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    How to design teenage bedroom

    With proper selection of color schemes and decorative details, you can create a beautiful hip room. When it comes to the design of the room for a teenager, you need to pay attention to some things. First of all, you need to consider who owns the room – boy or girl, what is the age of the owner, whether or not to live in it one person or it will be divided. If your child will participate in the selection of color schemes, furniture and decorative items, he or she will appreciate the end result much higher.

    First, we would like to determine the basic requirements for a teenager’s bedroom:

    1. Great place to sleep
      This may be a sofa or bed with orthopedic mattress of medium hardness. Buy a longer bed, as the baby grows rapidly at this age.
    2. A place equipped for studying
      There must be a sufficient number of shelves for books and boxes for different things belonged to the owner of the room. Do not forget about the ergonomics of the child workplace – the height of the table should be relevant to the chair so that the child elbows would not hang down out of the table during the classes, but he or she does not have to reach out to the table – it spoils the posture. The table must be wide and long enough, there should be enough space for the computer, and for doing homework. The corners of the table should be smooth. You should buy chairs with adjustable height, then it will last for a long time, the back should be high and comfortable for long sitting.
    3. Sufficient lighting
      The chandelier on the ceiling and a few table lamps are necessary: one on the desktop, the second near the bed, the teenager probably wants to read a book before going to bed.
    4. Place of storage
      The room should have enough space to store clothes; everything should be on hand, thoughtfully and comfortably organized, because there live a boy-fidget, which is always in a hurry in business.
    5. Colours
      Since the boy will live the room, then choose ab appropriate scale – blue, gray, blue, brown, burgundy, green, purple. Contrasting combinations of colors look especially good: black and white, brown and orange, emerald green and gray, etc. Make the room as much as possible light: let the walls in the bedroom to be a light background for everything else, as in a bright room it is more pleasant to stay, it is especially important for the young, only setting up psyche. Hang the curtains and blinds in the room, and then the boy will be able to rest during the day easily, after school or trainings.

    Rooms for girls are not always a bed and frilly decorations in pink. Now bedrooms are the same variety as the personality of each girl, with style, color, and an infinite number of different variations. For girls, and adolescents, it is important that even in a small room it would be spacious. There is no need to clutter the area. It is even preferably to choose a fold-out sofa. It should also be noted that it must be of the highest quality, as the spine of teen girl is still being formed, and there will be a need to disassemble-assemble a sofa every day.

  • Interior items

    What the bed to put in the bedroom?

    The basic rule of choosing a bed all know: choosing such that it was convenient. But so that the sleep was pleasant, you not only need a comfortable bed, and a comfortable bedroom. Therefore, the bed should be chosen on the basis of more than one rule: to find such to be beautiful. Thanks to the development of the modern world of design, we can find a bed to match any bedroom, whatever it was. Perhaps your minimalist bedroom lacks laconic beauty metal bed? Or do you want to find a black-black bed on half of your bedroom? It will look spectacular with bright linens. In general, it is a very laborious deal, because the bed – is the most important element of the interior of the bedroom.

    As you know, the most problematic room – a small room. At least in view of the fact that there does not fit all that we would like to deliver. Therefore, the idea to buy a round bed falls right to refuse: these beds occupy a half times more space than rectangular. I believe that the best solution for this room is a wardrobe bed. It does not take up much space, and in some cases even within the cabinet are shelves for the alarm clock, books and so on. In our time, all of these beds are equipped with a special mechanism that allows to lower the bed silently. When folded, it is not noticeable, and the spread is interesting decor of your bed. And if you do not want in your room there was only a silly case, you can buy a wardrobe bed with mirrored doors. But in any case it is necessary to take into account the fact that the minimum depth of the cabinets – 45 centimeters.

    Another way out of the situation – to buy a bunk bed. However, this option is most suitable for children’s rooms. If a family has only one child, then in such cases there are beds in which the bed on the second floor and on the ground – a desk, a closet, or something else (suddenly designers lacked imagination for more). A bunk bed with three beds: regular bunk bed with two beds and a place that extends from the bottom of the bed. But in any case it is necessary to remember that it is unlikely that in a room with low ceilings rise bunk bed.
    And if you have a large spacious bedroom? In this room, and the bed is necessary to be large, because small things in a big room simply lost. And if it is possible, why not arrange a royal bed ?!

    In the large bedroom you can put the bed-podium. Variants of this bed is incredibly much: maybe on it will be fixed a nightlight or table for a cup, book or alarm clock, or a lot of useful shelves or all together. As always you only need your desire and imagination.

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    How to choose curtains for the bedroom: tips and ideas

    Curtains for the bedroom – an important detail of the interior, functional and aesthetic. Assortment of curtains is huge, so before you choose curtains for the bedroom, you must decide what purpose they will serve.

    Curtains for the bedroom in the classic sense – is dense, often bilateral, curtains, whose purpose – to conceal the bedroom from the prying eyes and not transmit light. However, their aesthetic role is important too, because they are part of the interior room and designed to create harmony and comfort, both open and closed.

    Before you choose curtains for the bedroom, measure the height and width of your window, decide whether the cornice will be located only above the window opening, or you use the entire width of the wall with a window. You also need to think in advance the type of cornice. Cornice can be ceiling, string, sucker rod, with mechanism of lifting or lowering, opening and closing of curtains.

    If you do not want to burden the interior of your bedroom with blackout curtains, you can use a roll, Roman shade or blinds. Then in the afternoon, roll curtain for the bedroom is discreetly hidden in the eaves, and at night will be a reliable protector from the light of lanterns and prying eyes.

    Owners of apartments in old houses are concerned about how to choose curtains for the bedroom with a small window. In fact, there is no problem, because the decoration of small windows can also be done with imagination.

    If you select roll, or Roman shades for the bedroom – avoid boring faded colors, on the contrary, let the curtain will be a bright spot in the bedroom. Also relevant is the use of horizontal color separation and a large figure.

    The narrow window can be visually expand using asymmetrical curtains and selecting short curtains for the bedroom. Well in this case will look curtains with horizontal division. Moreover, the lower part of these curtains should match in color to the color of the walls, and the top – to be a contrast or a darker color.

    Classic method in the design is a combination of design of curtains for the bedroom and the rest of textiles in the room: bedspreads, decorative pillows, upholstery. It’s sure version for creating a harmonious interior.

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    10 helpful tips for children bedrooms

    If your intention is to remake the children’s room, then you are at the right place. Here you will find 10 tips on how to create a creative design for the room of your rapidly growing up child. Do not forget that childhood memories are directly dependent on the diligence of adults. The ability to create the right atmosphere for creative development will play an important role in his or her future.

    1. If you have a ‘princess’ growing in your family, then you can do a thematic design of a child’s room for your girl. Get help from Disney characters. In this case, it is necessary to take care of a canopy bed and a dressing table with a mirror. A wardrobe and a desk should be in the room.
      It is not necessarily to take pink as a basic interior color. This color is not so harmless as it may seem. And the abundance of bright accents will quickly tired child. It is better to focus on soft or pastel colors.
    2. Thinking through a design of children’s room for the boy in the first place pay attention that he is not only sleeping and doing homework, but he is also shaping up. If possible, make a sports corner. Simply install wall bars and your tomboy can take out the accumulated energy on several occasions climbing up and down.
    3. Use bright and soft colors as a base. Notable elements can be toys, drawings or posters. Firstly, thanks to that the interior does not look stodgy, and secondly, you can easily change the atmosphere of the room as the years go by.
    4. Old furniture with patina looks charming in a kids’ room. Transform it by painting or inserting a new glass, and you can use it again.
    5. Use the conventional open shelves along the desktop or bed. This is functional and comfortable.
    6. Organize space zoning, based on children’s hobbies. Of course work table must take its place, where the child can draw and do homework. For example, if he or she is interested in dancing, leave him free space in the room and set the mirror there. His or her own sewing machine or a kitchen cannot but please.
    7. Use the space under the bed to store toys that are used infrequently, or if you have baskets or boxes you can store underwear there.
    8. For the two children of the same age one long table can be installed where they will be able to draw together, to learn, in general, to do whatever they want. But if they have a difference in age, it is better to organize different work places, so as not to cause quarrels between them.
    9. Children’s room should be an inspiring place. There should be plenty of natural light, comfortable furnishings and colorful fabrics.
    10. Be sure to install the bookshelf and regularly buy new books. A love of reading should be formed since childhood.
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    A wide choice of styles and colors for bedroom wall designs

    It often happens that, returning home after a hard working day, you dream to get into your favorite comfortable bed, take a book and just have a rest. So that nothing can spoil the moments of your rest and relaxation, you should think carefully over the interior of your bedroom. Today we’ll talk about the design of walls in the bedroom, as it often determines the appearance of the whole apartment.


    It is advisable to choose natural materials for the decoration of bedroom walls, as we spend a lot of time in this room. The use of synthetic finishing materials can have a bad effect on your state of health. Don’t forget that the choice of coloring is very important. A person must feel comfortable in the bedroom, so you should avoid too bright and screaming colors in the wall design.

    The wallpaper in the bedroom design

    As the bedroom is the room intended for the rest, a lot of people erroneously think that they must choose the neutral color of the bedroom walls. The designers often use bright deep colors for the bedroom design. There is only one condition: the colors must not be artificial, as the nature color score provokes positive emotions and promotes complete rest.

    If you find the common paper hangings boring, the manufacturers can offer you a lot of other options. The textile wallpaper is especially popular. The use of textile in the bedroom design is the actual way of wall decorating. This kind of wallpaper is made of natural heat- and sound- insulating materials. It will provide the atmosphere of comfort in your bedroom.

    Wood in the bedroom design

    The wood is mostly used for the decoration of the wall, acting as the main color accent of the room. The species and the texture of wood set the pace to the whole apartment. For example, the clapboarding will create an impression of country-house, while the noble aged or bleach wood will be a great option for colonial style.

    Gypsum cardboard in the bedroom design

    Gypsum cardboard fits perfectly for the decoration of apartments. It represents an ideal option for the bedroom, as it is eco-friendly, heat- and sound- insulating material. Besides, this building material can turn the plainest room into the original and unique accommodation, due to its possibility to create the niches of different form.

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    Optimal decisions for the small bedroom

    There are not too many fortunate possessors of the large bedroom. Most people have to huddle in the small rooms. So, it is necessary to be ingenious to make the design of small bedroom more harmonious and comfortable.

    The choice of furniture for small bedroom

    When you choose the furniture for small bedroom, you must observe certain rules:

    1. Turning to the traditional principles of the living rooms’ arrangement, we can notice that the design of small bedroom implies getting rid of unnecessary furniture.
    2. If the space is too confined, you can get rid of your traditional double bed, and substitute it with the folding sofa.
    3. It is an original and attractive idea to complete the design of small bedroom with wall mirrors. It is especially important in the narrow and long room, as the mirrors visually expand the space.
    4. Keep in mind that the modern design of small bedroom excludes the use of dark-colored furniture.
    5. This room should be equipped with the wardrobe (better the sliding-door wardrobe) with the glass doors.
    6. You must also use low furniture for the small bedroom.


    Window curtains can play an important role in this room. To make the interior design look more attractive, you should choose the proper curtains. In some cases the windows can be large, and in other- small. The large window can visually diminish the room. In this case the curtains must be as wide as possible (floor to ceiling windows are preferable). But the curtains must be loose rather than stretched. The cornice must be attached to the ceiling as high as possible. In this case the ceiling will become visually higher.

    You should also keep in mind that the beautiful design of small bedroom can depend on the chosen style of the room decorating. If the room is designed in the modern style, the curtains must have smooth lines and very soft color. If you use hi-tech style, the curtains should be massive, and if you prefer minimalism, use as less cloth as possible. The Japanese curtains are perfect for minimalism. If the bedroom is narrow, the curtains must have horizontal lines. And the low ceiling assumes the use of vertical lines.

    Remember: if you approach the question of design properly, even the small room can become comfortable and practical.

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    Original ideas of bedroom decorating

    Bedroom is the place of rest. Nothing here must remind of work and daily routine. If there is no opportunity to take away the notebook and computer table, you should zone the space, separating the working area with screen, or allocating it behind the wardrobe.
    Bedroom is no place for official papers and counts, or else it will turn into a study. Everybody wants to have a cozy, warm room, where he/she can relax after a busy day, distract from the problems and cares. You don’t need to hire a designer to create the room of your dream. You can realize your wishes and ideas on your own.

    Color score

    The color of the room walls affects the overall health and mood. Yellow creates the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Green is associated with nature and leaves. It’s a neutral color.

    Blue reminds of sky. This color calms and pacify. Dark blue is an unsuitable color for the bedroom, as it can cause depression. But even the walls painted a right color seem boring and bare without decorative elements. The small drawing skills and ability to hold a brush will help you to amend the situation and make the decoration of bedroom walls original and effective.

    The decoration of bedroom walls

    The perfect way to decorate the room is to hang a fresco. Choose the picture, blending with the style of the room. Then you can imagine yourself a painter and get to work. The preliminary work, such as puttying and grounding will take efforts and time, but the result is worthy of it. The fresco adds special exquisiteness and originality to the accommodation.

    But if you don’t have any drawing skills at all, and you don’t want to hire a specialist, you can make it in an easy way. Use the family photos for the decoration of your bedroom with your own hands. The faces of loved and dear people will always lighten your mood. The main advantage of the photos is that they can be changed depending on the season and occasions.


    The window adds the touch-up to the interior. The curtains have not only aesthetic function. They also protect you from noise, dust and aggressive sun. They can either match the color of the walls and furniture or be a splash of bright contrasting color. The main decision criterion in the choice of suitable curtains is your own taste. Don’t fall under the influence of fashion, or else you’ll get the beautifully decorated window, which, however, won’t blend with the general interior.

    You should consider that the bedroom decoration, made with your own hands, must be aimed at the creation of friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

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    The basic rules of bedroom décor

    Bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house or apartment. Men and women spend a third of their lives in bed, dreaming or (at the time of wake) lapse into day-dreams and fantasies. The bedroom décor must be quiet and cozy. This room personifies intimate pastime. The comfort, intended only for the owners of this room, must reign in the bedroom. The bedroom décor is dictated not only by the personal preferences and tastes of the house owners, but also by the general styles of the other rooms.

    First of all, the decoration of bedroom represents both the design of the walls, ceiling, floor and windows, and the decoration of the bed, table, mirror and other attributes, responsible for the personal atmosphere. Usually, the light shades are used for the decoration of bedroom. However, in certain cases, men and women choose the bright colors. Many people prefer dark and dull shades with the general effect of twilight and mysteriousness. Sometimes people use yellow color for the bedroom decoration, as it expresses optimism. Green is perfect for the bedroom, as it clams and takes off the weariness. The blue shades increase mental activity. So, it is better to use them for the decoration of study.

    You can also use such soft colors as blue and rose in the bedroom. Besides, this color score promotes comfortable reading before sleep, phone conversation or relaxing with your loved one. The bedroom décor must dispose to the pleasant dreams. Besides, it requires silence and retirement. That’s why the bedroom must be isolated from the other rooms of the house and equipped in appropriate way. At that, the layout of the bedroom and every detail in it is of great importance. The bedroom décor shows the character of its owners.

    Every part of the bedroom must perform a lot of functions. However, it makes no sense to encumber the room with partitions and screen. It’s quite enough to mark every required corner with ceiling and wall lighting. In certain cases, the bedroom design can combine the elements of living room and kitchen. For instance, you can place the bar counter, TV set and bookcase, coffee table and comfortable arm-chairs. However, it is acceptable only in the large accommodations.
    The bedroom décor must delight your eyes, while all the fitments have to keep a positive mood and make a good impression.

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    Different styles of bedroom design

    It’s not easy to make the bedroom interior cozy and homely. It’s necessary to choose the proper furniture, arrange it and think over the lighting and coloring of the room.
    Before starting to create the bedroom interior, you need to choose the style and color of accommodation.

    The style of bedroom
    The bedroom in style “shabby chic” will fit for the young girl and classy natures: pastel colors, elegant furniture, fabrics and wallpaper with floral print, ruches and china figures.
    The young bachelor will like “hi-tech” style. It is characterized by the simplicity of design and color, constructive decisions, simple lines and minimalism.
    The Scandinavian style will suit for the married couple, preferring the furniture of simple forms, made of natural wood, minimalistic décor and bright contemporary style.
    The elder married couples often give preference to the classic bedroom interior style. Such interior will be always actual. It will hardly bore you with time.

    Bedroom color score
    The bedroom color score mostly depends on the chosen style. Anyway, it is better to choose quiet colors and shades.
    The light colors are suitable for the bedroom in “”country style”. The wooden items of interior and pieces of furniture will look perfect. The combined texture of light wood and milky color is one of the new trends in the interior design. Such combination looks noble, but at the same time very stylish.
    The bedroom in “hi-tech” style can be designed in bright colors. Black and snowy colors will also do. “Hi-tech” style is characterized by the strong contrasts. Any pure colors and bright shades fit for this interior style.

    Bedroom furniture
    After determining the color and style of your future bedroom, you can start to choose the bedroom furniture.
    The bed is the most important element of the bedroom interior. In small rooms, the bed is usually located in the center of the wall. The bed can be decorated with the upholstered headboard. The symmetric bedside tables look very beautiful. You can place a lamp, a few books, a small vase or statuette on it.
    The dresser for storage of bedding can be also located in the bedroom.
    The bedrooms of small apartments can be equipped with the wardrobe. It can be a clothes locker or a sliding-door wardrobe, completed with the furniture suite, pier glass and a small chair.

    Working on the design of your future bedroom, plan every detail very carefully. After all, you spend the most of time in this room.

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    The interior design of the bedrooms.

    In each house you can find a room, where you will soak up the serenity and privacy. Of course, we speak about bedroom, because here we restore our strength after hard day. Creating the bedroom interior design, you must try to keep the correct shapes of the room. If it initially has disproportionate features, the design of sleeping rooms must to fix them. The most relevant are flowing lines and transitions, because the excess edges and corners only irritate the eyes and make discomfort. But the ceiling can be multi-level, but it must keep the smooth forms. In the room of small size the bedroom interior design may include only bed, but even in this case it is desirable to provide space for bedside tables.

    There the hosts will have a place to put the book, glasses and other accessories. Often the design of sleeping room also implies wardrobe. If the size of the premises lets, it is possible to equip a whole dressing room. It is not superfluous to allocate space for dressing table, of course, if the design of the bedroom is for woman.

    A separate task is the organizing of the lighting. Because the bedroom design is created for rest, so it is better to avoid direct light sources. You can use the shades from matte glass or textile shades, in such case, the light will be scattered. A chandelier can be replaced by series of spotlights. As additional lighting the local sources of light, such as chandeliers, sconces or table designer lamps perfectly fit. More backlight will make more comfortable the interior of the bedroom. The colors are important, from them depends on the mood and attitude to life. It is better to choose bright and warm pastel colors, in such way the interior design will cause the feeling of tranquility and relaxation. The design of the bedrooms also is affected by the location of the room. If windows face south, you can safely use cool colors, because the room is warm itself. If windows look to the north, to give it comfort is able shades of orange and other warm tones.

    Gallery of the interior design of the bedrooms

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    An important role of bedside table in the bedroom

    In the modern world, with its furious pace and numerous problems, our bedroom is the only one place where we can and must create and keep peace, comfort and coziness. Thinking over the interior and decoration of this room, you must take into account every detail so that being here is associated only with the pleasant memories. One of the most important pieces of bedroom furniture is the bedside table.

    Tips for the choice of bedside table

    1. Before you set your mind on buying bedside table, you must fully understand what it is purchased for, and what functions it should perform. It is necessary so that later the bedside table won’t be an unnecessary or even irritating article. Make out, what size it must have, and what load it must withstand.
    2. If the narrow bedside table acts only as a lamp holder, don’t overload it with different drawers and shelves. It will help you to avoid constant accumulation of rubbish and save the precious space for something else.
    3. If in the evenings your bedroom turns into the home cinema, where you can enjoy your favorite movies with a cup of cocoa or glass of wine, choose the massive and spacious bedside tables out of wood or other material. The numerous shelves and drawers will give you an opportunity to place the discs, the control panel, sweets and other necessary little things.
    4. Don’t go to the extremes and choose the bedside table, taking too much room and causing inconvenience.
    5. It is very good, if the color and design of the bedside table match the present or planned furniture. For example, the forged bedside tables will look well with the “airy” bed or the sleeping accommodation out of natural wood.

    If for some reasons you find it difficult to make a choice, it’s quite appropriate to pay attention to the finished sets of beds with bedside tables.

    It will exclude the possibility of buying unsuitable model. But you should take into account the measurements of your room, not to to put your foot into it.

    Even such a small thing as bedside table can both complete the bedroom design and unbalance it. But due to the broad assortment, you can choose the bedside table, matching your interior.

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    A great variety of bed designs for bedrooms

    Everybody knows that a person spends a third of life sleeping. The full night’s repose is a pledge of good mood, vivacity and confidence. The bed has the most important place in the bedroom design. There is a huge choice of beds in the furniture stores.

    How to choose the bed for the bedroom?

    First of all, the bed must blend with the interior of your bedroom. Before buying it, you should ask the shop assistant, what material is the chosen bed made of. Besides, you should pay attention to the quality of mattress, as it determines your comfortable rest and state of health. You should also test the strength of the bed frame. The number of bulkheads at the bottom of the bed must correspond the dimensions of the bed itself.

    The kinds of beds for the bedroom

    There are different kinds of beds for the bedroom

    1. The round bed gains popularity among the design furniture. Due to its form and large dimensions, it is suited for the comfortable sleep. Today the most of true “sleep aesthetes” prefer the design of bedroom with the round bed. It blends perfectly with such styles of interior as: hi-tech, modern and art deco. The round bed will also take a proper place in the design of classic bedroom.
    2. The forged bed. The forged bed with exclusive forged head or both headboards stands out against the background of the other models. The forged beds are perfect for those who want to furnish their bedroom originally and in accordance with their wishes and preferences.
    3. The leather bed. Many people dream of the unique bedroom design with magnificent leather bed. Except for unusual beauty, this piece of furniture is highly hygienic. It is enough to wipe it with the damp cloth to remove the dust or your pets’ hair. It is cool to sleep in this bed in summer, while in winter it’s warm and cozy.
    4. The fitted bed (transformer). Transformer is a perfect bed for the small bedroom, as it can turn into a bookcase or dresser. The families with children will prefer the bedrooms with folding or fitted bed. Such modern furniture takes less space that the ordinary one.
    5. The podium bed. Recently, the connoisseurs of design prefer to equip their bedrooms with the podium beds. But you should know that this kind of bed can be placed only in the spacious bedroom, as this construction takes almost twice as much space as the ordinary bed. The podium beds are very comfortable, as they solve the problem of clothing storage in the bedroom.