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    Functional lighting for your infield

    The lighting of garden area (backyards) has been and remains the most priority in contemporary landscape design. Not only a general view of the surrounding perimeter but your security, in particular, depend on the outdoor lighting.

    That is why all designers strongly recommend installing floodlights, which are able to highlight the house in the twilight clearly. And if earlier for such purposes widely were used powerful floodlights with incandescent lamps, so now more popular are spotlights, which are working with very powerful and cost-efficient halogen lamps.

    For led outdoor lighting of the surrounding perimeter, the ideal solution would be the use of lamps, floor lamps with high legs, which are made of steel or cast iron. Their design is strong and beautiful and consists of polymethylmethacrylate, steel, and tempered glass. Inside you can find the halogen lamps, which are working on mercury or iodine vapor, what has initially with high capacity and low energy consumption.

    For led outdoor lighting of garden paths, the ideal choice will be lights on a small floor lamp’s leg or led lights. They attract with a lovely look and exceptional durability, which is allowing them to serve you for a long time.

    In recent times using glowing bars or bollards have become popular, what can bring the vitality and diversity into the design of your landscape. Even in the daytime, when they are switched off, they are great-looking, because for their manufacture is used a thick corrugated glass.

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    Main kinds of landscape lighting

    The lighting of garden-plot performs two functions: practical and aesthetic. The main task of garden-plot lighting is to ensure the safety of movement at night. As for the aesthetic function of landscape lighting, it is necessary for the creation of comfortable visual environment in the garden.

    It is better to trust the professionals to install the lighting system on the garden-plot. They will offer the optimal option subject to the rules of composition. The experts in the field of landscape lighting use some certain methods in their work. They are listed below.

    Flood lighting

    This kind of lighting is used on the subsidiary areas or along the perimeter of the plot. The light source is the floodlight, situated on the high support. It is very good to use at the entrance on the plot territory. By the short-term floodlight engaging (for example, for a time of car parking), the problem of dazzling effect is removed.

    General lighting

    It is used for the lighting of garden or park paths and recreation areas. There is a broad assortment of lamps, used for this kind of lighting. They represent high crowning lamps. The customers can choose plafonds of any color, size and height they like.

    Marking lighting

    This method is used not for the lighting but for the marking of contours. Using it, you can achieve certain visual effect: outline the borders of highways and walking paths, create the light contour, and indicate the moving direction. To provide the marking lighting, you’ll need a lot of means, for example, bollards- luminous poles of half-meter height, upturned starry sky of optical fiber, etc. An essential requirement to all lamps is their protection from mechanical damages.
    The most common method of landscape lighting is the illumination of small architectural forms. It adds the garden-plot unforgettable view. For this purpose you need to use at least two kinds of lighting. From below the object is lighted with floodlight, mounted on the high portable pole. For the upper illumination you can use the lighting instruments, harmless to the plants. Using this kind of light you must make sure that the lighting instruments are invisible.

    Using modern lighting system, you can create different lighting effects, special mood and emotions.

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    The lightning of patio

    For patio you can choose some piece of your territory: near the water, away from buildings, next to the barbecue area or at the exit from the premises. Usually choice is depend of the set of objectives that will serve patio. However, there are other points that must be considered. So, think about how well the building will be highlighted on the selected location, whether it protects visitors from wind, rain and heat. If your family wants to relax, read, play games or to chat, perfect place with be the garden, or another part, which is planted with trees and shrubs. That is, you need to choose shady place.

    You necessary need to pay attention to the design of the patio. It will be attractive with the bridges over small ponds and with gazebos, with garden paths and decorative lighting. Only by using such parts patio harmoniously will fit into the existing composition and will become its decoration. By the way, if you want to decorate this space with flowers, plants, garden sculptures, fountains, you need to take care about the lighting there. If this is the open area, large terrace, than you don’t need a lot of light, and, on the contrary, will be better to create an intimate area, only with a few lights on the court, not too large but quite powerful. Sometimes to patio lights you can add street lamps in the form of the floor lights, wall lamps. For example, your terrace has a backlight of the balcony, but there are also several additional lamps, which can always be put out, if more light you don’t require. Despite these lights, decor remains minimalistic. Another excellent example of courtyard patio is patio with built outdoor lamps, which are used to create intimate atmosphere. They are complemented with stronger street led lamps that provide enough light for the whole yard and the dining area.

    Patio or backyard is not a luxury, and the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful time or spend time with your friends in a pleasant atmosphere. Thus the device and construction of such cozy place would cost it is not expensive. And it’s worth it.

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    The lighting is the important aspect of landscape design

    The presence of outdoor lighting system is necessary on the territory both in the evening, and at night, it allows to prolong comfortable and safe staying of the people outside the house.

    In addition to the purely utilitarian purpose, landscape lighting can be used for decorative purposes. Very popular is the method of point highlight. Very popular is the method of point highlight when small,on ground usually, lights illuminate some trees, bushes, flower garden, and also lighting of water ponds. In this case, in the dark garden acquires a completely different, almost dreamlike view.
    Decoration lighting in landscape design consists of a harmonious picture of the light, which designer creates with help of lights. For it the designer uses trees, shrubs, small architectural forms, as well as walkways and other areas, what are illuminated by various spotlights. Correctly located lights are invisible during the day and at dark night they create a fairy-tale, completely transforming the daily appearance of your garden.

    Today we have interesting models of ground luminaries with lattice ceiling, which were designed for embedding into the surface of paving, they allow you to create marking lighting in the dark. However, these lights are not intended for illumination of roads due to the vertical direction of the light flow. For illumination of the surface of tracks usually are used lights, recessed into the borders, risers of stairs or retaining walls, they must give the horizontal flow of light. The surface of such outdoor light fixtures can be protected by matte shades and lattice reflectors to reduce the blinding effect, for example, when you need to go up the stairs. For parkings or roads, and also for vertical surfaces are offered lights with a reflector and side slits for light output. Due to the particular design the blinding effect of such lamps is missing. Recently very popular led lights. To serve they can 10 years, energy they need not too much.

    Good lighting design can visually adjust the configuration of the territory, to hide the shortcomings of individual objects. Of course, you can develop the project of the lighting of your house, but if you haven’t experience enough, will be better to turn to professionals. They will take into account not only the wishes of the owner of a private house, but the features of buildings, terrain, climate conditions.

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    How to decorate your home with outdoor Christmas lights.

    Can you imagine modern holiday without bright and variety illuminate show? It creates a special atmosphere of fun and joy, lets us forget about drab existence. Of course, the most bright and important holiday for us is Christmas. Nothing pleases as so strong for the New year, as the real New Year’s illumination, which allows you to transform every house, facade or courtyard in the new year fairy tale, what will delight you and your neighbors.

    For New Year’s illuminations are suitable all building and stationary design: houses, fences and pavilions, trees and bushes. The only one condition can limit your fantasy – its presence of electrical outlet with the ability to connect to it.

    Today along with adornments with traditional light bulbs you can find led lights, their price is higher, but they are really worth. Such garlands differ thanking to their economical consumption of electricity, bright and uniform illumination, they are easy in maintenance and will serve you long. They help to transform the New Year’s decoration of the facades into the kind of art, because they give the ability to create original compositions, to allocate a building from among the rest, to accentuate separate architectural elements, to give the facade extraordinary appearance. Diverse light decorations let you create the really festive atmosphere.

    The outdoor Christmas lights can be the excellent solution for decoration the area of the country house, it is only necessary to buy garlands and to create the interesting composition. By the way, you can decorate not only the territory of the garden, but also to use the Christmas decoration for the facade of the cottage. And the great plus is the fact that the outdoor Christmas lighting is practical and completely safe. Because every Christmas tree garland, as well as other types of outdoor decorations, is protected from adverse atmospheric influences. All decorative and advertising lighting equipment is made of materials able to operate in sub-zero temperatures, abundant rains, snowfalls, high winds.

    It needs to add, that outdoor light decorations can work in two modes: static and dynamic. In static mode the Christmas lights run constantly, and in the dynamical one is created light flashing. Thanks to its excellent performance characteristics and diversity of design solutions the outdoor Christmas lighting is considered as one of the most effective methods of outdoor design.

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    Light decoration of the house

    You can distinguish your house from the array of others in several ways: to use the incredible color for siding, to choose very bright tiles, or to take advantage of our offer and to decorate your home with beautiful illumination.

    First of all, decide what you want to decorate – the walls of the house, the roof or the garden maybe. For decoration of the different areas of your country house, you have a lot different types of lighting.

    If you want to create a contour illumination along the perimeter of the walls or the roofs, stop your choice on flexible forms of lighting, for example, it can be the contour led tapes or the flexible neon. Thanks to its special coating, light strips will be able to resist and moisture, and the sun, and even dust. Also you don’t need to care about the lamp replacement frequently – one burned out led does not affect the operation of the entire strip of leds.

    By the way, just one flood light can help you to make a direct ray of light and to emphasize the elements of the outside interior. Such lights have different kinds of colors and wide radius of turns, so you can use it for highlight tabs, patterns or just the surface of the walls. The same light sources also are recommended to use for illumination of trees and garden compositions.

    Most often lighting design of the country house includes a variety of complex solutions of several types of lighting, so also you can add outdoor wall lights. Such approach lets create more complete picture, and your house will look neat.

    A lot of different structures, types of radiation sources and colors make lights for illumination of facades the quite affordable equipment for decoration of your home. The application of such decorations increases not only the visual appeal, but also the safety of the house and the people in it (it reduces the risk of criminal situations). This festive decoration is capable to transform your home in a fairytale castle or romantic place.

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    How to illuminate the landscape in the country house

    Decorative landscape lighting is one of the most thin faces of the art of garden design, which in recent years becomes not just fashion, but conscious necessity, what strongly includes in country life. The decorative lighting is powerful tool in the hands of the landscape designer, and you can use it not only for to highlight skillfully some areas of the garden and make dark others, but also to emphasize the living beauty of plants or quiet cold water surfaces, to strengthen impression from the grotto or romantic pergolas.

    The landscape architect uses a lot of means for creation the necessary light show. Of course, first of all, it’s outdoor lights – lanterns and flood lights, which are dug into the ground or placed on supports. The decorative lighting of architectural compositions, patio and facades of buildings is made out by means facade illumination.

    The garden pond, natural or artificial, is beautiful itself, but the additional decorative lighting will give it a completely different look: it makes water to glisten mysteriously as the magic mirror, or to change the color of the water, depending on the type of the lamp. On the edges of the pond or pool are usually placed lanterns of various colors, shapes, size and power or set the outdoor flood lights, what create a bright spot. Usually, beam of outdoor flood lights is directed to the decorative sculpture or the group of aquatic plants.
    The decorative lighting of the walls and garden paths is made by decorative fluorescent bars. Each flashlight is situated on the platform with a pin, what helps to fix it easy on the ground.

    If speak about the decorative lighting of grottoes, arbors, pergolas (with the help of colored garlands, electric torches and “candles”), so need to say that the accommodation of hidden lights in sculptural groups allows you to do all the corners of the garden are available regardless of time of day, and make the relax in the gazebo or on the shore of a pond comfortable and pleasant. But most importantly, the play of light and shade creates the illusion of motion of decorative elements of the garden. So no you know that the decorative lighting is the unique tool, and if the designer has mastered to perfection, he can use it to create wonders.

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    Garden lamps and lighting

    Usually garden lights are made of high quality materials. And such goods not depend of any weather conditions. Landscape designs in the distribution of garden lighting often use the method of the direction of the light source on specific object. Thus, if in the center of the garden you have small artificial pond, than you need to install garden lights on the his perimeter and it will give the special sophisticated look to the territory for all day.

    Also stunning effect can be achieved by setting the lights in trunks-branched trees. So dissipating bright light through the quivering leaves, devices will help to focus attention on the splendor of the area. In this case you also can set the garden lights on low bars, because in such way you will get not direct lighting, but some backlight which makes area mystique.

    Now in the past went usual lamps, lonely hanging on strict sad pillars that caused boredom and apathy. But modern design ideas are deemed to diversify every landscape with their originality and they do it into practice successfully. And we often can see not just garden lights, but the whole work of art, which is made of various types of lights, which as in a fairy tale, dispelling the darkness, create the festive mood and unprecedented enthusiasm even at night.

    And how it’s great to sit at the table under the green tree in the garden in the deep night, breathing the delicate aroma of evening luxury and enjoy the surroundings, which are illuminated by the bright light what comes from the magnificent lanterns, gently streaming.

    Every private house, cottage with the well-made area must have landscape lighting. Of course to make the project of landscape qualitatively and professionally and to pick up the lighting only experienced landscape designer can.

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    Design of the decorative lighting of the croft

    Today country life becomes for the inhabitants of large cities not only seasonal whim. More and more residents prefer the year-round charm of cottage settlements, nice cottages, living in the outskirts and suburbs, because its more better the city noisy.
    Your piece of nature, encased in a frame of house perimeter, can and have to please your eyes not only in sunlight. Twilight, late evening – its great opportunity to enjoy the surrounding landscape in the artificial light. It will be perfect, if you include the wiring layout in primary design of croft, but every rule has exceptions.

    You need to be warned, if you are ready for installation landscape lighting on the backyard or garden area, because it is danger to work with electricity. You need to take lining of cable networks, isolation, the installation of solar cells and timers for yourself, only in case of absolute confidence in your abilities. Most likely, the possible consequences of mistakes and safety considerations will dictate you to contact to the company with a decent reputation.

    Of course today in shops you can find a way to illuminate the garden paths and to identify the most problematic places of the relief without the use of electricity. To cope with the darkness solar energy, which is accumulated in the batteries of the cordless lamps, will help you. Fireflies-lanterns can be put in the ground, hang in necessary places.

    Not required, but desirable is to install the sufficiently powerful lighting around the perimeter of the garden area or the backyard. You can save energy, making them glow time to time, for example, they can be included only when a sensor is triggered by motion, simulating the reaction of the vigilant guard.

    Finally the real art will be using of color filters in the lighting of other points of your landscape. The installation of the outdoor string lights on the bottom surfaces of tables, benches, benches lets you to get the amazing effect of soaring and easiness of garden furniture. Openwork arbour, which is lighted from inside and outside, will strengthen the fabulous entourage of the evening hours. Also the installation of curbs with built-in outdoor string lights provide illumination of paths, steps, differences of the terrain and safety of moving. But the common mistake is excessive brightness of lightings, which deprives evening garden of his mysterious charm. So try to stick to the golden mean.

    The quality of installed lighting will guarantees year-round evening transformations: and equally well at all times of the year look coniferous composition, evergreen lawns.

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    Lighting for suburban area

    If you are happy owner of the cottage, then we are sure you have thought about the appearance of your garden or backyard area, because the owner is always striving to make his territory as united, whole and aesthetically pleasant place. And the outdoor lighting will help you with it.

    First you need to remember that the outdoor lightning of the area or the garden (garden area) you make not only for admiration or light envy of friends and neighbors. Of course, nicely decorated and illuminated garden will bring you satisfaction after sunset. But we don’t need to forget about a lot of other advantages of lighting. First, the lighted area is much safer for walking. Secondly, well-illuminated area will scare away bad guests from your backyard. Besides outdoor lighting lets you to enjoy fresh air more time.
    The country house is not only walls, and the general impressions about your home also is coupled with the garden area around. You can make your home perfect both inside and outside, but without correct and beautiful design of gardens and backyard land your refuge still won’t make necessary impressions.

    That’s why you need to think about decoration of your land when you only begin to build your house.
    That’s why you need to think about decoration of your landscape when you only begin to build your house. We need to add that the beautiful landscape, small statues, ponds and Alpine gardens – it is only one half of your task. The really good results that will impress your neighbors and acquaintances, you will get only using proper outdoor lighting.

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    The functionality of drum lamp shades

    Every room of apartment needs its own unique lighting. For example, the kitchen requires functionality, while the bedroom needs subdued lighting, plunging into the thoughts of rest and relaxation.

    The art of placing lighting devices includes not only visual aesthetics, but also combination of human requirements with the most beautiful items in this or that room. It is important to get rid of dark corners and emphasize the most interesting elements of the apartment. The suspended lamps are indispensable in this respect. Such lightings combine elegance and ergonomics. The suspended lamps with drum lamp shades go even further, offering their owners visual attractiveness and flexibility.

    The suspended drum lamp shades can be used in different ways, creating either subdued or directional lighting, depending on the necessity and the place of their location.

    Clear and functional

    One of the main advantages of such lighting is that they give clear space perception. These lightings fit perfectly for the small apartments. Though, the floor lamps can give the same amount of light, they take a lot of space, in contrast to the suspended models.

    Clear and bright lighting

    The suspended lightings fit perfectly if you need to light some element of interior. This quality is especially important in the kitchen or dining-room.

    Color and contrast

    The designers always used lightings for giving new color to the apartment, style and pattern. Though the lamp is usually chosen according to the existent color score and style, sometimes it is necessary to do quite the contrary. Such method will add zest to the interior.
    The drum lamp shades acquired this name due to their form. These lamps are considered the most universal lighting devices and can blend with any interior.

    The suspended lightings in the form of drum are used as the main light source of apartment.

    Creative lamp shade allows expressing your individual style and zest to the home interior. The lamp shades will add it creativity and attractiveness.

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    Chandelier lamp shades as the best way of decoration

    Nothing can decorate and refine your house or apartment as suspended chandelier with the lamp shade. Perhaps, the lamp shade is the most unusual detail of lighting design. The lamp shades are made of different materials, such as:
    1. Textile.
    2. Plastic.
    3. Metal.

    Nowadays the textile suspended chandelier with lamp shade is considered the most elegant. The light filters very softy through the cloth of the lamp shade, creating comfortable and even romantic atmosphere. Different materials are used for making cloth lamp shade. The most common are different kinds of synthetic fabric: silk, chintz, sateen, etc. Today the sconces with synthetic lamp shades are the most commonly used lighting devices. It’s not surprising, as they’re quite practical to use and have a reasonable price.

    The chandelier with the lamp shade is the choice of people appreciating calmness, comfort and peace. Such chandelier looks very effective in the bedroom, where it spreads soft dull light. The lamp shade has the ability to absorb the part of light, creating the intimate atmosphere. In our time there are incredibly smart chandeliers with the lamp shades of different materials on sale. Some models are decorated with crystal or glass. Using such chandelier, you can create an original image of your room.

    The chandeliers with lamp shade create the atmosphere of comfort and special mystery in the apartment. They have mysterious forms and unusual design, which can be performed both in style of rustic simplicity and in modern style. The chandelier lamp shade with its dull scattered light can be the perfect decoration of romantic evening or promote rest and relaxation in a cozy arm-chair with favorite book. That’s why the chandelier lamp shades are so popular with the lovers of home comfort. Even in unused time this chandelier represents an excellent decoration for any room.

    The disadvantages of chandeliers with lamp shade as compared to the plafonds are the complexity of care and the short life. The thing is, it is proper to the fabric to gather dust and fade in the sun. However, the modern manufacturers always treat the material with special proofing, protecting from moisture, ultraviolet and repelling dust. So, feel free to buy the chandeliers with lamp shade. Have no doubt that they’ll serve you for many years! And remember that they blend with any interior style.