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    Rihanna will start to create jewelry again

    Recently, the information about the future plans of the famous singer Rihanna started to spread actively. Supposedly, the artist is planning to go back working on the design of jewelry in the near future.

    To date, the reliability of this news is unknown, but the artist and her environment remain silent about the rumors. Perhaps, here one can use the old saying- “there is no smoke without fire”. If the spreading rumors will prove true, we will be able to see the new works Rihanna as a designer of jewelry.

    It is worth recalling that in 2017, the singer had similar experience. Then she developed nine jewelries, among which were four pendants, earrings, bracelets, clips and rings. The collection was called “RIHANNA LOVES CHOPARD” and entered the market in summer 2017.

    As stated by the star, her homeland (the island of Barbados) inspired her to create the jewelry. The singer reported that she wanted to embody the noisy carnivals, regularly held on the island, in her works. Rihanna also likes the flowering gardens and white beaches of her beloved homeland, as well as the azure waters of the ocean. Diamonds, ceramics and pink gold were used for the creation of the jewels.

    The circulation of jewels was small. Each product was released in the amount of two thousand copies.

    If Rihanna wants to go back creating the design of jewelry, we should start to forecast what it will be and where she will draw inspiration from this time. It is still unknown who is going to cooperate with the star for the realization of her idea.

  • Celebrity

    Lionel Messi received the name ring from the Russian jewelers

    The great football player Lionel Messi celebrated his birthday on June 24. In celebration of this event, athlete received an exclusive present from the Russian jewelry plant “Bronnitsy Jewelry”. Especially for the football genius, the jewelers developed the design and created the name ring. It happened for a reason, as during all period of stay in the World Cup, the Argentine team was located in Bronnitsy, on one of the local training camps.

    We should mention the unique design of the ring, whose upper part was made in the form of football stadium. There you can see the football field and spectator tribunes. I think we don’t have to explain why this idea was embodied in this ring by the Russian jewelers, creating jewelry for Lionel Messi.

    The design of stadium dome is divided into two parts. These symbolic halves describe two stages of life of the great football player. The first half is devoted to Messi’s game for the team of Argentina, and the second symbolizes its game for the famous football club “Barcelona”. Jewelers painted each of the halves the colors of the football club “Barcelona” and the national team, for which Lionel plays. Under the dome, one can find the creeping line with a birthday message for the famous football player.

    In the lowest part of the ring, one can see the name of the owner and the order number, under which the player on the football field. Moreover, there is a symbol of championship and its name on the ring.

    Jewelers didn’t forget about the main participants of any football tournaments – fans. They are symbolized by the colored stones in place of tribunes.

    The ring given to Messi can be worn on a finger. However, it can be also used as a memorial sign/souvenir. A special pedestal, which can be placed next to the numerous awards that the famous football player received during his career, was created precisely for that purpose.

  • Money

    The diamond of Queen of Spain was sold for $6,7 million

    Isabel de Farnesio has possessed the dark blue diamond for more than 300 years, and now this precious thing was sold on the famous auction “Sotheby’s”. It is worth noting that the diamond was purchased for the sum that exceeded the expected figures.

    The auction, where famous diamond was sold, took place in Geneva. A number of other precious stones were also bidden upon, which yielded great results. However, the attention of most participants of the auction was drawn to 6.16-carat pear-shaped Farnese Blue.

    Queen of Spain received this diamond in 1715 from the governor of Philippine islands for the wedding of the royal person. Since then, the blue gem travelled to almost all countries of Europe with the descendants of Isabel de Farnesio. It is noteworthy that the precious stone has never left the storehouse of the royal house in 300 years.

    The protection of diamond “Farnese Blue” was very serious. For that reason, it has never been to the strangers for all the years it was possessed by the dynasty. In all this time, only family jeweler, immediate family and royalty have seen it. As a result, almost no one even heard of this precious stone.

    A veil of secrecy has been lifted only recently, when it was decided to offer the famous jewelry for sale. Experts of auction house “Sotheby’s” did a thorough examination of the diamond, after which the diamond went on a world tour. During this journey, it was demonstrated in Taipei, Singapore, New York, London and Hong Kong. The last destination point of the jewelry was Geneva, where Farnese Blue was sold for $6,7 million.

    We should note that the auction lasted only 4 minutes.

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    Prince Harry gave his wife the family ring

    A marriage of Prince Harry and the actress Meghan Markle has long died down, but it looks like mass media continue to discuss this great event. Particularly recently, the gift of the royal person to his wife has become one of the main topics for discussion. The thing is, on their wedding day, after the completion of all ceremonies (when Harry and Meghan were officially married) Prince made her a present.

    Harry gave Markle the ring, which is valuable for him, as this precious jewel was worn by her mother, Princess Diana. The information about this present was first published in “Daily Mail”. We are talking about the ring with diamonds and sapphire, which was stored in the royal family after princess’s death.

    Nobody has worn it since then. The jewelry waited for a certain moment, and it came.

    The new husband made her a gift on their wedding day, when the couple was at Windsor Castle. When Harry and Meghan went outside and got on the vintage car, happy wife demonstrated the jewel on her arm.

    It is worth recalling that the tragic car accident took the life of Princess Diana. A few memorable things left after her death, were divided between her sons – Harry and William. The first left a ring in the memory of her mother, while the second kept the wristwatch “Cartier Tank Francaise”. Speaking of the ring, this is a hand-crafted jewelry, which was made by the house “Garrard”. It is important that this ring is not exclusive.

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    Lady Gaga can start advertising the jewelry again

    In 2018, famous singer Lady Gaga surprised many of her fans with a participation in the advertising campaign of the world-famous brand “Tiffany&Co”. She signed a contract with the famous manufacturer of jewelry, with the result that Lady Gaga became face of the company.

    When this news appeared in numerous publications, most people were skeptical about it, as they couldn’t imagine “the mother of monsters” with a new look. But despite the critical predictions, the artist completed her task. Thus, she took part in the photo shoot during the advertising competition, where Lady Gaga tried on a retro look.

    In the photos, you can see the star wearing white blouse and black trousers, while her hair is combed neatly, which is strikingly different from the image we used to see on the stage and in her music videos. In addition to the photo shoot, Lady Gaga did a video, where she gave details of her attitude to various jewels.

    “I think that jewelry never comes amiss, especially if the environments and circumstances call for it. I think there is a misunderstanding that only men have the right to give women jewels. I profoundly believe that every girl can pamper herself by buying the jewel she likes”, – said Lady Gaga.

    Lately, there have been rumors that the famous singer became a participant of the advertising campaign of the famous jewelry house. To date, it is not known whether it will be “Tiffany&Co” or other manufacturer. Neither Lady Gaga herself nor her producers provided any comments on this issue.

    Probably, soon we will see the new and more reliable information about it.

  • Other

    Paper flower: new collection by Tiffany & Co.

    Graphic jewelry Paper Flowers – a story about careless chic and the first creation of Reed Krakoff

    According to Reed Krakoff, appointed as the creative Director of Tiffany & Co. in January 2017, for whom the Paper Flowers collection was the first full-fledged debut in a new role, the main focus of new products is in the combination of organicity and femininity with graphics. The result clearly shows the beauty of decomposition and asymmetry without loss for the traditional beauty of diamond jewelry and the DNA of the Historic American Jewelry House. A third of the jewelry is unique haute joaillerie items.

    Platinum flowers, which form the basis of jewelry, are obtained by combining abstract petals – neither realism nor jewelry botany! The palette is monochrome — platinum and diamond glitter. There are only a couple of highlights — diamond yellow and tanzanite blue. The latter is responsible for the color of the iris, an important floral motif in the history of Tiffany & Co. – a curtsy to the dawn of the brand’s glory, which fell on the modern era. Yellow diamonds in fireflies, the wings of which still beat the petal theme, are a tribute to the historical Tiffany Yellow stone, a “cushion” of canary shade with a weight of 128.54 carats.

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    The new diamond ring of Sharon Stone

    In January this year, the actress was already spotted with the young stranger, who accompanied her at the premiere of the new series “Mosaic”, which took place on January 17 in New York. However, not officially, as the lovebirds were photographed outside the Red Carpet. Meanwhile, the couple was kissing and hugging without embarrassment.

    The other day, 60-year-old Sharon was captured again by the ubiquitous paparazzi. She is now resting at the beach of Miami with the same young boyfriend and, judging by the photo, she’s deliriously happy. Very soon, the celebrity will have a birthday, which she apparently decided to celebrate in a pleasant company.

    On some images, the attentive journalists also noticed the diamond ring with platinum, surrounded by the small diamonds on the actress’s left hand and assumed that the man had proposed to Stone.

    The actress herself prefers not to comment her private life.
    We recall that Sharon Stone was married twice — to the screenwriter Michael Greenburg (from 1984 to 1987), editor of the newspaper “San Francisco Chronicle” Phil Bronstein (from 1998 to 2004). Now she is raising three stepsons by herself —17-year-old Rohan, 12- year-old Laird and 11- year-old Quinn.

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    The luxury of diamonds and emeralds of Blake Lively

    One of the brightest Hollywood couples – Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds- arrived at “Golden Globe”, so all eyes on them.
    Blake, who has recently become a mother for the second time, stood in front of the camera wearing the black velvet dress, which highlighted all the advantages of the actress’s figure.

    One of the brightest and the most beautiful guests of the party, Blake Lively, completed her stunning outfit from Atelier Versace with the accessories of the US jewelry brand “Lorraine Schwartz”. Lorraine Schwartz is one of the best American star jewelers, whose client list includes even ascetic Angelina Jolie. Blake Lively also follows the trend, according to which “two is always better than one”. Two cuff bracelets with large emeralds, surrounded by the diamonds can compete the public’s attention with Blake herself. It is natural, as according to the US media, the total value of the jewelry she wore that night, was about $7 million.

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    Fred Leytonton jewelry for Charlize Theron

    Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses, whose Red Carpet images are always impeccable. For many years, Oscar-winning blonde has remained committed to her successful style formula: elegance along with sexuality and bright details. Her new look is the proof.

    So, yesterday Charlize Theron attended the premiere of the film “Tully” in Los Angeles, where the 42-year-old actress played a major role. During the gala event, Charlize was wearing the draped black dress from Dior, completed with the metalized print in the form of colorful butterflies. Theron’s elegant look was completed with the black high-heeled shoes, golden-chained clutch and the jewelry from Fred Leighton: long earrings and white gold ring with platinum.

    Charlize bet on the nude shades in makeup and made her hair in a bun. Her fans noted that she looked very elegant.

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    Scarlett Johansson engagement ring

    Scarlett Johannson, who, after the divorce with her second husband, beat her chest telling that monogamy was not for her, is getting married for the third time. Apparently, the actress decided to give another chance to the institution of marriage and try her luck with the writer and actor of SNL Colin Jost.

    According to the insiders, Colin will propose to Scarlett, and the recent “coming out” of the couple only reinforced the view that the engagement eventually took place. Johannson was wearing the white gold ring with a big diamond (which is very similar to the engagement ring). However, the actress put it on the other hand (on the right, and not on the left as the Catholics usually do). However, so did Nikki Reed not to draw public attention to her marriage with Ian Somerhalder.

    Actress hasn’t made any comments regarding her third marriage yet, but her fans are sure that they’re not far off. We recall that Scarlett’s first husband was the actor Ryan Reynolds, and the second – French journalist Romain Dauriac (Scarlett has a daughter from this marriage). After the second divorce, the actress gave an interview, where she clearly expressed her position: monogamy is impossible. So, let’s wish Colin luck.

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    Bold experiments of Katie Holmes

    Tom Cruise’s ex-wife usually chooses classic dresses for Red Carpets. However, this time she decided to experiment with her image.
    In Hollywood, Katie Holmes has become firmly established as “Miss Elegance”. The actress always chooses exquisite images for her public appearances. Thus, yesterday Katie reaffirmed her rank and attended the gala evening “American Ballet Theatre” wearing the blue cocktail midi dress from Zac Posen. Katie complemented the exquisite model, decorated with embroidered flowers and rhinestones, with the clutch to match, nude high-heeled shoes and the jewelry from Harry Winston — a few bracelets, large emerald earrings and the emerald ring with white gold and encrusted diamonds.

    To further emphasize the romantic image, stylists put Katie’s short hair in the smooth waves, made a cross parting and fixed it with a lacquer. In makeup, they emphasized the eyes, using the dark brown “smokey eyes”. Katie’s fans noted that Holmes looked amazing.
    Katie attended the event with her daughter Suri Cruise, who was also wearing the dress with floral print. Actually, this family prefers “family look”.