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    Kids beds with storage: tips and recommendations

    When it comes to standard apartments, unfortunately, in most cases they cannot boast huge spaces, so when choosing furniture emphasis is made on compactness and versatility. But even at the apartments of improved construction and private homes, the owners tend to rational use of space. You would agree that no one wants to clutter up the room a lot of furniture – space today is considered as one of the advantages of a modern interior. In these boxes, you can keep children’s clothes, bedding and kid stuff. When choosing a bed, pay attention to the fact that the storage would be higher off the floor, and there is an opportunity to clean under the bed.

    The first thing we want to draw your attention to is the design features of a bed with drawers. Going to the store to buy a bed, you should be aware that storage can be fixed to rails and without them. And here the choice will depend on what you plan to store in a drawer under the bed. If you have to define exactly what you see, respectively, the size of these items and will choose how many and what sizes should be those boxes. The next important point is the aesthetic design of the bed with storage space. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the model, where the boxes will be hidden visually and the stranger would not even guess about them. Basically for it a flip panel is used, behind which drawers are hidden. It is made from the same material as the rest of the bed body; therefore when it is lowered it looks completely harmonious.

    A children’s bed with drawers is a separate matter. There drawers themselves can become part of the decor. In addition, it is recommended to purchase such furniture in the nursery complex, i.e., bed with drawers, wardrobe, desk, shelves, etc. They must be made in the same style. This will help to achieve harmony.

    Children’s furniture gives a lot more freedom for the implementation of the most unexpected design ideas, and its functionality can significantly expand. In particular, the bed can become a staging area for children to play. Everyone knows kids love to sleep on the top tier of bunk beds. But even if your family has one child, this does not mean that you cannot give him such pleasure. You may well choose a high bed model with drawers where lifting is provided by the bed ladder and the lower part of the structure is a kind of symbiosis of a chest with multiple drawers and furniture wall-hill with shelves for useful things and toys. If the child is still quite small, the bed is equipped with such a rim, which can later be removed.

    When choosing a baby crib, special attention should be paid to the materials, from which it is made. Worldwide, wood is considered as the best natural material. Natural wood is harmless to the child. Wood is easy to clean, and you can without much difficulty to keep the crib clean. Note that some models may contain items from high-impact polystyrene or plastic, but there shouldn’t be too many of them.

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    Bunk beds for kids: types and descriptions

    Most parents of twins or, for example, children whose age difference is small, in the future, faced with the choice of beds.
    When the children grow up and you want to design a children’s room so that it was as much space, many parents prefer not to choose two separate beds, but one bunk bed.

    But how to choose a bed that will be comfortable for children and take up little space?

    First, let’s say about the merits of bunk beds:

    1. If child’s room is small, this bed makes it possible to save space!
    2. It is an interesting playground as children like to sleep and play at such beddings.
    3. It is much cheaper to buy a bunk bed than two separate beds.

    What should I look for when choosing a bunk bed?

    The most important is the material from which it is made. Of course, it is better when the material is safe and natural.

    Many people prefer models made of metal, as they are more stable, reliable and durable. But do not forget the wooden beds, as they are also safe and comfortable. Pine, which is belonging to solid wood, valued above the rest and is a very durable material that will last many years.
    Size beds are dependent primarily on the needs of the child. You can choose a longer bed or vice versa – the shorter one. The average size of these beds are 190×90 cm.

    Mattress is better to get along with the beds, even despite the fact that it will cost a bit more expensive. The depth of the bunk beds should be such that the mattress did not go beyond the sides of the bed. It is great if the fillers are natural with cotton or linen finishing. Do not skimp on the mattresses, because your health, and thus well-being depends on its quality.

    It is better to get this piece of furniture with rounded corners. Pay attention to its design, the junctures, everything should be perfect.
    At the top tier bed should have special protective walls for a child in a dream not to fall from a height.

    The distance between the two tiers should be such that you could easily sit down to a child to read a book at night or just to talk, and while that you should feel comfortable.

    This bed kit should also include a handy ladder, rungs have to be frequent and handrails strong, so the child can easily climb up.
    The ladder can be positioned in front, side, vertical and inclined – it depends on your preference. Also, the stairs may contain withdrawable drawers for clothes that are very convenient. Linen, clothes, toys and other things can be folded there.

    Very handy if bunk bed is additionally equipped with a computer or desk, nightstand, cabinet, etc. Then you can make the most efficient use of the free area.

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    Luxury bedding sets

    Luxury bedding sets – it is one of those delightful things which are gradually beginning to become an integral part of our lives. Now in the world is especially popular Egyptian linen silk, without which it can not do true connoisseurs of comfort and luxury. Each year, manufacturers of home textiles represent to the buyer new collection of bed linen. And although in different periods run the show different colors and design trends, always unshakeable classics is at the peak of popularity. Today’s consumers primarily want linens to be comfortable, classic, durable and consistent to fashion trends. The most popular model of neutral tones with elegant embroidery, and high-density fabric. The most beautiful and soft is bedding set made of silk, linen and Egyptian cotton sheets.

    If you want to transform the atmosphere of your bedroom, not while making a radical change, buy a luxury bedding. Start with a neutral, pastel colors: white, ivory, gray, brown, light green. Now on the market is represented a huge choice of bed sets, which are able to satisfy the most demanding customers. Elements of bed headset do not necessarily have to be in harmony. You can combine bedspreads, blankets and decorative pillows of the same color, but different design or texture. This will give your bedroom a whole new and unique look. If you find a fabric or design that you particularly liked, you do not have to buy the whole collection and change all linen. You can simply buy decorative pillows in this series, and decorate with them your bedroom, bring in it a special charm and splendor.

    If in your room there is a lot of upholstered furniture, try to pick up bedding, decorative pillows and curtains in the color of the upholstery. This will make your bedroom particularly elegant and refined. Most manufacturers of high-end bedding offer a wide selection of fabrics, so you can quite easily pick up what you need.

    Your bedroom – is your oasis of relaxation in the house, add the pleasant, soothing elements to make it more comfortable as possible. It is not necessary to follow the fashion trend. Follow your desires and tastes, the only way you can create a bedroom that will delight you with its unique style and unique comfort.

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    Difficult choice: purchase of furniture and bedding for baby

    Newborns are fragile, that the first time it is even scary to take them on hands! Desiring to protect children, we try to pick up for them all the best. Particularly important is the choice of bed linen and cots, as newborns spend almost all the time in their “bedroom”. Here it is necessary to keep an eye out!

    On what to pay attention when buying furniture and bedding?

    Firstly – the quality of materials

    Furniture for children’s room simply has to be environmentally friendly, made of natural materials and coated with hypoallergenic enamel.
    As for bedding, there are the same “rules of the game.” We must look for natural materials: cotton, linen, jersey, satin, silk. And do not believe that synthetic is accessible, natural linen also can be bought cheaply, it also keeps warm, very strong and has a high hygienic properties, preventing allergies.

    Secondly – completeness

    Furniture for the nursery, as well as bedding, is often bought a set – and more comfortable and more beautiful and cheaper than individually selected. Standard variant – wardrobe, bed, chest of drawers (ideally, it’s also a changing table).
    In the crib we need a standard set of clothes (we recommend to buy them at once 2-3 – at first you have to wash them really often!), as well as a protective bumper. In today’s world baby changing is almost virtually abandoned, and now is playing the role of assistant to the bumper that protects the baby from bumps.
    Also important is the canopy. It seems that it has only a decorative function, but it also limits the penetration of light into the crib, creating comfort and ensuring a strong healthy sleep.

    Thirdly – the color palette and design

    “Children – children!” – This simple rule will not allow you to make a mistake! The colors and design of them should be appropriate: pastel, candy, cream – pleasing the eye. Linen and furniture in the nursery – it’s the first thing the child sees, waking up, and the last – falling asleep. Psychologists have proved: linen colors and color cots affect children’s sleep and dream scenes, providing the positive, or on the contrary, a negative effect, stimulating the nervous system and causing nightmares.

    So what should be avoided? “Adult” palette “under color of the interior” (the sin of many young parents): purple, “acid”, the black tones in the children’s bedroom is not the place. So replace the thought “buy bedding in the color of the vase” to “buy bedding, so the baby grow up healthy and happy!”For children with poor appetite needed sets of “sweet” colors: caramel, honey or coffee with milk, cream … The kid will eat for pleasure! Heavenly shades are good for mental activity, pale green calm and uplifting floral prints.

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    Kids beds and baby psychology

    Ever since our childhood has been taken to kids were lying in their own bed, and only occasionally sleep with their parents. Is it necessary?
    If at the beginning happy parents of a newborn happily buy new items for baby, then later begins a period when parents ask themselves: is it necessary to buy a particular product. Kids beds are considered an indispensable attribute for the baby. In the early period of development, some moms believe that the child needs to sleep with their parents, and thus no need for a bed. Child psychologists often raised the issue of the need for kids beds, and more and more convinced of the need to acquire this stuff.

    Why do I need a kid bed?

    As we know, each family member should have their place in the house. Kid bed is precisely the place where the child should feel comfortable. Bed – is primarily a place where the child should sleep, and sleep should be especially comfortable, because young children grow while sleeping. Psychologists say that the bed is the boundary between the world of the child and the adult world. A child with a small age must get used to the fact that he is an individual member of the family, and not part of mom or dad. This will help him in the future when he is older and parents tell him that it’s time to sleep separately from them. If before the baby was not accustomed to his bed, then it may become for him a lot of stress and it will an impact on future relations with parents.

    It plays an important role where is located a kid bed. In the early years of a child’s life, it should be near the parents’ bed. It is very convenient, because the child often cries in his sleep, and parents often have to get up to it. Also, the child will feel more relaxed, knowing that next to him are his parents.

    Kid bed should correspond to baby`s size. At first, you can use a cradle that can be moved anywhere you want, and then you can shift the baby to a full bed. It’s best to buy a bed in which you can change the level of height. When the baby is a little older, you can make the level higher. In early age you need to use low cots, because there are times when a child falls during sleep. So the baby did not hurt himrself, it is important to set the lowest possible level.

    To buy a kid bed or not parents decide. But it is worth considering that the availability of bed can teach a child that he is independent and has its place in the house.

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    Best toddler beds 2018

    Selecting a bed for a newborn is a very difficult task for parents. Buy a baby cot means, above all, to explore all options offered by the manufacturers. How to choose a a baby bed? What features should have a baby cot? From what material shall be made a cot for a newborn?

    These and many other questions are sure to emerge when choosing beds for the baby. There are several main types of beds for newborns and older children:

    1. The crib-cradle – a small cozy bed. As write some sources, they are designed for children from 0 to 1 year, but in fact, the child will there feel comfortable to a maximum of 6-7 months. When a baby learns to roll over, he will need space. But crib-cradles are very nice and cozy. So if your family budget allows, then crib-cradle is an excellent option for the first time.
    2. Cribs-transformers – crib in which the child can sleep up to 14-16 years. First, they are in the form of conventional beds, and when the baby is ready to go into a big bed, crib converts into adolescent sofa. This kind of cots has many advantages. Firstly, it is quite economical option. One bed will serve you for a long time. Secondly, this option gives not only the bed, but also very functional changing dresser. Depending on the model, there may also be a shelf, etc. Crib-transformer – a great option for a separate equipped children’s room.
    3. Classic cots. They can be static or can be provided with rocking mechanism. Usually beds are equipped with mechanisms of motion in two basic types.
      The first option – cots-rocking. They have the usual arcuate legs that allow the crib to stagger from side to side. The second option, in my opinion, more successful – a baby cot pendulum. The pendulum can be longitudinal and transverse, and sometimes two of these options are combined. Longitudinal – is when the baby is swinging along the body, and thus a cross – crosswise.
    4. Fabric cots-playpens. This option appeared not so long ago. It is ideal for travel. This bed-manege can be easily folded into a compact bag and take to the road. There are two variants of the folding mechanism – an umbrella and a book. Umbrella is smaller, but book has a stronger bottom. But still, here, as in all other cribs certainly need a good mattress.
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    What the bed to put in the bedroom?

    The basic rule of choosing a bed all know: choosing such that it was convenient. But so that the sleep was pleasant, you not only need a comfortable bed, and a comfortable bedroom. Therefore, the bed should be chosen on the basis of more than one rule: to find such to be beautiful. Thanks to the development of the modern world of design, we can find a bed to match any bedroom, whatever it was. Perhaps your minimalist bedroom lacks laconic beauty metal bed? Or do you want to find a black-black bed on half of your bedroom? It will look spectacular with bright linens. In general, it is a very laborious deal, because the bed – is the most important element of the interior of the bedroom.

    As you know, the most problematic room – a small room. At least in view of the fact that there does not fit all that we would like to deliver. Therefore, the idea to buy a round bed falls right to refuse: these beds occupy a half times more space than rectangular. I believe that the best solution for this room is a wardrobe bed. It does not take up much space, and in some cases even within the cabinet are shelves for the alarm clock, books and so on. In our time, all of these beds are equipped with a special mechanism that allows to lower the bed silently. When folded, it is not noticeable, and the spread is interesting decor of your bed. And if you do not want in your room there was only a silly case, you can buy a wardrobe bed with mirrored doors. But in any case it is necessary to take into account the fact that the minimum depth of the cabinets – 45 centimeters.

    Another way out of the situation – to buy a bunk bed. However, this option is most suitable for children’s rooms. If a family has only one child, then in such cases there are beds in which the bed on the second floor and on the ground – a desk, a closet, or something else (suddenly designers lacked imagination for more). A bunk bed with three beds: regular bunk bed with two beds and a place that extends from the bottom of the bed. But in any case it is necessary to remember that it is unlikely that in a room with low ceilings rise bunk bed.
    And if you have a large spacious bedroom? In this room, and the bed is necessary to be large, because small things in a big room simply lost. And if it is possible, why not arrange a royal bed ?!

    In the large bedroom you can put the bed-podium. Variants of this bed is incredibly much: maybe on it will be fixed a nightlight or table for a cup, book or alarm clock, or a lot of useful shelves or all together. As always you only need your desire and imagination.

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    A great variety of bed designs for bedrooms

    Everybody knows that a person spends a third of life sleeping. The full night’s repose is a pledge of good mood, vivacity and confidence. The bed has the most important place in the bedroom design. There is a huge choice of beds in the furniture stores.

    How to choose the bed for the bedroom?

    First of all, the bed must blend with the interior of your bedroom. Before buying it, you should ask the shop assistant, what material is the chosen bed made of. Besides, you should pay attention to the quality of mattress, as it determines your comfortable rest and state of health. You should also test the strength of the bed frame. The number of bulkheads at the bottom of the bed must correspond the dimensions of the bed itself.

    The kinds of beds for the bedroom

    There are different kinds of beds for the bedroom

    1. The round bed gains popularity among the design furniture. Due to its form and large dimensions, it is suited for the comfortable sleep. Today the most of true “sleep aesthetes” prefer the design of bedroom with the round bed. It blends perfectly with such styles of interior as: hi-tech, modern and art deco. The round bed will also take a proper place in the design of classic bedroom.
    2. The forged bed. The forged bed with exclusive forged head or both headboards stands out against the background of the other models. The forged beds are perfect for those who want to furnish their bedroom originally and in accordance with their wishes and preferences.
    3. The leather bed. Many people dream of the unique bedroom design with magnificent leather bed. Except for unusual beauty, this piece of furniture is highly hygienic. It is enough to wipe it with the damp cloth to remove the dust or your pets’ hair. It is cool to sleep in this bed in summer, while in winter it’s warm and cozy.
    4. The fitted bed (transformer). Transformer is a perfect bed for the small bedroom, as it can turn into a bookcase or dresser. The families with children will prefer the bedrooms with folding or fitted bed. Such modern furniture takes less space that the ordinary one.
    5. The podium bed. Recently, the connoisseurs of design prefer to equip their bedrooms with the podium beds. But you should know that this kind of bed can be placed only in the spacious bedroom, as this construction takes almost twice as much space as the ordinary bed. The podium beds are very comfortable, as they solve the problem of clothing storage in the bedroom.