• Kerala style house plans below 1500 sq feet

    Kerala style house plans below 1500 sq feet

    How much freedom does Kerala Style House Plans Below 1500 Sq Feet give? Is it enough for comfortable living?

    Spacious two- or three-room apartment is of such a size. However, well thought out and properly implemented design of the house gives more free space. For example, in contrast to the apartment, you can finish the second floor, build an attic and use a loft as an additional room.

    Moreover, the project of the house implies the construction of a separate building. This means that there will be no “noisy people next door,” i.e., you won’t have to pay special attention to soundproofing.

    Other exciting features of the house projects below 1500 Sq Feet:

    • This is a comfortable size for the small plots; it is possible to free the area of 150 m2, even if you have little building space. At that, as we have said, there can be 2 times more usable space due to the second floor.
    • This is an economy version, and the costs of material for the project of the small house are relatively small – arrangement of divisions and overlaps requires less money, and the finishing is cheaper. At that, you can make at least two cozy bedrooms, a living room, comfortable kitchen, and standard corridor.
    • The foundation of such a building may not be substantial. It’s true about both one-story and two-story houses. Plus, you can also minimize the area of the roof, which will decrease the pressure on the support structures.
  • Kerala style house painting design

    Kerala style house painting design

    The appearance of the building can tell many interesting things about its owners. It reflects the unique taste of its residents. Desiring to achieve individuality, presentability and originality of the house and looking for suitable photos and ideas of Kerala Style House Painting Design from the outside, people start to study the fashion magazines, where they can borrow an interesting solution. Often, the real picture doesn’t turn out the way you planned, or the façade of the house depresses its owners. What to do then?

    To make your house shine and please the eye, attracting the admiration of others, you should follow a few ground rules of painting the house exterior.

    Ornaments on the external facing of the house can be a stylish solution that will complement almost any basic color. They will give a special charm, local color and originality to building.

    Highlight of separate decoration elements on the facade with contrasting colors will look particularly effective. These include cornices, windows and their slopes, doors, drainpipes and roof. Your house will never be boring, dull and uninteresting if it’s colored. Often, the charm and elegance of building is in the details.

  • Kerala Style Nalukettu House

    Kerala Style Nalukettu House

    The open-air life is very active in India, which is famous for its hot weather. Streets, squares and all open spaces are used very intensively – they are constantly filled with people. Being at home the Indians spend almost all day in the open air, preferring even sleep in the open air at night.

    Therefore, the main place and the largest area in any Indian dwelling is occupied by an open courtyard called angan or uthan. It is present everywhere, even in the cold mountain areas of Kashmir. Families spend most of the time there. The sun’s rays penetrating the yard dry and disinfect everything in it, the rain washes away the dirt and fills the water vessels, and the wind vents and cools the air. A canopy of terraces, loggias, pavilions are used to stay there during the rain or hide from the scorching rays of the sun in a sultry midday time. The Indians rarely stay in a closed room, which is small compared to others. It is used to store household utensils, and it serves as protection from the weather.
    Thus, a traditional Kerala Style Nalukettu House (whether it is a farm house or a palace) has a spatial triad of space: chowk (open space), tiberi (semi-open space) and kothari (closed space), decreasing the size of the occupied area. Residential complex usually consists of three major components of the inner courtyard or open area (chowk), then the terrace or loggia (baradari) and internal space (kothari).

    Such a principle of the use of living space is differently refracted in the different local conditions of vast India. There is an urgent need for air circulation in coastal areas, where it is constantly hot and humid. There are a minimum number of enclosed spaces, and a house usually consists of an enfilade of communicating courtyards, differing in function, size and shape. Thus, an atrium in the role of a lobby is replaced by a peristyle (open) courtyard-living room with a pond in the center, and it is certainly followed by a spacious economic yard, where the life of women and children is mainly concentrated. All this system of courtyards, stretched from the entrance to the house along the longitudinal axis, as a rule, ends with an orchard. In this case, the building is low-rise.

  • Kerala Style House Plans Below 800 Sq Ft

    Kerala Style House Plans Below 800 Sq Ft

    A presentable house with a size up 800 Sq Ft. gives the impression of a solid and reliable cottage for a family. Neutral tones used for decoration are popular all over the world. Decorating the second floor, you can pay attention to the color of the roof, creating a single image of Kerala Style House Plans Below 800 Sq Ft. There are huge full-height room windows that give the rooms a sufficient amount of sunlight and make them cozy and bright.

    The first floor includes only the rooms where the family gathers together. Almost twenty square meters of garage will cope with the placement of an executive car. There is a place for the workshop on its territory. A close proximity to the garage area is convenient to perform all maintenance work.

    The living room is combined with the dining room. The fireplace, which combines these two rooms, creates a warm atmosphere in the house. The kitchen is assigned to the corner part, its semi-closeness protects the hostess at the time of cooking from outside attention, while allows her to serve the tables in the shortest time intervals so that guests will not wait and will feel comfortable at home.

    Three bedrooms are on the second floor. Additional conveniences are created due to the expense of common rooms: a bathroom and a wardrobe.

  • kerala style single story house photos

    Kerala Style Single Story House Photos

    A feature of a one-storey residential building built of wood is an abundance of wood and open space. Large windows like in Kerala Style Single Story House Photos let in streams of the sun that promote creation of good joyful mood. Rich colors of the wood used in the construction of the walls of the house in the background of white and gray smooth textured surfaces only benefit from this neighborhood.
    At the central entrance, the guests are greeted by elegant veranda framed by columns. This area is easily placed with furniture for rest and eating. The hosts have an opportunity to arrange small receptions and relax under the scattered sunlight.

    The reception area is separated from the private areas. It includes a dining room, kitchen and living room, connected together due to the absence of dividing walls. The fireplace warms the room and creates a warm atmosphere.

    Three comfortable bedrooms allow family members to relax. They are not too different in size, which puts the residents of the house in almost the same conditions.

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    A spacious garage of more than 35 m2 can accommodate two vehicles. The nearby room can be used as a workshop. The layout provides a sufficient number of dressing rooms and storerooms to hide food supplies, household appliances and equipment. The advantages of a one-storey house, made according to your project, is always beneficial for your family.

  • Kerala Style House Plans Small

    Kerala Style House Plans Small

    A small area of the house doesn’t mean that it will be uncomfortable to live, and that the cramped conditions will depress all its inhabitants. Because if you use the available space rationally and reasonably, you may find a lot of benefits. Indeed, small house is more cost-effective. It’s not just about the original cost. The amount of taxes is less, the utility bills reduce, and it is easier to introduce the energy-efficient technologies. And for the owners and designers, that is a very good reason to use their imagination and creative potential, trying to plan every inch of a tiny house as rationally as possible.

    You dream house don’t have to look like a castle in order for you to feel comfortable. Kerala Style House Plans Small show that it’s possible to live with great comfort in 30 m2. Believe it or not, it has all you need for a happy life. Inside this magical building, you may feel like in a fairy tale.

    Built on the triangular piece of land, this house has all elements of the modern, comfortable and stylish dwelling. Japanese achieved the impossible – looking miniature on the outside, inside the house seems to expand, turning into a common (by Japanese standards) dwelling.
    According to its inhabitants, people who have visited this house couldn’t believe it was possible to fit so many rooms into such a limited space. The secret lies in planning.

    There is a bathroom and a bedroom on the first floor. The second floor accommodates a living room and a kitchen, and the nursery is located on the third level (attic space).

  • courtyard house kerala floor_17

    Kerala Style Courtyard House

    Happy owners of their own cottages and luxury Kerala Style Courtyard Houses have an opportunity to be outdoors all the time, and it is especially important in the warm season.

    You should use the available space with the maximum advantage for yourself. No, we do not agitate you to plant the territory of the courtyard with tomatoes or sunflowers. We just offer you to equip it to make it be pleasant for you in every respect.

    There are a lot of options for design. Courtyards were originally called patios (now this name is also applicable). Let’s start with the classic style and then consider the Moroccan style. It is characterized by arches, ceramic tiles in oriental style with color intricate patterns, a riot of greenery and colors. This courtyard will surely appeal to those who want everything to be colorful and multi-faceted. A patio in Moroccan style will astound our imagination with its color. Orange, blue, green, red – these rich colors form the basis for the design of the patio.

    When we talk about the design of a patio, then we primarily mean its landscape design, because the other types of decoration are similar.

    The presence of flowers distinguishes a typical patio from modern designs that are more prone to minimalism, monotony of greenery and tranquility in all manifestations. Classic patios can hardly be called “calm”. The riot of colors is manifested not only in the decoration, but also in the many colors that literally permeate the patio. You should pay attention to the modern courtyards. As we have already said, great attention is paid to unity and calmness. A classic patio is notable for the presence of fountains, spray from which fly in all directions, and the sound of water is heard long before approaching the fountain. However, modern courtyards are characterized by peacefully murmuring streams or artificial ponds, over which ferns and other non-flowering plants grow. A contemporary design is targeted at harmony and unity. The design of a patio is based on ceramics, and a new style is notable for glass, wood and metal.

    A patio can be equipped with a breakfast table, comfortable armchairs, a sofa or a hammock. You can also place almost any furniture that will bring you a certain level of comfort.

  • house painting colors samples_11

    House Painting Colors Kerala Style

    Art painting of walls is the most popular among the traditional ways of their finishing. We will talk about things which are especially important as an artistic decoration, painting technology, paints, which are used by artists. We will find out whether it is not harmful to the health of residents of beautiful houses.

    Wall painting on decorative plaster is one of the most time-consuming creative processes. The artist does not just paint a picture, but pre-decorates the wall, which will be the final result of his work. As a rule, it creates relief. In the end, you get a really beautiful house.

    House Painting Colors Kerala Style is the final point in the process of repair. All dusty work must already be completed, so that nothing will damage the picture. When the creative bridgehead is prepared, the customer traditionally invites the artist to inspect the object.

    It is very important to be able to tell the artist what you would like to see on the house and in the house. Experienced artists specialized in wall painting, immediately make sketches for a better understanding of the question.

    It is normal when the artist advises the best possible variant of the plot or a different color scheme. After all, wall painting should be the most organic part of the design and it shouldn’t discord with the interior, but emphasize and complement it. After all, you can get a really beautiful house then.

    After the initial sketching, the artist prepares an electronic three-dimensional model of the future painting on the wall to correct it if necessary. Having received your consent, they start working at the facility. Do not distract the artist with questions like “how quickly will the work be completed?” Art painting of walls does not tolerate fuss. It is important to follow an accurate and delicate approach, if you want to get a great end result: a beautiful house. Average term of painting of one square meter is 1,5-2 days.

    When the picture is ready, the artist covers it with varnish or wax to protect it from sunlight, harmful moisture and physical damage.

  • Kerala Style House Plans In 5 Cents

    Kerala Style House Plans In 5 Cents

    Villa is a lifestyle, not just a place where people relax. The time flows differently and the mood is always elated when you are there.
    A small villa has its advantages – every thing is in its place, the order is easy to direct, and the interior design can be supplemented with unusual details.

    Design challenges

    The arrangement of a small villa and the creation of a stylish interior design are accompanied by a lot of worries that are unfamiliar to those who work on projects of large apartments. The work of a designer has its own charm, as it is necessary to be responsible for every inch of the area. The most important thing in the development of design is not to forget about the interests of the owners, somewhere saving or occupying more space than it is necessary according to the statistics. The most important thing for any happy owner is a state of harmony with themselves. So, do not violate it in the interior.

    The first step in creating Kerala Style House Plans In 5 Cents design is its division into functional areas. It is important to note that the choice of their placement is based not only on the wishes of the owner, but also on technical standards. For example, it is necessary to pay attention to:

    • sufficient ventilation;
    • required illumination;
    • sound insulation of the recreation area.

    Developing the design of the villa, it is primarily necessary to consider the features of furniture and household appliances to ensure maximum ergonomics of each element.

    The next step is to choose the color scheme. It has been repeatedly proved by scientists that the palette of walls has an impact on the psychological state of a person. The interior of small rooms is designed in such a way that all the space is not painted in one color. For example, the excess of an invigorating yellow color can cause aggression. Dark and light shades should be well balanced, because the design should make the villa comfortable for having rest and living there.