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    Tips for the choice of barbeque grill

    The summer is in full swing. It means that you can go to the country at any moment, taking meat and a bottle of tasty wine with you to arrange a “kebab dinner”. Of course, you can call this way of rest any way you like. However, irrespective of the chosen dish, you’ll have to cook meat or fish on fire. Today we’ll help you to understand, what the device for frying meat and vegetables represents. There are three main kinds of this device- brazier, barbeque and grill. We’ll also advise you how to choose such a device.

    First of all, let’s find out what the grill, brazier and barbeque represents. After all, many people mix them up. At the same time, they call the dishes, cooked with their help, wrong.

    Brazier is a device, familiar to all of us. It represents a rectangular iron case without a grill. The meat for brazier must be strung on the “skewers” (large needles). Of course, we all have seen the braziers. Almost everybody has eaten food, cooked on brazier.

    Grill is a round frying pan with grating, where you put mean, instead of stringing it on the skewers. The specialists insist that the lid is always completed with the grill. You can use this lid to cover the frying dish for the uniform temperature distribution.

    Barbeque is almost the same thing as grill, but without lid. As a matter of fact, even the specialist can’t state accurately, what is standing before you- the grill without lid or barbeque. In general, it’s not important. The main thing is to know what kind of device is suitable for you.

    Let’s see what kinds of braziers, grills and barbeques are there.
    The stationary devices (as you can understand from the name of this kind) are settled once and never moved. Such devices are installed in the restaurants, cafes, cottage plots and recreation centers. Sometimes they’re faced with stone or even embed in concrete.
    The portable braziers, grills and barbeques can be folding. The owner of such device can put his purchase in a small suitcase, and take it with him/her on a journey by car, or bear it on the back. The portable devices aren’t always comfort. They can cause great inconvenience. If the brazier, grill or barbeque is equipped is large, it is usually provided with the small table and tray. It can also be have wheels, allowing moving the device from place to place easily. The portable device for frying meat is usually made of stainless steel, but cast iron can be also used for this purpose.

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    The main advantages of barbeque grills

    It often happens that the same device is called in different ways: barbeque, barbeque grill, and grill. Some people stand to it that these are three different things, having significant differences. There the confusion begins.

    Some people think that one device differs from the other in its size. The others think that the main difference is the presence of lid…
    However, there are also some other versions. Most probably, the reason of such a complicated classification is the fact that many nations have similar ways of cooking food on coals. Of course, they are called differently in different countries.

    It is reasonable that they have certain differences. After coming from the traditional kitchen to the modern world, these ways started to resemble each other even more. After all, it’s a human nature to take over the experience.
    It so happed, that the slightly different devices has three different names. But very few people know who is who.
    Meanwhile, the barbeque grill has simpler construction, whereas grill and barbeque are often righteous united into one (both structurally and nominally). The united name is often indicated in the price-list: barbeque grill.

    The basic feature of food, cooked by means of this device, is a uniform heating (similar to cooking on a low flame) and the formation of appetizing golden crust on the cooked product. Both in the kitchen and in the wood
    Just so- the barbeque grill is appropriate both in the town house and camping trip, and in the country-house or cottage. But the wide use of the same device is at the least uncomfortable.
    First of all, the barbeque grills differ in the kind of fuel.

    As many years ago, this device can heat and cook food on coal. The more modern options work by gas or electricity. Besides, the barbeque grills can be stationary or portable. Accordingly, they have different size.

    Healthy food

    These two words characterize the way of cooking by means of barbeque grill (irrespective of its kind) as exactly as possible.
    Indeed, the food cooked by means of barbeque grill, has less carcinogens and fats, present in the fried food.

    At the same time, the toasted tempting dishes can’t be called “boring food”, as they often call dietetic products. A wide variety of menu and sincere thanks of your family members and guests are assured! The main thing is to make a right choice to avoid inconvenience and incidents.