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    Bathroom ceiling design

    Bathroom ceiling is one of the most important details of the general interior. You must pay no less attention to it than to the walls. Many of us don’t are unaware, that this part of the bathroom can act as an excellent addition to the interior.

    The first way of decoration of the bathroom ceiling is just to whitewash or paint it. This option is easy in execution and fits the budget repair. Of course, such ceiling can’t be especially beautiful, but it will look quite fitting. If the surface is not even, and you still want to save on materials, maybe you should peer at water-proof gypsum cardboard, with the help of which you can level any surface in your bathroom.
    Tension ceiling is another interesting way of transforming your bathroom ceiling. As appears from the name, this ceiling is mounted by means of tensioning of special linen (plastic or fabric). The best option for the bathroom ceiling is plastic. The installation of such ceiling is rather complicated, so you should entrust it to the experts with the special purpose equipment.

    Plastic panel is the golden mean in the relations of price and quality. The ceiling is decorated by plastic, but with the help of special panels, which you can install yourself. Due to the special fastening end-to-end, after the installation of the ceiling looks almost like the whole panel.
    Suspended ceiling is the most elegant solution for the bathroom. Such ceiling looks quite impressive and acts as a separate element. This choice is more expensive, but the result will look more impressive and delight the eye of everyone entering your bathroom.

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    General characteristic of tin ceiling

    Tin ceilings look aristocratically and became more and more popular. It is caused by their great variety and ability of satisfying different tastes in decoration.

    The general sizes of the white tin are 2X2 foots, but you can also find section of the sizes 2X4 foots. The sections may be previously painted, or you can paint them yourself. Previously painted sections are usually silver, golden or bronze.

    The process of installation of the tin ceiling is also quite simple: you’ll need nails, hammer, drill, chalk, tape-measure and gloves. While installing tin ceiling sections yourself, remember, that the of the plate borders are extremely sharp. Be careful not to hurt yourself.

    While installing tin ceiling, you should be patient. You’ll have to locate the sections, so that the pattern looks beautiful and there is not any gap between sections. It would be better to make tin ceiling together with somebody, so that you can direct and correct each other.
    If the tin ceiling looks rather boring, you should add wooden rods between tin sections. In such a way you’ll make your ceiling look elegant and comfortable.

    The ornamented tin ceiling is a perfect decoration for any accommodation.

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    Original ways of ceiling decoration

    Beautiful ceiling is a dream of everyone, who likes and appreciates his house. It is so easy to realize it, that many of us can do it ourselves. There are many ways of ceiling decoration. This article concerns their most important varieties.


    Modern photo-wallpaper are characterized by excellent quality and image sharpness. They’re easy in installation and quite diverse. Photo-wallpaper depicts different interesting scenes. Nowadays it’s easy to order the photo-wallpaper with a specific image, for example, copied photos, etc. Decorative wallpaper with the air theme (cloudy or starry sky, outer space, sunset) will look best of all. Photo wallpaper can also depict 3D-absttraction or animation character, beloved buy your child.


    Decorative finishing of walls and ceilings with the art painting is also a good option. The desirable picture can be patterned on the surface, using brushes and colors. But even if you don’t possess of the talent for painting, it doesn’t matter, since you can use ready pictures, which you only have to stick to ceiling with the tape and color it.


    Modern applications are mostly made with the use of vinyl stickers. They are used not only for ceiling decoration, but also for masking of cracks and spots.

    As you can see, there is a lot of ways of making beautifully decorated ceilings. All you have to do is to think creatively and make your phantasies reality.

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    Infinite possibilities of wood ceilings

    There is a great variety of different ceilings. They can be suspended, gypsum cardboard, gluing, rack, aluminum, etc. But none of them can equal the wood ceilings.

    In the recent time there appeared a tendency of using natural materials in the interior decoration. It refers to wood as well. Pieces of furniture, parquets, windows, interior doors, plinth, wall panels, and, eventually, ceilings are often made of wood nowadays.

    Wood is a classic natural material, which was always used in the interior design, including the finishing of ceiling. You can still see uniquely decorated ceiling vaults, made of skillfully treated wood, in many ancient buildings, palaces and castles.

    The ability of heat retention, unique beauty in shear- these natural properties of wood were always highly valued. Wood ceilings give the feeling of warmth, comfort, and create the atmosphere of stability and nobility.

    Wood is also able to scatter light and create the effect of opacity in the accommodation. The game of shadows and light is often used by designers as one of the main techniques of interior decoration. Wood ceiling can also deaden sounds very well. Such ceilings promote perfect sound insulation and comfortable stay. So, it is not necessary to save on ceiling materials while building or repairing your apartment.

  • false ceiling designs for 13' x 10, room

    Fields of application of the false ceilings

    If you need to hide the basic surface ceiling construction (it can be concrete slab or wood constructions on boarding joist), the most experts see the only way to do it. They recommend making of the false ceiling.

    Such constructions have been used in building for a long time. Veneer was once used as the material for false ceilings. But because of its expensiveness, it is now replaced by more qualitative and cheaper materials.

    The experts call this method of smoothing and decorating of the ceiling surfaces “dry”. As compared to the plaster, this way allows avoiding mud and splashes. You will not have to cover floor and walls of the accommodation with nonpenetrative protective films.

    Such construction has many advantages. For example, you can level the most curved ceiling without spending too much time or money. Moreover, false ceilings are represented in great variety of design solutions. Two-level ceilings are the most popular among them.

    But false ceiling have disadvantages as well. Given construction hides a part of the ceiling height.

    Therefore, constructing false ceiling, you must specify the distance from it to the basic surface. One small inaccuracy- and you’ll always hit your head against chandelier.

    However, as a whole, using of false ceiling constructions simplified a problem of leveling and decorating of the ceiling surface.

  • House

    The destination of acoustic ceilings

    The problem of a bad sound insulation is well-known both to the residents of apartment houses, and to the owners of country-houses. Acoustic suspended ceilings can help you to get rid of the annoying sounds, coming from upper floors and next-door apartments. Such ceilings will deaden outside noise and barely perceptible rustles.

    Acoustic ceilings will assure you comfortable living and stay in any kind of accommodation. Besides, it is an excellent solution for office spaces, where the workers often find it difficult to concentrate because of the noise.

    The modern acoustic ceiling is made of special cloth, containing a lot of microscopical pores.

    Outwardly, the surface of these ceilings is not unlike this of the standard suspended construction.

    But acoustic ceilings have their special properties and characteristics, allowing them to fight against sounds and noises of any kind. Experts and manufacturers admit that the modern acoustic suspended ceiling is able to deaden up to 90 % of all the noise, coming from the accommodation.

    It is advisable to arrange acoustic ceilings in the large size accommodations (for example, in swimming pools, gyms, conference halls and cinemas), which will also assure a comfortable stay. But you shouldn’t forget, that you’ll also have to insulate floor and walls, since the acoustic ceiling alone can’t cope with all problems of the sound spreading.

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    The kinds of ceiling design

    A ceiling is not just the room overhead, but the important element of the interior decoration. It can act as the center of attraction of the room, or just complete the interior. It is important, that the ceiling design matches the room interior. Thanks to developing modern technologies, there is a lot of quite interesting ways of ceiling decoration.

    The kinds of ceiling design

    1. Whitewashing and painting. It’s the easiest and the cheapest kind of design. But you must attend to it before floor and walls renewal. It is necessary to make the ceiling surface even and perfectly smooth. Otherwise the ceiling will look curve and ugly.
    2. Self-adhesive ceilings. The most common kind of design, which combines reasonable price with a good quality. Self-adhesive ceilings are the foam plastic square plates, which are pasted to the ceiling with special glue.
    3. Ceiling wallpaper design means gluing wallpaper on the ceiling. As compared to whitewashing, this kind of design is rather clean and efficient, as ceiling wallpaper is expensive. Besides, it keeps its beauty and whiteness for 3-5 years.
    4. Ceiling with mirror. This kind of ceilings is based on safe and light stainless steel profiles, to which glass surface is fastened. Ceilings with mirror look effective in combination with laser engraving, inserts, illustrations, and highlight.
    5. Rack ceilings are paneled ceilings, representing suspended constructions made of plates and rods (usually white, so that one can easily repaint them to the required color). They are mostly used in bathrooms, toilets, offices and shops.
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    The reason of popularity of the ceiling panels

    In recent years the decoration of the ceiling with various decorative panels has gained great popularity. The main reason of it is that you don’t need to level, plaster and putty ceiling surface. And these activities take away too much time and money. Decorative panels look quite aesthetically beautiful. They are firm, durable, and elementary in installation. You can install these panels yourself just in a day. The first problem, which must be solved, is not to become confused by the variety of offers, and choose proper materials. The most important question is how to choose proper ceiling panels. What materials they consist of, what size they can have, what constructions they’re intended for. All these aspects are extremely important and make the final choice. You must also pay attention to the color, texture, shape, water-resistance, sound insulation properties and other characteristics.

    The wide range at the market of finishing materials throws a common costumer into confusion.

    To choose the proper interior for your accommodation, first of all you should determine its’ floor-to-ceiling height and functionality.

    Then you have to estimate your financial opportunities and give preferences. Only after that you can proceed to the choice between adhesive materials and suspended constructions.

  • drop ceiling light fixtures

    Useful qualities of drop ceilings

    It is safe to say, that the ceiling is the culmination of the interior decoration of any accommodation. Not so long ago the problem of adjusting the ceiling surface irregularities was insoluble. But now it is very easy to amend such situation.

    Drop ceilings are ceiling constructions, whose strength members are fastened directly to the basic ceiling. This is the main difference between a drop and suspended ceiling (whose strength members are fastened to the basic construction). This peculiarity of the drop ceiling allows diminishing floor-to-ceiling height only by the thickness of its frame. According to the materials, used in the construction of the drop ceilings system, they are divided into two groups:

    1. gypsum panel ceilings
    2. finishing decorative panel ceilings (wood particleboard, fiberboard, medium density fiberboard, etc.)
    drop ceiling calculator_13
    drop ceiling

    The most popular materials for making drop ceilings are:

    1. Expanded polystyrene plates. This material is heat- and sound- insulating and moisture-proof. It creates a comfortable microclimate in any accommodation.
    2. Decorative plates from wood particleboard and fiberboard, covered with natural wood veneer.
    3. Plastic panels. Such panels have no disadvantages: they are light, firm, waterproof and stylish designed.
    4. Gypsum cardboard panels. Gypsum cardboard is the most common material for making drop ceilings. It is extremely heat- and sound- insulating.
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    Wide range of suspended ceilings

    Nowadays the choice of the materials for making suspended ceilings is so vast, that the customers are often confused and don’t know, what to prefer. Before buying it, it is better to find out, what kinds of suspended ceilings are available, and what materials they’re made of.

    Gypsum cardboard ceiling

    Gypsum cardboard ceiling
    Gypsum cardboard ceiling

    The sheets of gypsum cardboard are fastened to the unique metal sections or stud. Gypsum cardboard is a perfect choice, if you want to decorate your ceiling with highlights- recessed lighting fittings- spots or LED strip light. You can put gypsum cardboard into any shape- broken, staircase, curvilinear. Besides, it is one of the cheapest materials for suspended ceilings for today.

    Pendant ceilings

    Pendant ceilings
    Pendant ceilings

    The advantages of this kind of ceilings are:

    1. easy installation;
    2. performance attributes:
    • durability
    • water-resistance
    • aesthetic properties
    • wide range of colors and textures.

    Tiled suspended ceilings

    Tiled suspended ceilings
    Tiled suspended ceilings

    Tiled suspended ceilings are made of gypsum, expanded polystyrene, and glass fiber, plastic or mineral fiber. Their usual size is 60х60 см. There are also curved plates for gradient junctions of the multilevel ceilings. They allow creating 3D compositions, often used by the interior designers.

    Cassette or raster ceilings

    Cassette or raster ceilings
    Cassette or raster ceilings

    Cassette or raster ceilings are metal louvered constructions. They represent ready modules in the form of grates with transparent cavities.

    Rack ceilings

    Rack ceilings
    Rack ceilings

    Rack ceilings represent close located aluminum rods, covered with lacquer or enamel. The rods resemble deal board. They are fastened to the metal skeleton, fixed on the ceiling.

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    Great variety of ceiling fixtures

    For the creation of the comfortable feeling in the room at any time, you’ll have to see about the proper illumination. It is represented in a great variety. Installing an appropriate ceiling illuminator is essential. It is quite enough to look at the numerous pictures of the ceiling illuminator, described on the Internet and in specialized magazines to understand, how various these devices are.

    There are many kinds of the illuminator, and each of them has its features.

    The first aspect, which must be taken into account while choosing a ceiling fixture, is its kind. Not every ceiling can bear the weight of the usual massive chandelier. For example, the best option for the tension ceilings is small point illuminators, located according to a particular scheme.

    The main factors of choice are:

    1. kind of illuminator;
    2. manner of its installation;
    3. number of lamps;
    4. the material of light diffuser;
    5. the durability of ceiling construction.

    The aspect and the design are also important factors, but you should use them the last thing.

    The modern ceiling fixtures don’t have anything in common with the outdated featureless chandeliers- boring and single-type. In our time they are represented in a wide range of design, kinds, and types.

    Such an enormous variety allows choosing the proper illuminators for any accommodation. At that, you can mount a unique color scheme in every room, which will bring warmth and comfort to any accommodation.

  • ceiling design ideas photos

    Game of light as the interesting ceiling idea

    Classic white ceiling can harmonize with the most interior styles. But if you need some changes, simplicity and laconicism must give place to the designer ideas. There is a lot of original ways to decorate your ceiling.

    There are several main techniques of ceiling decoration. Designers give special preference to the game of light.

    tray ceiling ideas photos
    tray ceiling ideas photos

    Light is probably one of the most interesting sources of “originality”. With the help of the LED strip modern designers create unusually beautiful ceiling highlights. The highlight can be located along the perimeter of accommodation and hidden either behind the ceiling cornice, or in gypsum cardboard box of the two-level ceiling. In a similar way, using LED strips, you can emphasize the beautiful curtains in your room, and make until now ordinary obscure corners bright and luminous. The light aura of the floating ceiling also makes a great impression. You’ll not do without highlight, if you want to arrange the ceiling with the fragments of photo printing and stained glass. And, eventually, if you fasten the LED strip in zigzag under the semitransparent cloth, then install a special controller, regulating lighting intervals, its shade and intensity; you’ll achieve the effect of the water flowing along the ceiling.

    There are much more interesting ceiling ideas, which can be fulfilled by means of safe, efficient, colorful and non-heating LED strip.