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    What to give to your child? Make up a wish list

    Relatively recently we received a curious tradition – to compile a list of what you’d like to do be given for Christmas (such a list in English is called a “Christmas wish list”) and birthday (“Birthday wish list”). A child, for example, asks his mother for a new game. But she is in no hurry to buy it. She says: “Bring in the name of the game into the” Christmas Wish List “or” The list of desired gifts for the birthday. ”

    After a while, the child wished again, but now something else. And adults again offer him to put the thing he wants into the list. This list will be drawn up for several months. By the way, the child may change his mind and make a list of names crossed out instead of something else. And it is – just wonderful. A growing person has time to reflect and assess his own desires slowly.

    List of desired, parents can restrict. Let it be, let’s say, 10 points – by the number of relatives and friends, whose coming forward to the feast. In this case, the child has to a few months before the holiday carefully choose what he wants to receive as gifts. You can leave one or two points in the list called “Surprise.” Let donors themselves come up with what to buy.

    Beginning to make a “wish list” you can purchase along with the baby a beautiful notebook and do there cherished records. Lists can be illustrated by drawings. And you can hang on the wall a large piece and to lead on it “wish list”, accompanying each item with a picture or sticker pasted.

    The list can be adjusted, and even rewrite (remake) several times, waiting for a holiday. But when the final list is ready, show it to relatives and to all those invited to the feast, and they decide who will give which to the child. After the presentation of gifts took place, parents offer child to start writing the next “wish list.”

    In my opinion, this is a very good in terms of pedagogy tradition. Try to use it! After all, children’s wishes regarding gifts require an indispensable ordering from adults. Unthinkable, impossible to buy and to give children everything they want and when they want it. So let us, dear adults insert into confusion of childhood dreams (which is quite natural for the kids!) some adults ordering (which should be the wise course for adults!).

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    How to choose home swings for children?

    The modern market of children’s products is full of proposals of children’s swings that differ in price, design, child’s age, conditions of use.

    All kinds of children’s swings are divided into: electronic, suspension and floor. According to the terms of use – on swing for home and street.

    Selection guide for home swings

    When choosing a swing for home use you can use these tips:

    1. Check safety of constructions. No matter what swings, suspended or floor, they must have a margin of safety and reliability, to be heavy for stability (floor), have locks, brake or skid pad. Better, of course, to buy products of certified manufacturers that ensures safety, quality and environmental friendliness of the product.
    2. Each type of swings is designed for a certain weight and age of the baby. This should be considered when buying. For newborn babies, you can choose swings with a sign 0+, which means “from birth.”
    3. Inspect the frame of product, it should not cause you have suspicions. Safety indicator is the availability of a see-saw bumper or safety belts, or better both.

    Swings for newborns

    Infant swings are called modern rocking venues. Swings have not only the function of vibration (motion), they are programmed to play different melodies (GRACO Sweetpeace), have different speeds of motion, some have mobility (Sugar Plum Fisher-Price) and the canopy (Mocha Butterfly Papasan from Fisher-Price).
    Several states of swings back allow to use swings to a different age of the child. Sometimes chair may also serve as a carrying.

    Suspended swings

    The most unreliable form of children’s swings. But they have a number of indisputable advantages.
    They are very mobile: they can be used both at home and on the street. They practically do not take up space in the house, they can, if necessary, remove and get. And this is a significant plus in a city apartment. These swings are light, they do not have sharp corners, they fix well the baby, and some “grow” with the child.

    Floor swings

    You can use floor swings from one year, they are less mobile, but also useful as a pendant. This type of swing is not the most compact, and therefore space for installation, ie, area of the room should be large. They come in several variants: with soft bumpers and seats with tables, electronic, metal, plastic.

    The advantage of such a swing in their softness (soft covers on the back, bumpers, bumper, groin strap, hanging construction), security (all sharp angles and connection mechanisms are safely hidden by cloth), stability (rubber “soles” and “corners” on the legs). It is also important that the soft lining, preferably made of oilskin materials that require minimal care, but have a low strength, torn and cracked.

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    How to deal with boys room decoration

    Children’s room for a boy of preschool and primary school age should be convenient and combine gaming space with the training one.
    Bed for sleeping, carpet or sofa and table games for learning – so parents plan. But children often study in bed, play on the table and get asleep on the couch. All the furniture in the room should be comfortable and ergonomic. Make sure that the room would be light enough.
    For a boy of this age toys are still important. Choose a place for them in a special box under the bed or under the sofa or in a closet.

    The boys, as you know, can be real perishers and notorious dreamers. Children room for a boy is a simple, functional room, ready for a quick transformation. Their interests are diverse, therefore it is appropriate to begin the design with a discussion of his interests with the owner. It makes no sense to impose future man your interests, tastes. If he is a petrol-head, the nautical theme in the design does not suit him, an imitation of the ship’s cabins will simply disappoint him. Boys’ interests and hobbies are changing frequently. The new craze involves a quick change of the situation. Therefore, choosing the interior to their rooms should be guided by practicality, simplicity. Then the little master can easy renew the room. The simplest, easiest option decorating the walls of his «ownership» is vinyl stickers. It is easy to hang print images on the wall and easy to remove them. It is also possible to decorate the ceiling with stickers, especially those that twinkle at night. various glitters, stars, month, toys are produced for that.

    After the choice of the design theme, it is necessary to choose the color. Quiet, unobtrusive shades of blue relax physically, calm mentally. In the area of games some bright colors are usually added to create a cheerful mood. Notable elements can be upholstery, carpet, pictures (stickers). Boys are quite restless, their games are very active, that is, they move a lot. They need space in the room. When choosing furniture it is necessary to take into account its functionality. Because in the kids room it should not be too much of that. The most necessary items can be installed – a sofa bed, a desk with drawers, a couple of shelves, a small wardrobe. For two guys it will be convenient to set a bunk bed. Compact transforming objects are “growing” along with the owner. It is necessary to provide a sports corner. Attributes there will change naturally as the master is maturing.

    The interior should be comfortable and functional. Do not forget about the aesthetic properties of the room: it must be comfortable, original and beautiful.

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    A Guide To Choose Children Bedroom Design

    Perhaps the modern tendency to design children’s rooms in the prominent style concept is caused by the rapid obsolescence of interior, born of the beloved hero image. Here almost everything can find its place: from a little bit faded, but still demanded Provence style to the stylish loft; from the functional high-tech to very unusually rethinking of retro. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular and fresh stylistic ideas that are perfect for children’s room decoration and design: how can we implement them and for whom they suit?

    Children’s loft-style is more logical to call “adolescent”. Free, spacious and a little rebellious style is closer to teenagers. This type of housing draws inspiration from the industrial design, the spacious and diaphanous textile surplus. It is characterized by high ceilings, large areas of glazing, simulating factory shops, simple and functional furniture made of wood and metal. Fragments of masonry can be used pretty often.

    Interior details include ladders, metal structures, and other elements of industrial ‘heritage’. Loft can intersect with eco-style and steam-punk. These collaborations born spacious interiors, original, functional, appropriate for freedom-loving nature with original thinking.
    Many deny the high-tech, accusing it of cold detachment and lack of emotion. However, when you make a children room you can go a bit away from the meticulous observance of all stylistic features, taking from the spacious and functional style the best things.

    Bright and smooth tones, elegant simplicity of design, the active use of modern materials make the child comfortable and hygienic. Filling the room with all the technological innovations will delight any growing child, and rational design of the room makes the most convenient for training, games and recreation. Such room will be liked by well-minded people that have a systemic thinking and a good imagination. By changing just a few items, you can get a whole new mood of the room.

    Full copies of the adult style interior while renovating at the children room is another modern trend. Passion for analogy is due, primarily, to the common belief that ‘today’s children grow up faster’. To put it mildly, this is not always true. Great information availability is not always accompanied by emotional and moral maturity. However, the modern information field generates a desire to be like adults quite early. And now there are children rooms that cannot be distinguished from other rooms in the house. They can be made in a deliberately simple, classic style or get the characteristics of the most radical art. Designing a children room, you need to pay more attention to its functionality, which should fit the needs of a small inhabitant of the room.

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    Pieces of advice about children room decor

    Layout and design of modern children rooms provokes a huge number of violent disputes, which include not only designers but also psychologists, pediatricians, even public figures, not to mention their parents and growing-up children. What ideas are in the air today, which approach is most deserving of attention in the design of the kids’ room, and what does changeable interior fashion think about it?

    Conceiving the design of the most important room in the house – the children room, you must immediately answer the question: what will be the basis of design. Modern children’s rooms are formed in a certain style of interior or around a beloved child image. For example, a room for the Princess, Good Girl or Candy Kid or a site of Gentleman, Flyer or Superhero. The selected image dictates colors, interior features, and even functional filling of a child’s room. How can you achieve compliance of the interior with the desired image?

    The easiest way is to create a center of attention by the desired image. For example, volumetric 3D-wallpapers or bright poster, the picture on the wall or a photo collage on the theme will immediately declare the rod, on which design details will be ‘strung’.

    The color will be an excellent assistant, which will create the desired association. Princess room is characterized by a combination of pink, white, crimson and pearly tones. For underwater grotto of Little Mermaid soft watercolor, green-blue colors and vibrant color accents, like colorful fish, swim in the coral reefs are more suitable. Brave Space Explorer will necessarily face dark blue velvet of the night sky, and the decor of Little Lord’s room must necessary include noble plaid and chocolate hues, that are typical for British living rooms.

    However it is not necessary to fill the room with annoying details that must necessarily be associated with the selected image. Give some space to children’s imagination; let the environment serve as a springboard from which irrepressible imagination starts. Therefore, in addition to the central theme and color accents, to two or three parts, which will help to identify the image will be enough. For example, lighting fixtures of original forms, frames for photos, mirrors and chairs that create associations with the main hero-image.

    Creating the design of children’s room in a certain way, we must remember that children grow quickly, after a year chosen hero can get bored. A child cannot associate himself with the same character for a long time. That’s right – you cannot always play the same game! So parents need to be prepared to quickly transform a room in accordance with the changing tastes of their child.

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    How to decorate kids room

    Children should certainly have a room where they can safely play, study, entertain friends without disturbing other family members. Children room is a fabulous island in the original house. Its decoration is pretty exciting event.

    First of all preferences of a small host are taken into account. Elder children themselves prompt thematic focus for the design of space. Decorating rooms of younger kids, creating ideas, of course, parents will base on child’s favorite fairy tales. Theme of the interior has to meet the tastes and hobbies of the child. Kids always appreciate a bright, unconventional idea. Personal space is the world of the child, so it is necessary to make it aesthetic, comfortable, spacious, safe. The main aspect of the children room decoration is creating an exciting, playing atmosphere that kid will not want to leave. Choosing room interior it is necessarily take into account the age of the host. For example, images of cheerful little animals on the walls are not interested for school children. For emphasizing the style it appropriate to use different settings – stickers, cheerful lamps, bright images (panels), theme design of ceilings. Surrounded by superheroes, princesses, fairies child is much cozier than next to adults and their ‘boring’ problems.

    It is important to bear in mind that children and adults perceive the colors differently. For the harmony and normal development a child is usually surrounded by calm, gentle tones, bringing vivid shades. This gamma without no doubt sets for the activity, study, work. ‘Fruity’ colors are quite effective: quince, apricot, apple. Funny elements in the interior – different colored curtains, colorful blankets, pillows, toys – give room perky look. The main thing is to make a kids’ room in the same style. Some prefer to create a ‘sailor room’ and some – to design a ‘spaceship’.

    In the room one must have a thermometer – it is necessary to monitor the temperature in the children room, preventing its drops. Floor is necessary to be warm, because for the games children prefer soft mat to chairs and sofas. It should also provide a clean floor. (It should be easy to clean).

    You can put an easel, hang chalkboard for room owner’s creative activity. When a child’s room is small (or children’s corner), it is more worthwhile to buy a universal furniture. Funny curtains, children’s furniture will easily draw a line of corner for children.
    Construction can be effectively decorated with the colored lights. As we know lighting is very important in the children room. The central light is not enough. Proper lighting will be provided by a floor lamp, wall lamp, and when kid is studying – by the presence of a desk lamp. Low light during sleep will be ensured by a funny bedlamp.

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    4 Very Interesting Ideas For Kids Bedrooms

    Having a child brings a great joy to the family. Preparing for the new family member starts long before the birth of the baby. One of the most important things is to prepare the children’s room. Modern design trends in children rooms are changing from year to year.
    Saying about modern interior one of the main ideas is to use pretty neutral tones and colors. In this case, you do not have to worry about the balance of colors. The interior will always be calm and restrained. The second sign of modern design is the space and simplicity of design.
    Space and compactness is the key to a modern interior. This means that there should not be a lot of furniture in the children room. In such an interior child can live up to adolescence or even longer. Moreover, if necessary, it will be much easier to change the design and decor of the interior later than if it would consist of gender structures.

    The idea of the interior: Day and Night

    The name of this unique idea is relative and has no direct relation to the time of day. But it reflects the contrast of colors. For this idea you can choose two colors and paint the space in two colors. Pink and white, pink and red, dark brown and beige, blue and white, green and lemon yellow, light green and dark brown, or white and blue.
    There are an infinite number of options for combinations, the main thing is that one color would be dark and the other would be light. For example, one wall can be dark and three others are light. Light or neutral furniture, cribs and other accessories will coordinate contrasting colors.

    The idea of the interior: quadrille and stripes

    Plaid or striped theme rooms are also a good idea. The only thing you should be careful with is the choice of color. The idea is very simple. You can paint a room in one color and to make cells in the other color. It is desirable that both shades would be of light, neutral tones.
    You can simply put up quadrille or strip wallpapers. Wardrobes, beds and other items should be unicolour. This design does not lose relevance for many years, and besides, it does not look too childish or boring.

    The idea of the interior: Bubble theme

    Another fairly simple and at the same time modern idea of the children’s room decoration is to use a bubble theme. The most simple is to paint the walls in light pastel color and draw the great circles of the same pastel color on it, but slightly darker shade. Peas and circles can be cut and pasted from vinyl. Circles painted on all the walls, make the kids room more joyful and positive. For storage you can choose the furniture or in the same pastel shades or dark contrasting colors.

    The idea of the interior: the Tree of Knowledge

    On one wall or in a corner, you can draw a tree with many branches, on which will be glued not only leaves, but also, for example, letters, numbers or flowers of the alphabet. A bed should be placed by the wall next to the tree. The kid will be growing up and at the same time memorizing the letters and numbers. The rest of the room furniture can also be dark brown or green.

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    How To Decorate Your Children’s Bedroom

    Probably every parent dreams of a spacious and bright room for his child. But, unfortunately, the reality is often not so rosy … I present you a selection of children’s room designs. I hope that any of this many people will take on board.

    Children must be perfect in the eyes of its young master. But we, adults, often do not take it into consideration, but even do not think that it is necessary to consult with our child, furnishing a room for him.

    But the interior and its colors is a small world that can provide a very large impact on the temper of the child and the formation of his personality. And of course, for kid there should be comfortable and interesting in his room.

    Talk with your child

    Designers call the children’s one a room where the child lives from birth to twelve years. When he grows out of short pants, already ‘adult’ requirements are imposed to his room. And the owner can put his own demands.

    But while he is quite small, design of children room rests on the shoulders of parents, and doing it, though is a pleasant, but not an easy task.
    The most common adults’ mistake is to design a children room without a child. Of course, three-year old child won’t tell you that he prefers the interior in any particular style, but it is not necessary. But the child is able to say that he wants walls with ‘fish’, ‘cubs’ or with any ‘unknown little animals’.

    After all, every kid is living in his own fantasy world. Take the trouble to create an atmosphere in the nursery, which will meet them and to please your kid. And do not forget the simple truth that which is good for an adult is bad for the child.

    In the design of children’s room there are some unwritten rules, which are recommended to follow.

    Firstly, the room should be “stable”. This means that the floor should be darker than the walls. If it is the opposite – the child won’t understand the design refinements and he will feel himself uncomfortable.

    Second, the color should be bright and cheerful.
    In general, the color is a powerful stimulant, and with its help you can inspire your child for a lot of things. For example, blue color is a cool feeling, it calms the nervous system, and green is refreshing and also has a calming effect.
    These colors are good for rooms with windows facing south. Or for the children rooms, whose owners are full of play, excitable or hyperactive children. And if your kid is too quiet, inhibited child add more yellow and orange tones to his room creating a good mood. They are good for rooms where the sun rarely has a look.

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    Some handful ideas for children bedrooms

    Does your family want new emotions? Or perhaps you have decided to treat your child, haven’t you? Give him or her piece of joy, and let it be an adventure for both of you! You can attach the wheels to the bed and get a car, or put the whole road to the wall. Most important and useful thing here for you will be your imagination. Your child will absolutely love these inventions!

    1. WALL BED
      This kids’ bed can be a place for games. It can act as a pirate ship and a secret treasure chest, as a vehicle for young drivers (you can attach a steering wheel in the sidebar). It will be a lair for your baby in which he can hide from the terrible monsters. Especially in such a house your kid will get off to sleep much better than in usual bed, believe me!
      You will have to do a little magic for creating such a road. To do this you will need an old tire, blue paint, large cooking pot, burdock root and frog foot. I think you have guessed it was a joke. All of this let’s leave for the children’s fairy tales, but we will need completely different things: magnetic board, which you can get to order and toy cars. Imagine friends coming after school and seeing a road on the wall. Yes, your child will instantly be the coolest in school!
      Create a large and comfortable seat for your child. It can be used in any room, it will always be interesting. Include your design skills and create! Make it special, for example, in the form of a drum. The main thing is that the baby can drum as much as necessary, without disturbing the neighbors. Help your children to develop talents!
    4. SWING
      If you want to be the parent of the year, than this idea is for you! Create DIY swing for the kid from rope, fabric or even tires. Just make safe anchorages. Maybe that you are the parent of young Tarzan!
      This sofa will please any kid, because every child is trying to find a place in the house for him or her. It can be made of mattresses, blankets and pillows. The advantage of this sofa is the transformation into the other furniture, and most importantly it can be used for jumping, because children do love it!
      If you want to create a truly unique atmosphere of a children’s bedroom, the ceiling can become a key part of the design. Colorful ceiling can become the center of the room, adding charm and fairy-tale interior. If a young pirate, fairy or cosmonaut live in your house, then you will love this idea.

      • Starry Sky
        Glowing stars and planets are always fascinating. Design of ceilings, made in the style of the sky is a win-win both for boys and girls.
      • Canopies and testers
        An oriental-style canopy can add a touch of charm and mystery to the room of a young beauty. False ceiling in combination with creative lighting will definitely be a highlight of the interior.
      • Magic Sky
        Perhaps the starry sky seems trivial to you, then you can decorate the ceiling of colorful flowers, thus creating an atmosphere of fairy tales and magic. Depending on the theme of the interior, choose a color and pattern so that it coincides with the walls.