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    Kids & baby clothing

    Long gone are days of hung out to dry nappies. Doctors initially gave the green light to a wide diapering, and then it was canceled altogether. In fact, giving permission and for mothers, and for designers on special children fashion.

    For children’s clothing there are not so many requirements than for children’s shoes. By following them, you can always choose the right outfit for your princess or prince.


    First rule: children’s clothing should be made of natural fabrics.

    If it is winter, it is permissible to put some absolutely magnificent synthetic outfit on natural fabrics. Synthetic fabrics often look more beautiful than natural ones. And they are often significantly cheaper. But it was natural fabrics that let the child’s body to “breathe” and help the imperfect system of thermoregulation.


    From the first days of life can be put on the baby jeans or dress with mini-corset. But why to pinch gentle child`s body with laces, buttons, locks? All that he will have in large amounts, but later. The first six months, choose a soft, loose clothes without drawstrings. This is especially true of drawstrings on the throat (risk of suffocation) and clothing in which baby will sleep. Clothes should not hamper the movements of the child.


    Maybe it will surprise you, but children from birth have color preferences. And boys and girls are different! Common to all children is a dislike for dark colors. Generally susceptibility to color of children is higher than of adults. Even a year-old baby may refuse to carry the thing that he does not like in color. According to psychologists, bright colors cheer up. In general, a child’s choice of clothing color coincides with his temperament.


    As a rule, in the first three months of life, full-term babies are more or less “standard”. You just go to the store and buy those things where is specified age or a child’s growth. In the future, there are simple rules. When buying clothes for growth look at the child how will look like pants or a jacket with trousers or rolled up sleeves, respectively. The permissible deviation of the growth of the child is considered by labeling things for a couple of centimeters in one direction or another. To easure the child if he is not a walker shopping, this is the easiest way. Put him back to the wall and making a mark in relation to its height (in this case, you can use a thick book), measure the distance to the floor with usual measuring tape.

    The amount of clothes.

    In the fall and winter for sedentary kids is acting a simple rule: how to layer plus one. Standard blanket in the stroller is not included in the concept of “one layer”. If you are a sling-mother (or plan to be it), wear a baby under your jacket as a blanket. In spring baby is dressed like yourself. During summer heat baby are dressed often even better than yourself, because overheating for the baby remains even worse than hypothermia.

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    Main features of baby winter clothes

    From the beginning of autumn, the parents start to think about the purchase of baby winter clothes. The modern children’s wear shops offer a broad assortment of clothes for all tastes. It can confuse the mothers. After all, the properly chosen clothes assure the child’s comfort and health at the time of walk. The more comfortable your baby feels the merrier and calmer will be the walk in the fresh air. The question arises: how to choose baby winter clothes properly? First of all, the clothes must be comfortable, warm and qualitative. The clothes must have such qualities: blow- and water-resistance and retention of heat.

    The peculiarities of baby winter clothes choice

    1. Convenience and comfort. The clothes must be comfortable. They must not be too tight and rub. The winter suits must be chosen to size.
    2. Pay attention to the weight of clothes. All the clothes must be light, not to hinder child’s movements at the time of walk. The winter suits for babies can help you with this.
    3. It is better to buy the clothes with the waterproof upper part. After all, if the child comes home after a walk with wet back or legs, it won’t add it health.
    4. Ease of care. The children adore active games. So, after the ski race, snowball fight and sledging the child’s clothes won’t be very clean.
    5. Nowadays, the special fabrics, produced according to the modern technologies, are used for making winter suits. Such suits are remarkable for their lightness. They are comfortable and not blown out.

    Membrane clothes

    Recently the winters have changed, and so did the requirements to the warm clothes. It must allow you to feel neither too cold nor too hot. The winter clothes must have water- and stain-repellent properties and be air-permeable. The newborn babies will like synthetic winterizer and downy suits. And the children leading an active life need more modern suits.

    Winter membrane suits deserve special attention. Notice that these clothes are perfect for the active children.
    Buying membrane clothes for the baby think what it will wear under it, as the effect of membranes depends on the underclothes.
    All the parents want their children to look comfortable and stylish. But don’t forget about warmth and comfort.

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    Perfect and trendy baby clothes

    Certainly, every mother wants her child to dress beautifully and fashionably. But the children grow fast, and not all the parents can afford the constant updating of child’s clothes. What do you have to do if you want to dress your child beautifully, without spending much money?

    To start, you must choose the most sensible clothes. Surely, all the children want to have a lot of smart clothes, but they most probably won’t need it. It is no secret that the cost of children’s wear is nearly equal to the adults’ clothing, so don’t buy your child many equal things. Choosing the clothes for the baby, determine its functional purpose. It is better to buy several universal sets of clothes, which can be combined for daily wear and festive occasions. For those children who attend kindergarten and like to walk outdoors, it is better to choose practical, comfortable, easily washed and quick-drying clothes. For the boys, it is enough to have several blouses and trousers- these are the perfect and comfortable clothes for casual wear. As for the girls, buy them a set of clothes, including sun-dress, blouses, trousers and skirts. Choosing the kids’ clothes, mums must pay special attention to the quality of clothes, naturalness of materials and color score.

    It is advisable to buy the children’s shoes at the start of the season. At that, one pair of shoes isn’t enough, as it is necessary to change them. You can buy the children both open and closed shoes for the summer. For the winter you should buy felt boots, leather boots or high shoes. You can also buy warm boots for rainy weather.
    The children also need holiday clothes for solemn occasions.


    Boys will look great in jeans or trousers in combination with coat or jacket. This set can be completed with T-shirt or shirt, sweater, hoodie or waistcoat. If the child has all these clothes, you can combine them and get excellent smart attires.


    Of course, the girls need some more clothes, so it is better to combine two or three sets. Of course, it is necessary to complete her clothes with beautiful and smart dress. A little fashionable girl will like a bright skirt combined with cardigan and jumper. To complete and finish the girl’s image, you can add some accessories- decorations, bows, headscarves or colored tights.

    Don’t forget that children want and like to be fashionable!

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    The main characteristics of newborn baby girl clothes

    Today’s assortment of newborn baby girl clothes is broad. But you must approach the question of buying new things very seriously, as the low-quality goods can injure child’s health.

    How to choose properly?

    In the first year of life the child grows and gains in weight very fast. So, if you want to save money, it is not necessary to buy many clothes of one size, because they’ll just stay unclaimed.

    1. The newborn baby girl clothes must be comfortable and don’t hinder its movements. You should give preference to the qualitative natural fabrics. The skin of newborns is tender, so choose fine and soft fabric in order to avoid its irritation.
    2. The synthetic material and fabric dyes can cause serious pathologic reaction in the children, susceptible to allergic reactions. Buying winter clothes, pay attention to the yarn. The natural wool is not the best choice, as its fibers are mostly coarse and scratchy. The basic requirements to the winter romper suit are the ability to retain heat and not let water.
    3. It is important that the newborn baby girl clothes are loose-fitting, but at the same time not baggy. After all, the baby will feel comfortable neither in too wide nor in too tight clothes. Usually, the newborn clothes don’t have inseams. It is necessary not to irritate sensitive skin.
    4. Avoid the bright colors, as they can harm not yet strong child’s organs of sight. The clothes of pastel shades are more suitable. The elastics on the cuffs must not be tight and squeeze child’s legs and hands.
    5. Don’t waste your money on too expensive dresses and other clothes for the newborn baby girls. After all, the child spends most of the time sleeping. So, it doesn’t require this beauty. When it comes to the dresses, it is extremely uncomfortable article of clothing for the newborn, especially when the girl learns to crawl.
    6. Another important aspect is safety. Don’t choose the clothes with different ribbons, laces and other hanging accessories. If the clothes have buttons, see to it that they’re attached fast. The buttons on the back are also undesirable- they will squeeze in any case.

    The beautiful clothes for newborn baby girls must be not only comfortable, but also quickly dressed and easy to wash.

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    The advantages of organic baby clothes

    The delicate children’s skin is very susceptible to external agencies. Synthetics and the fabrics treated with chemical composition, and even poorly twisted threads can cause allergic reactions, reddening and eruption. If you want to avoid such problems and prevent the irritation of your child’s skin, you should pay attention to the eco baby clothes out of organic fabrics. They are made of selected organic materials and have natural origin. The natural fabric base is grown, gathered and treated according to the strict production standards. The fabrics are GMO-, pesticides- and chemicals- free.

    Organic baby clothes of natural cotton

    Organic cotton is a hundred-per-cent eco-friendly material, grown without the use of chemicals and gathered manually in the conditions of maximal preservation of environment. Organic cotton is not exposed to the chlorine bleaching and is painted only with natural paints. The eco-clothes of organic cotton are mostly bought for the smallest children and newborns. The thing is, their skin is especially susceptible to the unnatural fabrics and materials, treated with synthetic compositions.

    Babies’ eco-clothes of organic cotton:

    1. Transmit the air, doesn’t upset the operation of skin breathing and doesn’t create “hotbed effect”. The clothes of ordinary cotton can hold the ingress of air.
    2. Doesn’t cause skin irritations and eruptions, as organic cotton is not treated with chemicals neither at the stage of growing, nor at the time of treatment and the manufacture of threads.
    3. It is more durable in comparison with the clothes of ordinary cotton.

    Babies’ eco-clothes of organic wool

    The principal wool suppliers all over the world are sheep. At that, the mark “100 % wool” on label doesn’t secure the organic composition of fibers.
    The most natural and safe kind of wool is organic wool with the marking “100% organic wool demeter”. This kind of wool implies the strict observance of all current standards: the animal grazing is realized in a free way, they are kept under natural conditions and treated humane. There are no growth hormones, antibiotics and chemicals in their fodder. Harmful synthetic compounds are not used for the wool treatment and tailoring.

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    The most popular unisex baby clothes

    Unisex is the clothing style which doesn’t express gender and allows combining the elements of men’s and women’s wear.

    The choice of clothes for boys and girls from 1 to 3 years has its specificity. This is due to the fact that the child’s way of life (at this age) changes very fast. The child’s constitution also suffers changes. The figure of the children under 3 years is yet disproportionate. For example, the child’s head is obviously bigger than necessary to correspond the length of the body. The belly is slightly protruding, the waist is not yet clear-cut, and the neck is short, as well as the legs and arms. So, the reduced models of men’s and women’s wear won’t fit for the baby. They will look odd on their bodies.

    The children under 3 years develop their motor habits actively. It is well known that approximately at one year children start to walk without assistance. At two they run quickly enough. Accordingly, the chosen clothes should be comfortable and not hindering the movements. The preferable choice is the loose-fitting clothes. But you should avoid too wide models. Wearing such clothes, the child can get entangled, fall and be injured.

    The clothes for boys and girls from 1 to 3 years, intended for the walks in the fresh air, are unisex. So, the optimal choice for the winter is practical, warm and comfortable romper suit. As for the summer, the best unisex clothes are so-called “sandpipers”. The shorts are also comfortable for the summer walks. By the way, the child can wear them even in the cold season (for instance, in the kindergarten). As an alternative to the winter romper suits, many parents choose warm jackets. It is advisable to choose the models made of water- and dirt-resistant materials.

    The head-dresses are the required attribute of the child’s clothes, irrespective of the season. For the winter and autumn, choose the warm caps, similar in color to the decoration of the upper garments. The optimal decision for the warm season is: cap, baseball cap, headscarf, bandanna and a comfortable Panama hat.

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    Must-have clothes for the newborns

    One of the most pleasant tasks for the new mum is the purchase of the newborn clothes.
    We recommend you not to buy too many clothes, as the newborn grows very fast. So, you won’t need it.

    The first year of baby’s life is divided into three periods:

    1. from birth to three months;
    2. from three to six months;
    3. from six months to one year.

    Buying the clothes for the newborn, you should take into account the pace of child’s development at this time. Besides, the child will need very few “outfits” for the first period of his life. The baby will wear them for a short time, as it grows very fast in the first months.
    The newborn must be dressed warmly. Within the first weeks the baby is very sensitive to cold and temperature drop. So, you should stock up the warm woolen clothes.

    The baby must feel comfortable in the undershirt. And it must be easy for you to dress your baby in it. For this purpose, you should sew and buy quite loose linen.
    The child’s skin is very sensitive, so it mustn’t be irritated. Give preference to the baby’s undershirts made of light fabric or material.
    Some baby’s undershirts and swaddling clothes are made of synthetic fabric. Notice that they can cause skin stimulations in some babies.
    The child is susceptible to the infections. So, everything surrounding it must be immaculate. It is necessary to have enough easily washed clothes, so that you can often change the newborn’s clothes.

    Within the first six months the child is mainly sleeping. So, it is unadvisable to buy too expensive clothes for this period. The elegancy of its clothing is in its cleanness. Save your striving to dress your baby beautiful for later.

    What do you have to prepare for the child?

    • 8-12 fine baby’s undershirts;
    • 6-8 warm long-sleeved jackets (made of flannel or baize);
    • 4-6 pairs of crawlers;
    • 20-24 diapers;
    • 8-10 thin nappies;
    • 4-6 warm nappies made of flannel or baize;
    • 2-3 thin bonnets or headscarves;
    • 2-3 warm caps;
    • mittens for the winter;
    • soft baby bootees;
    • 3-4 bibs.

    The child’s clothes can be completed with a thin woolen kerchief, which, due to its practicality, will serve you fairly often. You can wrap a child in it, when you must carry it from the house to the pram or from the bathroom to the bed.

    You should remember that the newborn clothes must be easy to put on. They must not hinder the child’s movements. The newborn needs the freedom of movements.

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    Tips for the choice of baby boy clothes

    You may think that all the small children are alike. But only the outsiders can think in this way. There are some differences in the clothes, suitable for baby girls and baby boys.

    As a rule, the newborn boys are larger than the girls.

    When you’re going to the maternity home, take the clothes of a little bigger size, if you’re expecting a boy.

    Both overheating and overcooling of boy’s lower region is undesirable. That’s why it is necessary to choose quite loose clothing for the newborn boys. It must be warm, but the child must not perspire in it. Whatever way of your child’s dressing you choose, there must be an air space between the clothes and the child’s body. If the baby wears loose clothes, they ensure its free movement, which in its turn protects it from overheating and overcooling. It is unadvisable to put too many clothes on your baby. The overheating is unhealthy both for the newborns and for the elder kids. Perhaps, you should dress the child in something warm when you return home from the maternity home. But at home, the child can wear only the crawlers and baby’s undershirt.

    The fashionable baby boy’s wear must be made of a light airy material. It is better to choose the natural materials- cotton, flax or wool. The easier and faster the clothes are put on, the more comfortable they are for you and your baby. If you buy a romper suit, see to it that the child feels free in it, even if he wears a diaper. Some romper suits have the special cut of leg seams, making the child’s movements easier.

    Now it is accepted to dress the boys in blue, and the girls- in pink. But more than a century ago it was the other way round: pink was considered brighter and more manly than blue. At that time, the newborn boys wore pink. If you have doubts about the color of the clothes you should buy, choose white. The sellers of children’s wear often recommend the parents who are not quite clear about the sex of their child, to buy white clothes. Another advantage of white is that this color is very smart, hygienic (although too easily soiled). And if you’re crazy about the combination of shades, it’s much easier to match the white clothes for color.

    The first thing you should take into account choosing the clothes for your baby is its comfort and convenience!

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    How to choose the proper size and style for kids clothes

    When the baby comes into the world, its parents get many new cares and troubles. One of the most important questions is the choice of clothes for the baby. In the first months of its life, the new mums and dads set no great store by the child’s clothing size. Until the baby learns to walk or at least sit, its clothing must be just soft and comfortable. The crawlers, bodies, overalls and blouses for the newborn appears in large quantities as the present from relatives and friends. The babies fail to wear many of them even one time, as they grow very fast in the first months of their life. Nevertheless, sooner or later, the parents face with a question: how to define the child’s clothing size.

    When you enter the infants wear store, and ask the shop-assistant to show you the thing you like, you’ll certainly hear the question: “What size?” A lot of new mums call the age of their babies, thinking that all of them wear the same size. However, even the smallest children have different clothing sizes. While the height of one five-month-old child is 58 cm, the height of another one can be 68 cm. Of course, they’ll need the clothes of different sizes.

    Most of the children’s wear manufacturers use the child’s height to mark its size. This count system is convenient and suits for the children up to 4 years. At that, the parents should take into account that the child’s clothing size are meant for the children of standard constitution. The clothing sizes of one-year babies can be very different. Everything depends on the baby’s degree of activity, nutrition, physical and psychological development. The specialists from all over the world agree in opinion that every baby is individual, and there is no uniform system for all children.

    To buy the comfortable clothes for your baby, you should take into account the following factors:

    1. The clothes must be not only bright and beautiful, but also made of qualitative materials.
    2. There is no point in buying child’s clothes with room for growth (of much bigger size). As your child grow very fast, it won’t feel comfortable in such clothes for the current season. And until the next season, these clothes will be small for it.
    3. The child’s wear must be loose and don’t hinder its movements. The tight clothes don’t let the child move and develop.
    4. When you buy the child’s clothes, take into account its own wishes. Then it will wear the chosen clothes with great pleasure.

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    The choice of dresses for baby girls

    Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess. And a beautiful and elegant dress can help her with this! Nowadays there is a broad assortment of clothes for the small ladies- from casual wear to the most unusual and extravagant dresses. Using Internet shops, you can choose the most suitable clothes from the wide variety, even without leaving home.

    It is important that the chosen clothes are not only beautiful and festive, but also comfortable and practical. The choice of this or that dress depends on the occasion. For school or kindergarten, it is better to choose the dark-colored clothing of dense texture. Keep the bright, flimsy dresses with the beautiful harmonious trimming for solemn occasions. The hair accessories also play an important role. Finally, they can either save or completely spoil the image of small lady.

    The modern shops can offer you various fashionable cuts, broad assortment and any color score to your taste. Even the most “fanciful” little princesses will be able to satisfy their needs. After all, the baby girl’s joy at the moment of buying her favorite dress is so touching! It is particularly well, if this dress is unusual and exclusive.

    The time when children had to wear the clothes of the elders, has gone. It often happened that these clothes were extended and faded. After all, the cloth quality left much to be desired. Even the new clothes did. It was dull and featureless. It was very difficult to find a smart dress for baby girl.

    But as time went on, things began to change. Today’s baby girl clothes are intended to emphasize their individuality. The modern clothing is able to turn every child into a small angel. Due to the use of practical natural fabrics, the clothing keeps its appearance for a long time. It is also smooth to the touch.

    Buying the clothes for your baby girl, you must pay attention to the composition and quality of material, the quality of tailoring and the comfort of your “princess”. In our time, there is a wide variety of different dresses at reasonable prices!

    Choosing the clothes, determine the desired price and try on the dresses you can afford. It will save you a lot of time.
    Remember that one can’t have too many beautiful dresses! After all, the best present for the holiday is the smart and exclusive dress.