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    Unusual garden furniture ideas

    Special furniture for garden (street) – it’s not just chairs, benches and umbrellas. Collection may include dinner groups of solid wood or rattan, covered sofas, wicker deck chairs, rocking chairs, benches, and even four-poster beds, as well as tents and canopies, cushions and bedspreads.

    Wicker furniture

    Wicker furniture is warm, “light”, creates an atmosphere of relaxed outdoor recreation. Wicker furniture is made of willow and vines, or of the more expensive rattan – vine palm native to Southeast Asia. From there comes to us ready-made wicker furniture from natural rattan. Furniture from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, China differs completely by handmade and traditional design elements with colonial style. Similar wicker furniture from rattan, but produced in Europe is more expensive. It is not made entirely by hands, but using special equipment. The design can be very different, including the fashionable trend, some futuristic.

    In addition, Europeans actively use artificial “analog” of vine and rattan (furniture is made from synthetic fibers), which give more freedom in design and are not afraid of street conditions – neither heat, no water, no temperature changes. In any case, wicker furniture combines perfectly with the design of the garden and country house. Even natural rattan possess valuable properties such as resistance to moisture. The only “contra” – is the scorching rays of the sun, because of what the rattan furniture is better not to leave for a long time on the street. Finally, for lovers of true home comfort in the open air are offered combined options: soft groups – sofas and chairs under a canopy woven. Fabrics with which is constricted furniture look and feel like a normal upholstery textiles, but in fact it is “all-weather” robust fabric which do not absorb moisture, do not fade in the sun.

    Wooden garden furniture

    Wood is widely used to create furniture for garden. Array is combined with forged elements and other materials. Wood is known to be natural, naughty material, so garden furniture is made as a rule from hardwood, often exotic, such as teak, iroko. Tropical timber is less prone to warping, it contains natural oils that protect against rot, mildew and wood beetles. In addition, to extend the life of wooden furniture and wooden houses there is a whole arsenal of tools: impregnation against moisture, UV-borer beetles. They serve a decorative function, can achieve a variety of shades of wood.

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    The main equipment of outdoor dining set

    In our time, it is not difficult to arrange a cozy recreation area of any style in your country-house. Large furniture stores offer the garden outdoor dining sets of different styles, prices and manufacturing materials. There is a broad assortment for all tastes.

    The outdoor dining furniture

    The owners of big cottage plots often build a real outdoor kitchen. They provide it with a grill, brazier and even stove. The equipment or an outdoor kitchen usually include: open mounted cabinets and tables with worktop.

    What is the outdoor dining furniture made of?

    It’s possible to create a cozy nook in the country even at a low cost. The most various materials are used for the manufacture of such furniture- from cheap and reasonable to elite.

    The outdoor furniture of artificial rattan is a very popular option. This material doesn’t require special care, as its analogs of the natural rod, but it looks quite decent. The outdoor furniture of artificial rattan fits the country or Provence style.

    The outdoor illuminated furniture is yet uncommon on our garden-plots, but it will look quite harmonious. Not only the chairs but also arm-chairs and tables with illumination became a reality. The outdoor illuminated furniture allows you to match different shades and make your corner for rest original.

    The wooden outdoor dining set is one of the quite expensive options. It includes the forged benches with cushions, arm-chairs, chairs and even chaise-longue. There are wooden dining sets designed in modern style, beautiful arm-chairs and tables of artificially aged design in Provence style, and luxurious tables and long benches in rustic style. Usually this furniture is very heavy. You’ll have to mount it in the beginning of the season, and with the arrival of autumn they must be removed to a dry place.

    The wicker outdoor furniture is the most exquisite and expensive variant. The masters make the most fanciful arm-chairs, chairs, tea tables and complete dining tables out of wicker rod.

    If you want to get exclusive furniture without wasting too much money, you should set out in search of the wooden pallets. The outdoor furniture of pallet has long ago become a real trend in many European countries. The procurement isn’t very expensive, and the paints and skillful hands can make such furniture a real work of art.

  • Furniture

    The best materials for kitchen tables

    The wide assortment of interior items makes it easy to create a fashionable kitchen design. You can buy a ready-made furniture set and rest on your laurels. However, the designers remind the housewives, that the kitchen set is a special place where we store the condiments, cereals, kitchen implements and household appliances.

    In addition, every housewife needs a kitchen table. As the kitchen set is usually not completed with the table, you should choose it especially carefully.

    In the most cases, the kitchen is not just a place for cooking. It’s also a dining room. That’s why the kitchen table must be comfortable and multifunctional. Usually, the kitchen table consists of a table top and four legs. Such table will be a great help for a housewife and seat the whole family at a tasty dinner. Besides, this table is very comfortable to move, and tit has no stylistic restrictions.

    Glass kitchen table is a perfect option both from a practical viewpoint and as a design find. The fitted kitchen are often made with the use of strong glass- transparent and milk, white, dark and colored, – there are a lot of variants. So, you can choose the suitable option for any interior. The glass table tops are unbreakable and non-absorbent, scratch-, moisture- and temperature-resistant. This glass isn’t simple but extra strong. So, you can easily put the hot pans on it, or wash it with the powders. There will be no traces or scratches on the surface of such table.

    One of the best materials for the kitchen table is stone. It doesn’t absorb the odors and is moisture- and temperature-resistant. You can choose either natural or artificial stone, depending on the sum of money you’re ready to spend. Besides, the artificial stone is much stronger than its’ natural analog. It is undesirable to use marble as a material for the kitchen tables, as it gets dirty very easily.

    Plastic is the most inexpensive and fragile from the above-mentioned materials. However, it takes one of the leading places in respect of the odor resistance. It’s unadvisable to put hot objects on the plastic surface, as it can swell. You should also be careful with the knives, as plastic is easily scratched. The advantages of plastic kitchen table are its low cost and maximum number of color solutions. It’s just the thing you can change every year without considerable expense.

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    How to choose the best bedroom furniture

    The bedroom is one of the most important, even the most intimate places in every family’s house. It is caused by its concealment from the strangers, comfort and a special atmosphere of this room. In this article we’ll consider the problem of choosing proper bedroom furniture, meeting all of your requirements and lightening your mood every day.

    The bedroom furniture is usually made of modern wood particle board, medium density fiberboard and such plates, covered with natural veneer, laminate and melamine. Of course, the best materials are natural wood and wood particle board. Among the other covering materials for the bedroom furniture, melamine is unsuitable for heavy and sustained load. Laminate, in its turn, is stronger and serves longer. The manufacturing materials of the bought furniture determine its service life.

    Traditionally, the bedroom is impossible without the bedside table, where you can put the floor lamp for the comfort of reading, or hang the lamp at the head of the bed for the same purpose. It is well, if there is a possibility to combine bedrooms with locker rooms where the clothes and other things of the house owners are kept. But for the rooms without locker rooms, the important piece of furniture is the clothes locker, or sliding-door wardrobe, allowing keeping the house owners’ clothes comfortably, without taking too much living space. Besides, the glass doors, often used in sliding-door wardrobes, visually increase the bedroom space. You can also buy the dresser for the bedroom for the storage of bedclothes (which can be also kept in the space under the bedroom, if any). The bedroom furniture can be completed with the dressing-table.

    As for the design and style of bedroom, the house owners can give free scope to their imagination and taste. Any decorations and creative solutions are suitable for the bedrooms. The main thing is that the measurements of the rooms match the chosen style. As for the color score, it is better to choose light calming colors, which go well (according to the specialists) with natural wood.

    When you buy the bedroom furniture, pay attention to the item quality and manufacturer’s guarantee. Usually, such an approach helps the customer to choose the bedroom furniture with the reasonable price, meeting the quality. If you choose and buy the proper bedroom furniture, you’ll get pleasure from your bedroom very long and create the perfect place for the rest.

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    Different kinds of dining chairs

    Chairs are the furniture, subjected to the maximal load. Of course, it is best to choose the firm and qualitative model of good material. It will cost you more but the furniture will stand the test of time. This article will help you to determine the main selection criteria of the kitchen dining tables.

    The choice of dining chairs and materials

    1. Plastic dining chairs.

      The plastic dining chairs are very light and inexpensive. They are easier to pile up, take out of the room or just move. However, despite all these advantages, keep in mind that the cheap plastic, especially new, has a characteristic smell. It also emits harmful substances at a very high temperature. Moreover, the plastic dining chairs are quite fragile. Surely, plastic is processed with special compositions, promoting its strengthening. But it can crack or split up from a blow or fall.

    2. Glass dining chairs.

      Glass dining chairs with metal frame will blend well with the glass table, not overburdening an overall appearance. The shockproof glass will serve you long. At that, it doesn’t contain any detrimental impurities. Such furniture suite looks beautiful and expensive. You can choose from a broad color spectrum and create the interesting and unusual patterns or whole-colored design. Or else, you can opt for a completely transparent chair. However, it is much more comfortable to sit on a padded chair.

    3. Easy dining chairs.

      Wooden and metal easy dining chairs or arm-chairs are the most comfortable option of the placement at the dining table. It is very comfortable to sit in an easy arm-chair with arm-rests. If the kitchen space and harmony of the overall interior allow it, indulge yourself with an additional comfort at the mealtime.

    4. Metal dining chairs.

      The metal dining chairs match almost any table. As well as the wooden chairs, they can be either rough or soft (with a plastic or wooden seat). The combinations are also possible: one part of frame can be made of metal, and the other- of wood. Metal dining chairs can be adjustable for height and the back or seat position, while the wooden chairs are devoid of such pleasure.

    Thanks to the broad assortment of modern dining chairs, you can easily choose a suitable model to any taste.

  • Kids

    The furniture for the boys bedroom

    The boys’ room will never be in order. You must take it into account choosing the furniture for his bedroom. All kinds of drawers and shelves for toys and books will help to put his room in order faster. The boys’ bedroom furniture must be comfortable, easily cleaned and safe. Avoid the furniture with sharp angles. As for the soft furniture, choose the water-repellent cloth.

    The room for the child of six years and upwards must be equipped (except for the bed and shelves) with the work table and chair. It is better if the chair is adjustable for height.

    The textile is also very important in the kids’ room. The curtains must be dense and don’t transmit the light so that your child can sleep in the daytime. The bedding, blankets and rugs can have a bright coloring and patterns.

    It is better to choose the bright pictures for the kinds’ room interior. The best option is the posters with cartoon characters, animals or landscapes. The pictures must tell some story so that the child can dream and develop the imagination.

    The coloring in the interior of boys’ bedroom

    Any color, apart from the tradition girlish ones- violet and pink, are suitable for the boys’ bedroom. When you choose the main color for the kids’ room interior, take into account the child’s age. The newborn will feel comfortable in the room in pastel shades. The pure colors are better for the room of elder children. The teen boy will like the room in blue and grey. In the kids’ room, it is better not to confine yourself with one color, but use several shades.

    The best option of color combination for the boys’ bedroom is:

    1) neutral color (for example, white, milky or beige);

    2) pure color (green, yellow or blue);

    3) dark soft color, matching two other colors.

    Keep in mind that the boys’ bedroom must be interesting and comfortable to sleep, play and spend all free time.