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    The main benefits of City Select strollers

    Baby Jogger City Select is a multifunctional walking stroller, which can be completed with additional seat, cradle or auto seat. The combinations can be different! The stroller is intended for the children from 6 months to 3 years.

    Developing the brand-new modern stroller, the engineers and designers of world-famous American stroller company Baby Jogger tried to take into account all the parents’ wishes and realize the idea of creation the most universal and multifunctional children’s means of transportation in the world! As a result of two-year painstaking labor, the model Baby Jogger City Select came into the world!

    The unique modular system allows creating an unprecedented quantity of combinations, turning the walking stroller Baby Jogger City Select into the double walking (for the coevals), sleeping, combine it with auto cradles, etc. If your baby is already rolling in this stroller, and you are pregnant again, there’s nothing easier than to buy the necessary accessories in addition to your Baby Jogger City Select!

    You’ll never have a problem with the purchase of new stroller! The main thing is that, even turning into в Baby Jogger City Select Double, the stroller keeps its unique patented folding system Quick Fold!

    The seat can be attached on two levels: in the direction of moving or faced to the mum. The slope of the back is adjustable (together with the sideboard) to the horizontal position. It is very simple and easy to fold a stroller due to the patented system Quick-Fold Technology.

    The pleasant peculiarities of Baby Jogger City Select:

    • It is very easily folded.
    • The seat is placed faced to the mother or vice versa.
    • The seat can be mounted at any height.
    • The big shopping basket is completed.
    • The handbrake and foot brake are very comfortable and safe.
    • The front wheels are turning and fixative.
    • The landing gear can be equipped with an additional seat, cradle or auto seats in different combinations (they aren’t completed).
    • The possibility of using from 0 with 2 optional cradles for babies Baby Jogger, installed in 2 positions.
    • The big cape with windows.
    • The back is dropped horizontally, the sideboard is adjustable.
    • The five-point seat belts with soft plates.
    • The handle is adjustable for height.

    The revolutionary new modular installation system turns the stroller Baby Jogger City Select into the most multifunctional stroller in the world!

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    The most lightweight strollers

    The summer comes, and it’s time to go on leave! We all throw off warm and heavy clothes! Of course, we want the lightness and compactness in everything, including all things and accessories, so that nothing can hinder our movements.

    Travelling with small children, we usually meet certain difficulties. How to fit the pile of children’s clothes in a single trunk? Is seems that everything is necessary, but the amount of things we want to take with us is too huge. However, the most essential thing for the baby is the walking stroller, as this is its main means of transportation. After all, the child can’t withstand the heavy loads on the way. He can’t walk for a long time; he’ll want to rest or sleep… Another advantage of the lightweight stroller is that you can put your stuff, hang the packages on its handles so that your hands are free. You won’t have to carry everything. It is much better to roll the carriage…

    It’s time to choose the light and compact stroller for your child! Of course, we want it to have everything for the baby’s comfort. But at the same time it must be very compact.

    All the lightweight strollers are divided according to the ways of their folding. The classic way is “cane”. Such stroller is compact lengthwise and resembles the cane. Another way is the folding “as a book”, i.e., in two. There are many other complicated folding systems. The manufacturers concoct differently to show the inventiveness of engineer’s mind in different ways of stroller folding.

    The most lightweight and compact stroller-canes

    Maclaren Globetrotter

    The seat of this stroller consists of cloth and net on each side, which helps to achieve the maximal lightness. The horizontal position of the back (up to 150 grades) is available. The model has big waterproof cape. There is a carrying belt on the shoulder. The diameter of wheels- 11.4 cm. The weight- 4.8 kg.

    Maclaren Globetrotter

    Maclaren Volo

    The plainest “cane” from Maclaren. The back is not adjustable; it is made of cloth. The diameter of wheels- 12 cm. There is a carrying belt on the shoulder.

    Maclaren Volo

    Maclaren Mark 2

    The lightest “cane” from Maclaren family. At that, it has a big cape, seat belt, shopping basket, and even amortization on the rear wheels. The back is not adjustable. The diameter of wheels- 11.4 cm. The model has the lightest weight- 5.2 kg.

    The modern manufacturers try to satisfy all our wishes. Perhaps soon we’ll see the stroller, which will weigh 1 kg and fit in our pocket. And by this time, there are some strollers, which in folded position are no bigger than rucksack or handbag, weighing a little more than 3 kg.

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    The reasons for choosing umbrella stroller

    Every family has its own reasons to buy an umbrella stroller. It can be the going on holiday with 6-8 –month-old baby or the desire to walk with more light and mobile stroller with one-and-a-half-year-old child. Of course, the key factor is the child’s age. Depending on it, every mother must determine what she expects from the new stroller, how she is going to use it, and how long she will carry her child in the light-weight stroller.

    What do the most mothers take into account, choosing umbrella stroller?

    1. The availability of completely lying position (150-175 grades). It is very important if you’re going to take a long walk and take a stroller with you on the trips. It also matters if you replace your child to the umbrella stroller relatively early (from 6 to 12 months), as at this age it is difficult for the child to sit upright for a long time.

    2. The weight of the strollers and its dimensions in the folded position. Of course, everybody that the stroller is as light as possible, as the principle cause of buying an umbrella stroller is to make it easier to carry it. The other important factors are compactness and manoeuvrability. The optimal weight of umbrella strollers is from 6 to 8.5 kg. The lighter weight can have an adverse effect on the steadiness of the stroller. The heavy weight, in its turn, won’t alleviate your burden in comparison with the usual walking stroller.

    3. The presence of absence of bumper. In this matter, the mum’s opinions are divided. Everything depends on your child, its character and behavior at the time of walk. It is very comfortable for the baby to hold on to the bumper. You can attach some toys to it.

    4. It is very important to try the stroller in operation, that is, to roll it. At that, you should roll it with one hand! It appears that not all strollers pass this test. What if you want to talk over the telephone or take the handkerchief out of the pocket when going and the stroller goes wherever it likes? You must admit that it’s rather uncomfortable.

    5. The presence of shopping basket. Of course, everyone wants it to be as big as possible. However, everything has its limit. Taking into account the task of maximum compactness of strollers, not all the shopping basket models match our needs. Besides, it is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible to fold the stroller with the packed shopping basket.

    Opting for this or that model, remember that the umbrella stroller is much more subjected to wear than your first walking stroller.

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    From the history of Maclaren strollers

    The history of world-famous Maclaren began way back in 1940 when the British test-pilot and engineer Owen Maclaren realized a number of his design ideas. The first consumer project of Maclaren Company was presented in 1961. It was a light aluminum picnic chair with the “umbrella-type” folding system. A few years later, being a happy grandfather, O. Maclaren transferred the idea of extremely lightweight umbrella-construction to the baby stroller. In those days, the strollers looked and moved rather clumsy and needed the introduction of new mechanisms and technology. A new stroller- cane from Maclaren was intended to change the idea of maternity as the painful duty and become highly mobile and easy-to-use means of transportation for the children. Maclaren creates a real sensation in the world stroller industry- the “canes” gained fantastic popularity. In 1978 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II presented O. Maclaren with the order of the Memory of the British Empire for the achievements in aircraft and transport design.

    The extension of Maclaren Company standards was connected with the turning ideas of introduction of innovations and working on the safety of output goods. In 1981 the company patented the unique construction of rotatory front wheels and brake gear, which provided it the leading positions among the stroller manufacturers from all over the world. The “stroller-book” continued the series of company’s inventions. It was put into production in 1984 and was suitable even for the newborns. In the beginning of 90s the world saw the first double walking stroller-cane. In 2000 the company developed the model of stroller-cane with cape and updated seat belts, which was fated to become the most popular creation of Maclaren Company. In the course of time, the Maclaren strollers became more and more perfect and comfortable.

    The characteristics of Maclaren strollers can satisfy even the most exigent customers, looking for the product combining multifunctionality and efficiency. They are mobile, equipped with the system of folding in a few seconds, seat belts, numerous pockets, raincoat and basket for shopping. Whatever Maclaren stroller you choose you can be sure that you’ll be in the center of public attention.

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    The useful functions of baby strollers

    Choosing of baby strollers is a very important task. Take it very seriously, as the child will spend here a lot of time, so it must feel comfortable. But don’t forget about yourself.

    Buying the baby stroller, take into account that it is you who will spend most of the time walking with the child.

    And the uncomfortable baby stroller won’t let you give pleasure from the walks. There is a wide assortment of baby strollers in the shops. You can choose the suitable model, depending on the price, kind and design.

    But what must be taken into account when buying baby stroller?

    Pay attention to the wheels. Firstly, the baby stroller must have four wheels, and not three, as some models. It is desirable that the wheels are big. Al this will give the baby stroller additional steadiness. Stand at the baby stroller for a while. Take it by the handle. It is better if the handle is adjustable for height and reversible. If you choose the baby stroller which can be transformed into the sitting model, make sure that the back can be dropped. After all, it is uncomfortable for the child to sleep in sitting position. The materials of interior finish must be natural. The baby stroller must be equipped with the hood and the leg cape of water-proof cloth. In addition, the baby stroller should be completed with the plastic waterproof case, protecting the child from bad weather. It is advisable that the basket or bag for products is completed with the baby stroller. Then it will be easier for you to do shopping. Measure the wheel skids in your doorway, to match the right size of landing gear. If the wheels won’t match, it can cause a lot of discomfort.

    The useful functions of the baby stroller

    1. The shock springs. These devices will help the mother to overcome all the obstacles. Don’t think that if you’ll walk only along the smooth roads. Don’t forget about the borders, steps, thresholds and other road troubles.
    2. Several positions of the handle adjustment. It will allow you to roll the baby stroller with the maximal comfort for your hands and posture in general. And if your husband or mother will go for a walk, they’ll easily adjust the handle at their height.
    3. The wheels of the car must be changeable (for summer and winter). The winter wheels are more massive and have antiskid rubber, allowing mother to walk easily in winter.
    4. Several positions of the back. Some baby strollers have only two back positions: lying and sitting. Give preference to the models with three or more positions. When the child will grow, or will learn to sit, this function will be very useful.

    Choose the right baby stroller, and the walk with your baby will give you a lot of pleasure!

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    Various kinds of baby carriages

    After a delivery of a child the new mums and dads must go to the shop and buy it a baby carriage. You must take the choice of baby’s transport equipment seriously, as it will spend here a few hours daily. For a start, let’s find out what kinds of baby carriages are there.

    The kinds of baby carriages

    Let’s begin with the most popular baby carriages- cradle. By sight it a bulky construction with big wheels. Its advantage is that the baby sits high in the baby carriage, which makes it is easier for the mother to bend forward to it. Another advantage of these baby carriages is the removable cradle and the folding frame, which facilitates its transportation in the car. The big wheels allow rolling the baby carriage over the borders easily.

    More compact and light option is a transformer-carriage. The transformers weight about 11 kg. They’re folded compact and take little space. The disadvantage is that it is constructed in such a way that the baby is less protected from wind and dust. The basket is located at a low altitude.

    Another kind of baby carriages is the universal ones, so called “three in one”. In this option, you can equip one frame with the cradle/walking carriage/car seat. The universal baby carriage is perfect for the newborn, as at the installation of this carriage the baby is situated close enough to the mum. Besides, the baby is securely hidden from the bad weather. The elder children (from 8-9 months) can be replaced to the walking baby carriage. They are very light and compact, but have no other advantages. Their main disadvantage is that they are rather uncomfortable for the child to sleep.

    Some years ago the three-wheeled baby carriages appeared on sale. The most popular model of the three-wheeled baby carriages is the walking carriage. Its main advantage is that when you ride cross-country you can raise the rear wheels and overpass the unpleasant part of the road on one front wheel. That’s why this carriage has a high maneuverability. In contrast to the other baby carriages, the three-wheeled models are equipped with handbrake, which gives the possibility to control the travelling speed at the time of descending. The wheel base of these carriages is quite broad which provides its steadiness.

    Arm yourself with our tips, but don’t forget about your own taste! It often happens that the baby carriage you liked at first sight, will proved to be the best for your child. Good luck!

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    The choice of perfect baby buggy

    The child birth is always accompanied with a lot of pleasant cares. But one of the most important tasks that the new parents must accomplish is the choice of baby buggy. One would think it is no problem today to choose the baby buggy, as there is a wide assortment of different models on sale. But in practice it proves to be not so easy to decide between so many alternatives. There are different kinds of baby buggies: classic, walking, universal, transformers, etc. Which one will suit perfectly for you and your baby? What should you take into account in the first place, apart from the design?

    Today’s prices of the baby buggies cannot be called low, so you should take the purchase of the first baby’s transport equipment seriously.

    Firstly, you must decide what kind of baby buggy you prefer. The classic models provide baby’s sweet sleep, while you’re walking with him. Neither rain nor wind or frost will disturb your child. Such baby buggy can be transported in the car, if it’s equipped with the removable wheels. The models folding like a book are called transformers. They’re very popular because of their practicality, though rather bulky. The modular baby buggies have the same disadvantage. But, in contrast to the classic models, they’re completed with the walking seats. And if you’re looking for the most compact option, choose the folding buggy. It is a perfect choice for walks and trips! There are also three-wheeled “off-roader” buggies. Due to their special construction, these models can be called “off-road vehicles” among the buggies. With these buggies you can drive far and wide, being completely sure of the child’s comfort.

    Secondly, choosing the baby buggies, you should be guided by a lot of important criteria, such as: weight, size, wheels’ construction, mobility, safety and ease of use. The other important factors are: climate and lay of land where you will use the buggy. The ideal model has flat and even bottom and strong fastenings. It is light enough so that the new mum can raise it a little if necessary, and quite small not to strike against the doorways. The wheels must be big, advisably rotary and removable. In winter it is better to use rubber wheels, and in summer- the plastic ones.