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    Interior decorations

    Man always strives for change: to a better job, a higher salary, to good conditions of life, and hence to the comfort in the house, the new repair.

    After a hard day so eager to come home, where there is order, comfort and beauty. To change the interior in the house, not necessarily to make repairs, which require considerable financial investments of time and effort. Decorative and interior items create an important atmosphere in the house. All these little things that heralded the house, in the end will create coziness and general picture.
    Have you ever thought about making transform the housing, is not needed a grand renovation?

    Repairs should be present, but it can be very minimal, with neatly painted walls and classic ceiling.

    Decor items are:

    • vases;
    • paintings;
    • figurines;
    • flowers.

    Also, interior items can be different textile products, such as pillows or curtains.
    For many items for home decor act various wooden products:

    • floor clocks;
    • wooden figures and figurines;
    • musical instruments (piano);
    • furniture with wood trim.

    While home- in your apartment, cottage, house – in a place that you consider your home, you need to attain the positive emotions and calm. To achieve these results you need so that there was the appropriate setting.

    The interior should correspond to the character of man, his environment, outlook – in short, the inner world. To correct the current situation, we offer interior decor items.

    Decor – is exterior design of the interior. But the bare walls, even in the wallpaper, it is not enough. Anyway, the room looks empty. Needed pleasant things that have highlighted your personality and at the same time to fill the space in the room. By the way, not only to be decorating living rooms. You can also vary the bathroom, dressing room, kitchen, hallway and closet.

    Assortment of home decorating is extremely wide. Here there are things, the existence of which you never knew existed. For example, a pillow with built-in speakers. Bamboo mats, creating an atmosphere of the East for you. In the bath you can put the nozzle on the faucet, the water is illuminated depending on the temperature, and of course, flower arrangements.Despite the growth of cities, the problem of reducing the living space becomes relevant. This means that you need to make better use of available space. Therefore, in addition to the usual visual effect, many things began to bring practical benefits.

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    General tips for the home interior design

    Sooner or later, everyone face with a question of the home repair. The home interior design seems a very simple task, but it’s wrong. This problem is very difficult- both from the design and technological point of view. The atmosphere of home interior depends not only on the entourage of this or that architectural style, but also on the frequency of different breakages, incident. Indeed: if the interior is beautiful, but something always falls off, closes, become depressurized or discolor, the positive feelings of house owners will be gone soon.

    So, thinking out and realizing the home interior design, take into account not only your wishes, but also your opportunities. Moreover, you’ll have to consider the capability of the potential builders (their qualification and professionalism) and your own financial recourses (you must understand how much money you can pay for the repair). Of course, the mention of the stark realities of repair can damp down your anxious expectations, but it will help you to cope with the difficult tasks or home repair and interior design.

    It is best to start home interior design with the choice of room style. For this purpose, you can use the print media, online publications, designers’ portfolios and the photos of interior of famous places and people. After reviewing several tens of such images for each of your rooms, you’ll get an idea of your own requirements. Of course, they have existed before. But the review of interior design samples will help you to rethink the key points of your home interior image.

    Allow me to give you a small advice: choosing the design of your home interior, keep in mind the terms of creating the design plan and realization of repairing work. If it is May, and you want to hire the workers in June, there’s not enough time to create a complete design plan. So, you’ll have to make a difficult choice- either postpone the beginning of repairing work or abandon the planned image of your apartment.

    It’s undesirable to make design, architectural and engineer work “quickie” (to some certain date or the labor day of workers). It can have a bad impact on the quality of repair. Remember, that the interior design of your home must be carefully planned and performed. Only in that case it will delight your eye!

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    The most important rules of house décor

    Interior décor is the top of your great efforts on the house renovation. It always attracts the attention of your guests.

    Today we’ll tell you some secrets of the beautiful interior décor, efficient in any style and any kind of interior- from the “lux-class” to the “economy class”.
    To begin with, let’s specify what the interior décor is. Many people confuse such notions as ” interior décor” and “interior design”. Interior décor represents the final stage of design and includes the choice of accessories, giving the tone to your house.

    So, the first rule of interior decor is rhyme. Buying the pictures, cushions, vases, table lamps and accessories, match them with the items of your interior.
    The color matching mustn’t be one-to-one. If there accessories don’t belong to the same collection, it’s very difficult to match the colors. The colors of accessories must be almost identical, very similar, but of course they can vary in several shades.

    What can you match the accessories to?

    1. If your walls are patterned, the cushions, table lamps, sconces, the carpet in front of your sofa and even furniture (sofa, arm-chair) can be chosen to match one color of the wallpaper pattern.
    2. It is well to rhyme the cushions with the pictures over the sofa. The chosen picture must contain the colors of cushions.
    3. The large accessories (chairs and arm-chairs, table lamps, sconces, pictures) can be rhymed with the curtains and among themselves. Then the interior won’t “break apart” if you buy the new curtains.
    4. The cushions can be rhymed with the curtains, arm-chairs and pouffes.

    It’s worth mentioning that the golden accessories almost always require rhyme.
    The gold and silver in the interior is a single theme for discussion. But you must know that the golden accessories don’t look well by themselves. As a rule, the mirror with the gilded frame must be completed with a few similar accessories.

    Take into account that the colors of golden accessories must agree.
    The dark “old” gold of deep color doesn’t match the brilliant, bright and “new” gold of shrill color.
    The decorative elements include the most unexpected things, such as indoor plants and bouquet, which we hardly consider the elements of interior décor.
    One can talk about the interior décor for hours and hours. But the main thing is its proper combination. If you stick to this rule, you’ll get the well-planned and beautiful interior.

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    The contribution of home interior designers to the art

    Of course, every profession has its recognized “idols”. Although the famous interior designers are not so popular and recognizable as some painters, musicians or even politicians, it doesn’t belittle their accomplishments. Their names are always on the lips of the common interior experts. And the phrase: “You designed this room in the style of Arne Jacobson!” , pronounced with awesome admiration, is the highest prize in relation to the work done. There is no bigger appreciation for the designer!

    Undoubtedly, the famous interior designers are the most creative persons in the world, determining the face of every new era. In the 18th century these masters worked at the design of the magnificent Louvre in France (it’s one of the biggest museums in the world) and the palace and park ensemble of Versailles. Thanks to the designers, we have the right to be proud of Hollywood’s beauty, the coziness and peace of modest apartments and huge houses, the comfort of studios and the pomposity of working offices.

    In our age of modern computer technologies and progressive dynamics of scientific and technical power, the number of interior design experts increases day after day. As a matter of fact, the interior creation can’t be called an art anymore, as the work of home designer implies the obligatory designing and monitoring all the processes of the building from beginning to end. Today it is possible even to design almost every building, and sometimes even the whole house. It’s quite easy to find the necessary program in the global network Internet and become the real interior design.
    But it was much more difficult in the last century. The famous interior designers of that time were really gifted. They created their masterpieces without the aid of modern computers and “sophisticated” softs. These gentlemen were so authoritative and respected that not every rich nobleman could invite them for a cup of tea. The creators of “the beautiful” turned their masterpieces into the real art called design. The most of people who left their marks in the design art, worked at the beginning of the 20th century. So, we can admire their masterpieces to this day.

    The famous interior designers made an inestimable contribution to the development of modern art.

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    The interior decoration of large house

    The question of house interior decoration always remained important. After all, your home is not a country house where you come to rest for a few days. It’s the place where you live and spend every day. It often happens that the houses are inherited by the future generation. One can draw the following conclusion- it isn’t necessary to design the house in accordance with the latest trends. The fashion comes and goes soon. So, something that’s in now can seem rather tasteless in a year.

    The design of the house is something more large-scale than the design of apartment. You should take into account more nuances. For example, the design of your garden, the look of your porch, the architectural style of your house, etc. You must take all these details very seriously, as the house can be seen from afar, and it must emphasize your individuality. You should pay special attention to the layout of the house and determine the function of every room.

    You must also choose the style of your house: classic or contemporary. Almost everything depends on it: the choice of material, the exterior and interior design of the house and the landscape design. Remember that the front of the house must match its interior decoration. It’s also necessary to pay attention to the landscape design, as the private house and the garden must shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. The lush garden will emphasize the exquisiteness of your house and fill your backyard with multicolored paints. Another responsible task is the choice of plants. The colors must match each other and create harmony. Such garden will be the center of attention of your guests. The tiny fountain, mosaic ware and design benches can be a perfect complement to your garden design.

    An interesting fence, completing overall house design, can tell a lot about the character of its owners. The beautiful and carefully designed fence will always attract attention of the passers-by. The look of the fence will create an impression of the people living in this house, their social status and preferences. So, don’t save on the choice of material for this matter. Remember not to neglect the functionality of your house and don’t put the home design and appearance first. Above all, home is the place where you spend the most of your life. There you must feel comfortable and cozy. It’s your small “paradise”, separated from the world around, which must meet the most of your requirements.

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    Interior design of 2018: the main trends and tendencies.

    Trends in the design of houses change every year, they bring certain colors, textures and objects. 2014 also brought in the home interior design of many novelties and trends, what are notable with their liveliness and freshness.

    Natural materials are again in vogue. Light, honey-coloured wooden details became obvious favorite in the home interior design. Especially is popular the texture of untreated wood, which is unusually decorates the design of apartments.

    Certainly, now blue and green are at the peak of popularity. Various shades of these colors you can use in finishing of upholstered furniture, cushions, accessories and walls. These calm, cool, soothing colors focused on work and reflection. In addition, they give airiness and lightness to the room, to create an atmosphere of purity and freshness.

    Stylish details with motives of mysterious exotic places brighten up any interior design of apartments. This year carpets, pillows, kitchen utensils, blankets and fabrics with ethnic patterns are not only a popular brand, but also the element of expression. According to experts, such unordinary accessories can dilute even the most banal and boring design of apartments.

    Another striking trend of 2014 is mirrors and reflective surfaces. On the peak of popularity glass ceiling chandeliers and lamps are, photo frames with mirror baguette, glass in the design of countertops and coffee tables. Every design can get a perfect complement – a huge mirror in a beautiful frame in all growth. It visually extends the space and increases the natural light.

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    The house interior design with taste.

    The creation of beautiful house interior design is a very difficult task that requires considerable knowledge and best of all its decision to trust to the professionals. They will help to find the optimal combination of functionality, convenience and aesthetic canons.
    Style in the interior is the idea that you can implement a variety of ways. It is wrong to assume that the more accurate will be played every detail of famous design of the particular style, the higher result in the development of your dwelling will be obtained. In reality all design elements: colors, finishes, decorative elements etc. – can’t and have not coincided with such samples. In this case a lot depends on the designer talent, his taste. Of course, comply with chosen style must and its subject content – furniture, chandeliers, textiles.

    Also we will speak about the most popular styles of interior design.

    For it is quite common use the most modern materials in the decoration. The furniture is very functional, it has extravagant, non-traditional form. It’s a little like office ones, its manufacture are used plastic, leather and metal. Often rack modules with closed or open sections are used. In such interior appliances, which are decorated by original author’s projects look good.

    Color solution of the classical interior is a combination of soft pastel cream, pale yellow, greenish walls with warm brown tones of parquet and furniture. Colors can be from white with blue to pink and gold, from the color of the young foliage to color soft vanilla. Classic style we can’t imagine without natural materials – wood, stone, silk. With their help architects create the illusion of large space regardless of the real size of the premises, and decorators emphasize clarity and conciseness architectural ideas with restrained decor and carefully selected materials.

    Gallery of the house interior design with taste

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    Features of the modern style in interior design.

    What do we call “modern” style in interior design? Straight lines, sharp forms, a minimum of accessories and décor, what is created contrary to the traditional view of comfort.

    Judging from the title, “modern” means “today”, the “here and now” interior. But in widely sense modern interior design is, first of all, direct contrast to the traditional style.

    Less is better: uniform surfaces are instead of the convex reliefs, cloth with a neutral figure or without patterned prints, at least accessories are instead a lot of little things on shelves and art galleries. If modern style hasn’t warm comfort of classical interior, it does not mean that it is repulsive and uninhabitable.

    Strong accent of the lines and shapes (two components of a brilliant design) determines the energy of the modern style. This is the interior of open spaces, what are rich in natural light and air. It does not tolerate confusion and chaos, each its element becomes significant.

    White, beige, grey, black are included to the favorite palette of modern style. Monochrome and color scheme tone on tone let the lines and shapes to come to the foreground.

    Actual design made popular open spaces. It’s not just huge and empty rooms, but almost a work of art, is the inside of modern architecture.
    If you like to walk barefoot, even on the tiled floor, then modern style is just for you. It rejects carpets due to their addiction to smooth solid surfaces. Not covered floor can be made from different materials, but especially actual in modern interior design is light wood (maple, ash), dark wood (wenge), natural stone, granite tiles or cement floor.

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    Basic rules of interior decorating

    Interior decorating is the final stage of the overall development of interior design. It includes the choice and placement of different decorative items and accessories in the interior.

    You can either entrust the experts with the interior decorating or perform it yourself.

    Where to begin the interior decorating? It is the best to start with breaking a problem into several stages: preliminary stage; choice and purchase; placement of the chosen items of décor in the interior.

    The preliminary stage represents the intensive thinking over the idea of interior decorating. What style do you want to use for the decorating? Should it be luxury or, on the contrary, minimalistic? What are the preferable for this or that style? You must put yourself these questions and answer them as soon as possible.

    At the time of preliminary stage, you must make a careful study of the décor items’ and accessories’ assortment, offered in the shops and salons.

    You should start the stage of choosing the décor items and accessories with the choice of chandeliers, table and wall lamps, sconces and other illuminating equipment. Besides, you should take into account both decorative and functional component, as the lighting instruments must provide the required illumination level in the accommodation.

    The next stage of the hand-made interior decorating is the choice of curtains or jalousie. The rules are quite simple. For the small rooms, choose the curtains of light fabrics. And if your room is large-sized, give preference to the curtains dense dark cloth. The kind of textile for the window decoration is chosen according to the existing style of interior design.

    The next decorating stage includes the choice of table-clothes, bedding, bedspreads and decorative cushions. The rules are also very simple. If the interior of your room is performed in quiet color score, choose the bright textile with interesting texture. And for the many-colored interior, choose the textile of pastel coloring without any complicated textures.

    The final stages of interior decorating imply the choice of pictures or reproductions, sculptures, vases and other accessories. At that, you can be guided by the available home décor (for example, brought from the journeys), or buy a few accessories, matching the overall interior style.

    Thanks to the skillful decoration, the interior acquires the completeness, become harmonious and comfortable.

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    Different styles of architectural design

    We all think about the beauty of our house. Especially now, as the choice is so wide. How can we choose all the elements of apartment decoration, not to upset the general idea of the design in your favorite style? It would be mistakenly to fill your apartment with all things peculiar to the certain style.

    Styles of interior

    There are a great number of different interior styles.

    Perhaps, classicism is the most universal interior style of any apartment. The interior design in classic style is characterized by some “showiness” of decoration, tendency to luster and richness, but at the same time austere geometrical layout. But don’t be mistaken about classicism, thinking that you can “pile on” a lot of décor and rest on your laurels! Classicism is defined by restrained décor. All the details of interior harmonize with each other and look rich.

    Now it is very popular to use the elements of Hi-Tech style in the interior design. This is due to the fact that the new technologies have long ago become an integral part of our life. We use them everywhere, especially at home. So it is necessary to place the household appliances in such in the apartment in such a way that they don’t attract attention and blend with the rest of interior. Hi-Tech is the combination of modern technology and comfort. The differential peculiarity of Hi-Tech interior design is that all the household appliances are in sight. Hi-Tech places emphasis on the show of all achievements of modern science and technology.

    You can often find the apartments, designed in style of minimalism. It is popular with young and busy people, living singly and being home rarely. The choose minimalism as this style reflects their way of life: clear, decisive, without unnecessary details. So, we can understand what represents the apartment designed according to the principles of minimalism: minimum decorations and articles, some “dryness” of the room, the use of light colors and minimum furniture.

    The favorite interior style of the designers is modern. This style of design is characterized by twisting and smooth outlines and pronounced tendency to asymmetry. The furniture is made with the use of natural motives, representing the distinctive feature of modern.


  • Home

    Different styles of home decor

    To feel comfortable and cozy in your house, it is not enough just to build or buy it. The home décor and design have their own special aura. If you place the right emphasis and choose the proper colors, you’ll get the beautiful and charming family nest. The home interior represents the character and life positions of the house owner, creates a special mood and a sense of calm. The owner himself/herself should determine the decoration and interior of the house.

    The styles applied for the interior design

    The whole inside of the house must have one semantic idea and reflect the inner life of its owners.

    That’s why you should use one or two similar styles for the creation of beautiful and original home décor. The combination of several styles can be brighter and more colorful, but the room design in different styles will make a mess, creating bungled and comfortless atmosphere. The most popular and actual styles in the modern world are:

    • grunge
    • country
    • modern
    • minimalism
    • hi-tech
    • eco-style

    Sticking to some simple rules, proper to these styles, you can create unique and original interior at a very low cost. Every style carries its own idea and mood and reflects the inner life and hobbies of the house owners. Every home can be designed with the use of these styles.
    Grunge, country, modern and eco-style are considered calm and balanced styles, allowing to create the old-fashioned cozy and quite simple house, attracting with its comfort, smooth lines and natural colors.

    Hi-tech is the style of creative people, unaccustomed to vanish in the crowd. This style is characterized by the use of cool colors, combined with the bright impulsive elements of décor. The broken lines and the inconceivable modify structure attract with their simplicity and depth. The house, decorated in this style, resembles the spaceship or the house of future.

    Minimalism has captured the hearts of the designers with its simplicity. The name of this style speaks for itself: there can be no tasteless attributes and vintage furniture in the home décor. Everything is quite simple- leave the most necessary things, and get rid of the rest.

    You must find out the characteristics and peculiarities of every style to choose the most suitable one for your own house.

  • Kids

    Original themes for the kids room

    It’s not only children’s toys and creative mess that make the kids’ room special. If this room is devoted to some certain theme, it becomes a real children’s world.

    The theme children’s room is unique, individual and original. Undoubtedly, it will be the boast of its’ little owner. Every kid has its’ own dreams and fantasies, talents and expectations, taste and preferences. Pay attention to the child’s wishes, remember his hobbies and liking. After that, design its’ room in such a way that it reflects the child’s inner world.

    There are many ideas for the design of theme children’s room. We’ve chosen the most interesting and bright options of the child’s room arrangement. Hopefully, both the parents and the kids will like these ideas!


    This kids’ room interior with bland-colored walls and floor acquires its individual style by means of animal pictures on the carpet, bedding and curtains. The nice details in the form of some toys on the bed and elephant cut-out on the pillow can emphasize the theme of this room.

    Rivers and lakes

    The wall pictures of cane and dragon-flies against the river and sky look very pacifying. And if your kid likes to spend time by the lake and river, it’ll certainly like its own indoor “pond”. The color scheme must emphasize the general theme of the room. The shades of blue and dark blue together with green will create an excellent combination- moderately bright and deep.


    A rave of color in the room interior fits perfectly for an active child. All colors of the rainbow will fill the room with joy, fun and laughter. The walls in pistachio, the curtains in lemon yellow and the abundance of patterns will turn your child’s room into the fairyland of happiness and joy.

    Inhabited island

    The main element of this room is the color scheme, including the combination of light shades of blue and green with bright impregnations of pink, orange and red. Every color and thing in this room calls up the nature: clear sky on the ceiling, green trees on the walls and blue sea on the floor.


    Do you want to decorate the walls with the picture so that it doesn’t look childish? Use such option as the geometric forms of different colors and size. Show these figures to your child from childhood: squares, rhombs and rectangles will be the perfect complement to the wall décor. Moreover, you can easily draw these figures yourself, using a small roller and masking tape.