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    How to deal with boys room decoration

    Children’s room for a boy of preschool and primary school age should be convenient and combine gaming space with the training one.
    Bed for sleeping, carpet or sofa and table games for learning – so parents plan. But children often study in bed, play on the table and get asleep on the couch. All the furniture in the room should be comfortable and ergonomic. Make sure that the room would be light enough.
    For a boy of this age toys are still important. Choose a place for them in a special box under the bed or under the sofa or in a closet.

    The boys, as you know, can be real perishers and notorious dreamers. Children room for a boy is a simple, functional room, ready for a quick transformation. Their interests are diverse, therefore it is appropriate to begin the design with a discussion of his interests with the owner. It makes no sense to impose future man your interests, tastes. If he is a petrol-head, the nautical theme in the design does not suit him, an imitation of the ship’s cabins will simply disappoint him. Boys’ interests and hobbies are changing frequently. The new craze involves a quick change of the situation. Therefore, choosing the interior to their rooms should be guided by practicality, simplicity. Then the little master can easy renew the room. The simplest, easiest option decorating the walls of his «ownership» is vinyl stickers. It is easy to hang print images on the wall and easy to remove them. It is also possible to decorate the ceiling with stickers, especially those that twinkle at night. various glitters, stars, month, toys are produced for that.

    After the choice of the design theme, it is necessary to choose the color. Quiet, unobtrusive shades of blue relax physically, calm mentally. In the area of games some bright colors are usually added to create a cheerful mood. Notable elements can be upholstery, carpet, pictures (stickers). Boys are quite restless, their games are very active, that is, they move a lot. They need space in the room. When choosing furniture it is necessary to take into account its functionality. Because in the kids room it should not be too much of that. The most necessary items can be installed – a sofa bed, a desk with drawers, a couple of shelves, a small wardrobe. For two guys it will be convenient to set a bunk bed. Compact transforming objects are “growing” along with the owner. It is necessary to provide a sports corner. Attributes there will change naturally as the master is maturing.

    The interior should be comfortable and functional. Do not forget about the aesthetic properties of the room: it must be comfortable, original and beautiful.

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    Tips for the choice of baby boy clothes

    You may think that all the small children are alike. But only the outsiders can think in this way. There are some differences in the clothes, suitable for baby girls and baby boys.

    As a rule, the newborn boys are larger than the girls.

    When you’re going to the maternity home, take the clothes of a little bigger size, if you’re expecting a boy.

    Both overheating and overcooling of boy’s lower region is undesirable. That’s why it is necessary to choose quite loose clothing for the newborn boys. It must be warm, but the child must not perspire in it. Whatever way of your child’s dressing you choose, there must be an air space between the clothes and the child’s body. If the baby wears loose clothes, they ensure its free movement, which in its turn protects it from overheating and overcooling. It is unadvisable to put too many clothes on your baby. The overheating is unhealthy both for the newborns and for the elder kids. Perhaps, you should dress the child in something warm when you return home from the maternity home. But at home, the child can wear only the crawlers and baby’s undershirt.

    The fashionable baby boy’s wear must be made of a light airy material. It is better to choose the natural materials- cotton, flax or wool. The easier and faster the clothes are put on, the more comfortable they are for you and your baby. If you buy a romper suit, see to it that the child feels free in it, even if he wears a diaper. Some romper suits have the special cut of leg seams, making the child’s movements easier.

    Now it is accepted to dress the boys in blue, and the girls- in pink. But more than a century ago it was the other way round: pink was considered brighter and more manly than blue. At that time, the newborn boys wore pink. If you have doubts about the color of the clothes you should buy, choose white. The sellers of children’s wear often recommend the parents who are not quite clear about the sex of their child, to buy white clothes. Another advantage of white is that this color is very smart, hygienic (although too easily soiled). And if you’re crazy about the combination of shades, it’s much easier to match the white clothes for color.

    The first thing you should take into account choosing the clothes for your baby is its comfort and convenience!

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    Unusual decoration of the boy’s room

    The decoration of child’s room isn’t an easy task. It is important that the child’s room is safe, comfortable and bright. The boy’s room must differ from the girl’s room, as the boys are usually more active and energetic. They have other hobbies and interests. So, it is necessary that the boy’s room has much more space for active games. The choice of coloring also plays an important role. But let’s discuss everything step by step.

    The decoration for the boy’s room

    All the parents face with a question of how to decorate the boy’s room. Indeed, it’s a rather difficult task. The child’s room must be unique, so that your kid can study, play and rest comfortably.
    First of all, the child’s room must be quite spacious, good ventilated and lighted. The room should be divided into the zones of rest, study and games.

    As a rule, the boys like active games. If you want to accustom your kid to sport since childhood, you can equip his room with a sports corner or a common chin-up bar. Another option is to hang a basketball hoop on the door or wall of his room. But first of all you need to explain your child the safety regulations of the ball games, or else you won’t escape a broken chandelier and window.

    The ideas of boy’s room decoration

    You must decorate the boy’s room according to his preferences. The child is personality, so his wishes must be taken into account. The kid must feel comfortable in his room, and the parents must do their best to achieve it. There are many ideas for the boy’s room decoration, for example: marine theme; car theme; child laboratory; football ground.

    Perhaps, the room decoration in style of any cartoon is a safe bet. What cartoons does you kid watch? Certainly, your child will like the room in style of Sponge Bob, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles or Batman. Hang the posters or buy the photo wallpaper with the picture of cartoon characters.

    Add the beautiful carpets, décor elements, which will complete the interior. For example, if you want the design the boy’s room in marine style, you can order the anchors and hang them on the bed, or buy an interesting chandelier. In a word, improvise and ask your child what he wants. Keep in mind that the room must be comfortable. Assign the space where the child can create, draw, model and build.
    Put your heart and soul into the creation of your kid’s room interior. In this case, your child will be really glad to spend time here.

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    The furniture for the boys bedroom

    The boys’ room will never be in order. You must take it into account choosing the furniture for his bedroom. All kinds of drawers and shelves for toys and books will help to put his room in order faster. The boys’ bedroom furniture must be comfortable, easily cleaned and safe. Avoid the furniture with sharp angles. As for the soft furniture, choose the water-repellent cloth.

    The room for the child of six years and upwards must be equipped (except for the bed and shelves) with the work table and chair. It is better if the chair is adjustable for height.

    The textile is also very important in the kids’ room. The curtains must be dense and don’t transmit the light so that your child can sleep in the daytime. The bedding, blankets and rugs can have a bright coloring and patterns.

    It is better to choose the bright pictures for the kinds’ room interior. The best option is the posters with cartoon characters, animals or landscapes. The pictures must tell some story so that the child can dream and develop the imagination.

    The coloring in the interior of boys’ bedroom

    Any color, apart from the tradition girlish ones- violet and pink, are suitable for the boys’ bedroom. When you choose the main color for the kids’ room interior, take into account the child’s age. The newborn will feel comfortable in the room in pastel shades. The pure colors are better for the room of elder children. The teen boy will like the room in blue and grey. In the kids’ room, it is better not to confine yourself with one color, but use several shades.

    The best option of color combination for the boys’ bedroom is:

    1) neutral color (for example, white, milky or beige);

    2) pure color (green, yellow or blue);

    3) dark soft color, matching two other colors.

    Keep in mind that the boys’ bedroom must be interesting and comfortable to sleep, play and spend all free time.