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    Overhead garage doors: whole, panel

    Classic swing gates, which for a long time were the only available option is gradually receding into the past. This is due to the fact that their design though is simple and easy to install, but still has some significant shortcomings, which include the fact that they need free space and are usually made of metal, that needs additional care. The hinges of the gate should be lubricated often, and in winter they as the lock, often ice. That’s why is growing a number of people who prefer to install overhead garage doors, that are more convenient to use and do not require such careful care.

    Overhead garage doors are solid or consist of sections of panels made from a metal coated with a special coating or from plastic. These gates are usually made insulated. If we consider the overhead gates in terms of saving space, they significantly outperform swing counterparts – in fact at the opening their panel locate under the ceiling, without taking up too much space. Also note that the overhead garage door also significantly increase safety. After all, they are very difficult to open and noisy, so that the safety of the car in the garage, equipped with lift gates increases.

    Overhead gates for garages classify in several types. And almost all of the overhead garage doors can be assembled and installed by yourself without any additional work and preparations. So, the most popular model is the sectional garage doors. They consist of individual plastic or metal panels, about forty to sixty centimeters tall, which are held together by movable joints. Roller gates are similar to overhead sectional garage doors, but they have more movable panels, because of which the insulation at the gate is somewhat lower.

    Garage doors of overhead type are presented with models of different designs and price categories, among which everyone can easily find the best option. And the fact that they are all automated, making them indispensable in any garage.

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    Sectional garage doors – safety and comfort

    To surprise with garage, which is not only functional, but aesthetic, and meets the highest safety standards – is still possible! Install sectional garage doors with automation – comfortable and safe item for your home.

    In our time, the garage is no longer a luxury. As of today, the garage has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. It is a personal parking, which not only protects your car against criminals, but also from time to time of the severe weather. Today it is hardly possible to surprise someone with garage. But to surprise with garage, which is not only functional, but also gives your home an added value in terms of aesthetics, but also meets the highest safety standards – is still possible! And only sectional garage doors can do it . There are many ways to increase the security of your garage, and with it the house. But most of them put it mildly are not visually aesthetic and comfortable. That is why the sectional doors are the best solution to all these problems.

    Let us consider several reasons for installation of garage doors:

    1. Safety. Answering all the highest European safety standards the sectional garage doors act as a visual deterrent physical barrier, increasing the level of protection for your home and property. At the same time you get the opportunity to control access to your property.
    2. Appearance. While safety is undoubtedly is the main argument why homeowners choose sectional garage doors, appearance is the second. Some garages look like industrial heritage of the past years and frankly spoil the look of the house. You’d be surprised how your garage transforms after installation of sectional doors. Today, the choice of colors, materials, textures and types of panels is one of the main advantages of this type of gate. They can be matched to any exterior and tastes from modern to classical. And they certainly bring aesthetic appearance to your home.
    3. Convenience. Installation of automatic sectional doors relieve you of necessity extra actions at the entrance / exit of the parking garage. All you need to do – is to click the button on the remote! By doing so you will not waste your time on the opening and closing of gates and avoid getting wet in the rain.
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    Ease of use of sectional doors

    The main purpose of sectional doors – to close garage entrance or boxing. Previously used for these purposes swing, and in very rare cases, sliding doors. However, technologies are being developed, and to replace the traditional garage door came sectional doors. What are they so favorably differ from other garage doors?

    First of all – it’s easy and space saving. Construction of sectional doors is that the door leaf, consisting of sandwich panels along the guide goes to the ceiling. Thus, you are not limited in the width of partition (as in the case of sliding gates), and in the space in front of the entrance (which is important for swing gates). Furthermore, in case of heavy snowfall you will have to work hard with a shovel to just open the swinging doors. In the case of sectional doors there is no such problem.

    Another nuance is associated with security. If swing gates in your garage is not equipped with an automatic, any strong gust of wind can slam the shutter, damaging the car, if it suddenly appears in the doorway, or injure a person in the path of the sash. In sectional doors does not arise such a threat because the wind load virtually has no effect on the opening and closing of the gate. Furthermore, the door leaf is firmly fixed in any position by means of torsion springs or tension mechanism.

    And finally we can say about the energy-saving features of sectional doors. The traditional garage doors are usually made from a conventional sheet metal, which is frankly poorly protected from external climate exposure. Sectional doors, through the use of sandwich panels and density adjustment to the opening panel, ensure the preservation of its microclimate in the garage, regardless of the weather outside.

    Thus, it becomes obvious that sectional doors have a number of advantages over other types of garage doors. Sectional doors – it’s convenience, safety and economy.

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    Automatic roller doors for garage

    Manual method of opening and closing garage doors slowly losing ground and it is replaced by practical automation. So the driver het in his garage he does not have to leave the car: it is enough to press the corresponding button on the remote control and the gate will open.
    Automatic roller doors for garage are found the fastest self-propelled devices for this purpose. Only 2.7 seconds is necessary to fully open or close the door with the opening of 2 × 4 meters. The drive acts as the driving force of automatic rolls. Thanks to a special device inside the box is blocked canvas, leaving doors locked with a key.

    The advantages of automatic roller doors

    Roller doors is a reliable defender. Hack them is hard enough, so thieves are reluctant to hack this type of fencing. In addition to the roller doors is simple to connect the alarm, which further increases the safety of their use.

    This type of garage doors is able to fit into any garage. To install the roller doors you do not need to allocate a lot of space, so you do not need to radically transform the doorway. Completeness of construction allows them to be used in any garage, ceiling height of which does not exceed 4 meters.

    Roller doors are easy to use and does not require any special care. Breakdowns of their machinery occur very rarely, most often because of improper use of the hosts. This type of garage doors is represented in a wide range of colors, it will allow you to create a perfect image of the garage, so roller gates are often used in the private economy. If desired, they harmoniously fit into any style of architecture.

    Disadvantages of automatic roller doors

    In winter the sash of roller doors may ice, because of which can be broken correctness of open. Correct this deficiency is easy – simply tap on the canvas and then lift the door. Another winter problem may be freezing of the lock. Jamming of crossbars not allow to open the door. To resolve this problem, use a protective spray that will help prevent similar troubles.

    Roller doors are not suitable for use in a heated garage. Even their insulated version with polyurethane filler will not be able to maintain a proper degree of heat because of the abundance in the web slots. But they can be used inside a heated space or unheated garage.
    We should note the high cost of the roller door, due to which motorists are in no hurry to buy them.

    Automatic roller doors for garage will become a reliable and convenient protector of your vehicle. With their help, you will not only be able to feel the security for your four-wheeled friend, but also comfortable to use them.

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    Traditional wooden garage doors

    Wooden gates, though inferior to their modern analogues, but is still widely used in the dacha suburban areas. If your wooden gates have served their and came into disrepair, then you will be able to choose their adequate substitute, and, it is both possible the purchase of finished models and components to build the gate with your own hands. Thus, we consider that what is needed for installation of standard wooden doors.

    A perfect solution to this situation are wooden gates formed on the metal frame of the pipes. This option, in comparison with solid wood doors, has several important advantages: the structure is lighter and stronger, and most importantly – it will last you much longer. This is due to the fact that the metal is not exposed to the destructive influence of the vagaries of the weather. Furthermore, metal frame helps to ensure that the entire door construction visually appears much easier. Of course, one might ask: “Why then do we need wooden gates?” The answer is very simple – to create the color of antiquity, villages and a warm, homely atmosphere. A metal frame is almost invisible and will serve as a support for your design.

    Determine what you need to build a wooden gate on a solid frame. To create it you will need metal pipe: 12 meters of pipe diameter of 50 mm on the frame itself and two pipes 2,5 meters in length and 150 millimeters in diameter. You will also need a pair of metal rods, 10 millimeters in diameter to lock themselves inside the structure gates. The locking mechanism on our wooden gates will require: metal plate 30 mm in width, 30 cm in length and 5 mm in thickness – this is a catch; and a metal rod 25 cm long and 15 cm – to create the handle of the valve (T-shaped). You will also need a place for the creation of bindings and most importantly – plank board edging of lumber and four bars in length a half meters and section 50x50mm for gate valves. And from the tools will be useful jigsaw, welder and small materials such as nails, bolts and screws.

    Whatever the wooden gates you choose – purchased or created manually, they are always able to give to your country house or dacha national colors and a cozy atmosphere. And if they even decorate with wood carving, they will present the creation of traditional architecture.

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    How to adjust the torsion springs on garage door


    1. Put the door in the down position.
    2. Turn off and unplug the garage door opening mechanism (if any).
    3. Place C-clamp on the track of garage doors just above the bottom roller to keep door.
    4. Find adjustment of collar or cone on the central shaft. The collar has a set screw that locks the spring tension on a central shaft
    5. Insert a metal rod into one of the holes of collar adjustment. This keeps the collar in place, so that you can loosen the set screw.
    6. Check the set screw, insert it into the flat position in the mine before adjusting. Flat position holds the screw more reliably.
    7. Hold the adjusting stock in position, loosen the set screw.
    8. Turn the collar with a barbell with a pitch 1/4 turn to the right or to the left or tighten or loosen the spring. Write down how many it turns accomplishments so that do the same thing with the other spring.
    9. Pull out the spring so that it does not delay the work. This is done by clicking on the rod that holds the spring tension in the direction from the center to the door. Be careful to avoid slipping of the rod from the hole.
    10. Hold the collar in the new position and tighten the set screw to fix. Be sure to note whether the set screw in the rod.
    11. Repeat the procedure on the second spring. Both springs must be adjusted equally.
    12. Repeat these steps until placing of adjustment collar on the central shaft.
    13. Find holes and screws that hold the torsion spring on the spot; that mechanism should have 2 set screws.
    14. Put one tension rod in the first hole to keep tight collar
    15. Loosen the set screws slowly when there is tension.
    16. Place the second tension rod to a different hole in the collar.
    17. Slide the collar to the right or to the left to tighten or loosen the spring.
    18. Remove one of the rods after proper adjustment.
    19. Tighten the set screws and at the same time firmly hold the remaining tension rods.
    20. Remove the remains of the rod.
    21. Lubricate the spring with a light engine oil or white lithium grease. If oil is used, it should be enough to penetrate between the coils and do not drip onto the floor or the door. Do not use any oil such as WD-40, as they usually dried metal, thus causing unwanted friction. The same rule applies to the rollers with metal balls, it is applied directly on the bearings. Lubrication must be done every six months.
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    Replacement of garage doors

    Replacing the old gates to the new brings previously unknown pleasure. And if it’s sectional door, the pleasure at least triple. Well, what good can be expected from traditional gates? They take up too much space. If left alone, it is imperceptible. But try to open this “piece of iron”- and each half describes a semi-circle with a diameter of three meters, sweeping away everything in its path. Now imagine that this is a room where there is a continuous production process. This is utter torment! Here, for example, a car wash. Gates constantly have to be opened, then closed. In our climate, in addition, there are adverse circumstances. Swing gates are usually “bungled” so that in the winter they freeze through, taking heat from the room, and then there is a danger that fails washing apparatus, within which water circulates. To avoid such trouble, “plowing” inside are insulated with mineral wool or other insulating material, which is usually from the top camouflaged with “lining.” Such gates are considerably heavier. They are often distorted. They saturate with water and harbor. Sectional and garage doors are deprived of all these evils .

    Firstly, they are not afraid of wind, rain, moisture inside the washing, as the door leaf is made of galvanized sheet steel with additional artificial turf, all the details of the gate specifically for sinks are made of stainless materials, guides and springs additionally painted with special anti-corrosion coating and electrical devices has additional protection from moisture.

    Secondly, to this gate you can reach close and not necessarily clean the snow in the winter in front of them because they open vertically upwards.

    Thirdly, they have a perfect appearance and may have windows through which one can observe the process of washing. And then, they themselves are easily washed what for car washes, where the car is sprayed with mud in all directions, is very important. And that’s not all advantages of sectional doors. It is no accident in the West is almost impossible to meet double-leaf gates. And not only on car washes. Economical capitalists who know how to calculate the loss of energy costs for heating, long appreciated the speed and convenience of opening sectional doors and many other benefits and advantages:

    • easy gate control both manually and automatically
    • security: all links of the gate have a trap protection
    • presence of anti-burglary protection with various schemes of locking gates