• Outdoor

    Functional lighting for your infield

    The lighting of garden area (backyards) has been and remains the most priority in contemporary landscape design. Not only a general view of the surrounding perimeter but your security, in particular, depend on the outdoor lighting.

    That is why all designers strongly recommend installing floodlights, which are able to highlight the house in the twilight clearly. And if earlier for such purposes widely were used powerful floodlights with incandescent lamps, so now more popular are spotlights, which are working with very powerful and cost-efficient halogen lamps.

    For led outdoor lighting of the surrounding perimeter, the ideal solution would be the use of lamps, floor lamps with high legs, which are made of steel or cast iron. Their design is strong and beautiful and consists of polymethylmethacrylate, steel, and tempered glass. Inside you can find the halogen lamps, which are working on mercury or iodine vapor, what has initially with high capacity and low energy consumption.

    For led outdoor lighting of garden paths, the ideal choice will be lights on a small floor lamp’s leg or led lights. They attract with a lovely look and exceptional durability, which is allowing them to serve you for a long time.

    In recent times using glowing bars or bollards have become popular, what can bring the vitality and diversity into the design of your landscape. Even in the daytime, when they are switched off, they are great-looking, because for their manufacture is used a thick corrugated glass.

  • Outdoor

    Design of the decorative lighting of the croft

    Today country life becomes for the inhabitants of large cities not only seasonal whim. More and more residents prefer the year-round charm of cottage settlements, nice cottages, living in the outskirts and suburbs, because its more better the city noisy.
    Your piece of nature, encased in a frame of house perimeter, can and have to please your eyes not only in sunlight. Twilight, late evening – its great opportunity to enjoy the surrounding landscape in the artificial light. It will be perfect, if you include the wiring layout in primary design of croft, but every rule has exceptions.

    You need to be warned, if you are ready for installation landscape lighting on the backyard or garden area, because it is danger to work with electricity. You need to take lining of cable networks, isolation, the installation of solar cells and timers for yourself, only in case of absolute confidence in your abilities. Most likely, the possible consequences of mistakes and safety considerations will dictate you to contact to the company with a decent reputation.

    Of course today in shops you can find a way to illuminate the garden paths and to identify the most problematic places of the relief without the use of electricity. To cope with the darkness solar energy, which is accumulated in the batteries of the cordless lamps, will help you. Fireflies-lanterns can be put in the ground, hang in necessary places.

    Not required, but desirable is to install the sufficiently powerful lighting around the perimeter of the garden area or the backyard. You can save energy, making them glow time to time, for example, they can be included only when a sensor is triggered by motion, simulating the reaction of the vigilant guard.

    Finally the real art will be using of color filters in the lighting of other points of your landscape. The installation of the outdoor string lights on the bottom surfaces of tables, benches, benches lets you to get the amazing effect of soaring and easiness of garden furniture. Openwork arbour, which is lighted from inside and outside, will strengthen the fabulous entourage of the evening hours. Also the installation of curbs with built-in outdoor string lights provide illumination of paths, steps, differences of the terrain and safety of moving. But the common mistake is excessive brightness of lightings, which deprives evening garden of his mysterious charm. So try to stick to the golden mean.

    The quality of installed lighting will guarantees year-round evening transformations: and equally well at all times of the year look coniferous composition, evergreen lawns.

  • Outdoor

    Decorative lighting of the croft

    From the ancient times people illuminate not only their homes, but the space around it. For emphasizing of the magnificence of the landscape people used various technics of design: they made ponds, built fountains, grew the decorative bushes. But all this splendor faded when twilight came. And only the invention of the outdoor post lights gave the opportunity to contemplate the beauty of the landscape at night.

    So it is not surprise, that in modern society the charm of landscape design is actively developed, and therefore, more and more people, who have a cottage, country house or just a garden area, want to equip the space around homes with original lanterns.
    In such way your visits to the garden in the evening time will be more comfortable if you have there outdoor post lights, executed in any style.

    No less important point in the choice of lanterns is the lamp. Because only it gives the desired light effect. Often choosing the lighting technology, we can solve the issues of energy saving. Today increasingly owners of country houses when look for lighting of the yard or garden area, using the latest technologies, which include fiber optics and LEDs.

    Also you need to know that if your yard has some decorative elements – their lighting is considered individually. So you can consider and spot lights and led lights, and lighting columns – all depends on design decisions. Light sources can be masked, if they need only for performing light function, or placed in prominent positions as decorative items. And if you will make them in some style – classical, oriental or modern motives – it will bring additional charm to your landscape.

  • Interior items

    The role of ceiling lights in the interior design

    The suspended and ceiling lights play an important role not only in the proper lighting of living accommodation, but also in the aesthetic of its interior.

    Usually people take into account only the latter factor, choosing the lights by their appearance. As a result, they get the ceiling lights, which not only light the room poorly, but also spoil its interior.

    Buying the ceiling lights, you should take into account, that they affect the visual perception of ceiling height: the suspended lights draw it nearer, while the ceiling lights move it away. The size of a ceiling is also important for the room interior.

    Large and massive suspended lights can disturb the eyes, if their size doesn’t match the measurements of a room.

    After all, the first thing attracting attention, when you enter the room is a suspended light.

    In many cases, it is the main decoration of the room. The idea of beautiful suspended light is almost always associated with one of their main subtypes- the chandelier. Chandelier is a multivalve or multi plafond suspended light with the decorative fittings.
    The massive ceiling lights with a lot of refracting and reflecting transparent surfaces require a lot of air, high decorated walls, the ceilings with stucco molding, non-standard and unpolished furniture in retro style. They must hang above the windows and “support” the ceiling.

    For the small rooms with the ceiling height up to 2.5 m, it is better to choose suspended and ceiling lights with the light flux directed upwards, smooth semi-transparent plafonds and short suspensions. They scatter light evenly, while the dispersion effect is intensified with the reflectivity of ceiling. The highlighted ceiling seems higher.

    The ceiling tires can be used for the lighting of non-residential premises of the house- kitchen, hall and household room. The object of selective lighting in the kitchen can be: dining table, stove, work table, washer and wall-unit.

    Of course, you should also take into account the measurements of a room and the size of the tire. For the rooms, it is better to buy the two-valve lamp, and for the big ones- the tire with more lamps, up to the combinations of fluorescent lightings. In some tires, the ceiling lights can be switched on separately or in groups. When all the lightings work together, it is possible to achieve good general lighting of the room accentuating separate elements of interior.

  • Interior items

    Make the lamp shade with your own hands

    The elegant lamp shades can be a perfect room decoration. It is very easy to sew them with your own hands. You won’t need much cloth. The cuttings of upholstery material, small rags of your favorite extravagant fabric or just a piece of chintz can be profitably used for this purpose.

    The gathered fabric lampshade is put on the metal frame, softens the light and adds romantic touch to the woman’s room. The printed calico with golden pattern on the lampshade casts the soft light, while the big folds darken the front beams, directing it downwards for the comfort of reading.

    The lacy toothed festoon decoration along the edge will put the final touch to the lamp shade.

    The classic white flax matches the wooden stem perfectly. However, it also blends well with the metal base in elegant room, designed in white and grey shades.

    You can sew the golden ribbon of different width on the lower and upper edge of the lamp shade. The upper ribbon fastens the folds. Then it is turned to the wrong side to hide the fabric cuts.

    The wire edges of lower ribbon allow forming the lower edge in soft waves.

    The lamp shade of linen cloth, decorated with the row of silken ribbon roses, suits for the placing on coffee table, or for the reviving of some corner in austerely designed room. To make one big rose, you’ll require: 1 m of ribbon with wire edges and 50 cm of ribbon for the buds. Bind the ribbon in one hand and sew every layer, so that the stem is tight. The wire edge allows putting the flower petals into any shape.


    Measure the depth and circuit of the lower lamp shade. Add 3-6 cm to the length of lamp shade, and give the over-measure for the folds. The over-measure must 1.5 times as long as the circumference of the lamp shade. Add 8-12 cm more for the ruche on the head or double the height of ready ruche, and add 2 cm for folding.

    Remember that the thicker are the lamp shade folds, the less light will get through it. Measure the length of the lamp shade from the bend at the bottom to the over-measure for the head ruche. Wrap the rest of the cloth down. Trim the both pieces of cloth accurately and smooth the cuts down. Sew close to the smooth fold, leaving 2 cm unspiked. At the distance of 1.5 cm, make another seam. Put the ribbon through the hole and bind it up, tightening the top of the lamp shade around the lower lamp shade.

    Beautifully decorated lamp shade will make your lamp more attractive and comfortable!