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    Kerala Style House Plans Small

    A small area of the house doesn’t mean that it will be uncomfortable to live, and that the cramped conditions will depress all its inhabitants. Because if you use the available space rationally and reasonably, you may find a lot of benefits. Indeed, small house is more cost-effective. It’s not just about the original cost. The amount of taxes is less, the utility bills reduce, and it is easier to introduce the energy-efficient technologies. And for the owners and designers, that is a very good reason to use their imagination and creative potential, trying to plan every inch of a tiny house as rationally as possible.

    You dream house don’t have to look like a castle in order for you to feel comfortable. Kerala Style House Plans Small show that it’s possible to live with great comfort in 30 m2. Believe it or not, it has all you need for a happy life. Inside this magical building, you may feel like in a fairy tale.

    Built on the triangular piece of land, this house has all elements of the modern, comfortable and stylish dwelling. Japanese achieved the impossible – looking miniature on the outside, inside the house seems to expand, turning into a common (by Japanese standards) dwelling.
    According to its inhabitants, people who have visited this house couldn’t believe it was possible to fit so many rooms into such a limited space. The secret lies in planning.

    There is a bathroom and a bedroom on the first floor. The second floor accommodates a living room and a kitchen, and the nursery is located on the third level (attic space).

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    House Plans Designs 1000 Sq Ft

    A lot of people, undoubtedly, dream of living in a big, spacious house, but everyone understands that it is sometimes difficult to create a cozy atmosphere in such a house. However, if you look at the photos of some interiors, it becomes clear that difficulty does not mean impossibility.

    As a rule, people pay a lot of attention to the finishing of House Plans Designs 1000 Sq Ft, but you should also pay attention to other details because the harmony of the space is created only when everything in it is perfectly combined with each other. If you want to achieve this, you should start thinking even at the stage of interior development. It is important to determine its style direction in order to adhere to the chosen style in the future.

    Popular styles

    The choice of interior style will depend primarily on the taste of the owner of the house, but it is also worth remembering that the interior should be organically combined with the exterior. That is, the minimalist style or the high-tech style will look ridiculous in a log hut, as well as country will not look properly in the house, the architecture of which is more like an ancient palace.

    Therefore, the materials from which the house is built, as well as its appearance from the outside already determine the future direction for the creation of the interior. At the moment, there are many varieties of styles. The photo shows only a small part of them. The most popular styles, which are perfectly suitable for the design of large houses, are the following:

    • Antique style;
    • Classic style;
    • Mediterranean style;
    • Oriental, and in particular Japanese style;
    • High tech style.

    As you can see, there is a lot to choose from, but this is not the whole list of possible options.

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    Indian Style House Front Elevation Designs

    Upon returning home, Europeans brought the artifacts with them– intricate decorations, household and items, work of arts, differed by the rich patterns, complex designs and color diversity.

    Luxurious furnishings, carpets, interior decorations took their places in the houses of colonizers. It is perhaps then that the fashion for oriental style in the interior design emerged.

    Nowadays, this bright, individual and complex style remains relevant. Designers like it because it leaves much room for imagination, and house owners– for the feeling of warmth, comfort, sweet bliss and real oriental fairy tale.

    Indian Style House Front Elevation Designs have very bright features, which makes it impossible to confuse with any other direction.
    Furniture gives special color to the oriental interior: squat tables, wide sofas with lots of pillows, bed with a lush canopy, ottomans, benches for feet, screens and, chests. The design of Arab countries is characterized by heavy carved furniture, often with inlaid semiprecious stones and pearls.

    Particular importance is attached to the color scheme. Traditionally, in oriental interiors, natural muted colors (terracotta, ochre and beige) are combined with bright and clear ones (cobalt blue, purple, red, orange, emerald-green and turquoise). Gold is a mandatory color accent. As a rule, golden color is present in the decoration of fabrics.

    Windows and doors in oriental interior are the independent art-objects. The windows are decorated with carved wooden shutters or forged grates. Door leafs are often adorned with intricate carving and massive handles.

    And, of course, characterizing this design direction, we cannot fail to mention various accessories, without which the oriental interior is impossible. Jugs, copper tableware, hookahs and incense lamps, luminaries, pillows, vases, curtain hooks and mirrors in fancy frames – all this makes the interior apartment even more colorful.

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    Tiny House Japanese Style

    Since ancient times, the Japanese style has been characterized by its simplicity, minimalism, incredible harmony and refinement. These elegant wooden buildings have an open plan, spacious rooms and light doors-partitions made of thick paper or bamboo. The main condition for the Japanese has always been the approach to nature, the ability to observe natural processes and magical landscapes, which helps them to find peace and harmony in themselves.

    Tiny House Japanese Style

    First of all, it should be remembered that the Japanese style is open light space and minimalism. The mess in rooms dissipates attention of people and distracts them from concentration on important thoughts.

    As it has been mentioned earlier, the most important things are light, sliding doors-partitions made in the appropriate color spectrum. Such doors can lead to the terrace and a beautiful view of nature or different areas indoors, serving as partitions.

    The floor is best lined with a mat or coating that mimics straw mats. Accents in the interior can be made by bright pillows, carpet or paintings.

    The Japanese style can be created with the right furniture – it should be light and wooden. You can also use small tables or Japanese curtains.
    It is important to remember that the Japanese style is aimed at emphasizing the beauty and sophistication of the decor elements. It uses natural materials for finishing with dairy, white and beige shades and a contrast of black or dark brown.

    The Japanese style is not only restraint and simplicity of forms, but also an indissoluble connection with the surrounding nature.

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    Kerala style house plans below 1500 sq feet

    How much freedom does Kerala Style House Plans Below 1500 Sq Feet give? Is it enough for comfortable living?

    Spacious two- or three-room apartment is of such a size. However, well thought out and properly implemented design of the house gives more free space. For example, in contrast to the apartment, you can finish the second floor, build an attic and use a loft as an additional room.

    Moreover, the project of the house implies the construction of separate building. This means that there will be no “noisy people next door”, i.e. you won’t have to pay special attention to soundproofing.

    Other interesting features of the house projects below 1500 Sq Feet:

    • This is a comfortable size for the compact plots; it is possible to free the area of 150 m2, even if you have little building space. At that, as we have said, there can be 2 times more usable space due to the second floor.
    • This is an economy version, and the costs of material for the project of the small house are relatively small – arrangement of divisions and overlaps requires less money, and the finishing is cheaper. At that, you can make at least two cozy bedrooms, living room, comfortable kitchen and normal corridor.
    • The foundation of such building may not be heavy. It’s true about both one-story and two-story houses. Plus, you can also minimize the area of the roof, which will decrease the pressure on the support structures.
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    Kerala Style House Plans In 5 Cents

    Villa is a lifestyle, not just a place where people relax. The time flows differently and the mood is always elated when you are there.
    A small villa has its advantages – every thing is in its place, the order is easy to direct, and the interior design can be supplemented with unusual details.

    Design challenges

    The arrangement of a small villa and the creation of a stylish interior design are accompanied by a lot of worries that are unfamiliar to those who work on projects of large apartments. The work of a designer has its own charm, as it is necessary to be responsible for every inch of the area. The most important thing in the development of design is not to forget about the interests of the owners, somewhere saving or occupying more space than it is necessary according to the statistics. The most important thing for any happy owner is a state of harmony with themselves. So, do not violate it in the interior.

    The first step in creating Kerala Style House Plans In 5 Cents design is its division into functional areas. It is important to note that the choice of their placement is based not only on the wishes of the owner, but also on technical standards. For example, it is necessary to pay attention to:

    • sufficient ventilation;
    • required illumination;
    • sound insulation of the recreation area.

    Developing the design of the villa, it is primarily necessary to consider the features of furniture and household appliances to ensure maximum ergonomics of each element.

    The next step is to choose the color scheme. It has been repeatedly proved by scientists that the palette of walls has an impact on the psychological state of a person. The interior of small rooms is designed in such a way that all the space is not painted in one color. For example, the excess of an invigorating yellow color can cause aggression. Dark and light shades should be well balanced, because the design should make the villa comfortable for having rest and living there.

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    Indian Style Small House Designs

    The East is traditionally associated with wealth, splendor, luxury, elegance, magic of Arab fairy tales. Indian Style Small House Designs style is initially characterized by the warmth and charm of home, decorativeness.

    • The style is determined by a lot of details, emphasizing all the exquisite beauty of the interior.
    • The walls are usually plastered or draped. The ceilings are decorated with wooden panels or plastered.
    • The floor is usually covered with ceramic tiles with patterns of plant themes or traditional ornament.
    • The bathroom is fully laid out with stylized tiles or finished with decorative plaster. Here you can afford the most daring experiments, using dark colors or extravagant solutions with a lot of ornament.
    • The kitchen also has a place for oriental motives. You may decorate the whole wall with them, not only a modest kitchen apron.

    It is worth considering that bright colors are suitable for spacious interiors, with a lot of natural color. If you want to achieve harmony in modern houses, then it is better to use more familiar shades for walls, and the background should be painted with bright colorful combinations due to furniture or textiles.

    very small house designs indian style In e Story
    very small house designs indian style

    The eastern interior is hard to imagine without textiles made of natural fabrics – cotton, wool and silk. The refinement of the pattern is complemented by a variety of textures.

    A distinctive feature of the oriental style is the abundance and variety of components. This applies to accessories – they are particularly decorative and often combine different materials: metal, stones, colored glass.

    The interior in the oriental style is famous for the fabulous beauty with an ancient rich tradition. However. it is important to know how to combine oriental notes with the modern style.

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    Light decoration of the house

    You can distinguish your house from the array of others in several ways: to use the incredible color for siding, to choose very bright tiles, or to take advantage of our offer and to decorate your home with beautiful illumination.

    First of all, decide what you want to decorate – the walls of the house, the roof or the garden maybe. For decoration of the different areas of your country house, you have a lot different types of lighting.

    If you want to create a contour illumination along the perimeter of the walls or the roofs, stop your choice on flexible forms of lighting, for example, it can be the contour led tapes or the flexible neon. Thanks to its special coating, light strips will be able to resist and moisture, and the sun, and even dust. Also you don’t need to care about the lamp replacement frequently – one burned out led does not affect the operation of the entire strip of leds.

    By the way, just one flood light can help you to make a direct ray of light and to emphasize the elements of the outside interior. Such lights have different kinds of colors and wide radius of turns, so you can use it for highlight tabs, patterns or just the surface of the walls. The same light sources also are recommended to use for illumination of trees and garden compositions.

    Most often lighting design of the country house includes a variety of complex solutions of several types of lighting, so also you can add outdoor wall lights. Such approach lets create more complete picture, and your house will look neat.

    A lot of different structures, types of radiation sources and colors make lights for illumination of facades the quite affordable equipment for decoration of your home. The application of such decorations increases not only the visual appeal, but also the safety of the house and the people in it (it reduces the risk of criminal situations). This festive decoration is capable to transform your home in a fairytale castle or romantic place.

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    How to illuminate the landscape in the country house

    Decorative landscape lighting is one of the most thin faces of the art of garden design, which in recent years becomes not just fashion, but conscious necessity, what strongly includes in country life. The decorative lighting is powerful tool in the hands of the landscape designer, and you can use it not only for to highlight skillfully some areas of the garden and make dark others, but also to emphasize the living beauty of plants or quiet cold water surfaces, to strengthen impression from the grotto or romantic pergolas.

    The landscape architect uses a lot of means for creation the necessary light show. Of course, first of all, it’s outdoor lights – lanterns and flood lights, which are dug into the ground or placed on supports. The decorative lighting of architectural compositions, patio and facades of buildings is made out by means facade illumination.

    The garden pond, natural or artificial, is beautiful itself, but the additional decorative lighting will give it a completely different look: it makes water to glisten mysteriously as the magic mirror, or to change the color of the water, depending on the type of the lamp. On the edges of the pond or pool are usually placed lanterns of various colors, shapes, size and power or set the outdoor flood lights, what create a bright spot. Usually, beam of outdoor flood lights is directed to the decorative sculpture or the group of aquatic plants.
    The decorative lighting of the walls and garden paths is made by decorative fluorescent bars. Each flashlight is situated on the platform with a pin, what helps to fix it easy on the ground.

    If speak about the decorative lighting of grottoes, arbors, pergolas (with the help of colored garlands, electric torches and “candles”), so need to say that the accommodation of hidden lights in sculptural groups allows you to do all the corners of the garden are available regardless of time of day, and make the relax in the gazebo or on the shore of a pond comfortable and pleasant. But most importantly, the play of light and shade creates the illusion of motion of decorative elements of the garden. So no you know that the decorative lighting is the unique tool, and if the designer has mastered to perfection, he can use it to create wonders.

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    Modern house design ideas

    The time in which we live is characterized by a special style in architecture and art, which is commonly called modern style in design. Its distinctive features are simplicity and conciseness. However, it does not mean that the simplicity of modern design makes it boring; most likely, it follows the path of simple lines and discards all strange details that may be present in other styles.
    The design of houses in a modern style astonishes with its novelty, boldness and extravagance. In the projects of private residences there are all innovative proposals and functional novelties – mansard floors, canopies, pergolas, even a roof is used for the location of the newest equipment. Often it is flat and it is equipped with solar panels, heaters, air conditioners, viewing platforms or rest areas.

    Houses are often distinguished by their unusual architectural forms, different-level structures. They have large panoramic windows, a lot of tinted glass.

    At the same time, modern Vajira house design Ideas are now fashionable. They combine high-quality, durable materials with the benefits of civilization, create an atmosphere of coziness and harmony. Surfaces of buildings are covered with protective compounds that preserve the shades of a living tree.
    The interior design of a country house in a modern style should not contain anything superfluous. Rooms are freed from piling up furniture and excess accessories. Each element must perform its function. The furniture has strict laconic, curved shapes, it’s fashionable to use glossy, glass, mirror surfaces.

    The main colors are white, gray, beige colors. A bright hue can be present as an accent.
    Primarily, an open layout is used, a combination of rooms with subsequent division into zones. A feature of the style is the abundance of light and plenty of additional lighting in the interior.
    Modern style in the design of the house is distinguished by original architectural forms and minimalism in the design of the room. Planning of space for the purpose of functionality makes the room as comfortable and cozy as possible and modern materials give the house its uniqueness and beauty.

    Six basic elements play an important role in modern design: color, metal, texture, wood, lighting and carpets. Lighting plays a very significant role, since its main task is to emphasize certain objects in the overall picture of the house. The color should not be too bright, but rather neutral. When a metal is used, it should be nickel, chrome or stainless steel. The texture creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort inside the house. As for the tree, modern designers often use pine instead of oak. The final element of this design style is the carpet, which is able to combine all elements of the interior together.

    All these elements help to create an interior where it will be convenient and pleasant to live and welcome guests.

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    Two storey house design

    You can make a layout of a private two-storied house by yourself or with the help of professional architects. Combination of these two methods often guarantees the most effective result. It is advisable to begin layout with the creation of an approximate plan for a future residential building. The main internal layout of a two-storied house requires both an individual approach and mandatory involvement of a specialist.

    The plan for building a basement requires no less responsibility than the layout of the main rooms. The presence of a basement helps to reduce the building area and free up additional square meters in the area around the house.

    The basement can have many purposes. It can be used as a cellar, a pantry, a workshop, a boiler room or a place to manage the engineering services that had equipped the house.

    The recommended area of the hallway in a two-storied private house varies from 4 to 6 square meters. Ideally, the room should be separated from other rooms with the help of a corridor. In the hallway, it is necessary to take into account the needs of the owners and guests, allocating the space for hangers and shelves for shoes.

    For the most convenient movement around the Two Storey House Design With Floor Plan Philippines, the corridor from the hallway should lead to the living room. The area of the living room can be from 15 to 30 square meters. Since the living room is a day room, it is desirable to place it completely or at least partially on the sunny side. In order to take care of guests not too far from the living room you should place a bathroom nearby.

    When choosing the design of the bathroom, a separate option is preferred. If the overall layout of the house does not allow this luxury, then you can use a dividing wall between the toilet and the tub. The most suitable place for a bathroom is the shady side of the house.

    Accommodation of the second bathroom on the top floor will perfectly complement the general picture of the two-storied house. To shorten the length of operated pipes, you need to have an additional bathroom directly above the main one.

    The first rule of designing a bedroom plan is the choice of its layout (on the sunny side of the second floor). An excellent choice is to place the room not under direct sunlight – so that the sun does not shine in the eyes too early in the morning. As a rule, the bedroom of a two-storied house occupies 12-20 square meters. At least 2 bedrooms are welcome.

    Kitchen and dining room can be combined and separated. When you combine them we are talking about a total area of 12-16 square meters. If these rooms are subjected to separation, then the spacious kitchen should have about 10 square meters. And about 8 meters for dining room.

    A natural light source is rarely taken into account here. The main factor influencing the development of the layout of kitchen and dining room is the sufficient distance from the bedroom.
    It is better to place the children’s room on the second floor, preferably near the parents’ bedroom, so that the child was under observation. It should take into account its location relatively to the sunny side – sunlight positively affects the mood and health of the child.

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    Two Storey House Design With Floor Plan

    The houses are different – high-rise and one-storied, large and small in area, urban, rural and country houses. But regardless of their size, they should look good both from the outside and inside.
    Recently, houses from ecologically clean materials are getting more popular:

    • Stone;
    • A wooden beam;
    • Forest logging.

    Such materials are unpretentious in maintenance and the most important thing is that they keep heat well and do not require large expenses for heating.

    Developers increasingly use the layouts of two-storied houses for the arrangement of suburban land areas. Buildings of this type can be considered as a golden mean in terms of dimensions, useful areas, type of placement the rooms in the building. Buildings with two floors are considered as classic ones. They assume the traditional type of accommodation facilities with the organization of kitchens and common rooms on the first floor, bedrooms and bathrooms – on the second floor.

    The construction of a cottage with two floors has the following advantages:

    •  Economy of the area of the territory – this issue is especially relevant among owners of small land areas. Thanks to space saving, it becomes possible to install additional facilities for household purposes (a shed for storing firewood, a carport for cars) or for recreation (pavilion, canopy, sauna, summer kitchen, to organize a place with benches and flower beds);
    • Wide opportunities for design solutions affecting the exterior. Using the services of professional designers or architects, you can build an interesting Two Storey House Design With Floor Plan In The Philippines, complete the design of the entire house and garden in the same style or use the same materials;
    • Possibility to diversify the facade and architecture of the cottage with beautiful balconies (as a material for handrails you can use natural stone, wood decorated with carvings, durable glass, metal, supplemented with artistic forging, or apply combinations of these materials);
    • There are more possibilities as for interior design, their decorative improvement.

    Designers recommend using special techniques for visual division of space:

    • Installation of a bar rack;
    • A certain placement of the furniture in the kitchen, as a result of which the kitchen hood with the protruding structure will play the role of a separator;
    • Installation of a floor covering of different type. For example, a tile made of stone or Dutch tile will be appropriate for kitchen, and it is better to cover a floor with laminate in the living room;
    • The use of unusual color solutions when decorating the walls. In addition to this, colors can also be duplicated on the floor.

    In this case, the delimiting element is the cupboard, partially separating the space of the dining room and the kitchen from the living room. It is better if the pieces of furniture have the same or similar color. This will allow you to avoid mistakes in interior design in the living room, kitchen and dining room. You can use accessories to focus on certain areas of the room or individual objects.