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    Decoration of kids rooms: design ideas and solutions

    Children’s room is an area of the smallest member of the family, so you need to carefully approach to its design and scenery. It is important to think through every detail:

    Secure bedroom. The best thing would be furniture made of wood – a natural and environmentally friendly material. Note the absence of protruding, sharp parts over that a child might stumble.

    Calm overall tone. Children have an active life outside the home – at school or kindergarten. Therefore, coming home, he or she has to get into a more relaxed atmosphere, which will help to get down his or her excitement and high activity. Experts advise to prefer warm olive, pink and yellow tones and avoid purple and bright red colors.

    Available setting. Surely you want your child to become self-sufficient as soon as possible. All furniture should be arranged so that the little master could reach out everything by himself.

    Many small details. Looking at the small whorls on a carpet or wallpaper, according to experts will help your child to develop his or her imagination.

    As children’s room decoration fresh flowers in pots or drawers can be used. Containers with flowers will look especially beautiful when they are decorated with your own hands: with a cloth, colored paper, beads, tinsel, colored stones, threads or Christmas toys.
    The mirror for the kid. It is worth paying attention to the correct selection of the mirror for the baby. Here we must take into account the area, age, and other details. By the way, psychologists say that a child becomes a person when starts to recognize himself or herself in a mirror.

    Wall design can be accomplished in several ways: painted walls, colorful wallpapers (homogeneous ones or combination of two or more kinds of wallpapers), stickers, wallpapers, white crayon wall, wall mural, glass photo panel (such décor is appropriate in the room for pretty adult children).

    Boxes for toys can be hidden under a sofa (bed) or be integrated in the furniture or stairs of bunk beds (available on stock models have built-in drawers).

    If you decide to arrange a room in any style, the color scheme will depend on it. For girls such styles will be interesting as stardust, “Princess Castle”, “Enchanted forest”, “Dollhouse”, “Travels and Countries”.

    Boys are interested in such theme rooms as “Adventures”, “Travel”, “Sport”, “Pirates and Treasures”, “Machines”, “Music”, “Researches”, “Robots”, “Nature”.

    Get the child’s the interest with the original and practical things: a wall clock in the form of the wheel or wheels of the motorcycle; dumbbell-alarm clock or runaway alarm clock; boxes for small items as treasure chests, beautiful seashells as bookends.

    And remember: the design of a child’s room is a creative process and always cooperative with the child (ren). This process should bring joy.

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    How to decorate kids room

    Children should certainly have a room where they can safely play, study, entertain friends without disturbing other family members. Children room is a fabulous island in the original house. Its decoration is pretty exciting event.

    First of all preferences of a small host are taken into account. Elder children themselves prompt thematic focus for the design of space. Decorating rooms of younger kids, creating ideas, of course, parents will base on child’s favorite fairy tales. Theme of the interior has to meet the tastes and hobbies of the child. Kids always appreciate a bright, unconventional idea. Personal space is the world of the child, so it is necessary to make it aesthetic, comfortable, spacious, safe. The main aspect of the children room decoration is creating an exciting, playing atmosphere that kid will not want to leave. Choosing room interior it is necessarily take into account the age of the host. For example, images of cheerful little animals on the walls are not interested for school children. For emphasizing the style it appropriate to use different settings – stickers, cheerful lamps, bright images (panels), theme design of ceilings. Surrounded by superheroes, princesses, fairies child is much cozier than next to adults and their ‘boring’ problems.

    It is important to bear in mind that children and adults perceive the colors differently. For the harmony and normal development a child is usually surrounded by calm, gentle tones, bringing vivid shades. This gamma without no doubt sets for the activity, study, work. ‘Fruity’ colors are quite effective: quince, apricot, apple. Funny elements in the interior – different colored curtains, colorful blankets, pillows, toys – give room perky look. The main thing is to make a kids’ room in the same style. Some prefer to create a ‘sailor room’ and some – to design a ‘spaceship’.

    In the room one must have a thermometer – it is necessary to monitor the temperature in the children room, preventing its drops. Floor is necessary to be warm, because for the games children prefer soft mat to chairs and sofas. It should also provide a clean floor. (It should be easy to clean).

    You can put an easel, hang chalkboard for room owner’s creative activity. When a child’s room is small (or children’s corner), it is more worthwhile to buy a universal furniture. Funny curtains, children’s furniture will easily draw a line of corner for children.
    Construction can be effectively decorated with the colored lights. As we know lighting is very important in the children room. The central light is not enough. Proper lighting will be provided by a floor lamp, wall lamp, and when kid is studying – by the presence of a desk lamp. Low light during sleep will be ensured by a funny bedlamp.

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    Creative ideas of sitting room decorating

    You must admit that the sitting room is the center of every house or apartment. People usually judge the taste preferences and financial opportunities of the house owners by the appearance of this room. So, before starting to decorate this room, you should think over a few important matters.
    First of all, determine the functions of the sitting room in your apartment.

    The ideas of furniture placement in the sitting room

    If you place the plasma TV or home cinema in your sitting room, it will become the favorite place of amusement of your family and friends. It’s worth mentioning, that such idea is popular among the most of families, living in the apartment houses.

    If you’re a fortunate possessor of a big house or apartment, you can assign certain room for the screening of films, and use the living room for other purposes. For instance, this room is perfect for the rest or small buffet dinner. Here you can also read your favorite book or arrange a tea-drinking with your family. The gatherings at the fireplace or candlelight romantic dinner are also excellent. All the ideas for sitting room are good in their own way.

    The furniture of living room must be cozy and comfortable. It is wonderful, if you choose the sofa with arm-rests and reclining chair for the living room. In this case, you and your guests will get an opportunity to rest in any comfortable position. The properly chosen decorative pillows will also beautify the interior.
    We recommend you to pay your attention to the following sitting room ideas, if you’re a fan of elegant and festive decoration of your interior and aren’t afraid of frequent cleaning.

    The bright ideas for sitting room

    The rooms decorated in bright color, with abundance of contrast color combinations, radiate energy, positive and cheerfulness! Creating the interior, you must be guided not only by the designers’ advice, but also by your own mood. In this case, the success is assured. There are many ideas for the creation of vivid sitting room. The main thing you should take into account is your own comfort.

    The ideas of sitting room in the exquisite style

    If you’re a lover of antiquity, crazy about the old-fashioned things, the idea of sitting room design in classic style is just the thing for you. Creating such an interior, you must pay great attention to the right choice of quiet pastel shades. The subdued lighting and the furniture with carved legs will complete the exquisite atmosphere of your sitting room.

    Following our advice, you’ll be able to act as a designer and create a wonderful interior of the most important room in the house.

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    Useful tips for the design of lounge rooms

    Interior design is not a fashion phenomenon, as it is considered to be, but a quite natural striving of every human to surround himself/herself with beautiful things and improve their living conditions.

    We all want that our house or apartment completely satisfy our tastes and preferences, fit our mood and provide maximal comfort. That’s why we have to consult the professionals to create the design of our own dwelling. But can we cope with this task on our own? Certainly!

    The variants of lounge room design

    Today we’ll talk about the design of lounge, as it is the room where we spend the most of our time. We often receive guests and relatives in this room. It’s also the place where we hold all of kinds of celebrations. In general, this room is always in sight. So everything must look perfect!

    First of all, we should think over the future design of the lounge. There are many different styles and directions in the interior. But you should try to do everything in such a way that your own development don’t conflict with the whole apartment.

    After choosing the suitable design, be in no haste to realize it. It is necessary to discuss it with the members of you family, as you all will have to live under the same roof. So you must take into account their wishes.

    Useful tricks and nuances

    As the design of lounge room in the house or apartment is a responsible and serious task, it has its own nuances, known unto few. You should familiarize yourself with the mentioned below list of small tricks, which will promote your desire to make your house unique and fashionable, but at the same time comfortable.

    Is there too little space in your room? Pay attention to the balcony, encumbered with rubbish and out of use. It’s quite possible to join this area to the lounge room. You should only show a bit of fantasy! The modest costs will be repaid with the additional square meters.

    The ready design of lounge rooms, found in the Internet can come in handy! Don’t disregard the other’s developments. You can explore them carefully and pick up some useful ideas.

    Try to buy only qualitative materials for the lounge repair. The thing is that they will serve much longer than their budget opponents, while their prices are not too different. Be sure that if you think carefully over the hand-made design of your apartment, you won’t wish to change it for decades.
    Exert some efforts to make your house really original!

  • Outdoor

    How to decorate your home with outdoor Christmas lights.

    Can you imagine modern holiday without bright and variety illuminate show? It creates a special atmosphere of fun and joy, lets us forget about drab existence. Of course, the most bright and important holiday for us is Christmas. Nothing pleases as so strong for the New year, as the real New Year’s illumination, which allows you to transform every house, facade or courtyard in the new year fairy tale, what will delight you and your neighbors.

    For New Year’s illuminations are suitable all building and stationary design: houses, fences and pavilions, trees and bushes. The only one condition can limit your fantasy – its presence of electrical outlet with the ability to connect to it.

    Today along with adornments with traditional light bulbs you can find led lights, their price is higher, but they are really worth. Such garlands differ thanking to their economical consumption of electricity, bright and uniform illumination, they are easy in maintenance and will serve you long. They help to transform the New Year’s decoration of the facades into the kind of art, because they give the ability to create original compositions, to allocate a building from among the rest, to accentuate separate architectural elements, to give the facade extraordinary appearance. Diverse light decorations let you create the really festive atmosphere.

    The outdoor Christmas lights can be the excellent solution for decoration the area of the country house, it is only necessary to buy garlands and to create the interesting composition. By the way, you can decorate not only the territory of the garden, but also to use the Christmas decoration for the facade of the cottage. And the great plus is the fact that the outdoor Christmas lighting is practical and completely safe. Because every Christmas tree garland, as well as other types of outdoor decorations, is protected from adverse atmospheric influences. All decorative and advertising lighting equipment is made of materials able to operate in sub-zero temperatures, abundant rains, snowfalls, high winds.

    It needs to add, that outdoor light decorations can work in two modes: static and dynamic. In static mode the Christmas lights run constantly, and in the dynamical one is created light flashing. Thanks to its excellent performance characteristics and diversity of design solutions the outdoor Christmas lighting is considered as one of the most effective methods of outdoor design.

  • Outdoor

    Light decoration of the house

    You can distinguish your house from the array of others in several ways: to use the incredible color for siding, to choose very bright tiles, or to take advantage of our offer and to decorate your home with beautiful illumination.

    First of all, decide what you want to decorate – the walls of the house, the roof or the garden maybe. For decoration of the different areas of your country house, you have a lot different types of lighting.

    If you want to create a contour illumination along the perimeter of the walls or the roofs, stop your choice on flexible forms of lighting, for example, it can be the contour led tapes or the flexible neon. Thanks to its special coating, light strips will be able to resist and moisture, and the sun, and even dust. Also you don’t need to care about the lamp replacement frequently – one burned out led does not affect the operation of the entire strip of leds.

    By the way, just one flood light can help you to make a direct ray of light and to emphasize the elements of the outside interior. Such lights have different kinds of colors and wide radius of turns, so you can use it for highlight tabs, patterns or just the surface of the walls. The same light sources also are recommended to use for illumination of trees and garden compositions.

    Most often lighting design of the country house includes a variety of complex solutions of several types of lighting, so also you can add outdoor wall lights. Such approach lets create more complete picture, and your house will look neat.

    A lot of different structures, types of radiation sources and colors make lights for illumination of facades the quite affordable equipment for decoration of your home. The application of such decorations increases not only the visual appeal, but also the safety of the house and the people in it (it reduces the risk of criminal situations). This festive decoration is capable to transform your home in a fairytale castle or romantic place.

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    Basic rules of interior decorating

    Interior decorating is the final stage of the overall development of interior design. It includes the choice and placement of different decorative items and accessories in the interior.

    You can either entrust the experts with the interior decorating or perform it yourself.

    Where to begin the interior decorating? It is the best to start with breaking a problem into several stages: preliminary stage; choice and purchase; placement of the chosen items of décor in the interior.

    The preliminary stage represents the intensive thinking over the idea of interior decorating. What style do you want to use for the decorating? Should it be luxury or, on the contrary, minimalistic? What are the preferable for this or that style? You must put yourself these questions and answer them as soon as possible.

    At the time of preliminary stage, you must make a careful study of the décor items’ and accessories’ assortment, offered in the shops and salons.

    You should start the stage of choosing the décor items and accessories with the choice of chandeliers, table and wall lamps, sconces and other illuminating equipment. Besides, you should take into account both decorative and functional component, as the lighting instruments must provide the required illumination level in the accommodation.

    The next stage of the hand-made interior decorating is the choice of curtains or jalousie. The rules are quite simple. For the small rooms, choose the curtains of light fabrics. And if your room is large-sized, give preference to the curtains dense dark cloth. The kind of textile for the window decoration is chosen according to the existing style of interior design.

    The next decorating stage includes the choice of table-clothes, bedding, bedspreads and decorative cushions. The rules are also very simple. If the interior of your room is performed in quiet color score, choose the bright textile with interesting texture. And for the many-colored interior, choose the textile of pastel coloring without any complicated textures.

    The final stages of interior decorating imply the choice of pictures or reproductions, sculptures, vases and other accessories. At that, you can be guided by the available home décor (for example, brought from the journeys), or buy a few accessories, matching the overall interior style.

    Thanks to the skillful decoration, the interior acquires the completeness, become harmonious and comfortable.

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    Native house design photos

    Eco style in the interior is based on the design of the modern styles implies the effective use of natural surfaces, such as bamboo reeds, osier rods and natural stone. The paradox of this style is that it easily combined with the concept of high-tech, minimalism or any other modern style. It accepts the parallel use of natural materials and the latest technologies and electronics. All these objects complement each other and create a very comfortable interior. It is perfect for those who want to feel connected to nature, appreciate the clean air and the beauty of the outside world and those who care about the environmental problems.

    Working on the design of your apartment, it is important to understand that eco style is based not on the natural wood and the abundance of flowers on the shelves. Its essence is deeper. We will explain you how to understand the principles of eco style and create a real corner of nature in your apartment.

    The eco style in the interior has no exact date of creation. It formed against the background of the developing modern styles and replicated methods and techniques of surface finishing, lighting and decoration. As the other modern styles, it has become widely distributed at the end of the twentieth century.

    Eco lifestyle is the desire to live in unity with the nature in accordance with its laws and lead the creative lifestyle influenced the development of eco-movement in the architecture, painting, poetry and interior decoration. So, the Finnish architect Alvar Aalato designed interesting houses. He built them right at the place of the living trees. They weren’t cut under the root, and the walls were built around the trunk. Surely, the decoration of such house was supposed to show people’s respect to the nature. Therefore, the wooden surfaces, glass transmitting natural light and many natural flowers were used in the creation of interior.

    On the outside, as shown at Native House Design Photos, eco-apartment creates the impression of naturalness and lightness. To achieve that, you should leave maximum free space in the rooms so that nothing hinders the movement. Designers recommend using only the most necessary furniture that complements the interior instead of overloading it. The large spacious room must not be divided into the small zones. Let the feeling of freedom and space fill it.

    The main principle realizing eco-style in the interior is the use of different natural materials. Choose the natural wood, bamboo, paper wallpaper, natural textile and ceramics. If there’s a chance, use the second-hand objects. The same principle is applied to the finishing materials and furniture. Refuse from synthetic and the products of chemical industry.

    10. General characteristics of Diy Vintage Farmhouse Decor.

    To begin with, there are many varieties of such designs. Perhaps, no one interior direction has more variants and combinations. The features of their decoration depend on the style of epoch or country they are based on. However, many markers are general for the most of varieties.

    Natural materials are widely used in any direction, whether light French country or solid style of English villages.

    Among the most frequently used materials, we should highlight the wood, stone, metal and different kinds of textile.
    Any rustic style is characterized by the use of rough textures and Diy Vintage Farmhouse Decor. They can serve as a basic motive of interior or act as separate fragments of finishing or exposition.

    Rustic style is characterized by great detailing. Usually, the storage facilities are open, decorations are placed on the surface, and the recreational areas must be equipped with additional cushions, blankets, capes, and sometimes all of the above. It is quite understandable, as the simple-hearted founders of rustic style were glad to demonstrate their riches or achievements and showed their china, vase or embroidered tablecloth.

    Natural textile (often handmade) is an indispensable element of any rustic interior. There are carpets on the floor, and the neat cushions on the chairs. The bedside-tables are covered with the lace napkins, and even the carpets are hanging on the walls. Such passion for textile is also explained by practical reasons. The floors and walls in rural houses used to be cold, and protect them from cold and wet, they were covered with animal skins and thick woven textile of their own production. Later on, it became a simple interior tradition. However, for many varieties of rustic styles, the main aesthetic load lies on the textile furnishing of the bright fantastic colors and ornaments.
    Predictably, rustic style prefers the furniture of strong and safe shapes and textures. It may be rough and not elegant, but it will serve long. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, for example, country style Diy Vintage Farmhouse Decor or modern version of French country, that started to include the chairs with bent backs and legs, thin forged accessories and almost decorative items of furniture.

    The color scheme, used for the decoration of rustic interiors, gives the complete freedom of imagination and creativity. The only rule is that colors and shades must be natural- no fluorescent or neon tints. For the rest, the choice of combination can be very diverse; the variety of combinations is welcomed. The more southern is the location that gave rise to the style, the brighter is the color palette. The northern styles are limited to three-four shades. The average climatic zones represent the balance between the northern austerity and southern cheerfulness.

  • Home

    The main rules of modern interior design

    The concept of contemporaneity is very relative, as modern design styles alternate each other so fast, that some of them definitely becomes classic. So, is it still possible to call it contemporary? Not to get confused with the definitions, one should unite all the trends in one fresh vision, which helps to distinguish the modern interior at first glance.

    The modern town-dweller wants to be surrounded by comfortable and calm atmosphere, without anything unnecessary. Everything in the modern apartment must have its clear destination.

    The interior design of modern apartments

    The color score of modern apartments deserves special attention. There are some certain styles, such as glamour and pop-art, which accept screaming acid shades and the abundance of glitter and gloss. But speaking in general, you’ll hardly find anything bright or screaming in the contemporary style. It is characterized by somewhat boring but comfortable for perception colors: grey, brown, white, green and black. You can dilute one of the basic quiet shades with a few bright accents, but there must not be too many of them.

    It is also necessary to observe moderation in the wall finishing. If you want to have a bright coupon, textured wall, a huge picture out of photo wallpaper, choose one of these elements. Don’t overload the wall with unnecessary details. After all, they bear a heavy load, as people often use wall shelves, consoles, racks and mounts to clear the things up from the floor. The wall shelves allow keeping the floor maximally free. Such elements as curtains also suffer considerable changes. Earlier you could see the modern classic- brown curtains with eyelets almost in any room. But the modern kitchen, bedroom and living room interior design is characterized by the use of laconic roller blinds. It is caused by their comfort, the ease of use and care.

    Both city apartments and modern house design, developed in the modern style, must include eco-features. It can be the use of eco-materials in the finishing, the elements of nature, such as the installations with green plants and the paving of bathroom floor with shingle. In fact, observing these nuances, we make our life a bit healthier and brighter.

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    Various kinds of home decorating

    We spend a considerable part of life at home: in the apartment, private or country house. That’s why our mood, creative activity and even state of health depend on comfort, achievable only in the elegant and harmonious designed accommodations. The most interesting thing is that anybody can make an original home design- all you need is a desire!

    The home design allows performing the interior in a single harmonious style. With the help of professional expert you can create a perfect design of your house. In our time there are many design solutions in different styles.

    You can choose one of the following styles for the decorating of your home: country, classic, etc.

    The home decorating has a wide variety of styles and directions. The professional designer will help you to create stylish and prestigious interior of your country house and realize your most unusual wishes!

    Which styles can you choose developing the design of your house?

    One of the most popular styles for the decoration of home interior and exterior is modern. Natural materials and smooth lines create the aesthetically beautiful appearance of your house. The doors, balconies and staircases are decorated very beautiful. Hi-tech style assumes the use of such finishing materials as: plastic, metal and glass.

    The lovers of exquisite beauty will give preference to the classic style with its luxurious balustrades, columns and stucco molding.
    You can order the home design, realizing your brightest ideas. And the original design can make your home interior beautiful, cozy and comfortable. The home design starts with the home decorating and ends with the choice of object and accessories of the inside fittings.
    The interior of your home can include the variety of unusual ideas. Functionality and comfort must be the main components of the room interior. The home design is always connected with creative activity.

    Nowadays, home design is a very popular service. Many people want their house to be furnished stylish and tastefully. After all, it is very important that the house decorating is elegant and unusually. All the preferences of the house owners must be taken into account. It is such a pleasure to live in the house combining universality, aesthetics and harmony! So see to it that your home decorating is beautiful!

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    The main rules of baby boy room decoration

    From the earliest age the children need their own corner, meeting their hobbies and interests, and reflecting their inner world. While a teen boy takes the interior decoration of his room in his own hands, a preschool child needs the adults’ help. After all, every age puts some peculiar properties on the interior decoration.

    The key factors of the baby boy room decoration

    As a baby boy gets to know the world around by all means (without excepting mouth), the interior of his room, first of all, must be safe. Moreover, the boys mostly differ from the girls in their motility, activity and sometimes inventiveness. Of course, as time goes by, the child’s interests change and develop, as well as the interior of his room. In future, the child will suggest you, how you need to change the interior of his room. In other words, the kids’ room will grow together with your baby boy. For now, at a child’s early age, you must remember that the room must contain as less “dust collectors” as possible. It is better if there are no such things in baby boy’s room at all. It especially concerns the floor covering- fluffy surfaces must be totally excluded.

    The room cleaning must be frequent and comfortable: the floor must be easily cleaned, and the curtains, bedspreads, cloaks, etc. – simply taken off and timely washed.

    Another important point is the choice of furniture. The small children’s room furniture has its peculiarities.

    It must have no sharp angles. It is desirable that there are as less drawers as possible, since they are dangerous for the kids’ hands.

    The choice of interior coloring

    As everybody knows, the color influences the mood. And the children are especially subjected to the mood changing. In this connection, it is undesirable to overdo with black and white- these colors provoke slackness and depression, in other words, emotional hunger. It is regarded that the “boyish” interior colors are blue, dark blue, green and beige. However, it doesn’t limit your choice at all. The color must be chosen according to the child’s preferences and the theme of interior.

    The baby boy’s room is the entire world. It’s the place for realization of the most incredible child’s fantasies.

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    The best ideas for bachelor pad design

    It’s not so difficult to recognize the bachelor’s apartment.

    The men equip their house as functionally and reservedly as possible: minimum accessories and décor items, strict colors and practical solutions.

    However, such interiors look simple only at first sight. It’s a difficult task to arrange the bachelor pad and keep the comfort, proper to any house. So, how can you combine the minimalistic décor with the fireside comfort?

    Speaking of the interior design of bachelor apartment, we mean the self-dependent and confident man, keen on his work, spending time with friends and not thinking about serious relationship (at least at present). The priorities of this man include not family but career growth, self-expression and making money.

    The ideas of bachelor pad planning

    The bachelors mostly choose small house. The studio apartments and apartments with free planning are perfect for the bachelors. Two-room flats with separated bedroom are also very common.

    The space should be open. The excess walls can not only rob the lightness, but also reduce the functionality.

    Even the studio apartment needs the allocation of the bedroom. It is best to make it not with the help of color score, lighting or curtains, but by means of screens or gypsum cardboard walls. In this way, you’ll increase the sound insulation of separate room.
    You can easily join the bathroom with the toilet. The space and practicality of the whole room will increase, but there will be no problems, as only one person will be constantly in the apartment.

    The colors for bachelor pad

    No screaming and bright colors! Muted dark colors are perfect for such interiors: black, rick-red, brown, grey and coffee-colored. You can combine different colors or use different shades of the same color. To place emphasis, you can use wine, primrose and grass green color. Such color score will suggest that this house belongs to the bachelor.

    The decoration of bachelor pad

    The designers don’t advise to resort to the complicated decisions, including the multilevel ceilings or curved walls. The best option is to use the interesting finishing materials. It’s necessary to pay attention to the quality, wear resistance and care necessity of materials.