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    The best model of changing table Pali

    The changing table with the bath Pali Prestige


    • Changing table with the bath Pali Prestige;
    • It is intended for the children from 0 to 12 months;
    • Material: wood, beech, plastic;
    • Brand: Pali (Italy).

    Complete equipment:

    Mattress for swaddling+ bath + shelf+ 4 wheels

    The changing table with the bath Pali Bagnetto Prestige, thanks to its 4 wheels (2 of which have brakes), can be easily moved about the room. The changing mattress is situated on the top, the child’s bath lies inside (it can be used for the children up to 12 months). Your baby will find an additional support on slightly textured surface of the changing table. The plastic shelf is intended for the storage of things and hygienic products. In some places, the shelf is equipped with the openings for better ventilation.

    The description of changing table with the bath Pali Prestige

    • The changing table is intended for the children from 0 to 12 months. It is equipped with wheels, which can be fixed.
    • The soft changing mattress is easily removed. The table has 4 wheels, (2 of which have brakes).
    • The materials: high quality plastic, breech.
    • The brand: Pali (Italy).

    The dimensions:

    • (Length Х width X height)- 79 х 53 х 97 cm.

    Complete equipment:

    – Changing table + bath + shelf+ 4 wheels.

    The information about the company- developer of changing table with the bath Pali Bagnetto Prestige
    The Italian company Pali creates the exclusive furniture collections for the child’s rooms, offering its customers high quality, safety, and also an original Italian design. The company offers cradles and child beds, changing dressers, cabinets, high chairs, bed linen and different accessories.

    The company has a long, almost century-long history, during which the four generations devoted their lives to its development. We pass on from the manual production system (when we made everything by hand) to the high technologies. Despite the great changes in manufacture, models, tastes, one thing stays put: the love to well-made products, as if it is still made manually.

    The changing table with the bath Pali Bagnetto Prestige is an indispensable thing for your baby! The changing table with the bath Pali Bagnetto Prestige is made of eco-friendly materials. It is very comfortable for children’s games.

    Changing table Pali is the perfect choice for the comfort of your baby!

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    Helpful information about the wall-mounted changing table

    Many new mums and dads ask themselves a question: “It is necessary to buy a changing table? And if so, which model to choose?”
    The changing table is not an article of prime necessity in the house, where there is a child, as for example bed or pram, but it makes it much easier for a new mum to care for her child.

    If you decided to buy the changing table, you should understand that its choice largely depends on the area of your child’s room.
    Choosing the changing table, pay attention to the manufacturing material. This piece of furniture must be safe for children and easy to use.

    In our time the modern stores of baby furniture and newborn products offer a wide choice of different changing tables.

    The folding wall-mounted changing table

    The folding wall-mounted changing table is excellent, modern and, above all, considered decision for the families, with small accommodations.

    This kind of changing table is mounted on any wall in the room. In closed position, it resembles a small mounted cabinet. But once you pull the door leaf, as if by magic, appears the comfortable, safe and easy-to-use changing table for your baby.

    There are some shelves for the storage of child’s cosmetics, spare nappies, diapers, and other necessary things inside the folding wall-mounted changing table.

    Sometimes the wall-mounted changing table is located in the public lavatories and sanitary rooms. As a rule, such changing table is made of shock-resistant plastic with an in-built door closer. There is a double holder for disposable paper napkins inside the table. The seat belts are equipped with the snap locks.

    The main features

    The wall-mounted changing table is folding and space-saving. It represents a perfect place for the storage of toys, blankets and other articles.

    Helpful information

    Use different fastening element for different kinds of wall coverings. Choose the suitable fastening for your walls. Never leave your child unsupervised on the changing table.

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    The main peculiarities of corner changing table

    When the child comes into the world, its parents busy themselves with the furnishing of its room, trying to assure maximal comfort for their baby. They usually buy bed, clothes, toys, and don’t forget about the pram. However, they rarely buy the changing table, as they don’t consider it the article of prime necessity.

    But it’s wrong: the changing table for newborns is comfortable and useful thing. Certainly, you can use any horizontal surface for this purpose to swaddle the child, but you won’t have all the necessary things (nappies, powders, diapers) at hand, so you’ll always be distracted by their search. As you’ll have to swaddle your baby every day, it is better if everything necessary is near at hand. So, if you have special furniture, intended for changing swaddling, you’ll be able to find everything required easily. The changing table has special drawers and compartment, used for the storage of child care articles. It will help you to save time and not to leave you child unsupervised.

    What kinds of changing tables are there?

    The plainest changing tables represent a cross between bookshelf and table. There are many shelves, trays and compartments under the table top, where you can store clothes, cosmetics and other useful things.

    The table is usually made of wood or metal, and the table top can be wooden or plastic. Some changing tables have wheels, which you can use to move them about the room. The hanging changing tables, attached to the wall, fit for small apartments. They can be turned if necessary. You can use the bags, hanged up on the special hooks, to put some useful stuff. Such tables are usually made of metal and cloth. They take little space in the room and provide the comfort of swaddling. The changing table with in-built bathtub is usually located in the bathroom. The legs or wheels with locking devices are non-skid and moisture-proof. You can locate such table even in the small bathroom: the table top is unfolded, and the bathtub is situated under it. Some tables with the bathtubs can be placed not only in the bathroom: using drainage tube, you can pour the water out of the bathtub into any container and bring it to the bath.

    Choosing the changing table, pay attention to its ecological security- no pungent smell, no defects. The table must be comfortable in height, non-skid and don’t get soiled.

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    Useful qualities of changing table mattress

    The changing table mattresses are the quite useful accessories and a great help for the mothers. At first glance, the mattress itself is very simple, but its use allows achieving the maximal comfort by the child’s care.
    The changing table mattress is a soft article with a specialized coating. It is handy for the child’s swaddling and performance of cosmetic treatments. This article fits best for the smallest babies.

    The size of mattress

    The size of mattress depends on the place where you’ll swaddle your baby. There are different options, depending on specific living conditions. The best choice is the changing table or dresser in the child’s room. But it happens that people swaddle their babies in the bathroom or on the washing machine. It doesn’t matter.

    The main thing is that the mattress matches the piece of furniture it is laid on. But it’s unadvisable to buy the mattress less than 60 cm long, as it isn’t easy-to-use. There are also special beddings for changing the newborn’s clothes. They are smaller than the mattress for the changing table.

    Which mattress to choose?

    It is clear that the mattress must be easy, non-skid, comfortable for the child and easy to care. It is desirable that the mattress has the protective sides. But it’s not easy to find a perfect mattress. It is known that something can be poured or spilled from the diapers to the mattress. Something rather easily soiled. So, you need an easily cleaned and 100 % impermeable mattress.

    The mattress is made of standard materials. It is usually filled with synthetic winterizer, folded in several layers and sewn in the certain lines.

    Every mattress is covered with the protective case made of cotton or oil-cloth. For practical reasons, the new mums choose the mattress covered with oil-cloth, as it is waterproof and easily washed. It is cool and comfortable to lie on. The mattress covered with cotton is smoother to the touch. But it is very difficult to wash. After all, it gets dirty every day.

    However, there is an intermediate option between synthetic and natural changing table mattress. Both you and your child will like it. It’s the mattress of mixed fibers, which is easily washed and smooth to the touch.

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    How to choose the best changing table topper

    The assortment of changing surfaces and tables is very broad. So, you will easily choose the most suitable model for your child.
    After a delivery of a child, the parents must see about the purchase of everything necessary for the child – pram, bed, diapers, crawlers, jerseys, bottle, and also the changing surface, representing the specific piece of furniture for changing the child’s clothes. However, many parents find this article unnecessary, as they think that they can change the baby’s dress on the sofa, table or bed.

    Is the changing table topper necessary?

    Everything hangs on your idea of necessary things. Take into account that the changing table topper will serve only a few months, so you must think if it’s worth spending money.

    Many expectant mothers are ready to buy up the whole shop, while the others spend money rationally and efficiently.

    Every family faces with the question whether to buy a changing surface or not. In any case, it is necessary, to change the child’s clothes on the horizontal surface. Everything required (diapers, nappies, cotton wool, creams, gauze) must be at hand.

    What must you take into account choosing the changing surface?

    1. If it’s the table it must be made of natural materials, safe for children. It must have a mattress, which in its turn must be covered with cloth of non-skid materials and easy to care.

    2. It’s better if the table has wheels and brakes.

    3. Try to choose as large table as possible, because the child grows fast, and the surface gets narrow for him.

    4. If the table is made of wood, ask about the level of exposure and the guarantee period of the article.

    5. The additional advantage is different pockets, boxes, shelves, where you can put everything necessary, so that it is always at hand.

    What kinds of changing tables are there?

    The changing board with sides

    It has the low boards from all sides. The base of the wood is finished with latex, as this material is easy to clean and non-skid. To change the diaper, you can put the nappy on the latex surface.

    The changing table with shelves

    This table can be made of wood, metal or plastic. It has the special shelves for cosmetics and items for the child’s care.

    The changing dresser

    There are models which look like the dresser with edges. The horizontal surface serves as a changing surface. It is big enough to put the mattress over it. The other models are completed with the mattress which has a large side.

    Take care of the perfect place for your baby’s swaddling!

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    The choice of best changing table dresser

    The child birth is a happy and outstanding event, bringing a lot of pleasant cares. It’s very important to arrange the child’s corner to make it easier for the parents to care the baby.


    In the first months of baby’s life it is necessary to assign the place, where you can swaddle it, change its clothes and make a massage. For this purpose you should buy the changing table dresser. This piece of furniture will ensure you safety and comfort!
    The baby changing table dresser provides your child with comfortable care!


    The first six months of baby’s life are the most difficult for the new mums. Of course, it’s a subjective sentiment, but anyway, it would be desirable to have everything necessary at hand to ease the cares. For this purpose, the furniture manufacturers created the changing table dresser, which you can buy very easily. The changing table dresser is comfortable and even indispensable thing for the modern mothers. The assortment of this furniture is so wide that you can choose the suitable model even for the small room. In baby goods stores you can find the best models of inexpensive changing table dressers. If you still have doubt about its purchase, we’ll try to remove them.

    Wooden changing table dresser is an indispensable thing. You can use it to swaddle the child, change its clothes and even make a prophylactic massage. Everything required will be at hand, as the drawers, located under the changing surface, can contain a lot of necessary things.

    There changing table dresser are represented in different colors and sizes. Some of them are decorated with carving in the form of animals and plants. Such models will brighten the room atmosphere and delight your eyes.


    The spacious work surface is very comfortable for making massage, washing and easy exercises. You can easily hold your child at the time of swaddling, putting the powders and creams nearby. Even if the top cover of changing table dresser has high sides, don’t live the baby alone. There are also models, equipped with the removable bathtubs and drainage.

    Another thing you must take into account choosing the changing table dresser is the quality of mattress. It mustn’t scratch the working surface, or else the child can fall on the floor. As a matter of convenience, you can adjust the dresser to the mother’s height, so that she doesn’t have to curve the back at the time of treatments. Finally, check the quality of wheels for blocking, and make sure that the construction has no sharp angles.

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    The comfort of baby changing table

    After a child birth the whole family buys all the necessary things and care articles for the baby. Recently, the new mums and dads often face with such a question: is it necessary to buy a changing table or one can do with improvised means (like chest of drawers or writing-table)? And if you decided to buy the changing table, which model you have to choose?

    Comfort or unnecessary piece of furniture?

    Many parents don’t have a clear idea of the changing table. But if you go to the specialty store or resort to the help of Internet, you’ll see the variety of changing table models, offered us nowadays.

    There are both classic changing tables, and the models including dressers, bathtubs, a lot of cases and trays. Such multifunctional changing tables can be used for the storage of child’s linen and hygiene products, which you need to have at hand by its swaddling. The advantage of classic changing table is that it can be adjusted to the mother’s height. So, you won’t have to curve you back when swaddling the baby.

    The model of baby changing table must be chosen depending on the space assigned for it in the child’s room. The changing board will take the least space, and the multifunctional changing table organizer with in-built bathtub- much more. The changing tables are often equipped with special wheels, allowing its moving from place to place.

    The choice of changing table

    Choosing the changing table, you should predetermine, what exactly you want to have, and which qualities of this or that model you find especially important. The comfortable changing table must be steady and match the mother’s height- these are the key conditions.
    You must also pay attention to the safety of changing table: there mustn’t be any constructions above its surface; if the table is folding, make sure, that it fastens properly by unfolding; check if the storing spaces for cream and other hygienic products are situated out of child’s reach. Another safety condition is the manufacturing material of changing table. It must be made of wood and covered with safe plain material.

    Then check how comfortable this model is (if you can put everything necessary in it, how fast you can take it, if the drawers open easily, and if they have limiters).

    A lot of parents are already convinced that changing table is a very comfortable device.

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    Different kinds of changing table organizers

    The ordinary changing table is nothing more than wooden table on high legs, equipped with the special changing place in the form of comfortable impermeable mattress, surrounded with protective sides. If the table has extra shelves, located under the table top, it resembles cabinet-bookshelf. This model of changing table is suitable for the storage of necessary hygienic accessories, diapers, nappies, etc.

    The changing table organizer is a heavyweight among the changing tables. In contrast to the ordinary chest of drawers, it has not only drawers and lockers, but also the changing place with soft impermeable bedding, enclosed with the sides.

    All the advantages of changing table organizer are present. It is very firm, steady, and has a long-life performance. The combination of drawers, lockers, open shelves and recesses allows lo locate all the child’s accessories inside (from the bed linen and clothes to the cosmetic preparations, packs of diapers and toys). The removable plastic containers, completed with changing table organizer, allow keeping the child’s sanitary articles (cream, powder, baby wipes) at hand.

    Choosing the changing table organizer, take into account not only its overall dimensions, but also a size of changing place, where the baby can be situated either with its feet to the mum, or sideways. Surely, the narrow organizers are more compact. But it’s not quite comfortable to dress and treat the child lying across the changing table organizer, especially because there is a protective board between the baby and the mother. So, if you choose this model, you must provide the possibility of passage from the side. The broad organizer will “eat” much room space, but it is more spacious and comfortable to use both for child and for mum. There is ample space here for child’s growth, exercises and massage. And it is easier for the mum to care for the child, especially as the communication face to face is always more pleasant.

    The compromise settlement is the organizer with the cap, folding forward. If you choose the organizer with in-built bathtub, you can move it yourself within the house. If the bathroom contains organizer, it remains here at the time of bathing. After finishing the water treatments, you should only take the baby out of the bathtub and put it on the table with the prepared nappy and changing clothes. There you can leisurely wipe and dress the child.
    You can choose the changing table organizer matching the child’s room interior.

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    The functionality of diaper changing table

    The expectation of childbirth is accompanied by the pleasant cares, such as the purpose of everything necessary for the first year of the child’s life. This shopping list stars from the baby’s dummy and ends with the child’s furniture. Of the entire list, we want to inform you about the diaper changing table, as a lot of new mums and dads think about its buying.

    The size of changing table

    It is difficult to define the standard size of changing table surface because of the wide variety of models. Choosing the changing table, be based on the following principle: the bigger is the surface, the better. It is important, as the baby gains in weight and grows very fast. As for the height of diaper changing table, choose it according to the mother’s height.

    The changing tables for child’s room

    The choice of changing tables is huge, so you can choose the suitable model according to your preferences and financial opportunities.


    The changing board. This kind of changing surface represents the board with protective sides. You can put the mattress on its bottom. It is made of different materials and is very suitable for small apartments. According to its cost, the changing board is the most economic option.

    The folding changing table with small legs is a perfect option for a walk or a trip. You only need to put in on the plain surface to start using it.

    The diaper changing table represents the changing surface with long legs. The plainest option of changing table is a folding model, as it is useful for the economy of room space. Its legs can be adjusted to the mother’s height.

    The diaper changing table can be also made by analogy with the bookshelf. It is comfortable, as everything necessary for changing clothes will be at hand.

    The changing chest of drawers is a perfect option for the child’s room, as later on it can be used as an ordinary piece of furniture for clothing storage. To make this transformation, you’ll only have to push back the changing surface. Taking into account its multifunctionality, the chest of drawers costs more than the ordinary changing table.

    The child’s bed with changing table. This kind of furniture for the child’s room is more expensive than the ordinary changing table. In this option, the bed is combined with changing surface. Later on, the changing surface is detached, and this device serves as a bed for the children up to 10 years.

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    The main information about changing table pads

    You must admit that it’s so difficult to be a careful mother! In the first months of baby’s life the mother has to run about the house day and night to provide proper care for her child- change diapers, wash, care for its navel, ears and eyes, and more than once a day. In these hard days, the new mum can find such device as changing table very useful. It can undertake the care of mum’s back and order her actions on the child’s care.

    In which case the new mum can’t do without changing table? The answer is unambiguous- if she has the back problems, the changing table is required. The secondary advantages, turning the scale to the purchase of this device, are its operability and functionality.

    The kinds of changing tables

    To begin with, the changing tables can be mobile and stationary. The first kind includes folding and hanging changing table, and also a changing board, and the second group- the table-bookshelves. So, let’s find out what is what.

    Choosing the changing table, you should take into account only two factors. Answer the following questions:

    1. Which functions do you want to changing table to perform?

    2. Where it will be located?

    Let’s begin with the folding table. As a rule, it consists of the metal legs (folding as scissors) and metal table top with sides. It is a good mobile option, which can be folded and moved to another place at any time. You can also take it with you to the summer residence or on a visit.
    Such models handle their task perfectly: the mother uses changing table for child’s care, and store everything necessary for hygienic treatment on one or two shelves, located under the table top. The folding tables can also have built-in bathtub under the removable table top.
    The disadvantages of such models are: insufficient space for the storage of child’s accessories; the sensitivity of folding legs to the floor surface imperfections (the folding table will be unsteady on the uneven floor).

    Another matter is the stationary changing table-bookshelf. It is similar to the previous option, but the four legs of this model keep steady on the floor. Sometimes they are even equipped with wheels and holder. In other respects, the both models are similar- the same table top on the top and the same drawers with shelves from the bottom.

    The changing table will help you to make the child’s care as less troublesome as possible.