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    Information about guppy fish

    Guppy Fish – the most common aquarium fish in Russia, they are especially suitable for beginners due to its unpretentiousness to conditions of detention and high fertility. In addition, these fish have a beautiful color, especially males. Of course, this article will be of interest only to those who are going to acquire their first aquarium. Those who already have an aquarium can stop reading, because, most likely you already have experience with these fish.

    The appearance of fish guppy

    Guppies – fish family of Petsilid toothcarps squad. The length of the male in the wild reaches 3 cm, females up to 6 cm. Aquarium forms of Guppy male are to 4.5 cm, the female up to 7 cm. The body of the male is elongated, slender, slightly compacted laterally. Pedigree aquarium individual males have long fins, the color is mainly bright. Males have a special organ – gonopodium – anal fin of elongated form. The male natural form olive-gray with iridescent dots and spots, female – gray with greenish or bluish tint. The body of the female is also elongated, with a sealed rear, with enlarged abdomen, in the anal area is visible eggs. Fins are always smaller than the males.

    Types of guppy

    Among the forms of aquarium Guppy is found a great many varieties of fish, different sizes of fins and painting. During the long years of selection is derived 13 forms of Guppy differing size and shape of the caudal fin. It roundtailed, flagtailed, needletailed, spadetailed, speartailed, “lower sword”, “Upper sword”, “double sword”, Lyrebird, skirt or valetailed, fantailed sharp-angled, fantailed edged and fantailed.


    Guppy Fish because of its unpretentiousness and beautiful color became ideal fish for beginners aquarists. In particular, they will go to the aquarium for children. Therefore, if your children ask you to buy them aquarium Guppy are one of those fish that can be taken in such a tank. Only later, if your child is interested in aquarium, learn to care for it, then you can move on to other fish. Guppy Fish are interesting and beacause of the fact that breed well, especially if your aquarium is densely planted with plants. It will take very little time and you will see the small fry hiding in thickets of plants.


    About this fish I can write a very long time, certainly in this article we have said not everything about it (and it is hardly possible in one article). Fish is really – unique and legendary! And you definitely will not regret having got it in your aquarium. Good Luck To You!

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    How to choose the right fish for your aquarium?

    Novice aquarists in most cases, make a lot of mistakes. The main of them – an irresistible urge to buy for themselves almost every fish he liked. The result is not very comforting: there is overpopulation of aquarium, and most of its inhabitants by its very nature can not live peacefully with each other, always fighting, strong eat weak. In addition, different kinds of aquarium fish need in conditions that can be radically different. If such fish are placed in a single environment, many of them may get sick and die. Therefore, before buying the fish you need to learn some general basic rules.

    Rules for choosing aquarium fish:

    1. If you don`t have a lot of time to care for the aquarium you need to choose only unpretentious kinds of aquarium fish.
    2. Purchase if possible few catfish. These aquarium “sanitation” are to pick up the remains of uneaten feed after the other fish. Catfish cannot boast with bright color , they are almost invisible in the aquarium, especially against the bottom. But among them there are representatives wiith a very peculiar form of the body. Pay your attention, for example at as catfish tarakatuma. It is characterized by big long of antennae and flexibility of body. Catfish – remora are “featured” with suckers, allowing them to often hang motionless, glued to the wall of the aquarium. There are more species, feeding on microscopic algae, and thus cleaning the walls, stones and decorative elements of the aquarium from the harmful plaque and ugly brownish-green.
    3. If you plan to install a large aquarium (50 liters), it is possible to have a bigger fish: cichlids, botsiya chess, gourami, angelfish, goldfish. In principle, fish should be chosen, always taking into account the volume of your aquarium, because the big fish will feel very bad in close surroundings. Watch also for your pets when they freely and deliberately “float” in the expanse of water, with plenty of room for it gives a true aesthetic pleasure.
    4. When determined with the choice of a particular type of fish, look closely to each individual vending. Its body should not be damaged, decay, excessive amounts of mucus, and so on. Fish should behave typical for the species. If it makes a nonsense sharp movements, scratched on the ground, leans to one side, a fish is better not to buy.
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    Best decorations for aquariums ideas

    In front of any aquarist gets issue of decoration of fish house. Decorations in the aquarium turn fish corner in an extraordinarily beautiful decor element of the entire premises. Decorations for aquarium can be both natural and artificial, giving endless scope for the creation of a unique and inimitable design.

    The use of live plants as a decoration is not always convenient, because some fish may simply not like. Therefore, for aesthetics are used various objects. Natural decorations for aquariums come in the following forms:

    • snags of a mango tree, African Mopani, alder and others. Before you use it it is advised to boil sbags for a couple of hours, to avoid coloring of the water in brown. The advantages of such decorations for aquarium – the allocation of tannin and humic acids, which are useful for many fish and plant species;
    • various stones. Buying them should only in special stores to be sure that they can not harm the flora and fauna of the aquarium;
    • sea corals, shells. Before purchasing consult with the seller – some shells can be destroyed in fresh water for some corals can be scratched certain types of fish. So first check. And useful tips – after buying a few days sink soak in water to make sure that it not harmful to fish covered with varnish;
    • different types of soil – pebbles, black quartz, coral sand, etc.

    Decor for the aquarium

    Artificial decor for aquariums – is limitless means for decoration. There are ceramics, silicone, a wide variety of types and forms. Stunningly decorated aquarium with the help of artificial materials is easier to maintain, requires a rare clean and very pleasing beauty.
    Production of such products takes almost all aquarium firm. You can buy decorations for the the aquarium of the following types:

    • snags that can mimic or be true vibrant colors;
    • stones imitating reefs, lava, granite and much more for boundless imagination;
    • coral and shells. Natural corals are rapidly destroyed in fresh water, lose color upon drying and can injure fish. But you can buy decorations for the aquarium, made of silicone, and deprived of all these disadvantages;
    • plants species and colors of which is an incredible assortment. Plastic plants will last you about three years, and caring for them is to wash with liquid soap;
    • backgrounds for aquarium that film glued to the glass. There is also a background with PVC with embossed surface, which can be with rocks, corals and so on. Many backgrounds allow to disguise equipment;
    • Decorations for aquarium can be purchased in the form of castles, sunken ships, motes, arches, volcanoes, caves, castles, statues and more. Many elements allow the fish to hide.
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    Choosing a stand for fish aquarium

    When you purchase an aquarium, you worry about to complete with him was stand. This will be the best option, because the manufacturer of set of the aquarium – stand has adjusted perfectly all sizes and calculated the load. Of course there are situations when the acquisition of a set is simply impossible for one reason or another: lack of resources, stand does not fit your home decor or manufacturer just has not provided stand in the kit. In any case, you have to buy it separately and choose from the available stores in your range.

    I shall warn that installing aquarium on the furniture not intended for this purpose is strictly forbidden, as not calculated on the required weight stand can easily break and then fall of your tank and floods of the room, is inevitable. Aquarium stand also has special design elements and ribs of stiffness significantly increasing its strength. The main factors influencing the choice of stand are the size of the aquarium and its weight.

    Size of table top should be equal to or greater than the size of the bottom of the aquarium. The height is adjusted so that the aquarium was convenient to consider a seated person. It is advisable shelves closed with doors to be present in the stand, in which it would be possible to hide aquarium equipment, food, medicines, etc. Also in the inner compartments needed technological holes to take stock of hoses and wiring for example for an external filter.

    Not minimis when selecting stand is the material from which it is made. It depends on the material the durability of stand and its aesthetic appearance in use. The most common and cheap material in our time is a DSP, it is suitable for most types and sizes of aquariums. Stands from chipboard reinforce additional internal walls for added strength, but this material has one major drawback, DSP does not tolerate moisture starts to swell and deteriorate in direct contact of pods to areas unprotected with the laminate.

    More waterproof and sturdy material is MDF, it is more expensive than DSP, but on all the characteristics it is far superior.
    A more expensive material in the manufacture of stands is wood treated with special solutions which prevent the absorption of moisture and deformation of wood. This material is much stronger than the previous ones, so lets you place on such stands large aquariums, besides it has a very presentable and expensive look.

    For aquariums over 500 liters of volume should be used stands on a metal frame. Metal allows to withstand any load and humidity, but its lack is a large weight and lack of aesthetic appeal, and therefore the frame should be sheathed by any decorative material.
    All the above mentioned materials are the basis for the absolute majority of stands under the tanks manufactured at this time. I hope this article will help you a little bit to orient in a wide variety of choice of stands for aquariums.

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    Three types of sea aquariums

    The natural beauty of the sea aquarium is very tempted by many aquarists. But what includes the proper maintenance and care of the aquarium? There are different types of sea aquariums, some are easier to maintain, while others require more effort. Before you decide to start a saltwater aquarium find out the main differences between these aquariums and why certain sea aquariums are more difficult in the care than others.

    Fish-Only Saltwater Aquarium

    Saltwater aquariums are divided into 3 main types: fish, fish with live rock and reef aquariums. Among this three most common – fish.
    Fish aquarium, as its name indicates, is designed for care and presentation of sea fish. As the fish is in the spotlight, such aquariums are small decorated, often with parts of the skeleton of corals or artificial corals. Like any other aquarium the highlights are the maintenance of water parameters and good filtration. Presence of a beautiful and hardy fish, such as fish-girl, yellow zebrasoma, favor the successful operation of the aquarium. Fish aquarium – is the easiest option for amateur aquarists, who became interested in sea aquariums. This aquarium will allow amateur to meet and master certain skills of aquarium.

    FOWLR (Fish-Only-With-Live-Rock)

    Sea fish aquarium with live rock – an intermediate stage between fish and reef aquarium. Although fish is a major element of the aquarium, but are introduced the basic elements of reef aquarium (living stone). Live rock – fragments of old coral reefs inhabited by natural means with all the variety of sea life including invertebrates, sponges and millions of nitrifying bacteria. This stone provides additional filtering and helps to maintain stable water parameters. The most important point in this type of aquarium – is acclimatization of living stones, additional lighting and additives for the desired growth of algae and the ban on many medications that harm essential to living organisms that are found in the living rock.

    Coral Reef Aquarium

    The most difficult in the care and the most expensive – reef aquarium, mostly populated by corals and other invertebrates with a small amount of fish or without it. Corals and invertebrates – are stars of reef aquarium. Since the sea creatures are very sensitive to water conditions, they need to constantly be checked. Also, many corals are highly dependent on the quality of light, so only require the best lighting. Residents of reef aquarium require special attention, so it is important to consider the issues on the topic of lighting and flow additives and other requirements.

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    Air compressor for aquarium

    Acquired aquarium must be completely prepared before you start decorating it and population of the fish. To start a new aquarium, you will need to buy a lot of equipment that is designed to create and maintain the most favorable conditions for the life of the fish.
    Among the necessary equipment, along with filters, lighting and heating, are included compressors.

    Why to install the aquarium compressor?

    Some species of fish, such as the labyrinth, can breathe atmospheric air – for them percentage of oxygen in the water is not very important. Other fish breathe by dissolved oxygen. Aquarium plants also need this gas – the day they are actively pursuing the process of photosynthesis, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. At night, photosynthesis is not carried out – and the level of carbon dioxide in the water begins to rise.

    In order to maintain oxygen balance the compressor for the aquarium must be installed. Compressors pump air into the aquarium water, thereby enriching it with oxygen.

    Aeration – the main function of any compressor: oxygenated water is needed, and fish, and vegetation, and the bacteria that live in the aquarium.

    With aeration possibilities of compressors are not exhausted. Continuous mixing of water layers promotes uniform temperature distribution – because the lower layers are heated less well than the upper.
    Air compressor for aquarium helps to maintain temperature while preventing stagnation of water. Thus, in water, heated twith hermoregulator are not formed zones with different temperatures, and the water itself does not rot, not stagnant.

    To many aquarists noise of running compressor interferes their rest, and they cut it at night. You should not do that – as already mentioned, it was in the dark that oxygen in the water is greatly reduced, as the plants begin to absorb it on a par with the fishes. Imported compressors are significantly quieter than domestic, but totally silent unit does not exist.

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    Aquarium decoration ideas at home

    Consider the main types of aquarium design. Say at once that we will talk only about freshwater aquariums, as they are more common and more accessible financially than the sea ones.

    Aquarium decorations seeds

    Quite frequent in recent time variant of decoration. It harmonizes well with the technological design, but at the same time, designed interesting, it will take its rightful place in the strict or home interior.
    The basic principle of of creating such a design – bright colors, contrast of fishes and decorative elements, the use of lighting, emphasizing the brightness of the fishes. In most cases, this aquarium decoration occurs without the use of live plants.
    For decoration of such aquarium are used natural fossilized corals, their artificial analogues, various imitations of sponges, artificial plants of bright colors (orange, yellow, red, purple). For lightning are selected lamps wiyh bright white color with a bluish tinge, such as PowerGlo from Hagen.

    Classic decoration

    Type of decoration, when in tank are created conditions, reminiscent of the underwater world of freshwater. This decoration mainly use natural materials for decoration: driftwood, rocks, live plants. Live plants, many are replaced with artificial, to facilitate maintenance.
    There are also tanks with a futuristic design. For decoration are used unexpected materials and elements. Once I saw a tank large enough with completely unimaginable combination of all it is, the design resembled the pseudo-sea but instead of coral in the middle was a strange structure made of brown clay, something resembling a house of some cartoon characters, and thus of the inhabitants only a dozen large goldfish. Despite all this, the aquarium looked interesting. Although the attitude of aquarists to these works is ambiguous. In pursuit of design,people are often guided by the designer`s opininon and not a specialist in aquariums. This often leads to the fact that the tank or suffering from permanent inhabitants death or terribly difficult to maintain.

    When selecting the inhabitants you must take into account the compatibility of the fish on the temperature conditions, water conditions, size and type of behavior. At one aquarium should be fish from the same region, sor example is inappropriate to have with major US Malawi cichlids. Selection can be left to professionals or to study the literature and the Internet.

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    Angelfish facts and information (Pterophyllum scalare)

    Angelfish in the wild are found in South America in the basins of the Amazon and Orinoco. They hold in calm areas of water bodies such as bays, overgrown with reeds, coast, lagoons and flooded lands rich in plants, as well as small quiet creeks.

    The body of angelfish is disk-like with very elongated dorsal and anal fins, resembling a crescent moon. The body length of 20 cm and a height of fish (including fins) can reach nearly 30 cm. In the artificial conditions their sizes are strongly dependent on the volume of an aquarium and rarely reach 10 cm. Pelvic fins are filamentous, long. This structure allows these fearful and cautious fish to maneuver among the vegetation and to hide from enemies at time.

    The main color of angelfish body varies greatly, can have different shades of gray from greenish-gray to olive with a silvery sheen. The back is darker than abdomen. On the body extends vertically dark bands, saturation of which is dependent on the state of the fish. The first of which passes through the eye of the fish, and the last – in the base of the tail fin. As a result of many years of breeding modern aquarium angelfish are painted in the most fantastic colors, they can be striped, black, marble, gold, smoky, two- and three-color, green. Also widespread is voile form with more elongated fins. But natural form Pterophyllum scalare in the aquarium is now no longer met as after so many years, it mixed with the breeding species.

    Angelfish are known to aquarists for almost a hundred years. Elegant and unhurried, they can decorate any aquarium, kept with most peace-loving fish. Another 20 – 30 years ago angelfish was considered problem, difficult to maintain and especially in the breeding of fish. But at the moment it is not. Changing many generations of fish bred and raised in captivity, led to their complete adaptation to the aquarium conditions.

    Angelfish – quiet peaceful schooling fish. It is better to keep them in a group of 4 – 6 fish. They are kept in aquariums with more small and comparable in magnitude, but non-aggressive fish species. If the aquarist is not going to make a species aquarium, it is advisable to keep them together with mesonauta (Cichlasoma festivum) or catfish genus Corydoras, but not with the barbs, and viviparous haratsidovymi toothcarps that may bite in angelfish tail fiber fins. Despite the peaceful nature, a hungry adult angelfish is not averse to swallow a small fish, so the coexistence of, for example, neon with these fish will not be very long.

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    Wall fish aquarium design

    There are two types of aquariums that can be set into the wall: overhead and built. First are mounted directly on the wall. This method is suitable only for installing small-sized aquariums. But the built-in are mounted in a prepared niche in the wall that looks very impressive and allows you to create real artistic masterpieces in the interior of any style.

    Advantages of tanks installed in the wall, are evident. First of all, they are original and incredibly compact. They do not need a free space and do not cause difficulties when installing.

    However, built-in aquariums have drawbacks. Firstly, they present a certain difficulty in the selection of equipment, and secondly, the difficulty in maintenance. Furthermore, wall aquariums charge a premium, which is also a significant drawback.

    For the wall aquarium it is necessary to take care of acquisition of special equipment in advance – filters, water heater, a special system for feeding fishes. Most modern wall aquariums are already sold in a complete set, so you will not have additional costs.

    Built-in aquariums can be used as a decorative room decoration, but often they are used also as partitions between rooms. When installing such an aquarium you should remember that it should be placed at the level of the human eye. It is better to install on the wall, on which do not fall the sun’s rays. Fish should be chosen sedentary, small in size, it is best of a flat shape. The same principle should be followed when selecting plants for the aquarium. Better if it will be slow-growing, not sprawling plant.

    An important condition for the installation of such an aquarium is the access to it at the top, which will allow to carry out a full feeding and caring for its inhabitants. If you decide to install the outboard tank, then this problem will go by itself, but when installing the embedded aquarium it is essential that niche was slightly above the aquarium.

    Expert advice will help you establish such an aquarium at home.

    • Check the wall for the presence of electrical wiring, fixtures. Make the layout in the planned location of the aquarium. In order to make the niche drill as many holes in this place, and then connect them, thus forming a hole.
    • Level the surface in a niche, make slopes.
    • Prepare the ground of sheet metal for the future aquarium, secure it in a niche.
    • Niche is ready, you can install an aquarium.

    Installing such aquarium in one of the walls of your home, you get a delicious piece of paradise, which will give the room an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and relaxation.

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    Pros and cons of LED aquarium lighting

    LED lighting type, is more and more included in the aquariumistics, to which helps a lot change in the LED market. Light-emitting diodes (LED) are becoming brighter, consume less electricity and have a growing range of radiation …

    Let’s try to understand the pros and cons of this type of LED lighting …

    The advantage of LED lighting systems of the aquarium

    1.  They do not produce a great amount of heat, compared with metal halide incandescent lighting. We can say that LED-diodes do not warm. Due to the heat generated by conventional lamps, aquarists have to use the cooling system of aquarium lamps, which further increases energy costs. Of course, it is not about the 50-gallon tank, in this case.
    2. You do not need periodic replacement of lamps. This statement requires a little explanation. Many beginning aquarists are not aware that their expensive fluorescent lamp, which they amassed six months, while aging changes its spectrum.

    Lighting issued by a similar aquarium lamp becomes more yellow, which causes an increasing number of different types of algae. The cultivation of aquatic plants or corals becomes practically impossible.

    This is quantum physics, although any trader ofaquarium equipment would argue that the problem is only in your cheap aquarium lamp. Like, the most expensive T5 lamp will remove all of these questions.
    Price is not related to quantum physics and in six months you will have to replace the lamp. Otherwise, you can say “goodbye” to your beautiful Dutch aquarium immediately.

    LED lighting also does not suffer a shift of the spectrum. In addition, high-quality light-emitting diodes are capable to work about five years.
    Structurally, the LEDs are connected to an array, which is assembled in such a way that the failure of one component of the LED will not affect the work of others. In fact, this type of lighting is able to work until the last LED.

    In the case of fluorescent lighting, a single lamp failure will immerse your tank into the darkness.

    The main advantage of LED lighting of the aquarium

    This low power consumption, in other words, high-performance ratio of the radiation power per gallon of water. In terms of several years, you can save substantially by using LED lighting for your aquarium.

    An array of LEDs allows to use different ways of incorporating that specifies the number of LEDs working at the moment, making it easy to adjust the strength of aquarium lighting.

    The brightness of the metal halide lamp should not be adjusted if it is not provided by technical characteristics of the lamp. Reducing the voltage across the lamp will reduce its brightness, but shift the emitted spectrum. LED matrix is completely devoid of this shortcoming.

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    The main information about Georgia Aquarium

    Georgia Aquarium is the biggest aquarium in the world. It was opened on the 23th of November 2005 in Atlanta, State of Georgia, in Pemberton Place. This aquarium is a present for the local residents, created by Bernie Marcus and his wife Billy. Bernie Marcus is a co-owner of the company Home Depot. The cost of such a present is 250 million dollars.

    In 6 months the large aquarium has attracted more than 2 million visitors. The aquarium is controlled by the corporation, which in its turn is governed by the board of directors. Georgia Aquarium fulfills different functions: informative, scientific-research and entertaining. It also enables organizing great exhibitions and programs at a quite high level.

    This show represents not only a merry pastime and entertainment, but also a promotion for preservation of aquatic environment and biological diversity all over the world.

    The aquarium was designed so that all the visitors gain unique impressions and remember this show a whole life long. One of the Georgia Aquarium’s purposes is the education of all people, irrespective of their age and status. The visitors learn to take care of animals and get a lot of interesting information about the life forms.

    The capacity of a huge tank is more than 30 million liters. It is populated by 100 thousand marine animals. The form of aquarium resembles a big ship, divided into 60 huge compartments. The largest of them are occupied by 2 whale sharks. They are always in the center of visitors’ attention. This aquarium is even bigger than the Japanese oceanarium on the remote island of Okinawa (which was considered the largest in the world before the appearance of Georgia Aquarium).

    Before the erection of aquarium Bernie Marcus told that he wanted to make such a construction that the fishes feel here even more comfortable than in the ocean. As of today, the total number of fishes in the huge aquarium amounts 100 thousand.

    The most popular aquarium inhabitants are 2 large whale sharks: Norton and Ralf. Their length amounts 5 m.

    Recently, 2 female whale sharks were delivered to the aquarium. They became Norton and Ralf’s “girlfriends”. There are 22.8 litres of ocean water in their compartment. These sharks are the only species represented outside of Asia. The length of female whale sharks amounts 3.3. and 4.2 m. They expect the birth of small sharks within 3 years. After all, their compartment can accommodate 6 sharks of one species.

    The area of the whole complex amounts 120 000 sq.km. As planned, the huge aquarium turned into the place of location of the tourist from all over the world.