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    Decoration of kids rooms: design ideas and solutions

    Children’s room is an area of the smallest member of the family, so you need to carefully approach to its design and scenery. It is important to think through every detail:

    Secure bedroom. The best thing would be furniture made of wood – a natural and environmentally friendly material. Note the absence of protruding, sharp parts over that a child might stumble.

    Calm overall tone. Children have an active life outside the home – at school or kindergarten. Therefore, coming home, he or she has to get into a more relaxed atmosphere, which will help to get down his or her excitement and high activity. Experts advise to prefer warm olive, pink and yellow tones and avoid purple and bright red colors.

    Available setting. Surely you want your child to become self-sufficient as soon as possible. All furniture should be arranged so that the little master could reach out everything by himself.

    Many small details. Looking at the small whorls on a carpet or wallpaper, according to experts will help your child to develop his or her imagination.

    As children’s room decoration fresh flowers in pots or drawers can be used. Containers with flowers will look especially beautiful when they are decorated with your own hands: with a cloth, colored paper, beads, tinsel, colored stones, threads or Christmas toys.
    The mirror for the kid. It is worth paying attention to the correct selection of the mirror for the baby. Here we must take into account the area, age, and other details. By the way, psychologists say that a child becomes a person when starts to recognize himself or herself in a mirror.

    Wall design can be accomplished in several ways: painted walls, colorful wallpapers (homogeneous ones or combination of two or more kinds of wallpapers), stickers, wallpapers, white crayon wall, wall mural, glass photo panel (such décor is appropriate in the room for pretty adult children).

    Boxes for toys can be hidden under a sofa (bed) or be integrated in the furniture or stairs of bunk beds (available on stock models have built-in drawers).

    If you decide to arrange a room in any style, the color scheme will depend on it. For girls such styles will be interesting as stardust, “Princess Castle”, “Enchanted forest”, “Dollhouse”, “Travels and Countries”.

    Boys are interested in such theme rooms as “Adventures”, “Travel”, “Sport”, “Pirates and Treasures”, “Machines”, “Music”, “Researches”, “Robots”, “Nature”.

    Get the child’s the interest with the original and practical things: a wall clock in the form of the wheel or wheels of the motorcycle; dumbbell-alarm clock or runaway alarm clock; boxes for small items as treasure chests, beautiful seashells as bookends.

    And remember: the design of a child’s room is a creative process and always cooperative with the child (ren). This process should bring joy.

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    Baby room design: ideas and useful tips

    From the very first days of life the child must have his own clearly defined and drawn up in line with his needs space. At the same time to prepare the room for a tiny resident is much more difficult than to design your own bedroom or living room. After all, when creating the interior of children’s room you need to take into account the thousands of little things which are not important for an adult, but vital for the tiny creatures. About these very small things with a capital letter we will tell you in this article.

    The first two months of life, babies sleep for 16-20 hours a day. And all the while they are in their cribs. So this piece of furniture is the basis of the entire interior and has every right to take a central position in the nursery. By putting a crib in the middle of the room, you automatically deal with several problems at once.

    First of all Crib placed like that is located at a maximum distance from the front door and walls adjacent to the noisy rooms (kitchen, living room).

    Secondly, you will protect your baby from the harmful effects of heating radiators that will dry his skin.
    Third, the baby won’t catch a cold from a long stay near the cold outer wall. In addition, the bed is better to put in a slightly lit area. It is also desirable to separate the recreation area and a zone of games for the baby from the very first months of life to develop a clear association on the delimitation of the living space. In bed, he should just sleep, but for all other activities there are other places.

    The first months and years of life are in close cooperation with his mother, so it is very important to create a comfortable environment in the nursery, not only for the baby, but also for his nurse. It is advisable to put there a bed for mom, so she would not have to run to the beloved babe from the other room every half hour, when it will start teething. To the kid it was convenient to feed and rock, it is better to buy a comfortable rocking chair. A changing table and chest of drawers for the first baby clothes will complement the mother’s place.

    Of course, in the first months of baby’s life you do not get to play with him in the mobile games, and reading books on the joint will unlikely have any sense. But as soon as a child begins to shake the rattles and pull his hands to the bright toys, baby room must be equipped with a special area for games. There must be boxes or baskets for toys, tummy-time mat for infants and a playpen. Design and equip the area for games with the child in active games and a place where you will show your child pictures of books, toys and various items properly.

    Mandatory attribute of baby room is a small night light near the head of the crib. It is advisable to buy a night light with controlled lighting levels, which are not too large in size and suitable for the overall style of the room by its appearance.

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    Some useful recommendations on kids room design

    ‘Children are flowers of life’ – all parents would agree with this statement which has already become a winged phrase. They won’t argue with other well-known statement too: we give children the very best that we have. And, creating the interior of the children bedroom, we seek to express it in all your care and love.

    A girl’s room for many parents seems to be like the world of pink fabrics, air curtains and caramel-colored wallpapers. But that kind of room is more likely similar to the magical realm of Barbie dolls, and it won’t be to the taste for many children. Creating a children room design for a child who already knows how to talk and express his or her thoughts, psychologists recommend in the first place to ask for advice the future owner of the room. First of all it concerns the choice of colors: the children are very receptive, and in a room with walls and furniture of a certain shade, they cannot feel really comfortable. For the rest, creating kids bedroom interior on your own, remember that girl necessarily needs to have space for games. Large wardrobes and tables may hamper living space and a large warm rug in the center of the room, on the contrary, can become a magical puppet country.

    Oddly enough, but while working on the design of rooms for their sons parents usually show more creative imagination. Here it’s not limited to pink wallpapers and matching curtains, but goes much further. Kids’ room for boys can be turned into a spaceship, a secret laboratory or Spider-Man’s lain. You can even leave a children room design for your baby neutral, but interesting for the kid.

    The parents of different sex children, living in one room, get the most difficult task. In this case it is necessary to create a children’s design that would suit both for a boy and a girl. The most optimal solution to this difficult situation is to divide the room visually into two parts, and equally ones if possible. Thus, each of the kids will have his or her personal space. At the same time the interior of both halves can be done in the same way, but you can – add “female” and “male” notes to the different parts of the room.

    If the size of the room allows, it is not superfluous to equip a small play area. Depending on the capabilities of the parents, it can be just a big carpet with children’s table and chairs or a small slide or swing. When the baby gets older, gym wall bars with the rope and the horizontal bar will be useful. As you know, children’s energy is inexhaustible, and it is good if the child splashes it out in active play and sports. Another good way to take the child and develop his or her creative abilities – to allocate a wall in the kids’ room on which he or she can draw. Especially for children’s creativity there are special stickers on the wall, simulating a blackboard.

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    Pieces of advice about children room decor

    Layout and design of modern children rooms provokes a huge number of violent disputes, which include not only designers but also psychologists, pediatricians, even public figures, not to mention their parents and growing-up children. What ideas are in the air today, which approach is most deserving of attention in the design of the kids’ room, and what does changeable interior fashion think about it?

    Conceiving the design of the most important room in the house – the children room, you must immediately answer the question: what will be the basis of design. Modern children’s rooms are formed in a certain style of interior or around a beloved child image. For example, a room for the Princess, Good Girl or Candy Kid or a site of Gentleman, Flyer or Superhero. The selected image dictates colors, interior features, and even functional filling of a child’s room. How can you achieve compliance of the interior with the desired image?

    The easiest way is to create a center of attention by the desired image. For example, volumetric 3D-wallpapers or bright poster, the picture on the wall or a photo collage on the theme will immediately declare the rod, on which design details will be ‘strung’.

    The color will be an excellent assistant, which will create the desired association. Princess room is characterized by a combination of pink, white, crimson and pearly tones. For underwater grotto of Little Mermaid soft watercolor, green-blue colors and vibrant color accents, like colorful fish, swim in the coral reefs are more suitable. Brave Space Explorer will necessarily face dark blue velvet of the night sky, and the decor of Little Lord’s room must necessary include noble plaid and chocolate hues, that are typical for British living rooms.

    However it is not necessary to fill the room with annoying details that must necessarily be associated with the selected image. Give some space to children’s imagination; let the environment serve as a springboard from which irrepressible imagination starts. Therefore, in addition to the central theme and color accents, to two or three parts, which will help to identify the image will be enough. For example, lighting fixtures of original forms, frames for photos, mirrors and chairs that create associations with the main hero-image.

    Creating the design of children’s room in a certain way, we must remember that children grow quickly, after a year chosen hero can get bored. A child cannot associate himself with the same character for a long time. That’s right – you cannot always play the same game! So parents need to be prepared to quickly transform a room in accordance with the changing tastes of their child.

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    How to decorate kids room

    Children should certainly have a room where they can safely play, study, entertain friends without disturbing other family members. Children room is a fabulous island in the original house. Its decoration is pretty exciting event.

    First of all preferences of a small host are taken into account. Elder children themselves prompt thematic focus for the design of space. Decorating rooms of younger kids, creating ideas, of course, parents will base on child’s favorite fairy tales. Theme of the interior has to meet the tastes and hobbies of the child. Kids always appreciate a bright, unconventional idea. Personal space is the world of the child, so it is necessary to make it aesthetic, comfortable, spacious, safe. The main aspect of the children room decoration is creating an exciting, playing atmosphere that kid will not want to leave. Choosing room interior it is necessarily take into account the age of the host. For example, images of cheerful little animals on the walls are not interested for school children. For emphasizing the style it appropriate to use different settings – stickers, cheerful lamps, bright images (panels), theme design of ceilings. Surrounded by superheroes, princesses, fairies child is much cozier than next to adults and their ‘boring’ problems.

    It is important to bear in mind that children and adults perceive the colors differently. For the harmony and normal development a child is usually surrounded by calm, gentle tones, bringing vivid shades. This gamma without no doubt sets for the activity, study, work. ‘Fruity’ colors are quite effective: quince, apricot, apple. Funny elements in the interior – different colored curtains, colorful blankets, pillows, toys – give room perky look. The main thing is to make a kids’ room in the same style. Some prefer to create a ‘sailor room’ and some – to design a ‘spaceship’.

    In the room one must have a thermometer – it is necessary to monitor the temperature in the children room, preventing its drops. Floor is necessary to be warm, because for the games children prefer soft mat to chairs and sofas. It should also provide a clean floor. (It should be easy to clean).

    You can put an easel, hang chalkboard for room owner’s creative activity. When a child’s room is small (or children’s corner), it is more worthwhile to buy a universal furniture. Funny curtains, children’s furniture will easily draw a line of corner for children.
    Construction can be effectively decorated with the colored lights. As we know lighting is very important in the children room. The central light is not enough. Proper lighting will be provided by a floor lamp, wall lamp, and when kid is studying – by the presence of a desk lamp. Low light during sleep will be ensured by a funny bedlamp.

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    10 helpful tips for children bedrooms

    If your intention is to remake the children’s room, then you are at the right place. Here you will find 10 tips on how to create a creative design for the room of your rapidly growing up child. Do not forget that childhood memories are directly dependent on the diligence of adults. The ability to create the right atmosphere for creative development will play an important role in his or her future.

    1. If you have a ‘princess’ growing in your family, then you can do a thematic design of a child’s room for your girl. Get help from Disney characters. In this case, it is necessary to take care of a canopy bed and a dressing table with a mirror. A wardrobe and a desk should be in the room.
      It is not necessarily to take pink as a basic interior color. This color is not so harmless as it may seem. And the abundance of bright accents will quickly tired child. It is better to focus on soft or pastel colors.
    2. Thinking through a design of children’s room for the boy in the first place pay attention that he is not only sleeping and doing homework, but he is also shaping up. If possible, make a sports corner. Simply install wall bars and your tomboy can take out the accumulated energy on several occasions climbing up and down.
    3. Use bright and soft colors as a base. Notable elements can be toys, drawings or posters. Firstly, thanks to that the interior does not look stodgy, and secondly, you can easily change the atmosphere of the room as the years go by.
    4. Old furniture with patina looks charming in a kids’ room. Transform it by painting or inserting a new glass, and you can use it again.
    5. Use the conventional open shelves along the desktop or bed. This is functional and comfortable.
    6. Organize space zoning, based on children’s hobbies. Of course work table must take its place, where the child can draw and do homework. For example, if he or she is interested in dancing, leave him free space in the room and set the mirror there. His or her own sewing machine or a kitchen cannot but please.
    7. Use the space under the bed to store toys that are used infrequently, or if you have baskets or boxes you can store underwear there.
    8. For the two children of the same age one long table can be installed where they will be able to draw together, to learn, in general, to do whatever they want. But if they have a difference in age, it is better to organize different work places, so as not to cause quarrels between them.
    9. Children’s room should be an inspiring place. There should be plenty of natural light, comfortable furnishings and colorful fabrics.
    10. Be sure to install the bookshelf and regularly buy new books. A love of reading should be formed since childhood.
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    Best ideas for kids room decoration

    What does a child dream of? To understand his imagination, you have to go back to your childhood. Of course we had other heroes and other cartoons, but the essence remains the same. Children still believe in miracles, in the invincible heroes and good fairies! They want to be involved in any fairy tale, and waiting, waiting, waiting for the moment … Maybe the tooth fairy or funny monsters will come to them. Yes, it would be desirable that they believe in Santa Claus a while longer … so the children’s room cannot be ordinary and boring. There has to live a fairy tale, to born dreams, incarnate childhood fantasies! The most unusual and creative design ideas of kids’ room will retain the wonderful atmosphere of a happy childhood. Look through the original ideas with the children and create your own.

    All children love to build houses, which will be their nook. Help them and build a hut of the original beams and fabric together. This idea of kids’ room design has become very popular in recent years and has a small element of the exotic in a modern apartment.

    The original house of the boards can be a bed for a child or game element into the children’s room. Design ideas of the original house in the children’s room can be very different, depending on the chosen theme: humble Robinson dwelling or glamorous boudoir for the princess.
    Suspended bed – not everyone will dare to take on an experiment! But swings or hanging chair is a great idea for a children’s room design. After all, kids love riding on the swing so much, and the older children just swing back and read, combining business with pleasure.

    Marine theme is close to all the boys, probably before the age of 10. And that’s why the children’s room design ideas in a nautical theme are always very popular. All the colors of the sea, ship steering wheel, a world map or globe, a real trunk, and the original wooden furniture – all this will help you to give the interior a genuine spirit of sea voyages.

    Well, for young motorists there are many options of beds-machines. This unique furniture will make the interior of a child’s room quite creative.

    The little princess will feel like a fairy tale, falling asleep in a charming carriage-bed.
    Original racks and shelves for children’s rooms are able to create a special ambiance in the interior, carrying the unique design ideas.
    Blackboard in interior children’s room is another popular design idea. But now a small board is not enough. Entire wall covered with the school board, floor areas, and even closet doors look more interesting. There is a great scope for creativity and no restrictions!

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    The best themes for boy’s bedroom decoration

    Theme for the design of boy’s bedroom

    What styles can be used for the decoration of boy’s bedroom? And what must we take into account creating the themed bedroom?
    The answer is simple: probable child’s hobbies and interests. After all, the boy’s room must be original and reflect the child’s personality.

    The design styles, based on the emphasizing of some certain theme, are very popular nowadays. The theme decoration includes favorite cartoon characters, marine style, etc. Take one of these ideas as a principle and think over the filling of the space with certain furniture and accessories.

    The bedroom of traveller and young naturalist

    This style implies the room design in “geographic” style. Develop a subject of journeys, hikes and nature. The main colors of this style are: neutral green, brown, beige, yellow (symbolizing the sun) and orange.
    If you want to create the spirit of travelling, use the photo wallpaper and pictures of animals and plants, maps, globe, plant ornaments, furniture finishing in the imitation of natural wood, boxes-suitcases. Don’t forget about the real flowers on the window-sills and aquariums.

    The bedroom in techno-style

    Such bedroom style fits for the boys, interested in cars, airplanes, tanks and computers. This style is characterized by the presence of light grey and metal basic colors. Sometimes you can see the elements of hi-tech style. There are no restrictions on the additional bright colors- it can be bright ultramarine, green and red shades.

    The attributes of such bedroom are: metal, leather, different built-in appliances and furniture of unusual form. It can be the original hanging chairs, pouffes and chairs of modern design.

    The bedroom in marine style

    Contrary to the stereotypes, it is better to use not only blue but also the noble colors of Navy (red, deep blue, sea-green, ultramarine and white) for the decoration of the bedroom in marine style. It this case, the interior won’t look like a plain illustration for the children’s book.

    The portholes, pirate chests, ship ropes, chandelier in the form of steering wheel, life buoy on the wall and the models of ships will create the feeling of sea and exciting piracy. The prevailing material for furniture and finishing is wood.

    Children’s room is the place where the boy will spend the best years of his life. The original and interesting room will remain in his memory as one of the happiest childhood memories.

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    Various themes of baby boy room design

    All the best- to the children! The happy parents use this motto creating the design of the boy’s room. Every parent tries to provide the comfortable living conditions for their child. That’s why we arrange his own room, his secluded world, full of serenity and joy.

    The traditional approach to the design of boy’s room in blue won’t give the child the field for imagination and creative thinking. Fortunately, today we design the child’s room to his own taste.

    We offer you to look at the selection of the most original and modern theme solutions for the boy’s room.

    Car theme

    If your son imagines himself a first-class racer, and his toy collection numbers tens of cars, put of your doubts! Design the child’s room in style of speedway or garage for sports cars. For this purpose, you’ll require the wallpaper with theme picture, black-and-white flags, and, of course, the bed in the form of a car.

    Sports theme

    If the child doesn’t show interest to some particular sport, he will like the room design with various sports equipment. The children of preschool and primary school age need a constant movement. Hang a basketball hoop or place a small football goal and you’ll be surprised at how enthusiastically your son will throw the ball.

    And if your boy is interested in some certain sport, there is no better than the theme room with the posters of his idols and sports attributes.

    Room decoration in style “the world around us”

    From an early age, the boys show active interest in different natural phenomena, flora and fauna. If your little son is very curious about insects, birds and animals, cover the walls with photo wallpaper, place the lamp in the form of beetle or bird on the table, and cover the floor with a carpet in the imitation of grass. In this way, you can tell your child about the world around and bring up a child to respect every living thing.

    Exotic theme

    The child’s room in style of jungle or safari is the simplest way to decorate the boy’s room. All you need is a colorful wallpaper with the picture of exotic plants and animals, soft toys, striped bedding (or with the pictures of animals) and theme accessories (for example, binoculars).

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    Unusual decoration of the boy’s room

    The decoration of child’s room isn’t an easy task. It is important that the child’s room is safe, comfortable and bright. The boy’s room must differ from the girl’s room, as the boys are usually more active and energetic. They have other hobbies and interests. So, it is necessary that the boy’s room has much more space for active games. The choice of coloring also plays an important role. But let’s discuss everything step by step.

    The decoration for the boy’s room

    All the parents face with a question of how to decorate the boy’s room. Indeed, it’s a rather difficult task. The child’s room must be unique, so that your kid can study, play and rest comfortably.
    First of all, the child’s room must be quite spacious, good ventilated and lighted. The room should be divided into the zones of rest, study and games.

    As a rule, the boys like active games. If you want to accustom your kid to sport since childhood, you can equip his room with a sports corner or a common chin-up bar. Another option is to hang a basketball hoop on the door or wall of his room. But first of all you need to explain your child the safety regulations of the ball games, or else you won’t escape a broken chandelier and window.

    The ideas of boy’s room decoration

    You must decorate the boy’s room according to his preferences. The child is personality, so his wishes must be taken into account. The kid must feel comfortable in his room, and the parents must do their best to achieve it. There are many ideas for the boy’s room decoration, for example: marine theme; car theme; child laboratory; football ground.

    Perhaps, the room decoration in style of any cartoon is a safe bet. What cartoons does you kid watch? Certainly, your child will like the room in style of Sponge Bob, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles or Batman. Hang the posters or buy the photo wallpaper with the picture of cartoon characters.

    Add the beautiful carpets, décor elements, which will complete the interior. For example, if you want the design the boy’s room in marine style, you can order the anchors and hang them on the bed, or buy an interesting chandelier. In a word, improvise and ask your child what he wants. Keep in mind that the room must be comfortable. Assign the space where the child can create, draw, model and build.
    Put your heart and soul into the creation of your kid’s room interior. In this case, your child will be really glad to spend time here.

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    A fairyland of child bedroom

    Child bedroom is a fairyland of its’ little owner, where it must feel comfortable and interesting. You must decorate your child’s room with love and attention to its hobbies. Remember that the design of bedroom, especially the color solution, plays a great role in the development of child’s personality and character.

    Ask the child

    Don’t make the most common mistake- the design of child’s bedroom without its participation. Find out, what the kid wants to see in its room. Maybe, it dreams of the pirate ship, treasure island or princess castle? Try to realize all of your kid’s phantasies. The atmosphere of the kid’s bedroom must evoke only positive emotions.

    The show of colors

    Creating the design of the child bedroom, keep in mind that all the chosen colors have to be cheerful and vivid, as they mold the child’s character. Using color, you can stimulate some certain behavior or skill in the kid. For example, the shades of red are recommendable for slow and slack children, as this color invigorates and improves the efficiency. If your child is hyperactive, give preference to the green color which has a soothing effect and reduces irritability. Choose yellow or orange shade if your child is quiet and shy. These colors increase the thirst for knowledge, stimulate mental activity and raise the spirits.

    The child bedroom furniture

    All the drawers, dressers and tables in the child bedroom must be made of strong and eco-friendly materials. Don’t forget about the safety: avoid the protruding sharp angles. The child’s bed is of particular importance. It’s better to choose such a bed that will “grow” together with your child. The bed can be made in the form of the race car, or else, a soft cloud.

    The child bedroom decoration

    Thinking over the child bedroom design, don’t forget that it shouldn’t be boring. So, decorate it together with your child. Hang the child’s pictures on the wall and put its’ hand-made articles on the shelves. Remember about the lighting: the windows of the child bedroom must be large, so that a lot of sunlight gets into the room. It’s desirable that the night-lamp hangs near the bed. It can be made in the form of the favorite fairy-tale character. The lamp must be safe, so don’t choose glass and breakable models.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment: give free scope to your imagination and turn your child’s bedroom into a real fairy-tale.

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    The main rules of baby boy room decoration

    From the earliest age the children need their own corner, meeting their hobbies and interests, and reflecting their inner world. While a teen boy takes the interior decoration of his room in his own hands, a preschool child needs the adults’ help. After all, every age puts some peculiar properties on the interior decoration.

    The key factors of the baby boy room decoration

    As a baby boy gets to know the world around by all means (without excepting mouth), the interior of his room, first of all, must be safe. Moreover, the boys mostly differ from the girls in their motility, activity and sometimes inventiveness. Of course, as time goes by, the child’s interests change and develop, as well as the interior of his room. In future, the child will suggest you, how you need to change the interior of his room. In other words, the kids’ room will grow together with your baby boy. For now, at a child’s early age, you must remember that the room must contain as less “dust collectors” as possible. It is better if there are no such things in baby boy’s room at all. It especially concerns the floor covering- fluffy surfaces must be totally excluded.

    The room cleaning must be frequent and comfortable: the floor must be easily cleaned, and the curtains, bedspreads, cloaks, etc. – simply taken off and timely washed.

    Another important point is the choice of furniture. The small children’s room furniture has its peculiarities.

    It must have no sharp angles. It is desirable that there are as less drawers as possible, since they are dangerous for the kids’ hands.

    The choice of interior coloring

    As everybody knows, the color influences the mood. And the children are especially subjected to the mood changing. In this connection, it is undesirable to overdo with black and white- these colors provoke slackness and depression, in other words, emotional hunger. It is regarded that the “boyish” interior colors are blue, dark blue, green and beige. However, it doesn’t limit your choice at all. The color must be chosen according to the child’s preferences and the theme of interior.

    The baby boy’s room is the entire world. It’s the place for realization of the most incredible child’s fantasies.