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    Designers’ advice for the choice of dining room rugs

    Tastefully chosen dining table rugs are a very important part of dining room or dining area decoration, which sets the style of interior.

    Blend the dining table rugs with the space of dining room

    When you choose the dining room rug, you should take into account the size of your room. If it is small, one little rug is quite enough. And if you have a large dining room, it is better to buy a few rugs in the same style and place them symmetrically.
    The form of the rug should be chosen according to the room. Apart from the traditional combinations “rectangular room- rectangular rug”, you can choose more interesting form of rug, for example, following the contour of the table.
    Besides, the dining table rug takes part in the color decoration of the dining room. You can choose the rug to match the present home decorative elements (for example, cushions, pictures and lamps). The rug pattern must also match the overall style of the dining room.
    The material is also very important. It must blend with the floor covering.

    Choose the rug to match the dining room style

    Classic style

    Many people associate the dining room with “antique” massive furniture, large dining tables and elegant chairs. In this case, the rugs in classic style are quite suitable.
    It is better to choose the rug colors to match the furniture, wall covering and floor coloring. The rugs in chocolate-brown, red, blue and rich green shades will look beautiful. The white rugs will match the classic interior with the black furniture.
    The rug pattern must be classic- roses, bouquets, fruits, flower garlands, etc.

    Contemporary style

    The “hi-tech” dining room belongs to this style. Contemporary style is characterized by the bright and original furniture. That’s why the dining table rug must be well matched with it. The general tone of dining room decoration can be neutral. And the original design rug will be a bright color spot.

    Exotic styles

    These styles have recently become more and more popular. The rug with fanciful oriental patterns fits for the interior in Arabian and Indian styles. The beige one-colored rug whose texture resembles a traditional tatami for the Japanese interior.
    The arrangement of dining room is a very laborious but pleasant task. Beautiful and cozy dining room with comfortable furniture, completed with the elegant rug, will be the oasis of comfort in your apartment.

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    Original ideas of bedroom decorating

    Bedroom is the place of rest. Nothing here must remind of work and daily routine. If there is no opportunity to take away the notebook and computer table, you should zone the space, separating the working area with screen, or allocating it behind the wardrobe.
    Bedroom is no place for official papers and counts, or else it will turn into a study. Everybody wants to have a cozy, warm room, where he/she can relax after a busy day, distract from the problems and cares. You don’t need to hire a designer to create the room of your dream. You can realize your wishes and ideas on your own.

    Color score

    The color of the room walls affects the overall health and mood. Yellow creates the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Green is associated with nature and leaves. It’s a neutral color.

    Blue reminds of sky. This color calms and pacify. Dark blue is an unsuitable color for the bedroom, as it can cause depression. But even the walls painted a right color seem boring and bare without decorative elements. The small drawing skills and ability to hold a brush will help you to amend the situation and make the decoration of bedroom walls original and effective.

    The decoration of bedroom walls

    The perfect way to decorate the room is to hang a fresco. Choose the picture, blending with the style of the room. Then you can imagine yourself a painter and get to work. The preliminary work, such as puttying and grounding will take efforts and time, but the result is worthy of it. The fresco adds special exquisiteness and originality to the accommodation.

    But if you don’t have any drawing skills at all, and you don’t want to hire a specialist, you can make it in an easy way. Use the family photos for the decoration of your bedroom with your own hands. The faces of loved and dear people will always lighten your mood. The main advantage of the photos is that they can be changed depending on the season and occasions.


    The window adds the touch-up to the interior. The curtains have not only aesthetic function. They also protect you from noise, dust and aggressive sun. They can either match the color of the walls and furniture or be a splash of bright contrasting color. The main decision criterion in the choice of suitable curtains is your own taste. Don’t fall under the influence of fashion, or else you’ll get the beautifully decorated window, which, however, won’t blend with the general interior.

    You should consider that the bedroom decoration, made with your own hands, must be aimed at the creation of friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

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    The best ideas for living room interior design

    Living room is the central place of family communication. After having dinner in the kitchen, the whole family gathers in the living room to continue the conversations. Besides, living room is the center of evening rest of family members. Here they can watch the news, films and interesting telecasts, listen to the music or read the book.
    The second function of this room is the guest reception. As a result, this room must be comfortable both for the house owners and for the guests. That’s why the living room interior must be very original and help to accomplish these main tasks.

    What is the living room in the apartment?
    As a rule, the largest room in the apartment is designed as a living room. It must fit it all the family members. At that, everybody must feel comfortable. There are many options of realization the living room interior design. The house owners can choose any one of them. In this room you can realize all of your ideas, not limiting yourself with the functional requirements. You can perform the interior design in a single style or divide it into several zones, where every member of the family will feel comfortable.

    As the living room accomplishes two functions, it can be divided into two zones- family and guest. These zones can be strictly demarcated, or flow smoothly to each other. For example: if you use the first option, the guest zone in the form of dining table and/or bar counter are highlighted and elevated on the small podium. But once you come down from the podium, you get to the softly lighted zone with the TV set, comfortable arm-chairs and bookcases.

    If you choose the second destination of the living room (the guest reception) you need to think over the places for recreation and communication and not only family members. The dining table is more suitable for the formal atmosphere, some celebrations or family dinners. It is caused by the high level of the chair and top table. The furniture set with low landing and the use of coffee table is more suitable for the guest reception. In this case, you’ll be able to put the drinks or some delicacies on the table. The room can be equipped with the shelves and niches with some souvenirs and fancy articles. The pictures and photos on the wall will complete the living room interior.

    Working on the interior of your living room, you should consider the opinions of all your family members. After all, this room is intended for the good pastime together.

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    The most important rules of house décor

    Interior décor is the top of your great efforts on the house renovation. It always attracts the attention of your guests.

    Today we’ll tell you some secrets of the beautiful interior décor, efficient in any style and any kind of interior- from the “lux-class” to the “economy class”.
    To begin with, let’s specify what the interior décor is. Many people confuse such notions as ” interior décor” and “interior design”. Interior décor represents the final stage of design and includes the choice of accessories, giving the tone to your house.

    So, the first rule of interior decor is rhyme. Buying the pictures, cushions, vases, table lamps and accessories, match them with the items of your interior.
    The color matching mustn’t be one-to-one. If there accessories don’t belong to the same collection, it’s very difficult to match the colors. The colors of accessories must be almost identical, very similar, but of course they can vary in several shades.

    What can you match the accessories to?

    1. If your walls are patterned, the cushions, table lamps, sconces, the carpet in front of your sofa and even furniture (sofa, arm-chair) can be chosen to match one color of the wallpaper pattern.
    2. It is well to rhyme the cushions with the pictures over the sofa. The chosen picture must contain the colors of cushions.
    3. The large accessories (chairs and arm-chairs, table lamps, sconces, pictures) can be rhymed with the curtains and among themselves. Then the interior won’t “break apart” if you buy the new curtains.
    4. The cushions can be rhymed with the curtains, arm-chairs and pouffes.

    It’s worth mentioning that the golden accessories almost always require rhyme.
    The gold and silver in the interior is a single theme for discussion. But you must know that the golden accessories don’t look well by themselves. As a rule, the mirror with the gilded frame must be completed with a few similar accessories.

    Take into account that the colors of golden accessories must agree.
    The dark “old” gold of deep color doesn’t match the brilliant, bright and “new” gold of shrill color.
    The decorative elements include the most unexpected things, such as indoor plants and bouquet, which we hardly consider the elements of interior décor.
    One can talk about the interior décor for hours and hours. But the main thing is its proper combination. If you stick to this rule, you’ll get the well-planned and beautiful interior.

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    Ideas for design of the office.

    Work in the office is not always a great pleasure, and large part of the proposed tasks today you can do easily at home. In this regard, it is important to ensure the necessary conditions in the home office for the effective and fruitful work.

    The office interior design begins with the choice of premise for office in the house and ends with the selection of accessories. Regardless of whether will partners, colleagues visit the office or not, will you work there alone or in company, design and repair must be of high quality. Usability, accessibility and comfort are the main requirements for the office in the house.

    The main factors of office interior design in the house are:
    – accommodation;
    – ergonomics;
    – technical equipment;
    – security.

    When you choose a room, all depends from their number in the house and from the layout of the house. In big house for office is given the farthest room, what is well lighted and heated. Often the design of such rooms is in modern or classic style. The style of the office needs to correspond to general design of the house, or at least, not contrast too much with it. If you develop the design of the office, it needs to consider whether the office, in addition to workplace place, to receive guests. If yes, then you need to provide the necessary furniture for visitors. It is possible to equip the office with more comfortable soft furniture, a bar or other accessories that you may need for receiving guests.

    Design of the office will also depend on the kind of work that you will perform. For example, a graphic designer may need to install the special project of the station in the office. It is also necessary to take into account the current process of work computerization, and, accordingly, you need to allocate enough space for the required number of computers.

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    The most important rules of lounge décor

    At first sight, the décor of lounge, as the most important room in our house, is a very difficult and responsible task. When you choose the items of decoration, you should take into account the style of the room and observe the proportional balance.

    The main thing is the details

    In the modern life, full of stress and bustle, our lounge and our home in general, remain probably the only places a person can rule. So, our today’s article is devoted to the articles, turning our home into a cozy home.

    The borderland between order and disorder in the house is extremely thin. At the final stage of creating lounge interior decoration, you fill it with the furniture and the things you hold dear or use every day. Exactly at this stage people make the most mistakes.
    You must begin the lounge equipment with the placement of furniture. Later on, the proper disposition of furniture will allow you to complete it with the matching decorative elements. After all, the person feels really comfortable only if he/she is surrounded with symmetry.

    Now you can start to decorate your lounge.

    There are several golden rules of design, turning the arrangement of décor in some kind of art, and allowing achieving maximal artistic effect as fast and smooth as possible.

    It is not necessary to overdo the lounge decoration. The presence of two-three items matching the design style of the room is quite enough.
    Apart from different statuettes, pictures and vases, you can decorate your lounge with the window curtains. They can soften some roughness of interior, or strengthen the visual perception of the smooth design.

    The décor will look especially expressive against a white or black background. To outline and emphasize the significance of décor and its presence in the interior design, you should use shelves or racks with decorative lighting.

    You can complete the lounge decoration with beautiful bunches of real flowers.

    The first thing we notice entering the room is its color (the color of the walls, ceiling and floor). The details of lounge décor will look well against a light background of the walls, furniture and floor coating. For example, the yellow support and the vases look good against a white sofa and black bedside tables.

    The choice of décor can be compared to the art. In addition, it’s a very important part of interior design, together with the rest of its components- repair, the choice of color, style, furniture and lighting.

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    The most interesting ideas for interior design

    Every owner of the apartment or country-house wants his home to be the best, comfortable for living and pleasant to the eye. That’s why the ideas of interior design are so necessary at the time of repair: nobody wants to shame oneself and be worse than the neighbors.
    After the preliminary preparation of the apartment you can start the redecoration, including: the choice of wallpaper and floor covering; the installation of ceilings and lighting instruments; the purchase of furniture and other items of interior; the decoration of the room with different accessories.

    At this stage, the house owner faces the task of choosing specific home design. Let’s review the most popular styles of our time.
    Let’s consider a few examples.

    Marine style.

    This style appeared not so long ago- in the 19th century. Usually, the travellers used this style for the decoration of their rooms, not to become disaccustomed to the usual ship interiors. It is characterized by special romantic and allows creating the atmosphere of long travels round the world.

    The floors in the marine design must be made of wood. It is unnecessary to paint or bleach it. If you already have some other floor coating, you should hide it under the carpet.

    The walls must be covered with black clapboard, like the board ship. It’s not necessary to cover the whole wall. It is enough to plank the bottom.

    The rules of design creation don’t imply some certain kind of ceilings. However, it is better to use the wood shades for painting. Of course, the best option is to cover the ceiling with the clapboard or some other material in imitation of wood.


    The fans of originality will like the contemporary style, combining all trends of the modern designers, not fitting in the limits of hi-tech or minimalism style.

    This style meets all the requirements of simplicity, comfort and functionality and encourages the use of new technologies and ideas. So, the design plan of the house interior ends with the choice of this style. It has formed just recently- at the end of the 20th century.
    The main features of this style are: ease of planning; compatibility and interchangeability of the furniture; the possibility to complete the available design with the new items of interior.

    The clear and adjusted lines look quite elegant and create the atmosphere of 1960s.
    The mass character and availability are the other advantages of design. All the lovers of comfort and simplicity will like the contemporary style.

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    The minimalist design of the modern house

    The minimalist design is the symbol of the modern house. This style was created in the middle of the last century, but it remains actual and exclusive.

    The minimalist style is characterized by small amount of furniture (besides, it’s rather low). It has the form of regular geometric figures, such as cube, sphere, and rectangle.

    The design is characterized by pure lines. There’s nothing unnecessary in the interior. It brings peace after a daily stress. According to the experienced designers, minimalism is the favorite style of creative personalities and philosophers.


    The minimalist design can be realized in any modern apartment. In this article we’ll discuss an interesting layout in the modern minimalistic style.

    The common feature of all rooms is the absence of large cabinets. They were replaced by the elegant wall shelves. They have a light design and create the feeling of airiness. Developed with several elements, they have not only practical, but also decorative function. The cabinets are mounted asymmetrically in width and height of space. The furniture of living-room in minimalistic design is modern and functional.


    The bedroom in minimalist design is performed in pastel colors in combination with grey and brown. The bright and original accent of the room is the wall at the bed-side and the curtains with the same pattern. The window plays an important role in the house with minimalist design. Usually, this style is characterized by the huge floor to ceiling window. The view from the window gets into the room and represents the part of interior. Light is an important element of minimalist design. The lamps in geometric forms complete the design of the room.


    The study is characterized by the presence of wall shelves. Some of them have door, the others remain open. Of late, the bright accents are used in minimalist design. They are restricted and usually express the pleasant memories and emotions of the house owners. Many of them represent the matching accessories of regular geometric shape.

    As well as the bedroom, this room has a huge window, which makes it good lighted. The study is completed with white sofa and modern glass coffee table, which is almost invisible. Another characteristic of this room is the presence of modern technology. In general, this room culminates the style expression of this apartment.

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    French provincial houses

    French provincial house design is the personification of romantic spirit of France. This rustic style reflects the national traditions and culture of the country.

    These are the comfortable country houses filled with sunlight, warmth and the tastiest smells of home-made pastry, energetics and smells of environment. Everything here disposes to the settled and unhurried way of life, rest and serenity. As the rooms and the windows of these houses are quite small, there is a necessity of visual increase of the room space. That’s why the finishing and decoration of rooms are performed in light shades.

    The apparent simplicity of this style is delusive. Its’ realization requires impeccable taste and careful elaboration of the smallest interior details, as it is very important to capture the feeling of old, comfortable and tidy house.

    To make the right stylization of the furnishing, one should understand the philosophy of rustic life in France and familiarize oneself with its distinctive features, the main of which is the use of natural materials: wood, stone, metal and natural fabrics.

    Color score

    Choosing the color score for the decoration of country interior, you should give preference to the pastel, slightly muted colors: beige, sand, milky, grey, olive and lavender. As for the bright color accents, choose green, blue and brown.


    The provincial style became popular due to the presence of antique furniture in the interior. The wooden furniture is made of walnut, oak or chestnut. However, forged furniture is also welcome.

    Antique or artificially aged buffets, encrusted with floristic patterns, sideboards, bookcases and low dressers create a unique atmosphere of the house with rich history.

    The details of interior

    Creating the provincial style, one should pay special attention to the careful elaboration of details. Beautiful faience and china tableware, ceramics, elegant forged chandeliers and lamps, painted flower-pots, the tablecloths and napkins out of natural fabrics (openwork or chorchet work) – every article gives its touch to the environment.

    The lovers of everything French are able to create the paradise corner in their own house, decorating it in their favorite style.

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    The main rules of modern interior design

    The concept of contemporaneity is very relative, as modern design styles alternate each other so fast, that some of them definitely becomes classic. So, is it still possible to call it contemporary? Not to get confused with the definitions, one should unite all the trends in one fresh vision, which helps to distinguish the modern interior at first glance.

    The modern town-dweller wants to be surrounded by comfortable and calm atmosphere, without anything unnecessary. Everything in the modern apartment must have its clear destination.

    The interior design of modern apartments

    The color score of modern apartments deserves special attention. There are some certain styles, such as glamour and pop-art, which accept screaming acid shades and the abundance of glitter and gloss. But speaking in general, you’ll hardly find anything bright or screaming in the contemporary style. It is characterized by somewhat boring but comfortable for perception colors: grey, brown, white, green and black. You can dilute one of the basic quiet shades with a few bright accents, but there must not be too many of them.

    It is also necessary to observe moderation in the wall finishing. If you want to have a bright coupon, textured wall, a huge picture out of photo wallpaper, choose one of these elements. Don’t overload the wall with unnecessary details. After all, they bear a heavy load, as people often use wall shelves, consoles, racks and mounts to clear the things up from the floor. The wall shelves allow keeping the floor maximally free. Such elements as curtains also suffer considerable changes. Earlier you could see the modern classic- brown curtains with eyelets almost in any room. But the modern kitchen, bedroom and living room interior design is characterized by the use of laconic roller blinds. It is caused by their comfort, the ease of use and care.

    Both city apartments and modern house design, developed in the modern style, must include eco-features. It can be the use of eco-materials in the finishing, the elements of nature, such as the installations with green plants and the paving of bathroom floor with shingle. In fact, observing these nuances, we make our life a bit healthier and brighter.

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    The ideas of DIY design

    If you’re going to make a general repair, you should choose the most optimal ideas for the design of your apartment. It is very important that you imagine the result of the whole repair very clearly. It determines the work planning, the number of necessary building and finishing material, and the time spent on repair.

    Your home is your character

    The design of any apartment or house must reflect the character of its owners. The choice of color score, furniture and lighting- everything must be in tune with your sense of beauty, your mood and style of life. As you furnish your apartment for yourself, you must like it.


    If you think that one or another detail will be suitable, and the textbooks on design tell the opposite- take a risk! Mostly, such design experiments breathe new life to the room, and there is no risk that the interior will look boring and uninteresting.

    The principle of accents

    To make the interior really stylish, you should add it the bright details- so-called “accents”, attracting the attention.

    The principle of free space

    No matter how well thought-out your design will be, it will seem cluttered up if there is no free space in it. That’s why the part of ceiling and walls must keep empty, without the “semantic load”.

    The filling of corners

    The empty corners in the accommodation create the feeling of incompleteness. So, it is better to fill them with the furniture, indoor plants, aquariums, cage for birds- anything blending with the general interior.

    Color scores

    If you can’t match a few details of interior in space, you can combine them with the common color score. It will help you to unite separate article by reducing them in a single system.

    The principle of first impression

    Think in advance, what is the first thing the one sees entering your room or house. If there is an empty wall before one’s eyes- decorate it with the mirror or picture.

    These are only the main rules. However, they’ll help you to create the unique and unforgettable, but at the same time thought-out and comfortable design of your house or apartment.

    Following these rules, as well as your own taste and style, you’ll bring comfort and coziness to your house.

    No matter how good the ideas of room design in the Internet or design magazines are, remember: the main thing is that you and your family feel comfortable here.

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    Various kinds of home decorating

    We spend a considerable part of life at home: in the apartment, private or country house. That’s why our mood, creative activity and even state of health depend on comfort, achievable only in the elegant and harmonious designed accommodations. The most interesting thing is that anybody can make an original home design- all you need is a desire!

    The home design allows performing the interior in a single harmonious style. With the help of professional expert you can create a perfect design of your house. In our time there are many design solutions in different styles.

    You can choose one of the following styles for the decorating of your home: country, classic, etc.

    The home decorating has a wide variety of styles and directions. The professional designer will help you to create stylish and prestigious interior of your country house and realize your most unusual wishes!

    Which styles can you choose developing the design of your house?

    One of the most popular styles for the decoration of home interior and exterior is modern. Natural materials and smooth lines create the aesthetically beautiful appearance of your house. The doors, balconies and staircases are decorated very beautiful. Hi-tech style assumes the use of such finishing materials as: plastic, metal and glass.

    The lovers of exquisite beauty will give preference to the classic style with its luxurious balustrades, columns and stucco molding.
    You can order the home design, realizing your brightest ideas. And the original design can make your home interior beautiful, cozy and comfortable. The home design starts with the home decorating and ends with the choice of object and accessories of the inside fittings.
    The interior of your home can include the variety of unusual ideas. Functionality and comfort must be the main components of the room interior. The home design is always connected with creative activity.

    Nowadays, home design is a very popular service. Many people want their house to be furnished stylish and tastefully. After all, it is very important that the house decorating is elegant and unusually. All the preferences of the house owners must be taken into account. It is such a pleasure to live in the house combining universality, aesthetics and harmony! So see to it that your home decorating is beautiful!