impressive and fascinating. Intricate patterns (even of the brightest colors) don’t look defiantly, as these fine patterns were created for centuries under the influence of Byzantine architecture and art. This is one of the brightest styles, involving the mixture of the most incongruous (at first sight) textures, colors and pieces of furniture. Abundance (even sort of excess) of details in creating Indian style of interior creates a feeling of peace and happiness, relaxes and miraculously set you up for rest. Apartment or house in this style is a nook of coziness and comfort in a large megapolis.

    Abundance of drawings and combination of a large number of colors and shades in one room fully complies with the concept and creates the unique interior in Indian style. The basis of the room – walls and ceiling– shall be painted, plastered or coated with mosaic. Wallpapers are used very rarely. The walls are decorated with the classic Indian patterns and images of birds, animals and people, national ornaments (circles, triangles, flowers, curls and Paisley) and traditional painting.

    In this style, color scheme combines all colors of the rainbow, the boldest shades, cold and warm tones. Abundance of gold and silver is welcome. As basic colors, you should choose orange, red, pink, brown; the use of ivory, beige, dairy and grey is also acceptable. The most popular colors used for decoration are bright green and blue, crimson, lilac, turquoise, black, light green, purple, white, brown, yellow and terracotta. Various accessories, curtains, carpets, decorative pillows and textile should be also of the bright colors with an abundance of gold embroidery.

  • decorate lounge room

    How to decorate your lounge properly

    Lounge represents the very important part of every apartment, as it is the place for family rest, guests’ reception and celebrations. The interior design can tell everything about the habits, tastes and characters of the house owners. Besides, everyone entering your lounge will determine your status at once, as this room represents the best that the family has.

    Zoning is the optimal decision

    As the lounge is used for several purposes, it is advisable to carry out zoning. After all, this room is multifunctional. Here we spend leisure-time with family members, gather with friends, and sometimes even work.

    For a start, it is necessary to determine the center of accommodation and emphasize it. Usually it is a TV set, which is encircled with the rest of the furniture. By the way, the TV set is the most important household appliance. That’s why it is necessary to find it a suitable location. Firstly, the TV set must locate at a safe distance from the sofa, not to ruin the eyesight. The correct distance is calculated in the following way: measure the screen width and multiply the resulted number by 8. It is also possible to equip the lounge with home cinema instead of usual TV set. Both the family members and the guests will like it even more.

    You must also find a place for dining zone and recreation zone. But, speaking of the most modern design, the hall interior is just the thing you need. Nowadays, the most popular style of the lounge design is classic style with the addition of some modern attributes, such as a cabinet without angles or original upholstered furniture in red color.

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    The décor items must match the general style of interior. A small number of accessories is necessary even in the most laconic and austere interior, or else the room will look lifeless. The most suitable lounge accessories include: the beautiful textile (curtains, furniture covers, cushions); natural flower compositions; framed pictures; all sorts of fancy goods (decorative plates, china figures, etc.)

  • Kerala style house painting design

    Kerala style house painting design

    The appearance of the building can tell many interesting things about its owners. It reflects the unique taste of its residents. Desiring to achieve individuality, presentability and originality of the house and looking for suitable photos and ideas of Kerala Style House Painting Design from the outside, people start to study the fashion magazines, where they can borrow an interesting solution. Often, the real picture doesn’t turn out the way you planned, or the façade of the house depresses its owners. What to do then?

    To make your house shine and please the eye, attracting the admiration of others, you should follow a few ground rules of painting the house exterior.

    Ornaments on the external facing of the house can be a stylish solution that will complement almost any basic color. They will give a special charm, local color and originality to building.

    Highlight of separate decoration elements on the facade with contrasting colors will look particularly effective. These include cornices, windows and their slopes, doors, drainpipes and roof. Your house will never be boring, dull and uninteresting if it’s colored. Often, the charm and elegance of building is in the details.

  • living room design 2018_12

    Unusual ideas for living room design

    Creating the interior design of the living-room, it is necessary to take into account the wishes of all family members. The living-room is the place where the whole family gets together. That’s why it is very important that everybody feels comfortable.

    Before starting to design the future living-room, it is necessary to determine its functions.

    Zoning of the living-room

    Zoning of the living-room depends on its functions. For example, in one-room flat, the living room acts as bedroom, kid’s room, study, dining-room and a room for guests’ reception. According to your needs, the living-room must be divided into separate zones.
    If you live in the one-room flat, plan the recreation zone very carefully. After all, the living-room will serve both as the room for guests’ reception, and as the bedroom. It’s important to choose the suitable sofa. It must be compact when assembled, but quite spacious when disassembled.

    If the space allows, you might separate the different zones. Use the screen or double-sided shelf for this purpose.

    The furniture in living-room interior

    The furniture in living-room interior must be located so that you can comfortably move around the room. Not to carry the sofas and the cabinets from place to place, plan the future location of the furniture beforehand.

    The lighting in living-room interior

    There must be several light sources in the in living-room interior. The ceiling light must be bright enough. The room must be also equipped with several additional light sources. It will create romantic and comfortable atmosphere in the room. Use the floor lamp or sconce as the source of bright directional light, and the beautiful standard or table lamp to create the evening dim light.

    Textile in the interior design of the living-room

    Textile is a very important detail of interior design. It adds completeness and comfort to the room interior. The textile must not only go well together, but also match the color score of interior. It can combine the whole range of colors, adding the new tints. Bright curtains, soft cushions, beautiful plaid- all these things can be real works of art. Such articles create the individual style of accommodation.

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  • Indian style house names

    Indian style house names

    Upon returning home, Europeans brought the artifacts with them– intricate decorations, household and items, work of arts, differed by the rich patterns, complex designs and color diversity.

    Luxurious furnishings, carpets, interior decorations took their places in the houses of colonizers. It is perhaps then that the fashion for oriental style in the interior design emerged.

    Nowadays, this bright, individual and complex style remains relevant. Designers like it because it leaves much room for imagination, and house owners– for the feeling of warmth, comfort, sweet bliss and real oriental fairy tale.

    Interior design in oriental style has very bright features, which makes it impossible to confuse with any other direction.

    Furniture gives special color to the oriental interior: squat tables, wide sofas with lots of pillows, bed with a lush canopy, ottomans, benches for feet, screens and, chests. The design of Arab countries is characterized by heavy carved furniture, often with inlaid semiprecious stones and pearls.

    Particular importance is attached to the color scheme. Traditionally, in oriental interiors, natural muted colors (terracotta, ochre and beige) are combined with bright and clear ones (cobalt blue, purple, red, orange, emerald-green and turquoise). Gold is a mandatory color accent. As a rule, golden color is present in the decoration of fabrics.

    Windows and doors in oriental interior are the independent art-objects. The windows are decorated with carved wooden shutters or forged grates. Door leafs are often adorned with intricate carving and massive handles.

    And, of course, characterizing Indian Style House Names design direction, we cannot fail to mention various accessories, without which the oriental interior is impossible. Jugs, copper tableware, hookahs and incense lamps, luminaries, pillows, vases, curtain hooks and mirrors in fancy frames – all this makes the interior apartment even more colorful.

  • color design living room ideas_5

    The meaning of color in living-room design

    Making home repairs, we try to please every member of the family. The design of kid’s room must match the children’s tastes, the kitchen decoration has to meet the housewife’s wishes, and the bedroom is made according to the tastes of its dwellers. But there is a place in the house, where the whole family, relatives and guests get together. It is a living-room. The question arises- how to make this place comfortable for all?

    First of all, the living-room must be quite comfortable and spacious. Therefore, it’s unadvisable to encumber it with furniture. It’s up to you to decide, whether to cover the walls with paper hangings or paint them. Meanwhile, we’ll tell you about the meaning of wall coloring in the living-room.

    White color

    This color symbolizes purity and innocence. But in some people it can cause a headache, and the abundance of white can even blind. However, due to its reflectivity, white can visually expand the space. This color fits romantic and Scandinavian interior style perfectly.

    Yellow color

    This color is merry, optimistic and vivifying. As well as the white one, it has good reflectivity. Yellow fits the rooms, located on the North side. There, yellow will act as the lighter, adding the warm climate to the room.

    Red color

    Red stimulates and stirs, increases physical activity, inspires and raises the spirits. It’s the color of fire. Red improves appetite and elevates blood pressure. But its abundance can provoke aggression or anger. Red can visually reduce the space. It matches with the design in Oriental style.

    Green color

    Green relaxes helps to concentrate attention and create a prefect atmosphere for rest. The interior acquires freshness and elegance, especially in combination with blue, grey and violet shades.

    Blue color

    Blue calms and inspires. It can visually expand the space. It is the perfect choice both for the bedroom and for the living-room.

    Brown color

    The walls of the living-room, painted brown, add the effect of refinement and elegance to the interior. You can enliven and complete the composition with blue, orange and red shades.

    It is unadvisable to paint the walls of the house black, as this color is too strong and depressing.

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  • Kerala Style Nalukettu House

    Kerala Style Nalukettu House

    The open-air life is very active in India, which is famous for its hot weather. Streets, squares and all open spaces are used very intensively – they are constantly filled with people. Being at home the Indians spend almost all day in the open air, preferring even sleep in the open air at night.

    Therefore, the main place and the largest area in any Indian dwelling is occupied by an open courtyard called angan or uthan. It is present everywhere, even in the cold mountain areas of Kashmir. Families spend most of the time there. The sun’s rays penetrating the yard dry and disinfect everything in it, the rain washes away the dirt and fills the water vessels, and the wind vents and cools the air. A canopy of terraces, loggias, pavilions are used to stay there during the rain or hide from the scorching rays of the sun in a sultry midday time. The Indians rarely stay in a closed room, which is small compared to others. It is used to store household utensils, and it serves as protection from the weather.
    Thus, a traditional Kerala Style Nalukettu House (whether it is a farm house or a palace) has a spatial triad of space: chowk (open space), tiberi (semi-open space) and kothari (closed space), decreasing the size of the occupied area. Residential complex usually consists of three major components of the inner courtyard or open area (chowk), then the terrace or loggia (baradari) and internal space (kothari).

    Such a principle of the use of living space is differently refracted in the different local conditions of vast India. There is an urgent need for air circulation in coastal areas, where it is constantly hot and humid. There are a minimum number of enclosed spaces, and a house usually consists of an enfilade of communicating courtyards, differing in function, size and shape. Thus, an atrium in the role of a lobby is replaced by a peristyle (open) courtyard-living room with a pond in the center, and it is certainly followed by a spacious economic yard, where the life of women and children is mainly concentrated. All this system of courtyards, stretched from the entrance to the house along the longitudinal axis, as a rule, ends with an orchard. In this case, the building is low-rise.

  • General tips for room design

    General tips for room design

    The general appearance of your apartment depends on the interior of each particular room. Therefore, planning the rooms’ design, consider how every one of them looks against the general background. Creating the home interior, don’t try to apply the most fashionable design solutions. Some things go out of fashion, while you keep on living in your apartment. So, the best option is to add a bit of classic in the room design. The appearance of your apartment must make you happy. Only in this case you’ll feel comfortable and cozy. A lot of professional designers advise to stick to one style throughout. It really looks beautiful. Though, nothing prevents you from ignoring their advice and applying an individual approach to every room. The uniformity of life is never out of place. The living-room can be designed in modern style, and the bedroom- in classic. Use your imagination and achieve the desired effect, creating different room design.

    Don’t forget that the interior of accommodation must match its destination. For example, the kitchen design must dispose to eating, stimulate appetite and create the feeling of home atmosphere. The psychologists think that it is better to use soft and warm shades (orange, yellow, and beige) for the kitchen design. However, it happens that the kitchen floor is covered with black laminate, the walls are painted white, and the furniture is made of dark wood. Everything depends on your tastes and preferences. The living-room design depends on its functional. The presence of upholstered sofas and comfortable arm-chairs for guests’ reception is welcome. The coffee table also wouldn’t be out of place. It is unadvisable to use the bright colors for the wall decoration, if this room is intended for sleep as well.

    The design of your bedroom must be performed mainly in light colors, as they have a positive effect on the nervous system and promote better sleep. The textile elements blend perfectly with the interior, and the beautiful curtain decorates any accommodation.

  • Kerala Style House Plans Below 800 Sq Ft

    Kerala Style House Plans Below 800 Sq Ft

    A presentable house with a size up 800 Sq Ft. gives the impression of a solid and reliable cottage for a family. Neutral tones used for decoration are popular all over the world. Decorating the second floor, you can pay attention to the color of the roof, creating a single image of Kerala Style House Plans Below 800 Sq Ft. There are huge full-height room windows that give the rooms a sufficient amount of sunlight and make them cozy and bright.

    The first floor includes only the rooms where the family gathers together. Almost twenty square meters of garage will cope with the placement of an executive car. There is a place for the workshop on its territory. A close proximity to the garage area is convenient to perform all maintenance work.

    The living room is combined with the dining room. The fireplace, which combines these two rooms, creates a warm atmosphere in the house. The kitchen is assigned to the corner part, its semi-closeness protects the hostess at the time of cooking from outside attention, while allows her to serve the tables in the shortest time intervals so that guests will not wait and will feel comfortable at home.

    Three bedrooms are on the second floor. Additional conveniences are created due to the expense of common rooms: a bathroom and a wardrobe.

  • cheap kids bedroom furniture_10

    The decoration of your kid’s bedroom

    Childhood is a wonderful period of the human life, resembling a fairy-tale. Children live in their imaginings and dreams, while the parents try to create the best atmosphere around them. That’s why it is very important to choose the kid’s bedroom design carefully. The child must feel comfortable in its world, where it enjoys and have fun.

    Your kid’s bedroom must be decorated in childish style, according to its interests, favorite fairy-tales and cartoons. The kid’s bedroom interior should be soft and peaceful, performed in the same style. Everything in your kid’s bedroom must create the atmosphere of love and happiness, as it’s the place where the child gets its best memories, retaining for life. Make sure that these memories are bright and happy.

    The decoration of kid’s bedroom depends mainly on the sex of a child. In most cases, the girls’ bedrooms reconstruct the atmosphere of fairy-tale, so that a little princess feels the most beautiful in the world. Traditionally, the prevailing tones are pink and white. There are a lot of lockers and shelves for dolls and fairy-tale characters in the bedrooms. The young ladies like to imitate their moms. So, it is advisable to provide the girl’s room with a big mirror, so that the small fashion-lover can try on her numerous dresses and put on make-up.

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    The boys’ bedrooms are usually more minimalist. The abundance of cars, weapon and meccanos can hide the bed itself. So, it’s necessary to provide the space for all boys’ toys. The bedroom of future man can have both fairy-tale and sport direction. Basketball hoop or football goal, together with wall bars, pictures of favorite cartoon characters and toys of the future sportsman will blend well with the interior.

    The main thing is that the kid’s bedroom isn’t overloaded with “adult” elements. Equip the room as plain and practical as possible, so that the child feels comfortable there. The brand- new multifunctional room will make your child the happiest in the world!