• Outdoor

    Functional lighting for your infield

    The lighting of garden area (backyards) has been and remains the most priority in contemporary landscape design. Not only a general view of the surrounding perimeter but your security, in particular, depend on the outdoor lighting.

    That is why all designers strongly recommend installing floodlights, which are able to highlight the house in the twilight clearly. And if earlier for such purposes widely were used powerful floodlights with incandescent lamps, so now more popular are spotlights, which are working with very powerful and cost-efficient halogen lamps.

    For led outdoor lighting of the surrounding perimeter, the ideal solution would be the use of lamps, floor lamps with high legs, which are made of steel or cast iron. Their design is strong and beautiful and consists of polymethylmethacrylate, steel, and tempered glass. Inside you can find the halogen lamps, which are working on mercury or iodine vapor, what has initially with high capacity and low energy consumption.

    For led outdoor lighting of garden paths, the ideal choice will be lights on a small floor lamp’s leg or led lights. They attract with a lovely look and exceptional durability, which is allowing them to serve you for a long time.

    In recent times using glowing bars or bollards have become popular, what can bring the vitality and diversity into the design of your landscape. Even in the daytime, when they are switched off, they are great-looking, because for their manufacture is used a thick corrugated glass.

  • Home

    Design of a house with three bedrooms.

    Even over the years, the construction of residential buildings in suburban areas has not lost its relevance. Projects of one-storied houses with three bedrooms are designed for comfortable family living, which can consist of 3 or more people. Such a layout is optimal for placing the parents and children under one roof.

    The guarantee of comfortable and convenient housing is not only its design and use of modern technologies but also the right location and the number of rooms. Nobody will build a house for a large family with one bathroom or a bedroom. You need to think through the personal space of each family member in detail because it is essential to have space where you can be alone. In your country cottage, you can relax after an exhausting working week and spend time with family or friends and just plunge into a pleasant home atmosphere.

    Kerala Style 3 Bedroom House Plans are convenient because it allows you to arrange all rooms in a small area. If you build a small mansion with an attic, the first floor can be used for utility premises (kitchen, storeroom, office space) and a spacious living room, and the second floor is a sitting area (bedrooms, library, study). If you prefer the classic one-storied mansions, then it will be logical to place the bedrooms on the south side, to fill them with warmth and natural light. Most often people prefer just one-storied houses with three bedrooms because of the convenience of placing all rooms on one level. This layout also allows you to save on the wiring of utilities, because you do not need to think about the location of electrical wiring, water supply, and heating, to spend time and money on work and materials.

    One of the rooms, according to the design of a house with three bedrooms, traditionally becomes a parental room, the second one is used as a child room, and the third one is suitable for guests, grandparents or an older child. How wonderful it is to wake up in the morning and enjoy the rays of the rising sun. Admire the beautiful garden around the house or even have your access to the courtyard directly from the bedroom. You can decorate the room and slightly expand the space using a pretty bay window, complemented by panoramic windows.
    Such a house will be an easy solution for your family and will be able to accommodate every guest with all possible facilities.

  • Original kitchen design

    Original kitchen design

    If you are the owner of a medium-sized kitchen (approx. 12m2), you may consider yourself lucky, since it is very easy to insert all necessary elements in this space. But you should work hard to make your kitchen truly beautiful and comfortable.
    The design of this kitchen allows not only placing kitchen suite and household appliances, but also creating a complete dining area.

    While developing the design of your kitchen, the most important is not to go too far with the various designer elements and solutions. In this case you’re taking a risk of “overloading” kitchen interior.

    You can easily locate all the necessary kitchen-ware (cooktop, oven, dishwasher, kitchen sink) in the working area.
    It remains some free space for creation of the dining area with a big table and comfortable chairs, which is very comfortable for having family dinners and receiving guests.

    If it still seems to you, that your kitchen isn’t spacious enough, you can use the mounted cabinets to make it even more functional.

    The location of the bar counter is another interesting solution for this kind of kitchen, which can add it originality and stylishness.

    By the way, the bar counter can be not only a substitute for the dining table, but also perfect place for the storage of kitchen-ware.

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  • Farmhouse Style Decorating

    Farmhouse style decorating

    Popular these days and frequently used by the designers of the private houses, rustic style emerged in England in the late nineteenth century. At that, some specialists consider USA as the homeland of this style. It is fair to say that this design direction, deprived of pretentiousness and refinement, reflects the everyday life, customs and habits of the rural residents from different countries.

    Therefore, today, farmhouse style decorating is divided into American, Scandinavian, French, Polish, German and Dutch. In all regions with the original folk style, one can find some common features that bring together various directions of farm style. In such houses, all furniture items are made of natural materials: wood, stone and metal. Natural textile (chintz, wool, canvas and flax) is widely used in the country interior. The rooms are adorned with decoration items and accessories, made in a craft way.

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    For example, American style is characterized by the large wooden furniture (wardrobes, rocking chairs and chest), painted with ornaments.

    The wide beds must be covered with blue checkered quilts. In the American South, cottages have other design. There are a lot decorations and household items of the Indian culture: chairs and sofas, upholstered in leather, round fireplaces, colorful carpets with magic drawings and silver statuettes on the massive dressers.

  • decoration in the english designer_3

    House Design Native Style

    Speaking of conservatism and commitment to the traditions, I think most of you will immediately remember the “merry old England”. Whatever sphere of society it concerns, English are always less vulnerable to an outside influence, and traditional English interior is no exception. It is still slightly aristocratic, elegant and “gentlemanly” discreet.

    The basis of any classic House Design Native Style are three things: bookcase or rack, fireplace and special fireplace chair. An armchair is usually upholstered in velvet, chenille or leather, has a high back and bent legs.

    An integral part of decoration in the English interior is a redwood. This elegant and expensive wood is a distinctive feature, used both in the manufacture of furniture and during interior decoration (for example, decorative wall panels, cornices and plinth).

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    The solid walls are usually decorated with tapestries or paintings or in small floral pattern or stripe. You should pay special attention to the windows: lush curtains, composed of several parts — blackout curtains, veil and lambrequin, decorated with volumetric drapery and laces.
    Traditional colors of English style are brown, gray, olive and white.

    When introducing the brighter colors, such as red and yellow, it is desirable to choose their warm shades that are in harmony with each other.

    Many people will find English interior too reserved and gloomy, but not the fans of classic. If you prefer conservative comfort and rich decor, lead a slow and quiet way of life and like to drink a cup of tea and read a book sitting by the fire in the evenings, this is definitely your style.

  • garden design ideas

    Garden design: hot and fashionable decoration ideas

    garden design ideas

    If you are a happy owner of your own home and the area around it, then your worries extend not only to the interior of your dwelling, but also to the design of the surrounding site.

    So now we’ll talk about landscaping ideas. According to numerous surveys, separate landscaping of the backyard is much more pleasant for the owners than the decoration of the house from inside. This is not surprising – we all miss nature, waiting for holiday and summer outdoor activities.

    Not everyone has the opportunity to go on holiday away from home, and it is not always necessary, as in the courtyard of your house a cozy corner of nature can be equipped that you would not want to leave.

    In order to make your site truly a paradise there are numerous design ideas and due to them everything is possible. And, if you spend some time on your backyard design, the rest for the whole family will be on the level of the most expensive and prestigious places, equal to the most prestigious resorts and hotels.

    In order to fulfill this dream of many, let’s pay a little attention to the ideas that with your help will make the design of your garden plot or any other area exclusive and unique.

    If a size of your site allows it, you can make a small pool. Pools in the patios look especially comfortable, where you can retire, swimming and sunbathing away from prying eyes.

    garden design ideas
    garden design ideas

    A pool can be designed at an infinite number of styles and options. Here everything will depend on your taste and opportunities. Very popular now are multi-level pools, where the water flows down a cascade from the upper to the lower level.

    Of course, a considerable attention should be given to the overall harmony and design nearby to the pool area. You can strew the paths around it with clean sand that will provide pleasant warmth in the summer.

    More often than not, a method of putting some tracks in various ways is used – that can be stone, cobblestone, tile, etc. Very nice effect is obtained if the tiles or uneven stone is not fit tightly to each other, and grass breaks between them.

    This has the effect of some deliberate savagery and natural naturalness. Of course, do not forget about a place to relax by the pool. That can be chairs, benches, deckchairs, and everything that will blend in style with a pool.

    The same paths of all kinds have a perfectly harmonious look in the garden, no matter what style it was decorated.

    Alpine rock garden is also extremely fashionable decoration right now. The water supply is not necessary; it is enough only to build one or several of these rockworks revet them with jagged-edged stones and plant unpretentious perennials there. These rockworks are in perfect harmony with the small lawns that are planted with dense short grass.

  • Outdoor

    How to illuminate the landscape in the country house

    Decorative landscape lighting is one of the most thin faces of the art of garden design, which in recent years becomes not just fashion, but conscious necessity, what strongly includes in country life. The decorative lighting is powerful tool in the hands of the landscape designer, and you can use it not only for to highlight skillfully some areas of the garden and make dark others, but also to emphasize the living beauty of plants or quiet cold water surfaces, to strengthen impression from the grotto or romantic pergolas.

    The landscape architect uses a lot of means for creation the necessary light show. Of course, first of all, it’s outdoor lights – lanterns and flood lights, which are dug into the ground or placed on supports. The decorative lighting of architectural compositions, patio and facades of buildings is made out by means facade illumination.

    The garden pond, natural or artificial, is beautiful itself, but the additional decorative lighting will give it a completely different look: it makes water to glisten mysteriously as the magic mirror, or to change the color of the water, depending on the type of the lamp. On the edges of the pond or pool are usually placed lanterns of various colors, shapes, size and power or set the outdoor flood lights, what create a bright spot. Usually, beam of outdoor flood lights is directed to the decorative sculpture or the group of aquatic plants.
    The decorative lighting of the walls and garden paths is made by decorative fluorescent bars. Each flashlight is situated on the platform with a pin, what helps to fix it easy on the ground.

    If speak about the decorative lighting of grottoes, arbors, pergolas (with the help of colored garlands, electric torches and “candles”), so need to say that the accommodation of hidden lights in sculptural groups allows you to do all the corners of the garden are available regardless of time of day, and make the relax in the gazebo or on the shore of a pond comfortable and pleasant. But most importantly, the play of light and shade creates the illusion of motion of decorative elements of the garden. So no you know that the decorative lighting is the unique tool, and if the designer has mastered to perfection, he can use it to create wonders.

  • Decor

    The most important rules of lounge décor

    At first sight, the décor of lounge, as the most important room in our house, is a very difficult and responsible task. When you choose the items of decoration, you should take into account the style of the room and observe the proportional balance.

    The main thing is the details

    In the modern life, full of stress and bustle, our lounge and our home in general, remain probably the only places a person can rule. So, our today’s article is devoted to the articles, turning our home into a cozy home.

    The borderland between order and disorder in the house is extremely thin. At the final stage of creating lounge interior decoration, you fill it with the furniture and the things you hold dear or use every day. Exactly at this stage people make the most mistakes.
    You must begin the lounge equipment with the placement of furniture. Later on, the proper disposition of furniture will allow you to complete it with the matching decorative elements. After all, the person feels really comfortable only if he/she is surrounded with symmetry.

    Now you can start to decorate your lounge.

    There are several golden rules of design, turning the arrangement of décor in some kind of art, and allowing achieving maximal artistic effect as fast and smooth as possible.

    It is not necessary to overdo the lounge decoration. The presence of two-three items matching the design style of the room is quite enough.
    Apart from different statuettes, pictures and vases, you can decorate your lounge with the window curtains. They can soften some roughness of interior, or strengthen the visual perception of the smooth design.

    The décor will look especially expressive against a white or black background. To outline and emphasize the significance of décor and its presence in the interior design, you should use shelves or racks with decorative lighting.

    You can complete the lounge decoration with beautiful bunches of real flowers.

    The first thing we notice entering the room is its color (the color of the walls, ceiling and floor). The details of lounge décor will look well against a light background of the walls, furniture and floor coating. For example, the yellow support and the vases look good against a white sofa and black bedside tables.

    The choice of décor can be compared to the art. In addition, it’s a very important part of interior design, together with the rest of its components- repair, the choice of color, style, furniture and lighting.

  • Home

    Advice on the small flat design

    What can you do to make your small apartment look large, cozy and comfortable? First of all, read our tips!

    It’s such a pleasure to be a mistress of spacious and tastefully decorated apartment, where all the interior items are kept up in one style, and the space is properly organized and zoned. But, unfortunately, our apartments often have a small area. That’s why small house design is a very pressing question! What do you have to do so that your apartment doesn’t seem too small and “stuffed” with things?

    Let’s increase the space of the small flat

    Use the uniform floor covering and choose a single color of the walls in communicating rooms. In this way, you’ll be able to unite the space with texture, color and style.

    Feel free to use the bright daring shades, and even black color, which is considered to narrow space. After all, it has its own advantages: it adds depth and richness. As a result, your room will only benefit.

    The ceiling height also influences the measurements of small apartment, as the low room can’t seem spacious… To make your ceiling visually higher, the designers recommend to choose the ceiling paint or wallpaper, lighter than those of the walls (at least by one shade). Accordingly, making your ceiling darker, you’ll visually reduce your room. However, it’s also quite good, as your room will acquire the additional level, where your eyes can rest.

    If you have a low ceiling, don’t choose big and heavy lamp. Give preference to the lamp with plafond, hiding the bulbs. The point lighting visually increases the space. You can mount a suspended ceiling and build several lamps into it. Even in the warm winter evening you’ll feel like you’re on the beach, as the lamps shine very brightly.

    Avoid excess décor and make your home more practical. Heavy carpets, velvet drapery and bronze candlesticks with candelabrums are unnecessary.

    Don’t lay up the accessories- get rid of different figures, placed everywhere, and the souvenirs, brought from the foreign travels.

    The interior design of small apartment

    The best style of design for small apartment is minimalism. For example, you can choose the style of traditional Japanese interior, characterized by its minimalism. Throw out the old things regularly. Create it a ritual of house cleaning from everything unnecessary. Besides: paradoxically, but even the small space can be visually enlarged.