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    What you need to remember for bathroom design?

    Bathroom is a place where begins and ends our day. At the morning we get up and use it for refreshing to finally wake up, and at the evening do all the rituals that help us to throw off the accumulated over the day severity. You can easily guess that the bathroom interior design plays a significant role in the rest of our future day.

    First, you need to analyze the bathroom. Look closely and make conclusions, whether have you it little or large enough to host the interior and large plumbing? This is very important! If you, like most Russians, have small bathroom, you need to choose the color scheme and design of the bathroom in such way, that at least a little visually enlarge the space. For example, to make glossy ceiling, use small tile, put the mirrors, use bright colors as the main. All this things will allow you to enlarge the space visually. Well, if your bathroom has non-standard size, than consider how you could use the place!

    Now you may think about the inner decoration of the bathroom. You will have to decide with family, what is more preferable for you – bath, which can be with shower, or shower cabin only. Both options have its pros and cons, so the only you can choose one solution.

    Next you need to consider how you can place the sink, mirror, washing machine and other things, so that the design of the bathroom would be visible. Can you do stepwise approach to your bathroom, can you supply an unusual shell (for example, shell-aquarium), perhaps will you bet on subdued lighting and colors? Or will your bathroom even remind a tropical forest?

    Of course, during planning of bathroom design you need not forget about safety precautions and about what the finishing materials you need to choose. The humidity in the room is always very high, and it is not excluded constant direct contact with water. So if you do not use special waterproof and water-repellent materials, it can end up disastrous. The main finishing material is ceramic tile, faience, plastic, etc. Of course, you can use other interesting materials, such as artificial stone, wood, water paint, etc. But their life is not so long.

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    The minimalist design of the modern house

    The minimalist design is the symbol of the modern house. This style was created in the middle of the last century, but it remains actual and exclusive.

    The minimalist style is characterized by small amount of furniture (besides, it’s rather low). It has the form of regular geometric figures, such as cube, sphere, and rectangle.

    The design is characterized by pure lines. There’s nothing unnecessary in the interior. It brings peace after a daily stress. According to the experienced designers, minimalism is the favorite style of creative personalities and philosophers.


    The minimalist design can be realized in any modern apartment. In this article we’ll discuss an interesting layout in the modern minimalistic style.

    The common feature of all rooms is the absence of large cabinets. They were replaced by the elegant wall shelves. They have a light design and create the feeling of airiness. Developed with several elements, they have not only practical, but also decorative function. The cabinets are mounted asymmetrically in width and height of space. The furniture of living-room in minimalistic design is modern and functional.


    The bedroom in minimalist design is performed in pastel colors in combination with grey and brown. The bright and original accent of the room is the wall at the bed-side and the curtains with the same pattern. The window plays an important role in the house with minimalist design. Usually, this style is characterized by the huge floor to ceiling window. The view from the window gets into the room and represents the part of interior. Light is an important element of minimalist design. The lamps in geometric forms complete the design of the room.


    The study is characterized by the presence of wall shelves. Some of them have door, the others remain open. Of late, the bright accents are used in minimalist design. They are restricted and usually express the pleasant memories and emotions of the house owners. Many of them represent the matching accessories of regular geometric shape.

    As well as the bedroom, this room has a huge window, which makes it good lighted. The study is completed with white sofa and modern glass coffee table, which is almost invisible. Another characteristic of this room is the presence of modern technology. In general, this room culminates the style expression of this apartment.

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    How to decorate your house on your own

    House decorating is a very interesting activity. You can make it on your own, but you’ll have to try your best. If you have enough free time and can concentrate on the creation of original design, you can easily make the decoration of any room. We will tell you about the main nuances which you must take into account creating a perfect interior.

    Decorating ideas

    With the help of decorating you can improve the appearance of accommodation. The specialists usually match necessary colors (blending perfectly with each other), together with the patterned materials, which can be both natural and artificial. Of course, you should take into account the characteristics of the room you’re going to decorate. In our time it is very easy to find a specialist in this field, as the room decoration became much more popular.

    Gold is in

    At present, people use a lot of material for the room decoration. One of them is mosaic gold (the overlays of gold 100 nanometer thick). The main purpose of this material is the room decoration. There is also potal (a thin leaf of any metal resembling gold). For instance, aluminum or copper, treated with an invisible layer of yellow lacquer. The surface of metal sheets is often treated with the paint with tin sulphide to create an illusion of gold plating. Mostly, this paint is used for the covering of monuments or domes, as the gold coating is very expensive. So, it is possible to save on materials.

    Patina-forming treatment

    The artificial ageing (or patina-forming treatment) is often used for the decoration. The objects of interior acquire special energetics and wisdom like the museum pieces. This effect is achieved with the help of long-lasting and quick-drying paints. Then the surface is treated with sandpaper so that the first paint coat acquires roughness.

    Stained glass

    If you want that all the windows of your room are painted different colors, you should think about the stained glass. It will help you to create the unusual lighting in the room. The stained glass consists of colored glass. It usually used to decorate the windows, paint them in several colors or intend the patterns.

    Whatever beautiful the interior is, don’t forget about the practicality of accommodation. You must see to beforehand.

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    Interesting ideas for the bedroom walls decoration

    Bedroom is an essential part of every house. It’s the room where we sleep after the hard working days, read books before going to bed, or just relax.

    It’s very important that the outward appearance of this room meets the main destination of the bedroom, i.e., personifies the atmosphere of peace and comfort.

    In the following, we’ll offer you some modern and fashionable ways of bedroom walls decoration. After all, the walls are the key part of any interior design.

    Many house owners prefer to design their bedroom in the classic style. Usually it includes dark or light shades, allowing relaxing your eyes, and dim night-lamps, filling the room with charming evening lighting.

    You can use different shades of grey, which will slightly obscure the bedroom. At that, you can decorate your room as in single color score and so in various colors. For example, you can paint one wall light grey, and the other dark. You can also use black paint, but in this case you may need to put the additional night-lamps or other light sources so that the room doesn’t look too dark.

    White and other light shades fit for those who want to design their bedroom in the classic style. But you should avoid striking snow-white shades. After all, bedroom is intended for the rest, and too bright whiteness is obviously out of place here. You can mix the light shades with dark ones. For example, paint two walls dark, and the other two- light.

    Speaking of the wall decoration, don’t forget about the accessories. They are especially necessary if the walls are painted whole-colored. Without some stylistic complement, such design can look boring and dull. In this case, you can use the pictures.

    Pictures are the classic way of wall decoration. But keep in mind that not every painting can match this or that design. Though, there are some exceptions. For example, the pictures of nature represent one of the most universal options of decoration, matching any stylistic solution.

    You should study the latest design developments very carefully to understand which style fits you most.

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    The best options of home decor

    pinterest home decor ideas
    pinterest home decor ideas

    The décor of living accommodations is chosen depending on the kind, measurements and function of the room. Of course, the personal wishes of the house owners are also taken into account. Some prefer natural materials; others bother about the beauty of living space interior. The rest adore wood, and can’t imagine any other material for the decoration of their house. As for the décor of bathrooms and kitchen, it should meet certain requirements, as these are the rooms with high humidity. So, it is necessary to choose the waterproof materials.

    The most serious task is the décor of the floor. It is very important to choose quality materials and to hire the professionals for their laying. The thing is that the floors are the most loaded parts of the room, so the manufacturing materials must be resistant to the frequent mechanical damage. Of late, the most popular material for the floor decoration is the laminate. Such popularity is caused by its long service life, high quality and cheapness. If you choose the decoration for the room with high humidity, give preference to the tile (both for the floor and for the walls). However, you can also use such a facing material as natural or artificial stone for the decoration of the walls of the bathroom.

    The brightest representative of the floor decoration is the parquet (especially made of noble wood species). Parquet shows prosperity of the house owners. Such decoration will serve you for decades. Linoleum is considered the cheapest and the most available floor covering material. The decoration of the walls starts with the plastering, as this kind of décor allows to achieve the smooth surface and to protect the walls from moisture and ignition. In addition, with the help of plastering you can perform various decorative elements. After the walls have been covered with plastering, you can start to choose the desired kind of decoration (the most popular materials are facing, painting, paperhanging, etc.)

    Stone is mostly used for the decoration of country-houses. It looks beautiful in the living-rooms with fireplace. The décor of these rooms looks natural, extravagant and luxury. Feel free to combine stone and wood. After all, the best combination is an integral part of bright design.

    The ceiling can have any form, including multilevel, hip and arched. And with the help of the art painting or printing you can decorate it with any picture or pattern.