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    Interesting ideas for the bedroom walls decoration

    Bedroom is an essential part of every house. It’s the room where we sleep after the hard working days, read books before going to bed, or just relax.

    It’s very important that the outward appearance of this room meets the main destination of the bedroom, i.e., personifies the atmosphere of peace and comfort.

    In the following, we’ll offer you some modern and fashionable ways of bedroom walls decoration. After all, the walls are the key part of any interior design.

    Many house owners prefer to design their bedroom in the classic style. Usually it includes dark or light shades, allowing relaxing your eyes, and dim night-lamps, filling the room with charming evening lighting.

    You can use different shades of grey, which will slightly obscure the bedroom. At that, you can decorate your room as in single color score and so in various colors. For example, you can paint one wall light grey, and the other dark. You can also use black paint, but in this case you may need to put the additional night-lamps or other light sources so that the room doesn’t look too dark.

    White and other light shades fit for those who want to design their bedroom in the classic style. But you should avoid striking snow-white shades. After all, bedroom is intended for the rest, and too bright whiteness is obviously out of place here. You can mix the light shades with dark ones. For example, paint two walls dark, and the other two- light.

    Speaking of the wall decoration, don’t forget about the accessories. They are especially necessary if the walls are painted whole-colored. Without some stylistic complement, such design can look boring and dull. In this case, you can use the pictures.

    Pictures are the classic way of wall decoration. But keep in mind that not every painting can match this or that design. Though, there are some exceptions. For example, the pictures of nature represent one of the most universal options of decoration, matching any stylistic solution.

    You should study the latest design developments very carefully to understand which style fits you most.

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    How to make home décor with your own hands

    The repair is over, and now it’s time to go on to the last but not the least important stage of home interior decoration- the choice of decorative elements. Of course, you can buy them in the shop- but you must admit that it is much better to make them with your own hands. DIY home décor is especially suitable in the interior which initially intends the presence of hand-made articles. Besides, it will help you to emphasize the originality of home interior design and create the atmosphere of comfort and coziness in your house.

    The techniques of DIY interior decoration

    DIY home décor can be made of almost any material at hand: glass beads, fabric cut, clay, paper or thread. So, you can embroider a beautiful picture, knit an original openwork table-cloth napkin, sew an unusual oven glove, etc.
    The original method of DIY home décor making is patchwork. It’s a creation of original plaids, rugs and pillow-cases out of fabric scraps. You can also try to create some article out of bands. For example, you can collect them in a composition and decorate a cushion or curtains with the unusual patchworks.

    We offer you a pair of interesting master-classes in the creation of DIY home décor. They’ll help you to refresh your furnishing and make your home interior more comfortable and unique.

    DIY home décor: butterflies on the walls

    Of course, the light fluttering butterflies feel the best in the wild. But what if you try to transfer their image to the walls of your own house? It’s an excellent idea! The fluttering butterflies will get not only a beautiful DIY home décor, but also create a romantic atmosphere in your house.

    How to make a panel of fluttering butterflies on the wall? There are two ways: you can buy the ready vinyl stickers in the shop or make them with your own hands out of 1 m of vinyl tape.

    DIY home décor: let’s refresh the chair

    There are chairs in every house. They can be made of plastic, metal, wood or even glass. They can be also new and old. In any case, you can always turn it into an original decorative element, which will be a pearl of your home interior. DIY home decoration will breathe new life into this piece of furniture and brighten your mood.

    You can decorate your home with the help of decoupage technics, then paint them, make an original seat or renovate upholstery.