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    How to cook tasty dishes on charcoal grill

    The food, cooked on grill, differ in its gustatory qualities. It’s very juicy, healthy and tempting. Besides, it has a very pleasant odor. Fish, meat and vegetables, cooked on grill, warm up twice as fast as the ones cooked in the frying pan or in the oven. That’s why the grilled dishes include more vitamins.
    The choice of grill depends only on your personal preferences. If you’re a romantic person, fond of the process of kindling, you should opt for charcoal grill. The pragmatists, appreciating their time and cleanness of cooking, will prefer gas grill. But you may be sure that any kind of grill will cook the food with the same golden crust and gustatory qualities.

    Any dish must be cooked properly so that you can make the most out of it. First of all, you can use the grill to cook the dish which requires high temperatures, as after a while, the temperature of grill will lower.

    It is unadvisable to grill tinned or curing meat. Before start to cook, make sure that all the products are of normal temperature, but not frozen. To improve the heat treatment and create better gustatory qualities, it is necessary to marinate meat for about 3 hours.

    How to cook on charcoal grill

    Before stat to cook meat, make sure that the coals are heated uniformly. You should avoid the formation of flame. If the fat drops from the coal at the time of cooking, they can inflame easily. If you block the access of oxygen, closing the grill lid, you’ll put out a flame, and the dish will be juicy and not burnt.
    If you cook a bird’s carcass or a steak, don’t apply the method of fast grilling. In this case, you’ll have to cook more than 30 minutes. Take the coal tongs and move the coal apart, preparing the place for aluminum tray which will collect the fat from meat. Accordingly, place meat over the tray, and the coals- on the sides. The process of cooking will last longer. The juice and fat, collecting in the tray, won’t fall on the coals, so you will have neither smoke nor flame. It’s necessary to close the grill lid, so that the dish keeps its aroma. In this way, you’ll provide the steam of hot air around the dish. Keep the hole in the lid of charcoal grill open, to provide the ventilation.

    The dishes cooked on charcoal grill will prove to be tasty, nourishing and healthy!

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    Tips for the choice of barbeque grill

    The summer is in full swing. It means that you can go to the country at any moment, taking meat and a bottle of tasty wine with you to arrange a “kebab dinner”. Of course, you can call this way of rest any way you like. However, irrespective of the chosen dish, you’ll have to cook meat or fish on fire. Today we’ll help you to understand, what the device for frying meat and vegetables represents. There are three main kinds of this device- brazier, barbeque and grill. We’ll also advise you how to choose such a device.

    First of all, let’s find out what the grill, brazier and barbeque represents. After all, many people mix them up. At the same time, they call the dishes, cooked with their help, wrong.

    Brazier is a device, familiar to all of us. It represents a rectangular iron case without a grill. The meat for brazier must be strung on the “skewers” (large needles). Of course, we all have seen the braziers. Almost everybody has eaten food, cooked on brazier.

    Grill is a round frying pan with grating, where you put mean, instead of stringing it on the skewers. The specialists insist that the lid is always completed with the grill. You can use this lid to cover the frying dish for the uniform temperature distribution.

    Barbeque is almost the same thing as grill, but without lid. As a matter of fact, even the specialist can’t state accurately, what is standing before you- the grill without lid or barbeque. In general, it’s not important. The main thing is to know what kind of device is suitable for you.

    Let’s see what kinds of braziers, grills and barbeques are there.
    The stationary devices (as you can understand from the name of this kind) are settled once and never moved. Such devices are installed in the restaurants, cafes, cottage plots and recreation centers. Sometimes they’re faced with stone or even embed in concrete.
    The portable braziers, grills and barbeques can be folding. The owner of such device can put his purchase in a small suitcase, and take it with him/her on a journey by car, or bear it on the back. The portable devices aren’t always comfort. They can cause great inconvenience. If the brazier, grill or barbeque is equipped is large, it is usually provided with the small table and tray. It can also be have wheels, allowing moving the device from place to place easily. The portable device for frying meat is usually made of stainless steel, but cast iron can be also used for this purpose.

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    The main advantages of barbeque grills

    It often happens that the same device is called in different ways: barbeque, barbeque grill, and grill. Some people stand to it that these are three different things, having significant differences. There the confusion begins.

    Some people think that one device differs from the other in its size. The others think that the main difference is the presence of lid…
    However, there are also some other versions. Most probably, the reason of such a complicated classification is the fact that many nations have similar ways of cooking food on coals. Of course, they are called differently in different countries.

    It is reasonable that they have certain differences. After coming from the traditional kitchen to the modern world, these ways started to resemble each other even more. After all, it’s a human nature to take over the experience.
    It so happed, that the slightly different devices has three different names. But very few people know who is who.
    Meanwhile, the barbeque grill has simpler construction, whereas grill and barbeque are often righteous united into one (both structurally and nominally). The united name is often indicated in the price-list: barbeque grill.

    The basic feature of food, cooked by means of this device, is a uniform heating (similar to cooking on a low flame) and the formation of appetizing golden crust on the cooked product. Both in the kitchen and in the wood
    Just so- the barbeque grill is appropriate both in the town house and camping trip, and in the country-house or cottage. But the wide use of the same device is at the least uncomfortable.
    First of all, the barbeque grills differ in the kind of fuel.

    As many years ago, this device can heat and cook food on coal. The more modern options work by gas or electricity. Besides, the barbeque grills can be stationary or portable. Accordingly, they have different size.

    Healthy food

    These two words characterize the way of cooking by means of barbeque grill (irrespective of its kind) as exactly as possible.
    Indeed, the food cooked by means of barbeque grill, has less carcinogens and fats, present in the fried food.

    At the same time, the toasted tempting dishes can’t be called “boring food”, as they often call dietetic products. A wide variety of menu and sincere thanks of your family members and guests are assured! The main thing is to make a right choice to avoid inconvenience and incidents.

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    How to choose the best grill smoker

    Grill smoker is a universal smoking shed, grill, brazier and barbeque at the same time.

    How does the universal smoking shed work?

    The wood charcoal is put into a small compartment. The food (meat, fish, and vegetables) is cooked in the larger compartment. It depends on the operating mode of smoking shed (grill, barbeque or hot smoking). The smoke comes through the small compartment to the large one. Then it is taken out through the pipe. The temperature sensor will help you with the adjustment of modes.

    The first cooking mode: grill-smoking shed

    Grill is a device for cooking dishes on coal. It works on the direct heat, coming from the coals (not to be confused with the barbeque, where the heat treatment comes back from the coals). At that, the heat treatment comes from all directions at the temperature of 160 °С and more.
    If you want to cook grilled chicken or something of the kind, you must put the wood charcoal to a small compartment, under the grill, and put chicken on the top. If you’re interested in the manufacture of smoking sheds, consult us. You should take into account that by this way of cooking food, you must always be present.

    The second cooking mode: smoking

    What is a smoking? It is a cooking with a long smoke treatment. Put the food to the large compartment. Then kindle coal in the small compartment and add the moistened sawdust of fruit trees. Mostly, the industrial smoking sheds work in this mode.

    ProQ Eco Smoker for cold smoking

    If you like such food as smoked cheese, bacon, salmon and fish dishes, you’ll definitely like the smoking shed ProQ Eco Smoker!
    The smoking shed ProQ Eco Smoker allows cooking different products by means of cold smoking very easy and cheap.
    Although ProQ Eco Smoker is made of cardboard, it is used for a long time. It allows smoking not only cheese, but also fish, meat and many other products, including pepper, salt and garlic.
    Besides, ProQ Eco Smoker is very economic, as it can work up to 10 hours, using only 100 g of wooden shavings!

    Complete equipment:

    • 2 chromium-plated posts;
    • 2 tiny trays;
    • 1 cold smoking generator ProQ;
    • The outer cardboard box;
    • The inner cardboard box;
    • The package of wooden shavings

    The complete set of ProQ Eco Smoker will be a perfect present for any celebration and allow enjoying excellent smoked food, made on your own in the open air or at the house.

    Take into account that you can’t use ProQ Eco Smoker in the rain or in the humid apartments, as it has an adverse effect on the quality of smoking and the smoker itself.

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    The main characteristics of grill smokers

    The culinary device “grill smoker” is a “tasty rest” after a hard work in the summer cottage. It will make you look differently at the pleasant tradition “to gather for cooking kebabs”.

    Grill smoker is a universal device for meat and fish products and vegetables. In its construction, the grill smoker combines barbeque, grill and a smoking shed for cold and hot smoking- practically 4 in 1. It looks like a modernized classic barbeque.

    How is the grill smoker made up?

    The grill smoker consists of the following components:

    1. Plate- it’s a metal frame, to which all the components (chambers) are fastened. Depending on the variant of assemblage, it can be equipped with the running gear for comfortable moving (it includes the roller posts or 2 posts and 2 metal or air-operated wheels).
    2. Furnace (the chamber for coal, fire-wood and sawdust) is a bottom chamber. It is equipped with the removable fire-bars, the lid with heat-insulated handle and air damper, adjusting the rate of fuel combustion.
    3. Horizontal chamber in the form of barrel is a working area of barbeque, grill and hot smoking. It is equipped with the lid, opening the crank chamber along the full length. It also has the grills: inner and outer (attached to the side of body).
    4. Vertical chamber is a rectangular case, intended for the cold smoking. It is completed with the latticed shelves, meant for the placement/hanging of fish trunk and bird’s carcass.
    5. Smoke flue is a pipe 40 cm in diameter, attached to the vertical chamber.
    6. Temperature sensors. They are located in the cooking chambers (horizontal and vertical).

    All the components of smoker are made of 3 mm high-quality thermostable steel (the burning-out protection lasts 8-10 years). The total weight of unit is 80-140 kg.

    The mode of functioning

    The chambers are connected like in the stove: the flows of hot air and smoke go through all the components and then arrive to the smoke flue. You must put coal or fire-wood to the furnace. On average, one laying of fuel is sufficient for 2-3 hours of food heat treatment. Then you should adjust the temperature according to the chosen cooking mode (smoking, backing or frying).

    The kinds of models

    1. King (“Profi”, “Maxi”) – complete equipment: 2 cooking chambers with lids, mini-tables, attached to the compartments, the shelf for fire-wood at the bottom of the frame and the rack-mounted wheels.
    2. Queen (“Standard”) – the “reduced” complete equipment: 2 cooking chambers of smaller size, and the lid (only in the horizontal compartment).
    3. Prince (“Mini”) – a simplified model of smoker. It has no vertical compartment for cold smoking.

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    Different ways of cooking on gas grill

    It’s so wonderful to prepare grilled chicken with golden crust, grilled sausages or meat with the homemade sauces.
    Although people always connect the rest with trips abroad or to seashore, it’s a human nature to relax on the landscape, out of country, in the country-house, or just spend a good weekend in preparing barbecue.
    Such rest is always interesting, unusual and inexpensive. Isn’t it marvelous to go to the river, put up a tent, kindle a fire and grill sausages? And if you have a country-house, it’s a sacred duty to gather in the family circle, fire sauna and grill tasty chicken.

    Formerly people used metallic grilles for cooking. These grilles squeezed the product, and, taking the wooden handles with both hands, a person had to rotate it carefully over the fire. Nevertheless, this method has one serious disadvantage. The inconstant temperature effect on the product can result half-done inside and overdone outside. After all, it is very difficult to keep up the fire with throwing fire-wood.

    But now the fans of country recreation can buy a gas grill. Its construction turns grilling into pleasant and easy pastime. In this device, the infrared radiation of burner affects prepared foodstuff like the embers of fire and creates the natural effect of grill. You just need to lay the product on the grill and turn them over after a while. They will be fried on both sides and evenly baked inside. You can also use this grill for heating food. By the way, this grill allows cooking or heating up to 10 kg of food at a time.

    It is quite practical to have a gas grill. You can take it with you to the country, as is can easily go into the trunk of any car. The approximate dimensions of gas grill are: 400 mm in height, 540 mm in width and 440 mm in depth.

    However, the gas grill can come handy not only in the country or at the cottage. It can be easily used in the apartment. Taking a little space, it’ll help you to prepare wonderful grilled chicken for supper or juicy grilled sausages. And even if the gas or electrical energy is suddenly cut off, you can use this simple device for cooking.

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    Wide choice of electric smokers

    In our time there are many kinds of engineering devices, helping both professionals and ordinary people to prepare tasty dishes. Nevertheless, the good old smokers don’t lose their popularity, because of the marvelous taste of smoked food.

    First of all, the smokers differ in the kind of used fuel. So, there are wood, gas and electric smokers.

    You can make the right choice of electric smoker only if you have a complete idea of their peculiarities, complete equipment, advantages and disadvantages. The correctness of choice depends on how well you understand you own desires.

    How much food are you going to smoke? It’s not an idle question, as the modern market is full of different kinds of electric smokers. For example, there are ones intended for the conditions of restaurants and cafes; there also household options of stationary smokers, whose size equals the size of washing machine; and, finally, there are small-sized table smokers, which size almost equals the box of chocolates. They can hold a small slice of meat or a little fish.

    Are you planning to make cold or hot smoking? If you’re going to treat fatty meat or fish, use the cold smoking. And if you prepare dry sorts of meat or fish, apply the hot one. The most of electric smokers are meant for hot smoking, but there are also modern models, keeping both cold and hot mode of operation.

    Where are you planning to make smoking- at home or in the country? It is advisable to predetermine it, as the main nuance in the work of electric smokers is that it operates on electricity, so it is dependent on home electrical network. However, there are also models operated on car battery.

    One of the main advantages of electric smokers is that you don’t need to control the process of smoking, as the control mechanisms do it themselves. The plainer models just maintain necessary temperature, while the more complicated ones provide different ways of smoking, giving a wide field for experiments with different products.

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    The main information about electric grills

    Very few dishes can compete with the grilled meat in their tastiness. But you can’t go for an outing on any day and in any season. Fortunately, it’s not a reason to refuse a barbecue. There is a good alternative to the fire- an indoor electric grill. In this article we’ll tell you how to use electric grill, what kinds of electric grills are there, and what are their advantages.

    What is the electric grill?

    In most cases, electric grill is a multifunctional device, heat-treating food with the help of infrared heating. A heat from heating element goes directly to the surface with prepared products, which provides minimal heat waste. With the help of electric grill, you can fry and bake food. Perhaps, the electric grill doesn’t provide such a wide choice of cooking methods, as the aerogrill (where, apart from baking and frying, you can also boil and smoke), but it costs much less. And its functionality is quite enough for the most of housewives. The intensity of electric grill temperature is adjustable, which allows cooking the dishes for all tastes and frying the products to the required degree.

    What kinds of electric grills are there?

    For the house, you can choose the portable, stationary or built-in electric grill. The stationary grill takes too much space, so it fits better for the public catering establishments and the cottage. According to the next classification, there are contact and non-contact electric grills. The contact grills work on principle of shashlik roaster, turning the products around the heating element. As for the contact ones, the products touch the surface, located above the heating element. In their turn, the contact grills are divided into the following groups:

    1. One-sided electric grill. It can be either the plainest device with the food grill, or the more universal one with teflon or even stone coating.
    2. Two-sided electric grill. It resembles sandwich maker (the dish is clamped with presses, and, accordingly, prepared from both sides at a time).
    3. Combined grill. It’s the most expensive option, which gives ampler opportunities, combining the functions of one-sided and two-sided grills. In the most cases, it is the electric grills with removable panels, where you can bake meat, grill waffles and cook omelet.
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    Special charm of charcoal barbecue

    Many fans of grilling finds the charcoal the best possible. However, some people find it rather problematic. The charcoal burns stronger than gas. That’s why it fits perfectly for the browning of stakes and other meat dishes.

    The charcoal grills have a lot of advantages, as compared with the traditional braziers:

    1. With the charcoal grills, the food is cooked much faster. The dishes turn out very tasty, juicy, and never dry up.
    2. The food, made under the lid of charcoal grill, is much more wholesome than the food cooked on the brazier. The products don’t lose their useful qualities and vitamins, as they’re cooked much faster and at a very high temperature.
    3. The charcoal grills are very firm, durable and resistant. And these qualities are very important.

    However, the charcoal grills have some disadvantages- they make more dirt and require constant care and attention.

    Who invented the first charcoal grill?

    The charcoal grill was invented in the late fifties by George Stephen from Chicago. In the past, American fried burgers and stakes on ordinary braziers. George Stephen invented and developed the first spherical legged charcoal grill with a lid. The first exemplar of charcoal grill was made out of the coastal buyo. It was split in half- the upper part served as a lid, while the lower one- as a caldron for putting coal.

    The first charcoal grills were produced by the trade mark Weber. In our time, this company is a leading producer of grills, and not only in America, but all over the world. Weber Company has proved that the charcoal grill is very safe. The barbecues Weber allow you to fry stakes, shashliks, bake a goose, make pizza, smoke fresh fish, and even cook different original desserts.

    The kinds of charcoal grills

    1. The multifunctional charcoal grills for café and restaurants.
    2. The charcoal grills of basic complete equipment.
    3. The portable charcoal grills- for beginners.

    There is a long-standing discussion among the grill fans about what kind of grill is better- the gas or the charcoal. Surely, gas grills are easier in operation and faster in firing. However, only charcoal grills can give the dish inimitable scent of smoke. And without it, the barbecue is not so tasty! Only real charcoals are able to add the wonderful smoky smell to the dishes and give it the special energy of “living” fire.

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    The electric grills

    The electric grills are stationary or portable devices, allowing preparing dishes on the surface heated with electric elements. In contrast to the gas stove, the food is located at some distance from the hearth of cooking, which allows affecting the product evenly from different directions. The distinguishing characteristic of the electric grills is the universality of their use. Unlike traditional charcoal grills, the electric grills can be located even in the kitchen, without fear of filling the accommodation with smoke. Fresh stakes, grilled vegetables, and fondue- you can prepare all these dishes (and many others) in your kitchen. At that, the taste of dishes, prepared with such device, is identical with those cooked on the hot coals of traditional grill. The effect of high temperature on the prepared products can fry them to the golden crisp crust. Besides, the food will be safe-healthy, as the products keep the most nutrients.

    In the list of grills you’ll also find aerogrills, or so-called convection ovens. In contrast to the traditional grills, the affect food by means of hot air blowing from the heating element. This kind of grill has appeared quite recently. About 20 years ago the aerogrills were developed as a substitution for microwave ovens. However, the development of technologies made them more functional and singled it out in a separate group of products. The peculiar property of these ovens is the preparing of healthy food in its own juice, without necessity of adding oil.

    When choosing the grill, pay special attention to the type of control. On the one hand, the mechanics is safer, but it has a finite number of possibilities. On the other hand, electronics is remarkable for its factory installation and the electronic timer. All the models have high power heating elements and rich complete equipment, where you’ll find an plate stand of steamer for steaming food, special grill, tongs, skewers, etc.

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    The main functions of hibachi grill

    The summer rest is impossible without gatherings of friends for a delicious meal, somewhere in the country (on a lake, in the wood), in the cottage or on the terrace of the country-house. In all these cases, you’ll need a special device for preparing tasty meat, fish and poultry dishes. So, you’ll need a barbecue.

    The brazier (or barbecue) for country picnic (without going to the cottage) must be light, comfortable for transportation, and don’t take too much space in the trunk of the car. In general, picnic barbecue must be easy-to-use.

    The hibachi grill (or, as they say now, “mobile grill”) is arranged simply. It has a coal container (with the ash box) at the bottom, and a grill for preparing dishes from the top. As a rule, the hibachi grill is equipped with legs. There are also models with wheels. The barbecues with legs are usually folding. When folded, they represent small suitcase, fully ready and comfortable for transportation. The barbecue can be with or without lid (it is desirable to buy the models with the lid, as they open up ampler opportunities). The hibachi grills are mostly made of stainless steel, colored with heat-resistant paint. However, there are also cast-iron hibachi grills, which are some better in respect of their operating characteristics. First of all, cast-iron cools longer. But don’t wait for some records in heat conservation, as the difference makes not hours, but a few tens of minutes as compared to the steel. Another advantage of cast-iron is that it keeps more or less normal appearance a little longer (as even heat-resistant paint will fall off the enamel barbecue, stainless steel will tarnish, but dark cast-iron will stay put). But the cast-iron also has some disadvantages. For example, it is rather breakable.

    Besides, it isn’t resistant to the temperature difference. So, if you spill some cold water on the cast-iron hibachi grill, it can crack.
    The “picnic” barbecues usually have round shape. They mostly resemble a deep frying-pan or even small barrel. However, the grills can have different forms, as the simplicity of equipment (the products are heated only from the bottom) allows it. The hibachi grills are usually small-sized. There are also larger models, but make sure that they are comfortable for transportation. The larger hibachi grills are better option for those who don’t have a stationary roaster in the country.