• drop ceiling light fixtures

    Useful qualities of drop ceilings

    It is safe to say, that the ceiling is the culmination of the interior decoration of any accommodation. Not so long ago the problem of adjusting the ceiling surface irregularities was insoluble. But now it is very easy to amend such situation.

    Drop ceilings are ceiling constructions, whose strength members are fastened directly to the basic ceiling. This is the main difference between a drop and suspended ceiling (whose strength members are fastened to the basic construction). This peculiarity of the drop ceiling allows diminishing floor-to-ceiling height only by the thickness of its frame. According to the materials, used in the construction of the drop ceilings system, they are divided into two groups:

    1. gypsum panel ceilings
    2. finishing decorative panel ceilings (wood particleboard, fiberboard, medium density fiberboard, etc.)
    drop ceiling calculator_13
    drop ceiling

    The most popular materials for making drop ceilings are:

    1. Expanded polystyrene plates. This material is heat- and sound- insulating and moisture-proof. It creates a comfortable microclimate in any accommodation.
    2. Decorative plates from wood particleboard and fiberboard, covered with natural wood veneer.
    3. Plastic panels. Such panels have no disadvantages: they are light, firm, waterproof and stylish designed.
    4. Gypsum cardboard panels. Gypsum cardboard is the most common material for making drop ceilings. It is extremely heat- and sound- insulating.
  • Suspended ceilings images

    Wide range of suspended ceilings

    Nowadays the choice of the materials for making suspended ceilings is so vast, that the customers are often confused and don’t know, what to prefer. Before buying it, it is better to find out, what kinds of suspended ceilings are available, and what materials they’re made of.

    Gypsum cardboard ceiling

    Gypsum cardboard ceiling
    Gypsum cardboard ceiling

    The sheets of gypsum cardboard are fastened to the unique metal sections or stud. Gypsum cardboard is a perfect choice, if you want to decorate your ceiling with highlights- recessed lighting fittings- spots or LED strip light. You can put gypsum cardboard into any shape- broken, staircase, curvilinear. Besides, it is one of the cheapest materials for suspended ceilings for today.

    Pendant ceilings

    Pendant ceilings
    Pendant ceilings

    The advantages of this kind of ceilings are:

    1. easy installation;
    2. performance attributes:
    • durability
    • water-resistance
    • aesthetic properties
    • wide range of colors and textures.

    Tiled suspended ceilings

    Tiled suspended ceilings
    Tiled suspended ceilings

    Tiled suspended ceilings are made of gypsum, expanded polystyrene, and glass fiber, plastic or mineral fiber. Their usual size is 60х60 см. There are also curved plates for gradient junctions of the multilevel ceilings. They allow creating 3D compositions, often used by the interior designers.

    Cassette or raster ceilings

    Cassette or raster ceilings
    Cassette or raster ceilings

    Cassette or raster ceilings are metal louvered constructions. They represent ready modules in the form of grates with transparent cavities.

    Rack ceilings

    Rack ceilings
    Rack ceilings

    Rack ceilings represent close located aluminum rods, covered with lacquer or enamel. The rods resemble deal board. They are fastened to the metal skeleton, fixed on the ceiling.

  • ceiling lighting ideas for family room_21

    Great variety of ceiling fixtures

    For the creation of the comfortable feeling in the room at any time, you’ll have to see about the proper illumination. It is represented in a great variety. Installing an appropriate ceiling illuminator is essential. It is quite enough to look at the numerous pictures of the ceiling illuminator, described on the Internet and in specialized magazines to understand, how various these devices are.

    There are many kinds of the illuminator, and each of them has its features.

    The first aspect, which must be taken into account while choosing a ceiling fixture, is its kind. Not every ceiling can bear the weight of the usual massive chandelier. For example, the best option for the tension ceilings is small point illuminators, located according to a particular scheme.

    The main factors of choice are:

    1. kind of illuminator;
    2. manner of its installation;
    3. number of lamps;
    4. the material of light diffuser;
    5. the durability of ceiling construction.

    The aspect and the design are also important factors, but you should use them the last thing.

    The modern ceiling fixtures don’t have anything in common with the outdated featureless chandeliers- boring and single-type. In our time they are represented in a wide range of design, kinds, and types.

    Such an enormous variety allows choosing the proper illuminators for any accommodation. At that, you can mount a unique color scheme in every room, which will bring warmth and comfort to any accommodation.

  • ceiling design ideas photos

    Game of light as the interesting ceiling idea

    Classic white ceiling can harmonize with the most interior styles. But if you need some changes, simplicity and laconicism must give place to the designer ideas. There is a lot of original ways to decorate your ceiling.

    There are several main techniques of ceiling decoration. Designers give special preference to the game of light.

    tray ceiling ideas photos
    tray ceiling ideas photos

    Light is probably one of the most interesting sources of “originality”. With the help of the LED strip modern designers create unusually beautiful ceiling highlights. The highlight can be located along the perimeter of accommodation and hidden either behind the ceiling cornice, or in gypsum cardboard box of the two-level ceiling. In a similar way, using LED strips, you can emphasize the beautiful curtains in your room, and make until now ordinary obscure corners bright and luminous. The light aura of the floating ceiling also makes a great impression. You’ll not do without highlight, if you want to arrange the ceiling with the fragments of photo printing and stained glass. And, eventually, if you fasten the LED strip in zigzag under the semitransparent cloth, then install a special controller, regulating lighting intervals, its shade and intensity; you’ll achieve the effect of the water flowing along the ceiling.

    There are much more interesting ceiling ideas, which can be fulfilled by means of safe, efficient, colorful and non-heating LED strip.

  • modern coffered ceiling ideas

    Creative ceiling ideas of the modern designers

    It seems that the ceiling doesn’t take much notice. But it’s far from true! Your interior can’t be worked up without the installation of beautiful and neat ceiling. At various times it was decorated with the traditional wooden covering in the tower-rooms, or painted in the palace halls. Modern designers also give much attention to the ceiling decoration. Usual whitewashing is passing, giving place to a wide variety of the building materials, used for the different ways of ceiling decoration.

    Suspended ceiling has quickly gained the popularity among those, who wish to have modern and fashionable ceiling. Now it is the most popular way of the ceiling decoration. One can install suspended ceiling in any kind of accommodation with any ceiling height. Its advantages include: unique beauty and ergonomics, sound insulation, decrease of acoustic load, combination with illuminating equipment, and the possibility of hiding all the necessary communications to the additional space, formed due to the suspended ceiling.

    An example of the interior creative work is the art painting of the ceiling. Its basic can be chalk or gypsum cardboard. One of the main conditions of the application of art painting is the harmony with the architecture style. Painter ceiling will blend perfectly with white-pink or white-blue scale of rococo, with fanciful drawings of Cupid sitting on the light airy cloudlet.

    The innovative approach to the building technologies gave us the opportunity of decorating accommodation with the tension ceiling. It’s popularity grows exponentially, caused by its additional comforts. The mounting of such ceiling doesn’t take much time, and the effect, produced by the chosen picture or art masterpiece on your ceiling, will last long. Tension ceilings have a moderate price and can be located in any room: from the bedroom and the hall to the bathroom and the vestibule.

  • modern wooden ceiling designs

    Mode of installation of the plank ceiling

    In the recent time the most popular kinds of ceiling decorating were whitewashing with lime, painting with water-based paint, pasting with wallpaper or photo-wallpaper. Such decorations are used in the apartments, while in country-houses and private houses it is common to install the plank ceiling. It gives the house feeling of warmth and comfort. Natural materials are generally used as the plank covering.

    The advantages of the wood sheathing

    Wood sheathing has a lot of important advantages over other materials:

    1. High tenacity;
    2. Higher heat- and sound-insulation;
    3. Pleasing view of natural wood;
    4. Natural wood creates the feeling of luxury. It can emphasize the good taste of house owner;
    5. The installation can be fulfilled with your own hands. All you need is a minimum wood work skill, patience and time.

    Surely, wooden building materials look great, but they require a lot of attention.
    The planks, made of coniferous wood species are notable for their eco-friendliness, which inheres only in natural materials. Due to the using of planks, there is no need for further decoration of the ceiling, since the wood sheathing itself is the decorative element of the interior.

    The facing of ceiling with planks is not a very complicated process. Regardless of the material you’ll choose, you’ll have to put only one layer of it. Every other kinds of the ceiling decoration require applying two or more layers.

  • kitchen ceiling beams

    Ideas for the decoration of the kitchen ceiling

    The repair of the ceiling cover in your apartment begins with the choice of the kitchen ceiling. The interior and the comfort of your apartment depend on this choice. Every member of the family will feel comfortable at meal-times, if the kitchen ceiling promotes it. Moreover, when we cook, the kitchen always fills with steam, fume and ashes. Fumes go up and settle on the ceiling surface. You must constantly clear it up from accumulated dirt.

    kitchen ceiling tiles
    kitchen ceiling tiles

    There are 5 principal variants of the kitchen ceiling decoration:

    • plastered ceiling;
    • painting;
    • paperhanging;
    • the installation of suspended construction;
    • the mounting of the tension system.

    The main features of the perfect kitchen ceiling:

    1. cheapness;
    2. easy installation (it’s especially important, if you’re planning to do it yourself);
    3. moisture- and heating-resistance;
    4. long-term service;
    5. its’ material doesn’t have any negative influence on the human health;
    6. practicalness- it cleans and scours easily.

    Eventually, having taken into account all the requirements and options, you can choose the proper kitchen ceiling. But there is one more important nuance: ceiling surface often has some defects at first, which you’ll have to conceal for making your ceiling look beautiful.

  • coffered ceilings ideas

    The peculiarities of the coffered ceilings

    Coffered ceilings become more and more popular. The modern architecture uses coffer not as load-carrying construction, but as the element of interior design. You can often notice such elements in historical films, for example: carved wooden beams, some decorations of the castles.
    Coffered ceiling consists of cavities, beams and cells. In other words, “coffer” is a polygonal cavity. Such ceilings fall into the category of decorative ceilings. Coffers can have either square or circular shape. They are especially notable for their cross and longitudinal beams with ornament.

    There are some more popular ornaments in architecture: stucco sockets, cornice elements, borders, profile wall passages, ceiling painting.
    Coffered ceilings can visually increase the area of living-room, bedroom, study, billiard room and library. Such kind of a ceiling decoration is used in offices, if their owners want to emphasize reliable status of the company. Coffered ceiling fit the country-houses and the cottages. Due to the design of the coffered ceiling one can reduce a total weight of construction and improve acoustics.

    Coffers are often installed in the accommodations with the high ceilings. They give the impression of a space of considerable dimensions. Coffered ceiling can be found in more than 2 m high rooms. It will not produce its due effects in small accommodations.
    The architecture style must be taken into account as well. If you prefer something unusual and modern, choose the coffers of different size and style.

  • Interior items

    The role of ceiling lights in the interior design

    The suspended and ceiling lights play an important role not only in the proper lighting of living accommodation, but also in the aesthetic of its interior.

    Usually people take into account only the latter factor, choosing the lights by their appearance. As a result, they get the ceiling lights, which not only light the room poorly, but also spoil its interior.

    Buying the ceiling lights, you should take into account, that they affect the visual perception of ceiling height: the suspended lights draw it nearer, while the ceiling lights move it away. The size of a ceiling is also important for the room interior.

    Large and massive suspended lights can disturb the eyes, if their size doesn’t match the measurements of a room.

    After all, the first thing attracting attention, when you enter the room is a suspended light.

    In many cases, it is the main decoration of the room. The idea of beautiful suspended light is almost always associated with one of their main subtypes- the chandelier. Chandelier is a multivalve or multi plafond suspended light with the decorative fittings.
    The massive ceiling lights with a lot of refracting and reflecting transparent surfaces require a lot of air, high decorated walls, the ceilings with stucco molding, non-standard and unpolished furniture in retro style. They must hang above the windows and “support” the ceiling.

    For the small rooms with the ceiling height up to 2.5 m, it is better to choose suspended and ceiling lights with the light flux directed upwards, smooth semi-transparent plafonds and short suspensions. They scatter light evenly, while the dispersion effect is intensified with the reflectivity of ceiling. The highlighted ceiling seems higher.

    The ceiling tires can be used for the lighting of non-residential premises of the house- kitchen, hall and household room. The object of selective lighting in the kitchen can be: dining table, stove, work table, washer and wall-unit.

    Of course, you should also take into account the measurements of a room and the size of the tire. For the rooms, it is better to buy the two-valve lamp, and for the big ones- the tire with more lamps, up to the combinations of fluorescent lightings. In some tires, the ceiling lights can be switched on separately or in groups. When all the lightings work together, it is possible to achieve good general lighting of the room accentuating separate elements of interior.