• Design of the apartment in the light colors (modern style): photos

    Design of the apartment in the light colors (modern style): photos

    Design of hallway in light colors: photos

    Design of hallway in light colors

    Photos of the design of the light hall can be found in any thematic printed and online edition. Main feature of this color in the interior lies in its ability to visually increase the space and fill it with light and freshness. White hallway has many other benefits.

    Design of the kitchen in light colors: photos

    Design of the kitchen in light colors

    Do you have difficulty choosing the color for kitchen decoration? Pay attention to the classic light kitchens that never go out of style, look neat and perfectly complement the interior of any apartment. Such option is rightfully considered a win-win, as right combination with accessories and other color solutions makes your kitchen very unusual. It cannot be said that light tones are banal and boring. They are perfect for the interior of the kitchen (especially small).

    Light furniture is a perfect solution for those who like to often change decoration, as you can hang a new wallpaper, repaint the walls, make a contrast “dark floor — light kitchen”, and everything will look harmonious. We should note that light furniture goes great with both warm and color colors. Light colors work great with natural materials — stone, wood and bamboo. They are actively used and have proved effective in the design of the kitchen in ethno- and eco-style.

    Design of the living room in light colors (photos)

    Design of the living room in light colors

    Light color is a classic for the living room. They make it warm and comfortable and increase the space. In this, light colors don’t oblige you to choose classic style of interior. It can be Provence, high tech, Scandinavian and many others, which correspond to the fashion trends of the season.

    Light colors for the design of the living room leave room for imagination. You can choose a design concept and add some of your personal wishes, make a room completely independent or combined with other elements. You should know that:

    1. light colors go well with furniture and accessories made of natural materials, for example, with wood and ceramics;
    2. light shades of the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture can always be “diluted” with bright contrast details – carpets, lamps and paintings;
    3. light interior is easy to change and refresh, if you change the focus – replace the bright red cushions on the beige sofa with the pastel green ones, change the color of curtains, etc.;
    4. light colors help you to relax and create the atmosphere of peace.

    Design of the bedroom in light colors

    Design of the bedroom in light colors

    Choosing the design of the bedroom, you first need to determine the color scheme. Modern designers offer a huge number of options for the most demanding taste. The most versatile of them is a design of bedroom in light colors. It gives a sense of freshness and purity, calms and will always remain actual.

    Design of the children’s room in light colors

    Design of the children’s room in light colors

    Light shades in the nursery look very elegant, see for yourself.

    Design of the balcony in light colors

    Design of the balcony in light colors

    Modern classic interior design of the balcony combines aesthetics and functionality, as well as hospitality and warmth of the space. After finishing all the necessary repair works, you should insulate the floor. Laminate is a perfect floor covering. The color of wood is not especially important, but if the furniture will be light, you should give preference to the dark tones (besides, it is practical).

  • Decor

    Kitchen towels

    Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. For each family kitchen it is a special place, so a comfort there should be special.
    During the preparation of different dishes the chef has to wipe his hands permanently, wipe the dishes, take hot pots and more. Therefore, there is no kitchen without towels. Yes, besides, towel in the kitchen also can play a decorative role, complementing the interior of the room, giving it a significant tone. It is most convenient for the hostess, when there is not one towel at her garderobe, but the full set, each element of which will be designed for specific purposes.

    The shape, size and sets of kitchen towels

    Towel kitchen should not be very large, and napkins should be even smaller.

    Large products are difficult to wash and dry them for a long time, and towels that are used in the cooking process, quickly get dirty and need a constant change. There are various forms of kitchen towels: square, rectangular and round. Rectangular and square 30×50, 35×70 and 40×60 in size crockery items are very handy for wiping.

    The small size allow these towels to wipe the plate with a spoon and easy to wipe the glass, and they will dry better than larger items. Round towels are often used as a decorative element and crafts, especially if their design and colors are in harmony with the overall style of the kitchen. Moreover, they can be used as textile wipes for guests. Besides products of size 50х50 or 70 cm in diameter round towels can serve as sticking to hot dishes.

    Hand towel changes less often than dish towel, so you can choose bigger size: 45×70, 50×90 or 50×70.

    The kitchen also cannot be without napkins. Small napkins 20×20 or 30×30 in size are perfect for the table.

    Selection of kitchen towels material

    Choosing kitchen towels you need to initially pay attention to their fabric, which should be only natural. Thus towels must have high hygroscopicity and be painted with safe, resistant dye. After all, in the course of their use it is necessary not only to wipe the hands and dishes, but also fruits and vegetables to the table.

    Selection of kitchen towels in color and design

    Selecting a kitchen towel of suitable material and size is easy. Much more difficult is to identify correctly the color of product. Bright towels and napkins of white, gray, yellow, beige and brown colors will look great in the kitchen with woodgrain interior. For a white kitchen light gray or blue kitchen towels are more suitable. But as a bright accent, you can use the multi-colored towels of luscious shades.

  • Interior items

    Kitchen rugs

    As we know, kitchen is a special room in our houses. For this reason, kitchen rugs should be multi-functional. They must have certain characteristics that other mats do not usually possess. The following notes are based on these qualities. After reading them, you will know what rugs and where should be put in your kitchen near work areas:

    • opposite the sink;
    • opposite the kitchen island;
    • opposite the refrigerator

    With kitchen rug you can:

    • Bring warmth, color and mood for your kitchen;
    • Hide unsightly elements of floor, if any of them is present;
    • Diversify the flooring decor.
    • To keep the flooring in good condition, protecting it from damage and scratches;
    • Reduce the likelihood of breaking the glass things if they fall;
    • Do your work in the kitchen more enjoyable, feeling warm and soft cover underfoot.

    What qualities kitchen mats must have

    1. Choose rugs for the kitchen, which are resistant to heavy use. The kitchen is the most visited place; there are always the most people and the maximum movement.
    2. Kitchen rugs should also be resistant to water and dirt. It is natural that the kitchen always accumulates more dirt in the cooking process, as well as moisture due to washing dishes.
    3. Another important requirement is resistance of kitchen mats to high temperatures, especially to the ignition temperature. There is always the chance of accidentally hitting the hot liquid from the pan to the floor and your carpet is to be ready for it.
    4. Cleaning mats should not cause any difficulties for you; the best option is if they are not afraid to be machine washed. A stain on carpets is only a matter of time. Especially the issue of pollution is relevant if there is an access from the kitchen to the courtyard.
      If you put it on the kitchen floor rugs that meet the above recommendations, you can use them again and again, sometimes washing in a machine.
    5. Kitchen mats should be thick. The thickness depends on the number of strands and on how closely they are intertwined. It is better if the filaments are short, then the mat will have a tighter wave.
    6. Choose kitchen mats with non-slip backing. Then, you will be more confident to stand on it without fear of slipping.

    Materials for kitchen rugs

    Keep an eye on the carpets made of the following materials:

    • Wool;
    • Nylon;
    • Polypropylene.

    These materials have the following qualities:

    • Strong and flexible;
    • Resistant to water;
    • Easy to clean;
    • A little worn out.

    Wool is a soft and luxurious natural material (this is the gold standard against which other materials are tried on). It is resistant to fire and mutes the sound well. Combined with nylon, you can find it in different colors.

    Select all these options of rugs so that they harmonize with the overall style of the kitchen. If your kitchen (floor, walls, kitchen furniture) already has one shade, choose a rug with a monotonous style. If your kitchen is dominated by deep colors, use rugs with geometric figures.

  • Furniture

    Kitchen knife set

    Today, there are a lot of sets of kitchen knives at the shops and stores. So what are we looking at when choosing such an important set for the kitchen?

    There are a number of features that are worth paying attention to. For example, all compounds of the knife must be perfectly adjusted with the handle. There should be no nicks, cracks. No honest manufacturer, aimed at a permanent job, will tolerate this. Stamp on the knife not only has to be, it should be clear, with no “bald spots”, it has to be written correctly.

    Generally the blades are made of:

    • Carbon steel: such knives keep rake well, but require a very careful treatment due to the fact that they are very susceptible to corrosion. They cannot be left wet and dirty for a long time; you cannot cut the products with aggressive medium (e.g. lemons).
    • Stainless steel: keep rake not very well, but are not subject to corrosion. Almost always, kitchen knives are made from a mixture of carbon and stainless steel.
    • Ceramics: keep rake well, do not corrode, but … they can be broken. In the truest sense of the word.


    And here comes the fun part. You can buy a set of 5 or 8 knives. Of course you’d prefer 8-knives, because it has more items. And nobody thinks that in most cases, half of these 8 knives will stand for whole their lives in the stand. It is therefore you should first determine for what purpose you need them.

    Chef Knife

    Massive, heavy knife with a wide blade and centered point. It is useful when you want to perform a “voluminous work”: to cut a large piece of meat, to butch poultry, to chop cabbage or lots of greenery.

    Bread knife

    This knife has a long blade with a wavy cutting edge. The blade of the saw will not break a hard crust and crumple a crumb.

    Utility knife

    Its name speaks for itself. It can be almost any length, and with a knife by a narrow blade and a raised edge. From chef knife it differs that it is not such massive and thus more suitable for daily use.

    Knife for meat

    This knife is a long, rigid blade with a sharp centered point. It is making it easy to separate not only the meat from the bones and veins, but also to cut chicken or fish.

    Fillet knife

    Many manufacturers of utensils for the kitchen call it carving. The blade of the knife is long, narrow. The small width of the blade allows to cut products without fear of trapping and crushing. It is used where precise and clean cut are needed.

    Vegetable knife

    Small rigid blade is very convenient for cleaning and cutting, creating decorations from fruits and vegetables.


    This kind of knife is a broad, heavy, thick blade tip, which looks down. This knife can cut frozen meat, cut the tendon and bone.
    Cooking at the kitchen is much easier with a set of knives. The main thing that it would be of high quality.

  • cutlery

    Cutlery: how to choose & how to use

    Choosing and buying a modern flatware is now quite easy – shops offer incredible diversity.
    Most often, at the stores you can find knives, spoons and forks made of stainless steel, nickel or silver. More often – they are made of silver, and aluminum, wood and plastic.

    For the production of cutlery stainless steel fits just perfect – it is inexpensive, durable, absolute inertia.
    Cupronickel or nickel-silver are elite materials, so their cost is high. Nowadays almost no one produces cutlery made of cupronickel, and nickel-silver ones almost always have outer coating of silver, gold, etc., that is, the purchase of such sets of forks, knives and spoons is also an investment;

    It is necessary to mention also about the cutlery made of aluminum, plastic and wood. None of these materials are suitable for daily use.
    Cutlery design is not as diverse as, for example, the design of the dishes, but it is also necessary to be considered an aesthetic component is important. Ideally, all the utensils should be of the same material and the same decor.

    Now you can find a lot of different sets of different price categories and various configurations. There are sets of 24 items that will be enough for daily use, and 90 items, which are ideally suited for the reception of guests.

    Knives. Knives can be molded-in handle or monocoque (for their production steel rod of a certain diameter is flattened);with a hollow handle. A knife with a hollow handle consists of 3 parts: the blade and the handle component (sometimes when using certain parts of the design there can be even more, but at the same time only a few manufacturers can ensure the high quality.

    At the “composite knife” blade is often made of steel 13/0 or 15/0 (containing 13% to 15% Cr). Such steel cuts better.

    The handle of this knife is made up of two halves welded together inside, the emptiness between them is filled with special cement porcelain. The blade depth is input to the middle handle length, wherein the connecting seam is located on the handle, but on a new product, it is usually not visible due to polishing.

    A few words about the blade. Currently on the market there are knives with both tempered and non-tempered blades. Tempered steel is cheaper (by about 25 percent.), but at the application of pressure, it is bent and over time grows old (the spots are marked). Hardened steel is elastic, if the knife blade to bend and let go, it will take its original shape.

    By purchasing cutlery, also make a point that their style accord with the dishes.

  • Furniture

    Water cooler for home

    Water cooler (water dispenser) – a household appliance designed for water supply and having a specific set of functions: cooling, heating, filtration, carbonation.

    Floor water coolers

    This is a classic version of the water cooler (water dispenser).
    All models work in automatic mode. The color of the indicator on the front panel continuously informs about the operation mode of the cooler. If necessary, it is possible to disable the function of heating or cooling water. Disconnecting from the network is only recommended in case of prolonged break in usage.
    Models are usually equipped with built-in cameras of ozonation (used for disinfection of dishes) or cold storage.
    Floor models are generally more expensive than their desktop “little brothers.”

    Desktop water coolers

    A desktop water cooler (water dispenser) – is compact has the same qualitative characteristics of during heating and cooling of bottled drinking water, as the outdoor dispenser. By purchasing a desktop water cooler, think in advance about the table that will serve as a support for the device. Because, as a rule, table cooler is mounted on a table or other similar surface.
    Convenient for homes and small buildings.

    Structure of water cooler with heating and cooling function

    Water is cooled to a particular temperature and is maintained within a certain range (5 – 13 degrees Celsius).
    In water cooler is used one of the two types of cooling – compressor or electronic.
    In some models of coolers the user can adjust temperature cooling water.

    Water heating

    Water is heated with TAN to a particular temperature and through the thermodes is supported within a certain range (86 – 96 degrees Celsius). The water is not boiling, thus preserving the many useful properties of water
    Hot water tap may have a scald safe device .

    Water aerating

    Chilled water is carbonated with a special unit, which has a replaceable cartridge, or tank. In some models of the water cooler the user can adjust degree of carbonation.

    Water Filtration

    Before the receipt into the tanks water passes through several stages of purification (mechanical cleaning, impurities, etc.). Replacement filters are mounted inside the housing of the cooler. The quality of water at the outlet may not be inferior to the quality of bottled water.
    Additional options for the water cooler: built-in cupboards or fridge, holder plastic cups, etc.

  • Interior items

    Curtains for the kitchen – a combination of beauty and practicality

    In the kitchen room everything should be practical to use. However, when design of the kitchen you should not forget that this is a place where the whole family gathers at the table, so the premises have to be comfortable and beautiful. The choice of kitchen curtains is a rather laborious business, because they need to be good to combine with the interior and to choose the right, given that during cooking are allocated different pairs and odors deposited on the fabric. Perfect pick curtains is not always possible, so you can choose the fabric and perform custom curtains pre-measuring window openings and other places that need to be closed with screen.

    If from the kitchen window is opening a scenic view, it is desirable to choose curtains with a quick roll up and then do not take much space. In this case, will perfectly suit roman shades or roller made of fabric. If you want to reduce the cost of sewing curtains, you can choose the usual curtains, but they will not differ with elevated practicality as very rarely impregnated with anti-dust compositions. In addition, the kitchen curtains must maximally protect the room from bright sunlight, as this room has quite a lot of home appliances, which can deteriorate under the influence of the burning rays. Currently blinds are made from a variety of fabrics, which allows them to be used in rooms with a variety of interiors. During the manufacture of such curtains are often used panel with scalloped edges and decorated with ribbons.

    If you choose custom curtains, we can not only protect the equipment from the sun, but also to improve the interior with beautiful fabrics with interesting texture and pattern. It is worth remembering that beautiful curtains, intended for residential, are not always suitable for placement in the kitchen, as there is almost always elevated humidity and temperature, resulting in elegant fabrics, falling down to the floor, quickly come into disrepair. It does not matter how much it cost the price of sewing curtains, as in a kitchen, even the most expensive fabrics may be damaged. Specific compounds that are impregnated fabric for sewing of kitchen curtains, worn much longer than usual as the repel dust and do not absorb odor and excess moisture.

  • Furniture

    The choice of perfect kitchen tables sets

    It’s not a secret that kitchen is the most multifunctional and used room of the house. It’s the place where we cook, eat and gather with family and friends. That’s why it’s so important that this room is cozy, comfortable and functional.

    To make your kitchen like this, you need not only think over the interior design and buy the necessary accessories, but also choose the proper kitchen table set. Our today’s article is devoted to this topic.

    The materials

    When you choose the kitchen set, you must pay attention to the materials it is made of. First of all, keep in mind that the wooden kitchen furniture can’t withstand a high humidity of the room. It is also desirable to choose the furniture set of washable material.

    The most popular manufacturing materials for the kitchen table sets

    1. Wood particle board.

      The most kitchen sets are made of this material. They are very cheap. Such furniture is made of chipboard, covered with laminate or other firm material. When you choose the kitchen make sure that all the product details are protected from the ingress of moisture with the special list.

    2. Medium density fiberboard.

      It’s an eco-friendly, hygienic and safe material. It’s also resistant to the fungi and the vapor effect. In appearance, it’s hardly distinguishable from the wood. At that, it is a bit cheaper. The kitchen sets of medium density fiberboard have a great variety of colors and textures.

    3. Solid wood.

      It’s the most expensive material of kitchen manufacture. The most commonly used wood species are: oak, ash, pine, nut, alder, etc.

    Comfort and functionality

    Kitchen is the most commonly used workspace in the house, so it must be as comfortable and functional as possible.
    To make it like this, you need to take into account some nuances, choosing the kitchen set:

    • Give preference to the kitchen table set, whose lower cabinets are equipped with the legs. They provide a perfect adjustment and protect the kitchen furniture from ingress of water;
    • It’s also important to choose a proper table top, as it’s the most conjugated surface of the kitchen.

    The following materials are usually used for the manufacture of table tops: laminated MDF; letter board; stainless steel; temper glass; ceramic dust, pressed with rubber.

  • Furniture

    The best variants of small kitchen tables

    If your apartment is small, the kitchen also can’t boast of its large size. Nevertheless, you may so want to put a kitchen table, where the whole family can come together. Naturally, not all the ideas for kitchen can be realized in a close quarters. Nevertheless, you can try some of them! So, let’s choose a small table for little kitchen.

    Let’s define the purposes we should take into account improving the kitchen interior. The main thing is that the kitchen is: 1) functional; 2) there must be a room for all family members and guests at the table.

    1. Collapsible kitchen table.

    You can buy such table in any furniture store of your city or order it in some e-shop. It can be a model, mounted on the wall and folded as not wanted. Of course, this option doesn’t fit for a big family. And for the guest reception you’ll have to set the table in the living room.

    2. Folding kitchen table.

    Such model can cost of several parts. For example, it can represent a table-book. As needed, it can be increased by means of rising one or two segments. Such table can be completed with the folding-chairs, or the chairs which you can pile up.

    3. Table-sill.

    Surely, this option won’t fit for every family. But it is quite comfortable to breakfast at such mini-table. If you live alone, table-sill will be a good solution for your compact little flat. It can be even interesting to eat at such table, if your window faces a beautiful landscape.

    4. Small table at the wall.

    It’s not even a table, but rather a shelf, mounted at a comfortable height. It can be even called a bar counter, fastened in an unusual way. You can even use this table for cooking. A bit higher you can place the additional shelves for kitchen implements. Choose the chairs or stools which can be located under the table.

    5. The complement to the kitchen cabinet.

    Such table can be either an extension of kitchen cabinet or its complement. Sometimes it is an extension of the table top or a sliding part of kitchen set.

    6. Small kitchen bar counter.

    This option is the most popular with the youth. A small bar counter can be mounted both in the kitchen and in the living room. The main thing is to choose the chairs of the right height.

    As you see, even a very small kitchen can be designed beautiful!

  • Decor

    Tips for the kitchen remodeling

    Nowadays the kitchen is the most popular room in the house and the center of your home life. In the old-planned houses the kitchens were separated from the other part of the house by the walls and the door. In the new buildings and renovated old houses kitchen can be the extension of the living-room. Since the kitchen is always in the center of attention, its decoration is the important part of interior.
    Some people design it as a separated area, the others make it harmonize with the adjacent rooms. Blue, yellow, scarlet and bright green are usually used as basic colors for kitchens in France and Tuscany. Paperhanging is in in America.

    Kitchen appliance producers admit, that their wares are the most important visual element of every kitchen. Instead of deciding between white and black, they offer a great variety of colors, from shimmering stainless steel to standard white. You can choose fridges and stove, which will blend with your kitchen furniture.

    Don’t be afraid of hanging decorations on your kitchen walls. Family pictures or collections of rare knives will bring identity and warmth to your kitchen.

    While reconstructing your kitchen, you should view all sides of a question. First of all, you need a well thought-out detailed plan, which must be developed with all the aspects taken into account. Then you should decide, if you want to design everything yourself, or it would be better to engage a designer. While planning your kitchen design, you must also consider the modern trends of the optimal use of space.

  • Decor

    The decoration of renovated kitchen

    People spend very much time in the kitchen. This place becomes not only a room for cooking, but also a place for family gatherings and rest. In order to make your kitchen attractive and comfortable, it Is not necessary to put up a lot of money in its renovation. All you need is a bit of creativity and a little money.

    Add a light emphasis
    With time, even the wallpapers or the other high-quality wall materials, start to become worn, dull and unattractive. It is not necessary to replace them in order to make a renovation. You just have to use the bright details of interior. Then the disadvantages of the old wallpaper will recede into the background and become imperceptible. It is appropriate to use the bright colors for the decoration of furniture. For example, you can paint the cabinet doors with red, orange, yellow or other bright color.

    Kitchen floor requires cozy changes
    The floor of your kitchen is not the least important detail of the whole picture, so it also needs changes. A new linoleum or carpet covering can change the environment and renovate your kitchen. While choosing the perfect floor covering, you should take account of color and style of your kitchen. Then you can it with your own hands, even without having special skills.

    Textile is the loyal friend of the kitchen aesthetics
    Another way to renovate your kitchen without repair is to apply new textiles, including curtains. The choice of the curtains depends on space and style of your kitchen.

    Kitchenware is the article of prime necessity for the kitchen renovation
    Nothing can decorate the kitchen better than beautiful kitchenware, made from various materials. The kitchenware makes your kitchen look renewed and elegant. The choice of material and decoration also depends on general style of the kitchen.

    Kitchen garden is so easy
    House plants in unusual pots can refresh and renovate the interior of your kitchen.
    Every kitchen consists of small details, which make it look original and exclusive. There aren’t any obstacles for creativity, if your kitchen is the place of cooking masterpieces and the abode of comfort!

  • Decor

    The advantages of bespoke kitchen

    Every day we gather with our family and relatives, invite guests and friends in our kitchen. The kitchen is the place not just for eating, but also for conversation, celebration and having a good time. In all times the kitchen took a center place in every home.

    Of course, you feel yourself best, if this important room is supplied with the functional devices and the special kitchen furniture. The modern companies use only the highest quality materials (wood, plastic, fiberboard ) and the garniture of the foreign producers in the manufacture of the kitchen furniture. The individual drawings and designs can be worked out at customer’s request. It is very important to create functional, beautiful and comfortable kitchen furniture for the clients. All the products must be on the ball.

    The modern kitchens are represented in a wide range- with the façade, made of wood particle board, medium tensity fiberboard (frame, veneer, film, painted), plastic and wood.

    One of the most important criterion for selection of one or another kitchen is the price. Surely, each of us always aims to buy cheap and qualitative product. The new kitchen furniture must also give you a lot of positive emotions and bring comfort to your house.

    Ordering your kitchen, you get a possibility to select the perfect kitchen set, taking into account your living space and the features of your accommodation. So, you’ll be able to find a perfect location for the future built-in furniture.